Dexter s02e06 Episode Script

Dex, Lies, and Videotape

Previously on Dexter We have to catch them in the act at the shipyard.
He's gonna find out, and then he's gonna kill me.
Harry knew my mother.
Why would Rita print out narcotics anonymous literature if Paul's dead? Because recently I entered the program.
How many fucking times do I have to tell you that I'm fine? It's my department.
I need to know that you are fit for duty.
That's my job! I always eat lunch at 1:00.
You'll learn that about me.
Why don't you sit down? You're very fidgety.
Anyone ever tell you that? My father.
You applying for the job? Well, you said you'd call.
Where are you, and when are you coming back? Tomorrow morning.
Promise me to stop by the house See you.
- Is she OK with you doing this? - I didn't tell her.
I don't care what you did.
I'm no longer sure who made me what I am.
Funny thing is I've met someone who doesn't care.
- We need to talk about Coral Cove.
- What about coral cove? The algae on the rocks sent us there.
If I were you, I'd consider moving your boat.
- Security out there sucks.
- When I'm back, I'll hit the marina and make sure there's no blood traces on my boat.
It isn't a commercial marina.
But I can see the upkeep on this place is dismal.
That's why I'm gonna order on this marina and the two others.
There's another shipment coming in tomorrow.
How much? Can you get your hands on some? That wasn't part of our agreement.
We need hard evidence.
Otherwise, it's just your word against Estrada's.
I'll protect you.
I promise.
You better.
Do you meet me later? Laura, the tape's still rolling.
Very convincing.
What was that? Laura, the tape's still rolling.
Damn it.
My mother Confidential informant and mumbler.
Whatever sweet nothings she had to whisper I probably don't want to hear.
It seems that my foster father and my biological mother were having an affair.
It's bad enough I can't shake the visual.
But the questions Did he blame himself for her death? Is that why he took me in? Did he love her, or was he just using her? Was he using me? I always thought Harry's code was on-The-Spot creative problem-Solving, But maybe he planned for me to settle the score all along.
It's times like this I wish I really were a drug addict.
I had emotional problems as a kid because of what happened to my mom.
Harry said he was trying to help me, mut we only talked about his rules.
I spent so much time trying to live up to his expectations because I thought he had my best interests in mind.
If you come over this late, the least you could do is bring me a coffee.
- Sorry.
- Cappuccino Make a note of it.
Truth is, Dex, It doesn't really matter why Harry did what he did.
The result's the same.
You have an addiction.
Do you think Harry made me what I am? Plenty of people go through trauma without turning to addiction.
Whatever Harry taught you led you down the wrong path.
But I've built everything in my life on what Harry said I was supposed to be.
My job, my girlfriend It's all what Harry told me I needed.
What do you think you need? I have no idea.
Whatever's inside you is splattered all over that paper I took from your lab.
Looks messy.
It probably is.
Look, Dexter.
Everyone has a moment when they realize their value system is different from their parents'.
Mine was in college, but maybe you're a late bloomer.
- Lucky me.
- Damn right, lucky you.
You get to have a fresh start.
Whatever you thought or did doesn't matter.
Now you get to figure out who you are.
I went to Lila for answers, but now all I have is more questions.
Who am I? What do I need? What do I want? Coffee.
I really want a cup of coffee.
- What up, half-day? - Is there coffee left? You're late.
I fell asleep before you got home last night.
Were you at Rita's? You're welcome, ass.
- Your brother looks like shit.
- Tell me about it.
I may be out of line with this, but did he fall off the wagon? What wagon? The only wagon he's ever had is a radio flyer.
Your brother's a junkie.
Isn't he? Are you high? He's never even smoked a cigarette.
I'm glad you got some new material, though, 'cause "freak" and "psycho" were getting kind of tired.
Agent Lundy? So, I hear a rumor you're tracking all our Internet activity.
Is it true? 'Cause I can explain all that she-male stuff.
I need my team outside in five minutes.
That sounds important.
Got a major break in the investigation.
Patrol found a guy saying he escaped the Bay Harbor Butcher.
He claimed he was captured two hours ago.
That's a neat trick, considering I was asleep.
At least trying to sleep.
This could be good news for me.
- Morgan? - Yes? The other Morgan.
I'd like you to join us, if you can spare him.
That's fine with me.
- Is there blood? - Not that I'm aware of.
But what about Masuka? Yeah, I'm the lead forensics investigator.
Masuka's lab work is more pressing.
I need him to hold down the fort here.
He totally saw the she-male stuff.
So, what do you say? I'll buy you lunch after.
Pork sandwich, right? - Yes.
- Good.
I figured it was time to get a fresh perspective on the case.
Rumor has it you have a knack for attracting serial killers.
I hear the same about you.
Dexter also enjoys long walks on the beach and foreign films.
Then we got a lot to talk about.
He knocked me out.
Then when I woke up, I was tied up in that train car over there.
- You said he used rope? - Dumb fuck.
I stretched it out enough so I can get my legs free and I got out of there.
Ran across the road, almost got hit by that guy in the car.
So, that's the alleged victim of the Bay Harbor Butcher.
But I've never seen him before in my life.
O'Connor, Singer, make sure you take pictures of those footprints.
- Hey, Dex.
- Hey.
So, the victim says the Butcher held him in this train car.
Lundy wants you to search for trace evidence.
- Your spidey sense tingling yet? - We'll see when I get inside.
Take your time.
We've never been this close to this pendejo.
Closer than you think, amigo.
He may have borrowed my pseudonym, but this guy doesn't know the first thing about my techniques.
Why do you think it was the Butcher? He told me the Bay Harbor Butcher's gonna clean up Miami.
He said, "You're gonna get what you deserve.
" And what do you deserve, Mr.
Henry? Well, look.
The Butcher kills criminals, right? I just got out of jail, you know.
Six years for aggravated assault and home invasion, so He kills murderers.
You didn't kill anyone, did you? Alright, I gave this old guy a heart attack.
It's not like I was doing it on purpose, alright? I used to hit retirement homes, communities.
Snowbirds are easy targets.
And I don't do that anymore.
I did my time.
Your mother must be so proud.
I wanna check out the train car with your brother.
Why don't you keep an eye on our friend here while we confirm his story? Sure.
Killing tools left behind.
I'd never be this careless.
Whoever did this would never pass Harry's muster.
Then again, neither would Harry.
He lied about my past, he cheated on my foster mother with my biological mother.
Maybe Lila's right.
It's time for a new set of standards.
If you were the Bay Harbor Butcher, would you use a place like this? Actually, yes.
Location wise, it's not a bad choice.
It's quiet, remote.
Could use an upgrade in the lighting department, but You think this is our guy? Not exactly.
From what I understand, the conditions in this space don't support his M.
It's filthy, for one thing.
Butcher's clean orderly.
And some people would say compulsive.
Really? You think he's compulsive? That doesn't fit either.
A hatchet is sloppy.
The butcher uses precise surgical instruments.
He's not that predictable.
Is he? Mixes it up.
Different tools every time.
And never rope.
He uses duct tape and plastic wrap.
- Plastic wrap, how can you tell? - Depression patterns in the skin.
Maybe the butcher's having an identity crisis.
- It's entirely possible.
- But not likely.
My guess is we're looking for a vigilante inspired by the butcher's principles.
Bet he never thought he'd be a role model.
I bet you're right.
So, any new leads on the real guy? Not yet.
We hope the cameras'll turn something up.
- Cameras? - In the marinas.
Put them in a couple of days ago to monitor for suspicious activities.
Good news for all those cops who keep boats at Coral Cove.
You've got one, too, right? We've been needing a security upgrade for a long time now.
Has Lundy seen me on the tape? Is that why he invited me along today? To mess with me? Sorry if I was short with you this morning.
I'm lost without my morning coffee.
- Whatever.
How was your playdate with Lundy? Did you bond? You didn't tell me they put up security cameras at the marinas.
It's not like they're doing us any good.
The station's computers need an update so we can synch up with Lundy's equipment.
- The cameras aren't recording? - They are, but nobody saw the footage.
Lundy said it should be fixed by tonight.
That's a relief.
Your mom told me about your cultural presentation at school.
Did your teacher give you a country yet? Saudi Arabia.
That's israel.
I won't tell the Saudis you said that.
Looks like Cody's enjoying himself.
Dexter's very patient with him.
Dexter's a saint.
Where's Astor? Uh, she's by the water.
I want to say goodbye.
I gotta go.
I was supposed to meet Lila Who's Lila? His sponsor.
Really? A woman? Dexter's sponsor is a woman.
Is that a problem? Is she attractive? - Mom - I'm just curious.
Is she? I have an idea.
Why don't you and Lila have dinner with us? That's very kind of you, Gail, but I think it'd be really nice if we got to know the woman you spend so much time with.
- Mom, they're doing step work.
- But they have to eat, right? Here.
Let me help.
Thank you.
So lovely of you to have me over.
Now I can put names to faces.
Dexter talks about you all the time.
Good things, I hope.
Dexter never says a bad word about anyone.
Tell me, Lila.
What exactly are you recovering from? I'm a meth addict, sober five years.
I don't know much about meth.
- Rita's ex-Husband shot heroin.
- Like Dexter.
Guess we know your type, don't we? Just can't seem to help myself.
You have nothing to worry about with Dexter, I mean.
I'm sitting right here.
- I didn't mean to imply - No.
I completely understand.
Rita's your little baby.
You have every right to be concerned.
But if I can reassure you, Dexter's doing incredibly well.
Well, I'm happy to hear that.
And I'm sure it's got everything to do with the two of you.
He tells me you're very supportive.
Dexter's lucky to have you.
Well that's very sweet of you to say.
So, tell us more about yourself.
Dexter tells me you're an artist.
Yeah, she does amazing things with a blowtorch.
What's it called? Talent.
But I'm not the only artist at the table.
- Since when? - It's not really art.
She's talking about a blood-spatter pattern she took from work.
What kind of career choice is blood spatter, exactly? He helps catch criminals, mother.
And it makes perfect sense, what with Dexter's mother and everything.
You know she's dead.
Forgot the bread.
Dinner was fantastic, Rita.
And this dessert I never thought I'd say this, but I kind of like her.
Yeah, me too.
She's really helping me.
I wish she didn't have to help you tonight.
Why? What are you thinking? - My mom could watch the kids.
- I have to swing by the office tonight.
I need to take care of something really important.
I mean, can't it wait till morning? I promise we'll go straight to bed.
You're very convincing, but it needs to get done tonight.
Just give me an hour, okay? Meet you back at my place? I still think it's funny you write children's books.
Yeah, a big, tough guy like me should be do something manly, like wrangling cattle.
I don't even know any kids' books.
My dad told me cop stories before bed.
It was really the only alone time I ever got with him.
You okay? Yeah.
Sorry, just an annoying day at work.
You know the FBI guy I was talking about? I was really starting to feel like I was his go-to girl, But he realized Dexter is the superior Morgan.
I should be used to it, you know? It was like that with my dad, work.
I guess I hoped Lundy would be different.
- Why? - I don't know.
I respect him.
He's great at his job, supersmart, And, like, funny, but in this really dry way where he doesn't even know it.
You love him.
What? You totally have a crush on Grundy.
- Lundy.
- Now you're getting touchy about it.
I don't have a crush on him.
He's like my dad.
Except I spent my life trying to get my dad to notice me, and he actually pays attention to what I say.
And grundy loves you.
Oh, fuck off.
Lundy's good - Double-Locked and a bit beyond my expertise.
I could try to crack it open, but in my own station too risky.
I can do this more often now that my mom's in town.
I feel like we're being bad.
Bad Bad is good.
Let the machine get it.
Hey, Dex, just calling to check in.
Thought we could do the debriefing on dinner.
I thought it went well, don't you? I'd say so.
Rita's sweet, very Martha Stewart.
I love Martha Stewart.
God, her mum, she's got quite the rod up her ass, doesn't she? By the way, I am such a twat.
I can't believe I almost slipped up about your mum.
At least, I didn't spill the beans about our road trip.
Don't you dare! Can you imagine Rita's face if I told her you and I spent the night together in a hotel? Anyway You and Lila stayed in a hotel together? - We had adjoining rooms.
- Adjoining rooms? Right.
God, I am such an idiot.
I can't believe I defended you while you were sleeping with another woman.
I thought you were different than Paul, but you're the same.
Actually, you're worse.
You made me trust you.
- Please, just let me explain.
- I've had it! I have been patient and understanding, but there's only so much I can take.
You're a liar and a cheat, and I am through.
It's over, Dexter! Tracy Jenkins was given the liver of a 9-year-old Hi, honey.
I thought you were spending the night at Dexter's.
We had a fight.
- I think we broke up.
- What? Mama's here.
Yesterday I was so hopeful.
A new me, a new life.
But a life without Rita seems strange.
What in the name of fuck are you doing up so early? I got to get to the station.
Are you okay? You seem weird.
Weirder than usual.
Rita broke up with me last night.
Seriously? What happened? It's a long story.
I've got time.
Yeah but I don't.
Cliff Notes.
She thinks I did something bad, but I didn't.
Did you tell her that? I tried, but she dumped me before I had a chance to explain.
She said, "It's over," and left.
- Did you go after her? - Was I supposed to? You're such a guy.
When I get pissed, I say stuff I don't mean all the time.
"I hate you," "I faked it," - "You're hung like a grape.
" - You lost me.
When Rita said, "it's over," I'm sure she didn't actually mean it.
Stop being a douche bag and go fight for her.
She's fucking perfect.
I know.
Sure, I'll be right there.
I'll tell him.
Who's that, Gabriel? No, Lundy.
He's holding a meeting at the station about the bay harbor case.
He specifically requested that you be there.
I missed my window.
He's already seen the footage.
- Me? Why? - Because you're his new butt buddy.
You gonna be okay? Check back with me later.
The show has already started, but have they seen the feature presentation? Bane of the Bay Harbor Butcher, starring Dexter Morgan as himself? It's all synched up? Yep, you can watch streaming video of the marina right now if you want to.
Maybe you'll get to see some pontoon poon.
Did you need something? That's not my marina yet.
I'll be making my on-screen debut soon enough.
I've got to find a way to get to those video files.
The media frenzy about the Butcher has come back to bite us.
Big surprise.
Now we've got a wannabe vigilante out there Who liked the Butcher's style and thought, "Hey, I should try this at home.
" He attacked this man - John Henry, Ex-convict, preyed on the elderly.
It gets better.
I have already received reports of ads on Craig's list and coffee-shop bulletin boards requesting the services of the Butcher.
People think they've found their own personal Batman.
This is not good news.
If this kind of thing catches on, We're looking at an epidemic.
- Kind of like herpes.
- Fuck, Masuka, I'm trying to listen.
One in four, Morgan.
One in four.
Vigilante justice is domestic terrorism.
And terrorism prevention is the FBI's top priority.
I've done my best to be diplomatic, but if we lose one life to a vigilante, I will pull this case from Miami Metro and hand it over in full to the FBI.
It's a promise.
That's a disaster.
It'd be raining feds in Miami.
So, if we want to keep the investigation here, we need to nip this in the bud, make an example of our would-be vigilante.
The last thing we need is a bunch of weekend warriors I think I found a suspect.
Could you? Ken Olson.
Olson's mother was hurt badly in a home-invasion robbery.
Guess who hurt her.
Please, tell me John Henry, our train-Car victim.
I think Olson attacked him for revenge.
- Any evidence? - Only circumstantial.
- Can you get him here for questioning? - Can't find him.
Leak this to some of your media contacts.
Let's beat this guy out of the bushes.
Nice work, detective.
Let's get moving.
I need hard evidence on this Olson character, and fast.
And if you can find the guy, even better.
The full force of the FBI - That's the last thing I need.
I've got to make sure Lundy gets his man after I figure out a way to erase the marina files and make up with my girlfriend.
Then maybe I'll tackle world hunger 'cause things can't really get worse.
Another shipment's coming in tomorrow.
How much? 300 bricks, give or take.
Turn it off.
That wasn't part of our agreement, Harry.
I said turn it off.
I heard what you said.
I just don't take orders from you.
Is there a reason you're in my lab, sergeant Doakes? Is there a reason you're listening to tapes as old as you are? I had a little talk with your sister.
Turns out she didn't know you were in program.
- Anonymous, sergeant.
- How long did you say you been clean? Actually, I didn't because it's none of your goddamn business.
So, if I were to take a hair from your desk and run it for drugs, it would come back positive, right? Because why would someone pretend to be an addict if he's not unless he's got something a hell of a lot worse to hide? Back the fuck off.
You want to hit me? Go for it.
I've been waiting for a chance to take your ass out.
I know how you feel, sergeant.
I want to file a formal complaint against Doakes.
Jesus, Dexter, the two of you He crossed the line, lieutenant! He broke into my lab.
He went through my personal things.
He threatened me.
He's probably gonna start tailing me again.
- Sergeant Doakes tailed you? - For weeks, maybe longer.
OK, you have every right to file a complaint, but before you do that, I'd like the chance to talk to James myself.
He's really not much of a talker.
I'm asking you, as a personal favor to me, to hold off.
Can you do that? Yeah.
Okay, in the meantime, I strongly encourage you to take a break for a couple of hours.
Just go somewhere.
Cool off.
- Excuse me? - I need to be here, lieutenant.
This is really not a good time for me to leave.
It isn't a suggestion, Dexter.
It's an order.
Clear the station.
Clear your head.
I don't want to see you here until after lunch.
Understood? Blimey, look at you.
You wanna tell me what's going on? What's going on? Being the new me sucks.
I'm about to be found out at work for what I am.
For what I really am.
And I can't do anything to stop it because I got kicked out of the office to cool off.
It seems to be going well for you.
Add to that the fact that Rita heard your message and dumped me last night.
I tried to explain to her nothing happened, but she wouldn't listen to me.
- Nobody fucking listens to me! - Listen, you need to calm down.
Last time, you came back covered in blood.
So? You said I was supposed to feel my feelings.
Now I tell you to get them under control.
- You don't understand.
- Why don't you make me? Which step was that? The naughty one.
What are you thinking? Absolutely nothing.
I guess we found a way to quiet the voices in your head.
I guess so.
How do you feel? Much better actually.
I guess I must be a good sponsor after all.
And where are you off to? I still have that thing at work to deal with.
Well, come back tomorrow.
I promise you some serious recovery.
Hello? Dexter, hey.
- You at work? - I will be soon.
I was just taking a break.
What's going on? I'd really like to get together and talk.
I don't like how our last conversation ended.
Me neither.
You said you wanted to explain, and I owe it to you to hear you out.
I owe it to us.
So, can you come over after work? Sure.
Apparently my new life involves a love triangle.
I'm that guy.
The voices are back.
You were tailing Dexter? What the hell were you thinking? If you wanted to have lunch, you could have asked.
If Dexter files a complaint, you will be kicked off the force, end of story.
There's a reason he hasn't reported me until now.
He's hiding something.
I can feel it.
Is this another one of your conspiracy theories? It's instinct and a hell of a lot of experience.
I've spent years looking the enemy in the face, and I'm telling you Morgan is dangerous.
Your instincts haven't been that great these days, James.
Two shootings in the last six months, Stalking a police employee Listen to me.
Morgan lied about the Ice-Truck Killer.
That crack pipe knew more than he told us.
He was trying to protect his sister.
You of all people should understand.
I followed him to an N.
That asshole lied about that too.
- You're obsessed.
- I'm not.
You are, and I need you to see it as your boss and as your friend.
We've been through this before.
Last time it cost you our relationship.
This time it's gonna get you kicked off the force or worse.
I'll take my chances.
Let it go.
I mean it.
Leave Dexter alone.
The Batista suspect come in yet, the wannabe vigilante? Olson just came in.
Saw himself on the 3:00 news and showed up with his lawyer.
I hope we nail his ass to the wall.
I love it when you talk dirty.
- Morgan? - Right here.
The other Morgan.
I didn't know you were a smoker.
Have you seen Dexter Morgan? He's on a break.
Why? Detective Batista's got a suspect in interview room 1.
We think he's the would-be vigilante who attacked our train-car victim.
I need him to take some scrapings for evidence.
You want to use Dexter again? Isn't Masuka on your task force? Yes, he is.
So, Mr.
Olson, the man who assaulted your mom was attacked yesterday.
- Did you know that? - Nope.
Can't say I'm upset, though.
Son of a bitch almost killed my mom.
My client's emotional, detective.
- I'm sure he's not trying to say - Any idea who might have done it? I don't know.
Maybe it was the Butcher.
I think a guy like that should be running the police force, not hiding from it.
- Is this a lion or a hippo? - I think it's a lion.
Tastes like a hippo.
- Animal cracker? - No, thank you.
What do you do for a living, Mr.
Olson? I just lost my job.
That's too bad.
I see that you have a minor assault record and no alibi for yesterday morning.
I'm sure my client didn't realize he needed one.
You have a girlfriend, Mr.
Olson? She just broke up with me.
Why, you interested? Just curious.
Now, this is a lion.
Alright, let me keep this all straight.
No job, no relationship.
You got guns and a minor assault record.
- And I voted for Bush both times.
- Sorry, were you getting at something? What he's getting at, Mr.
Novik, is your client fits the 4-point profile of someone who'd commit a vigilante offense.
You're a ticking time bomb.
You ask me, you just needed a reason to take the law into your own hands.
And the butcher was the perfect excuse.
- You don't know me.
- We know you attacked John Henry.
You need proof to make those kinds of accusations, detective.
You heard the man, detective.
We've got work to do.
Make yourself comfortable, Mr.
We're just getting started with you.
That's my marina.
And in less than 30 minutes, I'll be on that screen.
I need to take care of this, and fast.
I'm out of time.
I need an idea, a sign, anything.
What would the old Dexter do? Definitely not that.
No security cameras.
Apparently the new Dexter's stuck in high school.
Maybe I am a late bloomer.
A fire drill? Are you kidding? We have work to do.
It's probably one of those kids in the bullpen.
It's something I would have done.
Well, at least it stopped raining.
All clear.
Everybody out.
All clear! Everybody out! Respect the vest.
Don't make me take out my hose.
Like it never happened.
If only the rest of life were so easy to figure out.
Where you headed? I figured you'd be 1st to ogle the firemen.
I have to arrange protective custody for that fucking train-car victim.
- Why? - 'Cause we have nothing on Olson, not even enough to get a warrant to search his place.
Is that Olson's file? If we don't get something soon, Lundy'll have to let him go, meaning Olson will kill again, meaning we lose the Butcher case to the FBI, - meaning we're fucked.
- Some more than others.
No shit.
Till Lundy showed up, I felt like the dipshit who slept with the ice-Truck killer.
If he pulls the plug, I go back to being the resident retard.
Chin up little sister, these things have a way of working themselves out.
I just have to find a piece of evidence to make sure Lundy catches Olson fair and square.
Looks like I have a fan club, membership of one.
Why you so interested in the Butcher? Who the fuck are you? Holy shit, you're him, aren't you? Stop.
Don't kill me.
Don't kill me.
I'm like you.
I take out criminals.
You mean you try pitifully.
No, that was just the last one.
He got away.
I should have never made it personal.
- You've killed others? - That's I'm telling you.
First was a drug dealer - I ran him down with my car.
It felt It felt fucking great, Even better than the free stash I got off him.
And then, this guy at work found out I was fucking his wife.
He started to beat on her, so I pushed him down a stairwell.
The cops thought it was an accident, but it was me.
See, you can't kill me.
I wasn't going to until now.
This is what the kill room should look like.
The inside of a big plastic bag.
Of course, I spent hours working in this train car yesterday, so I'm not too worried about trace evidence.
To your credit, your location was well chosen.
It just needed a little cleaning, a few lights, proper tools, of course.
- I did it because of you.
- No.
You attacked those people because you wanted to.
- You inspired me - I didn't.
- with your principles.
- They're not mine.
- Of course they are! - Don't tell me who I am.
All my life, I've done what someone else said I should do, been who he said I should be.
I followed his rules, I stuck to his plan.
I never stopped to think about what I wanted and what I needed.
And now I don't know who I'm supposed to be.
I'll tell you one thing, though.
I'm not the Bay Harbor Butcher.
I'm certainly not anybody's role model.
What are you talking about then? Who are you? I'll let you know when I figure that out.
Though, I got to tell you, I am well on my way, because as sure as I'm standing here, I don't need to kill you.
That's a relief.
I mean that need that comes from within that always drives me to this table I don't feel it.
I'm in recovery.
- I knew you weren't gonna kill me.
- No, I will kill you.
I have to.
I just don't need to.
It's very empowering.
Anyone in there, make yourself known! Arm.
It's Olson, gift-wrapped.
It would seem the Butcher is watching us, - tracking the investigation.
- That wouldn't be too hard to do.
But why'd he leave the victim's body for us? It's a 1st.
Probably didn't take too kindly to the idea of Olson imitating him.
It's a good way to discourage others, don't you think? I hate to say it, but he probably did us a favor.
Take the law into your own hands, the Bay Harbor boogeyman'll get you.
It's the 1st time we've set foot in a place where the Bay Harbor Butcher's actually been.
Let's get busy.
- Anybody seen Lundy? - Over there on the phone.
He's talking to D.
, I think.
Is he gonna pull the case from us? Sure, have Robinson call me.
He's got my cell.
I came here for privacy, officer Morgan.
- Sorry.
- Too much background noise over there.
Hearing's the first thing to go.
- Or is it memory? I always forget.
- You gonna pull the case from us? - You said if anybody died - At the hands of a vigilante.
This was our killer.
I'm afraid you're still stuck with me.
Will your brother be here tomorrow? Yeah, I think so.
I'll tell him you want him within shouting distance.
What just happened? No, it's cool.
He's always been the family superstar.
Who? Dexter, your new go-to guy.
This isn't about Dexter.
It's about Masuka.
I can't stand him.
If I hear one more titty joke, I could punch him in the face.
Really? Any north unit, request has been made for 42 escort from Orange belt to J.
Come on in.
Sit down.
I was angry before when you tried to explain.
This time I'll listen.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you about the road trip.
Lila came with me to Naples as my sponsor.
That's all.
Why would you need her in Naples? You remember when I went out of town? I went to find the man who killed my mother.
What are you talking about? A lot of stuff has been coming up for me in recovery, things I never thought I'd deal with.
I watched my mother die - when I was 3.
- God.
I'm so sorry.
She was murdered in front of me.
I saw it happen.
I think that has a lot to do with why I'm why I do the things I do.
Of course.
Of course, it makes sense.
I found the man who killed her in Naples.
I thought maybe if I talked to him, I could find some kind of closure.
That's why Lila came with me.
For support.
- What? - This was a huge moment in your life, Dexter and you chose to include Lila but not me.
- She's my sponsor.
- And I'm your girlfriend.
I was afraid you wouldn't understand.
So let me try to understand now.
You and Lila went away together as sponsor and sponsee.
And you really did have adjoining rooms.
So you didn't have sex that night? Not that night.
Rita No, please! Leave now.
There was a time I would have done anything to protect Rita.
I would have even lied.
But today I told the truth even though I knew she'd get hurt.
Maybe I am leaving the old me behind.