Dexter s06e04 Episode Script

A Horse of a Different Color

Previously on Dexter That takes us to the snakes killing.
Maybe Brother Sam was right about our victim.
Is this what I think it is? Evidence from the Ice Truck Killer investigation.
You think that my becoming Lieutenant had anything to do with what happened between us? No, I'm sure it was just a big fucking coincidence.
I don't know how to act.
I don't know what to do.
I don't know who to hire.
Deb, you're too smart to think that this was gonna be easy.
I put my ass on the line even considering you, so stow the attitude.
Are you going to be saved? - It's up to you.
- Yes, please! Dear God, cleanse me of all my sins.
He's ready.
Do you undertake to keep God's commandments and the faith of his son, our Lord? I do.
Some people think that religion began as a way for primitive cultures to explain natural phenomenon, the fire, the wind, the rain.
They created a God for each one.
I baptise you, my brother, in Christ.
You are baptised with Christ in death.
You'd think science would have made religion obsolete.
But it hasn't.
Go for a swim, come out a new man.
If only I believed it were that simple.
But Brother Sam believes, and because of that, he's fulfilled.
It's written all over his face.
That's my son, Harrison.
Can you say hi? Guess not.
It's all right.
Did you see Nick? He wanted to thank you for coming by.
Yeah, he can thank me tomorrow at the shop when I bring my car in.
What? You had another accident? Bad driving karma.
Man, somebody trying to tell you to slow down, brother.
So what'd you think? It was interesting.
Don't get me wrong.
The spiritual stuff, the second chances, I think it's great.
For Nick.
But not for you, huh? I get it.
You take a dunk in the bay, you fix all your problems.
It probably sounds like bullshit to you.
That's one word for it.
But, you know, it's not about the dunk.
It's about, surrender to something greater than yourself.
- I don't get it.
- Man, just look around.
You think you make the sun come up in the morning? You think you can make the tide come in? No, but that's the Earth rotating on its axis, the pull of the moon.
So you do believe in something greater than yourself.
- Got to go.
- OK.
Harrison, get the car.
Yeah, somebody got to do the driving with him.
Go ahead.
Jesus Christ! What's with the wicked rodeo? Your guess is as good as mine.
Some sick fuck sewed body parts to mannequins and then strapped them to horses.
I mean, what the fuck? Body parts? This spectacle makes me think of Brian, my brother.
Your brother? - Rudy, the Ice Truck Killer? - Sorry.
No, it's OK.
I was thinking it, too.
Just the idea that someone would put this much - Imagination.
-brutality into killing.
Come here.
I want to show you something.
- Lieutenant.
- Hold on a sec.
Check it out.
- Lieutenant.
- I'm in the middle of something.
Remember this? It's the same insignia that was carved into the stomach of the snakes victim.
Looks like a signature.
Same sick fuck.
Two different killings.
Hey, Lieutenant? For the love of God, what? Right.
One at a time.
Been calling around the local stables.
There's one about a mile north from here, reported four horses missing two days ago.
- Quinn? - Mounted patrol's on the way.
They'll be here within the hour.
I've been counting the body parts and typing the blood, and it's all B-positive.
So I think we're looking at one victim here.
Somebody went to a lot of trouble.
He's trying to tell us something.
"I'm a crazy piece of shit.
" He's saying, "It's the end of the world.
" Something like that.
Four horsemen of the Apocalypse, white, red, pale, and black.
Doesn't take a genius to figure it out.
And who are you? I'm sorry.
This is Mike Anderson from Chicago.
He's my replacement.
Mike, this is everyone.
You were saying? The killer's showing us a scene from the Book of Revelation.
A killer with faith? - Damn, it's hot out here.
- Yeah.
It's Miami, genius.
- What about snakes? - What about them? Seven snakes.
Any mention of them in the Book of Revelation? - Don't know.
I'll look into it.
- Do that.
In the meantime, you two, go to the stable.
See if a surveillance tape will give us a suspect.
Dexter, Masuka, take shots of the horses so we can start taking this shit apart.
Whoever did this seems to be a member of my tribe.
But this is a horse of a different colour.
What is this? Masuka confirmed that the body parts all belong to the same victim.
We got an ID off the fingerprints, Nathan Roberts.
Went for a jog a couple of days ago, never came back.
Did you compare the kill wound against the snakes victim? - I did.
- And? It's a perfect match.
Same signature, same kill wound.
Same killer.
The ME's report said there was residue in the wound.
It's being processed.
We should have it back at the lab later today.
Any ideas for a murder weapon? Some kind of stabbing implement.
Won't know for sure until we get the ME's measurements of the wound.
What about the cuts on the body? I'm guessing a bone saw.
What do we have here? - What is it? - I don't know.
- Some kind of message.
- Another one? Jesus! How much does this fucker have to say? A lot, apparently.
Want to bet he left one on the snakes victim, too? Nothing behind his eyes.
What about the mouth or the ears? Already checked.
What are we missing? We're not.
It's what he's missing.
His intestines.
Kind of reminds me of looking for the prize in a cereal box.
You were always good at that, too.
Jackpot! What do you think it means? That I've been lieutenant for less than a week and there's already some game-playing, sick-as-fuck serial killer for me to catch? Technically, he's not a serial killer.
Serial killing involves the murder of several people in three or more separate events.
So far our guy's only done two.
Are you trying to make me feel better or worse? Sorry.
It's Jamie.
Hey, everything OK? Harrison isn't feeling so great.
- What happened? - I don't know.
He didn't He didn't eat breakfast.
But, I mean, he seems OK otherwise.
Just a little tired.
I don't know.
Maybe it's a tummy ache, or Should I cancel his play-date? Yeah, absolutely.
It's better to be safe than sorry.
- OK.
- If he gets any worse I'll call you.
I promise.
You wanted to see me? Yeah, this four horsemen case, it's all over the news.
We need to address the press.
Already two steps ahead of you.
I called a conference for this afternoon, - and I'm working on a statement.
- Morgan's gonna make the statement.
But she doesn't have any experience.
I've led hundreds of press conferences, and, really, under the circumstances Morgan is the new face of this department, Maria.
- I'm still - The old face.
Now, set it up for tomorrow afternoon.
Why the fuck would I lead a press conference? - Isn't that your thing? - Usually, yes.
But I made a strategic decision to put you in the spotlight.
You'll give the public the impression that the situation's less critical.
Besides, dealing with the press is your responsibility as lieutenant.
I thought my responsibility was catching the horse fucker that's killing people.
You'll have to learn to multitask.
And while you're at it, you still haven't finished your fit-for-duty therapy.
The shooting was over two weeks ago.
How am I supposed to find time to go to a therapist? Figure it out.
You're a liability until you get cleared.
Fucking nightmare.
You OK? Obviously.
You'll be fine.
Just Never mind.
Not my place.
What? Tell me.
You just mightwant to dress a little more professional.
Like a lieutenant.
I mean, you know, skirt suit, heels.
What's wrong with the way I dress? I mean, you kind of look like you're What? A detective? No, like you're going to a hoedown.
Where should I put the medical examiner's report - for the four horsemen's case? - Wherever.
You busy later? Thought we could have our second date.
Sure, I have roller derby practise until 9:00, but we can totally hang after.
Wait, wait, wait.
You're a You're a derby girl? Got the bruises to prove it.
I think my head just exploded.
I have an idea.
Why don't we have our second date right now? What are you thinking? Little make-out session in the women's bathroom? I was thinking some show-and-tell in the evidence room? Even better.
Not the dirty kind.
You know, showing me the Ice Truck Killer stuff was so cool.
I was just thinking maybe you could show me the Trinity stuff - or the Bay Harbour Butcher evidence.
- I can't.
FBI has all those files But I promise to make it up to you later.
You better.
Now open the ME's report.
I'm dying to know what it says.
When Brian sent messages, they were tailor-made for me.
But I should still be able to crack this guy's code.
- All right.
- Ready? Let's do this.
Most of you have already met Detective Mike Anderson.
He's working on a theory that our killer is re-enacting scenes from the Book of Revelation.
There's a lot of brutal imagery here, and our killer had a lot to choose from.
I just got the ME report from the four horsemen vic.
- Guess what it says.
- Must be pretty important for you to bust in here like this.
He's a little bit of a drama queen.
There were traces of oxidised iron in the kill wound.
I mean, nobody's used iron to make weapons since the Middle Ages.
Which means our killer could have used an ancient artefact.
- What kind of artefact? - I'm not sure yet.
But the dimensions of the wound suggest a sword.
But there are hundreds of varieties of swords.
Stay on that.
Mike, you were saying? So far, our killer has given us three tableaus.
The intestines on the scale, the snakes victim, and the four horsemen.
I'm sorry.
"Tableaus"? It's a theatrical term referring to a picturesque grouping of people or objects.
All this time, I just thought they were called crime scenes.
No, it's more than just a crime scene.
Everything he's showing us has meaning, from the positioning of the bodies to the clothes he puts on his victims.
- Nothing's by accident.
- Exactly.
He's communicating with us.
Mike's just helping with the translation.
The four horsemen of the Apocalypse are described in Revelation 6, verses one through eight.
As for the seven snakes murder, Revelation 13.
"And I stood upon the sand of the sea and saw a serpent rise out of the sea, "having seven heads.
" And what about the intestines? There's no passage on intestines, but the scales of justice are all over the Bible.
I figure he's referencing God's judgement of mankind.
What about the numbers we found on the body? Don't know.
But I can get in touch with a Revelation expert who might be able to tell us more.
They happened five days apart.
The two murders, they happened five days apart.
The difference between I don't know why I didn't see it before.
So the numbers are days.
He's counting up to something.
- To what? - Don't know.
But if all this Revelation stuff has to do with doomsday, maybe it's to the end of the world.
OK, so we're looking for a religious nut-bag.
Quinn, Batista, round up any end-times fanatics that might have criminal records.
Let's find this Doomsday Killer.
It's happening, Travis.
Look around us.
People are afraid.
Soon, you'll start to understand what we're Travis, are you listening to me? Yes.
They're afraid.
OK, I got it.
She's pretty.
- Who? - The waitress.
You've been staring at her.
But we really have to stay focused.
So you don't think I should ask her out? - Is that what you want? - I don't know.
- I think she likes me.
- Hey, Trav.
Can I get you anything else? - Yeah.
- Yeah? Thank you.
I thought religion was supposed to be comforting.
But swarms of locusts, bowls of wrath? Why would anybody want to believe this stuff? Be honest.
Professional or stupid? Professional.
But you don't look much like you.
You want to tell me how I'm supposed to catch Doomsday if I'm spending all my time writing press statements, going to court-ordered therapy and shopping for ugly-ass clothes? You'll figure it out.
You always do.
Quinn used to say that when I was in meltdown mode.
He saw you in meltdown mode and he still wanted to marry you? - Poop explosion.
- Harrison? If it's Jamie, you've got bigger problems.
Keep an eye on him while I'm down in the laundry room? - His tummy still upset? - Yeah.
It's probably just a bug, but I can take him to the doctor tomorrow.
Hey, what's the matter, little man? You don't feel so good? Wish I could make it all better.
I guess there are some things even daddies can't fix.
So I gave you the friends and family rate.
And I can have that to you ASAP.
The sooner the better.
I just want to let you know I'm taking off, all right? All right.
- Dex, what's up? - What's up! So you headed off to class? Hey, Sam's sending me to computer class.
- Gonna build him a bomb website, yo.
- Yeah, you better.
- All right.
- Be safe.
See you, Nick.
You really take care of these guys.
Yeah, well, you know, God's taking care of all of us.
Here go your estimate.
- Are these your notes? - Yeah.
Every time I read it, I'm finding something new.
- You ever read it? - Yeah, I just started, for work.
We're tracking this killer.
We think he's re-enacting scenes from the Book of Revelation.
That four horsemen case from the news, yeah? Lord have mercy.
Saying it's in the name of God, the devil is busy.
You think he's using God as an excuse to kill? People use God as an excuse for a lot of things.
Just because he believes in some crazy bullshit, that don't mean his faith is any less real.
But if faith makes people do such crazy bullshit, what's the point of having it? It's human nature.
Gotta believe in something.
Right? I mean, haven't you ever had a problem so big that you just couldn't handle it on your own? - Yeah.
- Well, who helped you? My dad.
Well, you're lucky, you're blessed.
That's a blessing.
Faith, man, you put it in the wrong things it'll fuck you up.
Goddamn pantyhose.
Has anyone ever died from crotch asphyxiation? You have now crossed the line into inappropriate brother-sister exchanges.
Is that Lieutenant Morgan in a skirt? I don't know.
I don't recognise her without the man boots.
You'll recognise my foot when it's kicking you in the face.
- But the Mayan calendar says - The Mayans weren't Christians.
Look, God told Noah that the great flood would be in seven days.
Batista and Quinn's people of interest.
Even if none of them is Doomsday, they're all totally insane.
At 9:45 yesterday morning, four horses were released at the intersection.
Lieutenant, you ready for the press conference? Yeah.
I'm just practising my statement.
You want some honest advice? I guess.
Lose the speech.
Just relax.
Have a conversation.
You're not a formal person, so a formal statement could come off as insincere.
So you're saying I should just be myself? Exactly.
Nice shoes, by the way.
- They look better on.
- Yeah, well, they hurt my feet.
You know what else you could use? Nice.
See you later.
Brother Sam reads his Bible like I read blood, and every time he comes away with something new.
Maybe if I want answers about this killer, his work deserves a second look.
Such aggressive, brutal cuts.
He butchered this body.
But that doesn't make any sense.
Not when he was so meticulous about composing his crime scenes.
The complexity of the stitching in the belly of that fruit vendor.
The attention to detail, attaching plastic to flesh.
So why would this same fastidious craftsman so carelessly hack and slash? Unless it's not the same killer.
You think one person cut up the body and another composed the crime scene? Maybe we're not looking for one Doomsday Killer.
Maybe we're looking for two.
This is Vince Masuka.
Hey, I've been bounced around to, like, five people, so I'm hoping you can help me.
I can try.
What you need? I'm a collector, and there's a prosthetic hand for auction on buythistreasure.
Says it's from the Ice Truck Killer investigation.
- Is that real? - What? No.
Hang on a sec.
No, that's It's gotta be fake.
The only people with access to our evidence room are police employees and interns.
Fuck me.
So I shouldn't bid on it, or No, definitely not.
No, no, no.
What's wrong? You stole the hand from the Ice Truck Killer evidence and sold it online? You said it was just going to sit there.
The chain of custody is sacred.
I mean, did you ever stop to think what would happen - if we ever needed to go back? - I'm sorry.
I was short on rent, and I needed the money, so I Are you crazy? I mean, I could lose my job over this.
No one has to know.
Just - Let me make it up to you.
- I'm such an idiot.
For thinking you were actually into me.
I was.
I am.
Get out.
We're done.
And we're live in three, two, one.
My detectives are interviewing several suspects, but we won't release a name until a suspect is officially charged.
Is it true the four horsemen case is connected to the murder of the fruit vendor, Omar Rivera? We're not here to discuss the Rivera case.
But the same alpha and omega signature was found at both crime scenes.
Isn't that right? Come on, Deb.
Don't go into meltdown mode now.
Actually, yes, we believe that's our killer's signature.
So if you see something, say something.
Call the department with any information that might help us catch this killer.
We're all in this together.
I'm not gonna lie to you about this investigation, because I don't really see the point.
I'm not into politics, and I don't care about press conferences or Or public opinion.
All I care about is catching the fucker that did this.
That'll be all.
Lieutenant Morgan, another question.
Is it me, or does our captain look happy our lieutenant just shit the bed? It's not you.
Trust me.
I used to be married to her.
Hey, we got one more nut-job to interview.
This preacher, Jeremiah Allen.
So we got to make a house call.
All right.
Let's go.
Please tell me it wasn't that bad.
It was pretty bad.
Is that LaGuerta's necklace? I seriously hate you right now.
Deb, hold on a sec.
Hello? I'll be right there.
Your son's temperature's 104.
We need to get him into surgery ASAP.
- His appendix is ruptured.
- What happens now? We'll do our best to make sure he's OK.
Need you to sign that parental consent.
He's gonna be OK, right? We'll do everything we can.
Hey, buddy, Daddy's gonna wait right here so the doctors take good care of you, OK? - Hello.
- Hey, it's Sam from Good Shepherd.
Your car's ready.
You said you needed it ASAP, so it's here.
Yeah, can I pick it up tomorrow? I'm at Saint Peter's with my son.
- Is everything OK? - He just went into surgery.
- Do you need me to - I got to go.
You gave us the wrong address.
It was a sandwich shop.
The preacher, Jeremiah Allen.
He's unlisted.
Fine! Call me back.
Should have taken my car.
Got the GPS.
Just finish up your frita so we can head back to the station.
We'd already be on the way if you let me eat in the car.
No way.
You're not getting grease on Norma.
What? It was my mother's name.
Now I think I know why you're divorced.
Fucking waste of an afternoon.
You got a little, like, cilantro or something on your What the fuck? Is this yours? No.
It belonged to the kid that sold me the car.
I mean, the weed, the Trans Am.
If you're having a mid-life crisis, we can talk about it.
I'm not having a mid-life crisis.
What's wrong with this car? - I think it's cool.
- Yeah, it's - What are you doing? - I'm making lemonade.
Put that shit away.
We're cops.
We're on-duty cops.
So what? It's not like we're gonna hear back from dispatch today anyway.
I haven't smoked that shit since I was 16.
Exactly, Grandpa.
Don't you want to be cool? Give me that.
I could feel hot flames of fire roaring in my back.
Dude, quit staring at me.
You're freaking me out.
It's sad.
I can feel how much your heart hurts for Deb.
Get your big, fucking sausage hands off me.
That's terrible.
Got it.
That was dispatch.
We got Jeremiah Allen's address.
Jeremiah who? The guy.
The dude.
The The preacher.
Right! Awesome.
Where's my hat? Did you know that children who undergo anaesthesia under the age of three are more likely to develop learning disabilities? Are you doing research? And once the appendix bursts, the complication rate rises to 59%.
Maybe you should get off the internet.
You think we should call Astor and Cody, Iet them know Harrison's in surgery? No, not yet.
I don't want to worry them.
Deb, is that you on TV? Or public opinion.
All I care about is catching thethat did this.
- Dexter? - Sam, what are you doing here? I figured if I had a son who was going through surgery, I'd probably want some backup, too, so -Thanks.
- Brother Sam? You came in on the Omar Rivera case.
Are you guys, like, friends now? - Yeah, well, I have the auto shop.
- Yep! I'm gonna go to the cafeteria, see if anything's edible.
Any takers? I'll browse.
How you holding up? Honestly, not good.
I hate not knowing if he's gonna be OK, not being able to protect him.
Sometimes you just got to surrender.
I'm sorry, man.
That probably wasn't the - It's OK.
-best thing to say.
No, it's If I was in your situation, I would not want to hear that shit.
I used to not always be like this.
People used to talk to me about God, man.
Used to make me want to punch them in their face.
- Really? - Yeah, yeah.
I used to believe in something else.
What? The same as you.
My dad.
Whatever, that That didn't work out.
What happened? Hey, you got enough on your mind, man.
You don't need to Want to hear no stories - about me and my dad.
- No, I appreciate the distraction.
When I was growing up, my dad was a real popular guy.
Everybody knew him.
They used to call him "Mister".
He was always working, but I never really knew what he did.
So one day I asked him.
I said, "Daddy, what do you do? " He looked at me and said, "Whatever I want, whenever I need.
" Like that.
He said he was going to see a friend of his.
So we get there.
He says, "Go on up there and ring that doorbell for me.
" So I do it.
And this man comes to the door.
And he's staring at me, not knowing who I am or why I'm there.
And before I can turn around and say, "I'm with Mister," my dad is standing right there behind me with a pistol in his hand.
And he takes his pistol and he points it at this man, and he shoots him in the face.
Killed him.
Blood everywhere.
All on my Superman shirt.
My dad just calmly picks me up, walks to the car, drives off slowly.
And he says, "You did a good job.
" He used you.
No surprise I ended up in prison.
So what changed? Well, when I first got locked up, them first few months, I was just mad.
And I just wanted to hurt somebody, anybody.
And this new guy comes in.
And he's just loud and bragging, and, "I was this, that in the street.
" And so I'm just looking at him.
I'm thinking to myself, "OK, when I get a chance, I'm gonna tune this motherfucker up.
" So we get yard time, and I'm following him.
And he goes into the chapel.
I sneak up on him, and I start choking him out.
I'm trying to kill him.
And then I see this light.
Like, figuratively, or No, no, like, for real.
Like, light.
Sunlight coming through these chapel windows, and I could just see everything around me.
I could see where I was at and what I was doing, and I didn'twant to do it no more.
And you think that was God? Dexter, all I know is that when I let that man go, that I'd never felt that good about nothing in my life.
- I'm gonna grab some coffee.
- Yeah.
Come on.
Come on.
Just let him be OK.
Please let him be OK.
I don't know how this works, but if there's something I need to do in return, I'll do it.
OK? You're going out with that woman, aren't you? Her name is Erin.
If you like, I could cancel.
I could stay here with you.
There's more work I could do.
No, we were given free will for a reason, Travis.
You can do whatever you want.
As long as you're willing to accept the consequences God gives you.
It's just dinner.
I'll be back home by 10:00.
Good night.
And your parents, are you close? Yes, we were.
They died when I was 14.
- Car wreck.
- I am so sorry.
That's terrible.
My sister pretty much raised me after that.
Poor thing.
You guys are really lucky that you had each other.
I want you, Travis.
Kid's a champ.
Made it through with flying colours.
Thank God.
I mean, thank you.
Thank you so much, Doctor.
My pleasure.
They're taking him up to recovery now.
You can see him in a few minutes.
I knew he'd be OK.
I got to go.
Matthews wants to talk to me.
Probably about the conference.
I'm totally fucked.
Long day, you should go home.
Are you sure? I can hang.
No, go.
I'll call you if anything changes.
- OK.
Good night.
- Good night.
Thanks for staying.
You didn't have to.
Not a problem.
I wanted to.
I'm glad little man is all right.
Yeah, me too.
I know.
Thank God.
That's just an expression.
I know.
Just, another marvel of modern science.
Yeah, you put your faith in God, I put my faith in science.
It's cool.
We don't have to believe in the same thing, but you got to keep an open mind.
You may say I can't prove that God exists, but you can't prove he doesn't.
You take care, Dex.
Deputy Chief? Morgan, did you see the news? I been getting calls about it all night.
I did, sir.
Let me just say that I am truly, deeply Everybody loves my new sparkplug of a lieutenant.
- They do? - You're direct.
No bullshit.
Well, I was just trying to get the community I took a big risk when I promoted you, Morgan.
I took a lot of crap from a lot of people.
But today today you've made me very, very proud.
Your dad would have been proud, too.
Keep up the good fucking work.
Thank you, sir.
Which one of you characters drives a Firebird? Crockett or Tubbs? You park like a dick.
You guys want to go in my office, tell me what you've been up to? Well, we'll be right in.
I've been meaning to thank you for that fashion advice.
Really upped my professional factor.
Jesus, Anderson, you have something to say, say it.
With all due respect, Lieutenant, you should probably watch the language.
Well, for your information, Matthews said people liked it.
We have a lead.
We've been speaking to this preacher, Jeremiah Allen.
Turns out he's obsessed with this Revelation expert, James Gellar.
The professor, from the University of Tallahassee? Yeah? Found this on a Google search for "Revelation expert".
- It's all about end times.
- Yeah.
Check this out.
The posts end on the day of our very first crime scene.
I can try and get in touch with him, but You can't get in touch with him, because he went underground.
Why? Now look who's behind the curve.
I called the university.
Gellar disappeared three years ago after he got fired.
- Ask me why.
- Why? He got accused of stealing an ancient sword.
Like the one Masuka thinks our killer could have used in both murders? Just like that.
And get this.
This isn't just any Roman sword.
According to medieval legend, this one belonged to John the Revelator.
The guy who actually wrote Revelation.
Looks like we just found our number one person of interest.
- Good job.
- Thank you.
You knew this was gonna happen.
No! Please, let her go.
I like her.
You should have thought about that before you defiled her.
This is the best thing for her.
She's part of God's plan now.
Looks like your prayers were answered.
- I was desperate.
- Hey, no judgement.
You already talk to an imaginary father figure.
- It didn't mean anything.
- Are you sure? Harrison's OK, and you did make that pact.
Come on.
You don't really think there's someone out there - holding my IOU.
- I don't know.
But if there is, you'd better be ready to pay the piper.
How's Harrison? He's fine.
He's sleeping.
Are you sure? Cos I wouldn't want to bother you.
Deb, just tell me what's up.
Got a call to a crime scene in Coral Gables.
A gardener at the botanical gardens found an alpha and an omega outside the greenhouse.
- You think it's Doomsday? - Could be.
And we might have a suspect, a middle-aged professor.
- I'm not sure if I should leave.
- Dexter.
I didn't mean to interrupt or anything, but if that's work, you should go.
- But Harrison - Harrison is sound asleep.
Between the painkillers and the sedatives they gave him, you can probably get there and back before he even wakes up.
Dex, at the risk of sounding like the world's worst aunt, I could really use you on this.
There's blood.
I'll be there.
Call me the minute he wakes up.
I will.
I was drawn to science out of curiosity.
Any questions I had, the answers were already there.
But even science is never certain.
Even the soundest of theories is subject to new data.
And there are some things even science can't explain.
Brother Sam would say it's not an accident that I've stumbled onto a killer who seems to have his own kind of faith.
And while I don't believe in an unseen hand creating his own tableau, I do believe I don't have all the answers.
- Dex, thanks for coming.
- What do we got? Blood and fucking fish.
Catch of the day.
It didn't get here on its own.
So where did it come from? Dex, where are you going? Over here! Check this out.
- Holy shit.
- In here! No! No! Deb, wait! Could be another trap.
Oh, God, I have to help her! Her jugular's punctured.
She's already gone.
Oh, shit, shit, shit! Kill numberthree.
It's official.
He's a serial killer.
Wait, wait, everybody.
What the hell is that? It's coming from over here.
I'm not looking at Debra's middle-aged professor.
Is this Doomsday number two? But that's not the look of a murderer.
That's the look of a man with true faith.
I've seen it before on Brother Sam.
Whatever this guy believes, he knows it to be true.