Detective Conan (1996) s04e19 Episode Script

The Memories of the First Love Case (2)

A COLDFUSION & BAARO RELEASE Encounters are mysterious! But cases are even more so! I'm so glad I'm with you! Today is the lemon pie conclusion! Fragrant memories and tender first love! He sees the single truth for what it is, and looks like a kid but has the mind of an adult! His name? Detective Conan! Unmei no Roulette mawashite unmei no roulette mawashite I spun the roulette of destiny zutto kimi o mite-ita and always watched you Created by Gosho Aoyama "Detective Conan" Serialized in Shogakukan's "Weekly Shonen Sunday" Planning Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV) Why is it that I'm this happy, naze na no kon'na ni shiawase na no ni Character Design Masatomo Sudo Art Design Hiroyuki Mitsumoto Art Director Yukihiro Shibutani suiheisen o miru to kanashikunaru yet I feel sad when I look at the horizon? Sound Director Katsuyoshi Kobayashi Director of Photography Takahisa Ogawa Music Katsuo Ono Music Producer Hiroki Horio (PolyGram) ano koro no jibun o to'oku de mite-iru It's as if I'm looking at myself back then, from afar Music Lyrics Performed by Opening Theme "Unmei no Roulette mawashite" Arrangement Sei'ichiro Kuribayashi Daisuke Ikeda (B-GRAM RECORDS) Izumi Sakai Associate Producer Satoshi Yokoyama Editor Teramitsu Okada Story Editor Jun'ichi Iioka Color Key Reiko Hirayama son'na kanji Spin the roulette of destiny unmei no roulette mawashite Planning Support Toyohiko Okuyama Mitome Asai Thinking too hard about this and that is a mystery arekore fukaku kangaeru no wa Mystery Director Kenji Kodama See? The person of your destiny is right there hora unmei no hito wa soko ni iru Producers Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV) Masahito Yoshioka (Tokyo Movie) Watching you always zutto kimi o mite-ita Presented by Yomiuri TV Tokyo Movie Watching you always zutto kimi o mite-ita We were invited to the birthday party of Asami Uchida, rumored to have been Shin'ichi's first love.
She fell asleep, so the rest of us went to the Karaoke Room in town.
That's when one of her friends noticed the lodge was on fire! Asami Uchida was asleep in the lodge! Luckily, Ran broke down the door and managed to save her! The Memories of First Love Case (Part 2) The Memories of First Love Case (Part 2) The Memories of First Love Case (Part 2) The Memories of First Love Case (Part 2) The Memories of First Love Case (Part 2) (Part 2) The Memories of First Love Case The Memories of First Love Case (Part 2) The Memories of First Love Case (Part 2) Eh?! She said that in her sleep?! Not so loud! You'll wake her up! As I was saying, she was sleep-mumbling when they brought her here.
"I'm sorry! I'm sorry, Kudo-kun! I'm so sorry!" But why would she say that? How should I know? That's just what I heard.
Anyways, are you thirsty? I can get you something from the vending machine downstairs! I'll come with you, then.
Say, is Conan-kun all right? Yeah! He's perfectly okay! Not a scratch on him! I bet he's with your dad, loitering around the scene of the fire.
Was it really an accident? Did they just forget to put out the candles? If so, then why was she asleep on the sofa when we left but on the floor during the fire? And this room Something seems off about the furniture before and after the fire! Almost as if someone moved it! Could it be?! Did someone come back here to set the fire?! If so, then Morimoto-san would be most suspicious, as he had the key! No, wait! Anyone could've easily entered via a window unlocked in advance! Think! Think! According to the witnesses, the fire started around 2:50.
We were all in the karaoke booth at 3:00.
By car, it'd take five minutes to get here.
Running, it'd take fifteen.
No one was gone for 30 minutes, so only Noguchi-san could've gone there, set the fire, and returned, since he had the car key The car was parked in front of the karaoke place, and everyone left 30 minutes before to use the station bathrooms and buy cigarettes and such from the convenience store next door.
So someone would've noticed if the car was missing.
If not the car Chika-san's motorcycle?! No, it was parked in front of the lodge when we rushed here.
It's impossible! None of the people in the karaoke booth could've done it! It'd be a different story if there was a timer device of some sort, but if there had been one, the firemen would've found it long ago.
Which leaves what the old guy said It was Asami-san who Hold it, little boy! You know you shouldn't be in here.
I'm sorry! Oh, yeah.
I hear today's the birthday of that girl who was asleep.
The presents and the cake all burned up, but this survived the fire! Here you are! It's a birthday message for her, right? Go give it to her at the hospital.
Huh? They don't fit! Wait a minute! Come to think of it Come to think of it, that person did say something strange then! Sheesh! Of course there was a fire! The cake with the lit candles was sitting on a chair! Say, Mister.
Was the cake really on a chair? Yeah.
The chair was burnt up, and the cake turned to goop.
Where was this chair? It's right over there.
In front of that small, charred cabinet in the corner.
But doesn't it seem strange to you, Ran? What do you mean? I heard she was in the tennis club until her 2nd year of middle school.
And she was the national champion that year! Wow, that's amazing.
Huh? But wasn't she the soccer club manager in her 3rd year? Yeah! Apparently she completely changed after that summer break! I wonder why She probably wanted to focus on her studying.
- But that'd be even weirder.
- How come? The 2nd semester of the 3rd year is when people quit their clubs! That is strange, now that you mention it.
I bet she switched 'cause there were no hot guys in the tennis club.
Yeah, right.
She isn't you.
Say what? Well, anyways, she must've had her reasons.
It's probably none of our business to pry.
But I wanna know! Not so loud! You'll wake her up! - Huh? - What? What is it? S-Sempai? Eh? Customers who came in at around 3:00? Yeah! Do you remember who came? Let me think.
Just some youngsters doing karaoke next door, I guess.
They bought cigarettes, tomato juice, and other stuff.
What were they like?! A brown-haired guy with glasses, a girl in a black dress, and a guy with a buzz-cut.
Sawai-san, Hayasaka-san, and Noguchi-san! Yeesh! That buzz-cut guy puked in front of the store! Cleaning it up was such a pain! Say, Mister.
Could you tell me if Sonoko! Any luck?! No, she wasn't in the bathroom.
How about you, Ran? No luck here, either.
Where could Asami-sempai have gone? Just contact your dad for now! I'll go get a nurse! Right! Got it! Yeah, that's right, little boy! How did you know that? Just as I thought.
I told him he had it backwards, but he didn't listen.
It had sticky stuff on it, too.
What a ridiculous customer.
No question about it! That person set the fire! And if my theory is right, the evidence is still in their possession! What?! Asami-san disappeared?! Are you serious, Ran?! Yeah! She was in bed just a minute ago! She must've left while we were getting something to drink! What do we do, Dad?! Just look around outside the hospital! She might still be nearby! Okay.
Where could Asami have gone?! She may be planning to commit suicide.
Suicide?! Yes.
If it really was Asami-san who set the fire.
Or so one might think.
M-Mouri-san? But the truth is different.
Asami-san was not the perpetrator but the victim! Victim?! Yes.
Asami-san was nearly burned to death.
By one of you here! Y-You can't be serious! But the fire started when we were in the karaoke booth! It'd take 15 minutes to run from there to here.
Or only five minutes by car or motorcycle.
The car didn't seem to have been used, and the motorcycle was parked by this lodge.
None of us could have come here to set the fire then.
Though it'd be different if there was some sort of timer device, but the firefighters would've found it.
A timer device What if it was something not out of the ordinary? What if it was something that belonged there and could be controlled from a remote location? Yes.
The perpetrator set the fire from kilometers away! By using a certain thing at a certain location near the karaoke place! Little boy! Everything's ready here! Okay! We'll be right there! Hey.
What's ready? This man asked me to have the firefighters set up the same trick that the bad guy used! Eh?! What's so funny? It's just such a surprisingly simple trick! I bet it'll make you laugh, too! Oh, I see.
It's set up like the living room before the fire.
- It even has a fax machine.
- So it does.
But how will this help? Pardon me! - Cake? - That's right.
I asked Conan to buy some just now.
If we place it on the chair in front of the fax machine, everything's set.
Now we just wait until it starts a fire.
Uhh, Mouri-san? You're not suggesting we wait until a candle falls to the floor? Besides, if that was what happened, that'd make it an accident caused by carelessness.
I would hardly call A-A phone call? No, it's a fax! H-Hey! You don't mean That fax was sent by the convenience store owner at my request.
Just as the perpetrator sent one.
- You can't be serious - That's too simple! That was the perpetrator's intent.
The more complicated the trick, the more likely evidence will be left.
So the idea was to simplify the trick, leave as little out of the ordinary as possible, and make it look like an accidental fire.
Isn't that right? You went to the convenience store to buy cigarettes at that time Manabu Sawai-san! Y-You did it, Sawai-kun?! I-It's not true, right, President?! B-But he leapt into the flames to rescue Asami! Would he really rescue someone he was trying to kill?! Plus, he was the first to notice the fire! What if he hadn't intended to kill her? What if this fire was set so he could rescue Asami-san? Sawai-san most likely did the following He dropped sedatives into her drink to make her sleep, set up the trick just now while everyone was getting ready to leave, and then left the lodge.
To keep Asami-san from burning to death, he placed her on the floor, far away from any furniture.
Then, just as he planned, while everyone was busy doing karaoke, he sent a fax to the lodge and started the fire.
The store owner saw him sending the fax just before the fire started.
The burned remnants of that fax were also found.
Burned remnants? These! A firefighter gave them to me earlier! See? The shapes don't fit, so there must've been two pages.
Only one page was sent before the fire, so it seemed strange.
Right, Mister? H-Hold on, now! Yes, I did send a fax at the convenience store.
But it was a fax I sent to a friend! He asked me to come up with a good title for his novel! Oh? A friend, huh? Then how do you explain the transmit slip? You gave the transmit slip to the store owner after you sent it, right? The date, time, phone number, and your fingerprints are on it.
Oh, that's strange.
I'm sure I sent it to him.
Just a minute.
Yes! I must've dialed the wrong number! See? My friend's number and this lodge's number are next to each other.
Besides, I'm president of Tohto University's mystery study club! I'd never use such an unreliable trick as that! That's why you tested it with a copy.
When you set up the living room trick, you used the fax machine's copy feature to determine where it would catch fire.
As you know, to use the copy feature, you need to use an original.
So you copied the birthday message Professor Takamura just sent, which was lying nearby.
What's more, you faxed that copy from the convenience store later.
The copy that had the message and cake cream on it.
The owner complained that you stuck sticky paper in the machine.
He also said he told you it was backwards.
But you can't blame him.
You sent the blank side of the copy.
Because if two faxes with the same message were found at the scene, it would raise suspicion.
That's enough! I'm sick of these groundless, made-up accusations! If you're going to make such claims, show some proof! Are you still playing innocent? You still have the fax in question.
People certainly are strange.
They can't easily throw away anything that could put them in danger.
They worry that someone else might pick it up.
You're a prime example.
You even brought it back from the convenience store.
Are you saying he?! Yes.
He should still have it on him somewhere A fax with Professor Takamura's message and cake cream on it! If you'll excuse us Don't touch me! How ridiculous! I should've just thrown this thing away! T-Then it really was you?! Yeah.
I set the fire.
Using the exact method the detective explained.
But how did you know it was me? Anyone could've used that trick.
Think back to when we all rushed here.
Should we call her on the phone?! She was asleep in the living room! It's no use! It's already burned up! I see.
Only someone who knew where the fire was could've said that.
But why would you do that to Asami?! I wanted her to love me.
As a brave man who risked his life to rescue her from the flames.
She turned me down when I asked her out last month.
That had never happened to me before, so I couldn't stand it.
I'd planned for it to be a small fire, but it spread faster than I thought.
You fool! Just a small fire?! It spread faster than you thought?! Do you think those serve as excuses?! You idiot! Why couldn't you imagine Asami-san possibly burning to death?! The car could've gotten into an accident! It could've gotten a flat tire! There could've been a traffic jam! Asami-san would've lost her life in any of those cases! If you wanted her to love you, why didn't you consider becoming someone who could be loved?! Why didn't you consider improving yourself instead?! Yes.
That was very stupid, President.
Asami I did something horrible.
I can't believe you did this for me Alright.
You can explain everything to the police.
You can't open people's hearts with force.
I bet you could capture any man with a single breath, though.
That's not true.
You just don't know about me.
Long ago, even I even I was Negaigoto hitotsu-dake Song by Miho Komatsu How did they meet doushite futari wa deatta no? kon'na ni sabishii yuuhi o miru nante Looking at such a lonely sunset? ki no ki'ita kotoba sagashite mo Even as I try to find clever words There are none to connect our distant hearts hanareta kokoro o tsunagu kotoba nakute dekiru-dake no egao de te o fureba Do you think if I wave with my best smile chotto-dake demo kirei ni mieru no ka na That I might look even a little prettier? negaigoto hitotsu-dake kanaete-kureru-nara If I could have one wish granted kizutsukeatta ai ga hajimaranai-you ni It would be that our love wouldn't make us both hurt Eh?! You confessed to Shin'ichi-kun?! Yep.
I was the one who confessed my love.
He completely rejected me, though.
B-But the rumor said Oh.
I started that rumor.
I really wanted him to like me.
He was my first love.
But he didn't seem to care about it.
Umm, there's one thing I'd like to know What exactly about him did you like? Hmm.
I didn't really take notice of him at first.
In his first year, he was a regular midfielder on the soccer team.
I thought he was an impressive newcomer.
That's about it.
But one day, I shared some lemon pie I made with the soccer club.
Everyone told me it was delicious, except for him Huh? This is kind of bad.
Shin'ichi has a weird sense of taste! No.
I guess it really wasn't very good at all.
Later on, everyone said they had pretended to like it.
That hurt my feelings, so I baked a new one every day for 3 months until he said it was good.
Before I knew it, I was manager of the soccer club and fascinated with him.
Someone else made it great on her first try, though.
Did you know? I was mean and taught you a weird way of making it! Eh?! How come?! Sheesh.
Shall I tell you what he said after I confessed to him, then? U-Umm, say! Pipe down! This is getting good! Be quiet! He said this while acting embarrassed I'm sorry, Sempai.
There's someone I've been fond of since I was little.
She's strong-minded and obstinate, yet easily moved to tears.
It's that strangeness of hers And there you have it.
H-Hold on, Ran! Could that be?! Do you remember a girl like that? Huh? Oh well.
NEXT EPISODE Don't play dumb, Okita! We saw Isami Nagakura-san collapse on the balcony from your room! It definitely looks like Okita-san killed her.
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