Detroit 1-8-7 s01e03 Episode Script

Nobody's Home/Unknown Soldier

* I know a place * * uhh * * ain't nobody cryin' * * ain't nobody worried * * no * * ain't no smiling faces * good morning, everybody.
Now before we get started, Let's welcome backdetective.
yeah! Who not only received a commendation For heroism in the line of duty whoo! Whoo! But also had a beautiful baby boy.
Looks nothing like his father.
Congratulations, man.
Enjoy it.
I will.
now hang on there, deputy dad.
We all, uh, chipped in.
We got you a little somethin' right here.
Hello! Booyah! What is this?! here you go.
Those will fit you, too.
We checked.
that should last you all 24 hours.
Okay, we've got two live ones, so let's get to it.
A news chopper spotted a body out near riverside.
There are multiple tire tracks and footprints.
It sounds like a real puzzle.
Stone, sanchez We're on it.
please stay focused.
Be alert.
There's a lot of blood spilt out there recently.
Fitch, washington, I need you to get out to brush park.
There was a woman found shot in her home.
It sounds like a routine b&e.
The case won't solve itself, detective.
You-- take it easy out there.
Come on.
Let's go.
Bring your diapers.
all right, now let's status check our open cases.
A pretty secluded area.
These are exit wounds.
Looks like two in the back.
They took his wallet.
"daniel saunders.
Marine corps.
" This guy's a vet.
He's a kid.
Who do you think they get to fight these wars? We got tire tracks for two vehicles, Multiple footprints.
What were they doing out here? Some kind of a deal gone bad.
He looks like a drug dealer to you? Could be an addict, and they don'tave a look.
We'll run a tox.
Hey, we got some trampled weeds over here.
Yeah, I flagged some casings over there as well.
shooter's pursuing him up the hill.
Vic gets hit once, there.
He gets shot a second time and then drops.
Hey! We got other one! He's still breathing.
Victim's name is sally ellison.
tip a few hours ago.
Where's the body? In the back.
Forced entry, one to the head.
tv dinner.
She was killed last night.
Entry wound above the left ear.
Tight contact, close range.
Shooter enters,ike her hair is leaves the door open.
R there.
Vict eating dinner, Hears someone in the house.
She comes into the kitchen.
Shooter's hiding in the pantry there.
He sneaks up behind her, fires.
She drops.
He closes her hair in the door on the way out.
Guy comes in a burglar, leaves a murderer.
What's to steal? Hear that? What? that.
Sounds like it's coming from the other room.
I'll check it out.
honey? I'm fine.
You can't call me every 20 minutes.
Try burping him again.
All right? I'm kind of in the middle here.
Let me call you when I can.
Love you-- That was adorable.
Mason thought you'd need our help.
Mason was wrong.
What, you don't think we have our own cases to solve? It was an order.
She also said if somebody steals your lunch money, We should beat 'em up.
Ran the tags.
Daniel saunders, 56.
Lives in eastern michigan.
Dog tags are his.
Who's our dead kid? Eric saunders, daniel's son.
He wore the tags ever since his dad got back from the gulf.
If I lost my kid like this I'm not sure I'd want to survive.
got somethin' down here.
These pipes have been ripped out.
Copper plumbing in all these old houses.
Copper thief breaks in.
Sally catches him.
Guy freaks.
Copper thieves don't shoot you point-blank.
well, let's talk to the neighbors.
Maybe they saw something.
So I thought the house was Being foreclosed on, and then she moved in.
How well did you know her? Well, I knew her pretty well.
She was on our neighborhood watch.
You know, she was always Watching those bangers and dealers and taggers.
Probably one of those that did it.
Sally was, you know, a little eccentric, But if everybody fixed up their house like she did, The neighborhood would be a better place.
Sally must have wrote the mayor 50 times.
Never got a response.
But that didn't stop her from trying.
See, the thing was, she was always watching them, And they were always watching her.
Ses like everybody liked her.
Except the local rifaff.
Ah, look at this.
Tags all over the neighborhood.
These punks have no shame, man.
Neighbor mentioned a local scavenger, shady dude--george.
Pushes a shopping cart around, picking up scrap metal and junk.
Fits the copper thief theory.
Yeahyeah, she says she saw him t an hour before the cops arrived.
We'll put out an a.
On apping cart.
Look, um, let's just take a drive around.
Maybe wean eyeball him.
There's a cart.
George! Mind if we look in your cart? That cart does not belong to me.
Then I guess we don't need permission.
You get first prize, damon.
Leave my stuff alone.
So it is your cart? Then these must be your copper pipes.
My son-- He turned 16 last week We took some money out of the bank to buy this car.
He always wanted a Firebird.
It's a nice car.
Eric's been working really hard on the farm.
He was getting good grades.
So we were We were driving in To pick up this car.
And then Then I woke up here.
Saunders, can you tell me how you contacted the seller? My son found the ad.
I don't know.
Maybe it's still in my truck.
Thank you.
Get some rest now.
Post-traumatic retrograde memory loss.
Usually temporary.
How long is that gonna last? There's no way to know.
Excuse me.
Wh-when can I see my son? nobody told him.
Put a citywide out on daniel's truck.
I'll tell him.
No, no.
I should do it.
My brother was in the 101st.
Saunders, um There's one other thing regarding your son.
Is he okay? okay, george.
Where were you last night? A shelter.
What time did you get there? I do not know.
What time did you leave? I do not know.
Why don't you know? I do not have a watch.
Let me tell you what I have.
I have witnesses that put you Outside that lady's house this morning.
What lady? Oh, you wanna play games? You okay, brother? I'm fine.
And I'm not your brother.
Well, you don't look fine.
Pain is the body's way of telli ng you something's wrong.
You ought to takbetter care of yourself.
Very nice, coming from a guy who pees in a cup.
We're getting there.
Now I'm a man with a temper, Which I'm trying to control, But if you keep playing games here, I may have to cover that window and go guantánamo on your ass! Overcompensating a little? Good cop, bad cop- kid does it all.
Okay, maybe a little.
If I have to go and verify that these pipes match up With what's in sally ellison's bathroom, We gon' have a problem, and I don't wanna have A problem, george.
Problems upset me! Sometimes I'd help her find things-- Leaded glass fixtures, Brass doorknobs.
All she wanted was to put that hou se back like it used to be.
What about today? I came by with a sink trap for the bathroom.
The Door was slightly ajar.
I entered.
She was Not aliv So you just left her there? I called 9-1-1.
After you tore out her plumbing.
I did not harm miss ellison.
I swear.
We'll check on the shelter.
If you ask me, it was the bank that did it.
The bank? That was not even her house.
She was squatting there.
And no, sir, I do not feel bad about taking that copper.
They're just gonna tear the house down anyway, Like all the others.
Pe the neighborhood clean, As if there weren't no People left there at all.
That's the way it is in detroit now.
That's the world we live in.
* Here you go.
They found daniel's truck.
Heard it on the teletype.
there it was.
Good eyes.
Okay, let's, uh, let's get a tow out here So we can dust this thing for prints, please.
hold on a minute.
What's up? It's a lottery ticket.
Uh, awesome.
Keep my fingers crossed for you.
It was bought this morning.
So So whoever's riding this thing is coming back for it.
You get smarter all the time.
86 that tow, fellas Let's just clear out of here,s.
All right? Yes, sir.
Come on.
foreclosed on the house, And they left it to rot.
But six months ago, Sally's apartment building was condemned.
So seeing the house was empty and in disrepair, She moved in and, you know, started fixing it up.
Which the neighbors were more than thrilled to see happen.
A squatter with local pride is better Than a vacant house going to seed? Now she told geoe someone was trying tevict her, But she'd acquired what's called adverse possession.
Squatters' rights.
She was receiving mail there.
She was paying bills.
And that was delaying the eviction process, Which was a hassle for the rightful owner.
The bank.
So the bank did it? No, but they'd found a buyer who was anxious to close escrow.
Who's the buyer? They won't say.
The sale was being handled For a third party by a local realtor.
Let me guess.
They won't tell you who the realtor is either? All right, get mahajan and longford.
Recanvass the area.
If this realtor's knocked on some other doors, You may be able to find out who he is.
Damon, a minute, please? Are you okay? Fine.
I'm great.
Why? You went at that old guy pretty hard.
Hey, that's what we do, right? I'm back up on the horse.
I'm sorry? Nothing.
I just, Um, can I go now? You know, sometimes I wonder if it wouldn't be better To get rid of some of these old neighborhoods, Shrink the city limits, And start over with a better plan.
How can you say that, man? I mean, look at these houses.
Some are so historic, Which means they're even older than you are.
Ah ha ha ha ha.
Hey, didn't we come down this street? Yeah, about ten minutes ago.
That wasn't there.
Yeah, it's the same tag that was on sally's house.
We'll take a drive around the block.
You know, I'm not the only one That thinks detroit should shrink.
I know.
I'm just surprised to hear it from mr.
"I love this city.
" "ogni uomo uccide la cosa che ama.
" "each man kills the thing he loves.
" Hey, check it out.
Hang on.
What? What are you doing? Hang on.
Hey! Hey! What are you doing? Vik! That wall is historic.
What are you doing? What are you-- hey! Hey! Where you going, punk?! Drop the bag! Drop the bag! Drop the bag! Drop the bag now! Turn around right now.
Put your hands on the truck.
Where did you think you were going, huh? Hey! aw, man! jeez! This is a $300 suit, man.
hey, vik! Where you at?! Back here, longford! Sit down.
Sit down! What the hell happened to you? This guy right here.
You know sally ellison? Did that bitch report me again? "that bitch"? "that bitch" is dead.
for re? Man, you just called her a bitch.
I mean I mean, she yelled at me sometimes, but-- you break into her house last night? No.
No, no, no, no, no, man.
See--see, look, I'm just out trying to make a living, man.
What you mean, make a living? I get paid to spray.
By who? Some dude, all right? This dude.
Some kind of realtor or something.
I mean His name's bregman.
Curtis bregman.
the neighborhood is excellent for the price.
You're, uh, close to downtown.
School--you'll have to drive elsewhere, 'cause it's-- Um, I'm gonna let you two go on inside, take a look around.
I'll be right with you.
The kitchen was just redone.
Detective longford.
Detective mahajan.
My office told me you'd be coming.
Yeah, we picked up a suspect Who says you pay him to tag this neighborhood.
He said I what? Look, these punks drive down property values.
Now I don't know How familiar you are with the concept of profit, But the higher the property values, the more money I make.
So when this tagger picks you out of a photo array Probably saw my face on a bus stop bench.
Yet another form of graffiti.
Is it true you tried to evict miss ellison from her home? I had a buyer for that property.
Ay, we're gonna need that buyer's name.
Attorney/client privilege.
You're a realtor.
I didn't go through five years of night courses At wayne state law for nothing.
I guess they didn't have an ethics course there.
The lady was living in a house she didn't own.
Now what's ethical about that? The lady was nuts.
Okay, we don't want to keep you from any possible sales.
Uh, by the way, how much you asking for this place anyway? Really? in this market? You're nuts.
So you had a brother.
Older or younger? Uh, he was older, About three years.
May of, uh, '05 His transport rolled over an I.
Outside balad.
So Hey, hey, hey, hey.
police! T your hands in the air! Hey! Hey! Hey! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Come on! Hey! Get your hands off me.
I got him.
I got him.
I got him.
Come on.
Get your damn hands off me.
Hey, sexy chick cop.
Stay still.
Talk about detroit's finest, right? You know what I mean? Did you just grab my ass? No.
I don't-- Oh! Whoa! What are you doing? Stone, don't.
Don't give this jerk's lawyer a way to get him off.
Get up.
Oh, there's lots of ways to get me off, sweetheart.
Ohh! Sorry.
It's a nervous tic.
"because I am in a snowflake.
"I am in the rays of sun.
I am in the sparkling of the stars.
" Sally ellison was not counted like the rest of us-- Not on any census, not even on a tax return.
But sally ellison counted very much.
She took and grabbed hold of what was discarded And tried to build it upgain.
Guess she didn't have any family.
"the lord is my shepherd.
I shall not want" Why were you running? Because you're chasing me through a graveyard.
I wanted to talk to you.
Well, why didn't you ask me? Because I couldn't catch you.
Because you're chasing me through a graveyard.
Okay, let's start over.
All right? I am detective fitch.
And you are? Oh, uh I'm j.
How did you know sally? I'm a reporter.
I-I'm doing a local profile series for the "detroit post.
" why sally? 'cause it's a great story-- you know, a squatter trying To reclaim a deteriorating neighborhood, you know? I-I started interviewing her And tracking her progress with the house and God.
And then you know, uh, she started spewing This gunk.
"gunk"? Let's try to be a tad more specific, okay? Conspiracy stuff, man.
Okay, she thoughsomeone was using the gangs and the taggers To force people out of their homes-- You know, corporate developers or something.
I don't know, man.
You know, she said she had proof, But I never saw any of it.
Who knew you were working on this? No one.
No one? You know, just--just my editors.
you wanna tell me about that truck? I'd rather tell your partner.
Can you send her in? We can make it a conjugal vis it.
Come on, baby.
I know you're watching.
Don't be shy now.
Sure, joke.
Joke around.
I'm working a homicide here, And I just picked you up at the victim's truck.
I bought that truck on the street for $500.
That's impossible.
I mean, you're too stupid to count to 500.
Look, I know you didn't do this alone.
Give us your partner, And maybe I'll talk about trying to get you a deal.
Take it up with my lawyer.
I really hope that lottery ticket hits for you.
I really do.
Because one lawyer is not gonna be enough to help you.
Sit tight.
This guy's not gonna move.
We're on the clock.
What about the boy's father? Has his memory improved? No, not yet.
The doctors are keeping us posted.
Searched the victim's truck, found this under the floor mat.
It's the car ad.
They misspelled "firebird.
" "firbird"? I wonder if we can find it online.
He was smart enough to use a hotmail account.
It's untraceable.
Every picture tells a story.
Let's hope we can find one in here.
This reporter zagorski sounds like he might know somethin' Or he was about to know somethin', Until sally got killed.
It's a detour, guys.
I mean, forced entry, signs of damage, A history of conflict with the local vandals.
I don't see any reason why we should think thiss More than what it seems.
Well, what about this realtor--bregman? yeah, I mean, he was paying a tagger To deface the whole neighborhood.
That's a crooked way Of devaluing property so you can flip them.
It's not murder.
If we're focusing on some low-level crook, We're thinking way too small here.
Well, the bank isn't exactly a good suspect, And the realtor was a dead end.
Everything's a dead end until you find a way through it.
When you hear hoofbeats, you look for horses, okay? I let you guys go off and chase unicorns.
That was my bad.
Look, but let's just get this solved and move on.
She was a nobody, shot at point-blank range-- A little woman in a little house.
Mean In what world does a killing like that make sense? I get it, but we can't get hung up On everything that we don't understand.
If we do, we won't close any case.
All right, you see this guy? Henry malloy--real tycoon.
Three years ago, He bought up a whole bunch of properties on the riverfront.
They're about to break ground on this huge project.
Now malloy has made millions Buying out troubled neighborhoods And developing commercial ventures, But here's the kicker-- all right, let me guess-- his realtor's curtis bregman.
You got it.
And one more thing-- Malloy owns the "detroit post.
" henry malloy? The henry malloy? He's been buying up houses like it's a fire sale In that part of town.
So you guys think that he was Trying to harass sally out of her house? We have a strong suspicion.
We know that malloy's holding company Ed bregman to buy other properties in the past.
Come on.
That doesn't make him a killer.
No, it doesn't.
Malloy owns half of detroit, man.
Look, he's done a lot of really good things To help keep this town afloat.
Yeah, he's a very big fish, and this is a very big story, And maybe it's a little too much for you to handle.
I didn't say that.
Did I say that? No, I didn't.
I didn't say that at all.
What, you need something more to go on? Yeah, I need something.
This is strictly confidential, okay? I'm breaking protocol showing you this.
What is it? This is the official d.
Report on bregman.
He cops to what we're talking about it, and he names malloy.
He does? Yes.
Don't look at it here.
Take a look.
Think it over.
See if it's something your paper would run.
I'm guessing we could help ch other out here, okay, For sally's sake? all right.
Don't insult me.
Put your money away.
I got this.
All right.
I'll, um, I'll be in touch.
Be careful with that.
* D.
Report? Bregman didn't admit to those things.
Well, just because he didn't admit it, It doesn't mean he didn't do it.
So what's that report you gave him? It's a work of fiction For now.
and don't worry.
That story's never gonna run.
This is the car daniel and his son were gonna buy.
What 16-year-old boy wouldn't want one of these? An '86 firebird trans am? A little bit of work, she could be a real banshee.
Okay, this photo was taken on a lot, right? Now look at that- that's a '68 ram air g.
That's very rare.
I mean, you probably have Five or six of those in the whole state.
That's the same g.
Excuse me.
Do you have an '86 firebird on this lot? Yeah, one of my mechanics has one of 'em.
He working today? Right over there.
Hey, k.
! sir, detroit p.
It's the '86 firebird.
Radio 9-7-2-1, in pursuit of a red firebird Heading east on clinton.
Whoa! Whoa! Watch out! Watch out! Watch out! Okay, okay, I got it.
* Up there.
Go straight.
That's a dead end.
What are you doing? I'm gonna cut him off.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What? * * Suspect is heading south on blake street.
He's going too fast.
Firebird ain't gonna make that turn.
Hey! Let me see your hands! Put your hands out the window! Hands out the window! Now! Hey, this is detective fitch.
What's up? uh, all right.
So I-I pitched the story to my editors, And they're considering it.
Only they're a little bit uneasy about Pissing off a guy like malloy, So they've asked for another source.
Can you get me one? Only they're a little bit unei'll work on it.
Thank you.
Hey, you know this kind of thing here? This is the reason I went to journalism school.
Yeah, well, be sure toention me wheyou win your pulitzer.
Oh, man.
That'll be the day.
I'll buy you a bottle of dom.
All right.
Why are we sitting on this guy? Well, whoever didn't want sally lison talking Isn't gonna want zagorski talking either.
okay, longford.
He's moving out.
We got him.
So your ride was for sale, huh? Yeah.
Until you got it wrecked.
Us? You're the one that was driving like an old lady.
Why were you painting it? The buyer didn't like red.
And who's the buyer? Don't know.
They were gonna come over, take a look at it.
You were painting it on spec? Exactly.
I don't think you killed that kid.
Kid? What kid? Ah, ah, ah.
I do think your buddy did.
I mean, he's got the brains, you got the car, right? He convinces you to put out this ad, Lure that father and son into town to rob them? Only dad's a veteran.
Dad decides he's gonna fight.
Your buddy freaks out, shoots 'em both, And now you're sitting here, facing life.
I would like to call my attorney now.
Who's your attorney? I would like to select an attorney, And then I would like to give him a call.
You're only making it worse.
Your jacket's vibrating.
Hey, honey.
He did? I told you that would work.
Yeah, yeah.
Put him on.
Hey, little man.
You being a good boy? Yeah.
Daddy loves you.
Freeze! Ohh! Let me see your hands! Hands out of your pocket! Hands now! Hands now! Jeez, man! Did that guy have a gun? hey! You never said anything about getting shot! radio 9-7-0-4, In pursuit of an armed suspect.
We need backup! Stop! Stop! aah! Drop it! Drop it! I will kill you, sir.
Bet you could use one of those diapers right about now, huh? good job.
Don't ever do that again.
Landry, I'm detective fitch.
thiss actually very confusing to me.
Your record's clean.
Two kids, a wife.
You being here almost makes no sense at all.
Doesn't it? No, it doesn't.
This ballistics report just came in.
It seems your gun Matches the weapon Used to kill sally ellison.
Does it? You killed a squatter in an old house.
Seems like a random killing.
Of course, I've been at this long enough To know there's no such thing as a random killing.
Isn't there? Sally ellison's murder Was clinical, unemotional, and impersonal.
There was no signature.
There was no ego.
There was no apparent motive.
It was passionless Like a business transaction.
Now I see that, And the only thing that makes any sense to me at all Is that this killing was done for money.
Did you kill her for money? Did you kill her for money, mr.
Landry? Were you working for henry malloy? Was I? And sally ellison Wasn't the first, was she? This guy must play poker.
I'm guessing he wins a lot.
How about this? Let me tell you a story.
A little girl is asleep in her bed.
In the middle of the night, someone comes in And takes her away.
Her family searches.
The whole city searches.
Eight months later, they find the remains of this little girl In the trunk of a burned-out car.
They never catch a killer.
I know how it began.
You feel so much, the only way you can cope Is to stop feeling anything.
And then killing becomes easy.
We shared a bunk bed.
I slept on top.
I never heard the window open.
I never heard the man come in.
My sister was 8 years old.
Landry, you want this to be over.
I can see that.
But we don't have a lot of time.
Right now it's just you and me in here.
You and me and Elizabeth.
It's up to you.
You're in control.
Uh Mm, I went into the woman's house.
It was very nice in there- what she'd done.
She came in the kitchen And I shot her-- on in the head.
That's all the job required.
Who are you working for? It's who you think it is.
It's malloy? I need you to say the name.
This isn't what I expected at all.
I-I-I need you to say the name.
You've been Very Kind to me.
Can you say the name? I don't deserve it.
If it's malloy, say it's malloy.
my name is sally ellison, And I'm here to document The terrorism that exists in o ur o neighborhood.
Somebody wants to-- was us away from here.
Somebody wants to scare us off.
And the powers that be think that we're expendable, That they can just come in and ta ke our land for profit.
Send in all their little-- little criminals To try to frighten us, little lowlife gang members And--and thieves to try to scare us off.
But I'm here to tell you that we were here When this city was great, And we'll still be here when it's great again.
We are not expendable.
We are detroit.
Zagorski sent this? She mailed it to him the day she died.
Why is he giving it to us? "I'll keep digging, detective, If you will, too.
" Landry signed off on eight different murders-- Most of them cold cases, all of them disconnected.
It's a major score, fitch.
What about sally? Did he say who he was working for? No.
I don't think we'll get that.
You're letting us go now? Not yet.
I want you guys to get comfortable.
Have a seat.
Coffee? You want me to get you guys some coffee? Not bad.
Yo, man, check it.
That dude was dead, man.
wrong, you left a witness, boys.
Do you want room for cream? Wait.
What the hell is this? This is how this is gonna work.
You guys make him pick you out of a lineup.
The prosecutor's gonna push for the max.
But you sign a confession, maybe you can avoid a death sentence.
Your choice.
Give me the papers.
I'll sign it.
Coffee's cold anyways.
Saunders, we caught the men that did this.
They're confessing.
So no lineup? Because my- my head's not right still.
I wouldn't know them if I saw them.
That's okay.
They knew you.
We, uh, we don't need these anymore.
Figured you'd want them back.
Think that we're expendable, That they can just come in and ta ke our land for profit.
Send in all their little-- little criminals To try to frighten us, little lowlife gang members And--and tes to try and scare us off.
So what do you wanna do about it? I want to catch the coward behind the killer.
And you think that's henry malloy? This tape goes to motive.
The question is, who wanted to clear out brush park so badly They were willing to hire a hit man to murder this woman? Malloy's been eating up areas all over town.
And cleaning them up, which in many ways, Is a positive thing for this city.
Not if this is the way he does it.
I can't pursue a case based on the rantings Of some kooky squatter.
Kooky murdered squatter.
Well, our shooter did give indication That he was being employed malloy.
Detective, we have limited resources.
Until you've got more evidence, I'd rather start making a case Against landry on multiple counts of murder Than tilting after windmills.
You heard what she said, right? Yeah, malloy's too big for her.
She doesn't have the balls to go after him.
No, she's saying she needs something more concrete.
Get her that, And I promise, she'll take it as far as she can.
How's your gut? My gut's fine.
I heard you chased down landry.
I'm sure you weren't scared, But if you were, it's okay.
You're supposed to be scared.
If we're lucky, it'll keep you alive.
Sir, do you have a reservation? I'm a guest of henry malloy.
So the car is- is rolled down the hill, And I'm in the backseat, right? And she's screaming her head off.
Who's sally ellison? Who is sally ellison? Sit down.
Have a martini.
it's too dirty for me.
Would you like to speak in private? Here.
Let me give you my card, and-- I know what happened.
I know what you did.
What's one small death when you're building an empire? look out there-- Schools, libraries.
I've helped put up more than you can count.
I've donated wings to hospitals, made safer parks for kids, Yet you have the audacity to walk in here, Disturb my evening with your naive theories? Okay, I'll take that to mean you did know who she was.
I won't stop.
Okay? I don't care what the record says.
To me, the case is open.
You think you know me.
I know you.
I know what happened in new york.
I know what brought you to our fair city all those years ago.
If you really knew what happened in new york, You'd be crapping in your pants right now.
* a boy is born * * in hard-time mississippi * * surrounded by * * four walls that ain't so pretty * * his parents give * * him love and affection * * to keep him strong * * moving in the right direction * * living just enough * * start giving just enough * * for the city *