Devious Maids s01e03 Episode Script

Wiping Away the Past

What the heck is kohlrabi? It's a German turnip.
Does it taste good? It's a German turnip.
(Sighs) Daikon? Uh, komatsuna? This is why I miss Iowa.
People ate normal things like potatoes and corn and lard.
Again, just a dinner party.
You're not required to serve gourmet food.
But these are our friends from the country club.
I want to impress them.
I want to impress Michael.
Oh, you don't have to worry about that.
He's crazy about you.
He is, isn't he? Okay.
Let's go with the jicama.
I think I've heard of that one.
(Chuckles) So for dessert, what do you (Lowered voice) Is that Olivia? (Lowered voice) What am I gonna do? - Relax.
She hasn't seen us yet.
- Okay.
Oh! (Clattering) And now she has.
(Lowered voice) Why is she coming over here? (Lowered voice) It's okay.
I got your back.
Marisol, I thought that was you.
Hello, Olivia.
I don't mean to interrupt, but I've been wanting to talk to you.
I feel I owe you an apology.
An apology? I was so rude the other day.
I don't blame you for throwing me out of Michael's house.
I deserved it.
I'm really not a bad person, Marisol.
I wish you could've known me before the divorce, back when I was happy.
Anyway, I hope you can forgive me.
Sure I can, but it was Taylor's party that you ruined.
You should apologize to her.
See, here's the problem.
I don't apologize to whores.
And I'm not speaking metaphorically when I use that word.
She's an actual whore.
Men used to pay her for sex.
In fact, that's how she met Michael.
Oh, was that a secret? Oops.
(Woman singing in Spanish) (Woman continues singing in Spanish) (Evelyn) Adrian! (Record needle scratches) (Gasps) (Footsteps approach) He's here.
(Clears throat) Maxwell! It's so good to see you.
My dear friends.
How many years has it been? Too many.
(Kisses) How was your flight from Savannah? Bumpy, but I survived.
So sorry to hear about you and Sheila getting a divorce.
Yeah, and I was so sorry to read about your maid getting murdered.
Well, we've both had a run of bad luck.
What are you doing? I'm going to Remi's fraternity to get the rest of his stuff.
Remember? Yes, well, something's come up.
The spa is out of my face cream, so I need you to run to the Valley to pick up a jar.
Can't you have it delivered? Well, that would take all day, and I need it now.
When I looked in the mirror this morning, I found a new wrinkle.
Really? Just the one? (Huffs) I will ignore that vicious attack because you are about to do me the sweetest of favors.
I will go all the way to the Valley for a single jar of face cream.
You know what? Get yourself one, too.
I've seen tighter skin on elbows.
(Laughs) I love the way we tease each other.
Who has a better time than we do? I'll ask around.
And don't worry about Remi.
I'll let him know there's been a change of plans.
He's all yours.
Thank you, Mrs.
(Hands rub together and clap) Mm.
You ever get hungry? Yeah.
And what do you do in those situations? Do you go to a place where food is available I'm not going to dinner with you, Sam.
What? (Chuckles) How did you even jump to that? Go away! (Laughs) All right.
Maybe you're under the impression that I try this hard with every girl I meet.
- Uh (Laughs) - I don't.
I I just got a feeling about us.
And I think you're feeling it, too.
Come on.
Look me in the eye and tell me I'm wrong.
I like you.
Let's say we go to dinner.
I continue to like you.
We have a couple of drinks.
I like you more.
It turns out that you can dance, and I like you a little too much.
The next thing I know, we're married, we have two kids, I stop singing, and then I don't like you at all! But those are good-looking kids, right? Seriously? I got work to do.
(Huffs) Okay.
But At some point, you are gonna say yes to me.
No, Sam, I won't.
(Rustling) ¿Que tal, Rosita? That lawyer promised he could bring my son here.
But now he says that he needs to file more papers.
That will cost hundreds of dollars.
I can't afford that.
What am I gonna do? Please don't ask for a loan.
Not before breakfast.
I wouldn't ask if I wasn't so broke.
This is why you should learn to save.
Maybe you shouldn't go to the movies so much.
What? Seriously.
You could have what you need in a few months.
I can't wait a few months.
I need my son, now.
Hey, watch your tone.
I'm sorry.
But this is important to me.
And after all I've done for you, I thought maybe you'd want to help.
Oh, my God.
You're blackmailing me.
Huh? That's what this is, isn't it? You're trying to shake me down because you saw me with Cody.
No, no.
I'm not shaking nobody.
You think you can control me? Well, you can't.
I'm calling your bluff, señorita.
You go ahead and tell old Spence about my affair.
I'll get a divorce before I give in to extortion.
What's going on? Nothing.
I heard yelling.
(Huffs) Rosie asked for a loan.
I said no.
We're done.
Unless there's something else you wanted to say to Mr.
I was 20 when I came to L.
And I just knew I was gonna be in the movies.
The closest I got was a diner across the street from Paramount.
You were a waitress? For six years.
And I could never make ends meet.
(Sighs) And then one day this man walks in, and he seemed so nice.
We got to talking, and this nice man tells me he has a lot of lonely, rich friends.
And then he asked me if I'd like to make some easy money.
Isn't it funny how our lives can turn on just one simple question? And one stupid answer.
(Sighs) (Voice breaking) God, if Olivia starts telling people the truth, Michael will be humiliated.
Then you should tell him.
Will you be there when I do? Please.
I don't know how he'll react.
(Sighs) Sure.
I'll be there.
Thank you.
And thanks for not judging me.
Oscar Wilde said, "Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.
" Well, which am I? Aw, honey.
You're both.
Just like the rest of us.
So we're at dinner, and Sheila looks up and says, "I'm tired of listening to you talk.
" That is how my wife decided to end 20 years of marriage.
It is her loss, my darling.
No one ever thought she deserved you.
Thank you, Evelyn.
The good news is, you're single again, in the prime of life.
This is your time for adventure.
(Chuckles) Meaning what, nightclubs, singles bars? After all these years, I'd feel a little lost in that world.
You just need someone to guide you.
That's all.
Well Perhaps.
(Sets glass down) I'm a little tired.
If you don't mind, I've been up since 4:00 A.
Eastern time.
Go on.
Take a little nap.
Thank you again for holding my hand during this depressing time.
We'll find a way to lift your spirits.
Don't you worry.
Excuse me? I know what you're planning, and I said no.
Our agreement doesn't give you veto power.
Then I'll ask nicely.
This man is my friend.
Please leave him alone.
Oh, my God.
You have feelings for him.
Oh, don't be stupid.
Yes, you do.
I can see it.
You have a little crush.
And you're fat.
So what? Well, this is delicious.
Her heart beats.
Tell me more.
I'm serious, Adrian.
If you have any regard for me whatsoever, you will not involve him in your disgusting little hobby.
So the question is, do I have any regard for you? Damn it, Adrian.
Don't corrupt him just to hurt me.
I'm gonna introduce Maxwell Rose to wanton carnality for his own middle-aged good.
The fact that it will hurt you is just a bonus.
The car's loaded.
If there's anything else, you'll probably have to come back for it.
Nah, I'm good.
This is just trash anyway.
Just let me throw it away, and we can get going.
Why are you throwing that away? It's ruined.
It got ripped, see? Only along the seam.
That's nothing.
I can fix that in two seconds.
Wh You carry a sewing kit? I like to be prepared.
(Remi) Wow.
That is amazing.
Not really.
I wouldn't know how to do that.
Well, you don't have to.
You have money.
Most people can't afford to throw a shirt away because of a little rip.
(Exhales) Right.
You must think I am spoiled rotten.
I think you're spoiled.
But not rotten.
Now take off your shirt.
(Huffs) Excuse me? I'm gonna want to see this on you.
I'll be done in a minute.
Maybe two minutes.
(Both chuckle) (Footsteps approach) Hey there.
You got a sec? I'm so sorry about what happened.
You know, it's one thing for Peri to yell at me.
But for her to raise her voice to you, that's inexcusable.
Don't worry about it.
I do.
I see how hard you work.
You're the one that makes this house a home.
And I'm beyond grateful.
Thank you.
I understand you need some money to bring your son to America.
I hope this helps.
(Gasps) Oh.
Spence It's a gift, from me to you.
Peri doesn't need to know.
(Crying) Thank you so, so much.
You're such a good man.
(Exhales) And you are an amazing woman.
He had an erection? Yes.
A boner.
Un salchichón de cemento.
What did you say? What could I say, "Congratulations"? I got outta there.
Congratulations? Ohh.
He's very big.
How big? Uh Like this? More like (Gasps) this.
- You lie.
- Oh, my - I swear.
- Can we put the produce away? (Singsongy) The gardener's staring.
So this money, he just gave it to you? Yes.
He said it was a gift.
Are you sure his intentions were honorable? What do you mean? When rich men give poor women that kind of money, they usually expect something in return.
Spence is not like that.
Are you sure? I mean, he did have his cucumber jammed into your thigh.
Maybe you shouldn't take the money.
No! I need it for Miguel.
Just make it clear that he's not getting anything in return.
We're maids.
The only thing we polish is their silver.
(Chuckles) What am I gonna say to him? (Exhales) I don't know.
Tell him you have a boyfriend.
(Clicks tongue) Where am I supposed to get a boyfriend? (Leaf blower whirring) (Pants) Sam! Guess who just called me.
Who? Benny Soto.
Do you like Gloria Estefan, Enrique Iglesias? Yeah.
He's their producer.
And he wants to meet with me.
That's huge.
You have no idea.
I sent out like a hundred demos.
This is my first "yes.
" (Singsongy) And it's Barry freakin' Soto! (Laughs) He wants to meet with me tomorrow at noon.
(Chuckles) So I was thinking maybe you can drive me there.
What? You know, in the car.
First of all, this is not a car.
It's a Rolls-Royce.
And second of all, no.
It's all the way across town.
Come on, Sam.
I can't take a bus.
(Sighs) Sure, then on the way home, we can stop at the unemployment office, because when Odessa finds out, she's gonna fire my ass.
Ugh! (Object clatters) (Singsongy) Sam (Normal voice) What if I did go to dinner with you? Didn't you just tell me you'd never go on a date with me because it would ruin your life? Well, in my defense, when I said that, I didn't need anything from you.
So you admit you're just using me.
(Exhales deeply) We should leave by 11:00 to beat the traffic.
Aah! Thank you! (Carmen laughs) So we don't know how she found out or if she's told anyone else.
All we can be sure of is that Olivia is now aware of your wife's former profession.
We're going to move.
What? My law firm has an office in New York.
They will make room for me.
But we don't know anyone in New York.
I don't want to leave L.
All my friends are here.
Friends? What friends? Well, you know.
Everyone at the country club.
They're really not our friends.
They're only nice to us because I'm a successful lawyer and you're my glamorous wife.
Once they find out the truth, that is all going to change.
Honey I'm not trying to hurt you.
I'm trying to protect you.
Stafford, you have every right to be upset, but you can't pack up and leave the state because a few people might gossip.
Oh, so I should wait to make sure they're gossiping? I don't think so.
Marisol isn't nice to me because you're successful.
She's my friend.
I need her.
We'll take her with us.
- Wait.
Hold on.
- Well, what is the problem? You told us you don't have any family here.
Yeah, but I-I Well, I'll make it worth your while.
Don't you worry.
Now I want both of you to start packing tomorrow morning.
We are leaving Beverly Hills.
Hey, Zoila.
Does Valentina have a really good sewing machine? Why? Well, I wanted to get her something.
You know, for helping me pack up and everything.
You don't need to buy her anything.
No, I want to, and I know she likes to make her own clothes, so It's her job to help you.
Yeah, but I Remi, I really need to finish the floors.
Okay? Sure.
Did you send Valentina to U.
? Maybe.
Why would you do that? Valentina came to me.
She told me how she feels about Remi How she's loved him all these years from afar.
It's so romantic.
So the two of you went behind my back? Well, isn't that just great? But she really loves him.
I can tell.
I don't care! Why are you being this way? Because I don't want to see my daughter's heart get broken.
You know Remi.
He would never do that.
What I know is that boys with money don't end up with the maid.
And you know that, too.
You can't still be holding on to that.
After all these years? He made promises to me.
And, yes, I remember every single one.
He met someone else.
You know that sort of thing happens.
Well, it's not gonna happen to my daughter.
Please tell Remi he is not to go near Valentina.
He's starting to really like her.
How can I say that to him? (Inhales) Valentina and I will not be coming to work for the next few days.
That should give you plenty of time to think of something.
Do you have a moment? Uh sure.
What's on your mind? (Papers rustle) (Exhales) I can't move to New York.
Why not? Personal reasons.
Well, what are they? Perhaps I can help.
And I'm sorry, but Like I said, they're personal.
Well, Taylor will be heartbroken.
She's really come to depend upon you.
And I've become very fond of her.
More than I expected to.
She is special, isn't she? She is.
Well, that is why I have to get her out of here before she becomes the main course for the ladies who lunch.
Before anyone starts packing, let me talk to Olivia.
What good would that do? I could learn a few things how she found out, if she plans on telling anyone else.
And why would Olivia talk to you? She's a bitterly divorced woman.
Trust me.
They'll talk to anyone.
I've decided to move here.
To Los Angeles? Are you serious? I only moved to Savannah because of Sheila.
Now that we're divorced I'm absolutely thrilled.
Think of all the decadent dinners we'll have.
In fact, what are you doing tonight? Adrian's introducing me to someone.
A woman? Yes.
Was that insensitive of me to mention another woman? No.
(Chuckles) We're friends.
We should be able to talk.
There was a time when we could've been more than that, but you chose Adrian.
After you chose Sheila.
(Sighs) As you know, I came to regret my choice.
(Sighs) Do you ever regret yours? (Sighs) On second thought, I don't think you should move to Los Angeles.
Why not? This city changes people.
And I like you just the way you are.
I don't think you need to worry about me.
After all these years, I know exactly who I am.
Well, you just remember that when you meet this friend of Adrian's.
You never answered my question.
Do you regret choosing Adrian? What does it matter? He is what I deserve.
There you go.
Hello, Mr.
Hi, Rosie.
Hello, uh Raul.
He's your gardener.
Of course.
I love your work.
What's up? I gave the money to my lawyer, and everything is going really good.
So we wanted to take a minute and thank you proper.
We? Yes.
Raul is my boyfriend.
I, uh, I I didn't know that.
Oh, yes.
For many months now.
We are very happy.
(Laughs) Well, congratulations.
So Raul has a favor to ask you, and he means no disrespect.
(Sighs) What is it? He saw you hug me yesterday, and he'd prefer you don't do that anymore because it makes him, uh, what is the English word? Jealous? Violent.
I'm sorry.
It won't happen again.
Oh, no.
You don't gotta worry.
He's a teddy bear.
You know, underneath the violent.
Let's go.
'Cause I want you ay, ohh oh, oh, oh, oh, oh (Turns off music) So I was gonna try to put the hook back in at the end again if you think that's a good idea.
I do.
So tell me, what part of Puerto Rico are you from? Wh Oh, come on.
(Chuckles) The accent is distinctive.
Oh, okay.
I produced an album in San Juan.
You've been to the island? Many times.
(Gasps) It's a hotbed of talent.
Well obviously.
Thank you.
Listen, Carmen, you definitely got some skills.
But you're a little underproduced.
The good thing is, I can fix that.
Ay, Benny.
(Laughs) You don't know what it means for me to hear you say that.
But can I keep it real with you? Yes, of course.
If you're gonna sing in English, you gotta get rid of this accent.
I know it's funny for me to say that, but that's the audience.
Americans they like Latinas as long as they're not too Latin.
And how do I do that? Practice When you sing, when you talk, when you breathe, every chance you get.
Then whatever I have to do, I'm gonna do it.
Good to know.
Well, I think we're in business.
Oh, my God.
(Laughs) (Chuckles) Let's get some lunch.
I'd love to.
You like Cuban food? Bring on the croquetas.
(Chuckles) Let me call the valet.
They take forever to get the car.
Oh, relax.
We'll take mine.
(Speaks indistinctly) Whoa.
It belongs to a friend.
I want you to meet Benny Soto, my new producer.
Hey, that's great.
Nice to meet you, Sam.
Head east on Sunset, then I'll direct you.
(Lowered voice) What's going on? I'm so sorry.
It won't be long.
Just a quick lunch.
That wasn't the deal.
Sam, please don't blow this for me.
That's my future in there.
(Giggles) I really want to thank you, Benny.
Oh, no problem.
You know, when I first started in this business, I promised myself, if I ever made it to the top, I would send the elevator back down.
(Chuckles) Well, I won't disappoint you.
I know.
I know you won't.
My man, can we turn left at the light here? We're gonna stop by my place first.
Carmen? You heard him.
Left at the light.
(Door creaks) Where is East L.
anyway? Well, you know when we're on the freeway and you make me speed up? That neighborhood? Oh, goodness.
You sure you don't want me to go with you? This is between me and Zoila.
I owe her an apology, and I've gotta deliver it like a big girl.
In 20 years, I never heard you guys fight like that.
What did you do? A long time ago, before you were born, Zoila had a relationship with my brother.
Uncle Henri and Zoila? But when Henri met Aunt Cynthia, a woman from a similar background, Zoila had her heart broken.
And apparently, she's never gotten over it.
So when she sees me and Valentina hanging out together She's worried history will repeat itself.
(Car door opens) So what exactly is it you have to apologize for? I'm the one who introduced Cynthia to Henri.
(Car door closes) (Hissing) You're not really dating the gardener, are you? What? Raul's close to 60.
He's got a wife and kids.
Now I'm not dumb.
Raul and I are not dating.
Rosie why would you lie to me? Well, the other day when you hugged me Oh, my God.
You didn't feel my I did.
Oh, I am so embarrassed.
No, you have nothing to be embarrassed about.
(Clenches teeth) God has been very good to you.
I did not mean for that to happen.
It's just that you're so kind and warm and And it's been so long since Peri and I - My body responded.
- It's okay.
And I'm sorry for lying.
I just needed to make sure you didn't have any you know, expectations.
No, none.
I know that's not a possibility.
Again, I I apologize.
(Sighs) It was never my intention for you to know how I feel about you.
(Man) Fight for survival, every day in the jungle but when the bell ring, come out ready to rumble every man for himself, ain't nobody (Turns music off) Excuse me.
I'm looking for my friend Zoila Diaz.
She lives on this block, but I can't remember which house.
Do you know her? She's Latino.
Well, no worries.
I'm sure I'll find her.
(Clicks) Enjoy your party.
Walking on the thin line that came before the stumble no circumstance All I'm saying is, you don't walk out on your boss.
Well, you weren't there.
You don't know what happened.
Then tell me.
I don't want to talk about it.
(Siren wailing) Zoila! Are you home? Zoila! Zoila! I know you're in there.
Isn't that Miss Genevieve? Zoila! (Barking) Aah! Oh, God! (Doorbell rings) Marisol.
I'm sorry to bother you.
This letter came to the house a few days ago.
It's addressed to you.
Oh, it's just some promotional thing.
It's not important.
I wasn't sure.
You won't tell Taylor I stopped by, will you? Of course not.
Some mail still comes to the house for you.
I try to save it, but she makes me throw it away.
If she knew I brought something for you, she would just scream at me.
Taylor screams at you? She has become this crazy nightmare.
To tell you the truth I don't know how much more I can take.
Would you like some tea? Yeah.
(Siren wailing) How's your mom? Well, she says she's dying.
The doctor says she has a sprained wrist.
I wonder who we should believe.
So she's okay.
Did you know our moms got into a fight today? Mine just told me we were taking a few days off.
She didn't say why.
I think maybe your mom's upset that we're getting so close.
Well, I'm not.
I like spending time with you.
Me too.
You know, for a minute there I really thought this was going somewhere.
And now? Come on.
You know how much my mom needs your mom.
And if us hanging out all the time is causing this much tension between them, maybe we should just cool it.
Still buds, though, right? Sure.
So why don't you just quit? I've thought about it.
But now it looks like I won't have to.
You see, Taylor is trying to convince Michael to move to New York.
New York? She thinks you're gonna tell the whole town about her past, and she is scared to death.
Ha! She should be.
(Chuckles) Of course, she deserves what she gets, but it might be better for you if they don't leave town.
How so? Mrs.
Stafford (Sets cup down) I think Michael is still in love with you.
He has a funny way of showing it.
Leaving me for Hooker Barbie? But I watch him.
He's always talking about you.
He's always looking at pictures of you.
Really? He's starting to realize he made a mistake.
But, you know, if they leave town, move to New York, well, you know how it is.
Out of sight, out of mind.
(Sighs) I'm gonna write Taylor a letter.
Oh? I'll promise that I won't tell anyone what I know.
I'll say it's because of my deep and continuing affection for Michael.
And I'll give her the letter.
Oh, no.
(Scoffs) Not her.
You give it to him so he knows how I feel.
- Oh, that is brilliant.
- Ahh.
(Chuckles) Unless someone else knows about Taylor's past.
If word gets out, they'll still move.
Nobody else knows.
How did you find out? Evelyn Powell told me.
How does Evelyn know? Oh, it was her husband who first hired Taylor.
Adrian hired Taylor? He propositioned her while she was working in some diner.
Apparently, he does that sort of thing.
I'm confused.
Adrian Powell uses prostitutes? Oh.
Not for himself.
He gives them as gifts to his friends.
What? Yep.
Evelyn calls it his disgusting little hobby.
He brings those women right into their house.
That's how Evelyn first met Taylor and that girl who got murdered.
Flora Hernandez.
Oh, yes.
In addition to being their maid, Flora was also Adrian's whore.
(Telephone rings) (Ring) (Beeps) Hello? No, I'm sorry.
She's asleep right now.
Who, may I ask, is calling? Oh, Henri.
I didn't recognize your voice.
It's me.
(Laughs) It's been a long time.
How is she? Honestly? I'm worried about her.
She's been through a lot.
I think it would be a good idea if you flew out to see her.
Really? That would be great.
I know she's missed you A lot.
(Dallas Raines) all the way down into huntington beach for the highs only in the 70s.
Here's the 7-day forecast.
Tomorrow, a little fog at the beach.
(Clicks) (American accent) Here's the 7-day forecast.
Tomorrow, a little fog at the beach.
And then a lot of clouds start coming in on Wednesday and Thursday.
(Click) And then a lot of clouds start coming in - on Wednesday - Carmen? (Normal voice) I'm busy.
I know.
It's just I need to tell you something.
It's important.
You are smart.
And you are beautiful.
And your music is really amazing.
You don't have to let men like Benny Soto Sam.
It's a rough business.
And I'm not 22 anymore.
If I don't make it soon, it's not gonna happen.
But think of what you're becoming.
All for a couple of gold records? Will it be worth it? When I get the gold records, I'll let you know.
You are not the girl I thought you were.
I guess that means you don't want to go to dinner with me anymore? No.
I don't.
It's okay.
It's not.
(Remote clicks) Then for the weekend, the Santa Ana winds start blowing, and the temperatures are gonna warm up again.
(Click) (American accent) Then for the weekend, the Santa Ana winds are blowing, and the temperatures are gonna warm up again.
(Voice breaking) Then for the weekend, the Santa Ana winds are blowing, and the temperatures are gonna warm up again.
So Olivia won't tell anyone else? That's what she said.
So it's over? I think so.
How in the world did you get her to agree to this? Well, first I had to tell her you were a bitch.
(Gasps and laughs) Then everything sort of fell into place.
(Laughs) Oh, wonderful.
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna tell Michael we don't have to move.
Well, before you do that, I need to ask you a favor.
Obviously, I am in the mood to give you anything you want.
It's gonna sound odd, but I want to hear about Adrian Powell and his prostitutes.
Why? I need to understand what is going on in that house.
(Taylor) Adrian calls them "intimate get-togethers.
" And the guest list always includes a beautiful young woman.
She is then introduced to a middle-aged friend of Adrian's who has no idea she's been hired for the evening.
This is followed up with a little small talk and a lot of wine.
After an hour or so, a signal is given.
The woman then suggests it's time to take the party upstairs.
Because Adrian's friend is now drunk, it doesn't occur to him to say no.
(Carmen) Does anyone know about this? I think Evelyn knows.
And she's not happy about it.
Where is Adrian while all this is happening? That's the weird part.
He just disappears.
This whole thing is bizarre.
Isn't it, though? So Adrian Powell hires prostitutes to have sex with his friends, who have no idea they're being set up.
But why? Why would he do this? What on earth does Adrian get out of this? -End-