Detroit 1-8-7 s01e10 Episode Script


Well, the first thing you do is you get that kid on a bottle.
Okay? He's a boy.
He'll understand.
You must be the detectives.
Is that a Pencil sharpener? Uh, yeah.
Uh, dull nubs are a pet peeve of mine.
Everyone, this is Wendy Chapin-Lomeister, Our new intern.
She's studying criminal justice at U.
of D.
Mercy, And our caseload being what it is, I thought we could use the extra hand.
If you need to retrieve a file, locate an address, Wendy's here for ya.
Um, I-I just have to say that ever since I graduated From U.
of M.
, I've wanted to be a part of what you're doing Right here in Detroit.
Growing up in Bloomfield Hills, I never would've dreamed that-- Okay, Wendy.
Thank you.
We're, uh, heading to Linwood.
Why? What's there? Two bodies in a basement.
Will you call C.
, make sure they have someone Out there pronto? Yes.
Crime scene unit.
And the number? Is on the sheet right next to the-- Phone.
Got it.
Never have to tell me again.
Thank you.
She's number one in her criminology class.
Sex crimes? No, I was trying to get ahold of C.
You're right.
I did dial that number.
I give her a week.
I give her till lunch.
that was a candy store.
my best friend Joey Pachelli-- We used to stuff, like, ten gumballs in our mouths On the way to the register.
But I made sure never to try that When my father was walking the beat.
That would've been a whoopin'.
Yeah, there's the five-and-dime, The butcher.
There's Joey's dad's place-- Pachelli's grocery.
They moved off to the east coast later.
But back then, this whole place was buzzing.
Sure, What with all the pterodactyls flying around.
Yeah, that was a long time ago, But it still feels like yesterday.
Takes a long time for a neighborhood to get like this.
Not here.
This all happened at once.
That's how it felt anyway.
What, do you mean the riots? After that, It never came back.
Yeah, we came across this mound, and underneath it, a door.
Like a basement? That's where we saw the bodies.
Was the door locked? It was jammed shut with this.
What happened to the building that used to be here? Burned down.
In '67.
Fallout shelter.
Someone was ready for the big one.
Cold war beats a hot one any day.
Okay, Gary.
What do you got? Skeletal remains.
Been down here for decades.
Male? Female? Uh, based on the pelvic bones, I'd say one of each.
Probably late teens.
Girl's got a cracked cranium.
He's got multiple fractures.
His knuckles are all mangled.
Well, there were marks on the door.
Maybe he was trying to get out? Check for blood, okay? Didn't take long for them to die.
They didn't even get into the food supply.
Looks like a schoolbook.
"what happens to a dream deferred?" Must've been using this as a hangout.
More like a love den.
We're going blue.
Got spattering on the floor, their clothes, And some pooling around her skull.
Got a blood trail That goes from here up and down the stairs.
Hey, Vik.
Check this out.
"1, 9, 6, 8" And an "R" or a "D"? Some sort of message for us? Yeah, or they were just dreaming about the future.
Even as they were dying.
Bring up the lights.
I know who they were.
Oh, what a mess.
Someone chopped this girl all to hell.
A clean incision, but made in a hurry, I'd think.
Strange, this mark around her mouth, Like she was sucking air through an aqua lung.
I'm betting she's not a scuba diver.
Broken rib.
Track marks on her arm.
Drug mule maybe, coming in from Canada.
Or a junkie trying to sell a kidney.
It goes sideways.
Come on.
Black market organs? In Detroit? Not just a third world problem anymore.
All right.
Let's get her back to the morgue.
"Amparo Lopez.
" Yeah.
Place of work maybe.
"Los Balcones construction company.
" Wait.
That address isn't far from here.
You wanna follow up? We'll stay on these guys for cause of death.
All right.
Heather Malansky and Richard Henderson, The lovers of Linwood avenue.
People thought maybe when the rioting started, They decided to take off.
Detroit's answer to "Romeo and Juliet"? Yeah, same bad ending.
Based on what's down there, The shelter was set up about 1962.
A few years later, we're guessing, These two start sneaking in and set it up As kind of a hangout.
A hangout? Come on.
Lava lamp, acoustic guitar, Marvin Gaye.
it was a love den.
The rioting begins here, at 12th and Clairmount.
July 23rd--last day these 2 are seen alive.
That's the night some cops raided the blind pig.
Blind what? July 23rd, 1967, cops raided an after-hours drinking club-- Called a blind pig-- Where people were celebrating the return home Of two soldiers from Vietnam and Bloomfield Hills! Representin'.
There was already police community tension.
It was a hot night in the middle of a long, hard summer.
One thing leads to another-- The city snaps.
Fires, snipers, lootin'.
As good a time as any for Heather and Richard To sneak down to their hangout.
Only something happens down there.
Somebody hurts 'em.
They get locked in.
And then on the second night of the riots Arson.
Building burns to the ground, like a hundred others.
It sits there for years in ruins, burying the shelter.
Nobody finds 'em.
Till today.
So they died of asphyxiation? No.
They were beaten.
after which, We think the boy dragged himself up the stairs, Pounding and scratching at the door, trying to get out.
Finally gives up.
Maybe the heat drove him back down.
He goes back to where his girlfriend is, And knowing he's gonna die, writes a message On the wall in his own blood.
All right, we're headed to the morgue For our vic's cause of death.
Stone and Sanchez went to her place of work.
Keep me looped in.
Families are on their way in for notification.
Four decades too late.
Oh, drug mules, black market organs-- It's all so pulpy, isn't it? But based on her gravid uterus, Placental stem, Something is definitely missing.
A fetus.
She was pregnant? Yeah, about 30 to 32 weeks, I'm guessing.
What? That's almost to term.
Yeah, making the child viable, If removed soon enough after mom's demise.
So we're not just looking for a killer.
We're looking for a baby.
Season 1, Ep.
10: "Shelter" If the baby's alive, Whoever's got it is probably avoiding hospitals.
We should look at clinics, urgent care, Places under the radar.
For you.
Two tickets Friday night to the village idiot.
It's seedy, funky, and dark.
Live music that would make an Eskimo hot.
Always got my wife and me off to a good start.
I heard about your situation, brother.
I I got no situation.
Amparo worked with us about a year, in the office.
It's very sad.
Your business is going well, huh? Well, Detroit keeps getting smaller, And Mexicantown keeps growing.
We'd like to look through your records for Any, uh, lists of contact names or--or family members for her If we can.
Usted es mexicana? No.
Mi familia es de Cuba, pero yo crio aqui.
Pues entiendes.
I did everything legit, paid the taxes, everything, But she wasn't documented, and you know how that goes.
Did you know that Amparo was pregnant? Well, she hid it for a while, till she couldn't anymore.
Any idea who the father might be? One of my bricklayers.
He used to come to the office to flirt with her, But she wanted to break it off I think, go back to Juarez.
She missed her family.
What's his name? Luis.
Luis Pena.
Heather and Richard were beaten and left down there to die.
I'm sorry, But that's all we have at the moment.
At least now we know, mama.
Well, maybe it's not them.
Of course it was them.
Who else could it be? Lily, don't.
I said it would be like this.
I told you that boy got her killed.
You're still with that? Even now? Whatever happened down there Was not my son's fault.
How do you know that? I don't.
I don't know anything, Except after all those ridiculous fantasies I tried to believe Your children have been gone a long time-- Gone and silent.
We speak for them now-- them and you.
Our job is to find the truth and give you closure.
so anything you can remember, Anything you felt wasn't sufficiently pursued back then, We'd like to hear it.
Th-there was a boy that lived down the block from us.
Tonya Harris's son.
Toledo Harris.
He was a street thug, A hood, And he'd just ride Richard All the time.
I told the police, But I never heard back.
Toledo Harris, you said? He's in prison mostly.
Sometimes he gets out, But it never lasts long.
Harris, we're detectives from Detroit homicide.
You remember Heather Malansky or Richard Henderson? Now here's how this is gonna go.
My mom's in a hospice.
She's gonna die soon, And these bastards won't let me out to see her.
You hook that up, I might know who Richard was.
You talk first.
Hey, look.
I'd be lying if I promised you anything.
Did you have a beef with Richard? Richard was singing peace songs And bangin' skinny white bitches.
Not my kind of brother, But I had no reason to wanna see him dead.
You had run-ins with him? Nothing heavy.
And back then I was busy ripping off record players and jeans.
It was only the crazy brothers who were shooting guns And setting houses on fire.
Well, Richard and Heather weren't shot, And a fire didn't kill 'em, so it wasn't arson, And it wasn't rioters.
It looks personal.
Well, maybe it was all that.
You know Clint Huey? You mean, reverend Clinton P.
Huey? Pfft.
Before he went all Gandhi, he was more Malcolm X, Fanning the flames of revolution on the west side, And Richard wasn't buying any of it.
He fought against it, because he believed in a more peaceful way.
You're-- You're saying reverend Huey took part in the riots? Took part? that boy could make a Molotov cocktail Like nobody's business.
Thanks for your help, Toledo.
Appreciate it.
Now y'all gonna get back at me about my mom, right? Don't be like that.
Luis Pena? Detroit police.
Do you know Amparo Lopez? Amparo? Hey, relax.
We're not la migra.
No, I legal.
Green card.
has visto Amparo en los ultimos veinte y cuatro horas? No.
Han pasando muchos dias.
you have to step aside, sir.
No entiende.
Por-- senor Pena, te muevas, por favor.
you need to get out of the way.
No, esperate de No hemos hecho nada! Okay.
Dios santo! It's all right.
It's all right.
He thought that Amparo left the baby with him and went back to Mexico.
She knew that the mother would be there to help him.
Well, wasn't he worried about the mother of his kid? She wanted the baby born in America.
It made sense to him.
Something Bad happen? The lady in the house is Luis' mother.
She was with him all night, Including when they found the baby on the stoop.
He's not our guy.
Tell him.
Just tell him.
Lo siento, Luis Pero Amparo se murio.
La encontramos esta manana.
Pero estamos de averiguando Quien ella mata.
well, as soon as the reverend can fit us in, We'd appreciate it.
Yeah, just tell him we've been waiting for 43 years.
Thank you.
right in here, sir.
Guys, Roy Darrow.
I worked the 12th street neighborhoods back in the day.
I heard you found the remains.
I thought I might be able to help.
Vik Mahajan.
Jesse Longford.
How ya doin'? Longford.
Brent Longford's boy.
Yes, sir.
Your dad and I worked together for a while on the west side.
One of the first black cops on the beat.
He knew how to walk away from a fight.
I-I'll let him know you said so.
Now the brass had me doing, uh, legwork On the missing persons case.
We'd hoped it'd never turn into a homicide.
Do you, uh, remember any leads That might be able to help us out? I dug this out of a box.
Thought it might be, uh, useful.
There was this kid, had a crush on the girl.
His name was, uh, Robbie Trenville.
Uh, him and Richard got carted in after a fight A few months earlier.
Neighbors filed a complaint.
There's, uh, there's a copy of it in here.
We'll look into it.
I've been up in Warren for years now.
Feels good to get back to the job Even if it's only for a minute.
I'll walk you out, Mr.
Thanks for stopping by.
So they kill Amparo and then deliver the baby? Yeah.
Why risk getting caught like that? And where's the motive? Another reason to change the law on anchor babies.
Anchor babies? Yeah.
I don't follow.
People come to this country illegally.
They have kids so they can't get kicked out.
Bad things happen.
That has nothing to do with this.
She came here to get a better life, not to get pregnant.
Look, all I'm saying is She would've been better off where she came from.
That's it.
Your family was on the "mayflower"? No, my family came here from Sardinia Through Ellis island a hundred years ago.
Yeah? Mine came over on a boat, too.
So, what, my family is better off in Cuba? Even though they work hard, pay their taxes-- Relax, okay? I didn't say any of that.
No, you think this country would be a better place If I was working at a mill in Cardenas Instead of being your partner? 'cause that's what it sounds like when you talk like that.
I'm gonna go bang my head against a wall somewhere.
"Kama sutra," baby.
My people have been pros at this for centuries.
Pros at what? Your situation.
Page 28.
Read it and weep With joy.
Put what on my What? The track marks on Amparo's arms-- Not track marks at all.
Large-bore I.
sites?" you ask.
"for what?" Well, try heparin.
Heparin? It's a blood thinner.
Which brings us to a blood clot in her leg, Which turned into a pulmonary embolism Leading to--here it comes, folks--cardiac arrest.
She died of a heart attack? Yes, while under medical care.
Which explains the surgical incision.
And the marks around her mouth, Probably from a bag mask for oxygen while she was crashing.
So the question is, who was the doctor? And why would he dump the body? Let's hope reverend Huey has some answers.
Amen to that.
Yeah, the remains were found in a fallout shelter Near 12th street.
Right there? Huh.
All these years.
We heard you and Richard had conflict during the riots.
You mean rebellion, don't you, my brother? You say toh-may-toe, I say-- You know, that was 40 years ago, And here you come now, digging up the past.
That's what we do.
I had a very activist philosophy at the time, And Richard was a pacifist.
He believed in peace and socialism.
We had our differences.
You were inciting revolution in the streets, Encouraging arson, lootin', snipers You cannot begin to comprehend what was happening.
You were a child.
Then educate me.
The 12th street neighborhoods Were overpopulated black enclaves Ruled by a militant white police force.
When that powder keg sparked, Those cops came after us-- All the young black men, Including Richard Henderson.
You want help? Tend to your own garden, detectives.
Look within.
she had a lot of pain-- In her leg, in her chest.
I told her to see a doctor.
Did she? She was afraid, because she was illegal.
She didn't want to go to a hospital, So she went to a clinica instead.
Do you know where it is? These places move around.
They're off the books.
I'll try to pull some reports.
Any news on Amparo? We think she went to a clinica.
I'm on it.
For you and the wife.
Uh You already seen those? it brings a tear into my eyes when I begin Not hard to find me, is it? You make it easy, pop.
How are my granddaughters? They're good.
I'll tell 'em to call you.
Don't bother.
They got their lives.
You ain't retired yet? A few more months.
I guess I'm drowning Look I've been working this cold case.
I talked to somebody, said he knows you.
talked about you like You was the Jackie Robinson of the force.
Jackie and me both knew how to turn the other cheek.
My case-- It's these, uh, two dead kids in a bomb shelter.
Disappeared during the riots.
Talk about a cold case.
Got me to wondering If maybe I should be looking at cops for it.
It's another damn lifetime.
Leave it alone.
Well, the neighborhoods were out of control, But so were the police, right? I don't wanna talk about it.
You never wanna talk about anything.
That's never gonna change, is it? So what do you want me to say? That there were bad cops? Sure there were-- The kind who would turn their badges upside down So no one can read 'em And then go in with their nigger sticks flyin', And do their damage.
That what you wanna hear? rain must pour There's something I always thought about.
Third night of the riots, I saw you out there on the street In front of the stores with your friends.
You all had guns.
I saw you screaming and--and gesturing And chasing somebody off, Like you was in a gang.
Always confused me, Why you'd stoop to that level.
That what you thought? That's what it looked like.
Don't come around and ask for my help, Digging up old stories.
ooh, yeah, so I won't be all alone It's always nice to see you, pop.
Come around the job sometime.
I won't be there much longer.
if you don't think you'll be home soon I guess I'll drown in my own tears ooh, don't let me drown in my own tears So was your dad any help? We mostly talked about my daughters.
He's a proud grandpa.
Um, I'm waiting on a list of cops That worked that neighborhood Or might have been there during the riots.
You'll need the army reserve and the national guard, too.
I'll never forget Seeing those tanks rolling down livernois.
Detective Longford.
Uh, I-I just, uh, wanted to see where you were at on the case.
Uh, we're working on it.
Anything come to mind for you? I-I've been trying to remember stuff.
I We know it's hard.
well, then maybe maybe it should all stay buried.
M-maybe--maybe it don't Eddie.
You and me We were both there.
We lived through it.
And time should never be an alibi.
Your brother deserves justice.
I-I-I know he does.
I-I-I know it.
But You see, the thing is I killed Richard.
And Heather, too.
I killed them both.
I could see smoke and--and flames In the distance, People running around with radios, Piles of shoes.
There was a knock on the door.
They was looking for Richard.
A store got looted, and they-- they said it was him.
Who? Who came to the door? Policemen.
Two of 'em.
They said they'd wake my mama And bring us both into the lockup.
see, I-I was scared.
Of course you were.
So So I told them about the place That Richard and Heather would go.
The shelter? Yeah.
I-I knew I'd done wrong, so I snuck out to go warn 'em.
But the The place was already on fire.
The firemen were afraid of the snipers, so they left.
We just stood there And watched the building burn down.
You have any idea who those policemen might have been? one of 'em had a wolf tattoo on his forearm.
It--it was howlin' at me.
You were just a kid.
Tranquila, mi nina.
So, Ariana, how long have you had the stomach pains? A few weeks.
I work at a garage.
Maybe it's the fumes.
Well, let's see what we can find, huh? My friend says you only take cash.
Well, we try to make things simple here, For people who need that.
She says she came to see you.
That's how I heard about you.
Oh, yeah? Who's your friend? Her name is Amparo.
Amparo Lopez.
Give me a minute, okay? oh, man.
Search brought up over a hundred law enforcement officers That worked that area during the riots.
Could be a "P" or an "R" or a "D.
" He started to make a letter, but it's hard to tell.
What if it was a "P"? And then it was a "D"? "P.
"? Badge number? Yeah, so he sees the badge, And he scrawls it on the wall as he's dying.
Okay, come on.
Come on.
Come on.
No match found.
Wait a minute.
My old man says These guys used to turn their badges upside down When they were gonna crack some heads.
Try this.
And guess who? Roy Darrow.
So it seems The Henderson-Malansky missing persons case Was something you volunteered to handle.
And you said the brass put you on it.
Is this what I get for trying to help you fellas out? Now you wanna go on a witch hunt? See, here's the thing, Mr.
You know the kid you pointed us to--Robbie Trenville? He'd already been in Vietnam for six months Before Heather and Richard were killed.
We got a witness remembering two cops Looking for Richard that night.
And we know you and your partner were in the neighborhood.
I already said I was there.
Is this what you call good police work? You see this? Turn it upside-down, It's 8961-- Your badge number-- Which you would've learned to turn upside-down When you were about to do some damage.
You boys are out of line.
"boys" now, huh? is that how it is? Oh, is this what it's come to? I sit here and get grilled By Gunga Din and the son of a second-rate cop? My father was a damn good cop.
When it went wild out there, Whose side do you think he was on? You think he wasn't Beatin' the drum like all them other savages? Hey! Hey! Hey! Come on! Hey, come on! Not here! Hey! No, come on! Come on! Come on! Let's take five now.
It's okay.
Let it go.
Okay? Well, what about the partner? he died two years ago.
Look, this guy looks at us, He sees everything that's wrong with the world.
He ain't gonna talk to us.
You get it.
Tattoo, huh? Can you turn up the heat? What's this? It's heparin.
From your clinic.
It was in Amparo's system when she died.
She had I.
boreholes in her arms.
Her baby was removed by someone who knew what they were doing.
She had marks around her mouth Consistent with someone being bagged for oxygen.
And a broken rib.
Could've been caused by C.
I think you do know how she died.
She presented with leg pain.
It was a clot, and I was treating her in the clinic.
And what I didn't know was that it had moved into her lungs.
She went into arrest.
My nurse and I-- we took her into a back room.
We administered C.
, we gave her oxygen, saline, everything.
Everything except call an ambulance? I thought I could save her.
I truly believed that I That I could save her.
And then you delivered the baby? She put the father's information on her form.
You left the baby at Luis' house, Then wrapped and dumped Amparo's body? You did all of this by yourself? My nurse helped me, but she doesn't-- We're gonna need her name.
It wasn't-- Yeah, we're gonna need her name, please.
back off.
Back off And let me handle it, all right? Let me do my job.
officer Darrow, I'm Detective Fitch.
Those two were digging where they shouldn't be.
That's not how it's supposed to work.
I didn't make the world this way.
It sure ain't the way it used to be.
I'll tell you that.
The lady who was in here before, the Obama mama? Mm-hmm.
That's my boss.
All right, the other kid-- That's my partner.
He's maybe 25 years old and knows absolutely nothing.
That's what we got from affirmative action.
Sometimes I feel like I'm the last man standing here.
The thing is I understand in a way they can't.
I mean, you had these animals, Out on the street, Setting fires, taking shots.
You had to get control of a chaotic situation, Do your job-- That requires force.
That's right.
I feel exactly the same way.
Okay? Now I think I can help you here, So make sure that everybody's reasonable about this.
You can help me? Really? Make sure this gets handled right? Look me in the eye.
I'm with you, Roy.
But They got a witness who knows That a cop with a wolf tattoo was looking for Richard.
They have your badge number in blood on the wall.
So we have to give them some kind of explanation.
All right.
But there's people who will help, make it go away? Yes.
There's people like us.
So let me tell you how I see this whole thing, all right? You hear this Richard Henderson Is this outspoken kid with a rebellious streak Who's talking out against L.
, Against the war, against whatever else.
He's screwing a white girl, and you figure him As a legitimate person of interest.
Yeah, for the red files--we were looking at all these radicals.
You and your partner go hunting for him.
Just wanna bring him in, like we did all the others, But the girl--she spits at us, calls us pigs.
Well, she's a crazy whore with jungle fever.
They provoked it.
They assaulted an officer.
I smack her with my blackjack! She ended up on the floor.
Richard goes wild.
We put him down.
Then we get out of there.
But We had no intent.
It--it--it just got away from us.
And that's it? Nothing else? Well, everything was burning.
You thought you could make it disappear And bury it in the mess they made.
I jam the door shut.
Um, my partner--he, uh He sets the fire.
Then you cover it with a missing person case, You move off to Warren And forget about Detroit.
It wasn't It wasn't Detroit anymore.
Look what they did to the neighborhoods.
Look what they did to our city.
Look what they did.
I'll, uh, I'll go get a statement form.
Good collar, people.
That was all you, you know.
You broke it.
I did everything but bring it home.
This used to be a storage closet.
Hey, pop.
Thought I'd take you up on your offer one last time.
I'm getting coffee.
That kid you used to play ball with-- Joey Pachelli? His dad owned that market.
It's where I got your sister's milk.
The only grocery for miles.
If they broke into that, Your mother and I didn't know what we'd do.
That's why we were out there on the street with guns-- Defending what was ours.
A white man's store, but we were in it together.
I wonder what happened to them.
Pachellis? Moved off in '68.
White flight, huh? Went up 'round Roseville, I think.
You told me it was the east coast.
They didn't want to have anything to do with us, Not anymore.
Joey was your best friend.
I couldn't bring myself to explain it to you.
Lots of things are hard to explain.
Let Heather and Richard Not only remind us Of where we have been, But where we still can go.
For as important as it is to remember the past, It is also vital To move beyond it-- The fighting and the violence, The anger and the abuse The rage And the racism.
Now we are more than we were, With limitless potential Before us.
Joey Pachelli? I'm Jesse Longford.
What's that for? Amparo and Luis' baby.
I'm gonna stop by and check on 'em.
Let me give you a ride.
Uh, listen, uh, about before, You know, what I said-- the immigration thing That's all right.
I-- You gringos are all the same.
Her name--Amparo-- Do you know what that means in Spanish? No.
" Hey.
Page 28--you got it? That's all I'm gonna say.
Um, Detective Washington? What is it, Wendy? Sometimes a woman just wants to be taken Forcefully.
Just Taken.
That is, okay, my two cents, so, okay, good night.
Uh, Wendy, let me walk you out.
Well, you never asked me for my advice.
What am I, a eunuch? I didn't mean for it to become this big deal.
I just--I asked stone, maybe one, two other guys.
But not your partner.
All right.
What's your advice on my sex life? Stop talking about it.
I'm getting some dinner.
Fried chicken, anyone? I'm just glad Detroit isn't the same city.
And this isn't the same police force.
like a creature from another time it inspires the babies' questions for their mothers as they ride yeah, but no one stopped to think about the babies or or just how they will survive and we almost lost Detroit this time