Detective Conan (1996) s05e12 Episode Script

The Naniwa Serial Murder Case (One Hour)

A COLDFUSION & BAARO RELEASE Encounters are mysterious! But Osaka is even more so! I'm so glad I'm with you! Today is a 60-minute Naniwa special filled with incidents and mystery! He sees the single truth for what it is, and looks like a kid but has the mind of an adult! His name? Detective Conan! I spun the roulette of destiny unmei no roulette mawashite Unmei no Roulette mawashite zutto kimi o mite-ita and always watched you Created by Gosho Aoyama "Detective Conan" Serialized in Shogakukan's "Weekly Shonen Sunday" Planning Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV) Why is it that I'm this happy, naze na no kon'na ni shiawase na no ni Art Design Hiroyuki Mitsumoto Art Director Yukihiro Shibutani Character Design Masatomo Sudo suiheisen o miru to kanashikunaru yet I feel sad when I look at the horizon? Sound Director Katsuyoshi Kobayashi Director of Photography Takahisa Ogawa Music Producer Hiroki Horio (PolyGram) Music Katsuo Ono ano koro no jibun o to'oku de mite-iru It's as if I'm looking at myself back then, from afar Arrangement Music Sei'ichiro Kuribayashi Opening Theme "Unmei no Roulette mawashite" Izumi Sakai Performed by Daisuke Ikeda (B-GRAM RECORDS) Lyrics Editor Teramitsu Okada Story Editor Jun'ichi Iioka Color Key Reiko Hirayama Executive Producer Hiroaki Kobayashi son'na kanji unmei no roulette mawashite Spin the roulette of destiny Planning Support Toyohiko Okuyama Mitome Asai arekore fukaku kangaeru no wa Mystery Thinking too hard about this and that is a mystery Director Kenji Kodama See? The person of your destiny is right there hora unmei no hito wa soko ni iru Producers Michihiko Suwa (Yomiuri TV) Masahito Yoshioka (Tokyo Movie) zutto kimi o mite-ita Watching you always Presented by Yomiuri TV Tokyo Movie zutto kimi o mite-ita Watching you always This is the incident in Toyonaka.
And this is last week's incident in Hirakata.
There were no witnesses to these killings, and they're dozens of kilometers away.
We're checking into how these two victims are connected, but they still have nothing in common.
Chief Detective Toyama Osaka Police Headquarters There's only one thing: the knife.
I don't know why, but they were both stabbed in the heart, through their wallets in their jackets.
Have you told the media about this? No, not the wallet part.
That means the second killing wasn't some moron's copycat attack.
It was definitely the same person.
Serial murders If the murders are at random, it'll cause a panic.
You'd best be extra careful.
Heizo Hattori Osaka Chief of Police Yes.
I know.
The Naniwa Serial Murder Case The Naniwa Serial Murder Case The Naniwa Serial Murder Case The Naniwa Serial Murder Case The Naniwa Serial Murder Case The Naniwa Serial Murder Case The Naniwa Serial Murder Case The Naniwa Serial Murder Case That's the Tennoji Zoo! That's the Osaka Dome! And this is the Tsutenkaku Tower! Whadya think? Osaka's nice, huh?! Yeah! This is a great view! I dunno, it's no different from the Tokyo Tower Don't be dumb! Don't compare this with that tasteless red thing! The Tsutenkaku and the Shinsekai around it are brimming with the Osakans' humanity! It's almost like downtown Tokyo! How about some food now? Just a little longer! I'm waiting for someone! Fine.
Guess I'll have a smoke.
Hey, Hattori.
Tell me why you called me to Osaka.
Huh? You're concerned about that? You have another real reason, right? No, no! There's really no work this time! I just thought I'd show you guys around Osaka! There's no telling when you'll die, after all.
W-What's that mean? I had a bad dream Dream? Yeah.
It happens when we catch a bad guy.
But he winds up stabbing and killing you instead! Hey, now! Don't kill people on your own! There you have it.
So just enjoy Osaka! Sorry! Heiji-kun! Oh! He's finally here! Yusuke Sakata (26) Tojiri Police Detective, Section 1 I'm Sakata of the Osaka Police, Tojiri Station! Sorry for being so late! Why is a police detective here? My old man said that if Mouri-han's coming to Osaka, he should have a proper tour guide! Huh? Where is my old man? He said he was going to stop by.
The chief is busy in a meeting about the incidents.
"The incidents"? So, did you get the car? Of course! I did just like you asked and borrowed the Tojiri station's best one! H-Hey, now.
Don't tell me this car is Well, let's go! Isn't this the best?! Cop cars are great! You can pass other cars even in traffic jams! So, where would you like to go, guests? Tell me Are you making us tour Osaka in this thing?! Huh? You don't like it? It's brand new! Oh, I know! Should I turn on the siren? We can go even faster! No, that's not what he means It feels like we're being arrested, so it's kind of embarrassing.
Oh, don't worry about that! You haven't done anything wrong! Hold your heads high! Whadya think?! This is real udon! The soup's so clear you can see the bottom! Yeah, you can! It's a light flavor, but good! Tastes like nothing.
Oh, Heiji! Who's she? A new girlfriend? Does it seem that way? No! I'm just a regular Tokyo What is it? I suddenly got a chill So, where to next? Hmm, the next thing Osaka is famous for is Yum! This takoyaki is great! I've never had ones with such big octopus! What is it? Nothing.
It just feels like someone's been watching me Oh, don't worry about it and eat up! I can't take my eyes off you! I thought you were on a diet, Ran-neechan? Okonomiyaki? Why didn't you say so before the takoyaki? We already passed a great place I know! We're going the wrong way! We can't get there on Midosuji! Osaka is full of one-way roads, so you often have to go way out of your way! In that case, shall I show them a nearby place I know? It's a good thing this place was nearby! I'm gonna call my mom real quick.
Mister! Don't forget the rice! You eat okonomiyaki with rice? Of course! It's a main dish! Rice with the sauce on it is great, too! Osaka's neat! Yeah! Oh! That seat is taken You're Kudo, aren't you? Heiji's always talking about you.
Whoa, now! Hattori-kun does?! Don't play dumb.
I already know everything.
H-Hold on! I know you're the Kudo broad from Tokyo who's seducing him! Umm, I think you have the wrong idea I have just one thing to say to you: Heiji and I were once bound by "chains of steel"! If you want to mess with Heiji, you gotta go through me! Hey, Kazuha.
What're you doing here? You're hilarious! The "Kudo" I talked about is a guy! A guy! Kazuha Toyama (17) Heiji's childhood friend And this girl is Kudo's squeeze.
Squeeze? I-It isn't like that! She says she isn't.
She's just embarrassed.
Then why didn't you ask Kudo to come too? Don't be stupid! Kudo's sitting right! H-He couldn't make it! Anyway, tell us more about this "chains of steel" thing! When we were kids, we found my old man's handcuffs in the attic.
Then we got stuck together when I pretended to be a policeman! It was lame; we found ourselves in big trouble! It was not lame! We had to bathe and use the bathroom together! You moron! Don't tell them that! Bathe and use the bathroom? Sounds like a smelly relationship.
To commemorate it, I put a piece of the chain in here for good luck! Gross! Throw that thing away! Say! Are you two going out?! No, no! Heiji and I are just childhood friends! I'm like his big sister who's always looking after him! Sure you are.
Her dad's chief detective of the Osaka police and my dad's friend, so we've known each other since we were kids, that's all.
A detective runt and the daughter of a police detective What an ominous couple Eh? How come? What's wrong with that? Still, why are you here? I was acting as your big sister and keeping watch so the creepy Tokyo girl won't try and seduce you! Keeping watch? From where? The Tsutenkaku Tower.
Now I see! She was the one I sensed watching me! attitude?! I was worried about you! Thanks for the meal! I'm stuffed! That was delicious! Sorry to keep you waiting! You should've joined us! No, no, I'm just here to show you around! Where to next? I guess only Osaka Castle is left What are you doing in here? Oh, come on! Take me with you! What a pain Huh? What happened to this man?! I don't know! He suddenly fell onto the hood of the car! From the roof of this building! Someone's up there! Sakata-han! Contact the police! G-Got it! H-Hey! Heiji! Conan-kun! Alright! Now you tell us why you dropped that body on top of a police car! N-No! I'm just a! What?! He was called to the roof?! Yeah.
Someone called this guy about a strange man on the roof.
I run a tea shop on the second floor, you see But what sent the body falling? The body was wrapped in rope, attached to the roof's handrail, and covered with a tarp, while the other end of the rope was tied to the door so the rope would come undone when opened.
I put his estimated time of death at about one full day ago.
So someone murdered him this time yesterday and left him hanging.
But why on top of a police car? It was probably just coincidence, but it could be someone trying to make an example Example? The knife through the wallet and heart This is clearly connected with those incidents Hey! Lady! Hold up! Hey! Wait! There she goes! It's all right.
I got her license plate number.
But never mind that.
Tell me about "those incidents," Hattori! Serial murders?! Tojiri Police Station, Osaka And that man who fell was the third one?! Yep.
In each case, they were stabbed in the chest, through their wallets.
After they were strangled to death with something.
Maybe it was someone who held a grudge about money? No, we can't say that for sure.
Hidetoshi Nagao Convenience store owner The first victim, Hidetoshi Nagao, was a convenience store owner.
Tayo Nishiguchi Pub mistress The next victim, Tayo Nishiguchi, was the mistress of a small pub.
And the one who fell was Kazuto Noyasu, a taxi driver.
Kazuto Noyasu Taxi driver None of them had enough money to incur someone's wrath.
In fact, none of them are connected in any way.
There's no connection? Nope.
They were all born, raised, schooled, and employed in Osaka, but all in different places.
We found it, Heiji-kun! We found a link between the victims! Seriously?! Goshi-san! Any comments?! Goshi-san! Huh? Isn't this from Sotaro Goshi's corruption case six years ago? The case where his secretary took responsibility for him and quit? As I recall, the secretary's name was Nagao Hey! Is our Nagao?! Yes.
Hidetoshi Nagao, the first one who was killed! But didn't you already investigate this? Why now? No, take a look at the driver.
The driver? T-That's Noyasu, the third victim! It seems he was Assemblyman Goshi's driver until four years ago.
His former secretary and his former driver Assemblyman Goshi may be involved in this.
We thought so too, so one of my seniors is headed to his place now.
Still, he's famous for his hatred of police.
Just going to see him won't help anything.
Then what do you say we pay a visit too, Sakata-han? Hold on! You should leave that to the police! Don't be stupid.
I can't just let the guy who screwed up your Osaka tour get away! Head over to my house! Kazuha can tell you where it is! Heiji! Do you have the good luck charm?! Yep, sure do.
Don't worry.
Well, later! What good luck charm? A good luck charm I gave him.
It's always protected his life.
What nonsense.
It's true! The last time he forgot it, he got really hurt in a kendo match! They're very important charms! There are only two in the world! Two? Yeah, remember that story about us and the handcuffs? I secretly put a piece of the chain in his good luck charm! Oh? Though it's none of your business! Y-Yeah.
Never mind that.
I don't see the runt anywhere Eh?! Did he go to the bathroom? I guess this means no more police cars Sorry, Sakata-han.
You gotta write a letter apologizing for the crushed car, don't you? It's fine.
I'm used to it.
But what's with the gut? Oh, this? This kid'll be helpful! But won't Mouri-han be worried?! It's okay! I'll call him later! Oh, that reminds me, we used the license plate number to get the address and phone number of that suspicious woman you saw.
Her name is Sumie Okazaki, age 39.
She divorced last year and lives alone in the West Side Apartments.
Want to check her out first? Yeah.
It seemed like she knew something.
Here, I'll call to see if she's home or not.
West Side Apartments At 1:00 PM today, a body fell near the Shinsai Bridge.
The deceased was identified as Kazuto Noyasu-san, age 41.
Moreover Forgive me Forgive me Yes? Oh, is this Okazaki-san's residence? My name is Sakata, I'm with the Tojiri Police Department.
O-Officer! Hurry here and protect me! I'm going to be killed! I'll tell you everything! Just hurry here! Hurry! Just calm down! I'll be right there! Lock your door and don't let anyone in! Oh no! We passed the West Side Apartments! What now?! It's a one-way road and it's a heavy traffic day! It'll take forever to turn around! It'll be faster on foot! Stop the car! H-Heiji-kun! Watch it! Sorry! Watch it! West Side Apartments Hey! Lady! We're with that cop who called earlier! Open up! It's unlocked! Hey! Lady! Hey! Lady! Where are you?! This is Sakata.
Eh?! Okazaki-san isn't home?! Nope.
The place is empty.
That's crazy! I told her not to leave! Did she contact you at all? Of course not.
I didn't give her my number.
Oh, right.
Anyway, hurry here.
Something's not right.
I just got off the one-way road, so I'll be there in a few minutes.
It's from downstairs! The public restroom! D-Don't tell me she! Too late.
She's dead.
But why?! Why did she go outside?! And there's a knife through her wallet and chest Who's doing this?! And why?! The victim is Sumie Okazaki-san, age 39.
She was strangled to death with a rope of some sort.
She appears to have been stabbed after being strangled.
What time did you find the body? Three or four minutes before you arrived.
This bathroom cleaner guy found her.
But why does the killer stab their wallets every time? You told this lady not to go outside, but it looks like she died here.
Come to the Shinsai Bridge now if you want to see some old friends.
See that? You're the next to wind up like that.
There's no question that's the killer! In other words, the lady heard the first message and went to the Shinsai Bridge.
Then, when she came back, she heard the second message and trembled in fear inside.
But what does "old friends" mean? Could it refer to the people who've been killed so far? Detective Sakata.
There's a call from headquarters.
Oh, thanks.
Hey, Hattori.
These answering machine messages are strange.
How so? The times and the contents of the messages.
There were only two minutes between the "come" message and the "see that" message.
Does that mean the killer was watching her? Something's odd about these four murders.
I get a bad feeling that the killer is playing with us Bad feeling? Kudo! What?! N-Nothing! Don't sweat it! Yikes! I just remembered that ominous dream from the other day! So, Heiji-kun.
Where to next? Shall we visit Goshi-san's office? Heiji-kun? Oh, right.
These sure are strange cases.
There are no witnesses and it's not clear how they're all connected, yet we can ID the victims easily enough.
Yeah, now that you mention it.
The victims' names were on the news right after the first two killings.
That's only natural.
All four had their driver's licenses in their stabbed wallets.
Driver's licenses? That's it! Kadoma Driver's License Testing Ground So all four have clean driving records Yes.
I thought there might be a car connection.
Guess I was wrong again.
They also all got their licenses different years at different places.
It says Okazaki-san learned to drive in Hyogo and not Osaka.
So it does.
Why that far away? Oh, that place is famous for its cheap license school.
License school?! Does that mean?! If you want to see some old friends.
There's her friends! Do you have the number for that place, Mister? Yes.
Sumie Okazaki and Tayo Nishiguchi shared a room at the school?! Seriously?! Alright! We're starting to connect the four victims now! But isn't it strange? Okazaki-san got her license that same year, but Nishiguchi-san got his three years later.
Maybe he sucked at driving and didn't graduate that year? That's crazy! You're really sure about that?! Huh?! What is it?! The others were at that school 20 years ago, too! The first victim, Hidetoshi Nagao-san, the third victim, Kazuto Noyasu-san, and Assemblyman Sotaro Goshi-san! They were all at the same place! What?! And that's not all.
There was also a man whose name is all too familiar now.
Familiar?! Who?! N-Numabuchi.
Ki'ichiro Numabuchi.
Ki'ichiro Numabuchi? You don't mean! The robber and murderer who's on the run?! Here it comes! The school photo! No question about it! It's Numabuchi! The faces and names of the other five match, too! But this is strange! "August 23, 1978 graduates" See? It says they all graduated then but only Okazaki-san went on to get her license.
Something happened at this school 20 years ago.
Something I see.
None of the current staff know anything that happened 20 years ago.
I figured as much.
But there had to have been some sort of incident Prefectural Nakanoshima Library involving that training ground 20 years ago.
Bingo! This is it! "Driving Instructor Dies in Accident" "Drunk Driving Suspected" On that day 20 years ago when those six graduated, one of the instructors died in a drunk driving accident! His name was Tetsuji Inaba.
The strictest instructor at the school Hey, how does this sound to you? Numabuchi, broke and in trouble, decided to use the old incident to blackmail the assemblyman out of money but was refused.
So he killed off everyone involved in the incident and then repeated his threat.
That, or Goshi used Numabuchi to kill off everyone to keep the scandal from interfering with his Diet member campaign.
Both sound plausible enough.
When Nagao-san and Noyasu-san quit working for him, they received a lot of severance pay.
Mention the instructor's death and his companions back then, and I bet that cop-hater will start talking! Okay! Let's go! Conan-kun! What are you doing here?! You suddenly disappeared! Oh no! I forgot to call! Hey, Hei-chan! Long time, no see! Otaki-han from headquarters?! Why are you here?! Inspector Otaki Osaka Prefectural Police Kazuha-chan asked me to be a driver.
Sakata-san called us about the glasses boy.
Now why'd you do that? Must be convenient, always having the cops at your beck and call! Who're you to talk?! You were touring Osaka in a police car! Now, now! I can drive the boy to the chief's house if you'd like.
Shall we go? No! I wanna stay with Heiji-niichan! Just a minute, Otaki-han.
This is Osaka.
Just leave this to us and go on your way, Kudo! But knowing you, you'll just find a way to butt in again.
Fine, then.
I'll let you hold onto this.
Your good luck charm? In exchange, hold yourself back as much as you can today.
When I come home, I'll tell you all about what happened! 'Kay? Conan-kun! Hurry up! Don't worry.
I won't let them mess with Osaka anymore! I bet my life on it! See you later! Who's he talking to? I'm starving We'll be at the chief's house in Neyagawa in half an hour Heiji's mom is making blowfish stew tonight! Oh?! I can't wait! Otaki.
What?! You found the car of Numabuchi, the fugitive, in the Mino mountains?! I'll be right there! Sorry, Mouri-han, but you'll have to wait longer for the blowfish stew.
I'm taking a side trip! Mino Waterfall Sorry! I'll have a youngster come get you in a minute.
Okay Isn't Numabuchi that murderer who escaped with a gun? Things have gotten really bad.
Right, Conan? Conan-kun! How's it look? Oh, Inspector Otaki! We found the car covered in plants, but Numabuchi is still And that shack? It was empty when I peeked inside.
Maybe he ditched the car and ran off somewhere else? He's in there.
L-Little boy! When did you get here?! Have a look here! I found these burned at the bottom of this can.
See? Convenience store receipts from five and three days ago, and stickers from lots of convenience store lunches that expire today.
Not many people would eat convenience store lunches at a place like this every day, right? But, boy, if a wanted man showed up at a convenience store Someone else probably bought it.
Someone's sheltering him.
For some reason Hey! You find Numabuchi?! Well?! No! There are signs that someone lived here awhile ago, but There's mud on the windowsill! That pillar and those beams are free of cobwebs I see! He stood on the windowsill and S-Stop, little boy! Oh?! It looks like this leads to the attic! Wait, boy! Leave the rest to us! Numabuchi! Ki'ichiro Numabuchi! You're under arrest for robbery and murder! F-Food! Hurry, give me food! Sotaro Goshi's residence What?! Old man Goshi won't come out?! No, he's kept us waiting in here since this evening.
I'll go see him myself! Now, now! Please simmer down and let my senior save face! Sir! We can't keep the police detectives waiting any longer! Sotaro Goshi Prefectural Assemblyman Forget 'em.
They'll give up and leave eventually.
Shall I at least tell them about the phone call with the strange voice? N-No! I absolutely can't Let's make a deal in one hour about the incident 20 years ago.
Go out the back gate and wait in the far storehouse.
We absolutely can't tell them! Sheesh! I told you to stop scampering around, Conan-kun! All you do is worry me Sorry.
Come on! Get walking! Hey! Hey, you alright? Hey, you! Outta the way! It's no use! Conan-kun! Conan-kun! Hang in there! Conan-kun! It can't be! What is it, Heiji-kun? Oh, nothing! Huh? Where's Sakata-han? He just left to use the bathroom.
I should probably go, too.
Conan-kun! Conan-kun! Someone rush him to the hospital! Yes, sir! I'm okay It only pricked me! That can't be! The knife went! A good luck charm? It must be thanks to the good luck charm Heiji-niichan lent me! Heiji's? See? The knife got caught in the chain link, so it couldn't stab me! Never do that again! Up, you! No funny business! Why does he have two handcuffs on his left hand? Oh, this? I'm not sure why, but he was handcuffed to a pillar.
We had to get him free, so we cut the chain and put our cuffs on him.
He was handcuffed?! Looks like you were right about someone bringing him food, kid.
Wait a minute! It couldn't be! It couldn't be! It couldn't be! Oh no! Wait all you want, old man Goshi won't come.
You're the serial murderer, aren't you?! P-Please don't joke like that! I was just admiring how unusual this storehouse is! First, when the body fell onto the cop car You craftily took us there.
Mere moments before we exited the restaurant, you made a call and put the special set-up in action.
Then, while I was on the roof, you called Okazaki-san to the scene, left a threatening call on her machine when you knew she was gone, and led her to hole up in her apartment.
After you had me witness her and made an impression on her, you brought up the topic and called her after passing her apartment.
Then, after I heard her frightened voice and leapt from the car, you parked the car in an alley and called her again while chasing me.
I'm the detective who just called! You're in danger there! Please wait in the nearby public restroom! Got it?! And then, while we were in her room, you killed her in the restroom! You were able to arrive by car immediately after she was found because you had rented two cars of the exact same model! After you killed her, you got in the other rental car that was nearby to make it look like you'd just gotten there after some time.
You drove for us and got us closer to the heart of the case to get everyone here so you could kill old man Goshi! He's a prefectural assemblyman.
He'd stand out if he left his home.
And he could even take bodyguards with him.
But if you came here with us, you could wander around freely.
When you did you realize it, Heiji-kun? The rental cars' side-view mirrors were the first thing.
It was at a different angle the second time.
And then I noticed the instructor in the picture from 20 years ago looked a lot like you.
It was your habit in the car that finally convinced me.
You fiddled with the rear-view mirror the same way Noyasu-san and Okazaki-san did! That's proof you'd all been involved with the same person.
I don't know what happened 20 years ago, but shouldn't you turn yourself in, Sakata-han? I'm sorry, Heiji-kun.
It's all over at this point Y-You idiot! Sakata is the killer?! That's right! Numabuchi told us everything! After he committed the murders, he planned to frame Numabuchi and then kill him in a fake suicide! Where's Sakata?! H-He's been gone awhile There, it's empty! Now you can't do anything stupid! A bullet hit your leg?! N-Never mind me, Heiji-kun Hurry and escape! No can do Looks like I got hit, too He was my father The instructor who died 20 years ago.
He was a strict driver, and was always telling my mother to check the rear-view mirror.
That's probably where I got it from.
Do you think someone like that would drive drunk?! And then I became a police detective to expose the truth of my father's death! I solved the mystery when I found Numabuchi in a mountain shack.
I look like my father, so the instant he saw me, he grew frightened and blurted everything out.
F-Forgive me, Instructor Inaba! It was just a prank! We just wanted to see your scared face when we forced you to drink and drive a car without brake fluid! And then you went after all six people who took part in it? The statute of limitations for murder is 15 years.
So I decided that if the law can't punish them, I would! I'm sorry I dragged you into this, Heiji-kun.
D-Don't talk like that! You're a cop! You're the only ones in Japan allowed to carry guns! Why don't you feel any pride for that?! Get up, Sakata! You put the cherry blossom emblem on your notebook to shame! O-Otaki-san How's Heiji-kun?! They took him away in another ambulance just now.
He's really something.
He carried you out of that fire on his back.
Yes Is this the homicidal maniac who tried to kill me?! Why, you! He is still my subordinate.
Hands off.
O-Old man Toyama! I'll pay a visit later, Goshi-san.
When I do, we can talk about what happened 20 years ago.
Ko'ori no ue ni tatsu-you ni Song by Miho Komatsu ko'ori no ue ni tatsu-you ni abunage na koto mo shitai I want to experience danger, like standing on thin ice omoi egaiteta yume mo katachi ni shite-mitai I want my dreams to take form just as I pictured them Forever My Destiny uchuusen ga me no mae ni oritara kitto If a spaceship landed in front of me tomodachi-datte nokoshi chikyuu o tobitatsu no I know I'd leave the Earth and even my friends behind nanimo nai mainichi ga ichiban da to iu keredo I may tell you boring days are my favorites but really I'm running away, I can't handle these days without you hontou wa nigeteru kimi no inai hibi ni makete ko'ori no ue ni tatsu-you ni naisho yo koi o shita-tte Keep my love a secret, like standing on thin ice hikari-yori mo hayaku-to'oku kokoro wa tonde-yuku My heart can go even further and faster than light Forever My Destiny Heiji! Hang in there! Heiji! How's Hattori-kun's injury? Can't tell yet.
We have to get the bullet out.
B-Bullet? Did Sakata-san shoot you? No, he didn't! I was trying to stop him from committing suicide, and I kinda got shot.
Why? Why did you have to put yourself in such danger? S-Some dummy I know once told me a detective must never hound a criminal to his death.
Hattori OhI can'tstay awake Let me sleep just a little No! You can't fall asleep, Heiji! Heiji! No Heiji! Shaddup! Didn't you hear me, you damn moron?! I wanna sleep! He sure has a lot of energy.
He'll be okay.
I didn't sleep last night.
I was up planning the Osaka tour! Don't jinx me with your banshee moans! Well, excuse me for sounding like a banshee! What do you think you're doin', stupid? Who are you calling stupid? You're the one flopping all over the ambulance! Now, now, you two.
Hey, I'm injured here! Ain't that just great? I doubt he'll croak anytime soon.
NEXT EPISODE No! Stop, Conan-kun! Why—? This was a bonafide murder.
Plotted by a certain someone from the start.
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