Detective Forst (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

[wind howling]
[quiet, dramatic music playing]
[rain falling]
- [pounding on roof]
- [music fades out]
Hi, Frana.
That's advance payment for whatever
trouble you're going to get me into.
Let's go.
[slow, dramatic music playing]
[Forst whistles]
Bigger than our hovel on MoravskáStreet.
[Frana] The private sector
does have its advantages.
[Forst] I can see that.
[Frana] But we can
always go back to Bratislava.
[lock clicking]
You coming?
[wind blowing]
Don't mind if I do.
[slow, jazzy music
with operatic singing playing]
Just hypothetically.
If somehow the Beast of Giewont showed up,
if he found out where we live
and broke into the house,
and pointed a gun at my head
in the middle of the night,
and threatened to blow my head off,
what would you do?
I would never let anyone hurt my family.
Too many men in my life have tried to
resolve conflicts through physical force.
And it never works out.
So when's your flight again?
In four hours.
[Wadryś-Hansen] Mmm.
[ominous music playing]
[music fades out]
[wind blowing]
789 MASL
[Forst groans faintly]
You've been out of touch for a while.
[Forst] Mm-mm.
[Forst sighs]
[Frana inhales]
Just tell me why you're here now, Wiktor?
I need to catch a serial killer.
[Forst groans]
[typing on cell phone]
One of the victims
had a map of the Tatras.
And now I need your help.
Do you know this place?
[tense music playing]
Too well, I'm afraid.
[loud, echoing thud]
- [sniffing]
- [moody dramatic music playing]
[echoing sounds]
[crackling sounds]
[music fades out]
We got the DNA report
on the decapitated corpse.
It's in our database,
so we've established ID.
Who is it?
I wanted to do it professionally
with the documents
Would you fucking spit it out already?
The deceased was last seen at a party
he was hosting to celebrate his birthday,
and we've been looking for him since.
I just solved the case
you had Forst working on.
Maks Rozwadowski, the Minister's missing
son, was the body found near the river.
[tense music playing]
This is not good news, Adamiak.
Not good at all.
[loud knocking]
[birds cawing]
[moody, dramatic music playing]
[sinister music playing]
[music intensifies]
[music fades out]
[computer bleeps]
[quiet, tense music playing]
Don't you have to go to work, Staszek?
[sighs] Everything's under control, Dad.
I'm not six years old anymore.
I can get myself out the door.
[Jedrzej] I know you can.
But do you want to?
My job's demanding. Gimme a break.
[computer bleeps]
Speaking of which, where's Forst been?
He must've stayed in town.
[Jedrzej] With the chief's daughter again?
How do you know about that?
I listen to the wind, so I know, son.
I know everything.
[quiet, tense music continues]
No one knows everything, Dad.
[moody violin music playing]
[music becomes quiet and dramatic]
It's on foot from here.
You know what the locals call that villa?
The Black Dolphin.
[Forst] Like the prison in Russia?
[Frana] Yeah.
No one escapes from here, either.
Łowotarski does not forgive.
He came here at the end of the war.
- People shouldn't live this long.
- [chuckles] Only the good die young.
It's a playground
for the rich and twisted.
Artists, politicians, millionaires
Polish too.
Has anyone tried to get to him?
[Frana] I've spent years working his case.
He's got connections everywhere.
He's untouchable.
I see that.
How do we get in there?
Forget it.
You know I'm gonna try it
with or without your help.
[music becomes melancholic]
We've been through quite a lot together.
I know one of his security guards.
He owes me a favor.
[wind howling]
[music becomes ominous]
2633 MASL
[minister] Where's my son?
[Łowotarski wheezing]
Good morning [labored breathing]
As for your question,
how would I know?
Don't insult my intelligence.
Do you think I'm not aware
of the extent of your connections?
On both sides of the border.
You see everything from here.
Whatever scumbag kidnapped him,
you'd know about it.
Why haven't they asked us for ransom?
I assume it's because
he's not worth shit.
[labored breathing]
You son of a bitch.
You won't help me?
One phone call,
and this place is crawling with agents.
[electrical whirring]
[tense music playing]
You've got one thing right.
I really do see
- everything from here.
- [electronic bleep]
Even the things
we don't want others to see.
Your son will turn up soon, Minister.
I'm sure [inhaling]of that.
[exhaling deeply]
[music fades out]
We're absolutely certain
it's Maks Rozwadowski?
[Edmund sniffing] Everything points to it.
- [Edmund groans faintly]
- [quiet, mysterious music playing]
[music fades out]
Do we have any ideas
about what the killer's motive is?
The minister keeps a villa
just outside of town.
Yeah, yeah. His country estate.
[inhaling] It's seen the end
of many a marriage.
[Edmund sniffs]
So, it's been searched, then?
Yes, I sent a crew.
Kid liked to have a good time.
That's putting it lightly. [sniffs]
The whole neighborhood was grumbling.
Only no one ever called us
because of his dad.
So, if you knew
that things were out of hand,
I'm wondering why you didn't go in
until a body showed up.
Are you serious?
Yeah, are you?
[man on TV] We return now
to the brutal murder in Podhale.
A few days ago,
on the outskirts of the town of Zakopane,
a tourist came upon
a headless body in a stream.
According to some unofficial sources,
police have managed to establish
the identity of the victim, a male.
- We've asked for a statement from police.
- What the fuck?
We have yet to receive any kind of reply.
[dramatic music playing]
- [music fades out]
- [lively old-time folksy music playing]
I have to see Inspector Osica immediately.
It's very important.
And I'd like an audience
with the Holy Father in the Vatican.
- Do you have an appointment?
- [beeping]
No, but I need to see him
as soon as possible.
- [Nina] He's booked for two weeks.
- You know you're obstructing the media.
It's against the law too.
What law?
Articles 43 and 44
regarding media freedom.
- [Nina] Uh-huh.
- [man] Bye, Staszek.
[police siren blaring]
Staszek, hold on.
Do you know something
about the headless guy?
I heard you guys identified him.
I'm surprised. I thought you'd ask Wiktor.
I'm asking you.
I'm honored, Olga.
But I know nothing!
I doubt it.
Throw me a bone, Staszek.
[quiet, dramatic music playing]
This shit is confidential. Hm?
[engine starts]
- [pounding on door]
- Fuck you!
Tomorrow, my place, 11.
[tense music playing]
Good morning, Minister.
Dominika Wadryś-Hansen,
regional prosecutor's office.
[man 1] How long
do you think it might take?
[man 2] Hard to say with these things.
Minister, the body has been decapitated.
[tense music becomes quiet]
However, the victim's torso
has the same tattoo as your son.
The DNA test
Please, sign here.
[tense music continues faintly]
[quiet, dramatic music playing]
I said leave!
[music becomes melancholic]
[gasping sobs]
[sobbing continues]
[minister bawls]
[bawling continues]
[minister sobs]
[music stops]
- [wind blowing]
- [birds cawing]
[breathing deeply]
Punctual as always.
I have something new for you.
[ominous music playing]
It's over.
Getting Forst suspended was
my last favor for you.
Do you know the difference
between a service and a favor?
For you, Edmund, it's 20 thousand a month.
[Edmund scoffs]
[Edmund] I said we're done.
[Halina] Hypocrites like
to talk about dirty money.
Money is never clean or dirty.
Only the hands are.
Hands tell the truth.
And yours have blood and dirt
to the elbows, Inspector.
You need to stop, Halina.
I should stop giving you work
or telling the truth?
[inhaling] So how will you pay
for your wife's hospital bills?
And your daughter's stints in rehab?
[Agata] Look, I know
I really messed up. I'm sorry.
It was stupid.
Please don't be mad.
- I'll come see you when I get back.
- So you'll come?
Do you promise?
Yeah. I promise.
I'll be waiting.
[clock ticking]
[Frana] Remember Bratislava?
[Forst chuckles faintly]
I need that.
They won't let you in with a gun.
They'll have to.
Wiktor, do you want to get in there
or do you want to just get into trouble?
[Forst breathes deeply]
And I need your phone.
[wind blowing]
[receding footsteps]
[electronic beeping]
Will you give me the code?
You planning on coming back without me?
Right now I wanna know why
you're all dressed up.
Won't just be me.
[box clattering]
Do I look like I'm ready to tango?
[Forst snickers and inhales]
Yes, you do.
Like it?
[wind howling]
[mysterious music playing]
[detector beeping]
[mysterious music continues]
["Enola Gay" by Nouvelle Vague playing]
2633 MASL
Enola Gay ♪
You should have stayed
At home yesterday ♪
Oh words can't describe ♪
The feeling and the way you lied ♪
These games you play ♪
They're gonna end
In more than tears someday ♪
Oh Enola Gay ♪
It shouldn't have to end this way ♪
I believe this is your first visit, sir?
Please share any requests.
[distant screaming]
It's 8:15 ♪
And that's the time
That it's always been ♪
- We got your message on the radio ♪
- [man] Mmm.
Conditions normal
And you're coming home ♪
[Łowotarski wheezing]
[wheezing continues]
We have a new guest today, sir.
[tense, dramatic music playing]
[labored breathing]
And he came here with Františka.
Interesting taste in friends, she has.
[people moaning and screaming]
[tense music playing]
Good evening.
[people moaning, screaming and sobbing]
[tense music continues]
[labored breathing]
[moaning and screaming continue]
[labored breathing continues]
[music intensifies]
[man grunts]
[tense music becomes quiet]
[muffled screams]
[music intensifies]
[labored breathing continues]
[indistinct muttering]
[woman screams]
[music stops]
[Forst] Where's Frana?
[grunts and coughs painfully]
I've been watching you.
[Forst moans quietly]
[quiet, dramatic music playing]
[Łowotarski] Wiktor Forst,
the greatest detective
[labored breathing]
in the history
of the Cracow police force.
Transferred to Zakopane as punishment.
That young boy would still be alive today
if you hadn't lost your head,
wouldn't he, Detective?
How the fuck do you know that?
How the fuck do you know? [grunting]
You should make better choices
when it comes to your friends.
[quiet, dramatic music continues]
Are you the Beast of Giewont?
[labored chuckling]
Why only Giewont?
[Łowotarski coughs]
Chalimoniuk, Maja Kotko
The decapitated guy.
Who else is on your list?
I don't have a list, Wiktor.
You're lying.
[Łowotarski] I'm the one being targeted.
I have to pay for the sins
of the past also.
What the fuck are you talking about?
[music fades out]
[groans faintly]
You see each of these sections?
They started arriving
every so often.
This one came
after the murder on Giewont.
And this one
after the death of the girl on Kalatówki.
And this one
What do you know
about the girl in the photo?
She grew up to be quite beautiful
and headstrong.
Too bad she [chuckles]
didn't appreciate my hospitality.
[labored breathing]
They're coming for us all one by one.
I'm an old man now, Forst.
I promised myself that I would meet death
on my own terms.
[faint, dramatic music playing]
Should I be passing that on?
Your days of passing things on are over.
You've seen too much now.
They're coming for me.
[Łowotarski] No one is coming for you.
If the reason you're here
is to bring me to justice,
better do it yourself.
[Forst] Hm.
[all grunting]
[Forst panting]
- [Forst grunting and groaning]
- [ominous music playing]
[man grunting angrily]
[man continues grunting angrily]
[ominous music intensifies]
- [music stops]
- [Forst shudders]
[Forst] Frana!
You okay?
My God.
[mutters faintly]
[panting faintly]
We have to get outta here.
[chuckles weakly]
[faint, ghostly music playing]
[Forst] You hear me?
Come on.
- [loud pounding]
- [ominous music playing]
[Frana] Help! Hello?
He hanged He hanged himself!
- Hello?
- [continues pounding]
He hanged himself!
Come on, hurry.
[Frana] He, he [gasping]
hanged himself!
He hanged himself.
[man grunts]
[man groans]
[neck cracks]
- [man gasps]
- [Frana groans]
[Forst] Let him go.
[neck cracks]
[both panting]
[ominous music fades out]
[labored breathing]
[quiet tense music playing]
Iwo Elijah.
- [groaning]
- [tense music continues]
[Forst] Come on.
[Frana grunts]
Halina has brainwashed you, Iwo.
You have killed to give her vengeance
on collaborators
and their descendants.
[Frana groans]
[Łowotarski] The last
from the list.
- [Frana groans] Ow.
- [moody, dramatic music playing]
[music becomes quiet]
[Łowotarski] Did she tell you
I was the last one on the list?
[music become ominous]
That I don't have children?
My daughter has not told you
the whole truth.
See you in hell.
[ominous music intensifies]
[gun blast]
[music stops]
[faint, dramatic music playing]
[music becomes ominous]
[music stops]
[electrical humming]
[metal creaking]
[metal creaking]
All right. I'll create a diversion.
You take cover behind the gondola.
And when they come after me,
you sneak up from behind
and take them out!
- Remember.
- Frana
[quiet, dramatic music playing]
I know what I'm doing, Wiktor.
[music stops]
[metallic thud]
[quiet, tense music playing]
Hey, boys.
You got a cigarette?
[gun clicks]
[bullet clatters]
[tense music continues]
[music intensifies]
- [echoing and ringing gunshot]
- [music stops]
[low groan]
[deep breathing]
[moody, dramatic music playing]
[Iwo whispering]
It's not your time yet, Wiktor.
[low groan]
[Iwo whispers] You haven't lost enough.
[music fades out]
[moody mysterious music playing]
[music fades out]
[ominous music playing]
[music stops]
[suspenseful music playing]
[music becomes intense]
[music becomes quiet and tense]
[music intensifies]
[music becomes very intense]
[music becomes faint and tense]
[music fades out]
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