Deutschland 83 (2015) s01e04 Episode Script

Northern Wedding

1 (computer relaying taped information in English) (transcribing from Dictaphone) (Linda continues transcribing) (Door opens) i (noise) (static) (Peter Schilling "Major Tom - Coming Home") Four, three, two, one Earth below us Drifting, falling floating weightless Calling, calling home Calling, calling home Sync & HI captions by Alice (static) (telephone rings) (he whistles to himself) (Door slams) (laughs) (Applause) Hmm.
(telephone rings) (knock) (door opens) (door closes) (sigh) (movie) I've got one, three, seven-niner) by three, eight, four-niner one, two, seven nine by three, eight, four nine - That is correct.
- Okay.
What is your location? My location is currently T-minus nine.
eight Ignition sequence started five four three two one.
(loud explosion) (pop music) (knock) (Martin Breathes heavily) (they laugh) (Moritz Groans) (Linda laughs) (Linda gasps softly) i (Moritz laughs) (Linda cries) (Linda gasps) (panicked gasp) (Linda screams) (wheeze) (Linda screams) (Linda screams) (He kisses her hand) Hmm.
(Linda laughs) (electro pop) (typewriter keys clacking) (Edel clears throat) (tap running) (car engine running) (deep inhalation) (phone rings) (ringing continues) (tense music) (gasp) (she cries) (screeching) (Linda screams in panic) (Moritz groans) (brakes squeal) (groan) (wheezing / cough) (Ursula screams) (quiet sobbing) (Martin moans tortured) (gunshot) (Bhagwan vocals) (voice gets louder) (singing continues) ("Cruise Missiles" by Fisher-Z) We share a common destination Each person has their time to die But men are speeding up that journey By seeing what they can destroy With their cruise missiles We're living near those cruise missiles We're looking for those cruise missiles They're not five years away Cruise missiles Sync & HI captions by Alice
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