Devious Maids s02e06 Episode Script

Private Lives

Previously on "Devious Maids" Your father loves children.
Well, that's a candy-coated lie if I ever heard one.
I fell in love with a boy.
Got pregnant.
Daddy was so angry.
He wouldn't let me keep the baby.
Were you seeing her before you moved out? We were just good friends mostly.
You have to show everyone that you don't need Pablo to be happy.
I'm crazy about you.
That's what I expect from my boyfriend.
I'm seeing someone.
You're dating my pool boy? Just so you know, I still love you.
I know we're meant to be together.
Then I will get her back for you.
In a sad twist, one young fan attempted suicide outside Rubio's Beverly Hills home.
We're gonna have a kid staying here? My nephew is not a child.
He's 17.
Uh Where should I put my bags? Have you heard of Alejandro Rubio? Did you hear how he was murdered? I am so sorry for everything that you've gone through.
It's okay, honey.
It wasn't your fault.
Carter killed Alejandro.
That might not be how the rest of us remember it.
You had no right! Oh, for God's sake This is not your house! I want a brunette, you know? Someone spicy and ethnic, like you.
Do you want to be alone with him? A middle-aged man has a work crush.
I cannot go through this again.
Okay? The uncertainty, the paranoia What do you mean "again"? Dahlia had an affair.
These old chandeliers are all on the same circuit.
If one bulb goes out, they all go out.
Well, thank you for taking care of it.
I'll just be a minute.
Take your time.
Since Nick is away, I'm just curling up with a classic.
He has such an amazing library.
Well, that book belonged to Dahlia.
I noticed.
This has an unusual inscription from Adrian Powell.
Didn't the Powells used to be good friends with Dahlia and Nick? Why do you ask? Well, I know there was some sort of falling out.
I was just curious if you knew anything about it.
You're asking me to gossip? It's not gossip unless something scandalous happened.
Did something scandalous happen? It's none of my business nor yours.
I was just asking if Dahlia was unusually close with Adrian.
I don't think so.
Well, did she have any other gentlemen friends? Ones that she spent a lot of time with? What are you implying? Oh, come on, Opal.
I know dahlia had an affair! All I want to know is, who was it with? What?! Aah! Hola, Gloria.
Hey, I'm making chilaquiles tonight.
What do you have in the way of poblanos? Let me check.
You know, for chilaquiles, you really should use serranos.
Huh? Fortunately, this market has a terrific selection.
What are you, Cuban? Colombian? Argentinean.
Of course.
I should have been tipped off by the superior attitude.
I'm Mexican.
We invented chilaquiles.
Didn't mean to offend you.
Feel free to use a bland pepper of your choosing.
My chilaquiles are not bland.
If you're using poblanos, they are.
I know some people have medical conditions which prevent them from eating grown-up peppers.
Nothing to be ashamed of.
First of all, I do not have a medical condition, and I have yet to meet the pepper that I can't handle.
Ah, in that case try the serranos.
You're on.
Oh, I-I didn't mean to eat it now.
Are you okay? You call that spicy? - - Drink this.
You're crazy.
You know that? That proves nothing.
What makes you such a hot-shot about cooking? See this? Please.
You read one lousy cookbook and now you're an expert? Gloria, uh, put this on my tab.
I'm buying a copy for my pal, uh Zoila.
And you don't have to do that.
No, seriously.
You should read it.
You might learn something.
Such a sad face.
What's wrong? I can't believe she chose him over me.
I told you I'm gonna take care of it.
It might be too late.
I think she's falling in love with him.
Then I should get busy.
I don't need you to do this for me.
I'm really doing this for Valentina.
Don't you think she deserves the best? Ethan! The pool looks amazing.
Not a leaf in sight.
What is your secret? Well, I take this thing and scoop the leaves until there's none left.
How deceptively simple.
So tell me about yourself.
I'm sure you have bigger plans for your life than cleaning pools.
Well, I'm just doing this to make some spending money before college.
How wonderful.
Where are you going? I'm not sure yet.
I-I got into USC and UCLA.
Nothing a little further away? Well, Brown is my dream school.
Remind me.
Where is Brown, again? Rhode Island.
Yes! Brown.
Wonderful school.
You must go there.
The problem is they haven't officially accepted me yet.
I'm on the wait list.
Still, it's very promising.
Not really.
Well, it's an Ivy League college, so the chances of me making the final cut are, you know, slim to none.
- Oh.
- I'm not sweating it, though.
You know, it'll all work out the way it's meant to.
I think you're absolutely right.
So, which purse do you like? Uh that one.
This one is better.
Now pick a bracelet.
I like this silver.
Unless I-I don't.
No! Go ahead.
Put it on.
There you go.
Now we're cooking with gas.
It was so sweet of you to help me.
How can I ever repay you? I can think of one way.
Daddy gave me power of attorney after his stroke, so I asked Reggie to help take care of the finances.
I'm supposed to get a monthly statement, but he's two months behind.
I'll remind him.
And thanks again.
Don't mention it.
It was fun to help you get dressed up.
If I had kept my girl, I probably would have helped her, too, getting ready for dates and all.
You miss her, huh? I don't know.
Can you miss someone you only met for five minutes? I think so.
Well, what's done is done.
Let's leave it at that.
That's probably Reggie.
You better get going.
Miss Lucinda, it might not be my place to say, but I think you would have made a wonderful mother.
You can say that any time you want.
Uh, Carmen? Didn't my Uncle tell you to clean up this mess? I got bigger problems than a dirty kitchen.
Hey, how good are you at English? Speaking it right now and you seem to understand me.
You study poetry, right? Why? There's a showcase at the Primrose Club, and I was invited to sing.
But it has to be an original song in English.
And I don't know if you realize this, but English is not my first language.
I-I don't know anything about poetry or lyrics.
You know how to write.
I always see you scribbling stuff on that book.
Uh, this is my therapy journal.
I'm supposed to write down how I feel.
Can't you feel like helping me write a song? Carmen, that egg roll's been there since Tuesday.
Stop being such a neat freak.
This song is my chance to impress important people, the kind that can make my dreams come true.
That's why I've got to finish it.
Well would it help if I cleaned the kitchen? You're my hero.
Hey! Don't leave an egg roll over there.
That's disgusting.
You look beautiful.
You can thank Miss Lucinda.
She helped me get dressed tonight.
Why? Did she need a favor? She wanted me to remind you she needs a copy of those financial papers.
I told her I'm busy right now.
But she asked weeks ago.
And you tell that manipulative witch I don't have time to indulge her paranoia.
We need to be nice to her.
She's had such a hard life.
What's so hard about being 40 and mooching off your father? I'm talking about before, when she gave that baby up for adoption.
'Cinda told you about that? It's a terrible thing to be without your child.
You know, I had an idea.
I want to find Miss Lucinda's daughter.
What? I could bring them together.
Wouldn't that be wonderful? I'm not sure.
Y-you'd be dredging up a lot of painful memories.
Uh, 'Cinda might get mad with Uncle Ken all over again.
You're wrong.
Once Miss Lucinda's able to hold her child, she will be so happy, she won't care about anything else.
That's a good point.
You know, it wouldn't be hard to track her baby down.
Really? Yeah.
The adoption paperwork is buried somewhere in the family's files.
I could dig it out.
So you'll help me? Why not? This could be so wonderful! Miss Lucinda meeting her daughter! Can you imagine the look on her face? I can.
I absolutely can.
Why didn't you tell me you were a world-famous chef? I don't know.
Sometimes, I get nervous around pretty women.
You think I'm pretty? Nice.
Did you read my book? Cover to cover.
At first, I thought you were this macho jerk trying to push me around, but You seem to know your stuff.
So you think I'm macho? Nice.
Anyway, I decided to give your recipe for chilaquiles a try, serranos included.
And you were blown away? Sweetie, not by a long shot.
What's this? My chilaquiles.
You came all the way down here to make me try your recipe? Go on.
You might learn something.
Oh, my God.
This is fantastic.
I'm getting the oregano, the cilantro, but There's something else.
Can't put your finger on it? No.
What is it? Nice try.
Trade secret.
I get it.
You've certainly dazzled my palate.
Let me return the favor.
Come to my house tonight.
I'll make dinner for you.
Would this be like a date? Absolutely.
What do you say? Nutmeg.
Hmm? The secret ingredient is nutmeg.
Still want me to come over? Of course.
Why? Just checking.
Hello, Marisol.
How are you doing? They're keeping me for a few days to see if I have brain damage.
If I start to drool, call a doctor.
You're making jokes.
That's good! I was really worried about you.
As well you should be.
You're the reason I fell.
No, not true.
You may have gotten distracted while I was talking.
You were spewing vile rumors about a dead woman, trying to shock me.
Now, that's just silly.
I don't think so.
And neither will Nicholas.
What? He's going to ask what happened.
I don't like to lie.
So what? Are you gonna tattle on me? I guess I don't have to.
Of course, I would like a favor in return.
What's that? A promise to not discuss Dahlia or her extracurricular activities with anyone.
She may be dead, but I still protect her reputation.
I don't really care.
I was just curious.
So was the cat.
We all know what happened to him.
You'll never guess what happened.
Go on.
No, forget it.
I'll just tell you.
I got into Brown.
You did?! Yep.
Just got an e-mail about 20 minutes ago.
I'm off the wait list.
Oh! That's amazing.
- Mwah! - I know.
I can't believe it.
And I was just talking to Mrs.
Delatour yesterday about how hard it is to get in.
- Mrs.
Delatour? - Yeah.
She was asking me about my college plans.
And you told her you wanted to go to Brown? Clear your night, because we are doing some serious celebrating.
I don't get it.
Opal has been so nasty to you.
Why do you have to bring her clothes? Even bitches need something to wear home from the hospital.
Carmen, get away from there.
But I love going through people's stuff.
I know.
But if Opal finds out What is it? Look at all these ugly shoes! Opal's a maid.
She likes to be comfortable.
Yeah, well, 10 pairs of black loafers? Come on! You know, once I get this bag packed, I'm sending you home.
Is it stuck? I think it's locked.
What do you think is in there? I don't know.
Is it awful that I'm curious? No! You want to look for a key? Can't you just pick the lock? Why would you say that? Is it because I'm puerto rican? - Because that's racist.
- I am so sorry.
I didn't mean to offend you.
How could I offend you We're in.
- A negligee? - Huh.
Why would Opal lock up a negligee? Why would she lock up any of this stuff? There's a menu, a scarf, ticket stubs.
There's a picture of a blonde.
That's Dahlia.
Oh, my God, Marisol.
There's a lot of them.
What? I I don't understand.
ÿQué te pasa? Nick said she had an affair.
Why couldn't it be with her? Are you saying that Opal's a lesbian? It would certainly explain the ugly shoes.
What are you doing here? Carmen called.
She told us about the secret lesbian drawer.
Where is it? So, you found all this stuff in Opal's drawer? I'm thinking they're mementos from her affair with Dahlia.
Her lesbian affair.
Sorry I wasn't more specific.
You know, lesbians worship me.
Have I mentioned that? No, that's a sentence I'd remember.
It's true.
I cannot go to a hardware store without getting hit on.
I thought it was Koreans who worshipped you.
I am popular with both Koreans and lesbians.
Is there anyone who doesn't like you? Besides me? You know, in a way, I'm relieved I found this drawer.
It explains everything that's happened since I moved here.
If Opal had an affair with Dahlia, no wonder Nick is so uncomfortable.
But that's what bothers me.
If Nick knows his wife and his maid were lovers Why is she still working here? It's so lovely of you to drop by.
I wanted to share some good news.
Ethan got into Brown.
Ethan told me he was hoping that would happen just the other day.
It's quite the coincidence.
It's wonderful for him.
But sad for my pool.
Huh? Ethan can't be my pool boy once he's in Rhode Island.
He could try to look after it, but long-distance relationships are so hard.
And pools have needs.
Can't you just find someone else? Yes.
And you know who it should be? My first pool boy.
I don't even know why I let him go.
True, he made a few mistakes, but I'm sure he's very sorry.
Delatour, I'm not getting back together with Remi.
Who said anything about Remi? Although, now that you bring it up Stop.
I know that you got Ethan into Brown.
What?! Now I need you to tell me, did Remi put you up to it? No.
It was all me.
Why would you do that? Since the moment you first told me you were in love with Remi, I knew he'd never find anyone better.
And I also thought if you two got married, then you and your mother wouldn't be like family anymore.
You'd be family.
And I still want that so very much.
Delatour, I love you, and I always will.
You've been a second mother to me my whole life.
Really? That's why I feel I can tell you what I tell my real mom Butt out.
I'm still trying And almost crying while the laundry's drying what the Stupid English.
Son of a bitch! You have a date? I'm so excited! Why? It's my date, not yours.
So, where's he taking you? To his house.
He's making me dinner.
I wanted to bring dessert, but Javier wrote a book about French pastry.
Will he really want to sample my bundt cake? He'll want to sample more than that.
Huh? When a man cooks for you, he expects something in return.
God! I'm such an idiot! I was so jazzed a cute guy wanted to spend time with me, I didn't even think about getting physical.
Honey, you were married for 22 years.
It's only natural you'd forget that people have sex.
Excuse me.
Are you Natasha Jones? Yeah.
You were adopted, right? Why would you ask me that? There is someone who'd like to meet you.
You must be Ethan.
I'm I know who you are.
Your mom said I could help myself to a soda.
Go ahead.
I'll come back.
Look, this doesn't have to be awkward.
I didn't think it was.
Valentina and I are still friends, so you and I are bound to run into each other occasionally.
Unless I ship off to Brown, right? Excuse me? I just got my acceptance letter.
How many buildings did your mom have to buy to make that happen? Oh, man.
Look, I'm I'm sorry about that.
My mom's always trying to help me out, and Sometimes, she goes too far.
Well, I'm not going far.
I'm staying right here.
Really? Yeah.
You see, I'm not some problem that you can buy your way out of.
Look, I was just trying to be friendly, but you're obviously not interested in that, so This must really burn.
Rich kid losing to the pool boy.
You seem kind of obsessed with other people's money.
Hey, I got what I want.
Now, if you'll excuse me, some of us have to work for a living.
Were you talking to someone? Yeah.
I just met Ethan.
How did that go? Good.
Helped me realize something You were right.
Valentina does deserve the best.
And that piece of crap doesn't even come close.
You're a liar.
Excuse me? You said you didn't know how to write lyrics.
I don't.
Ha! More lies.
But you saved my career, so I forgive you.
What's this? Just listen.
In my room late at night Wait a minute.
I think of you and your sad eyes Oh, my God! You read my journal?! You shouldn't have left it on top of the bed where desperate people could get to it.
What else did you read? Nothing.
Just that one page.
And you didn't read anything else? No.
I didn't steal all of the poem, and I added words of my own.
It doesn't matter.
This is such a violation.
I'm sure you'll feel differently once the song becomes a big hit.
You think you're gonna sing this in front of people? Sure.
I mean, the showcase is tonight.
Absolutely not.
If you sing my words in public, I will tell my Uncle that you went through my stuff and that you write music when you should be working, and I will get you fired from this job.
Do you understand me? Ty, take it easy.
Look, do you understand me?! Miss Lucinda, there is someone here to see you.
Tell them I'm busy.
Oh, no.
You'll want to stop for this.
Who is this? Your daughter.
What? I found her for you.
Natasha, this is your mother.
Oh, my Lord.
We contacted the Adoption Agency.
They helped us.
I can't believe it.
I never thought I'd see you again.
Come here, baby girl.
I'm not a terrible person.
But I want a career so much, sometimes I do terrible things.
Ty, I didn't mean to invade your privacy.
I just saw these words on a page, and they spoke to me.
What you wrote about darkness and trying to find the light, it's like you found my journal and you read what was inside.
You describe how I felt after Alejandro was killed.
I haven't been able to put it into words, but you did.
Still I won't sing the song if you don't want me to.
Okay? You can sing the song this one time.
Seriously? Ty, thank you.
What are you doing tonight? I can't go to the showcase.
It'd be too embarrassing.
But don't you want to see people enjoying your words? I don't think so.
But after the show, come back and tell me how you did.
Since you won't be there, I'll tell you ahead of time.
I was great.
Why would you do this? She is your mother.
My mother is a nurse in Reseda.
She spent 20 years working her ass off to give me an education.
This rich bitch is nothing to me.
- Natasha! - It's okay, Rosie.
She has every right to hate me.
I abandoned her.
But you have to know, I never stopped loving you.
Then why didn't you want to see me the last time I was here? Last time? Four years ago.
What are you talking about? I went through this phase, thought I wanted to know where I came from.
So I hired a private detective.
He tracked you down.
But when I came here and asked to meet you, your father told me you didn't want anything to do with me.
He did what? Mr.
Kenneth wouldn't say that.
Would he? Of course he would.
You didn't know? Absolutely not.
Oh, my God.
All this time, I-I thought you just didn't want to see me.
When they grabbed you away from me, they took a piece of my soul.
But now I've got it back.
And we don't need tears anymore.
We are happy people.
See? Everything worked out for the best.
It did.
Now, would you all excuse me for a moment? I got one just like it in blue, with sequins running all down the front.
Of course, I'm gonna need new shoes to match.
You wouldn't mind if I took your credit card, would you? Oh, hey.
Just showing your father my new dress.
I think he likes it.
My daughter came to see me today.
Daughter? What do you mean? She told me what you did, daddy.
'Cinda, put that thing down.
You're scaring me.
I spent my whole life making excuses for you, but no more, old man.
No more! What's that? Hmm? You're trying to tell me you didn't send her away? Speak up, daddy! I can't hear you! Aah! Miss Lucinda! No, I'm not done here! If you go to jail, you can't be with your daughter.
Give your maid a raise, old man.
She just saved your life.
A little glamour for your showcase.
Thank you so much! Oh! So, you know the girls and I would love to come tonight.
Why? So you can give me a standing ovation and embarrass me? I promise we won't stand.
Then who needs you? So, did you talk to Nick about Opal and her drawer of many secrets? I'm waiting till he gets home.
The dead wife doing her lesbian maid seems like a talk we should have in person.
But you are gonna confront him about not telling you.
Oh, yeah.
Finally! The elegant badass is back.
That's what we call you when you're not around.
Really? Well, we haven't called you that lately, not the way you've been tiptoeing around Nicholas.
I know.
I haven't been myself.
How come? I want so much for this to work.
When things started to seem off, I guess I just closed my eyes a little.
But no more.
Good for you.
What about Opal? Are you gonna confront her, too? No.
I'm not even gonna let on that I know.
From now on, I play this game the way she does With my eyes open, my mouth shut, and my claws behind my back.
That's my elegant badass.
So, what do you think? I'm impressed with the food and the wine and this house And the company.
It's all been perfect.
I could take you on a tour later.
I'd like that.
I just had my bedroom redone.
I've been dying to show it off.
Your bedroom? Mm, I think you'll really like it.
What's wrong? I have a recipe for enchiladas.
My husband loved them.
I make them with pork and zucchini, which isn't everyone's taste, but I've made them the same way for over 20 years.
Why are you telling me this? I'm afraid to have you try my enchiladas because I'm not sure you'd like them.
See, at this point in my life, I don't think I can make them any other way.
I'm sure I'd enjoy your enchiladas any way you serve them.
I hope so.
I really like you.
And I like you.
You make me laugh.
And you make me feel good about myself.
I've been needing someone to do that.
I'm happy to oblige.
And I'm in no rush to try your Can we please drop this metaphor? Sure.
I'm sorry.
For now we can just be friends.
I will cook for you and you will tell me crazy stories about your boss and we will continue to have a great time.
And then, one night There will be more.
And it will be magical.
And up next, we have an amazing gal.
Let's put our hands together and welcome to the stage Miss Carmen Luna.
In my room late at night I think of you and your sad eyes and I ask the stars to bring you home oh, we'll dance in the rain come home we'll pour some champagne, my love come home walk through that door and then promise me you'll stay She's pretty good, huh? She's perfect.
I think we should call the police.
Miss Lucinda didn't hurt anyone.
But she scared Kenny to death, and he didn't do anything.
He kept her from her daughter.
That is something.
Well, I want her out.
I won't feel safe as long as that lunatic in stretch pants is living in this house.
Reggie's talking to Mr.
Kenneth right now.
I'm sure he'll find a way to make this better.
Now, the truth is, I'm worried.
I was supportive when you first gave your power of attorney to Lucinda because I thought she had your best interests at heart.
_ She's certainly angry.
And with that power of attorney, she could start to sell your stocks, take money from your account.
_ She has her daughter back.
She might want to provide for her.
And punish you.
Unfortunately there's only so much I can do to stop her.
_ You want me to have your power of attorney? This could ruffle some feathers.
I need you.
Welcome back.
Thank you.
How are you feeling? Better.
The doctors said now I just need lots of rest.
Of course.
I want to apologize for oppressing you about Dahlia's affair.
I was out of line.
You were.
Well, please know I won't be asking any more questions about it.
Thank you.