Devils (2020) s02e05 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 5

1 The following programme contains strong language.
Agnes, right? Massimo Ruggero.
You found him? What a bloody stupid thing to do.
I should have guessed he'd do something like this.
The work was Damian's life.
The police called you? They didn't know who else to call.
Outside of Kalim, he didn't even have friends.
And now they're both gone.
How come you're here anyway? Fuck off! Oh, Jesus.
Oh, fuck.
I will not tolerate another embarrassment like Hinkley Point.
I understand.
Hi, you wanted to see me? I asked you both to prioritize the acquisition of companies in gaming, data analysis and artificial intelligence.
We have.
It takes time.
You don't have time.
Does our new Chief Strategy Officer have something to add? We should be targeting 5G.
I mean, it's the highway all data will run on and it's coming fast.
And I'm sure Massimo will already be across it.
Is Massimo the one who told you this? Of course not.
My loyalty is to NYL.
Then you indulge me.
In what way? Please call Eleanor Bourg and have her join us.
Then I'll be in touch.
Thank you.
Those investors who were just here I'm meeting with their CEO on Sunday.
I would like for you to be there.
No? It's my confirmation.
Already? I would like to Massimo, do you have a moment? Don't worry about Sunday.
Let's talk in my office.
You look tired.
Are you sleeping? Damian Curtis is dead.
The Tellers polling expert.
I found his body last night.
Kalim had a place in the country.
I was picking up some stuff for his wife.
Jesus The police said it was suicide.
So sorry.
What can I do to help you? The spyware you have at NYL.
Can it access Liwei's files? What would you be looking for? We're on the same team now.
Right, Massimo? Yes.
Just before he died, Kalim sent this text.
What does this mean? Liwei's files might tell us.
I'll get you the access.
Thank you.
You wanted to see me? Eleanor, we know everything.
You played games with Pietro Marchesi over Flamestar and you helped Massimo screw us on Hinkley Point.
Oliver Don't deny it, El, you'll just make it worse.
How could it get any worse? Under the circumstances, NYL has decided to press criminal charges.
Not now, Chris.
This can't wait, I'm afraid.
We may be wrong about Eleanor.
These men just completed a sweep of our computer systems.
They're infected with spyware.
Some kind of keylogger, apparently.
They've been monitoring everything.
Who is "they"? It's impossible to say for sure, but I guess Dominic Morgan.
In that case, he wouldn't have needed Eleanor to tank Flamestar and Hinkley Point.
Are you working on 5G? Yes.
Then stop, something more important has come up.
Satoshi Nakamoto.
The Bitcoin guy? The mysterious programmer who invented the world's most powerful digital currency.
He disappeared after that e-mail, "I've moved on to other things".
Somebody put that fictitious name.
I'm not involved in Bitcoin.
Who created Bitcoin? The world does have a right to know So, what? You found him? Take a look.
This Charles Edwards just left Warrens Bank before the accident.
They found a key-code.
Key-code to what? I'm guessing Nakamoto's Bitcoin fortune.
Nakamoto disappeared leaving 73 billion dollars in Bitcoin holdings he can't touch without revealing his identity.
Bitcoin is China's kryptonite.
A controlled economy can be brought to its knees by an uncontrolled currency.
They find Nakamoto, they're going to force him to crash the market destroying Bitcoin.
So we find him first and then what? Nakamoto's a revolutionary anarchist.
He hates everything we stand for.
We have a common enemy.
That's not enough.
We're going to need some kind of a carrot.
Dig it up, but do it fast, because the spyware at NYL was disabled 20 minutes ago.
They're not going to press charges.
And I should thank you for that? What happened in there? He needed to know I was on side.
You really showed him.
I was helping Massimo who wants justice for our friend Kalim.
I told you Massimo's paranoid.
The Chinese had nothing to do with Kalim's death.
Massimo betrayed Kalim.
He screwed me over by stopping me getting the Durings job and you betrayed me, Eleanor.
You went behind my back to tank Hinkley Point.
Mr Ruggero, can I help with something? Possibly.
What do you know about Satoshi Nakamoto? Nakamoto, he If he's a "he", he's a mathematical genius.
Like you, then.
And what does a mathematical genius want? Nakamoto wants anonymity.
Besides that? Nothing.
Then what does he need? Do you want to help? Answer that question.
Thank you.
Here you go, ladies.
Thank you.
Let me help you.
What you did was wrong.
I don't need another scolding.
But you outwitted us all.
I underestimated you.
I resented you getting the job I thought I deserved.
You didn't betray NYL to hurt me.
You acted out of loyalty to Massimo.
You got Liwei to drop the charges.
We found a spyware in the computer systems, he had no case.
And now off you go to Massimo.
Vladimir Putin's Russia Party has prevailed in parliamentary elections while US polls show Trump and Clinton neck and neck.
Did you hear Damian Curtis is dead? I found the body.
If that was suicide, I'm Li Ka-shing.
I need to look again at the data from the night Kalim died.
What for? Something we missed.
Good morning.
Good morning sir.
Is there a manager I can talk to? Sorry to keep you waiting, I Paul McGinnan.
How are you? Better for seeing you.
I started to believe in the whole "what goes around comes around" karma bullshit.
You heard I left NYL then? "I left" being a euphemism for "fired"? Sure.
Seems you really landed on your feet with Dominic Morgan.
You two deserve each other.
So, what can I do for you? Actually, you know what? Forget it.
Oh, come on! You won't let me tell you where to stick whatever favour you came here for? That's a real shame.
It's been great catching up, Paul.
We must do it again some time.
Let's not.
I don't understand why! Mr Edwards and I Mr Edwards and I work for the same organization.
The account is in his name, not the organization's.
There needs to be a list of the co-lessor, of someone else who's authorized It's in his name only.
Unless you have a power of attorney or an affidavit, I can't give you access.
It is ridiculous! I'm the acting director of this organization.
I'd like to speak with your superior.
If you could please call him.
He'll tell you the exact same thing.
Jeffrey? Quick word, mate.
Zhi, you got a sec? Yeah.
Look, you should know the reason Massimo and Eleanor betrayed NYL.
Massimo thinks Liwei was involved in Kalim's death.
He thinks Kalim uncovered some kind of secret Chinese surveillance program.
Okay, Liwei is a patriot, but he would never be a party to murder.
Look, I'm with you, 100%.
I just thought you should understand their motivation.
Why? I guess I could use an ally.
I appreciate it.
Thank you for dropping by.
My car is waiting.
You said it was important.
Dominic Morgan is proving a problem for NYL.
I need you to contain him.
There is nothing I can do as Global CEO that you can't do as CEO in London.
You're the head of the 13th floor.
I can't help you.
"Can't" or "won't"? With one hand your bank profits from Chinese investment, with the other you let Dominic free to wall off data for the West.
You can't have it both ways.
Well It seems that right now I can.
Anything else? If you don't stop him, you will pay for it.
And who will make me pay the price personally? You? Dominic doesn't just see China as the problem.
It's everyone who continues to support Chinamerica.
Thanks for the warning.
But while you might not know how to handle Dominic Morgan, I do.
Have a good day.
You saw this? Have you spoken to Massimo? Yes, he thinks the Chinese had him killed.
Same as Kalim.
They probably did.
You should tell him to tread carefully.
This is a dangerous game, Rebecca.
It's not only Massimo who needs to watch his step.
You're right.
We all have to be careful.
Stop looking so worried, Dominic.
If you've found Nakamoto, it's game over.
Isn't it? Jess, I want you to look at wireless carriers, Matt at components.
Sorry, just a sec.
Paul? I'm downstairs, you have a minute? I'll meet you opposite the tube.
There he is! How's it going, mate? Yeah, I'm not your mate.
Come on, you're just grumpy about the job at Durings.
Shame that.
How do you know about that? One of the students you took an exam for dobbed you in.
It's the one at Head of Trading himself.
I'm really busy right now.
I think you want to hear this.
Your former boss, Massimo Ruggero, was in my office this morning.
Why are you telling me? Because I think NYL knowing he was there, might piss him off.
And that would really brighten my day.
What was he doing there? Asking about a dead man called Charles Edwards.
Everything okay? Charles Edwards was killed in a road accident this morning.
Had a security box over at Warrens.
Massimo was asking questions.
It doesn't ring any bells, but if Massimo's interested, then Exactly.
Let me know what you find.
I wasn't sure you were going to come.
Neither was I.
Well, I'm glad you did.
I wanted to talk to you about something.
Yeah, me too.
About Liwei.
Okay, he had nothing to do with Kalim's death.
Or Damian Curtis'? What? I found him dead last night.
A suicide.
First Kalim, now Damian.
Quite a coincidence.
Massimo, you couldn't be more wrong about Liwei.
He would never stand for anyone being killed.
You can trust me.
That's a hard ask.
When I don't know if you're part of this.
You can't believe that.
Tell me you know nothing about a secret surveillance program.
So much for trust.
Even if such a thing existed, even if Kalim knew about it, how would Damian Curtis be involved? It doesn't make any sense! Yeah, maybe not to you.
What did you want to tell me? Nothing.
Hey, babe.
Hey, how was work? Ah, you know There is something you could help me with, actually.
I need to find out about a guy who was killed in an accident.
Apparently, he was taken to St.
I know you wouldn't ask me to access hospital records, because that would be unethical.
And there was me thinking a key member of the senior nursing team could access all areas.
Mr Harris Are you asking me to shed my clothes or my ethics? You know, one of those things is not happening, right? I got it.
No, it's fine, I'll be back.
I'll do it.
Coming! Mind the gap.
I found something.
Mind the gap.
What's this? Cell tower pings off Kalim's phone the night he died.
Cutting through backstreets, doubling back on himself.
He knew he was being followed.
What about the woman in the bank? Gail Jackson.
She hardly has an online presence.
Works at the Thorn Foundation, started by her father William Jackson.
There's zip on him, not even a photograph.
Be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit.
Peace be with you.
Be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit.
Peace be with you.
Be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit.
Peace be with you.
Be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit.
Peace be with you.
Be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit.
Peace be with you.
Be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit.
Peace be with you.
And with you.
Why come to me? You're an expert on cryptocurrencies.
You're here because you tried to profit from them.
Yes, and because of you.
I have no reason to help you.
Much as you dislike me, you admire Nakamoto.
You wouldn't want the Chinese to get to him.
You know what they would do to him.
One fact is known about your Ms Jackson.
She works at something called the Thorn Foundation.
The Thorn Foundation's logo It looks like this.
Eight thorns.
In his last e-mail, Nakamoto said that he was moving onto other things.
Other things other things.
Even if you find Nakamoto, he'll never talk to you.
I'm proud of you.
I didn't think you'd come.
Your milk.
You still have the tag on your blouse.
So I can take it back.
You're looking for Satoshi Nakamoto, aren't you? Where did you get that idea? Mr Ruggero asked me about him.
People say Bitcoin is the first step towards democratizing finance.
Is that so? They say one day big investors like you will be destroyed, creating more opportunity for everyone.
And who are the people that are saying that? On Flamestar.
Well, I wouldn't put too much stock into what they have to say.
Excuse me.
Yes, okay.
Okay, go ahead.
You found him? At least his daughter, possibly.
Nakamoto can't access his fortune without that key-code.
The one that got lost with Edwards' death.
Do you think he needs money? I think he needs someone he can trust.
I thought you should know.
Massimo's interested in this man, Edwards.
Thank you for bringing this to my attention.
But I'm well aware of Mr Edwards.
You are? Then why is Massimo so interested in him? Because he thinks this might lead him to Satoshi Nakamoto.
That would be huge.
The matter is in hand.
Have you seen Zhi this morning? I've been getting cramps.
Any bleeding or spotting? Nu-uh.
This is your first pregnancy, it's pretty common as the womb grows.
Are you alright? I I was considering a termination.
Do you have anyone to help you make that decision? The father? It's complicated.
Family? No, it's not something I could discuss with my parents about.
You can get advice from your doctor, if you want to talk through the options.
Zhi! How are you? Fine! Fine, I was just visiting a friend.
I'm really sorry, but I'm running late.
Yeah, take care.
You too.
Mr Ruggero.
How are you? Well, thank you.
How are you? Please.
Thank you.
Your secretary said we'd met before.
No, not exactly.
I saw you at Warrens.
I don't understand.
Then let me get to the chase.
Please do.
I think Mr Edwards was a courier for your father.
Satoshi Nakamoto.
My father is William Jackson.
Do I look Japanese to you? You wouldn't have to.
And you know that.
My father is a recluse, but I can assure you he's not this Nakamoto you're referring to.
But he's about to become a very lucky man.
Ten million pounds.
Is this a joke? It's a gift.
In exchange for? The satisfaction of knowing that your father can afford to maintain his anonymity and safety.
No, I couldn't possibly accept this.
I think you could.
One sec.
Liwei was trying to find you.
Thank you.
Do you know what's going on with Satoshi Nakamoto? No.
Apparently Massimo's looking for him.
He thinks that guy Edwards was one of his couriers.
No, he didn't say anything to me about that.
Did you tell Liwei? He told me not to do anything.
That's odd.
Right? When did you speak to Massimo? Two days ago.
And you were right about his paranoia.
He thinks Liwei had Damian Curtis killed as well.
I didn't even know Damian was dead.
Yeah, apparently it was a suicide.
That's awful.
Good morning, Eleanor Bourg for MAI.
Nadya, right? Come in.
Who are you? Eleanor Bourg, a friend of Massimo's.
He said you're good.
He did? He said: "She reminds me of me.
" Eleanor.
Welcome to the firm.
Thank you.
Now look at this.
Dream team back together again.
I thought she would have called by now.
It hasn't been that long.
What worries me is NYL.
If this really is Nakamoto, why isn't Liwei chasing him, too? I was looking for you.
Where have you been? Something came up.
Oliver told me about Nakamoto.
Did you want me to do anything? Nothing.
I thought that No, leave it.
Thank you.
Thank you for coming.
I don't understand why we couldn't do this over the phone.
Do you mind if I ask why you want Massimo's personal contact details? Does it matter? It's just that he's been making some pretty wild accusations lately.
He doesn't think Damian killed himself.
Don't you? I did, but I tried to clean up Damian's files yesterday from home.
The moment I did, I got kicked off the network.
When I logged back on, they were gone.
It was like someone was watching me.
Wait a minute.
It's her.
Can I call you back? Thank you.
Before I go any further, I want to make one thing clear.
I'm not saying my father is this Nakamoto.
But he very much appreciated your gift.
He'd like a face to face.
There's a condition.
He wants your word that you'll come alone.
He has it.
When? Now, Borough Hall.
Got it.
I'm sorry, Exmouth Market, please.
You're sure it's the same program? 100 percent.
The same program as what? Thanks, Tony, that's all.
Thank you, Ms Sharma.
I've changed my mind again.
What? You were wrong.
I can't talk right now.
Kalim was killed because he knew what Damian Curtis knew, but it wasn't Liwei who gave the order.
Who then? Dominic Morgan.
Dominic Morgan.
Dominic has no motive.
I'm just dealing in facts, alright? Our IT team found the same spyware on Agnes Sharma's laptop that Dominic was using at NYL.
Look, we've got our issues, but I care about you.
Are you done? Start seeing things as they are.
I know you're looking for Satoshi Nakamoto.
If you find him, what do you think Dominic's going to do to him? And? He wasn't there.
Then why call you? That's a good question.
Well, there goes ten million pounds.
Did you get anywhere with Kalim's code? Nowhere.
Gotta work.
Mr Ruggero.
Yes? Did you figure out what Nakamoto needed? I think so.
And what did you do? I gave it to him.
In exchange for Nothing.
Hey, babe.
How's things at the hospital? This says the last time I looked into the NHS portal.
Wonders of technology.
Well, it looks like it was right after I told you I wouldn't access those records for you.
What? You're not saying you think I did it? Didn't you? No.
Hungry? Yeah, I could eat.
Have ripped through rural communities outside Los Angeles, triggering evacuation orders from more than 80 thousand people.
Cutting through backstreets, doubling back on himself.
Five million's been paid into the account that you specified.
It's been interesting doing business with you.
Goodbye, Mr Duval.
Goodbye, Satoshi.
The number you are trying to reach is currently unavailable.
Please try again later.
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