Detective Conan (1996) s04e08 Episode Script

The Murder Case of the Flower Smell

A COLDFUSION & BAARO RELEASE A racing second hand, shining shooting stars! Conan's logic is good medicine for hearts tired by modern society! Today's case is of a different color! What flowers have thorns? He sees the single truth for what it is, and looks like a kid but has the mind of an adult.
His name? Detective Conan! Nazo Song by Miho Komatsu konoyo de anata no ai o te ni ireru-mono The thing that can attain your love in this world Created by Gosho Aoyama "Detective Conan" Serialized in Shogakukan's "Weekly Shonen Sunday" I gaze at that dancing light and don't forget odoru light mitsumete wasurenai Planning Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV) Ahh, the mystery begins to unravel ahh nazo ga tokete-yuku Character Design Masatomo Sudo Art Director Yukihiro Shibutani kimi wa mada utagau-koto naku Art Design Hiroyuki Mitsumoto You still don't suspect a thing Director of Photography Takahisa Ogawa Sound Director Katsuyoshi Kobayashi Even after those days when we could call ourselves friends tomodachi to yobeta hibi sugoshi ima mo zutto Music Producer Hiroki Horio (PolyGram) Music Katsuo Ono Even now, the tears spill down and won't stop Miho Komatsu Music Arrangement Opening Theme "Nazo" (Spoonful/Zain Records) Hirohito Furui Lyrics Performed by namida afure tomaranakute Editor Teramitsu Okada Color Key Reiko Hirayama Executive Producer Satoshi Yokoyama Story Editor Jun'ichi Iioka Planning Support Toyohiko Okuyama Mitome Asai I intend to tell you everything that was lost ushinau koto-dake o oshiete-yuku tsumori Director Kenji Kodama The thing that can attain your love in this world konoyo de anata no ai o te ni ireru-mono Producers Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV) Masahito Yoshioka (Tokyo Movie) odoru light mitsumete wasurenai I gaze at that dancing light and don't forget Presented by Yomiuri TV Tokyo Movie Ahh, the mystery begins to unravel ahh nazo ga tokete-yuku The mystery begins to unravel nazo ga tokete-yuku "Rika Okano — World Art Award Congratulatory Party" "World Art Award Party.
" Did she win that big of an award? Look! It's Marika Aochi, the actress! Look! It's Koji Takahata, the soccer player! Geez.
Knock it off, you're acting uncool Wow! So many famous people, from celebrities to sports players! You idiots! Who do you think I am?! I said let go! I was asked to come here! - Dad?! - Old man?! Don't you bums even know what the unrivaled Detective Kogoro Mouri looks like?! I'm very sorry, but only those with invitations may enter.
Midori Ozaki (33) Rika Okano's Assistant Wait.
I called him here.
Now do you see? The peerless Kogoro Mouri-sama has arrived on the scene to investigate a murder threat! M-Mouri-san! The Flower Scent Murder Case The Flower Scent Murder Case The Flower Scent Murder Case The Flower Scent Murder Case The Flower Scent Murder Case The Flower Scent Murder Case The Flower Scent Murder Case The Flower Scent Murder Case Rika Okano (28) Avant-Garde Flower Arranger We received the threat letter several days ago.
"Flowers of death will bloom in the Bay Front Hotel.
" It's clearly a prank.
You're taking this too seriously.
Just ignore it.
But, Sensei.
It could be real, so there's no harm in being cautious.
It's just some people getting back at me for winning the award.
Paying them any attention would be a waste of time.
Who's she? Rika Okano.
An avant-garde flower-arranging artist.
You know her; she's on TV all the time.
Avant-garde flower-arranging? She's amazing! She makes flower buds open right up! Sorta like a magic trick! You could call it that, but would you also call me an art world fraud? What a nasty woman Actually, the secret is in the temperature.
Oh? Mr.
Shiraki! I hear you were sent some stupid threat letter.
Daisuke Shiraki (58) Owner of Bay Front Hotel Y-Yes.
I don't expect any, of course, but I assume there'll be no changes to today's party? That's— Don't worry.
This party is for me, so it will all go as scheduled.
But what if something happens? It's not just this party.
Don't forget the Shiraki Group, which has always backed you up.
No, of course I won't! I'll see you around.
What a jerk He's the owner of this hotel and the company that finances her art.
Bastard thinks money can buy him art! His face makes me sick! Wow! These flowers are— Don't get into trouble now.
What is this? Liquid nitrogen.
Isn't that the stuff that can freeze stuff fast? That's right! You're really smart! It's the Sensei's art secret.
Is she the one who thought up the idea? She made it popular, more than anything.
Made it popular? This looks great! Stop that, Dad! You're embarrassing us! Umm Are you the famous Detective Mouri-sama? Yep! I'm sorry to bother you, but I have a favor to ask.
I came to tell him it's almost time, but he won't respond.
I see.
Say, are there any spare keys? Y-Yes! Right here! Mr.
Shiraki! Whose tie is that around his neck? It was his.
Definitely looks like he was strangled to death.
But something's strange about this body.
What do you mean? When did you get in here?! I mean, look! The knot on the tie is in front! That's true I get it! The killer strangled him from the front! You'd expect him to put up quite a fight if he was being strangled, especially from the front.
In other words, the killer was someone strong enough that the victim's struggling posed no problem at all.
A man and a rather large one, at that! But it looks like he didn't put up a fight at all.
What?! He'd still struggle, no matter how strong the killer was, right? Yes.
Like scratching at the killer or trying to undo the necktie.
Right? Yet, look at his hand.
There are no marks on his nails at all.
There aren't any marks on his nails.
No, that's no guarantee.
It's possible to black out instantly if strangled with enough force.
The killer must've been someone as strong as a pro wrestler! Yeah.
Check at once to see if any such people are among the party guests! Yes, sir! C'mon, now.
Isn't that a little too simple? In any case, we can't move the body until medical examiners arrive.
Conan! Are you still here?! Get out, you! I'd like to speak with whomever's in charge.
Yes, that would be me.
I'm Megure of Police Investigative Unit #1.
I hear the owner was killed.
So, what do you plan to do? Have the party cancelled immediately, of course.
You can't! Huh?! We've invited all these high-profile guests.
Canceling this event would tarnish my career! Sensei What selfishness! Listen, you! This is a premeditated murder! I know that, obviously! But the target was the owner, not me.
That means there's no danger now.
Maybe so, but She's a really selfish woman Still Bastard thinks money can buy him art! His face makes me sick! Don't tell me she— But she wouldn't have the strength for this.
Inspector! I found several guests matching your description! Anaconda Katagiri, the pro wrestler, Kotaro Imamura, the football player, and— Anaconda Katagiri-sama once got into a fight with the owner about royalties, at a dinner show.
He's the one! No doubt about it! We can only hope the incident is that straightforward Thank you all for coming today to Rika Okano-sensei's World Art Award congratulatory party! Yeah? Anaconda Katagiri (35) Pro Wrestler What? Anaconda Katagiri-san.
Could we have a word with you? Later! I want some more food! Damn you! Inspector! He has an alibi! This guy No, Anaconda-san's been with his friends the whole time.
Several people vouch for him! Sorry! The inspector's in trouble! He says he needs your help! There's a faint smell of chloroform.
Hold on! If he were knocked out first, even someone weak could strangle him! But how did they get him to breathe the chloroform? Something's not right about this flower What could it be? Wait a minute! When he was in the dressing room, the flower on his chest was closed! Yet, now it's open! His dying was the greatest commemoration gift ever! He was nothing but a stepping stone on my way to fame! A stepping stone is just a stepping stone! I was never his puppet! Sensei! What if someone hears you?! Midori-san.
You just need to shut up and handle my management.
Who do you have to thank that you can make a living?! I'm sorry for talking out of line.
Man, she's a real bitch Coming! Oh, little boy! They say it's almost time for the show.
Oh, thank you! Sensei.
You should be going now.
Yes! Here we go! Chloroform, just as I thought.
And this other bottle has a cyanide compound?! Is the killer still going after someone else?! But how? Ice cubes? Chloroform ice! Now I see! The frozen chloroform slowly melted in the room's temperature and the victim inhaled it! And this time, it'll be cyanide! But how? A flower petal? She's amazing! She makes flower buds open right up! It's the Sensei's art secret.
So the closed flower had a secret hidden inside it! The flower had been frozen, too! The frozen chloroform was placed inside, then the flower was frozen.
No one would suspect a thing this way— because all the party guests were wearing flowers on their chests.
And then, when the flower warmed up in the room's temperature, it started to re-open, and the chloroform also vaporized.
The owner breathed in the chloroform and went comatose, upon which he was slowly strangled to death.
His dying was the greatest commemoration gift ever! If Rika Okano is the killer, who will she go after next?! What's wrong?! Fight me! The target's flower should be closed! I have to find it quickly! Cyanide evaporates at 25.
7°C! Once the flower opens, it's all over! Thank you for your patience, ladies and gentlemen! Here is Rika Okano's Congratulatory One-Man Show! Damn! The ice is beginning to melt! At this temperature, so will the killer's ice! Wait a minute! All the guests were given flowers at the reception desk beforehand! In which case, the flower would've opened long ago! Was I over-analyzing things?! Was the owner the only target? No, then there'd be no reason to have cyanide ready! The killer must be planning to murder someone with it! That's not it! Where is it?! Where could it be?! She's amazing! She makes flower buds open right up! Yes! That's it! Don't tell me she plans to kill her?! No good! I'm not gonna make it! That's Alright! What?! W-What the This kid has ruined my show! You damn kid! What were you thinking?! I'm sorry! I swung it and it suddenly shot out! What were you— Hey, now! What's wrong, mister?! What is it, Mouri-kun?! Have you found a clue to solving the case?! It was actually I who had him interrupt the show.
Why would you do that?! You'll pay for this! The moment the flowers opened was to be the moment your life closed.
Come again?! Mouri-kun! Can't you explain more clearly? Inspector.
Please seal up all the arranged flowers.
Double and triple seal them so that no air can leak out.
Hidden inside the flowers is the secret to the owner's murder and a failed murder plot! Quickly! R-Right! We've bagged them all up, Mouri-kun! Now talk to us! The method behind Shiraki-san's murder and the other murder plot was the very theme of Rika-san's avant-garde flower-arranging Yes making closed flowers open! Then Rika Okano-san is the killer?! Was it you?! N-No! What nonsense is this?! Why would I have to kill the owner?! That's right.
It wasn't you.
Because you were the next to die after the owner! What?! I was?! Then just who is the killer?! The person who put the flower on the owner and prepared the flowers on the stage.
You know who that was.
It was your manager Midori Ozaki-san! Midori tried to kill me? After all, only Midori-san could've rigged the flowers on the stage.
But if she's the killer, she would've died from the flowers she set, too! Yes.
She intended to exact revenge and die with Rika-san Revenge? Yes.
Her motive was most likely Most likely, her motive was She made it popular, more than anything.
Judging from what she said, Rika-san probably didn't come up with the flower-opening idea.
That's right.
I had to make Shiraki and Rika pay.
My sister Haruka started this avant-garde flower-arranging, and Rika Okano was her student! But she got Shiraki to sponsor her in an attempt to become the top avant-garde flower arranger! In the art world, it's natural for the skilled to kick down the unskilled.
But Rika Okano knew she could never be the best as long as my sister was around.
So she used dirty tactics and Shiraki's support to pressure her into being unable to take credit for what Rika stole! On top of that, it was my sister who came up with the idea of opening closed flowers! And Rika decided to— What happened to your sister after that? She lost all hope in everything and took her own life Rika doesn't love flowers in the slightest.
She only used them to gain fame and money.
I learned that all too well after I changed my name and became her manager! That's why she had to pay! Negaigoto hitotsu-dake Song by Miho Komatsu doushite futari wa deatta no? How did they meet kon'na ni sabishii yuuhi o miru nante Looking at such a lonely sunset? ki no ki'ita kotoba sagashite mo Even as I try to find clever words hanareta kokoro o tsunagu kotoba nakute There are none to connect our distant hearts Do you think if I wave with my best smile dekiru-dake no egao de te o fureba chotto-dake demo kirei ni mieru no ka na That I might look even a little prettier? If I could have one wish granted negaigoto hitotsu-dake kanaete-kureru-nara kizutsukeatta ai ga hajimaranai-you ni It would be that our love wouldn't make us both hurt Through this incident, Rika Okano's plagiarism was made public, meaning she'll probably never step onto a center stage ever again.
As for me You damn kid! I wound up being punished by the old guy, who slept through it all.
Oww! NEXT EPISODE There's still a good chance the criminal group is nearby.
So he's the one responsible? Don't do it.
You've been asked to kill that Akabane guy, right? Wow! So cool! The officer, too?! Next Conan: The Robber Hospitalization Case Next Conan's Hint: Cream Puff Look forward to the next episode! Next time, old man Kogoro's in the hospital! Let's go, Megure-kun! By Detective Takagi.
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