Devious Maids s03e07 Episode Script

The Turning Point

Previously on "Devious Maids" I am having feelings for Ernesto.
Are you going back to him? You have to give me something I want.
And what's that? I want a child.
I'll take Jesse back.
Too late.
You can't have him.
He works for me now.
By the way, you lost a fantastic maid.
I've been wanting to kiss you since the first time I met you.
Maybe I don't have to be married anymore.
I thought you couldn't leave your wife.
I have a plan.
What the hell happened in here? We've been able to identify the victim.
Oh, my God.
That's Louie Becker.
That necklace is gorgeous.
Thank you.
It was my mother's.
Stappord told me that she quit, left town.
That doesn't sound like Blanca.
What are you doing here? Can't I just pop in for a visit? I'd invite you to stay, but it's not my house, and Genevieve hates it when I have guests.
Well, good thing she's in Mykonos.
I didn't even realize you had a sister.
She's an evil bruja.
You're a leech, and I want nothing to do with you.
Aah! Zoila! And you'll need to stay off that ankle for a couple of weeks.
Do you have anybody who could take care of you? Don't worry.
I'm gonna take care of everything.
Reina! Reina, little help?! Oh, my God.
Ay, Zoila! Try knocking! It's a kitchen.
There's no door.
You should probably go now.
Actually, uh, I still need a signature.
Get out! Yep.
Oh, my God.
You never change.
Sneaking boys in the house? Sucia.
It's just like high school.
I was just having some fun.
You're always such a buzzkill.
You're supposed to be helping me.
I'm helping! How?! I'm out getting groceries, and you're getting busy on the kitchen counter.
Yeah, you should probably wipe this down now.
I'm pregnant.
I got a sprained ankle, terrible heartburn, I pee every 10 minutes, and my boobs are enormous.
Just the left one.
Actually, the right one is a little smaller.
You're driving me crazy.
It's time for you to leave.
No! What if you fall? The doctor said you can't be left alone.
I'm starting to hate that doctor.
You need someone here full-time.
Genevieve is in Greece, so I guess that person is me.
Yes, I'd like to leave a message for one of your hotel guests.
Genevieve Delatour.
Yes, tell her she needs to come home right away.
There's an emergency.
You're early.
Miguel's still at soccer practice.
I know.
I need to speak to you.
Uh, if this is about the video games I bought him, I -- I left Spence.
We're separated.
I thought you should know.
Uh, I'm sorry.
That must be very hard on you.
You don't have to pretend.
I know you must be happy.
I'm never happy when you're in pain, Rosita.
Anyway, I-I got a live-in job with a nice family, and they said Miguel could stay there, too.
What about us? You would both live here.
It's been years since we were together.
We may not be the same people anymore.
I'm the same man I've always been.
I promise you.
I love you but II just need to take it slow.
Okay? Okay.
I can do that.
Why are you smiling? I was thinking, this is just like when we first met.
I had to take you on a hundred dates before you would even let me kiss you.
It wasn't a hundred.
Miguel's staying at a friend's house tomorrow.
Will you have dinner with me? Are you asking me on a date? Yes.
Why don't you come here? And I'll cook for you.
Mm, that sounds very romantic.
One down, 99 to go.
So have you ever had a nooner without leaving work before? Well, I used to work with a platoon full of men, so, um No.
Good for you.
Keep it professional.
Oh, I wish we could stay here all day.
Why can't we? Well, if you're up here, then the house doesn't get cleaned.
But if you're up here, the house doesn't get dirty.
How about we meet up here again tomorrow? But not tonight? I can't.
I've got this charity fund-raiser thing I have to go to.
I bought the tickets months ago.
Who you going with? I was supposed to take my friend Zoila, but she sprained her ankle.
I'll go.
Unless you don't want me to.
I just I didn't think you'd be interested.
Well, I-I am.
Yeah, but these things are really boring.
Well, it won't be boring if I'm with you.
And besides, it'll be good to spend some time together.
We spend a lot of time together.
I want this to be more than just sex.
Don't you? Well, I just -- I figured a guy your age would wanna keep things casual.
Well, I'm not like most guys my age.
No, you're not.
So, Mrs.
Powell, you'd like to adopt a child.
Yes, I would.
Very much.
Are you looking for a baby? A toddler? An adolescent? Whatever you have in stock.
In stock? You know, in the back, or wherever you keep them.
Ma'am, this isn't a department store.
Of course not.
Are we just gonna pretend that isn't happening? Mnh.
I don't even notice it anymore.
So What's next? I have a facial at 4:00, and I'd like to leave here with my child today.
That's not gonna happen.
There are background checks, home evaluations.
The whole process takes up to a year.
A year? Oh, no, no, no.
No, Loretta Can I call you Loretta? You can, but my name is Lorraine.
Lorraine, I have so much love to give, and I'm not wasting it on my husband anymore.
Oh, don't write that down.
The truth is I've led a life of tremendous privilege, and for once, I feel the need to focus on someone other than myself.
Look, I admire your passion, Mrs.
Powell, but my hands are tied.
But the child will never want for anything! We have eight bedrooms, six cars.
I spend more money in a day than you make in a year.
I am not endearing myself to you, am I? The beat is toxic, gets me on a high I'm floating on air with you by my side And I can't, can't leave the dance floor I need to have more Más música dentro de mi Hey, esta noche Bravo! You should have knocked.
What are you doing here? Oh, I came back to talk to Evelyn about new houses, but she's not here, so I thought I would say hello to you.
Now shoo.
I gotta rehearse.
What are you rehearsing for? There's a showcase at the piano bar, and I'm doing a set.
You are? Yeah.
Just getting my feet wet again.
You wanna come? It's tonight.
Oh, I-I can't.
"I have plans with my wife.
" I have plans with my wife.
I'm sorry, mon coeur, but things will be different once I leave Jacklyn.
But that's never going to happen.
It is, okay? I told you, I have a plan.
But you won't tell me what the plan is.
It's better if you don't know.
Because there is no plan! No, there is a plan.
Come on, Sebastien.
I'm Carmen Luna.
I'm not stupid.
And I'm Sebastien Dussault, and I'm not lying.
Just trust me on this, okay? Mnh-mnh-mnh-mnh-mnh.
I put my career on hold long enough for you.
Solet me know when that plan works out.
Hi, Katy.
Do you want some company? I bet you must be lonely, with your mami still in the hospital, and your papi spending so much time there.
When is Mommy coming home? Soon.
She's getting much better.
Are you going to leave, too? Like Blanca? No.
I'm here to stay.
Hey, did Blanca ever play games with you? I don't like games.
Oh, come on.
Everyone likes games.
Let me teach you one I used to play back in México.
Hmm? You're from Mexico? Mm-hmm.
Now your hands go like this.
Hmm? Hmm? And the words go Papas y papas para mamá Papas y papas para papá Las calientitas para mamá Las quemaditas para papá Wow.
You know this game? Mm-hmm.
I used to play it a lot before I came here.
But this is a Mexican game.
I thought you were from Argentina.
I don't wanna play anymore.
Okay, we don't have to.
Come on.
Let's go make lunch, huh? Why are you keeping me down here? Why? I don't know anything.
I don't even know who you are.
If you let me go, I won't go to the police, okay? I'll just leave town and I'll never come back.
I swear.
I don't even know anything! I'm begging you! You can't keep me here! I won't tell anybody anything! Please! Please don't leave me here! Sebastien, I am looking specifically for homes with a large backyard, ample playroom, living quarters for an au pair.
We are considering adopting.
If it ever comes through, I'd like to be ready.
Looking forward to it.
Powell? You're adopting? Yes.
If everything goes well, we will soon be hearing the patter of little feet.
Size and sex of the feet yet to be determined.
But why? Why what? Why would you wanna have a kid? Your house is so beautiful and quiet and it's notsticky.
Is this because you don't want extra housework? What?! No! I love cleaning.
But are you sure you wanna have a child at this stage of your life? And what stage would that be exactly? I'm just saying, it's gonna be really hard.
My friend Zoila -- she's having a baby and she's miserable.
Zoila? She's the one who works for Genevieve, right? Yes.
She thought she was done having kids, but then she got knocked up, and now her life is over! How sad for her.
Thank you, Carmen.
You've given me a lot to chew on.
Thank you for coming with me to this thing.
Yeah, I totally invited myself, but you're welcome.
What's this fund-raiser for, anyway? At-risk youth.
But mostly, it's just an excuse for people to flash their money and drink.
Well, I don't have money, soshould we drink? Absolutely.
Gail Fleming, 6:00.
I don't think she spotted us.
Marisol? Gail.
Is that you? I haven't seen you in ages.
I hope this isn't awkward because I fired you.
No hard feelings.
I'm very happy working for Marisol now.
Yes, I noticed.
At first, I thought you were canoodling with one of the at-risk youth, but then I realized it was Jesse.
It's been lovely catching up, Gail.
So are you two an item now? Yep.
I'm so happy for you, finding love in an unexpected place.
It's new.
We just started seeing each other.
Regardless, mazel tov.
Oh, that's Jewish for "congratulations.
" Thank you.
We were just on our way to the bar.
Who is that man with Marisol? I know.
He's her maid.
But obviously she is not paying him to clean.
Zoila! Where are you?! In here.
Oh, my God.
Zoila, are you all right? I am now.
Thanks for coming back.
Well, the hotel said it was an emergency, that you'd had an accident.
It was terrible.
I fell down the stairs.
Is the baby all right? Fine, thank God.
It was so scary.
I really did a number on my ankle.
I'm a mess.
Oh, of course you are.
Look at you -- pregnant, injured And is it just me, or are your breasts crooked? The point is I need your help.
I know we left things badly, but -- Stop.
That's water under the bridge.
Really? Really.
Besides, I couldn't bear the thought of you suffering here all alone.
Hey, "G" to the double "V"! I didn't know you were home.
Actually, Reina showed up to help.
How nice.
Make yourself at home, dear.
Thanks, girl.
Already did.
Zoila, I don't understand.
If your sister's here, why did I need to fly across the world? Because you've been much more of a sister to me than Reina's ever been.
I'd much rather have you around.
Well, that's lovely.
It's how I feel.
Socould you ask her to leave? What? It's your house.
It'd be so much easier coming from you.
I really don't want to have a fight with her.
And I've been through so much already.
Oh! Ah! Ow! Oh! Okay.
Don't you worry.
I'll take care of everything.
Let's dance our life away Vamos a bailar Let's do it every day Vamos a bailar Let's dance our life away Vamos a bailar Let's do it every day Vamos a bailar Wow.
I don't even know why I come to this dump.
Look at the audience.
There's nobody here.
Excuse me.
And it's supposed to be a-a showcase for "industry professionals.
" Do you see any industry professionals here? If I may? And I was awesome tonight.
I killed it.
What's the point if there's nobody here to see it? Uh, Carmen? Yes! What do you want? I'm Kevin Hanson.
I'm a talent scout for Needle Drop Music, and what I want is to make you a star.
And I'm telling you, the Stappords say their little girl is from Argentina, but I don't think she is.
Rosie, I placed you in that house to make their life easier, not to stir up trouble.
You don't think they're hiding something? I think they're trying to hide that their marriage is on the rocks.
But why would they lie about Katy? I don't know.
But when I played "Papas y papas" with her, she knew all the words.
- So? -So it's a Mexican song, sung by Mexicans.
I think that's where she's really from.
That's not much to go on.
You guys think I'm being stupid.
Of course not.
No one is saying that you're stupid.
I'll say it.
Carmen! What? That's her thing.
I'm the hot one, she's the dumb one, Zoila is the mean one, and you're the other one.
I don't even get an adjective.
Who wants to hit her first? I will.
I'm the mean one.
Thank you.
Ah! To pink champagne, the only thing better than regular champagne.
Cheers! Mmm.
It's so nice of you to take me out for a swanky lunch.
You're paying, right? Of course.
I just wanna thank you for taking such good care of our little Zoila.
It's my pleasure.
Aren't you a good sister? The thing is, now that I'm back, Zoila doesn't have to be your burden anymore.
My burden? Well, surely you must be tired of looking after her.
Oh, my God.
You're throwing me out.
Did Zoila put you up to this? Well she's very grateful to you for all your efforts, just not grateful enough to let you stay.
I don't know why I'm surprised.
Zoila has always been extremely selfish.
Now, now.
That's not fair.
Oh, it's not? You think she considered your feelings when she dragged you back here from your big vacation? She needed me.
You may not know this, but we have a very special bond.
Some bond.
She complained about you the entire time you were gone.
She did? What did she say? You know, something about you two getting into a big fight, and it being all your fault.
But you know what? I don't wanna get in the middle.
My fault? She really thinks that? No, no.
I've said too much.
Anyway, I will just pack up my things and I'll go.
It's important that Zoila gets what she wants.
I just I thought she'd be more sympathetic, since she -- she knows I can't go home.
Oh, sweetie, why not? I'm in the middle of a divorce.
I have no money.
I have nowhere to go.
But Zoila needs her space.
Don't cry.
There must be some way I can help.
No, Zoila clearly wants me to suffer.
Well, Zoila doesn't get to decide everything, now does she? Hello, Zoila.
Genevieve isn't here right now.
That's all right.
I came to see you.
What? Why? I just heard you're pregnant! Now how am I the last to know? Because we're not friends? Of course we're friends.
What's my last name? DelBarrio.
It's Diaz, but thanks for playing.
I brought you a gift.
A cashmere baby blanket? Don't throw it in the wash.
It's dry clean only.
Powell, let's cut to the chase here.
What are you after? ZoilaI know your life is hard, and I was wondering if you might allow me to make it easier.
How? By letting me raise your baby.
What? Just think about it.
Your child will go to private schools, visit exotic places, have the best therapists money can buy.
And, of course, you'll be generously compensated.
You wanna buy my baby? Adopt your baby for a fee.
Why are you laughing? Because what you're asking is horrible! And weirdly flattering.
But my baby is not for sale.
Are you certain? Yes.
If that's what you're after, you'll have to find someone a lot more desperate than me.
Very well then.
No baby, no cashmere.
Thank you, Jesse.
Sandra, how did you find out about my service? Sandra? Oh.
UmGail told me all about it.
Gail Fleming? She told me how much you enjoy your maid, and I'd like to have someone that I could enjoy as well.
Well, why not? You deserve it.
Are you doing all the housework yourself right now? "Housework.
" Yes, unfortunately, I take care of all of that myself.
But I've never hired anyone to clean before.
There's nothing to be nervous about.
Now let me ask you a few questions.
What kind of job do you want? Do you want a deep cleaning or just a quick in and out? Deep.
Definitely deep.
I want someone strong, who will spend some serious time on my house.
How soon can you get someone over to me? Well, I have a great person in mind.
Her name is Phyllis.
No, no, no.
I don't want a woman.
I need a man.
Unfortunately, I don't have any men available right now.
Well, how about your maid? Jesse? He works for me full-time.
Well, I don't mind sharing, if you're up for it.
Jesse seems worth it.
Tall, handsome Are the rumors true? I'm sorry, Sandra, this is a legitimate placement agency for housekeepers.
With a happy ending.
What exactly do you think I'm selling here? Sex.
You're a madam, right? Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Reina, how was your lunch with Genevieve? Are you okay? Can I help you pack? Actually she gave me a job.
What? She liked my style, so I'm gonna be her new personal shopper.
So you're gonna be working here? And living here, too.
You can't get rid of me that easy, sis.
You gave Reina a job? Your sister's going through a very difficult time right now.
Genevieve! She's manipulating you.
Like you manipulated me into coming home from Greece? I fell down the stairs! A week ago, but you didn't call for my help until you couldn't stand your sister anymore.
Okay, that'strue.
But I really am glad you're here.
You tricked me into coming back so I'd get rid of Reina.
But she's a very nice person.
And I won't do it.
I'm not your puppet.
Okay, this is what Reina does.
She turns people against each other.
She told me you'd say that.
She's taking advantage of you.
She told me you'd say that, too.
I'm trying to protect you.
You give Reina an inch, she'll take a mile.
Zoila, you've always said that Reina is the bad sister.
But what if it's the other way around? Gail why did you tell Sandra that I'm running an escort service? I beg your pardon? You told her I was selling sex.
No, I didn't.
I told her you were buying sex.
Gail! Well, aren't you? No! So you're not paying Jesse? I'm paying him.
Then you're not having sex with him? Well Thanks for clearing that up.
Look, I'm not paying Jesse for sex.
I'm paying him to clean.
Of course.
And every time I hire an escort, I pay him for the companionship.
The sex he just tosses in for free.
Do not turn me into you, Gail.
I am not you.
Okay, Marisol, please.
Do you really think that that tall glass of chocolate milk would be interested in you if you weren't paying him? I do.
I think he genuinely likes me.
And you know what? I like him, too.
He's smart, he's sweet, and he knows what he wants.
So you actually think you and Jesse have a future together? Maybe.
Why not? Because you are holding the purse strings.
And as long as that's true, you're not equals.
Do you like the mole? It's my abuelita's recipe.
Remember, she made it the night we got engaged? Mm-hmm.
Is everything okay? You seem so quiet tonight.
I'm sorry.
It's not you.
Then what is it? Tell me.
Do you think I'm stupid? Huh? I was talking to my friends about something today, and it felt like they were calling me dumb.
Why would you think that? Because they called me dumb.
These people are your friends? You are not stupid.
I would not marry a stupid woman.
You wouldn't? No.
You may get your English confused sometimes, but you see things other people don't.
And you know why? No.
Because you have a big heart.
You care more than anyone.
I think it makes you beautiful.
And that's why I love you so much.
Now tell me what you were talking about with your friends, and I will tell you why they are the stupid ones.
I think I'm ready for dessert now.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
I thought you wanted to take it slow.
Mm, that was stupid.
I can't believe I'm here! This label has launched so many careers.
And I am sure yours is gonna be the next one.
You think so? Of course.
I've been listening to your demo nonstop.
Don't you know how amazing you are? Oh, I do, but I wanted to hear you say it.
Come on in.
Here you go.
Your office is fantastic.
Oh, it's not mine.
It belongs to the company president.
Santo Dios.
How many awards can one person win? I know.
You know, she's only been with our company for a couple of months, but she's been in the business forever.
She must be amazing.
Now I don't want to make you nervous, but she only meets with the artists who she wants to sign.
Oh, my God! You're kidding me! You must be Carmen Luna.
Ooh, I've been listening to your music.
You're very, very talented.
This is like a dream come true.
Carmen, meet the president of Needle Drop, Jacklyn Dussault.
What? Dussault.
It's French.
My husband's name.
Your husband? Mm-hmm.
Handsome, isn't he? Can you believe it? Of all the music people in town, the only one who wants to sign me is your wife.
Well, what'd you say? I told her I have to think about it.
But you're gonna say yes.
I don't know.
I'm screwing her husband.
It doesn't feel right.
But you -- you have to say yes, Carmen.
Why do I have to? Because this is the plan.
What? I set it up for you, okay? You told me about your show.
I got an assistant to send that talent scout.
Ow! I knew if he heard you, he would love you and introduce you to Jacklyn.
Ow! Please stop hitting me.
I told you I didn't wanna meet your wife.
But this is what Jacklyn does, okay? She finds new talent and turns them into stars.
And once you're a star, we won't need her money anymore.
We'll have yours.
See? I told you I had a plan.
That's your plan? I thought you were gonna break the prenup.
Eh, that thing is unbreakable, so I had to think of something else.
I never should have fallen for a Frenchman.
You're all crazy.
Look, I believe in you and your talent.
I think you got what it takes.
Does that make me crazy? It's too dangerous.
If I'm working with her and sleeping with you, she's going to figure it out.
She won't.
She will.
And then that's it for my career and your marriage.
We're gonna end up with nothing.
I know it's scary, but that's a risk we've gotta take.
It's the only way for us to be together.
Sebastien I hope that's not true, became your plan is terrible.
I'm not going through with it.
A reservation for two, please.
Oh, and can we have the corner booth? Perfect.
See you at 8:00.
Oh, hey! I didn't know you were there.
I'm working.
Genevieve's going to a gala, so she needs me to buy her something classy.
Well, I'm sure you'll find something.
LookI'm sorry I tried to get you kicked out.
I don't wanna fight anymore.
Is that why you're treating me to dinner? Oh.
You overheard my phone call.
Actually, I'm taking Genevieve to her favorite restaurant.
I sorta owe her.
Because you've been such a raging beeyotch? Yeah.
I've been a beeyotch.
Anyway, she always orders the tasting menu, so don't wait up.
You're gonna be gone all night? Yeah.
I hate to leave you all alone in this big, empty house.
I hope you don't mind holding down the fort? Don't worry.
I'm sure I'll find something to do.
What are you doing back? Let's be honest.
I'm desperate.
You're desperate.
But there's one thing that can fix both our problems.
I'm sorry? I'm making a donation to this department.
You can hire additional help, fixplumbing issues.
Or you can use it at your discretion.
Powell, I can't accept a bribe.
But how much money are we talking about? Tell you what.
I'll write the first number, then you tell me how many zeroes to add after it.
And all you have to do is move my application from the bottom to the top.
Katy? Katy? I brought you a present.
Do you know what this is? Mango lollipop.
I hope you like it.
It was my favorite when I was growing up in México.
You had these before? Mm-hmm.
I love them.
But they don't have these in Argentina.
You grew up in México, didn't you, Katy? Mm.
_ _ I have something for you, too.
Oh? Close your eyes.
I'm so excited.
I can't wait to see what it is.
Open them.
Dios mío.
Do you like it? This is Blanca's necklace.
Where did you find it? On the floor, in the hallway.
But she loves this necklace.
Why would she have left it behind? Come on! Zoila? Feeling any better? Huh? Oh.
Sorry to cut dinner short.
Darn pregnancy.
I just wanna see what Reina's up to.
You're so skeptical of her, but she's a good person, Zoila.
Aah! Who are you? Genevieve Delatour.
You're in my house.
No, no.
This is Reina's house.
Of course it is.
Pink champagne! The only thing better than regular champagne.
Hi, Reina.
Y-you're back early.
Reina, why is there a naked man defiling my silk pillow? Oh, that is my friend Mar-Marshall.
Are you wearing my fur?! Well, it was a little chilly in here.
Reina, I am shocked by your behavior.
Shocked! Genevieve, listen -- No! I've listened enough to you.
Honey, I'm so sorry I didn't believe you about your sister.
Will you forgive me, for everything? Only if you forgive me, too.
Of course.
Now get the hell out of my house.
I'll take that.
You set me up, didn't you? Yeah.
I guess I did.
Well, I hope you're happy, 'cause that's it.
You're never gonna see me again.
That's what you always say.
Let's go.
Hey, Jesse.
Can we talk? Uh-oh.
What's wrong? Nothing's wrong.
I've got some good news.
Sort of.
In a way, it's a kinda bad news.
Marisol? I want this to be more than just sex, too.
I wanna see where this goes.
So you're fired.
Excuse me? You're an amazing maid, and you look so cute when you're sweeping, with your big arms going back and forth.
- I just -- I can't.
- But at the end of the day, I don't want to think of you as my maid.
And I don't want you to think of me as your boss, because We're more than that.
I quit.
Technically, I already fired you.
But let's just say you quit.
That's better.
Are you okay with this? Yeah.
I can find another job.
But before I hang up my mop, what kind of severance are you offering? Well, there are several packages.
But the one I have in mind for you has some excellent benefits.
There she is -- our newest star.
I need to talk to you.
You're not turning us down, are you? ActuallyI am.
Okay, who got to you? Sony? Columbia? Whoever it is, you're making a huge mistake.
I am not signing with another company.
- Then what is it? - It's It's personal.
I don't wanna get into it.
I'm so sorry.
This is a first.
But I guess I was wrong about you.
Excuse me? You're not a star.
Hold on.
That's just rude.
It's the truth.
Stars aren't scared of success.
They're not always the most talented or the most beautiful, but they're hungry.
That's what separates them from the nobodies.
They don't care what stands in their way or whose throat they have to cut.
They will do anything to be famous.
That's what a star is, Carmen.
But obviously, that's not you.
It is me.
I'm a star.
Then prove it.
Where do I sign? This is the last listing of the day, but I don't think it's right for you.
Why not? Needs some minor touch-ups.
Um, painting, landscaping.
It's also Beverly Hills adjacent.
Oh, dear.
Well, as horrible as that sounds, if it is child-friendly, I suppose I should consider it.
Ooh! Look at these high ceilings! That's a promising start.
with a spacious backyard, perfect for kids.
One kid, if we're lucky.
So what's the catch? What do you mean? Well, I know the neighborhood is less than ideal, but a house like this, at this price? There must be something wrong with it.
This is why we have inspections.
No need to worry.
Let me get the light.
Oh, my God.