Devious Maids s02e04 Episode Script

Crimes of the Heart

Previously on "devious maids" Beverly Hills is under attack.
His aunt got the house, and it's gonna be sold.
How can they just kick us out? Where are we supposed to go? You still dating richie mctrust fund? His name is Remi.
And we broke up.
I know we fought a lot those last couple of weeks, but but that doesn't mean that we ha Yeah.
It does.
Don't move! I haven't slept in days.
I realize you're still traumatized by the break-in, but you are going to get help.
Well, this woman I'm interested in is married, maybe her husband is falling apart and she is desperately in need of a strong man like you.
If you see Rosie again, even one more time, I will destroy you.
I just wanted to see if you were okay.
You have to stay away.
You'll be taking care of my Uncle Ken.
He recently had a stroke.
Get a keyboard in front of him.
See if he can type.
Zoila, if I stay in this house, the way I'm feeling about you, we're not gonna make it.
I'm not Pablo.
I will never leave you.
You're gonna stay here for a while.
- No more secrets.
- I promise.
Will she still love you when she finds out what you did? She better not.
Did Dahlia ever Talk about her maid? There have been rumors.
Are you suggesting that Opal and Nicholas had an affair? Most women crave companionship.
- No, not my mom.
- Well, what about your dad? I don't know who my father is.
For years, I begged my mom to tell me, but she said it was better for everyone if I didn't know.
Honey, stop blinking.
These fake eyelashes itch like crazy.
Are we sure all of this is necessary? You haven't seen Pablo in weeks.
You must remind him of what he's been missing.
He called me.
I think he's ready for reconciliation.
All the more reason to use a few tricks of the trade.
Stun him with your beauty, then seal the deal.
He's here.
We're not finished.
What are you doing? Trust me.
I landed two husbands with these.
Now go get him.
Hola, cariƱo.
You look amazing.
Just a regular Friday.
Come on in.
So what's going on? Tito's graduation party is next week.
Are you going? He's our godson.
Sure, I'm going.
Me, too.
Uh I was wondering If we could go together? Why not? I think it'd be fun.
Actually, I was wondering if Tito told you I'm bringing Helen.
Helen, the woman you work with? So, you're seeing someone? Zoila, come on.
- We're separated.
- Ugh, my God.
This is what people do! No, no.
Most married men don't bring a girlfriend to family functions! I'm sorry.
I Helen wants to meet my family.
Wait! Were you seeing her before you moved out? We were just good friends Mostly.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
How many body parts are you gonna take off? Just one more, and it's gonna be yours! Okay, l-let's not get hostile.
You want to see hostile? - This is hostile! - Zoila! Hey! Fans around the world continue to mourn the tragic death of singer Alejandro Rubio.
In a sad twist, one young fan attempted suicide outside Rubio's Beverly Hills home.
The teenager is recovering at a local hospital.
What are you doing? It's almost 4:00.
You promised Dr.
Welch you'd be on time today.
I don't want to go.
I hate therapy.
Why? Every session, he makes me talk about my sexual problems.
And you feel an hour isn't long enough? I think my problems stem from childhood.
When I was 5 Adrian Dr.
Welch cares enough to listen.
I do not, so He's gone.
- Take off your pants.
- Excuse me? My husband just left.
Now, we've got very little time, and there's lots I want to accomplish.
So, you've been thinking about our last time together? You gave me seven orgasms in one afternoon.
It is safe to say you've crossed my mind once or twice.
Is that? No! No.
He went to therapy.
Tony? It's Adrian.
Tony, you decent? Whoa! Mr.
Powell! I thought you were at therapy.
Well, I was on my way when I remembered how hard it is to find parking, thought you could drive.
If you like.
You know, for a moment, I thought you might have a girl in here.
Now, why would you think that? I thought I heard voices.
Yes, well, that was Porn.
You watch porn? Constantly.
Me, too.
I've got quite a collection.
Happy to share, if you'd like.
- Share? - Absolutely.
What's mine is yours.
I'll try to remember that.
This firm offered Michael so much money.
We just had no choice but to take the job.
But you leave Friday? I know.
It's quick, but we found some actor to rent our house.
And when we get settled in D.
, Michael says we can finally start talking about adoption.
Oh, you sound so happy.
I really am.
Hey, I saw the pictures of Nicholas you sent.
What a hunk.
You must be pretty happy yourself.
Shall I pour? Uh, I think we're good.
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
Where were we? I was asking if you were happy.
Yeah, right.
I'll pour the tea.
You start talking.
My poor, sad Zoila.
Huh? The kitchen is spotless, and that means you're depressed.
I'm not depressed.
I'm angry.
And this kitchen is always spotless.
Well, I'm glad you're not sad.
I don't want you walking into that party with a long face.
I'm not going to the party.
But you've been looking forward to your godson's graduation for weeks.
Pablo will be there with Helen.
It will be humiliating.
Not if you show up with someone.
What? Think about it.
How delicious would it be for you to walk in on the arm of some handsome, successful man? Hmm.
Doesn't that sound fun? And where exactly am I supposed to find this guy? I don't know.
A bar? A club? And you think handsome, successful men will come running over to meet me? That's why I'm suggesting venues that serve alcohol.
The party is in two days! - I'm not gonna find a guy.
- Well, you have to at least try.
You have to show everyone that you don't need Pablo to be happy.
But I do.
That's my problem.
You honestly think Nicholas was having an affair with Opal? I don't know.
The evidence I have is sketchy at best.
Are you worried that it's still going on? Not really.
But he continues to let her live here.
Why? If Ethan was the product of some ancient one-night stand, that would at least make sense.
If he is Ethan's father, Nicholas would have set up some sort of financial situation for him.
Did you see anything suspicious in his financial records? I've never seen any of those.
Oh, your lawyer must have.
You know, when he was finalizing the prenup.
Nick didn't ask for a prenup.
- He didn't? - He said it wasn't romantic, that he trusted me.
Well, that's too bad, because if he didn't trust you, it'd be a lot easier for you to trust him.
Hello? Hey, Zoila.
No, I'm at a job interview, to be a maid.
I know I said I didn't want to do it anymore, but I am broke.
Well, I'm afraid it's not gonna work out.
Got to go.
The agency should have told you I was looking for a live-in, but thank you for coming.
Well, so, here's the good news.
The position hasn't been filled yet.
The bad news is I'm getting desperate.
Now, who'd like to go first? How about you? _ _ Yes, yes, I've heard about you, and, Delmi, don't worry about the language barrier.
I can I can overlook that, especially since you worked all those years for the Peruvian ambassador.
Well, do you have any questions before we start? You know, uh Questiones.
I can translate, if you like.
Oh, you'd be willing to do that? It will be my pleasure.
Your resume's very impressive.
_ _ She says, "thank you.
" I know you're an amazing housekeeper.
Do you also cook? _ _ _ - Is there a problem? - She hates cooking.
Uh, well, I'd like you to work on the weekends.
Would that be a problem? _ _ _ She refuses to work on weekends.
Well, uh does she at least do windows? _ _ _ _ _ She hates doing windows.
Personally, I love it.
Look! Someone sent me flowers.
Who? I have to read the card in private.
Sometimes, my admirers pay me the most indecent compliments.
So, what happened to Floyd? He always brings us our flowers.
Oh, he got the flu.
I'm Dave grant.
I own the flower shop.
Oh, well, in that case And you are? - Zoila.
- Ah.
I like it when lovely women have lovely names.
Fine, you can have the tip back.
You know, what I really want is to have dinner with you.
Are you serious? Yeah.
Um I don't think so.
Zoila! Can you come in the kitchen? I seem to have started a fire! What?! A small fire.
She'll be right back.
- What is going on? - I heard him ask you out.
Why not take him to Tito's party? Because I don't know anything about him.
You know he thinks you're lovely even in that ugly top.
You gave me this top.
To tear into rags for cleaning.
Didn't you read the card? Oh, I don't know.
Dave seems nice, but I'd just be using him to hurt Pablo, and that doesn't seem right.
Zoila, this is the answer to our prayers.
God has sent you a handsome, successful man you can use to torture and torment your husband.
Do not reject this gift from above.
Well I do try to be a good catholic.
Oh, Dave! Hey, Mr.
Sorry to interrupt, but it's time for your barley soup.
Rosie, I cannot get over how fast he's typing.
I know.
His therapy's working.
Here we go.
Must be nice to finally know what my Uncle's thinking.
We have a lot of fun.
Well, I think what you've done for him is amazing.
If I could show my appreciation by taking you out to dinner sometime? You don't got to do that.
I want to.
You you work so hard.
Not really.
I-I like to take care of people.
But thank you.
Well, it was It was just a thought.
I-I-I should get back to work.
Um, I'll See you two later.
So, you ready for more soup? Why am I stupid? I know.
But I can't date Mr.
Your nephew's very handsome.
I am very busy.
I have to take care of you and my son and this house.
What do I need a man for? Mr.
Kenneth! You got naughty fingers.
So, this is a fun date, right? You, me, a couple of overpriced lattes.
It's all right.
You're still making me work for it.
I guess I'll have to haul out some sexist compliments.
Like what? Like "you're gorgeous.
" - Shut up.
- You are.
Why aren't you a model? Because I don't want to wear clothes for a living.
I want to design them.
S-so you're into fashion? I am.
Well, cool.
Well, what are you designing these days? Nothing lately.
Come on.
You can't call yourself a designer if you're not designing.
If you haven't noticed, cleaning a mansion takes up a lot of my time.
Play hooky tomorrow.
Powell won't notice.
I have to vacuum tomorrow.
Stop making excuses.
You want a dream to come true? Work at it.
I'll work at it when I'm ready to, okay? Sorry.
Just trying to encourage you.
So What else can we talk about? Well, you could tell me I'm gorgeous.
It's sexist, but it's true.
Shut up! What are you doing? Isn't Adrian home? He's in the bathroom.
I served him cabbage for lunch.
- We've got the next hour to ourselves.
- Evelyn! Trust me.
The man's bowels are nothing if not predictable.
We almost got caught last time.
But I need to be with you.
Not while Adrian is in the house.
But he's always in the house.
Then you better think of a way to get him out.
I'm worried about you.
Why? It's been weeks since the robbery, and you still seem so fragile.
I do? Yes.
I was thinking you might benefit from a trip to sage creek.
Sage creek? That's a looney bin.
Slash health resort.
- It's filled with crazy people.
- Charming eccentrics Like yourself Recovering from various traumas.
But my therapist thinks I'm making great progress here.
You know, I've started to hate my mother.
Don't you think you might hate her more quickly in a spa-like setting? No.
I need to be home, with you.
You give me strength and stability.
Hell, if I had my way, we'd spend every waking moment together.
What have you been up to? Nothing much.
Just making plans for the wedding.
So much to get done.
We still have to set a date Mm-hmm.
And book a church And get a prenup.
No, we already talked about that.
We don't need a prenup.
See, I think we do.
What? I want you to know that I don't care about your money.
- I already know that.
- How could you? We only dated for three months before you proposed.
And I could tell you're not a gold digger.
Or so you think.
Huh? Gold diggers hide their agendas.
This could be the long con, my friend.
Maybe I'm out to play you for everything you're worth.
What is happening here? I'm just trying to protect you.
Yeah, but I trust you completely.
See, that is the kind of attitude that gets men taken to the cleaners! Why are you yelling? Because you need to protect yourself! - From you? - Yes! Fine.
We'll make an appointment tomorrow.
Make it now.
My lawyer is never gonna believe this.
Neither is mine.
Excuse me! That's my job.
Not today, it isn't.
Well, if you think I'm cleaning the pool, think again.
Actually I had another chore in mind for you.
I bought you a sketch pad.
Why? Because you should be doing what you love.
But Mrs.
Powell Is going to come home and find clean rugs.
Enough with the excuses.
Now, go forth And design.
So, have you heard about Carmen? What about her? She got a job as a live-in maid.
I'm so glad.
I know she's been worried about money.
Yeah, so I guess you haven't heard who she's working for.
Rosie! Hola.
Is Mr.
Spence here? No.
Then I need to talk to you.
What's going on? Why didn't you tell me you got a job with Mr.
Spence? Well, it just happened.
Why? I told you about us, right? How he and I Had a thing.
So? So I don't want you working for him.
Why not? It makes me uncomfortable.
I'm so sorry.
I will help you find another job.
I don't want another job.
What exactly do you think is gonna happen if I clean for Spence? You won't just be cleaning for him.
You will be living with him Alone Just the two of you.
Are you serious? He is very vulnerable, and you are very pretty.
And you wear things like That.
So? So he will be tempted.
It doesn't matter if he's tempted.
I'm not! Please.
Just because you screwed your boss doesn't mean I will.
It was not just sex.
I loved Spence.
And I love a steady paycheck.
If you are my friend Rosie, after the way you've just insulted me, I'm gonna have to give that some thought.
Then Rosie asked me to stop working for Spence.
Can you believe it? It's like she doesn't trust me.
Look, when you're in love with someone, you're allowed to be a little irrational.
And if you had talked to Rosie before you took the job, you would have known how she felt.
Well, what's done is done.
This is no longer my problem.
Depends on how you look at it.
Which do you value more, a job with Spence or Rosie's friendship? Well, I don't know.
I mean, how good a friend is she, really? Didn't she just loan you money? I don't like where this is going.
Even though she's up to her neck in legal bills, Rosie still helped you.
Do you know why? She may have been drunk.
Yeah, okay, yes.
Rosie's a good friend.
But asking me to quit my job That's when you know someone's a great friend.
You ask them for an impossible favor, and they still come through for you.
Let's say I stop working for Spence.
What will I live on? We'll loan you a little money.
Great friends would loan me a lot.
We're not great friends.
That's why you should hang onto Rosie.
I'm so glad you suggested this.
It has been ages since I've played chess.
I'm coming to regret it.
You're demolishing me.
All in good fun, my friend.
Did you hear that? Hear what? It sounded like a window breaking.
Are you sure? There it is again.
Someone's breaking in.
Powell, I didn't hear anything.
Then you're deaf.
We've got to investigate.
I don't understand it.
I absolutely heard the sound of breaking glass.
You're just tired.
Why don't you get some rest? And we'll pick up our chess game tomorrow, okay? And this is my date, Helen.
It's so nice to meet you both.
Now, if you'll all excuse me, I'm in desperate need of a little-girls' room.
Thanks again for letting me bring Helen.
I know I put you in an awkward position.
Eh, it's okay.
We just feel so bad about the separation.
How is Zoila doing? Not so good.
When I told her I was seeing Helen, she was devastated.
She seems to have bounced back.
Why do you have a knife? - I saw someone come in here! - When? - Just now! - That's ridiculous.
I've been here reading for the last hour.
I-I-I could have sworn Adrian Please put that thing away.
You're scaring me.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
So, is he still watching us? He sure is.
Hold my hand and laugh.
And you are so sweet for going along with this.
Oh, it's, uh It's been fun.
And for the life of me, I'll never understand why your husband left you.
I'm about to do something, and it's not because Pablo is standing 10 feet away.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You cold? Yeah.
It's what I get for trying to show this much cleavage.
Allow me.
You're such a gentleman.
Well, hard not to be when you're with such a beautiful lady.
Something's poking me.
Oh, that's my keys.
You can put them on the table.
I'm gonna ask the waiter to bring us some coffee.
- That should help warm you up.
- Okay.
Waiter will be over in a sec.
What's wrong? Why did Genevieve pay you $1,000? Oh, God.
What's going on? - I can't tell you.
- Oh, I bet you can.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
Um Genevieve sort of paid me to ask you out.
What? I'm not really a florist.
Then what are you? Uh, are you familiar with the website stud-for-hire? - Oh, my God! - I'm sorry.
So, you're a hooker? I kissed a hooker? I prefer "escort," and if I had known how nice you are, I would have taken you out for free.
Whoa! If you think I will ever let you touch me again, you are sadly mistaken! Mm! Mm.
You lying sack of crap.
Take me home.
So, tell me.
How was the party? Glorious.
Oh! What did Pablo do when he saw you with Dave? Was he furious? Honestly? I didn't notice.
Didn't notice? The whole point of taking a man to that party was to get Pablo's attention.
Oh, to hell with Pablo.
I want Dave.
What? Dave and I had the most magical connection, something I've always dreamed of.
What do you think of a June wedding? Oh, my God.
We could have a baby by the spring.
Zoila, listen to me.
You cannot end up with Dave.
Why not? Because Because he's a male prostitute? Exactly, and Uh-oh.
Come here.
How could you set me up with a gigolo? I only paid for companionship.
Frankly, his price for sex is a little unreasonable.
What were you thinking?! I thought you'd make Pablo jealous and he'd come back to you.
I've been so worried.
Why do you care so much about my marriage? Because I don't want you to end up like me! It is so horrible To be alone at this age.
Oh, honey.
I was trying to protect you.
Things may not work out with Pablo and me.
It'll be sad, but that's life.
Still, I will not be alone, because I will have the dearest, craziest friend to keep me company until the day that I die.
That is so sweet.
And if you ever pull a stunt like this again, it will be the day that you die.
Got it? Hmm.
I was just thinking of someone, a man I used to know.
You got a dirty mouth for a man that never talks.
We were together, but this man He doesn't want to see me anymore.
I don't know.
I wish I did But I don't.
I guess you can say that.
Let me get you something to drink.
I'll be right back.
"I know what it's like "to love someone and then to lose them "But when you are old like me, "you will learn that All things come to an end.
"So you have a choice.
"You can go on being lonely and missing what you had Or you can move on to something new and wonderful.
" You're a wise man, Mr.
The doctor at sage creek says I'll need at least a few weeks of intensive therapy.
Take as much time as you need.
We can't play fast and loose with your mental health.
Are you sure you don't want your sister to come for a visit while I'm gone? I know you detest being lonely.
Don't you worry about me.
I will find some way to occupy myself.
Well I guess this is goodbye.
It certainly is.
Goodbye, my darling.
How soon until we go in and take off our clothes? Out of respect We should wait until his car leaves the driveway.
Hey, sweetheart.
How was your day? Enlightening.
Oh? I just got off the phone with my attorney.
He said you left Ethan $5 million in your will.
Why does it feel like you're accusing me of something? I'm just trying to understand why you'd leave that much money to your maid's son.
It doesn't make sense unless Unless what? Unless He's also your son.
You think I had an affair with Opal? I don't know.
Well, then you should have asked Instead of using a prenup as an excuse to look through my financial records.
I'm a terrible person.
- Why is Ethan in your will? - You know, if you think I would cheat on my wife, why are you even here? I want to trust you.
If there's something I'm missing Yes, I care about Ethan! He grew up in this house! Is is it so strange that I'd provide for him?! God, I am so angry with you right now! I'm sorry.
I am.
But I need you to say the words.
Ethan is not my son.
And I'm sleeping in the guest room tonight.
It's open.
Come on in.
What are you doing here? I've been thinking.
I hate being a maid.
And to risk a friendship over a job I despise, that's well, that's dumb.
Even for me.
So I'm gonna tell Spence that he's got to find someone else to scrub his floors, okay? I've been thinking, too, and I can't keep worrying about Spence.
He is living his life and it's time for me to live mine.
So you don't want me to quit? It would be nice to know that someone I trust will be there to look after him.
I'll take wonderful care of him.
Thank you.
Hey, Rosie.
Ready to go? Yes.
I'll be right there.
You got a date? I told you.
I'm living my life.
Do I look okay? Hold on.
Much better.
Well, I got to go make dinner for Spence.
Hold on.
Much better.
You sketched your little heart out, didn't you? What can I say? You inspired me.
Do you like them? You know, I-I'm sure they're great, but I really don't know anything about clothes.
They're just statements.
What you wear says something about who you are or who you'd like to be.
I think now is the perfect time for my gift.
Gift? Like I said, you inspired me, so I made you something.
Do you like it? Yeah.
Really? Yeah.
This is, like, the nicest shirt I've ever owned.
You don't have to say that.
Then how about I say this? Hello? Mrs.
Delatour, I'm Dr.
Gold from Remi's program in Africa.
Is everything okay? Well, not really.
Remi has a rather serious viral infection, and he's not responding to our treatments.
Oh, my God.
Do you need me to fly out there? No.
We're sending him home on the next plane.
Thank you.
I heard raised voices last night.
Is everything all right? Nicholas and I just had a bit of a disagreement.
That's all.
I heard my name mentioned.
I talked to Ethan a few days ago.
He told me he didn't know who his father was.
Then I discovered that Nicholas has left Ethan a lot of money in his will, so You let your imagination run wild.
I'm afraid so.
My first husband cheated on me.
Clearly, I have trust issues.
I met Ethan's father In a bar.
He told me I was pretty.
In those days, that was something I needed to hear, so I let him take me home.
But there was something about him, something Frightening.
Halfway through, I changed my mind.
I wanted to leave.
But he wouldn't let me.
Ethan was the result of that horrifying night.
Opal I never told my son.
I'd rather he think I was promiscuous than tell him that his father was a monster.
I am so sorry.
Don't be.
My life worked out in the end.
I have a decent job, a nice place to live.
And someday, though he doesn't know it yet, my son will become a very rich man.
I owe that all to Nicholas.
He has been so kind.
And I will always be in his debt.
Well Did you talk to her? I told Marisol you left Ethan all that money out of the goodness of your heart.
Thank you for lying.
A deal's a deal.