Dexter s05e07 Episode Script

Circle Us

Previously on Dexter You were face to face with Carlos Fuentes, right? So that means he knows that we're onto him.
Tell me why they would ever return to this club.
You have one more night at Club Mayan.
Make something happen.
This is Yasmin Aragon.
If we agree to drop her drug charges, she thinks she can get the Fuentes brothers in the club.
- Hey.
- I thought you might want a debriefing before we hit Club Mayan.
Um It's sort of not a good time.
This is Stan Liddy.
You are boning our target's sister? Just tell me what you found out on Dexter Morgan.
You fucked everything up, Boyd.
Boyd Fowler.
Hobbies - - self-improvement - Take it! and storing women in formaldehyde.
Every one of these barrels has a body in it.
Boyd wasn't the only one who did this to me.
There were others.
I shot one of them.
Dexter, what do I do? That last fucking bitch is alive.
They're gonna find you.
Some experiences are so big, they change your DNA.
I'm gonna have to find the rest of them, because that's the only way that I can feel this peace again.
I can't get revenge for Rita's death, but I can help Lumen avenge what was done to her.
How many more were there? It's been over a month since I freed Lumen from Boyd's, but she's still reliving it every day.
I brought food.
- Have you eaten? - I ate this morning.
Well, now it's night.
Eat some more.
You're very controlling.
I need to be.
So, what else? Details would help.
Besides the ones that we've already taken care of - there was Watch Guy.
- "Watch Guy"? I would be tied to a chair blindfolded.
Sometimes I didn't even know if he was there, until I'd hear this watch by my ear.
And then he'd lean in and whisper "Tick tick tick.
"That's the sound of your life running out.
" OK.
Anyone else? Suit and tie.
He'd take off his jacket and fold it very carefully, and then lay it on a chair, like he didn't want to mess it up.
The Suit Guy, I'd know.
He always took the blindfold off.
I guess he thought I'd be dead soon.
He was wrong.
Los barriles.
Sí? So, what do we do now? How do we find them? I'm not sure "we" is the operating word here.
What are you talking about? We're doing this together.
Lumen, what I do, I do alone.
I don't need a partner.
- I said I'd help you, but - Fine.
Forget it.
- "Forget it"? - There's no point to it, then.
You want these men brought to justice? Yeah, and I can't go to the cops because of you.
So you're gonna have to be a little flexible here.
I want to be a part of this.
We'll see.
I need to get home to Harrison.
The other part of your life.
There is no other part to Lumen's life.
This is all she has.
Even so, I can't bring her into my world.
There's no place for her.
Dexter? Thank you.
I feel like I'm dropping off my prom date except this is my house, and my wife is dead, and I have no idea where Lumen fits into my world, and this is all so weird exactly like my prom.
Our level of national debt is unsustainable.
I want you to fight against a dystopian society where independent producers are weighed down by parasitic non-producers, a Democratic President and a Democratic Congress.
You're just in time.
Hey, good night, buddy.
Saint Brigid, circle us with your light, so that no darkness shall overcome our world.
Sleep well, little one.
That's either a saint, or the most boring action figure I've ever seen.
Is that yours? It's Saint Brigid.
To watch over you while you sleep.
- Good night.
- Good night.
He doesn't need Saint Brigid.
He has Father Dexter.
Why are you up so early? Gym.
But how about it, you know? I mean, we don't have to live here.
We could get a new place, together.
I'm Homicide.
I don't do traffic accidents.
Whoa, uh Text me the address.
- What's up? - Dead people.
You're gonna get the same call.
We're all getting called in.
Why didn't you tell them I'm here? Because I'm not here.
Basically, nobody knows we're seeing each other.
I just want to keep it that way.
Wow, baby.
You say the sweetest things.
Can we at least drive in together? Yeah, and then we'll go to Disney World, and we'll ride all the roller coasters, and we'll hold hands! I don't even know what that means.
Whatever it is it's big.
- Dexter.
- Hey, Sergeant.
What have we got? - You haven't been listening to the news? - Uh Weather channel.
High-pressure system coming in.
What have we got? We got her, and her and her, and her and her.
The girls in the barrels - how could this be? Someone tried to move them.
Where's the driver? That's what we're trying to figure out.
He took off.
Go do your thing.
It's the blood guy, but we got no blood.
- We don't know what we've got.
- Yeah, what is this gunk? It's formalin - liquid formaldehyde.
- Why? - An embalming agent.
Because it was only applied topically, the internal organs of the cadavers continued to putrefy and leak out of the various bodily orifices, becoming congealed once they came in contact with the formalin.
That's what's on your shoe - congealed organ.
What kind of sick fuck are we dealing with? I'm just the blood guy.
We've got five victims, all female, all blonde, all between the ages of 20 and 35, I'm guessing.
They're covered in bruises, contusions, whip marks.
Looks like they went through some special kind of hell.
We'll get fingerprints off them once we get 'em to the ME's office.
I heard the driver took off.
Yeah, we've got the guy that hit him.
He was drunk off his freaking ass.
He said he saw some guy jump out and start running, but that's as detailed as his description gets - "Some guy.
" That means he's still mine to find.
Or Vince Masuka's.
Hey, Dex.
That's some pretty crazy shit, huh? Yeah, crazy shit.
What do you got? Uh One men's suit jacket, size 40.
Did you fold it, or was it already like that? I bagged it as I found it.
- I also got fingerprints galore - Excellent.
Except for the steering wheel.
Somebody gave it a quick wipe.
I'll get the vehicle back to the lab, and we'll give it a more thorough going-over.
So much for keeping my lives separate.
Yeah, what's up? What you doing, boy? Sleeping late? Your buddy, Dexter Morgan - you asked me to keep an eye on him.
Yeah? And? Well, he's got some cutie up at his house.
He even took down the "for sale" sign.
- What's this girl look like? - Blonde, average height, late 20s.
Slim, pretty? That'd be her.
- Find out who she is.
- You betcha.
- What are you doing here? - I saw the news.
- I knew what it was.
I had to come.
- No, you didn't have to come.
Dexter, I was supposed to be one of those girls.
Look, it's not safe for you here.
They could be watching.
What is this? - What does it mean? - It means they're on the run.
You need to go.
Will you give me Thank you.
Shit a brick and fuck me with it - you're never gonna guess who this truck is registered to.
Jordan Chase.
Jordan Chase is a very smart guy.
His first book made me realise how I'd been putting all these limitations on myself.
I mean, I've listened to all his CDs.
So did Boyd Fowler.
You think Jordan could have been driving that truck? What? No way.
First off, that jacket is nice, but not that nice.
Jordan wears nothing but the best.
That's part of his thing.
"If you think you deserve something, then take it.
" I've lifted two dozen fingerprints, and they all seem to belong to the same person.
And whoever they belong to, he's not in the AFIS database.
Dead end.
Ooh a hair.
And another one.
It's not often I'm in competition with my own people, but getting the identity of the driver of the truck, and getting to him before they do is the only way I can give Lumen what I promised.
All I get is a fucking computer.
I can order Jordan Chase books, I can order Jordan Chase CDs, but I can't talk to an actual person.
Jordan Chase is a really popular man, you know? He travels the world giving his little touchy-feely seminars.
- He's probably not even in Miami right now.
- I've left messages all over.
If I don't hear back soon, I'm gonna kick their door in.
What about you? Anything? Yeah, we've ID'd two of the girls off their fingerprints.
One was a schoolteacher from Wisconsin.
She came out here on vacation two years ago - never heard from again.
The other one worked on a cruise ship that was docked here.
She disappeared just over a year ago.
Yeah, these were good girls, you know? One was 26, one was 29.
Nothing on the other three? No, I'm going through the missing-person databases, put their photographs out there.
- DNA? - It's being run now.
Looking for direct hits and familial hits.
Listen, I heard about this two-bedroom place on Brickell - upper unit, right on the water.
- Thought we could take a look.
- This is not a workplace conversation, so please just shut up.
All I'm saying is, is this place is going fast.
Listen, please - just not here.
You two.
Think she knows about us? - Is this about - The Santa Muerte case.
- I thought that was dead.
- Well, now it's alive, barely.
Yasmin Aragon, the associate of the Fuentes brothers that Sergeant Batista identified, has assured us that she will bring Carlos and Marco into Club Mayan tomorrow night.
- So we're on? - We are on.
I am personally overseeing this operation.
We can't risk word leaking out to the Fuentes, so it's strictly on a need-to-know basis.
Rather than flooding the club with police personnel, we will be performing a small surgical operation.
We will take the brothers into custody before they get into the club.
Detective Morgan, you'll be with me in the surveillance van.
Detective Quinn, we're gonna post you inside the door of the club with Officer Manzon.
I will be roving, placing myself wherever I believe most effective.
If we're gonna take them outside, shouldn't we be outside? In order not to stand out like sore thumbs, we will continue with the posts we've already established.
Thank you, Detectives Morgan and Quinn.
That'll be all.
Maria, let me make myself very clear.
You've wasted more than enough time and money on this case already.
You're supposed to be a master manipulator of the press, but you haven't even been able to do that.
Every day I pick up the paper, read another story about how we're not doing our job.
Get it right this time, or we're gonna have an interesting conversation about your future.
Where are we with Jordan Chase? I've got Quinn on it.
We've made numerous calls to his organisation, but we haven't been able to reach him personally just yet.
He could be playing hard to get.
In that case, we'll pay his office a visit to see if Probably won't be necessary.
Jordan Chase.
Holy shit, that's him.
Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- You too.
Mr Chase? Oh, Mr Chase - Stand back.
- I, um I took one of your seminars at the Beach Club a while back.
In Palmetto Bay.
- You remember? - Of course I do.
You have to excuse Cole here.
He, uh, keeps the crazies away.
Why don't you let me get a picture of you two? Oh, yeah.
All right, smile.
One more.
Got it.
Jordan Chase.
- Dexter Morgan.
- Nice to meet you.
Nice watch.
Oh, uh, my dad gave it to me when I was a teenager.
It's water-resistant to 100 metres.
I have no idea why I would ever need that, but it sure looks nice.
If that's the watch that Lumen heard, I'll make sure it accompanies you to the bottom of the Atlantic.
Mr Chase.
You must be the person in charge around here.
I was in Jacksonville, got an early call from Cole here, my head of security, saying one of our trucks had been stolen out of our lot, and that it just might be the one we'd all been watching on the news.
- I flew back as soon as I could.
- I see.
We found an article of clothing in the vehicle.
My jacket.
It's my personal vehicle.
I always leave my things inside.
- And the keys? - The keys? Yeah, we found the keys in the ignition.
There are a lot of ways to steal a car.
Most thieves don't have the actual key.
I leave a spare set of keys on a hook inside our office.
All my guys know where to find them, in case they need the truck.
Honestly, they're just sitting there.
Anyone could have grabbed them.
And you're Head of Security? Yeah, Cole.
I might have to tighten things up a bit.
Mm? I want to make it very clear that the Miami Police Department has my full cooperation.
My organisation is completely open to you.
This is a horrible, horrible tragedy.
Please, anything I can do to help facilitate its resolution Well, thank you, Mr Chase.
First, we're gonna need fingerprints and hair samples from all your employees, starting with Cole.
And if I could ask one favour? I'd appreciate it if my name and organisation wasn't released to the press.
Being connected to this in any way would be a PR nightmare.
I'm sure you understand.
As long as we have your continued cooperation, that shouldn't be a problem.
Sociopaths can't feel psychic pain, but they can feel physical pain.
What do you think about Cole? "It wasn't me, "someone stole my vehicle.
" The oldest excuse in the book.
Still, it does happen.
And Mr Chase is very high-profile, well respected.
It's hard to imagine someone like him, or his people, would be involved in something like this.
I took a few hairs from the headrest of the truck as well.
If someone else was driving, he'd have left some evidence behind.
And? Cole's hair matches the hair on the jacket and the headrest.
- Fingerprints? - They're all Cole's, even on the ignition key.
I think he's just become the focus of our investigation.
- And Jordan? - His alibi holds up.
He was in Jacksonville.
So for now, we got our eyes on Cole.
- Lumen? - Dexter you need to announce yourself.
I don't know who's coming in.
But it's OK to have packages delivered here? I need things.
You said not to leave the house.
And what are you gonna do with that? It's just a flashlight.
You have a way of bending the rules.
What's going on with the case? Do you know this man? Oh, my God.
That's him.
That's the guy who folded his jacket.
- How did you find him? - He found us.
His name's Cole Harmon.
He's Jordan Chase's head of security.
What about him? No, I I mean, that guy's clearly a freak, but I don't know him.
No, not the bald guy.
The guy beside him.
- Jordan Chase.
- Oh.
- No, I don't know him either.
- You sure? I told you, I didn't see most of their faces.
- Who is he? - He's some sort of motivational speaker.
This guy I definitely know.
What next? Well, there's a problem - the homicide team is on this.
They'll probably arrest him within the next few days, and once that happens, Cole will never see the outside of a prison cell again.
What about the other guys? In order to save his own skin, he'll probably turn them in.
It's only a matter of time before they're all in the hands of the police.
But this is Florida.
We execute here.
These men will be brought to justice.
You can walk away from all of this now, put it behind you.
You can go on with your life.
That's not what I want.
I promise you, the police will take care of it.
No, I don't want the police to take care of it.
I I want to take care of it.
I know how she feels.
It's not so different from me.
- How much coffee are you drinking? - A lot.
I have to stay awake.
What if they come for me at night? She's stressed, on edge - the way I feel when I've gone too long without putting someone on my table.
- You said you'd help me.
- I did.
I just don't know that helping you kill someone is actually helping you.
This is all I think about.
Don't back out now.
This is important to me.
Truth is, I actually want to help her for some very complicated reasons.
If we want Cole for ourselves, I have to derail the police investigation, which means giving them another suspect.
Who? The man who actually killed all those girls.
Boyd Fowler.
Here, put these on.
First thing we have to do is remove any evidence that you were ever here at Boyd's house.
If the police find your fingerprints or anything that ties you to this place, they're gonna want to know what your relationship to Boyd Fowler is.
How you got here.
How you got out.
That's where you first found me.
We need to go up.
You OK? I'll be with you.
Oh, God.
You OK? We can leave.
He kept me tied up over there.
I don't know how long I was here.
Maybe a couple days.
All I know is that he brought me here to kill me.
I'm guessing that was his job.
He was the finisher.
The last day, I chewed on that rope for hours.
I was finally able to slip it off.
That's when I went downstairs, and I saw you Do what I did.
- Is that it? - Yeah.
I just need something of Boyd's to plant in the truck from the accident.
His wallet.
How did you know that was there? I put it there.
Hold the fucking phone, everyone! I was giving Cole's truck another quick once-over, and I found something that our blind-as-fucking-bats lab geeks missed.
What have you got? A wallet.
He probably had it sitting on the console, and then it went flying when he got hit.
- I found it under the seat.
- Cole's wallet? No, that's just it.
It's not Cole's.
Whose is it? Boyd Fowler's.
Who the fuck is Boyd Fowler? I'm going upstairs.
Check it out.
There are locks of hair in here, numbered one through twelve.
Twelve? Jesus.
Well, I'll run DNA on all the hair samples, and match it to the victims.
The guy that did this Died exactly where you're standing.
In here.
The same exact barrel the girls were in.
What'd he do with these? The preliminary medical examiner's report said all the girls were electrocuted.
We're gonna need Forensics in the attic.
I think he kept the girls up there.
It looks like Boyd Fowler has become our primary focus.
Do you know this man? - No.
- Well, he knows you.
He has all your books and CDs in his house.
Uh I've sold over a million copies of my book, almost as many CDs.
I'm just trying to figure out how he came to be driving your truck.
- Well, I'm sorry, but - I know him.
Boyd Fowler.
He was one of your stalkers.
And how come I'm just now hearing this? No reason to tell you about every nut that passes through.
He never seemed like a serious threat.
He took a few seminars a while back, and then started showing up at our office asking for Mr Chase.
I had to escort him off the premises a few times.
He was clearly a bit off, but, uh he never struck me as dangerous.
He's dangerous.
He'd been in and out of our offices enough times.
Probably saw where I put the keys.
When's the last time you had contact with him? Haven't seen him for a while.
Couple of months, maybe.
Any idea where he might be? No.
We have a warrant for his arrest.
I suggest that you be especially cautious, Mr Chase, because if he has a thing for you, you could be in danger.
Now, if you have any contact with him, please get in touch with us immediately.
This guy is very bad news.
I will.
Thank you for coming in.
I appreciate it.
You finally did something right.
Steering the cops toward Boyd - very smart.
It wasn't me.
Daddy's going to Boca Raton tonight.
Cos that's where Cole Harmon lives.
He's a bad man.
I'm gonna try to find out who the rest of his bad-man friends are.
You want that? Hi.
There's my angel.
Let me just set my things down.
Wonder how much longer I'm gonna be able to talk to you like this.
Soon you're gonna start to understand me.
Harrison clearly loves his Saint Brigid.
He put it with his favourite toys.
- I put that in the toy box.
- Sorry? It's just a statue of a lady who died a long time ago.
She doesn't protect anybody, or anything.
I should get to work.
Go to Sonya.
It's just this can be a very dark world at times, and since dear Brigid has always been a comfort to me, I thought Harrison might feel the same.
I hope for his sake, you'd reconsider.
Bye, buddy.
So, uh What are you wearing tonight? To the big stakeout? Um A diaper, probably.
I'll have to sit in that van with Batista for hours.
Will you please not wear that awful shirt with the patterns all over it? It really makes me dizzy.
No, I, uh only wore that as a joke.
Hey, uh, I got to go.
I'll see you later tonight.
Well, look at you, pretty as a picture.
I only got a few minutes, so what do you got for me? I don't work for free, Quinn.
- Well, I just gave you 500 bucks.
- And I told you about the girl.
But if you want to find out who she is, where she's from, and what she's doing in that damn house, I might have to employ some methods just a little bit unorthodox.
And for that, you're gonna have to pay.
- I don't know.
- I know you got the cash.
Yeah, it's not that.
It's the pussy.
Now, looky here, stud, if you're backing off this thing cos you're porking that guy's sister, I'd say you've got your priorities as a cop all wrong.
I'm a little embarrassed for you.
I'll give you another five.
That'll work.
You don't have to do anything with this, OK? You can just talk normally.
What do I have to do? We're gonna walk you through the club, so that our team can get a visual on you, and then you're just gonna wait by the door.
The second you see the Fuentes brothers, you walk up to them, and you engage in conversation outside of the club, until we move in and take 'em.
- What am I supposed to say? - Tell 'em how hot they look.
You really don't have to worry about anything.
We're gonna be right there.
I'm gonna make sure we're all in contact.
This is Sergeant Batista.
Is everybody getting this? - Loud and clear.
- I can hear you.
Looks like we're all in place.
You'll do great.
They're already here.
Say again? I said, they're already here, sitting at the VIP table.
OK, how'd that happen? I thought we had all the doors covered.
I don't know.
I heard there's a secret door from the club next door, but I've never seen it.
OK, this is a change of plans.
Yasmin, go sit with them.
We're gonna sit tight until they leave.
Once they step outside the club, we take them.
Let's make sure we find that secret door, and deploy a team there as well.
Everyone got that? - Got it.
- Got it.
We've been here for over an hour.
I know.
Well, you said there's a seminar in Naples.
Don't you think he's there? Probably.
So, what are you waiting for? That.
The neighbour to go to bed.
I'm going in.
No, you're staying here.
What? No.
It's too dangerous.
I have no idea what's inside there.
I'm gonna have my hands full without watching over you.
Well, you can be the lookout.
It's so great working with you.
If you see anything, call me.
We are starting to look a little obvious.
I am gonna go get us a club soda.
All right, yeah.
Oye, mami.
Ven aquí.
- He's calling me over.
- No, keep moving.
Ignore him.
This is Lieutenant LaGuerta.
Officer Manzon, go to him, make nice, and try to get him to step outside the club.
Lieutenant, no.
This is a problem.
These guys are dangerous.
Stand down, Morgan.
She's in charge.
Nothing we can do.
Police! Drop that fucking gun! Holy fucking shit! Move, move, move! Stop right there.
Down on the ground.
Police! Drop the gun! - Back away! - Drop the gun now! Oh, you again.
You should walk away before this one gets more than just a little cut.
Drop the gun right now.
Please! You OK? Yeah.
It's OK.
Come here.
Cole as a teenager.
Who the fuck are you? No fucking way! Who are you, motherfucker? We have to go before he sees our faces.
Holy shit! I can't believe that just happened! - What made you come inside? - I thought I saw a shadow.
And that made you come crashing through a window? I know.
I know.
I just had a feeling.
It was some sort of lizard-brain thing.
She's starting to sound like me.
- That's Cole.
- And Boyd.
- And Dan the Dentist.
- It's them from, like, 15 years ago.
Do you recognise any of the others? No, just those three.
- What does this mean? - I don't know.
They've known each other since they were kids.
Oh, my God, Dexter.
This is huge.
We just have to figure out who they are.
So, what do we do next? What? You said "we".
Put on your seat belt.
This is a fucking disaster.
Carlos Fuentes was shot and killed.
Our informant, Yasmin Aragon, was shot and killed, - as well as another innocent bystander.
- Son of a bitch At this point, we don't know if it's by our gunfire, or that of the two brothers.
Additionally, three other bystanders were wounded.
I want a full report by 8:00am.
I know it looks bad - and it is bad.
But we are going to get through this, I promise you.
In the heat of battle all cops make occasional mistakes in judgment.
Excuse me? If mistakes were made, they most certainly were not mine.
He was so relaxed and happy, I couldn't bear to move.
And I have to admit, he feels quite good.
He's always so happy in her arms.
Partners come to us in various ways, bound together for many different reasons.
But for any partnership to work, you must not only accept this person into your life, but accept her for who she is.
Saint Brigid circle us with your light, so that no darkness shall overcome our world.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Hi! - Harrison, this is Lumen.
- Hi.
Oh, my goodness.
Sometimes partners find us, and as much as we try to push them away, they work their way into our lives regardless, until we finally realise how much we need them.