Devils (2020) s02e03 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 3

1 Where are you? Conservative MPs are in uproar as Boris Johnson rips the party apart by withdrawing from the leadership contest after being betrayed by fellow Brexiteer Michael Gove.
The speculation about when a new PM will trigger Article 50 to initiate the UK's departure from the EU Here.
Stupid thing won't bloody work.
There's nothing wrong with your tie, baby.
You're just nervous.
Why did I become a banker? Well, if you want to walk away, that's OK.
We have more than we need.
You know, I always wanted to start a donkey sanctuary.
Finance, donkeys .
whatever you do, I'll be right there with you.
Massimo's gonna see this as a betrayal.
If that's what he sees, he's wrong.
OK? This is going to be terrible.
Look, he's a banker.
They don't come with hearts of gold.
Except you.
You're the exception that proves the rule, donkey-boy.
You know I get that it's discreet here, but .
nobody would see us at your place either.
Or yours.
Or mine.
We'd better get to work.
Whatever you say, boss.
You go first.
Go! OK.
Was that work? The call? I'm having a jacket taken in.
I don't want you knowing all my secrets.
Go ahead.
Good morning.
How did you find me? I didn't find you.
I found your phone.
I'm a busy guy.
I reviewed every deal your bank made involving Chinese investors over the last 12 months.
And? Maybe the surveillance programme had nothing to do with why Kalim was killed.
What changed your mind? Contact tracing, Ellams Automotive.
These are the only deals with software the Chinese could exploit.
There's no pattern.
Then we're missing something.
No, I reviewed every deal you sent me, twice.
We're working on a deal right now - a social media app, Flamestar.
Only six months old, but millions of customers all over the world.
I know the Flamestar app, everybody uses that in Hong Kong.
It's how my kid brother stays in touch with his friends.
Lots of young people use it to hide their identity, share information, organise demonstrations.
It might explain the Chinese interest in acquiring it.
Overnight, they've massively expanded their surveillance programme.
Where are you going? To work.
That woman who left the hotel just before you, who is she? None of your business.
Good morning.
Good morning.
I need to see that by the end of the day.
OK, thank you.
Fancy seeing you here.
You're joking.
Take a look at these companies.
What are they? Social media.
Based on the numbers, tell me which you would target as a priority.
Oh! I have a meeting this morning, I would like for you to sit in.
'Sit in'? Sit and watch.
What for? So you can learn.
I need to speak with Damian Curtis, Agnes.
Try calling him.
I have, a thousand times.
He's not picking up.
Can we meet? Text me when and where.
Hey, did you speak to Zhi this morning? I just got here.
Easy tiger, I'm asking because we're going to suggest to the board.
I don't want to know.
About what? About any companies you may be evaluating.
You said we're below our targets - I know what I said.
It's OK.
You do know you'll find out at two o'clock, anyway.
You know, just something I have to you know I've been meaning to tell you.
Have you been read into the Flamestar deal? Flamestar? No, not yet.
Good, neither have I.
I don't want to be restricted.
I'm worried it might be a target.
A target for who? China for the surveillance programme.
What, Kalim's story? We don't even know if that's a real thing.
Look, I think you may be a little paranoid.
Come on, you don't you don't believe Liwei had anything to do with what happened to Kalim? Not directly, but maybe there's something bigger behind it.
Massimo listen to yourself.
If we do anything to interfere with Flamestar, that's insider trading.
After today's meeting, yes, not before.
Zhi hasn't said anything to us yet.
We have just under four hours to find another investor to block No-one is going to back you in a play to undermine your own bank.
It's too risky.
Look, I know you feel responsible for what happened to Kalim Will you help or not? Well I was waiting here to tell you .
Joe Talmadge has offered me Head of Trading at Durings Bank.
There's nowhere for me to go here.
Look, you're my friend, and I love you, but I can't help you with this, all right? I'm going to hand in my resignation, and .
I'll be out of here in a few weeks.
Was there anything else? Look, Massimo Get out of my office.
Get out of my office, please.
Thank you for coming.
Nadya Wojcik, she's working for me now.
Do you mind if she sits in? Not at all.
I'm guessing this has to do with Liwei Cheng.
I was told you used my offer to get a better deal with him.
'All's fair in love and war.
' I think you taught me that.
Give me a chance to win you back.
As much as I like the sound of that, I don't think you can.
I can make you more money than he can.
So you say.
But there are two problems.
One's called Rebecca Farmer.
You don't approve of her.
I don't trust her or how she makes her money.
Once you cross the Bosphorus, it's a different planet.
I can take care of you and Rebecca.
You said there were two problems.
Massimo Ruggero is crucial to securing the acquisitions you need.
You said he'd be leaving NYL to join you.
I see no sign of it.
He will be in short order.
All right, then.
I'll put Liwei on hold.
You know I'd rather be in bed with you anyway.
But my patience is limited.
You have more than enough patience for this.
Pleasure to meet you, Nadya.
What's your take on that? She betrayed you by going to Liwei Cheng.
It was a smart move.
I would have been disappointed if she hadn't.
But you can't trust her.
I suppose not.
Can I trust you? Legal's looking into your sponsorship license.
Your name isn't Nadya, is it? Irena.
I don't like that name.
So you made up your own? My babcia chose it for me.
My grandmother raised me.
She wanted Nadya to be my confirmation name.
'She wanted it to be'? She died.
It never happened.
Do you still want me to check those companies or not? Sure, go ahead.
And what about the Brexit polling report? Damian Curtis has dropped off the face of the Earth, but I'm working on it.
All right.
I know I'm not getting senior analyst, but may I ask who is? I'll let you know when I've decided.
I need to tell you something.
I got a new job.
Durings, Head of Trading.
I thought you'd be happy for me.
No I am, I'm sorry.
That's great.
Is it a secret? No, I just told Massimo.
How did it go? About as badly as it could.
He'll come around, he's just under a lot of pressure right now.
You deserve this.
You really do.
Thank you.
Hey, your turn will come.
You think? Yeah.
Gotta go, see you in a bit.
And um congratulations.
majorities think that personal data is less secure now, and that data collection poses more risks than benefits.
Many believe it is not possible to go through daily life without being tracked.
Thank you.
Li Bolin.
My brother warned me about you.
I made him millions.
You should be happy to see me.
Inside, I'm happy.
I know your family history.
They lost everything when they fled China.
So, my guess is you're not exactly a supporter of the Communist Party.
I'm not really a party guy at all.
Nine times out of ten, I'll take karaoke over tanks and re-education camps.
Why? I have a way for you to make a few more million while screwing over the Communists.
Now I'm happy on the outside.
Tell me more.
Thanks for coming.
I didn't want to say too much on the phone.
Frankly, you never know who's listening.
Is there something you don't want them to hear? No.
I just like to be cautious.
I need to speak to Damian.
He's been avoiding me.
You and me both.
He hasn't been in since the Brexit mess.
He's a nice enough guy, and I'm trying to cover for him, but he's in a lot of hot water, and I have no idea how his polling data went so wrong.
There must be some way of reaching him.
He didn't have any friends other than Kalim.
He's not answering my calls or e-mails.
Our investment meeting is this afternoon.
You have 45 minutes to tell me whether you're in.
Two o'clock, I'll tell you.
I just need to make a couple of calls, due diligence.
What? Once that meeting starts at two o'clock, once you are read in on the Flamestar deal, it's too late for you to do anything without breaking the law.
I know that, thank you.
Yes? Massimo, I need to see you.
I'll be at the investment meeting.
It's a private matter.
OK, I'll be right there.
I met with an investor, Carolina Elsher.
Do you know her? Only by reputation.
She told me Dominic Morgan is starting a SPAC.
And you're going to lead it.
He made me an offer.
You didn't think to mention it.
I've no intention of accepting, so You know how important the Chinamerica policy has been for this bank, the profit it's generated.
Of course I do.
Where are you going with this? I'm going to be frank with you.
After the debacle with Brexit, Stonehouse isn't sure you're the man for the job any more.
I see.
You need me on your side now more than ever.
And I will be, just so long as I know you're on mine.
I am, thank you.
Anything else? I'll walk to the meeting with you.
So, how long have you known Zhi? Since she was a trader in Shanghai and Hong Kong.
Why? Just curious.
Go ahead, don't mind me.
It's nothing.
You know, I forgot the other phone.
I'll be right back, one minute.
I thought you'd be sitting by the phone.
Busy day.
I'm about to press the button on the Flamestar call options at $70 a share.
So, go ahead.
I want to be very clear.
If I lose money on this deal, I will not hesitate to expose you as the one who instructed me to make it.
Very least, you'd lose your job.
Push the button.
I need one final piece of reassurance.
Just answer this question - why are you doing this? It's not every day the CEO of NYL screws over his own bank.
I let a friend down, I owe him.
It's done.
OK, thank you.
What's that about? Dry cleaning's ready.
Ready to go? Yeah.
One of the companies we're currently looking to invest in is Flamestar.
I'm talking to the authorities about a possible merger.
Just give me a minute.
I ran the numbers on those social media companies like you asked.
The one with the most potential is this one.
Flamestar? Before we proceed can I ask whether anyone has an interest they should declare? Any conflicts? No? You are surprised? Pleased.
You were testing me.
So tell me, Nadya, why Flamestar? Flamestar is a great prospect .
combining as it does an easy-to-use video-music interface with private chat rooms.
The app itself is free.
Its value lies in the massive amount of data it collects on its users, tracking all kinds of information from the other applications they carry on their phones, such as where they go, what they buy, what kind of articles they read.
If those tens of thousands of data points are fed into algorithms .
they can then select which ads you see .
decide what news and information is presented to you .
creating the world you see and shaping the decisions you make.
In Seoul, math simply beat a man .
with this technology, they can control him.
Our investor intends to make a tender offer at $100 per share.
Any questions? Massimo? No, not from me.
You did really well with this.
Nadya? I'm hosting drinks tonight with some investors.
You should come.
I I don't want to.
Maybe ditch the sweatshirt.
'Maybe'? Definitely.
Massimo? Yeah? Do you have a second? Tell me.
I have to put the Brexit polling report to bed, but Damian Curtis hasn't been returning my calls.
I spoke with his colleague Agnes Sharma.
Nobody has seen Damian since Kalim was killed.
You were right to tell me, thank you.
Don't be mad at Oliver, OK? We have too much history.
And with Kalim .
with Kalim gone, we need each other.
Good evening, Ms Elsher.
Where did Dominic find you? A go match in Korea.
Of course.
Better than the sweatshirt.
Carolina, you remember Rebecca Farmer.
Ms Elsher.
This is how you're fixing it? I think you owe me a drink.
Champagne? I think I want something stronger than that.
He's never going to forgive me for this.
Give him time, Oliver.
Massimo is Adrian's godfather.
He'll come round.
Yeah, I suppose.
I've got Joe Talmadge from Durings trying to get through.
Take it.
Oliver, sorry for calling you like this, but I really need to see you.
Can you make it over here right now? Yeah.
Is there a problem? Let's speak face to face.
You OK? You seemed a little distracted at the meeting.
I'm fine.
You sure? Of course, yeah.
Do you want to talk? Well .
whatever is bothering you, you can talk to me.
You know that, right? Can I? What do you mean? I've been thinking.
I'm not sure a workplace relationship is good for either of us right now.
'Right now'.
I see.
Maybe we should cool it for a while.
If you say so.
This way, Mr Harris.
Thank you.
Oh, come on, Joe, how bad can it be? I haven't even started working here.
I'm so sorry, Oliver but you won't be.
What? The bank has had to retract its job offer.
Why would the bank do that? It's come to our attention that you were paid to take exams for other students while studying at the School of Economics.
'Come to your attention'? How? It doesn't matter.
It matters to me.
I can't say.
But you're not denying it.
That kind of unethical behaviour is simply unacceptable.
Mr Talmadge, you don't have to do this.
I'm the best candidate for this job, you said so yourself.
You were.
But not any more.
Rebecca does a huge amount for charity.
What's not to like about using some spare tax-deductible cash to promote the welfare of others? You made your money in Russian oil? You don't like Russians? Oh, I love the Russian people.
It's the politics of their oligarchs that make me uncomfortable.
You think I'm too far to the right.
Aren't you? Rebecca doesn't ascribe to binary terms like left or right.
They don't have a real meaning today.
Why would I let someone put me in a red or blue box when I can choose what gender I am? We live in a pick and mix world.
'Pick and mix'.
Sounds like a nut assortment.
I believe in climate change, but I also supported Brexit as a way of increasing trade, not reducing it.
Above all, I believe that the current system of global capitalism is inimical to human flourishing.
You believe in a lot of things.
And you believe in? Profit.
At last you agree on something.
I knew it would happen sooner or later.
To our shared belief in profit.
Join us.
I don't drink alcohol.
OK, have some fruit juice.
It's about the act, not the alcohol.
To profit.
Was that work? I don't want you knowing all my secrets.
You know that Ebola tracking software app I mentioned? I really think it has potential, real potential.
Kalim is desperate to impress you with the contact tracing deal - maybe he wasn't the only one who understood its significance.
You need me on your side now more than ever.
And I will be, just so long as I know you're on mine.
I lost the job.
But then you knew that already.
Hm? What are you talking about? They found about the exams thing at uni.
Only two people knew.
It was you and Philip Wade.
And he didn't even know I was up for the job, let alone have a reason to tank it.
Listen to me.
I'm the godfather of your son.
I was disappointed .
and hurt.
But I would never betray you.
I would never do that to you.
Our Flamestar bid has been blocked.
By? An unknown investor picked up call options.
What percentage? Thirty.
When? Just before two o'clock yesterday afternoon.
I didn't say anything.
I know.
What's that about? Dry cleaning's ready.
What do we do? With Marchesi's 30%, that leaves us with 40%.
It's not enough.
Buy it anyway.
I have no idea how this happened, but I intend to find out.
I think it was Massimo, but I'm not sure why he'd do it.
Perhaps he's already working for Dominic Morgan.
If anyone can find out, it's you.
You're in a relationship with him.
How could you know that? You've been tracking his movements? He works for this bank.
He ended our relationship last night.
Another offer just came in for Flamestar - $20 higher than ours.
Who made the offer? Dominic Morgan.
It appears that Morgan's newly formed Special Purpose Acquisition Company has put in an aggressive offer for Flamestar.
However, even if the offer is accepted, it won't give Morgan enough to control the company.
How did you know? You didn't think I was gonna let another domino fall into Chinese hands? It hasn't.
I assume you know who picked up the call options.
They're not going to sell it to me or the Chinese? Your position at NYL is untenable.
I think you know that.
You're not getting Flamestar.
But I am, and you're gonna help me.
You just don't know it yet.
Have you heard? We have a leak.
Someone inside the bank tanked the Flamestar deal.
It was you, wasn't it? Why? Why? Because I don't think it was some random hate crime.
I think Kalim found out about a mass surveillance programme by the Chinese government.
Maybe Liwei is involved.
You can prove that? Not that they killed Kalim.
But the surveillance programme is real.
They acquired that content tracing app to take users' data.
And then Ellams.
And now Flamestar.
Short-term, data on dissidents in Hong Kong, access to their chat room.
Long term, who knows? Oliver knows all this? I can't count on him, not any more.
Can I count on you? What do you want me to do? First, an anonymous investor picks up 30% of my company's stock, then I find myself facing a possible hostile takeover from Dominic Morgan.
I could lose control of my own company.
You could.
Where the hell is Zhi? I need her advice.
She'll only tell you New York London will raise the Chinese bid tomorrow, well above the offer made by MAI.
That's good news.
But if I were you, I would keep my options open.
NYL's interests lie with their Chinese investor, not you.
You work for NYL.
I just don't want to see you make a mistake, that's all.
I've identified the investor who purchased the call options.
It's Li Bolin.
His brother Li Acheng has history with Massimo.
Massimo betrayed the bank.
And you.
He knew it was your deal.
We cannot afford to lose Flamestar, Zhi.
Massimo must be stopped.
You're the only person who can do it.
But Li Bolin already has the call options.
I'm not talking about a financial move.
Contact details for Damian Curtis.
I'll find out what I can.
Thanks, I appreciate it.
How far are you willing to go? Why? After the Hong Kong freedom protests in 2012, I was detained by the Ministry of Public Security.
Blindfolded, made to stand in stress positions, beaten.
They wanted me to give the names of all my activist friends.
I refused to give them.
I'm sorry.
My sister and I left our family, my little brother - everything I cared about - so that I could keep fighting.
That's who I am now.
I get that Kalim was your friend, and you want to stop the people who killed him.
Find them if you can.
That's right.
And then? How far are you willing to go? Stonehouse wants to see you in the boardroom.
You're all looking rather grim.
There are rumours on the trading floor.
What rumours? We have our suspicions about Flamestar.
We can't prove them, not yet.
So what is this about? Wu Zhi has confirmed to HR that you entered into an inappropriate sexual relationship with her.
Sexual relations with a subordinate are expressly forbidden in your contract as a Chief Executive Officer.
You You're aware of that, aren't you? Yes.
I am.
Do you admit to having a relationship? Yes.
In that case, your employment at NYL is terminated with immediate effect.
You're OK to go down there? I can't believe you asked this of me.
I took no pleasure in it.
Didn't you? Why else ask me to be there when you told him? I never wanted to hurt you, Zhi, but he had to know that whatever there was between you, it is over.
That he has no hold over you now.
Right, and you do.
You blame me, and yet it was you who engaged in this relationship, which you knew to be inappropriate.
This relationship belonged to me.
It was private.
You used me.
Are your needs greater than those of your family? Of China and all her people? You don't seem surprised to see me.
I'm not.
So .
you're working for Dominic Morgan.
I don't work for anyone.
With, maybe.
How did you know? Leaking anti-union videos to Ellams isn't Dominic's style.
And the video with the Iranians come on.
Of course.
You've changed.
It's Dominic who's changed, not me.
He sees now, as I always have, that China must be defeated if globalism is to be stopped.
That's it.
You think he got Sofia killed, don't you? Or at least knew about it.
Then that would be Dominic's style.
You're going to tell me it was the 13th floor, I know.
No doubt in my mind.
Sofia threatened their power.
She She was And Dominic was already exiled from the bank when she He knows what's going on at NYL.
Do you mean the deals you're making for Ellams Automotive and Flamestar? Kalim and that contact tracing app.
Clever as you are, I should think you would have figured it out by now.
I had spyware installed in the NYL servers for Dominic.
It's been transmitting data for nearly six weeks, giving us access to all your internal correspondence.
Look, Massimo, there are really only two sides to this war now - China, Cheng Liwei, and the bank from which you've just been so ignominiously evicted.
Or .
Which side are you on? Nadya.
You're going home.
And at a decent hour too.
There's a Catholic church a half-mile from here.
I'm taking confirmation classes.
Good for you.
Your Bafta would be proud.
Babcia, yes.
She was the only one who cared about me.
When you asked me about my name .
it reminded me.
I'm glad to have been of service, Nadya Wojcik.
Good night.
Good night.
I thought you were leaving.
Come here.
The whole DNC server complex was hacked - someone had pretty full access to everything on that system.
The Democratic National Committee was on Hillary Clinton's side.
I've been talking to cybersecurity experts who are convinced that Russian intelligence was behind this cyberattack.
She put us all at risk! Hillary cheats! Thank you, WikiLeaks! AccessibleCustomerService@sky.
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