Deutschland 83 (2015) s01e06 Episode Script

Brandy Station

1 (Shutter clicking) (Shouting) (Grunting) (Grace Jones singing "Strange") Like a hawk Stealing for the prey Like the night (Knock) Waiting for the day (Clicks tape off) Mmm.
(Chuckling) (Raindrops pattering) (Car door squeaking) (Door opens, closes) (Door slamming) (Peter Schilling sings "Major Tom - Coming Home" 4, 3, 2, 1 Earth below us Drifting falling Floating weightless Calling cling Home Coming coming Home (Dogs barking in distance) (Dogs barking in distance) (Slamming receiver) (Door opening) (Mixer buzzing) (Buzzing stops) (Plaster cracking) (Gasping) (Panting) (Indistinct TV chatter) (Indistinct PA announcements) (Monitors beeping) Hey! (Monitors beeping) (Door closes) (Cocking gun) Hmm.
(Cocks gun) (Whimpering) (Woman laughing) (Birds chirping in distance) What the hell's goin' on? A demand.
(Scoffing) Take off that damn mask and face me like a real man, it.
Huh! You little shit! (Inhaling) Fool! Jesus! We're not just for any price! (Giggling) (Sighing) (Shutter beeping) (Plane engine roaring) (Engine starting) (Chains clinking) (Machines beeping) (Telephone ringing) (Grunting) (Gun shot firing) (Panting) What the fuck? What are you doing here? (Indistincshouting) Oh! (Indistinct police radio) (Ronald Regan) My fellow Americans, I'm coming before you tonight about the Korean Airline massacre, the attack by the Soviet union against 269 innocent men, women and children, aboard an unarmed Korean passenger plane.
This crime against humanity must never be forgotten Here or throughout the world.
Our prayers tonight are with the victims and their families in their time of terrible grief.
Our hearts go out to them.
Their deaths were the result of the Soviet union violating every concept of human rights.
(Engine turns off) (Lamower buzzing) (Door bell ringing) (Chuckling) (Bell tolling) (Dog barking in distance) - (Distant sirens blaring) - Oh (Telephone ringing) Berlin Berlin Berlin Berlin Berlin Berlin Berlin Berlin
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