Dexter s05e12 Episode Script

The Big One

Previously on Dexter When the wife is dead, 90 per cent of the time the husband did it.
Boyd Fowler.
Hobbies - self-improνement and storing women in formaldehyde.
She saw everything.
This is what happened to the girls before you.
Boyd wasn't the only one who did this to me.
There were others.
That last fucking bitch is alive.
Someone tried to move the girls in the barrels.
- Where's the driver? - He took off.
That means he's still mine to find.
You believe some people deserve to die? Some people don't deserve to live.
His name's Cole Harmon.
If this is gonna end badly, will you please just tell me now? - I might have a job for you.
- And what would that be? Looking into someone.
Dexter Morgan.
As far as Quinn goes, I suspended him.
To protect your brother.
I trusted you.
And while you were fucking me you were spreading shit about my brother behind my back.
Fuck you.
You're backing off this thing cos you're porking that guy's sister.
- Your blood results are in.
- Emily Birch.
She's not a victim.
She's alive.
It was almost 20 years ago.
He was Eugene Greer.
That's Jordan Chase? With Lumen, I'm someone different.
In her eyes I'm not a monster at all.
- I'm glad you didn't touch any of them.
- Why is that? Because this DNA test will clear you and leave you all to me.
We may have a vigilante on our hands.
One of the barrel girls escaped and now she's after the men that abducted her.
Maybe she had help.
A husband, boyfriend Argh! You're gonna give me a full confession.
Liddy! Liddy, it's Quinn.
You're really starting to fuckin' piss me off.
You said you wouldn't kill her.
Lumen! Is this the only kind of love I'll ever find? The kind that ends in blood? Where are you? You've been in this situation before, Dexter, and I don't need to tell you how it ended, with Rita dead.
I haven't forgotten.
Those aren't gonna do you a lot of good without Jordan.
- I'll find him.
- How? All the girls were raped and tortured at the same location.
I'm pretty sure that's where he's taking Lumen.
Pretty sure.
That sounds like an assumption.
It's more than that.
Jordan's like me.
He needs his routine.
Deb put together a file with all of Jordan's real-estate holdings.
It has to be one of them.
- Another assumption, Dexter? - It's all I have to go on.
Lumen sees me for what I really am, and she hasn't turned away from me, she hasn't turned against me.
She's someone I could share my life with.
I will not let her die.
Surprise! Dexter! What are you guys doing here? It was Astor's idea.
I thought we'd come surprise you and have Harrison's birthday party here in Miami.
- Are you surprised? - Boy, am I! I've been telling him all morning he's gonna see his father.
- He couldn't sleep, he was so excited.
- So happy to see his dad.
Don't worry, we're not moving in.
We're staying at the Econo Lodge down the street.
- Do you want to have breakfast with us? - Yeah, come on, Dex! I wish I could, but there's a situation at work.
I really have to go.
Oh, well, Astor and Cody had something they wanted to ask you.
Can we do it later? I just don't have time right now.
All I heard on the trip was Dexter, Dexter, Dexter.
It'll just take a minute.
What is it? We want to stay with you for the summer.
Can we please, Dex? We really, really miss you.
Sure you can.
I really miss you guys too.
Chase's private jet was fuelled and sitting on the runway.
His pilot was all dressed up with nowhere to go because Chase never showed up at the airport.
- You checked his home? - And his office.
I think he knows we're onto him.
Probably holed up somewhere or he's on the run.
I want to put out an APB, throw out the net, see if we snag him.
We'll need an arrest warrant for that, and no judge would grant it.
- We don't have enough evidence.
- We gotta try.
We can't just let that fucker slip through our fingers.
We could issue a stake and notify.
Locate him, put him under 24-hour surveillance until we've got enough to bust him.
That's fucking great.
Where were you last night? I had a couple things crash down on me.
I heard about Chase.
The fucker vanished? Yeah, but LaGuerta just OK'd a stake and notify.
Do you think your vigilantes in love got to him? Killing Jordan Chase is not the same as killing Boyd Fowler.
This guy doesn't take a piss without bodyguards holding his dick.
- So it's still a race.
- A race? To see which couple gets to him first.
Us or the vigilantes.
Assuming they're a couple.
Assuming we're a couple.
I can't assume anything right now.
I'm gonna go review the rape DVDs.
- What for? - In case we missed anything.
Or something can get us Jordan.
Hello, Dexter.
Nice to hear from you.
Whatever you're thinking of doing, it's not necessary.
- We can work something out.
- Nice try.
- What do you mean? - The unemotional approach.
But it's not working for you.
You're stressed.
I can hear it in your voice.
- She really means a lot to you, doesn't she? - Yes.
It must be terrible, going through this again.
Losing your wife, the woman you loved.
And now Lumen.
It's I imagine it seems to you like some kind of terrible curse.
Think whatever you want.
Just listen to me.
I'll turn myself over to you.
I appreciate the offer, but I'm afraid I must decline.
- Then tell me what you want.
- I have what I want.
And the longer I stay on the phone, the better your chances of finding me.
- So this conversation's over.
- Jordan.
Tick-tick-tick, Dexter.
That's the sound of Lumen's life running out.
So Lumen's still alive.
Let me out! ¡Oye! ¿Fruta? Shit.
Jordan Chase! Come on, come on.
¡Oye! ¿Qué coño es eso? Jordan's real-estate holdings.
Lumen has to be at one of them.
- Hey.
- Please! Stop! - Any luck on Jordan? - No, not really.
Except for that.
You see that? You see how Cole keeps looking off at somebody behind the camera? - You're right.
- He's not the only one, either.
In all these videos, these bastards, they keep looking off as if to get approval or instruction or something.
- You think they're looking at Jordan? - Who else would it be? It's what this guy does for a living.
He tells people what to do, how to live their lives.
I know it's not any evidence or anything, but he's there, he's there, I can feel it.
- You shouldn't look at those any more.
- I have to fuckin' look at these things.
I understand what these women went through.
Part of it, at least.
I know what it is to be taken by some sick bastard She can't even say his name.
My brother.
to know you're gonna die.
Is this what I do? Curse everyone around me? I have to work.
If Jordan gets away with this I can't live with myself.
I know.
Commercial real estate.
Strip mall.
Parking garages.
Would you keep a hostage in any of those places for two weeks? Where? Next to the doughnut shop? It's all too exposed.
Jordan must own other properties.
- It's right in front of you.
- What? Remember your target, where he came from, who he was.
Jordan wasn't always Jordan Chase.
Office of County Records.
This is Dexter Morgan with Miami Metro Homicide.
I need a property records check.
- Name? - Eugene Greer.
- Spell it.
- G-R-E-E-R.
Check back with me tomorrow morning.
No, this is an emergency.
I need it right away.
There's no right away in this equation.
I got a pile of shit ahead of me and they're all emergencies.
This isn't some developer who's about to miss a filing deadline.
A woman's life is on the line.
If you don't do this now, she will die and you could have done something to stop it.
Understand me? This can't wait.
Everyone, I need your attention.
Hello? Yeah.
I got your number.
I'll get back to you as soon as I have something.
We're rolling out to Bayfront Park.
We have an officer down.
Stan Liddy.
- Liddy? - Yes.
He's dead.
What do we know, Lieutenant? A pedestrian spotted blood coming out of a parked van, called it in.
Unis found Liddy's body inside.
Morgan, Quinn, you're running point on this, so take whoever you need.
Anyone but me.
Dexter, grab your kit.
There's a lot of blood.
OK, that's all, people.
Our crime scene's right across the bay so we're taking the boat.
Grab your gear and load up.
Come on.
The sooner we get this cleaned up, the sooner I can get back on Chase.
You can't rest here.
I know you're tired, but it's just a little further.
Jordan's had Lumen for 12 hours.
Each second I'm stuck on this slow boat going to my own crime scene takes her farther away from me.
Fate is hardly lending a hand.
You OK? I know you and Liddy were friends.
I helped him with a couple of things but I wouldn't say he was an actual friend.
It's just that you looked a little pale when we left the station.
I'm fine.
You have any idea what might have happened to him? Not a clue.
What about you? Any theories? I haven't examined the crime scene.
Wild guess? I heard Liddy was kind of shady.
Maybe something came back to bite him.
It's possible, I guess.
Lieutenant, there's something you really need to see.
Holy shit.
Someone really did a number on him.
- Did you bring your full kit, Dex? - Yep.
And all my kill tools.
Hey, if you're not up to this, I can handle it.
- What is it? - I don't know how to say it.
- Say what? - Quinn, come with me, please.
- What's going on? - It's OK, Deb.
You have a homicide to work, Detective.
Get to it.
Looks like the van was rigged with surveillance equipment.
What the hell was Liddy watching? - Me.
- No way to tell.
- Everything's been stripped clean.
- The killer covering his tracks.
Seems to me we find out who Liddy was spying on, we find our killer.
The unis found Liddy's cellphone.
The last five calls he made were all to you.
Want to tell me what that's about? The man had demons, Lieutenant.
Your firing him didn't help.
He just needed someone to hear him out.
I was the only friend he had left.
OK, but he must have kept calling you for a reason.
- What was it? - I didn't pick up.
Then he would have left messages.
I need to hear them.
Detective That looks like blood.
Quinn, you'd better start talking to me.
I don't think I should say anything else.
Not until I speak to a lawyer.
A lawyer? I'm sorry, Lieutenant.
You can talk to your lawyer back at the station.
Escort Detective Quinn back to Metro Homicide.
- Dexter? - Well, there's no castoff.
We're looking at a single thrust, expertly applied.
Good to see I did something right.
Passive blood pooling.
I guess he was probably held down as the knife went in.
Died instantly.
- So the killer knew what he was doing.
- Sure felt like it at the time.
- Any idea what that's all about? - None.
Are you finished? Yeah, I got to catch a ride back to the lab, run some tests.
Am I the only one who's interested in this goddamn murder? - Hello? - I got a hit.
There's one property belonging to a Eugene Greer.
It's listed as a River Jordan Camp for Boys and Girls.
- River Jordan? - It went bankrupt, like, 20 years ago.
A camp.
Jordan took Lumen back to where it all started with Emily.
- You still there? - Yeah.
You have an address? - Thanks.
- Any time.
Where's Quinn going? - The station.
- Why? It looks like he may be involved in Liddy's murder.
- That's crazy.
- I know.
It is.
- But he requested an attorney.
- An attorney? Has Quinn said anything to you about Liddy, anything I should know about? No.
- I'm gonna go talk to him.
- No.
You're gonna stay here and do your job.
I hope I'm wrong about Quinn, but right now we need to process the scene and find out what really happened.
You remember this place? Should feel like home.
Well, don't worry.
It'll all come back to you.
- What are you gonna do to me? - What do you think? What choice have you left me? The two of you.
Hm? I spoke with Dexter on the phone.
I let him know that you're alive in need.
I motivated him.
Hm! Now, will he come for you? You know best, but I believe he will.
And then what? We'll be joyously reunited.
The three of us.
Hm! Mm.
You've changed since I saw you here last time.
You know that? You You've got this look in your eye.
Did you learn that from him? Well? - I thought you just liked to watch.
- Well, maybe I'm changing.
Like you.
Oh, God! - Where's Quinn? - Interrogation room.
Waiting for his attorney.
- Did he say anything? - No.
It's not getting any better for him.
What does that mean? His name's on the requisition forms for the surveillance equipment we found in Liddy's van.
What about the fingerprints we lifted off the van? Aside from Liddy's they're all Quinn's.
- I want to talk to him.
- Feel free to try.
He won't speak to any of us.
You shouldn't be here, Deb.
- LaGuerta says you asked for a lawyer.
- That's right.
Before your lawyer gets here, why don't you tell me what the fuck is going on? I think I'd better just keep my mouth shut.
I'm not asking you as a detective.
I'm asking you as someone you live with, someone that you said you loved.
I think I deserve to know what the fuck is going on.
All I can tell you is that I didn't kill Liddy.
- But you were there.
- It's not what it looks like.
- It looks like you did it.
- I know.
If you didn't kill Liddy, who did? I can't say anything else.
I'm sorry.
Don't say you're sorry.
Just tell me the fucking truth.
You should go work on finding Jordan.
Jordan Chase was goading you on the phone, trying to get you to make a mistake.
- He'll be waiting for you.
- I know.
You need to stay alert, pay attention.
You don't know what he's planning for you.
Same thing I'm planning for him.
Yeah, but on his home turf.
Don't underestimate your adversary, Dexter, not again.
Could you just trust me for once? Shit! Surprise.
Get up.
- Hey.
You OK? - Yeah.
- You look tired.
- Thanks.
Look, like I said, we'll know more after Dexter tests the blood on Quinn's shoe.
In the meantime, have some faith.
Faith? Whatever you call it.
Don't assume the worst.
- Detective Morgan? - Yeah.
Sorry for intruding.
It's from your stake and notify.
- Should I put it on your desk? - What is it? Someone said they spotted Jordan Chase.
- A street vendor? - Yeah, up by Muralia Road.
He thought he heard noises coming from the trunk.
That's why he called it in.
I know, sounds unlikely.
Maybe I'll check it out.
It was inevitable that this would happen.
Two broken people going through intense shared experience against a common enemy.
I do it in my seminars all the time.
It produces a sense of deep, deep bonding.
I'm sure you feel like you actually have something, even love, doesn't it? Let her go.
You lost your wife, Rita.
You blamed yourself, sure.
And you thought what? That you could make up for that by helping her? - No.
- Well, then, what were you thinking? That you could be a hero? Hm.
You can't save one thing to make up for another, Dexter.
It's not the way the world works.
I look at these, and I can't help but think that you have a kind of greatness in you.
Then I look at you, and you're no different than the idiots that show up at my seminars.
Totally lost.
I'm gonna put you out of your misery.
Both of you.
You fucking, motherfucking Era él, el hombre en la televisión.
Jordan Chase.
Estaba esperando las luces.
- He was waiting for the traffic light? - Sí.
And what about the noise in the trunk? I fuckin' swear I'm taking Spanish after this.
The sound in the uh uh trunko? Oh, sí, tiene algo en el maletero.
¡Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang! - Bang, bang, bang! From the trunk? - Sí.
Which Which way did Uh ¿Don Donde fue? What's down that way? - ¿Qué? - Nada mucho, un campamento.
A campamento? - A camp? - Sí, camp.
Thank you.
Uh Gracias.
You'll want to be awake for this.
What do you call it? Being present in the moment? So you were listening? Mm? I heard the words, but to be honest you have to consider the source.
You should be the one to do it.
Is that OK with you? He's yours.
Oh! Please! You're acting like there's some polite way to do this, some-some etiquette.
Killing is killing, Dexter.
Let's at least be honest about that.
You're being honest, Eugene? You think that's an insult? It's a compliment.
It's a reminder of how far I've come.
And how far is that? You're right back where you started, only this time you're strapped to a table.
- I'm transformed.
- You will be soon.
Not just me.
You, Lumen You don't get to use my name.
Really? If we're not on a first-name basis, the three of us, then who is? Look at you.
You're transformed too.
You're beautiful.
And you know what? If you hadn't met me, you would never have known you had it in you.
- I wouldn't have had it in me - Well, now you do! Shut up! It's truly amazing.
You should thank me.
That's not what's gonna happen.
I watched you so carefully the last time you were here.
You used to just cower and cry! That's not just for me.
That's for everyone that you hurt.
Even Emily.
Do you hear me? Do you hear me?! I'm sorry.
I know that's not how you're supposed to do it.
Well, he was right about that part.
There is no polite way.
Maybe we should just leave the body here.
We don't want a murder investigation.
We want closure.
So he just vanishes like the others? Jordan's car is outside.
We'll use it to move the body.
Then maybe a month from now we'll tip off Miami Metro about this place.
Everyone will know what he's done.
Don't move.
Don't fucking move.
Whatever's in your arms, drop it now.
Both of you.
I know who you are.
Number 13.
And I know what they did to you.
I've seen the tapes.
I watched them over and over.
It's a miracle you survived.
A fucking miracle.
And you, whoever you are, you know that too.
I said, don't fucking move! Maybe it's true some people deserve to die, but I'm a cop, and I don't make that fucking decision.
So I'm gonna call this in.
In an hour, this place will be swarming with police.
If I were you, I'd be gone by then.
I don't know what you did or didn't do.
And for some reason you're not saying.
But I'm not judging.
I can't judge.
Not any more.
What do you mean? Did something happen? Yes.
A lot, actually.
A lot that I don't understand.
You know how LaGuerta keeps saying everything's complicated? I'm starting to believe her.
- I'm glad you're here.
- Are you? More than you know.
I'll be here, no matter what happens.
Did you ever think we'd get here? - You didn't? - Not really, no.
I mean, for a while there I wasn't sure.
It's like what your sister said.
It's a miracle.
It's a fucking miracle.
Home? I thought you'd be getting ready for Harrison's birthday.
LaGuerta said this couldn't wait.
She also said you broke the barrel girls case.
I didn't break it.
I found the place where they shot the DVDs, this camp where everything happened.
Jordan's missing, though.
Just like the rest of them.
Think it was your vigilantes? Maybe.
At least then we'd know he was dead.
That's just a crazy theory.
What about that? The blood on Quinn's shoe, is it Liddy's? I haven't run it yet.
Do you think it is? I don't know.
You think you know someone and then it turns out you don't.
You think someone's a good cop and then they do something.
I don't know.
All I'm saying is nothing is as simple as it seems.
You're right about that.
Tell me as soon as you know.
I know already.
Hey, you're up.
I bought some stuff for pancakes.
You don't know this about me, but I'm actually kind of a breakfast connoisseur.
The party's today.
Harrison's birthday.
You'll get to meet Cody, finally.
Actually, you'll get to meet a lot of people.
Everybody from the station.
Oh, and the kids want to spend the whole summer here, so we should probably talk about that.
What? What is it? I didn't sleep at all last night.
First I was wondering what was happening to me, and then I was wondering how I could possibly tell you.
Tell me what? I have to leave.
- What? - Today.
- You can't.
- I have to.
When I saw Jordan Chase's body disappearing into the ocean, I Something happened.
And all night I was trying to figure out what was happening, and I tried to hold on to it.
But this morning I I could tell it was gone.
I don't feel it any more.
The need.
Her dark passenger.
It's vanished.
Say something.
Please? Anything.
Just Just talk to me.
Don't go.
You can't.
I don't want to.
Then don't.
Stay here.
I can't do it any more, what we've been doing.
You don't have to.
But you do.
Right? We both know that.
It's who you are.
You're right.
About everything, you're right.
We're not the same.
I'm so sorry.
Don't be.
Don't be sorry your darkness is gone.
I'll carry it for you.
I'll keep it with mine.
Happy birthday, Harrison.
Happy anniversary.
Thank you.
Only it's not our anniversary.
I saw you.
With Deb.
Trying so hard.
It makes me want to do the same.
Want to give it another shot? Go back to the beginning? Yes.
Dexterous! So, Dex, be honest with me.
Is it weird to bring a date to a first birthday party? No, Vince.
I'm glad you brought her.
Oh, no, I didn't mean me.
I meant your sister.
There she is! The detective who solved the barrel girls case.
Thank you.
- For what? - The blood work.
Just doing my job.
Yeah, well, that was the one thing hanging me up.
I owe you one.
I'm gonna go get a drink.
You could have told me sooner that the blood work cleared him.
LaGuerta wanted to give you the good news.
- You don't like Quinn much.
- I don't like Quinn at all.
But I want you to be happy.
I am.
I'm happy.
You must be too.
Now that this is all over, I mean.
They make it look so easy connecting with another human being.
It's like no-one told them it's the hardest thing in the world.
Where is she? Your tenant who was staying at the house.
She left.
I'm sorry.
Did you do it? What you wanted to do? You said she needed your help.
Did you help her? Yeah.
I think I did.
And did it work? Did it make you feel better? About what happened to Mom? You can't do one thing to make up for another.
That's what Jordan Chase says.
But he's wrong, because we do that all the time.
That is the way the world works.
We try to make things right.
Even me.
Come on, everybody, it's time for the cake.
Are you ready? Lumen said I gave her her life back, a reversal of my usual role.
Well, the fact is, she gave me mine back too.
And I'm left not with what she took from me, but with what she brought.
Eyes that saw me, finally, for who I really am.
And this certainty that nothing, nothing is set in stone.
Not even darkness.
While she was here, she made me think, for the briefest moment, that I might even have a chance to be human.
Make a wish.
Make a wish.
One, two Make a wish.
But wishes, of course, are for children.