Detective Conan (1996) s04e05 Episode Script

The Murder Case of the Crane's Kindness

A COLDFUSION & BAARO RELEASE A racing second hand, a shooting comet! Conan's logic is good medicine for hearts tired by modern society! Today's case is animal protection! Folk tales have deep meanings! He sees the single truth for what it is, and looks like a kid but has the mind of an adult.
His name? Detective Conan! Nazo Song by Miho Komatsu konoyo de anata no ai o te ni ireru-mono The thing that can attain your love in this world Created by Gosho Aoyama "Detective Conan" Serialized in Shogakukan's "Weekly Shonen Sunday" odoru light mitsumete wasurenai I gaze at that dancing light and don't forget Planning Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV) ahh nazo ga tokete-yuku Ahh, the mystery begins to unravel Art Director Yukihiro Shibutani Character Design Masatomo Sudo Art Design Hiroyuki Mitsumoto You still don't suspect a thing kimi wa mada utagau-koto naku Sound Director Katsuyoshi Kobayashi Director of Photography Takahisa Ogawa Even after those days when we could call ourselves friends tomodachi to yobeta hibi sugoshi ima mo zutto Music Katsuo Ono Music Producer Hiroki Horio (PolyGram) Even now, the tears spill down and won't stop Miho Komatsu Arrangement Music Lyrics Performed by Opening Theme "Nazo" namida afure tomaranakute Hirohito Furui (Spoonful/Zain Records) Executive Producer Satoshi Yokoyama Story Editor Jun'ichi Iioka Editor Teramitsu Okada Color Key Reiko Hirayama Planning Support Toyohiko Okuyama Mitome Asai ushinau koto-dake o oshiete-yuku tsumori I intend to tell you everything that was lost Director Kenji Kodama The thing that can attain your love in this world konoyo de anata no ai o te ni ireru-mono Producers Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV) Masahito Yoshioka (Tokyo Movie) I gaze at that dancing light and don't forget odoru light mitsumete wasurenai Presented by Yomiuri TV Tokyo Movie ahh nazo ga tokete-yuku Ahh, the mystery begins to unravel The mystery begins to unravel nazo ga tokete-yuku The Crane That Returned a Favor Murder Case The Crane That Returned a Favor Murder Case The Crane That Returned a Favor Murder Case The Crane That Returned a Favor Murder Case The Crane That Returned a Favor Murder Case The Crane That Returned a Favor Murder Case The Crane That Returned a Favor Murder Case The Crane That Returned a Favor Murder Case Hey, are you really sure this is the road? Yeah! They should be in the marsh just ahead! Ugh.
Here we are in Hokkaido, so why no crabs or hot springs?! We can see cranes at the zoo any old time! Red-crowned cranes are a protected species and only found in Hokkaido! So what?! Feeding Ground Another one is flying! How cool! Are we done yet? We gotta find a place to stay, or we'll be sleeping in the car tonight! Hey! Who gave you permission to be here?! Permission? Is this private property? That's right! I'm so sorry! We heard red-crowned cranes don't like people, so we came here to watch them I hope you're not crane thieves Do I look like that kind of person? Yes! Say, why is this window made of tempered glass? It's the same kind used in planes, right? Some people like to break windows for fun Do you like the red-crowned cranes? - Yes! - Yeah! What's so fun about taking care of cranes? Old people make no sense.
Hey, Dad! He asked if we'd stay the night! There's even an open-air bath nearby! Ran-kun and Conan-kun did help me, and the red-crowned cranes are overjoyed.
It's our way of saying thanks.
Does that mean it's free? Leave if you don't like it.
Nothing of the sort! We'd be glad to stay! It's the cranes' return favor! Yeah! That there is my home.
I live alone now.
Your wife passed away five years ago? I've lived all alone ever since.
This thing looks alive! I stuff red-crowned cranes that die from injuries or illness and donate them to schools and museums.
Hello, there! This is my brother, Tamotsu.
He started sponging off me 10 days ago.
He's a worthless painter.
Didn't need the "worthless" part, Brother.
I just told the truth.
You lack observational skills.
It's your fatal flaw.
This here is Mouri-san from Tokyo.
I'm a detective.
Machida Tamotsu (53) Painter Detective? Are you the famous Kogoro Mouri-san? My reputation's even made it to Hokkaido, has it?! No.
Eh?! Tamotsu is from Tokyo.
Oh, I see What is this tempered glass for, Mister? I'm going to use it in that window, so I can watch the red-crowned cranes from it.
Dad! Dad! Why are you two here?! Are you really donating your estate to the village?! It's not true, is it, Dad?! It's true.
I want it to take care of the red-crowned cranes and other migratory birds forever! Noriko Machida (29) Boutique Manager Hiroshi Machida (27) Office Worker What?! What about taking care of me?! Dad! Help me! My boutique's going to be taken over! Quit it! We have company! Damn! All any of you want is money, money, money! Come on, we're family! Hey, why isn't there a fire going?! Don't, Hiroshi-kun! - Eh? - Stop! What was that for?! A turtledove made its nest on the chimney last spring! She's since left it, though.
She might come back this spring! You're not to touch anything in this house, not just the fireplace! Birds, birds, birds! Are birds more important than your own children?! What a great parent! Tamotsu, did you call these two here?! Yeah.
I knew you wouldn't like it, but I felt it was best to discuss this sooner rather than later How egotistical.
Your Uncle Tamotsu probably told you, but an attorney is bringing the form here at 5:00 today.
The minute I stamp it, my 300 million will go to the village once I die! Then I'll talk with that attorney! You're out of your mind! There's no point! I've already given you your amount of inheritance required by law! You haven't been here in a while.
It wouldn't hurt to visit your mother's grave! Damn him! Now what do we do?! I'll talk to the attorney! I will put an end to this! Geez.
This is some place we wound up staying at You'll be all better soon! Just hang in there! He used to be a CEO? Yeah.
He had a car dealership in Tokyo.
My sister fell ill 8 years ago and moved here with him to recuperate.
Just the two of them? What about their kids? Noriko and Hiroshi didn't want to leave Tokyo, so my brother gave them their inheritance early.
And they used it all up? I'm so jealous Stop! What're you Quiet! It ain't loaded! Or are you blind?! Move! What a horrible son.
I'm alive again But, there's something missing I've got a bad feeling about this Geez! Get your own sake, will ya?! Huh? That hits the spot! What do you think, Mouri-san? Isn't it a great hot spring? The best! No complaints from me! Glad to hear it! Where are you headed? Actually, I've been here for 10 days, but my sketchbook is still blank.
Thought I'd head to the feeding ground to sketch some red-crowned cranes.
Well, enjoy yourselves— Here you go! Thanks! Oh, yeah.
I'll stop by again at around 5:00 when the attorney arrives, so please enjoy yourselves until then! Sure! I'll enjoy myself plenty! Dad! You should get out before he gets here! Not yet! There's no telling when I'll get to visit another hot spring! It's your own fault if you wind up fainting! Hiroshi-san Is he going back to Tokyo? So dizzy Haven't you ever heard of limits?! I don't feel so good Of course you don't.
You were in there for 2 hours and swam after drinking! Is he all right? He's just dizzy! Anyways, did you get any drawings done? Yep.
As you can see Wow! You're really good! Well, I should be going back.
Take your time, now.
Thanks Tatsuo Yamagami (58) Attorney Evening, Tamotsu-san! Is Shuzo-san home? Yeah, he should be waiting for you.
Come on in.
The window's broken! Brother! Oh, no! No good! It's locked from the inside! What's going on? My brother's been killed with an arrow! You can't be serious Dad! Don't come in! Uncle! Hiroshi ran off! Calm down, Nori-chan! You look for Hiroshi-kun! I'll tell Detective Mouri at the hot spring! You call the police with the phone by the door! Right So, the crossbow was shot from outside The window is locked, and the door was locked from the inside? Yes.
He always locks it at 4:00 to watch his videos.
He would watch videos of my late sister every day.
He probably didn't want anyone to see him visiting her So, he had the windows made of ground glass? He was about to put in tempered glass so he could finally get over the sadness and watch his red-crowned cranes whenever he wanted But he was murdered just before he could There's a mark on it The arrow was shot from this window? What's this?! Why are the shards all lined up?! And there's another mark on the floor Uncle Tamotsu! Where's Hiroshi-kun?! I can't find him anywhere! And our car is gone! We saw Hiroshi-san drive off just after 5:00 How'd he seem?! He seemed in a real hurry Suspicious Soot? There's soot gone in some places! An unburned wood chip? Alright, you! No nosing around the crime scene! Hiroshi! Hiroshi-kun! Detective Ezomatsu Hokkai Police Department I'm Ezomatsu, of the Hokkai Police.
This man has confessed to killing his father with this crossbow.
Confessed?! Who are you? I'm the famous Tokyo detective, Kogoro Mouri! Famous detective? Mouri what? Kogoro Guess my name really hasn't spread to Hokkaido It's strange! What is it?! Something's not right! I just meant to scare him, not kill him! I aimed for that stuffed red-crowned crane I thought if I scared him, he wouldn't donate his fortune away So, you took the crossbow from the workshop?! When I peeked inside, I saw him on the sofa, watching a video of Mom I aimed at the red-crowned crane, took two steps back, and shot! That scare ya?! Next time it won't be a— I didn't want to do it! But my sister kept telling me to! What?! I never said to kill anyone! And that was only because Uncle Tamotsu said Dad might change his mind if we really scared him! Hold on, Nori-chan! I would never say anything like that! There must be some misunderstanding.
A feather in his back pocket Is it a red-crowned crane feather? Feather?! I thought so! But, this isn't enough to— Wait! The skylight! Yes! I found it! The peculiar red-crowned crane sketches The mark on the tempered glass The lined-up glass shards and mark on the floor And, the wood chip in the fireplace! One thing connected them all! Hiroshi-san isn't the killer! Believe me! I really didn't mean to kill him! Alright, alright.
We can continue this discussion back at the station.
And, I must ask you to come as well.
You're suspected of abetting him.
You can't be serious That alright with you, Mr.
Famous Detective? Of course! After all, he himself confessed to the murder A mosquito this time of year Not so fast, Detective Ezomatsu.
Hiroshi-san did not murder Shuzo-san! What kind of nonsense is this? He's already admitted to it Then, how do you explain the glass shards his arrow made? Glass shards? These? What about them? Don't you find it odd? The arrow was shot from outside, and the resulting glass shards are all lined up.
This is why I don't like amateurs, they tamper with crime scenes.
There was something lying here! Yes! The tempered glass had been placed there! Tempered glass? This? And, just like that, Hiroshi-san fired the crossbow from outside! And then the glass shards fell to the ground What?! Hold on! Wouldn't the arrow hit the tempered glass, too?! Yes.
The arrow hit the glass and struck the floor.
As tempered glass is clear, Hiroshi-san didn't notice from outside.
Then where did the arrow in the victim's chest come from?! From inside the fireplace.
Inside it is a part with soot removed.
That's because a crossbow had been set up there.
But, how was it shot from inside here?! This.
It was lying inside the fireplace.
What's a wood chip got to do with anything? First, you stick a wood chip with a string around it behind the trigger of the crossbow in the fireplace.
Next, you attach a strip of rubber around the trigger.
The string tied to the wood chip is led up the chimney and outside.
The person with that string then looked through the skylight and checked that Shuzo-san was sitting in his usual spot and then pulled the string just as Hiroshi-san fired his crossbow.
That arrow struck Shuzo-san in the chest.
The string left distinct marks inside the chimney.
The arrow had fireplace soot on it, so analysis should confirm it.
This was a premeditated murder?! Yes.
A carefully premeditated one.
So, the killer took care of the glass and crossbow after the murder?! Hiroshi-san couldn't have done it, he had run off.
In other words, he's not the killer.
The one who murdered Shuzo-san, and cleared away the glass and crossbow in this locked room was you, Tamotsu Machida-san! But, three people were at the scene! They would've noticed the tempered glass had been moved! No.
The first thing most people at a crime scene notice is the victim.
By quickly forcing them back into the hall, they wouldn't be able to recall the condition of the room.
Moreover, you gave them orders to leave the scene.
Afterward, you took care of the tempered glass and crossbow.
Your reason for murdering Shuzo-san was likely because he refused to loan you money.
Damn! All any of you want is money, money, money! He didn't say that in regard to just them, but to you as well! So, you lured them here, into a trap.
After all, you wouldn't get any inheritance if you killed him yourself.
Sorry, Mouri-san, but when my brother was murdered, I was at the feeding ground drawing pictures, as you can see.
The reason I suspected you was because of those drawings! The reason being that red-crowned cranes' tails aren't black! Their plumes are black, and their tails are white! What's more, red-crowned cranes face the wind when they sleep.
But, they're sleeping against the wind in your drawings.
That's because you didn't draw them at the feeding ground, you drew this stuffed one instead! Probably several days earlier, too! To make us think you drew them today, you showed us an unused sketchbook.
Am I wrong? It's true, I might've drawn their feathers incorrectly, but you haven't proven I didn't draw these there, either! Remember when you dropped your sketchbook at the hot spring? When you did, Conan caught it and gave it back to you.
Conan's fingerprints should be on your sketchbook.
Assuming it's the same one, that is! I wiped it down when it got dirty later! Very well.
The proof is the feather in your back pocket! A red-crowned crane feather No, it's not a red-crowned crane feather.
It's a feather of the turtledove that made a nest atop the chimney.
It probably got there when you stuffed the string in your pocket.
Ergo, there should be soot in your pocket, as well.
Being suspected because of my drawings I guess I never did have any artistic talent Just like my brother said, I lack observational skills.
I've finally realized it.
Negaigoto hitotsu-dake Song by Miho Komatsu doushite futari wa deatta no? How did they meet kon'na ni sabishii yuuhi o miru nante Looking at such a lonely sunset? ki no ki'ita kotoba sagashite mo Even as I try to find clever words hanareta kokoro o tsunagu kotoba nakute There are none to connect our distant hearts dekiru-dake no egao de te o fureba Do you think if I wave with my best smile That I might look even a little prettier? chotto-dake demo kirei ni mieru no ka na negaigoto hitotsu-dake kanaete-kureru-nara If I could have one wish granted kizutsukeatta ai ga hajimaranai-you ni It would be that our love wouldn't make us both hurt "Entire Fortune Donated!! Migratory Bird Foundation Created" But, it's great that his children decided to follow in his footsteps and take care of the red-crowned cranes But 300 million? I wanna be a red-crowned crane and get taken care of This guy never changes his ways NEXT EPISODE Most of Mr.
Torakura's novels feature vampires, so his nickname is "Mr.
All the windows were locked from the inside.
Which means the killer is an insider! Next Conan: The Dracula Manor Murder Case (Part 1) Next Conan's Hint: Film Projector Look forward to the next episode! Next time What crosses your mind when I say Dracula? A cross! Garlic! nin'niku Yakiniku! No way.