Detective Conan (1996) s05e06 Episode Script

The Case of the Seven Mysteries of Teitan Elementary School

A COLDFUSION & BAARO RELEASE Encounters are mysterious! But the world is even more so! I'm so glad I'm with you! Today's stage is a school at night! Scary rumors flow through the darkness! He sees the single truth for what it is, and looks like a kid but has the mind of an adult.
His name? Detective Conan! Unmei no Roulette mawashite unmei no roulette mawashite I spun the roulette of destiny zutto kimi o mite-ita and always watched you Created by Gosho Aoyama "Detective Conan" Serialized in Shogakukan's "Weekly Shonen Sunday" Planning Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV) Why is it that I'm this happy, naze na no kon'na ni shiawase na no ni Character Design Masatomo Sudo Art Design Hiroyuki Mitsumoto Art Director Yukihiro Shibutani suiheisen o miru to kanashikunaru yet I feel sad when I look at the horizon? Sound Director Katsuyoshi Kobayashi Director of Photography Takahisa Ogawa Music Katsuo Ono Music Producer Hiroki Horio (PolyGram) ano koro no jibun o to'oku de mite-iru It's as if I'm looking at myself back then, from afar Music Lyrics Performed by Opening Theme "Unmei no Roulette mawashite" Arrangement Sei'ichiro Kuribayashi Daisuke Ikeda (B-GRAM RECORDS) Izumi Sakai Executive Producer Hiroaki Kobayashi Editor Teramitsu Okada Story Editor Jun'ichi Iioka Color Key Reiko Hirayama son'na kanji Spin the roulette of destiny unmei no roulette mawashite Planning Support Toyohiko Okuyama Mitome Asai Thinking too hard about this and that is a mystery arekore fukaku kangaeru no wa Mystery Director Kenji Kodama See? The person of your destiny is right there hora unmei no hito wa soko ni iru Producers Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV) Masahito Yoshioka (Tokyo Movie) Watching you always zutto kimi o mite-ita Presented by Yomiuri TV Tokyo Movie Watching you always zutto kimi o mite-ita The Seven Mysteries of Teitan Elementary The Seven Mysteries of Teitan Elementary The Seven Mysteries of Teitan Elementary The Seven Mysteries of Teitan Elementary The Seven Mysteries of Teitan Elementary The Seven Mysteries of Teitan Elementary The Seven Mysteries of Teitan Elementary The Seven Mysteries of Teitan Elementary This school is cursed? Yeah! It's really for reals! The whole school's talking about it! I bet it's just another of those "Seven Mysteries" every school has.
Like pianos that play on their own, or stairs that increase in number.
This isn't that kind of childish rubbish! It happened early one morning last week, when a student went into the art room.
She was fond of a large painting in the art room, and she went to look at it every morning.
But then she saw it All eight plaster figures in the art room were glaring at her! What do you think? Mysterious, isn't it?! It was just coincidence.
And it isn't just her! Doesn't there seem to be fewer students at this school lately?! I heard there was a cold going around.
Who knows, maybe they've all been cursed by the plaster figures! The story I heard is much crazier than those plaster figures! You know that gross doll in the nurse's office? Oh, the anatomy model? It was running super-fast through the hallway four nights ago! That's dumb.
Hey! Ayumi! Tell him your story, too! Huh? You saw something too, Ayumi-chan? Y-Yeah.
Anyways, we gotta do a Detective Boys investigation before things get really bad! K-Kobayashi-sensei! Sumiko Kobayashi (26) Class 1-B Homeroom Teacher If you can't behave in my class, then leave this instant! Fukumoto-kun! Read the next one! Come on! Quit dilly-dallying! Yes, ma'am! What's your problem, hag? Totani-sensei was so much better.
She was actually nice.
There's nothing we can do.
She got married and quit her job.
This is so lame.
Ayumi-chan? Eh? You saw a strange person? Yeah.
In this classroom, three nights ago.
Why were you at school at night? I couldn't help it.
I was worried about the fishies.
Fish? You mean them? Yeah.
I forgot to feed them that day, so I came to check on them.
And then I saw someone in this classroom, in the pitch dark! They were wandering around creepy-like, with a big, white mask on! Did you see their face?! No.
I couldn't tell by their voice, either.
They seemed to be mad, though.
Why didn't you tell this to a teacher?! I did! I told the assistant principal, he lives in my neighborhood! He promised to look into it.
So, what did he find out? That's just it He hasn't come to school yesterday or today! Kobayashi-sensei and the other teachers said they haven't seen him, and nobody answered the doorbell when I went to his house! Are you sure he isn't in bed with a cold? He would've contacted the school if that were the case.
As I recall, he lives alone after his wife passed away It It must be my fault! It's because of what I asked him that that strange person killed him! Hey, you! What's all the ruckus?! Get cleaning! And you'll all take Open House notices to your sick friends afterward! Is that clear?! Yes, ma'am Oh, Kobayashi-sensei! Why the pale face? Masayuki Ohata (31) Class 1-A Homeroom Teacher Dealing with 1st graders right off the bat after being transferred here must be tough, but you should be more easygoing.
No, that isn't the case.
Say, Ohata-sensei.
Can I ask you something? Sure, what is it? Do you know what's happened to the assistant principal? U-Uhh I-I don't know! He's been absent for two days without notice, but I'm sure he'll show up sooner or later! He's hiding something.
Damn it! They're all a bunch of creepy big-shots! Now, now! Do not kick the school building so! Principal! Ryujiro Uematsu (59) Teitan Elem.
School Principal This school building will already be 30 this year.
I've shared many hard times with it.
It may as well be my double.
Please be kinder to it.
Umm, have you seen the assistant principal? Secrets will always get out.
He was truly unlucky.
It was fate.
Alright! Got it, you guys?! Yeah! We, the Detective Boys, will now break into the school to solve the many mysteries that have happened here! I believe this is the one I left unlocked - Hey! That's not fair! - Let us in, Conan-kun! It's dangerous, so go on home.
Heave ho! Okay, okay! I'll let you in! Schools at night sure are creepy Yeah! My heart's pounding! Let's keep this a secret.
If the teachers found out No, it's already obvious.
Especially if you're wearing muddy shoes.
What a nuisance they can be Okay! Let's go! - Let's start with the art room! - Yeah! Yikes! It's pitch-dark! - Lights, lights! - Don't! We'll be spotted if we turn the lights on! At least bring a flashlight for stuff like this.
I brought one, too! There they are! The plaster figures! There's a mark where the desk and figure meet It looks like Mitsuhiko's story wasn't just a rumor.
What's that? There's something stuck to the figure's forehead Cellophane tape? I don't think there's anything here.
Then should we check out the nurse's office next? Yeah.
Let's see Anatomy model, anatomy model How odd.
I don't see it anywhere.
Don't tell me it's running through the hallway, like the rumors say! Ayumi-chan! Ayumi! Ouch Are you okay, Ayumi-chan?! Yeah But I dropped my handkerchief somewhere What's that? A doll! I think it came from this box! Hey, yeah! Awesome! Another class must've used them for a puppet play! But it's strange Why is this out here? Look! This Xuanzang doll has the same name as me! And this Sha Wujing has my name! Bah.
I'm stuck with Zhu Bajie? The head's ripped off! It's not just the head! The whole doll is really beat up! H-Hey! Don't tell me someone's out to get me?! It just happens to have your name! Yes! It was probably the name of the student using it in the play! No, not necessarily.
Edogawa isn't that common of a name.
T-Then these are our names? You're not suggesting this is connected to the drop in students lately? D-Does that mean I'm the next to go?! It's not like that! We're just being misled by the rumors! After all, the plaster figures were in the art room and the anatomy model is in the nurse's office! Mitsuhiko! T-The anatomy model is in front of the nurse's office! What?! What?! I don't see it anywhere! But I really saw it! Hey! Conan! Wait up! See, it's right there! You probably just saw something else! No.
Look at the base of this anatomy model.
"Class 1-B, Ayumi Yoshida" The handkerchief Ayumi-chan dropped earlier is stuck under it.
In other words, this model moved after we left the nurse's office.
Then it moved on its own? Don't be stupid.
Someone obviously moved it.
But why would someone do that?! Don't tell me they're trying to scare us! If that were the case, they wouldn't have put it back where it was! What a relief that it wasn't a ghost! What's creepier than a ghost is the person sneaking around school, doing odd things at this hour! Who's there?! What is it, Conan?! Someone was looking this way from the opposite window! What? There's no one there There couldn't have been anyone! I saw the anatomy model from the window facing the nurse's office! If the intruder heard my scream, quickly put the anatomy model back, and then watched through this window, we would've bumped into them on our way to the nurse's office! You must've been seeing things.
Someone was definitely here.
See! The window! The window? See the white smudge? It's proof that someone was pressed against the window, looking out! Anyway, we're in danger all by ourselves! Let's get the security guard here! Let's see, where is there a phone? Oh! There's a phone in the faculty office! Hurry, Conan-kun! Why is the faculty office unlocked?! Security Guard He isn't answering?! Did something happen?! No, he probably just drank himself to sleep again.
The guy's still at it, after all these years.
After all these years? Oh, that's what Ran-neechan said.
I can't really tell them I'm actually a graduate of this grade school But now what? Nothing's happened, so I can't call the police.
Which means I'll have to This is the Mouri Detective Agency.
Oh, Mister?! Oh, Conan! Where are you? Ran was worried sick! Teitan Elementary School! Could you come here? Come to your school?! Don't be stupid! I already graduated from elementary school! No, I want you and Ran-neechan to come right away! Okay! Roger that! Why does everyone have to be drunk?! Oh, well.
I guess I'll look around the school more until they come.
Wait, Conan! Hey, who was on the phone? Hey! Dad! This is kind of fun! It is? See? It's like we're in a dream! W-What is this smoke?! B-Blood! It's not blood.
It's just red paint.
Paint? Someone's dripping paint onto the handrail! It follows the taped-up paper and flows down the handrail! Then what's this smoke? Dry ice for science experiments, with water added.
I found it at the top of the stairs.
Meaning the intruder is trying to scare us away? Alright! Let's go up and catch 'em! There's no point.
They'll just get away.
But if that's what they want, then Wah! Ghosts! Ghosts! I'm so scared! C'mon, you guys do it, too! I get it! We're pretending to run away! Alright! Hey.
Can we go out now? Yeah.
What's taking the old guy so long? What's he doing? What is it? T-There are people in our classroom! And it's not just one or two people! What?! There are ten! What are they doing in that pitch-dark room?! So that's the person Ayumi-chan saw! Huh? They're holding something! Ah! So that's what this is! Hey, where are you going, Conan? Isn't it obvious? To catch the intruder! Is this safe?! Can we really catch them? Conan-kun! Okay! This is it! Let's get some light What's this? That doll from earlier? Lots of others are set out! There are plaster figures against the wall There's even an anatomy model What's that paper? "Parents"? This reminds me of an Open House Yes.
The intruder used the dolls as students and the figures and anatomy model as parents to practice every night for next week's Open House, while wearing a mask to keep from being heard outside.
Isn't that right, Class 1-B homeroom teacher hiding under the desk Kobayashi-sensei?! He's right! Kobayashi-sensei! Then the stories about the moving figures and anatomy model Were because she carried them here every night! The running anatomy model was actually her carrying it hurriedly.
But you should really focus on being nicer to us instead of this.
Yes! You should fix your child-hating attitude first! No, it's just the opposite.
I actually like you students all so much.
I adore my students so much that I couldn't get mad at my last school.
But at my first Open House, I got so nervous that it failed horribly.
When one boy made fun of me, the one next to him started a fight and they were both seriously hurt.
I didn't want the same thing to happen at this school, so I made myself mean and treated my students strictly.
But each time an Open House nears, those memories come back and make it hard for me to handle.
So I would secretly practice like this every night.
You seemed a lot like the boy who started the fight, Kojima-kun, so I was especially worried Whoops So that's why only Genta's doll was beat up.
But as a result, the students fear me and call me a hag Maybe I'm not cut out to be a teacher That's not true! I know you're nice! You're the only one who waters the flowers and changes the fish's water after everyone leaves! Right? Yes.
None of the other teachers do that.
We were all saying how rare it is for a hag to do that Basically, no matter how much you falsify yourself, there's no fooling children's eyes! Since the truth's out, maybe you should go back to your real self? Though in your case, you might have to fix your nervousness first.
I know.
But that was mean of you to use smoke and paint to scare us! You were the one watching us through the window, right? No.
This is the first time I saw you kids tonight.
After I heard your scream, I put the anatomy model back and stayed hidden in the nurse's office for awhile.
Then who unlocked the faculty office door?! The faculty office? What are you talking about? I knew it! There really was someone! Wait! Edogawa-kun! There's someone else, inside the faculty office! There you are! A-Assistant Principal?! W-What happened to your head?! K-Kobayashi-sensei! The person who tried to scare us away was the assistant principal.
He came here to find the hairpiece that he lost two days ago when the wind blew it off in the faculty office.
Ohata-sensei created this shocking scene after opening the window.
And so the late-night wig-hunt began, but I can't find it anywhere.
Let's just forget about it.
No, no! I can't come to school without it! In actuality, the principal might've secretly taken it.
Ko'ori no ue ni tatsu-you ni Song by Miho Komatsu ko'ori no ue ni tatsu-you ni abunage na koto mo shitai I want to experience danger, like standing on thin ice omoi egaiteta yume mo katachi ni shite-mitai I want my dreams to take form just as I pictured them Forever My Destiny uchuusen ga me no mae ni oritara kitto If a spaceship landed in front of me tomodachi-datte nokoshi chikyuu o tobitatsu no I know I'd leave the Earth and even my friends behind I may tell you boring days are my favorites nanimo nai mainichi ga ichiban da to iu keredo hontou wa nigeteru kimi no inai hibi ni makete but really I'm running away, I can't handle these days without you ko'ori no ue ni tatsu-you ni naisho yo koi o shita-tte Keep my love a secret, like standing on thin ice hikari-yori mo hayaku-to'oku kokoro wa tonde-yuku My heart can go even further and faster than light Forever My Destiny NEXT EPISODE It's a perfect alibi But you gave the estimated time of death! We'll need a second opinion on the matter! There has to be some sort of trick! I will destroy his alibi! Next Conan: The White Sandy Beach Murder Case Next Conan's Hint: Swimming ring Look forward to the next episode! Next time, the sea! On behalf of the staff Best summer greetings!