Detective Forst (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

[wind howling]
[faint music playing]
[wood creaking]
["Everywhere" by Fleetwood Mac
playing over radio]
[objects rustling]
You know that I'm falling
And I don't know what to say ♪
I'll speak a little louder
I'll even shout ♪
You know that I'm proud
And I can't get the words out ♪
Oh, I ♪
- [man gasps]
- [chair clattering]
[floor creaking]
[gasping quietly]
[muffled screams]
[muffled sobs]
[muffled screams and panting]
[muffled screams]
[muffled whimpering]
- [bone snaps]
- [muffled screams]
Something's happening
Happening to me ♪
My friends say I'm acting peculiarly ♪
Come on, baby
We better make a start ♪
You better make it soon
Before you break my heart ♪
Oh I ♪
I want to be with you everywhere ♪
Wanna be with you everywhere ♪
[heavy breathing]
[passionate moaning]
[song stops abruptly]
[exhales deeply]
I like what you've done
with the place. It's warm.
You don't like your place, I take it?
You smell awful.
Where the hell did you get your manners?
[door creaks and shuts]
Ask him yourself.
[man] Honey.
- [quiet electrical humming]
- I brought you some food and your meds.
[man] Ah, there you are.
- [electrical humming continues]
- [clock ticking]
You are fucked, Forst!
[keys rattling]
[door opens]
[door slams]
[indistinct chatter]
[man speaking on police radio]
Attention, all units.
There's been a fatal accident on Giewont.
- I repeat, fatal accident on Giewont.
- [car starts]
[static on police radio]
[tires screech]
[driver] Get in.
Seat belt.
[man] Agata
isn't in a very good place right now.
Leave her alone, please.
[mysterious music playing]
[wind howling]
[man] Forst, hold up.
1894 MASL
- Hey.
- Hi.
They call this an accident?
[ominous, dramatic music playing]
[music fades out]
Two lumps of sugar and some milk.
And climbing irons for the chief.
Just the one pair, though.
[exhales deeply]
Why don't you go help them
with the tape, huh?
[chatter over police radio]
- [sighs]
- [man] We're letting the prosecutor in.
- [chief] Fuck, that's all I need.
- Morning.
[mysterious music playing]
- You wanted to see for yourself?
- [woman] Hello.
- Prosecutor Wadryś-Hansen
- Yeah, we've met.
[mysterious music continues]
Would you like some coffee?
I'll look around, thanks.
[chatter on police radio]
- [Wadryś-Hansen] Here?
- Yeah, sure, I'll take you.
How the fuck did he get up there?
Someone helped him.
Very astute, Forst. Shit.
Any other pearls of wisdom?
[wind whistling]
[haunting, moody music playing]
[chief] Let me help.
- [Wadryś-Hansen] Thanks.
- [chief] Hanka, what have we got?
[Hanka] Uh, not much.
No prints, no discarded clothing,
no biological traces.
We don't know anything about the deceased.
Not which trail he took.
- Whether he was alone, or
- [Forst] Yellow.
He took the yellow trail
that goes through Rowienki.
And did you notice something we didn't?
[Forst] I know the red trail is closed.
So a fuck ton of people
have used the yellow trail today.
And so trampled any evidence.
Which was intended.
- [Wadryś-Hansen] Are you in charge?
- [chief] Yes.
[moody dramatic music playing]
He is.
The motive seems to be religious?
[chuckles] I'll check it out.
Damn this asshole. Forst!
[music becomes ominous]
[crackling sound]
- [piercing noise]
- [mysterious music playing]
[chief] Forst!
Forst! Get down, right now!
[breathing heavily]
[indistinct chatter]
[moody dramatic music playing]
Bag this.
[chief] What do you got?
[Forst] Have to check something.
[music stops]
- Camera, is that for you or the media?
- [woman] The latter.
- Which station?
- All of them.
Start rolling.
I'm Detective Wiktor Forst
from the Zakopane police.
The deceased is a victim of suicide.
- How do you know? Did he leave a note?
- Turn it off.
- Know his name? Don't touch my stuff!
- Turn that off.
Tell me how you knew to come here.
- I don't talk to strangers.
- I'm Wiktor.
Did you murder this guy, maybe?
So was it a suicide or a murder, Wiktor?
[dramatic music playing]
Make up your mind.
[jacket shuffles]
Don't be out here alone for now.
Keep an eye on her.
[woman] So, someone did this to him?
My name's Olga!
Olga Szrebska!
[ominous music playing]
[moody violin music playing]
[man] Did it feel like home again?
[Forst] Hm?
Like it was in Cracow.
[sighs] It's about fucking time
we got a real case.
Staszek, this isn't some kind of
fun adventure.
You know that?
This is
a job.
A very tough one.
I'm aware of that.
Find out who deals
with those coins in the country.
Who sells them, who buys them,
who collects them, all that.
Check pawnshops, the web, everything.
You got it.
That'll be your fun adventure, my friend.
1198 MASL
[beep on cell phone]
[Forst] You know who this is
and you know what to do.
[beep on cell phone]
[moody dramatic music playing]
[beep on cell phone]
Um! I'm so sorry. You okay?
[beep on cell phone]
[Forst] You know who this is
and you know what to do.
- [beep on cell phone]
- [music stops]
I think I know who you are,
but I don't know what to do.
I miss your stink.
[wind howling]
[moody dramatic music playing]
1056 MASL
[Forst] Thanks.
How's it going, Jedrzej?
Still smoking?
Pipes don't count.
- [creaking sound]
- [wind blowing]
A foehn wind's coming. You might not want
to stay in the trailer tonight.
[creaking sound]
I like sleeping with the sound of wind.
A foehn is no lullaby, Forst.
[quiet, tense music playing]
Well, you have a good night.
- [feedback over speaker]
- [clicking]
[crackling sound]
by Cigarettes After Sex playing]
[cell phone vibrating]
[vibrating stops]
You leapt from crumbling bridges ♪
Watching cityscapes turn to dust ♪
Filming helicopters crashing ♪
In the ocean from way above ♪
Got the music in you, baby
Tell me why ♪
Got the music in you, baby
Tell me why ♪
You've been locked in here forever ♪
And you just can't say goodbye ♪
Kisses on the foreheads of the lovers ♪
Wrapped in your arms ♪
- [song fades out]
- [door opens]
- [indistinct chatter]
- [phone ringing]
Adamiak, got a stapler?
Fuck off.
He's just pissed
'cause they gave him Rozwadowski.
Can't wait to hear him
when he's really pissed off. May I?
Like the minister?
Mm. His son.
No one's seen him since October.
So, you haven't heard about the parties
that he throws in his daddy's villa?
- I'm out of the party loop, as you know.
- [chuckles]
I'll fill you in.
The kid disappears every few months,
then miraculously reappears.
Preferably snorting lines of coke
at casino tables in his birthday suit.
Or tossing chairs out of brothel windows,
also naked. [chuckles]
I know the type.
We do a thorough investigation,
the prosecutor dismisses all the charges,
and we get chewed out.
I hate to interrupt
this romantic exchange,
but the guy from the cross
is at the morgue.
[dramatic music playing]
Fuck, Zbyniu,
how can you eat that in here?
Nothing bothers me.
Who eats pineapple on their pizza?
[Zbyniu] What'd you expect? Chopped liver?
Like I needed this shit. Well done, Forst.
[Forst] The camera.
Is that for you or the media?
I'm Detective Wiktor Forst
- I should've shaved.
- from the Zakopane police.
Olga Szrebska. I know more about her
than your big mouth did.
They sacked her for buying leads.
She used you like a piece
of ass wipe and spread the word.
I'm getting into
the killer's head, Inspector.
- What the fuck does that mean?
- Zbyniu.
There's a broken hyoid bone,
multiple traces of bonds or restraints,
and the furrow on the neck is deep.
What caused it?
This guy was tortured. Strangled.
That's what made the bone snap.
You know that almost never happens
with a regular hanging?
[tense music playing]
Meaning whoever did this left a clue.
And we didn't react.
That's why I said it was a suicide.
He won't like
not getting all our attention.
Maybe he'll make a mistake.
Want some before I finish it?
You're still my ride, aren't you, boss?
Mm. Not bad.
Why don't you have a seat, Edward.
[exhaling deeply]
[faint, mysterious music playing]
- I've seen it already.
- [music stops]
Who the fuck does Forst think he is?
- Did you know he was talking to the media?
- It's not the media.
It's just some
[sighs]woman with a camera.
One of your guys goes viral,
and you know nothing about it.
Send that pain in the ass
to Siberia for all I care.
- Oh, I should can him?
- I'm sick of him too.
Just don't come crying to me
when we're understaffed again.
This is your operation.
And your fucking mess.
You know why they tossed him
out of Cracow?
Everyone makes mistakes.
Mm. [inhales deeply]
There's no room for error
when human lives are at stake.
[moody violin music playing]
[music stops]
I'd say you're getting soft, Inspector.
What is it?
Is it time to put you out to pasture?
You burned out? Need a rest?
It was a bad day.
I'll put the screws on Forst.
People like him are unpredictable.
He could get us all in trouble
if we're not careful.
[faint, mysterious music playing]
[music stops]
Oh, anything on that coin
found at the scene?
I'm waiting for an expert from Warsaw.
He said he could be here in three days.
I pressed, but he had other commitments.
There you go, Edward.
I'm not pressing.
All I'm doing is offering you advice.
If I were in your shoes, I'd assign
the case to someone more reliable.
[faint, mysterious music playing]
[exhales deeply]
It's Edmund, asshole. Not Edward.
[music stops]
[mug taps loudly]
[approaching footsteps]
Thank God.
- [woman] There's no smoking in here.
- Nina, just set the cup down.
Here you are.
Oh, by the way, there seems to be
another victim. The report just came in.
- Did you get hold of Forst?
- He's not picking up.
[mysterious music playing]
1198 MASL
[wind howling]
[camera shutter clicking]
[music stops]
Well, Forst? [sniffs]
Is this a suicide too?
- Is that a coin? Like the one on Giewont?
- [man] I don't know. Have to compare them.
[camera shutter clicking]
Knots are the same.
And a coin in the throat.
[moody music playing]
This time, you don't touch
any of the evidence.
[Edmund] You want to
make this one public too?
So you can keep playing your game
with this fucker?
I'm talking to you.
- You hear me, Forst?
- [man] Boss.
- [Edmund] Hold on!
- I hear you.
I'm more and more inclined to sack your
disrespectful ass like they did in Cracow.
- [man] Sir?
- [Edmund] I said wait!
And answer your phone.
- What is it?
- That journalist is causing trouble.
I'm requesting permission
to remove her by force.
[Forst] I'll take care of it.
[Szrebska] Hey, relax. I just wanted
to ask a few questions, okay?
- Fuck off! Get your hands off me!
- [men chattering]
- [Szrebska] Let me go.
- [man] Calm down! Relax, ma'am.
- [Szrebska] Get your hands off! Get off!
- [man] Calm down!
Hey! Enough! Calm down, everybody, relax.
- [Szrebska] Fucking hell!
- I'll handle her.
[people chattering]
Come on.
[ominous music playing]
- [Forst] What are you doing?
- [Szrebska] Leave me alone.
You were here before us.
- That's what sources are for.
- What sources?
Forst, we both know
you can't make me tell you.
We'll see about that.
It's a serial killer, isn't it?
Both bodies hung from ropes,
both naked, in spectacular places.
I'd say he wants some attention.
He's just gonna keep doing it
until you find him.
Interesting theory.
The police archives
is where I'd start looking
since this creep's a step
ahead in whatever he's playing at.
[man chattering]
You think he's killed before?
- I'd bet on it.
- [mysterious music playing]
I'd love to discuss your reasoning,
but too many ears here.
- I don't eat dinner.
- You don't have to.
All I want is to follow the trail
of dead bodies, okay?
Wait for me.
I wanna run a thorough check
on the mountaineering community.
- Run it against police records.
- You're off this case, Forst. [sniffs]
[wind howling]
[tense music playing]
What the fuck?
You're taking me off?
Go cry about it to the media.
You like being on camera.
[sighs] Is this really about Szrebska?
Or somebody else?
Is this your call?
I'm giving it to Adamiak.
Where am I going, then? To traffic duty?
No. That would be a waste
of your vast experience.
We need you to track down
that pain in the ass, Rozwadowski.
You're gonna do it.
- You know this is wrong.
- Shut it, Forst.
And start practicing,
because this is what you'll be doing
starting right fucking now.
Keep it shut.
[indistinct chatter]
it over for nothing.
- What the hell? Stop!
- Give it.
- Hey!
- Hey!
- [grunts]
- Fuck!
[scoffs] You act like you were raised
in a fucking barn, you know that?
- Drive here.
- I've got footage to send.
- I can't drive 'cause you say so.
- Send nothing.
At least not until
I've taken a look at it.
You're hilarious.
I checked you out, Szrebska.
You've got three strikes
from the Media Ethics Committee.
[tense, dramatic music playing]
[Forst sniffing]
If you think I'm letting this go,
you're delusional.
[dramatic music playing]
Osica just took me off the case.
[tires screech]
Then get the fuck out.
Are all journalists this rude?
I don't like wasting time.
If I go out this door,
you're really gonna regret it.
- Yeah?
- Hm?
Prove it.
[sighs] The guy on Giewont
had this in his mouth.
The woman we found today
had it, too, same thing.
I need to know who they are.
- Let's go.
- [tires squeal]
- [Szrebska] Where?
- To see my informant.
[lively folksy polka music playing]
[singing in Polish] Seven such boys ♪
Worth one of me ♪
Seven such boys ♪
1126 MASL
We would ransack
We would ransack ♪
More than one castle ♪
We would ransack
We would ransack ♪
More than one castle ♪
[music continues]
Your informant is a violinist
in a Goral band?
[song ends]
Thank you.
I don't drink.
[festive music playing]
Did Osica really put you on desk duty?
Sure, in his mind he did. I'm supposed
to find that punk, Rozwadowski.
[Staszek] How's it going?
- Anything on the coin?
- Yeah.
The coin is an aureus.
This particular one is,
uh, Gothic dating from
the late 2nd century.
[Forst] Anyone dealing in these
or collecting?
Yeah, there's a pawnshop in Warsaw
that had one of these come in
about three years ago.
And it was sold to an anonymous client.
That's all you came up with?
For now. You'll be interested to learn
that the coin left on the dead woman
and this one are identical.
[Staszek] Maybe.
I tried to see
if I could decipher something, but
[high-pitched noise]
Has anyone reported coins going missing?
[Staszek] Not really.
[whistling wind echoes]
[ringing over echoing wind]
- [wind stops]
- [cell phone chimes]
Forst, the body on the cross
belongs to Marek Chalimoniuk.
Verified by several sources.
He lived in Cracow.
No reason to be in the mountains.
Can you look into that?
Wiktor I don't want any trouble.
- One last time.
- [sighs]
- I'll owe you one.
- Yeah?
I'll think about it.
[high-pitched noise]
Give me your car keys.
- Hey.
- Keys. Give me your fucking keys.
[ominous, distorted noises]
- [wind howling]
- [noises continue]
- [ghostly voice] Brothers. Forever.
- [ominous music playing]
[ghostly voice] You betrayed me, Wiktor.
It's all your fault.
[man shouting]
[ghostly voice] Let's leave.
You betrayed me. Brothers.
[ominous, distorted noises continue]
- [ominous music playing]
- [noises fade out]
[door creaks]
[loud thudding]
- [thudding stops]
- [ominous music continues]
- Forst!
- [music stops]
- Forst, you okay?
- [Forst groaning]
I draw the line at working with junkies.
It's ketoprofen.
I get headaches that split my head open.
You don't believe me?
Inherently, I don't believe anyone.
Me neither.
So, we do have something in common.
Can you give me a lift?
[groans] Please?
Of course.
[exhales deeply]
[moody, dramatic music playing]
Is this good night?
- [inhaling]
- Please, don't.
Just go to bed, Forst.
[door opens]
Call you tomorrow.
Well, worth a try.
Good night.
[door shuts]
Did we have a date tonight?
[moody, ethereal music playing]
We do now.
[breathing deeply]
- [panting]
- [tense, dramatic music playing]
688 MASL
[Hanka] Hello, this is Hanna Gal
from the Zakopane Police Department.
I'm calling regarding the murder
of Maja Kotko on Kalatówki Street.
I'm trying to get information
on her last place of residence.
- [Forst] Mm-hm. So, he's done this before?
- Mm-hm.
- [people chattering]
- [telephone ringing]
- So, it's not unusual.
- [Hanka] Okay, and when was that?
He always comes back.
Hungover. [chuckles]
I hear you.
You have that address for me?
Nowy Targ,
Podhalańska Street,
Number 15, apartment 35, correct?
Yeah. I got it.
That's all, thank you. Yeah, you too.
You got the Kalatówki victim's address?
Don't even think about it.
I'm taking this over to Osica's office.
[ominous, dramatic music playing]
[music fades out]
[tense, ghostly droning music plays]
[knocking echoing]
[ominous, dramatic music playing]
[music fades out]
[chatter on TV]
I'm here about Maja Kotko.
I'm Detective Forst
with the Zakopane Police.
[door shuts]
- [clattering]
- May I?
[man on TV] It was a hotly contested topic
despite the political climate.
There was talk that the Goralenfuhrer
hid himself away
Hot tea?
- Yes, please.
- and was virtually undetectable.
[tense music playing]
After a prolonged debate
by the Polish Underground State,
Waclaw Krzeptowski was ultimately
executed by a group of
Were you together long?
- army unit.
- [tense dramatic music playing]
[man on TV] This decision
proved shocking to some
and created even more dissidence
among the ranks.
About four years.
[man on TV] By November 22nd, 1946
- I'll look around.
- [objects clattering]
sentenced to three
to five years of imprisonment
before the court in Zakopane.
Not all of them
were located in time, however.
Some of the many collaborators, such as
- Family?
- the notorious Henryk Szatkowski and
Maja was a real history buff.
Witalis Wieder ended up
avoiding punishment altogether.
And who is this?
That's her grandfather.
with several groups of German
He actually disappeared
sometime during the '60s.
and they were never found.
[tense dramatic music continues]
Simply vanished.
This is Marek Bialoszewski
bringing you the news.
- May I take a photo?
- Sure.
[tense dramatic music continues]
An investigation into the alleged
murder of Maja K. is currently underway.
The woman's lifeless body
was discovered in a shack on Kalatówki.
So far, we have not been able
to obtain an official statement
from the prosecutor in charge of the case.
[music stops]
[Forst] You got something for me?
[Staszek] I found something
interesting on Chalimoniuk.
[Forst] Yeah?
He taught History
at Jagiellonian University.
I got that off the school's website.
But the good stuff
was on the student forum.
He wasn't liked.
Even received threats.
Do we know who made these threats?
I'll find out. Here's where it gets good.
I found his cell number
on one of the entries.
I hacked the provider's database
and took a little dive
which got me a look
at his GPS tracking history.
- I found this.
- [mysterious music playing]
Mountain Remembrance headquarters.
- [Forst] What is that?
- A foundation.
Basically, a historical society
that maintains archives
on Gorals and the Tatras.
Yeah, so? That's exactly the kind
of place a historian would visit.
Yes, but once he got there
he never budged.
His GPS says there was zero movement.
- [telephone ringing]
- [music becomes tense]
[call picks up]
- [Szrebska] Hi.
- [Forst] Hey.
- [Szrebska] What's up?
- Up for a little sightseeing tonight?
940 MASL
[electrical humming]
[tense music continues]
[door shuts]
Fuckin' wind.
[tense music builds]
[music becomes very tense]
[music becomes quieter]
[music intensifies]
[Szrebska] Hold on.
[tense music becomes faint]
[Szrebska] What a nightmare.
[music intensifies]
[man] What are you doing here?
[Forst grunts]
[groans faintly, grunts]
[object shattering]
[music becomes very intense]
[music stops]
[moody mysterious music playing]
[music fades out]
[ominous music playing]
[music stops]
[suspenseful music playing]
[music becomes intense]
[music becomes quiet and tense]
[music intensifies]
[music becomes very intense]
[music becomes faint and tense]
[music fades out]
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