Detective Conan (1996) s04e14 Episode Script

Caught Up with the Great Detective! Two Murder Cases (Two Hour Special)

A COLDFUSION & BAARO RELEASE A racing second hand, a shining comet! Conan's logic is good medicine for hearts tired by modern society! .
With Shin'ichi at a magic show Today is the first two-hour special! Try your hand at the two cases! He sees the single truth for what it is, and looks like a kid but has the mind of an adult.
His name? Detective Conan! Nazo Song by Miho Komatsu The thing that can attain your love in this world konoyo de anata no ai o te ni ireru-mono Created by Gosho Aoyama "Detective Conan" Serialized in Shogakukan's "Weekly Shonen Sunday" odoru light mitsumete wasurenai I gaze at that dancing light and don't forget ahh nazo ga tokete-yuku Ahh, the mystery begins to unravel You still don't suspect a thing Planning Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV) kimi wa mada utagau-koto naku Art Design Hiroyuki Mitsumoto Art Director Tsutomu Ishigaki Character Design Masatomo Sudo Even after those days when we could call ourselves friends tomodachi to yobeta hibi sugoshi ima mo zutto Sound Director Katsuyoshi Kobayashi Director of Photography Takahisa Ogawa Even now, the tears spill down and won't stop Music Producer Hiroki Horio (PolyGram) Music Katsuo Ono namida afure tomaranakute Arrangement Hirohito Furui Music Opening Theme "Nazo" (Spoonful/Zain Records) Lyrics Performed by Miho Komatsu Story Editor Jun'ichi Iioka Color Key Reiko Hirayama Executive Producers Satoshi Yokoyama Masayuki Nishimura Editor Teramitsu Okada I intend to tell you everything that was lost ushinau koto-dake o oshiete-yuku tsumori Planning Support Toyohiko Okuyama Mitome Asai The thing that can attain your love in this world konoyo de anata no ai o te ni ireru-mono Director Kenji Kodama Producers Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV) Masahito Yoshioka (Tokyo Movie) I gaze at that dancing light and don't forget odoru light mitsumete wasurenai Presented by Yomiuri TV Tokyo Movie Ahh, the mystery begins to unravel ahh nazo ga tokete-yuku The mystery begins to unravel nazo ga tokete-yuku The Great Detective is Cornered! Two Big Murder Cases in a Row The Great Detective is Cornered! Two Big Murder Cases in a Row Two Big Murder Cases in a Row The Great Detective is Cornered! The Great Detective is Cornered! Two Big Murder Cases in a Row Two Big Murder Cases in a Row The Great Detective is Cornered! The Great Detective is Cornered! Two Big Murder Cases in a Row Two Big Murder Cases in a Row The Great Detective is Cornered! The Great Detective is Cornered! Two Big Murder Cases in a Row Agasa Residence C'mon! Hear me out, Shin-chan! Yeah, yeah.
I'm listening, Mom.
Yusaku left early this morning and came home totally drunk again! Yukiko Kudo Shin'ichi's mother (Actress) Oh, he makes me so mad! He can't help it.
Dad's a popular novelist.
He has to socialize with all kinds of people.
Whose lipstick is on his shirt, then?! Yusaku Kudo World-renowned mystery writer Oh, I'm so mad! I'm gonna cheat on him, too! Whoa, calm down! Oh, I'm busy right now.
Wait! Shin'ichi! What's wrong? I assume that was Yukiko-san? She was complaining about her marital strife.
Dad coming home drunk, dad cheating on her C-Cheating?! It's just a misunderstanding.
All he thinks about is mysteries.
He'd never be that good-for-nothing.
Besides, their fights are almost annual events.
No point in worrying.
They're so close they argue a lot.
Incidentally, how are things with you? With me? You know, with Ran-kun.
Are you getting along well? She gets mad every time I call her.
"When will you finally be back?!" Even though we almost see too much of each other every single day.
Now, don't be like that.
Why not take a break from your cases and go somewhere with her? Autumn is the season for love! The season for love indeed "Mouri Detective Agency" - I'm back! - You idiot! Mind your own business! What's with that tone? Here I am, trying to give you another client.
Eri Kisaki Ran's mother (Attorney) As if I need your help! Then do whatever you want.
But don't blame me when business isn't going well, Great Detective.
Yes, thank you for worrying about me, Great Attorney! These two are having their own marital spat.
Autumn's the season of love? Yeah, right.
Autumn's the season of hunger.
Hurry home, Ran.
I'm starving I'm home! Yeah.
Huh? Looking for Conan? He's asleep on the sofa.
Sheesh! Dozing off in a place like this! Hungry Yes, yes! I'll make something right now! Sheesh! At least take your glasses off when you sleep! This face I've seen it somewhere, long ago Welcome back, Ran-neechan.
Huh? G-Give back my glasses! Come to think of it, you're always wearing glasses, Conan-kun.
Even when sleeping or taking a bath.
Why? I-Isn't that obvious? I have bad eyesight.
A-And I can't relax without them always on! Pardon me Might this be the Mouri Detective Agency? Y-Yes! I see.
So you're the one she shamelessly sent to me.
Huh? Who's "she"? Your mom, Eri Kisaki-san! Right, mister? Eh? No way! Mom asked for your help?! Oh! You're both getting along! This means you're pretty much back together, then! You set this up, Ran.
I thought it seemed strange that she'd call me.
Kids shouldn't be meddling with adults' affairs! What's so wrong with doing this?! I want Mom to come back soon! You've made things even worse.
So, what brings you here? Nanae Tsukumo (42) Yes.
It's actually about my husband, who died one week ago Died? You don't think he was killed, do you?! No.
I think it was suicide You think? Yes.
On that day, one week ago, I left him alone at home.
I couldn't find him when I returned, so I worriedly checked his special room in the basement where I found his cold body lying on the ground! He had swallowed poison What sort of poison? A policeman called it "aconitine", or something.
Aconitine? As I recall, it's A type of poison that causes denervation.
It's found in the leaves and roots of wolfsbane.
Just 2 milligrams is lethal.
It's a powerful toxin that causes death minutes after ingestion.
B-But where would you come across that? Mountains are full of them! Wolfsbane is used in Chinese medicines, minus the poison, of course! No! I mean you, Conan-kun! Eh? How do you know all that? T-Television! A monster in Kamen Yaiba mentioned it the other day! He said, "I'll kill you with this aconitine, extracted from wolfsbane!" He must've been a thoughtful monster to explain the poison like that There's no such monster.
So, were you the only one who found the body? No.
I was with my husband's three pupils.
Pupils? Umm, my husband and I are both magicians.
My husband, Motoyasu Tsukumo, was maybe even world-renowned.
Motoyasu Tsukumo Motoyasu Tsukumo? I know him! He was on the news! They said a great magician had died.
All you ever watch is horseracing, mister.
Remember? We all went to his magic show a long time ago! Speaking of which, I think there's a photo of us with Tsukumo-san! It was at that show that I met your wife, Kisaki-san.
So that's why you're here today? Yes.
Kisaki-san has been our attorney ever since then Here we are! This is it! Wait, could this be Did you find the photo? No! I guess I was mistaken! Say! You should ask about those three pupils! Would that be all right? Yes.
First, is Kazumi Sanada-kun, our magic troupe's ace.
They say he's to take over for my husband.
Next, is Mako Miyoshi-san.
She's strong-minded, but greatly skilled.
There is no better female magician in Japan than her.
Lastly, is Yuji Momochi-kun.
He hasn't been a pupil for very long and isn't as skilled as the others, but he shows great promise.
They're all wonderful youngsters, and all three live with us and practice magic every day.
So, where were they that day? They were with me at a Beika Hotel dinner show, doing magic for the audience.
My husband was supposed to come too, but he said he didn't do cheap work But, those three were at home before leaving for the show, right? Wouldn't they have had the chance to poison him? H-Hey, now.
My husband died while the show was happening, little boy.
But, couldn't they have secretly given him the poison in a capsule? If so, my husband would've called for help after noticing the poison.
There was a phone in the basement, and the door unlocks easily from the inside What about sleeping pills? Nothing like that was found in his autopsy, of course.
There were no strangle marks, everything in the house was locked, and there were absolutely no signs of entry or exit.
Then that means it could only be a suicide.
Yes, that's true.
But I just can't imagine my husband committing suicide! By which you mean? Tomorrow is our daughter Ayano's birthday.
He even got her present a month ago.
He couldn't wait to give it to her.
Does that sound suicidal to you? That's not the only unusual thing.
We found this on his desk in the basement.
Oh? Cards? The Ace of Spades and a Jack are stuck together.
The police pulled them apart, but there was nothing written inside.
I put them back together to show to you.
Are you sure it isn't just a magic prop? But my husband never really did card tricks, and I've never seen a prop like this before! Hey! Let's just go to her house for now! You're always saying, "Let's go!" I'm the only one going.
You butt out, kid! Oh, come on! Take Conan-kun! He might be helpful! He knows all sorts of unusual things! Yeah, but Okay, Conan-kun? Y-Yeah.
Fine! But you better behave yourselves! We will! "With Shin'ichi at a magic show" Wow! What an impressive mansion! Of course! The late Motoyasu-san was a world-renowned magician! Right, Conan-kun? Yeah.
Now, where is the basement room where your husband died? Yes.
Hold it! Momochi-kun.
Pardon me, miss.
M-Me? You appear to be greatly troubled.
Yuji Momochi (25) Magician Eh?! There's no use hiding it.
I can tell.
After all, you have a pigeon in your hair! Wow! That's amazing! Now, it's your turn! Are you a new student? Huh? Me? No, this is Kogoro Mouri-san, a detective.
Eh?! The famous detective?! But what is he doing here? Oh? You can't tell? He's obviously here to investigate Motoyasu-sensei's death.
Mako Miyoshi (20) Magician Isn't that right, Mr.
Detective? Y-Yes.
Little boy and buxom girl.
B-Buxom? White Did you see? See what? You should at least use that many pigeons! Right.
But, what is a detective doing here? Wasn't his death a suicide? Probably because he wasn't the type to commit suicide.
Then, there are those strange cards.
Or so I'd surmise.
Cards? Yes, these.
These strange cards were on the desk in the basement where he died.
Oh, the Ace of Spades and the Jack that were stuck together.
But, isn't this just a prop? Plus, the police said it was a suicide.
Yes, yes.
There's nothing to find now, even if you scoured the house.
Wait! What are you doing?! All that's left is the fact there is now only one genius here instead of two.
Kazumi Sanada (27) Magician Why, you! You ripped up important evidence! It's all right.
The real one is in your jacket pocket.
Wait a minute.
Aren't you It's him! The genius magician who dressed up as the Kaito Kid on that ship during the 60th anniversary party of the Suzuki zaibatsu! Oh, him! Kazumi Sanada, at your service.
It'd be wise to leave soon, unless you want to tarnish your reputation.
Seems pretty indifferent to the fact his magic instructor just died I wouldn't be so sure.
See? He used cards with different patterns just now.
He'd never normally do this.
He's a perfectionist I guess Sanada-san's taken this pretty hard Yes.
He looked up to my husband almost as a father.
These are the three pupils, huh Huh? Conan-kun? Ayano Tsukumo (6) Motoyasu Tsukumo's daughter Aren't you in Class A? What are you doing here? Are you here to visit? No, we have some business here.
What kind of business? Oh.
So this is her house.
I'm the one who has business here.
He just came along, miss.
Oh, in that case, want to go shopping with me? Eh? Mommy and I are just about to go buy an outfit for my birthday party tomorrow! You got my invitation too, right? Yeah, so I did Come on! Let's go, Conan-kun! W-Wait! No! Sorry! Conan-kun's busy right now! Maybe some other time? Come on.
Kids should play with kids.
I'm sorry, but I can't go shopping today, either.
But you promised, Mommy! You're a liar! Daddy is, too! My birthday is tomorrow, but he's still overseas! You're all a bunch of liars! I hate you! Then, will you go with me? I'll coordinate your outfit for you! Okay! I'm sorry to bother you, Mako-san.
Okay, everyone! Back to your cage! Let's go! You still haven't told her her father is dead? No.
I told her he's doing a show overseas Huh? This isn't my pigeon.
It's Mako-san's.
That's strange for her to mistake her pigeons Her teacher's death must be hard on her, too Sheesh! And magicians are supposed to be good at concealing themselves! You're the only one who doesn't seem any different! I just recently became a pupil, so Well, I'm going to get dinner ready now.
Oh, thank you.
Does he always make the meals? Our custom is that the newest pupil always makes the meals.
I see.
Now then, let us see the basement room where your husband died.
So, what exactly is this basement room? It was my husband's special room.
He would always hole up in here and research new magic tricks.
His pupils seemed to use it lately, too.
What are those photographs? My husband's students.
Everyone, even those who set out on their own or gave up Say, miss.
Who's that guy with the black hat? Oh, that's Kinoshita-kun.
He was a genius among geniuses.
Unfortunately, he died in his youth 14 years ago, in a training accident But why do you ask? Well, it's the only photo without dust on it.
I wondered if someone had been taking care of it.
Oh, you're right.
Was it my husband? He was especially fond of him.
Oh, so this is where he swallowed the poison and collapsed? Yes.
The room is still exactly as it was.
Those cards were in the pile of cards on this desk.
As was the glue.
This is an unusually thick wall.
He enjoyed classical music, and always listened to it in here.
He had the room soundproofed so he could play the music loud.
In short, nobody would be able to hear shouts coming from this room? Yes.
But the door can be easily unlocked from the inside even when locked from the outside.
He would've gone outside to get help if he realized he was poisoned.
But, the fact that he stayed in the room Madam.
Suicide is the only possibility I can think of.
Oh I dunno See, look at the body mark.
His hands are by his side, in a well-mannered way.
On TV and stuff, when someone is poisoned, don't they put their hands to their throat or chest like this? Come to think of it, a policeman did say the body seemed a bit odd for someone who was poisoned.
When you found his body, you're sure he hadn't been strangled? Yes.
When all four of us found him, we panicked and hurried to call an ambulance, but they said no one had used rope on him at all.
Say, couldn't he have been strangled with a thin thread? You know, like what they use in magic tricks.
Even if you couldn't see it itself, it'd still leave a mark.
If there were such a mark, the cops would've found it long ago! Rings? Say.
When he died, was he wearing these rings? Yes.
His best trick involved using invisible strings on his rings to make things seem alive.
He had probably been practicing it that day.
But he only had the rings on.
There weren't any strings.
Oh, then that's a relief.
Relief? After all, if the strings got tangled up behind him, he wouldn't be able to move.
See? It's hard to get up if you can't use your hands.
And using the doorknob would be hard, too.
T-That's it! Your husband had rings on both hands tied with string or something! His thumbs, most likely! Evidence of this would remain on the body, though! But, by cutting that string before the police arrived, it would look like he had ordinary ring marks on his fingers! Your husband was poisoned before you and the pupils left! The string was cut by someone when the body was found, probably during all the commotion! Then, you're saying my husband was— That's right! Your husband was murdered! By one of the three who found his body with you! That can't be Then what do those cards mean? You know, the Ace and Jack that were lying over there.
Quiet! I'm trying to figure that out! Plus, there was a phone in this room.
Even without thumbs, it shouldn't be too hard to press the buttons.
Yeah, that's true Umm, speaking of the phone when we found the body, I rushed upstairs to call an ambulance, so I didn't notice it right away, but this phone was buried in cards.
Buried?! I get it! The killer hid the phone! To keep the victim from using it! But, wouldn't it still be easy to find if you tried hard enough? That's true.
This is the phone in question.
Hey, mister.
Let me see those cards.
See this symbol here? It's the same shape as the cards! The redial button That's it! These cards are a dying message from your husband, telling us to press the redial button! If my guess is right, it should connect to someone your husband left a message with.
This number is not in use.
Huh? The police found that number too, but it was nonsense, so we assumed it was my daughter playing around.
What the What are these numbers?! Hey, kid.
What are you writing? What's this? A code? "One two six eight seven one three two four eight nine" Don't get in the way! Whose way? Wait a minute! Could these numbers mean Now I get it! That's how this code works! In which case, this code means Oh no! It's out of lead! Say, do you have a pen or anything? There's a fountain pen in the desk, if that's all right.
Oh, that's strange.
My husband always had it in here.
Even his trick color pens are gone How long're you gonna look at those numbers? The police are right.
It was the daughter playing around.
I took our daughter to the show that day, so they assumed she entered those numbers before then.
Meaning your husband didn't use the phone that day for some reason.
Yes Say, the killer poisoned the victim before everyone left, right? Yeah.
Probably using a capsule that dissolved during the show.
Then, the victim was stuck in here the entire time, right? If it were me, I think I'd try to leave a clue about who did it Oh, but I guess he couldn't! There were no pens in the room.
All there was was this phone How dumb.
If the victim used the phone, he would've called for help.
Yeah, huh? I doubt the phone was unplugged or anything.
U-Unplugged? That's it! The killer locked your husband in here after unplugging the phone! Then, it was plugged back in during all the commotion later on! But that's All three suspects are magicians.
They could all pull off such a stealthy trick.
The killer also hid the phone with the cards.
When the body was found, it would be clear the phone was unplugged if someone tried to use it.
And your husband, poisoned and locked inside, wanted to leave a clue about the person responsible.
But the pens were gone, and the phone unplugged.
The only option left was to use the redial button to leave a message.
Even when unplugged, as long as there's power, numbers are saved.
Then, as a hint pointing to this, he left the two cards on the desk.
Then my husband really did enter those numbers? Yes.
He re-hid the phone under the cards because if someone used the phone later, his number would be erased.
Plus, if the phone stood out too much, the killer might get rid of it.
All that's left is to decipher this strange number message, but Oh, that's why I— Here you go! It's my pen! You wanted something to write with, right? Y-Yeah.
Oh! You realized something interesting again! Think you could tell us about it? I-It's nothing much, but look at this first group of numbers.
On its own, it doesn't make much sense, but if you connect 1, 2, 6, 8, 7, and 1 on the phone pad, you get a real strange shape! D! It's the letter D! Oh! So that's called a "D"? Wait a minute! Then the next one, 3-2-4-8-9 is C! That's it! These number sequences write out four characters! Adding in the 1-3-5-4-8 and 1-3-9-7 should leave us with the message your husband left before he died! "DCMAKO" DCMAKO? MAKO? Could that mean Mako-san? Yes, most likely.
Then she killed my husband?! No.
This isn't enough to say.
It could be a message he left for Mako-san, and we don't know what the "DC" before "MAKO" means You're really amazing to figure that out from some weird numbers! You're really something! Yes.
You're really something.
You're really something, Dad! You're so smart! Nah, this was a cinch for me! Ran But what is this "DC"? The only DCs I know are DC Brand and Washington, DC Direct current Da capo! You know, the D.
that's often in sheet music! It's read "da capo"! Come to think of it, he did play the piano on occasion, so I think he often read sheet music.
Say, what does "da capo" mean? It means to go back to the start and repeat.
R-Repeat?! Didn't Mako-san leave with your daughter?! Yes, to buy clothes! Can you contact her right away?! Yes, I can.
She has a pager.
Oh, it's from your mom.
She must want us to hurry home.
Eh? But I still want to stay with you! After all, we're going somewhere really fun next, right? Yes, I'll take you there.
To an even more wonderful place.
Eh?! Mako-san plans to Yes.
She probably plans to kill your daughter.
The "DC Mako" your husband left behind likely means that Mako-san intends to repeat her murder! You can't be serious! Just call the other two pupils for now! We'll all split up and search for them! Ayano! Mako-san! Where are you? Ayano! Ayano-chan! Ayano! Ayano-chan! No use Dammit! Can't find her! Any luck?! No! Can't find them anywhere! Guess we should ask the police to search now But, why would Mako-san kill my husband?! She must have some connection with that man.
You know, the man with the black hat in that one photograph.
It was Yoshiro Kinoshita after all K-Kinoshita? The genius magician who died 14 years ago? What do you mean by "after all," Sanada-kun?! I saw her when I went to the basement room one night.
Mako was embracing a picture with care.
I thought something was up, but I never imagined she'd kill.
Still, I'm pathetic.
Even though I was flustered when we found the body, I never saw Mako cut the string on his rings or plug the phone back in.
I've been found out? M-Mako-san! Ayano! Ayano! Don't worry.
She's just asleep.
I was actually going to put her to sleep for a very long time, just like my brother.
Brother? Yes.
The Yoshiro Kinoshita you were just talking about was my brother, 14 years older than me.
At only 20, he had received every accolade a magician could obtain.
And he was my only family, after our parents died when I was young.
But then that man destroyed my brother like a bug! Motoyasu Tsukumo was jealous of his talent! You can't be serious! My husband would never It's not a lie.
I saw it myself.
On that day, 14 years ago, he fiddled with the handcuffs that my brother used in shows.
Immediately after, my brother drowned in the practice water tank, because his handcuffs wouldn't come off.
The incident was swept under the rug as an accident, of course I see.
So you became his pupil to avenge your brother.
My last name was changed when I was taken in by relatives, so he probably never realized.
My brother was killed right on my 7th birthday.
The birthday when I was left all alone That's why I killed him just before his daughter turned 7.
I revealed my identity to him after I administered the poison, but he still seemed calm, so I threatened to kill his daughter, too.
He suddenly lost his calm and I'm sorry! That was the only way to protect my status! You can have my life.
Just keep my daughter out of this! Just as I said, I planned to kill his daughter, but then I decided not to.
She did nothing wrong, after all.
Still, he was a foolish man.
He naively let me tie his rings together to show me a new trick, and he unwittingly swallowed my poison capsule.
For Japan's greatest magician, that's a real laugh! That's not true, Mako.
He knew you were going to kill him.
Y-You're lying! I told you.
I saw you hugging the photo of your brother.
Our teacher had been with me then.
And then he said, "Don't tell this to anyone until the time comes.
" But you won, Mako.
Your trick completely fooled the police.
And the dying message he left won't stand as evidence at this point.
Don't ridicule me.
I have no intention of taking the stage now.
I'm going to go to the police and lower my own curtain on myself.
Plus, it wasn't right for me to make Ayano-chan share my lot in life.
Afterward, we took Mako-san to the police and were supposed to return to the detective agency for a late dinner.
Whoa, it's already after 12:00.
I'm hungry Oh no! I forgot to buy ingredients for dinner! It's okay! Conan-kun and I'll get something at the convenience store! Don't take too long.
I'll be waiting.
S-Say, Ran-neechan.
This isn't the way to the convenience store.
If we're lost, we should go back to the detective agency first.
We have to go back "Kudo" to your house! W-What are you talking about? This is Shin'ichi-niichan's house! You're so silly! I see.
So, that's how you've tricked us all this time.
Isn't that right Shin'ichi?! You're Shin'ichi, aren't you? W-What are you saying? Of course I'm not Shin'ichi-niichan! No, there's no doubt about it! That reasoning, ability to take action, and lack of musical knowledge! You're exactly alike! But, look closely! I'm a kid! You probably took a weird drug Dr.
Agasa made or something! Everything's really adding up! Quit playing dumb already! I have so, so much to say to you! Not good Do you have proof? Don't say crazy things if you don't have proof.
There's proof right here.
There! I've never seen such a close look-alike before! B-But that's It's time to fess up, Shin'ichi! Oh! Ran-chan! Why are you in front of our home so late at night? S-Shin'ichi-kun's mother When did you return from LA? Just now.
I took the last flight.
Some things came up.
Oh no! If Mom blurts out too much now Oh? Who's that? Perfect timing.
Let's have your birth mother tell us who you really are! Oh, my! It's you, Conan-chan! It's good to see you again! Y-You know him? Yes! He's my grandfather's brother's daughter's cousin's uncle's grandson! But, he says he's a relative of Dr.
Yes! He and I are very distant relatives! But doesn't he look too much like Shin'ichi when he was little? You think? Conan-kun seems much nicer to me Your mom's name is Fumiyo-san, right? Yeah! It sounds like a trick.
It's too odd for a grade-schooler to be so good at figuring things out! H-He must've picked up some of Shin'ichi's qualities! He used to visit all the time, after all! He used to hang out with Shin'ichi? Right? I love Shin'ichi-niichan! Even so Ran-chan.
Think about it.
Would Shin'ichi do something like this? You're scary, Ran-neechan.
You're scary, Ran-neechan Sorry, Conan-kun! I guess I had the wrong idea, again! Forget everything I just said! I'll make you a yummy Salisbury steak as an apology! Okay! Oh, wait! Could I take him for two or three days? My vacation starts tomorrow, and we haven't talked in so long! Yes, that should be okay.
Well, see you later, Conan-kun! Good night! Good night, Ran-neechan! Be careful! So, why are you back? Don't tell me your fight with Dad this afternoon is the reason why.
Oh, that's some way to talk to the person who saved your life.
Saved my life? I heard from Dr.
Agasa that you took baths with Ran-chan! If I hadn't covered for you, who knows what her karate would've done to you! Right? Anyways, I hope you told Dad you were coming here.
Of course I didn't.
Hey, now! It's alright! I'm going to live with you for a while! Geez! Don't get me involved, too! But whenever I'm with mini-you, I feel young again, too! Okay! Let's have din-din with Mommy! Let go of me! What's going on?! Oh, are you awake, Shin-chan? M-Mom! I also came back to Japan to take care of something out here.
Take care of what?! Hey! Yuki-chan! Hiromi Yabu'uchi (37) Yukiko's old classmate You came! Thank you! I know you must be busy! I'd rush here from the other side of the world to help my childhood friend, Hiromi! Oh? Where are Yusaku-san and Shin'ichi-kun? Oh, those two are busy.
But don't worry! I brought him instead! Eh? Don't tell me he's Yep! My second son, Conan! I had him in Los Angeles! Hey, now! He's a kid, but he's quite sharp! Oh! You and your husband must be getting along well! Yeah, I guess! So, what is it you want us to look into? The truth is Oh? Guests, Hiromi-san? Uncle Yoshifusa! This is Yukiko-san! She used to visit all the time when she was little! It's good to see you again! Yoshifusa Yabu'uchi (64) Hiromi's uncle Hmm, I don't remember her.
But I did live in Brazil for a long time.
Make yourselves at home.
Alright! Let's go, Carlos! Carlos (26) Yoshifusa Yabu'uchi's friend C-Carlos? Uncle Yoshifusa says he's a friend he brought back from Brazil Oh? Tell me.
How does Uncle Yoshifusa seem to you? What do you mean? Like his face, voice, and feel Hmm.
We used to play with him a lot, but he went to Brazil before I entered grade school, so Was it Uncle Yoshifusa who you wanted us to investigate?! Yes.
He returned from Brazil three days ago, but he seems different from before Why not show him to your dad? He's your dad's little brother, right? I can't.
My father, Yoshichika, died last month of cancer C-Cancer? Yes.
My mother passed away 15 years ago, and all of Uncle Yoshifusa's friends died early on So, we're the only two who've met him on numerous occasions.
But, why are you so suspicious of him? The inheritance.
Dear! Hidekazu Yabu'uchi (41) Hiromi's husband (married into family) Everyone suspects that old man might be an impostor trying to take her father's inheritance.
He owned all the land in this area, and his inheritance is worth a lot.
The lawyer says he left a will, "Will" and that anyone who's absent when it's read doesn't get a single yen.
When is it going to be read? Tomorrow night at 10:00, when his mourning ends.
Which means we gotta unmask that old man before then.
Yoshiyuki Yabu'uchi (32) Hiromi's younger brother Keiko Yabu'uchi (28) Yoshiyuki's wife Keiko Yabu'uchi (28) Yoshiyuki's wife Or else we'll end up with a smaller share.
Machiko Yabu'uchi (39) Yoshichika's 2nd wife It might not just mean a smaller share.
Depending on the contents of the will, we may get nothing.
Anyways, we gotta do something before tomorrow night.
Where did all these people come from? Geez! Aren't there any old photos left? It seems Uncle Yoshifusa took them all when he went to Brazil.
Oh, could this be him? See? You guys are in it too, Mom.
Eh? Oh, that's him! The one in the middle! It's definitely Uncle Yoshifusa! But, he's too young in it to be of any use.
Plus, he has a hat on.
But this brings back memories! This is from the city baseball tournament! Do you remember? A runner's shoe spike injured his leg.
That's right.
He had to get lots of stitches at the hospital.
Then, shouldn't he still have that scar? Eh? Hiromi! Good luck! Yeah Uncle! Would you like some tea? Oh, thank you.
Ouch! I'm sorry! I'll clean it up It's not there! The scar isn't there! What?! Scar? Oh, do you mean this? A runner spiked my leg hard on first base during a baseball game 30 years ago.
Huh? He does have a scar Meaning it's really him? So, you did suspect me! My brother was right! There are no decent people here! I was wise to bring Carlos with me! Wise? He's a bodyguard I hired in Brazil.
B-Bodyguard?! Why would you need one? You'd hire one too, if you got a letter like this! "There's no inheritance for you.
If you value your life, don't come back.
" L-Life?! When did you get this letter?! One month ago.
It was sent to my house in Brazil.
It goes without saying that the sender's name was missing.
I didn't care about my brother's inheritance, but I did want to see the faces of the buffoons who would send such a letter.
Buffoons? Now, if you're finished here, then get the hell out! Hey, mister! Teach me some kanji letters! Mom won't help me.
Hold on, Shin I mean, Conan-chan! How do you write "happy new year"? L-Left-handed?! Did you see that, Sis?! Yes.
But I can't remember if our uncle was left-handed or not.
Do you remember, Yuki-chan? Not at all.
But, he did have the scar on his leg, so I think he is Uncle Yoshifusa.
No, he could've heard from someone and relied on an old scar of his own he just happened to have.
Then that geezer is a fake?! I think he's the real deal.
Take a look at the photo of Uncle Yoshifusa we found in the shed.
See? He has a mitt on his right hand.
Proof that he's left-handed.
That's true Plus, his handwriting is the same.
Handwriting? I found this postcard with the photograph! "Happy New Year" A New Year's card that Uncle Yoshifusa sent when he was in Brazil! See? The handwriting matches exactly with what he wrote just now! Hold on.
Don't tell me you had him write this so you could check? Just what I'd expect from the son of Yusaku Kudo, the world-renowned mystery writer! He's my son! Mine! Okay Oh? The old well is still here? Even after that accident Yeah Accident? Our mother fell into it and died.
She disappeared one day 15 years ago, after a very heavy snowfall.
We all looked for her, but couldn't find her.
The next morning, just when we were about to contact the police, we found her in the well, dead.
We were going to destroy the well because it was dangerous, but Father asked to keep it until he died too, so he'd never forget her.
So, that's why there's a fence around the well.
I went and put it there myself, so nobody else'd fall in.
But, the real trouble was during the funeral before then.
Funeral? Our mom's brother suddenly caused a scene! Claimed one of us knocked her down there! What really did happen? The cause was that camellia plant our uncle grew as a wedding gift for our parents.
Camellia? The sasanqua next to the well.
Our mother stood on the edge of the well to pick a flower, but slipped.
She wanted to show it to us.
She loved those flowers.
They hardly bloomed during the winter of that year, and she had been waiting for them eagerly.
A camellia flower was found in her hand, so But, in the end, her brother didn't seem to accept it.
Hey! Where is he now?! I don't know.
He was rather old back then, so perhaps he's passed away? Hey, now! If he's still alive, won't he get the inheritance, too?! Don't worry! Legally, he shouldn't have any inheritance rights to it! That's not necessarily true.
He could still receive some inheritance, if it's in my husband's will.
Then, what, he might show up before 10:00 tomorrow night, when the will is read?! Eh?! That's right.
If he's alive, he'll be absolutely sure to come.
Plus, he seems to have a 15-year old grudge with you all.
Though, it has nothing to do with me, of course, as I wasn't a part of this family when she died.
Oh, yes! I'm off to a friend's after-wedding party now.
I leave the rest to you, Hiromi-san! Yes, Mother.
W-Who's there?! What's going on? Someone was just there! A strange person watching us from behind that wood gate! I don't see anyone! Sure you weren't just seeing things, kid? That's strange.
I'm pretty sure someone was here I don't like this.
Don't tell me this person is actually her brother?! I'm sorry to bother you by staying here and having you make such a nice meal! It's no problem! Nabe dishes are more fun with lots of people! Whatever.
You even packed a change of clothes.
I bet you were planning to stay from the start What was that? Did you say something, Conan-chan? No, nothing Who could that be at this hour? Hello? Oh, Hiromi-san? Oh, Mother! What's going on? That reminds me, we were out of firewood for the bath.
So I thought we'd go without using the bath tonight.
Mother?! Machiko-chan! Let's drink! Quit it! I'm on the phone! Oh, yes! I bought firewood for the bath this morning and put it by the shed.
Well, see you later! Mother seems to be quite drunk.
She sure is carefree in the middle of Dad's mourning.
Oh! A nabe for dinner tonight! Now I can rest easy! Rest easy? I won't have to ask Carlos to taste-test my food for poison! Uncle! I'm sure that letter was a prank or something! Let's hope so.
How's the water, Yuki-chan? It seems just right! Still, a caldron bath in these times? Oh, what's wrong with that? It has elegance.
Say, Shin-chan.
Want to bathe together like in the old days? Forget it.
Could you tell Uncle the bath is ready? Come to think of it, he did love baths! He always took the first bath, too! Do you think he and that Carlos person will fit in this small bath? You're so silly! Uncle has taken a bath every day since he's come here, but Carlos always stayed in the house.
Eh? He would take a bath all alone, leaving his bodyguard behind? Now I see.
Carlos watches everyone while he's in the bath Alright.
I'm counting on you, Carlos.
Hello? Mother? Well? Did you find the firewood? Yes! Uncle just went to take a bath! Oh, really? I'm still at the party.
I don't think I'll be back until after 11:00.
I'm sorry to ask, but could you keep the bath warm until then? Sure! That was a great bath! Think I'll go next.
Guess I'll go after you, then.
Oh! How was the water? It was a little cold, I guess.
I better rebuild the fire then.
Thanks for the hard work! Make yourself at home! Honestly! You can take baths with Ran-chan, but not with me?! What is it, Hiromi?! J-Just now! There was a weird man with sunglasses behind the gate! So, I did see that guy! Hey! Doesn't that pail seem strange?! Eh?! See?! The well bucket is up! It looks like something's stuck to it! Let's pull it up! It's pretty heavy! Heave-ho! M-Mother! H-How did this happen?! D-Don't tell me she jumped into the well to commit suicide?! No! There's a stab mark in her chest! This is how she died! W-What?! Does that mean someone here did it?! Y-You can't be serious! Say.
Machiko-san's last phone call was at around 9:00, right? Yes.
From the banquet hall of the hotel near the station.
I went into the bath 10 minutes ago.
Did anyone leave the room while I was in the bath? No.
No one.
Then, it couldn't have been someone here.
It would take at least one hour by car from the hotel to this house.
In other words, while I was in the bath, she returned, and someone killed her and threw her down the well.
Though, it's a different story if you suspect me, even though I met her for the first time today.
Then who did kill her?! Could it be the suspicious man with sunglasses you just saw?! But why would he kill Mother?! There's something in her pocket! What?! T-This is a camellia flower! Then Then the person I just saw r-really was The man from 15 years ago The deceased is Machiko Yabu'uchi-san, age 39.
You're sure she's the second wife of Yoshichika-san, the head of this house who died last month? Yes.
Detective Yamamura.
We haven't found the murder weapon yet, but it appears she died of blood loss from the stab to the chest.
O-Oh, is that so? Detective Yamamura Can we say the body was found just after 10:00 pm? Yes.
It seemed odd that the well bucket was up, so when we pulled it up we found her body in the well.
Umm, is something the matter? No, no! I just got chills when I imagined it Umm, this would mean that the killer was one of you eight who were here when it happened H-Hold on, now! She was at a friend's after-wedding party at the hotel by the station, and she called from there at around 9:00! Even if she left by car right after calling, she wouldn't be back until after 10:00.
We were all in the same room between 10:00 and the time the body was found, so we couldn't have killed her! Yep! I was the only one not with them, because I was in the bath! Eh?! T-Then you're the killer?! No! I only met the late Machiko-san today! Right, Conan-chan? Yeah! It's the truth! Yukiko's been living abroad.
I just happened to ask her here today.
"Yukiko"? Oh, wait a minute! Don't tell me you're Yukiko Fujimine-san, the actress?! Y-Yes.
Wow, cool! I used to watch you every week on "Dangerous Policewoman Story!" You actually inspired me to join the police! Oh! That makes you even more suspicious.
Huh? After all, you're skilled at using guns and knives.
That was just a TV show! Are we gonna be alright with this cop? Say.
Was it really Machiko-san who called? Yes.
It was her.
She responded to the conversation, and I could hear the party, too.
See?! Only you could've done it! I'm telling you There's someone else who's suspicious! He was lurking around here.
A strange person covering his face with sunglasses, a hat, and a scarf.
A s-strange person? I bet it's the brother of our mom, who died 15 years ago.
She tried to pick a flower there and accidentally fell into the well.
But he's convinced one of us pushed her down there.
But just like me, Machiko-san wasn't part of the family 15 years ago! So why would he kill her? Good question.
It was dark back here.
Maybe he mistook her for someone else? Umm, it's still not certain if he was the man with sunglasses It could be.
See? Here's this camellia flower.
A flower from that tree? This was in this lady's breast pocket.
What're you freakin' out for? You're with the homicide department, aren't you? A-Actually, this is my first real investigation There's a cold going around the department, so I was the only one they could send So, I'm not good around dead bodies - Oh.
I see.
- Oh.
I see.
A-Anyways, to find out the precise time the victim returned home, I'll need to check with the taxi she took from the hotel.
Taxi? Mother took the family car.
C-Car? The car's in the yard, isn't it? No.
I didn't see one anywhere.
The car isn't here.
How strange.
It's always parked here.
Where could Mother have put the car? She had been drinking at the party, so perhaps she left the car there and took a taxi home? Yes Detective Yamamura! Yes? We found a car in the woods right behind the house.
I-In the woods? What's a car doing there? T-This is our car! But why is it in the woods? Maybe the killer planned to use it, but changed his mind? Your mother probably just ran out of gas or had engine trouble! So she walked to the house, where that man was waiting to stab her! That's strange.
The engine works just fine, and the key was still in.
Plus, it still has gas, and doesn't seem to have any flat tires And this empty cassette case seems curious.
I don't see its contents anywhere.
There's only a cell phone in the glove compartment.
Hey! In any case, you'll all sleep tonight while we keep watch.
Plus, that man could still be out there.
We all gotta sleep in the same room as some cops? This sucks.
Hey, Shin-chan.
How much have you figured out? Dunno.
C'mon, tell me! I'll get accused of being the killer if we leave it to that lamebrain cop! There are still too many mysteries! There's that man in the sunglasses, the car left in the woods, and the empty cassette case.
What's most curious of all is the body that was tied to the well rope.
Even though it was hidden in the well, it almost asked to be found.
There are too many mysteries scattered about.
Huh? Was that storeroom open before? I don't know.
W-Wait! Wait! Shin-chan! Come on.
Let's get back to our room and sleep.
Hurry up, Shin-chan! Detective Yamamura! Y-Yeah? We found the murder weapon in the well! Eh?! A kitchen knife, huh? Please see if it matches with the victim's stab wound.
Right! What's that plastic thing? Oh, it's a woman's raincoat.
The knife was wrapped in it for some reason.
A raincoat? No, forget it! Authorized personnel only! What's going on? This person just barged in I told you, I'm the attorney! Attorney? The Yabu'uchi Family Attorney I came to read the will of the late Yoshichika-san! O-Oh, I see It's finally time Eh?! Delay the reading of the will?! Yes.
The killer still hasn't been caught, and we haven't finished checking the house.
The reading should be moved to a later date Screw that! Do you have the right to decide that?! The greedier you are, the more noise you make.
What was that?! Geezer! Don't be rude with me! You got that?! You're just an impostor, anyway! Is pain the only way to get through to you? H-Hold on, you two! How about this? We police will also attend the reading.
Okay? Now, let's all be friends! T-That was Brazilian jiu-jutsu.
He's quite skilled, at that.
Does that mean Carlos is even more skilled than him? But, if he's so good at self-defense, why would he hire a bodyguard? Good question.
Maybe he's just being extra cautious.
The reading of Yoshichika Yabu'uchi's last will will now take place.
I ask that you listen quietly.
What's wrong? What is it? What is that sound?! What's with the tape recorder? Yoshichika-san recorded a tape that accompanies his written will.
Huh? I don't hear anything.
Wait, isn't that the record button? We have to stop it! Duck! Look out! What was that?! T-The cabinet! An arrow came out of that cabinet! What?! W-What the A c-crossbow! And this clock A-A timing device So, it was set to fire at a specified time W-Who would do this?! Who set this up?! Who set this up?! It must've been that person who ran from the gate last night! Assuming he really is the brother of our mom who died 15 years ago and that he held a grudge against our Yabu'uchi family I get it.
He used the fact we would gather in here for the reading of the will and set up the crossbow and arrow there.
Does that mean anyone would've done, then? No, it doesn't look that way.
Conan-kun! See? Look at the room on the other side of the wall it went through.
See all the arrow holes in the floor mat? It's proof that the killer had done some test shots beforehand.
In order to hit the person sitting in that spot.
It was decided from the start that the will would be read in that room, right? Y-Yes.
That's even more evidence, then.
But, kid, there'd be no way to tell who'd sit where.
Yes, there would.
The arrow flew at the "head seat," the one furthest from the exit, Entrance Seats of Honor Humble Seats where the most senior person sits, of course.
In other words, that means the person who set up the arrow had tried to target you, Uncle Yoshifusa.
So, there's still another cretin out to take my life.
Heaven help me.
But, isn't this a possibility? What if Uncle was the one who set up the arrow? I don't think so.
He barely dodged it after reacting to Conan's voice.
Duck! Then, is all of this the doing of that strange man with the sunglasses? Yes.
It's a very good possibility.
Umm I'm sorry to interrupt But shouldn't we stop that tape recorder? Oh no! I left it on record! Hey! Did all of our dad's will get erased?! Why, you Oh, whoops! I accidentally put it on Side B instead of Side A.
Which means Side B was recorded to! The will is safe and sound on Side A! Geez C'mon! Just let us hear the will already! Please calm down.
I'm rewinding it now.
In any case, I don't think we'll be able to solve this case until we learn who that strange person is Yeah.
But I have a good idea who set up the arrow.
It's that person.
D-Don't tell me they're in this room?! Yeah.
C'mon! Who is it?! Tell me! No! There are still too many mysteries! I can't say anything rashly! Just a hint, then? No! Oh, I see.
Fine, then! I'll figure it out on my own! Who needs you?! Hey, now! Don't pout, Mom! Detective Yamamura! We found a suspicious cassette tape by the bath stove! A-A tape?! Listen, everyone! Please stay in this room until I return! H-Huh? Where's Yukiko-san and that boy? They just went outside.
Eh?! Hold on, hold on! Please don't wander around on your own! So, where was this tape? Y-Yes.
It was between the firewood.
That's weird.
Hiromi got the bath ready, but she didn't say anything about a tape.
Oh, and we just received word from the examiners.
It's strange Strange? Only the victim's fingerprints and blood were on the murder weapon, but oddly enough, it appears she had held it as you would a sword.
A s-sword? Yes.
That is strange.
If she had grabbed the handle after being stabbed, it would've been upside-down.
If it was placed in her hands to make it look like a suicide, it would've made sense to have it upside down, too! Oh, and I contacted the hotel the victim had supposedly been at.
What did they say? It seems she had indeed been there, but they're not sure when she left.
Come to think of it, Hiromi did say something strange.
The late Machiko-san said she'd be home after 11:00, so why was she back just after 10:00? Wait a minute! This door will take you straight from the bath to the stove.
And this stove is right next to the well, where the body was hidden! Which means that tape Could it be?! Let's hear what's on the tape for now.
What're you doing, Mom? Hey.
You said that sunglasses person was watching from this gate, right? Yeah.
Hiromi-san saw him run from there, too.
What is it? Did you find something? It's nothing! Hurry! Please return to the room! Okay! Let's go listen to that tapey-wapey, Conan-chan! Quit talking like that! Machiko-chan! Let's drink! This is from the party Mother was at! This tape was really right next to the stove? Y-Yes.
Just as I thought! This makes all of Machiko-san's strange actions fit! And her killer was the one who blurted out something odd! Hey, Mom.
I'm gonna need your help.
I figured out who's responsible.
I'm going to explain using your voice, so go along with it Forget it.
Eh? Don't give me that.
You wouldn't tell me anything earlier.
If you wanna do it, do it on your own.
Because I know something you don't, Shin-chan! L-Like what?! Don't ask me.
Just don't get in my way.
Well, let's hear the tape with the will for now.
What do you say? Yes.
D-Detective? Or so I'd like to say, but the will can wait until after my explanation.
After I've revealed who was responsible for the two incidents here.
W-What?! Let's start with the second incident, with the hidden bow gun that was aimed at Mr.
Hey, now.
Wasn't the guy with the sunglasses behind that? I thought so, too.
Until I heard a certain someone say a certain something.
Certain something? Why don't we give it a listen? We do have it on Side B of the will tape.
Please play it.
Y-You can't be serious L-Let's play it and see.
Duck! Look out! What was that?! T-The cabinet! An arrow came out of that cabinet! What?! A c-crossbow! So, what about this? Doesn't it seem strange? As you all know, the arrow fired from the cabinet flew across the room in an instant, shot through the wall, and left our field of vision.
Yet, a certain person accurately identified it as an arrow, before we even opened the cabinet and found a crossbow inside.
Why would that be? Keiko! Don't tell me you Yes.
The answer is simple.
It was because you set up that crossbow, Keiko-san! Say what?! B-But that's not enough to prove Keiko did it It's true! I set it up! The day Uncle Yoshifusa came back! K-Keiko I got us in debt.
I kept it a secret from you.
It was a huge amount, with even bigger interest.
I thought if I could get my portion of the inheritance, I could pay it all off without you ever knowing.
But, when I heard your uncle came back from Brazil, I just snapped.
I didn't intend to kill him.
I just wanted to scare him enough to return to Brazil.
I set it up so it'd miss him.
I didn't expect it to fly so close to him! It doesn't matter, since you killed Mother anyway.
Eh?! That was your doing too, right? N-No! That wasn't me! B-But It's the truth! Believe me! She's right.
The person who murdered Machiko-san and hid her in the well was someone else! W-What?! Who?! Who was it?! Okay! Solve this right, Shin'ichi! The person responsible We'll be watching! Yes.
The one who murdered Machiko-san and hid her body in the well Wait! Don't tell us it was the guy with the sunglasses! He's probably our mom's brother, who blames us for her death when she fell into the well 15 years ago! He has a motive, but could you save this for until after he's caught?! No.
He's likely a detective someone hired to determine if Mr.
Yoshifusa really is who he claims to be.
H-Hold on.
If he's not the killer, then Y-You can't mean Yes.
Machiko-san's killer is in this very room! Hey, now! You heard that she called from the hotel at 9:00 last night! Even if she left right after calling, she'd arrive here after 10:00.
We were all in the same room then, so we couldn't have done it! Might this be possible? Just after 8:00, Machiko-san made her first call from the party, then left the party immediately after.
Just after 9:00, she parked the car in the woods and played back a tape recording of the party on the car stereo while making her second call.
To make it seem as if she was still at the party.
She was the one who was killed.
Why would she create an alibi? Because things wound up just the opposite.
Opposite? What do you mean? Machiko-san planned to use that alibi trick and kill someone.
But she wound up being killed by that person instead.
What now?! Ironically, her trick wound up helping the alibi of her killer instead.
The raincoat found in the well She put it on beforehand to keep her victim's blood off her clothes.
And the camellia flower She had it in her pocket so she could drop it at the murder scene later to make it look connected to the incident 15 years ago.
As for the tape lying by the firewood, she either dropped it on her way to her target who was in the bath, or it fell from her pocket while her body was being carried to the well.
In either case, she likely planned to burn the tape in the stove.
The murder probably happened in the bathroom.
That way, if any blood went flying, it could be cleaned away.
So, who is this person who killed her first in the bathroom?! Machiko-san's target was someone fond of taking a bath every day, and the only person here whose turn to use it was set in stone.
It was you, Yoshifusa Yabu'uchi-san! U-Uncle?! That can't be! As I recall, Brazilian jiu-jutsu has a certain technique in which you twist the arm of a knife-wielding attacker and cause the attacker to stab himself.
When Machiko-san attacked, you used that move without thinking! Increasing her share of the inheritance was probably her motive.
B-But that would be self-defense.
Why would he keep quiet about it? Because he had been sent two threatening letters.
So, there's still another cretin out to take my life.
That clearly indicates someone had attacked him before.
In short, Machiko-san had also sent a threat letter.
Just like Keiko-san, who had set up the arrow.
I assume he tied the body to the well rope and made it easy to spot to serve as an example to the other intimidator.
In any case, it was self-defense, plain and simple.
Will you confess, Yoshifusa-san?! You still have room for improvement.
Hey! Who're you?! The man with the sunglasses! What?! The tape with the will on it.
One listen will shed light on everything.
R-Right I divide my inheritance between the following six people: my wife Machiko, my daughter Hiromi, her husband Hidekazu, my son Yoshiyuki, his wife Keiko, and Carlos.
C-Carlos?! W-What is his name doing on here?! I hereby divide my inheritance evenly among those six people.
That's strange! Why isn't your name on the list, Uncle?! Of course it isn't.
After all, that old man is a bodyguard who came here from Brazil to keep Carlos safe! What?! Then, who is Carlos?! The son born of the real Yoshifusa-san and a Brazilian woman.
S-Son? But, Detective! Where did you find that out?! No, I'm not a detective.
I'm just a mere mystery writer.
Y-Yusaku-san! Yikes! D-Dad! Yusaku-san! What are you doing here? Oh, uhh, you know.
But is he really not him?! He's left-handed, and his handwriting matched! The world is full of left-handed people.
It's only natural the handwriting matches.
Because Mr.
Yoshifusa had the old man write for him.
Yoshifusa and the old man owned a farm in Brazil together.
But when a tornado hit 10 years ago, the old man hurt his right leg and Mr.
Yoshifusa lost his left arm.
Ever since, the old man wrote for him.
Carlos was given part of the inheritance because Mr.
Yoshichika felt sorry for his brother who lost his farm and had died of illness half a year prior.
It was all written in here, in this pile of letters left in a hidden panel in the storeroom.
But why did you pretend to be our uncle? Don't tell me it was to pilfer money! If that was his intent, he wouldn't have taken on the role of someone whose life was threatened.
If people learned Carlos was Mr.
Yoshifusa's son, he would've been targeted by the intimidators.
That's why the old man took on the role of Mr.
To have the intimidators' attacks focused on him instead.
This is evidenced by the fact that when the old man would bathe, he would leave Carlos in the other room.
Because making it seem like he was keeping watch over everyone would be the safest idea.
The old man planned to catch the intimidator, but wound up killing her instead.
Although it was a case of self-defense, he would've been taken away by the police for questioning.
But he couldn't leave Carlos alone with one other intimidator around.
He made the body easy to find to see if the police detective who came was a sensible man or not.
But what came was an unreliable rookie detective.
With no other choice, the old man decided to remain silent until the will was read.
I see Did I get anything wrong, Hickson Tanaka-san, 2nd-generation Japanese-Brazilian?! You're exactly right.
You didn't get a single thing wrong.
If you'll present yourself to the police, I can introduce you to a great, hardhearted inspector I know.
Yes, that would be best.
I think I can trust you! Inspector Megure arrived two hours later, and Tanaka-san and Keiko-san were taken to the Gunma Police Dept.
Carlos, who knew very little Japanese, watched sadly as the car left, but Dad told him in Portuguese that he would be back very soon, at which he showed child-like joy.
Apparently, in order to keep Carlos safe, Tanaka-san hadn't told him about the inheritance or that this was his father's family's home.
And then, the long night ended.
Eh?! You heard my voice?! Yeah.
Agasa gave me a microphone that picks up sounds from your bowtie.
It helped with my deduction.
I would've known the old man wasn't the real deal if I'd found those letters, too.
No, I knew he was a fake before reading the letters.
How?! His leg scar.
A left-handed first baseman would stretch out from the left leg.
But that old man's scar was on his right leg.
It seemed strange, so I scoured the storeroom and found the letters.
It seems you still lack in the observation department, Shin'ichi-kun! You think you're so great.
Look at you trying to act cool, after chasing after me.
"I'm just a mere mystery writer.
" You gotta be kidding me! Are you trying to be Kogoro Akechi or something? Talk about lame! I can't believe you! Yukiko.
We leave.
You don't care how others feel.
"We leave"? Don't insult me! What're you doing, Shin'ichi? You'll get left behind! O-Oh, yeah.
In any event, these incidents and this marital spat are over now.
Negaigoto hitotsu-dake Song by Miho Komatsu How did they meet doushite futari wa deatta no? kon'na ni sabishii yuuhi o miru nante Looking at such a lonely sunset? ki no ki'ita kotoba sagashite mo Even as I try to find clever words There are none to connect our distant hearts hanareta kokoro o tsunagu kotoba nakute dekiru-dake no egao de te o fureba Do you think if I wave with my best smile chotto-dake demo kirei ni mieru no ka na That I might look even a little prettier? If I could have one wish granted negaigoto hitotsu-dake kanaete-kureru-nara kizutsukeatta ai ga hajimaranai-you ni It would be that our love wouldn't make us both hurt Bye, Shin-chan! Give Ran-kun my regards! Oh, yes.
I'd watch out for Ran-chan if I were you.
Something bugs me about that last smile of hers Yes.
Underestimate women and you'll be in a world of hurt.
Oh! You do understand! Later! She can't be serious can she? I'm home? I heard from Dr.
H-Heard what? If you're going on an overnight trip somewhere, at least tell us first! Eh? I was worried sick! I kept calling Shin'ichi's house but no one was there! Honestly, now! I-I'm sorry D-Don't scare me like that NEXT EPISODE A syringe! What is she planning to do?! Oh no! Chloroform It was probably poison she put in the wine! How does she plan to use it?! Next Conan: The Farewell Wine Murder Case