Dexter s07e06 Episode Script

Do the Wrong Thing

Previously on Dexter LaGuerta found a blood slide with Travis Marshall's blood on it at the fucking church.
Talked her into letting me help with the Bay Harbour Butcher investigation so I can keep tabs on what's happening.
You what? That toy isn't bringing back memories of being scared.
She was straddled by her assailant.
Wayne didn't kill that woman.
Well, it was someone smaller.
Stabbed the woman until the knife got so bloody her hand slipped along the edge of the sharp blade cutting her palm very deeply.
Everything you've said is a lie.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Did you get the blood report back? From the bodies from the dig? Yeah.
Anything I should know? Nope.
Just forget about work.
Joey Quinn.
Used to have an understanding with him.
Leave a bag of cash in his car and he'd do whatever we asked.
He drew his gun as the attacker fired.
This blood is from a defensive wound.
So you got arrested, there'll be a trial, you'll go to prison for a long time.
Does that mean this is over? No.
Hannah McKay.
She stabbed a woman five times.
And since I found out, all I can think about is giving her what she deserves.
Maybe she deserves a little slack.
When she killed that woman, she was only 15.
Scared of Wayne.
On the run.
It could have been a one-time thing.
I saw the way she touched her trophies.
And when you like to kill, you don't just stop.
She must have killed again since Wayne.
You have no evidence to support that.
Her husband died of a heart attack at 40.
Perfect health, no family history.
- Seems suspicious.
- You're really reaching here, Dexter.
I know she killed her husband.
I can feel it.
I just need proof.
Don't you have more pressing concerns? Debra, LaGuerta, Isaak.
Why do you think I need a kill so badly? - Where do you think you're going? - To talk to her.
Get her to slip up about her husband.
Give me a lead.
What makes you think she'll tell you anything? Last time you saw her, you accused her of murder.
Good point.
I need a peace offering.
And this is a big opportunity for the department.
Arresting the head of the Koshka Brotherhood is good.
Sorry I'm late.
I can't even be late without making Deb angry.
You all did great work.
The arraignment went well.
Sirko was denied bail.
He has a small army of lawyers, and they're putting his bail up for review.
No way he'll get out.
- Not on three counts of murder.
- Hope you're right.
So do I.
As long as Isaak's behind bars, I'll have time to deal with Hannah.
Of course he's right.
The guy killed three Colombians.
Plus, we have evidence that puts Sirko at the scene.
None of that will matter - if his team claims self-defence.
- It's a solid case.
We still need to make sure the captain is prepared for any questions the DA may ask.
Look, we have all seen cases that we thought were a sure thing go south.
The right lawyers, the right jury, anything can happen.
Which is why the DA wants to make sure it doesn't.
At least I can make a peace offering to one woman in my life.
If I want Hannah to give me the time of day I need to show her I'm not a threat.
And how do you intend to do that? I haven't filled out the blood report for those bodies we dug up.
I could fudge it.
Omit some key facts.
Forget to run the blood on the victim's dress for Hannah's DNA.
The cops think Wayne Randall killed those people.
If I don't tell them otherwise, they won't know different.
Didn't you promise your sister you wouldn't take cases from the police? Hannah has immunity.
Nothing the cops can do.
Telling Deb will only make her crazy.
Then what? You think you'll just show Hannah this report and she'll confess? Tell you she killed her husband? What other choice do I have? You're blocking my view.
It's a wall.
To you, perhaps.
To me, it's a blank canvas.
A projection screen for the mind.
You killed three of our boys, smartass.
You're not gonna sound so smart when you're bleeding like a stuck pig.
You and your Colombian friends haven't really thought this through.
Now, as a businessman, I've found you have to weigh short-term gains against long-term consequences.
True, you and your men could retaliate.
In the short-term, I'd be dead.
But I'm not the only member of the Koshkas.
I could have 100 men here should anything happen to me, understand? Yeah.
We outnumber you.
We out gun you.
Quite frankly, we're smarter than you.
So I'm afraid in the long-term your plan falls a little short.
Now, the art of any deal is negotiation.
Have we come to terms? Yeah.
Hi, you've reached George Novikov.
Leave me a message.
George, it's Isaak.
I need you to pay me a visit.
It's urgent.
Hannah should be on her way back from the flower mart right about now.
I'll be able to catch her before I go to work.
I've watched her for days.
She never changes her schedule.
Great, you're a stalker.
- What happened to Peter Cottontail? - Poison.
Rabbits kill my plants, so I kill them.
You could just trap them and let them go.
When you do that, they come back.
I do what I have to do.
Remind me to never show up on your property uninvited.
Too late.
So you've accused me of murder, animal cruelty.
- Anything else? - Actually, I came to apologise.
It's a copy of the blood report from the bodies you helped us find.
Wayne Randall's victims.
Wayne's victims, huh? The blood evidence was inconclusive.
I realised it when I got back to my lab.
I shouldn't have accused you.
I'm really sorry.
It takes a real gentleman to admit when he's wrong.
- What? - You have a little Dirt.
Occupational hazard.
I can get pretty dirty.
Remember why you're here.
Dead husband.
Since I'm here, I could use a plant for my apartment.
Really? A plant? Follow me.
- Any idea what you're looking for? - Just a plant.
Something planty.
You're the expert.
Well, why don't you tell me about your place? So I can get a better idea.
It's a one bedroom on the water, lots of sunlight.
- You live alone? - Currently, yeah.
- You? - Currently, yeah.
- And before? - I was married for a little while.
Unfortunately, he passed away.
How about this one? If you take good care of it, it'll last for years.
Really? I always figured once you took flowers home they had already started to die.
- That's kind of a morbid outlook.
- Is it? Yeah, I guess I'm kind of maybe a morbid guy.
So how'd he die, your husband? Heart attack, but we really don't need to talk about it.
We can though if you want to.
I mean, I understand.
My wife died too.
Oh, what happened? She was murdered.
Oh, God, that's That's awful.
Different from your situation, obviously.
All this doom and gloom.
You mind if we change the subject? I do, actually.
If her husband's off-limits, I'll have to take another tack.
- So how long have you had this place? - About a year.
Worked for the previous owner before that.
Beverly Grey, amazing woman.
I've kept the business exactly the same as when she ran it.
Same clients, same schedule.
I even kept her handyman on.
- Where is she now? Retired? - She passed away about a year ago.
That's when I took over.
Dead husband, dead mentor.
It was actually a really sad time, so I'd I'd rather not talk about it.
Sorry, I wasn't going for more doom and gloom.
Seems you have a knack.
- I should get going.
I gotta get to work.
- But you still haven't picked a plant.
That one.
Really? What do I owe you? Consider it a gift.
See you around.
Since Hannah stabbed her first victim, two people close to her have died.
Seems I'm not the only one with a knack for doom and gloom.
Beverly Grey.
The deceased mentor of Hannah McKay.
I paid a visit to the clerk of county.
Beverly's will listed Hannah as her lone beneficiary.
Makes sense.
No children, no immediate family.
Why wouldn't Beverly leave Hannah her legacy? But if Hannah were Beverly's heir apparent it'd give her motive for murder.
The question is, is Hannah responsible for her death? - Cause of death, heart attack.
- Just like her husband.
- Seems suspicious.
- Or not.
Heart disease is the leading cause of death in this country.
Hell, it got me.
What about poison? That's the way women usually kill.
- Safe.
- She poisons rabbits, Dexter.
It doesn't mean she poisons people.
Why are you so convinced she's still a killer? I know that face.
Sal Price.
Maybe he can tell me something about Hannah I don't already know.
Hey, was that Sal Price? - Yeah.
What do you care? - I read his book.
I'm a fan.
Since when do you read true crime? Since we started working on the Wayne Randall case.
I'm learning new things about you.
What was Price doing here? He heard we dug up more Wayne Randall victims.
He wants to reissue his book.
He asked if he could see the case files.
- I said I'd have copies made.
- Shit.
The case is closed.
What's the big deal? I fudged the blood report for starters.
No, it's just Was he leaving? I wanna ask him to sign my book.
Went to the coffee truck while I'm having copies made.
I'm sure he'd love to.
- Coffee.
- Mr.
Price? Hi.
Dexter Morgan.
I'm a big fan.
I was hoping maybe I can get an autograph? Yeah, sure.
Of course.
- Any relation to the lieutenant? - Yeah, she's my sister.
She says you're writing an update on the new bodies.
That's exciting.
Is she single? Yeah, last time I checked.
Look, I should warn you, since we're talking about a solved crime I didn't put much time into my blood report.
That's okay, I usually have my own guy take a look.
Just in case.
What are you hoping to find? I have a little theory that Hannah McKay deserves her own sequel.
So does your sister date, or-- ? You're writing a book about Hannah McKay? What are the highlights? Come on, give me something.
Just a teaser for a fan.
Only if you put in a good word for me with your sister.
So? Hannah McKay? Right, so get this.
Right out of juvie, Hannah moves into a halfway house.
Seems like all's well until she accuses some counsellor of abusing her sexually.
- So, what happened? - Nothing.
Guy gets a slap on the wrist.
But a couple of weeks later, he drops dead.
Rat poisoning.
Sound like a coincidence to you? Wow, I don't know.
Three makes a pattern.
Maybe they all got in her way.
Well, that's all you're getting out of me.
You want the rest, read the book.
I'm gonna go check on those files.
Pleasure to meet you, Dexter Morgan.
I will read your book, Mr.
But I won't be waiting for it to come out in hard copy.
You are now officially my favourite lieutenant.
Can I buy you an adult beverage as a token of my appreciation? Some place dark and not too loud? That sounds like a date.
Not to me.
it sounds like a beautiful police lieutenant sharing an evening with a handsome crime writer.
Can I take a rain check? - Sorry.
- Don't be.
I get it.
Me coming here, asking you out.
You think I'm trying to write your story.
- Which, I'm not by the way.
- My story? Being engaged to the Ice Truck Killer.
- I'm sure you got-- - That hadn't occurred to me.
- That what you're doing? - I wasn't.
How do I know that's not some tactic? Are you always this defensive? Sorry, I didn't mean to be defensive.
I'm just not really in a dating mode.
Dating mode.
That's a thing.
My life is really fucking complicated.
Fine, but for the record, I like complicated.
So if you happen to change your mind, give me a call.
Oh, sorry, had garlic for lunch.
You have gum in here, yes? What is that? George left it in my car the last time I was at the club.
Figured you knew about it.
Why would he do that? He used to give me cash to look the other way when I worked Narcotics.
I thought you were joking when you said you were a dirty cop.
I was joking.
I'm a good cop.
- I also like money.
- Joey.
I know.
I figured George was gonna ask me for something small but now that lsaak's been arrested I'm not sure I wanna do whatever it is they're gonna ask me to do.
You're sure you didn't know? If I did, I would have told you to give it back.
- You're giving this back, right? - I'm thinking about it.
Joey, these are dangerous people.
You know, there's like 10 grand in that bag.
What good is money if you're dead? I'm not for sale.
Take care of yourself.
Price is going through my evidence at the police station.
Turnaround is fair play.
Hopefully his thoughts about Hannah are a little more organised.
Looks like Price and I share an obsession.
But he's had years to follow Hannah's every move.
I need to catch up.
Price's source material.
I'll have to come back to see what he has on me.
Right now, I have to get in and get out.
A blood test for Hannah's mentor Beverly Grey.
Whatever it means, I'll bet Price wrote about it.
Yeah, I'm good.
Fine, fine.
- So have you heard from Louis? - No.
Thank God.
I mean, hookers? Gross.
Who does that? Yeah.
So, what do you think of this place? I guess it's cute.
Kind of a dive.
Because the owner's thinking about selling and I'm thinking about buying.
How are you gonna find the time to run a restaurant with all the hours you put in? I could just retire.
I've put in my 20 years.
- So you're just gonna quit? - Retire.
- Do something else? - Yeah.
Look, Angel, you're my brother and I love you.
But this is a big decision.
And we both know you're impulsive.
You get these crazy ideas, like, you wanna buy a-- - I don't get-- - You do and then you end up divorced.
With a broken down Trans Am and barely enough money to pay the rent.
I see you brought Jurg.
So good to see you both getting on in my absence.
You kidding? Since you've been arrested can't take a shit without Lurch breathing down my neck.
Well, someone has to keep an eye on you while I'm in here.
So, what's the big emergency? You need to get me out of here as soon as humanly possible.
- What happened? - Nothing.
But I'd really like to avoid killing anyone in here.
It would get in the way of my being released.
Have you heard from Detective Quinn? He He gave back the money.
Which is weird, because he's never turned down a payoff before.
Do not disappoint me.
Reservation for two.
Your other party's already arrived.
- Right this way, Mr.
- Okay.
Enjoy your dinner.
What the fuck is this? Where's Nadia? If you hurt her, I will put a bullet through your motherfucking head.
Easy, detective.
Don't make a scene.
Nadia is a valuable commodity.
We wouldn't do that.
Not unless we had to.
- What do you want from me? - I don't want shit.
But Isaak Sirko he wants you to lose the blood evidence linking him to the murders.
- Why the fuck would I do that for you? - You took our money.
And I gave it back.
I don't owe you shit.
Not the way Isaak sees it.
Now, he did you a favour by taking out those Colombian scumbags.
As soon as you let him go, he'll head back to the Ukraine.
You'll never hear from him again.
- It's not that big a deal.
- Then find someone else.
Now, why would we do that when we have you? Joey, come on.
You know we got you.
What happens if I don't cooperate? I'm thinking of transferring Nadia to one of our sex clubs in Dubai.
But she's a strong girl.
She'll last a couple weeks before she slits her wrists.
If I do this Nadia's a free woman.
You give me her fucking passport, understand? Deal.
And I'll do you one better.
You can even keep the cash.
See, Joe? Just like old times.
It's Nadia.
Leave a message.
Nadia, it's Joey.
Call me as soon as you get this.
- You wanted to see me? - Yeah.
- How was the meeting with the DA? - Fine.
He's confident that we have enough evidence to put Sirko away.
Thank the sweet fucking baby Jesus.
That's not what I wanted to talk to you about.
I had my last two interviews yesterday.
With families of the missing persons who could have been victims of the Bay Harbor Butcher? And? Any leads? Not a one.
It's frustrating.
So I started looking into open cases.
I figure a lot of homicide suspects vanish into thin air.
What if the Butcher took some of them out? That's good thinking.
- Did you find anything? - Maybe.
Remember the barrel girls? A swamp full of blonds in barrels, all of them raped, electrocuted and embalmed? Yeah, how could I forget it? All five suspects, including self-help guru Jordan Chase went missing before we could build a case against them.
You're thinking the Butcher could have killed them.
- There were two vigilante killers.
- Maybe he took on an accomplice.
One of the victims who was looking for justice.
I know it's a reach.
But it's possible.
Wasn't the theory that Jordan Chase killed the accomplices - then fled the country? - Yes.
But even if Chase killed the other four suspects the Butcher still could have killed Chase.
I don't think so.
Jordan Chase was very high profile.
It would be too risky.
Still It's worth looking into.
Find what you're looking for? It says here Price bribed the funeral director to get access to Beverly Grey's body before she was cremated.
He stole a blood sample and ran it for aconite.
Aconite? The queen of all poisons.
Ingesting it causes a heart attack.
Price says it's been growing on the greenhouse property for years.
You were right.
- Didn't show up on the autopsy? - It wouldn't have.
Not if they didn't know what they were looking for.
Her blood test.
Positive for aconite.
Proof that Beverly was poisoned.
But not proof that Hannah did the poisoning.
Hannah said her handyman was there when Beverly was still alive.
That could be worth a conversation.
Jesus, now she's showing up where I live.
- What are you doing here? - You picked the wrong plant.
I knew I could do better.
Hopefully you won't kill it.
- What is it? - It's a spotted phalaenopsis.
See the red on the petals? Remind you of anything? - Blood spatter.
- Which reminded me of you.
You came all the way out here just to bring me that? - How did you find me? - Google.
Now who's the stalker? I should ask her to leave.
So you wanna come in? Yeah, sure.
I'll help you find a place for it.
I need a spot near a window, but not directly in front of it.
No, that's the bedroom.
No plants in here.
Not enough light.
You could open the shades.
I like the dark.
So do I.
Why is she here? What does she want? There.
Now you can look at it when you wake up and when you go to bed.
Sorry, I gotta take this.
Hey, Deb.
What's up? Nothing, just that LaGuerta might have another theory that could royally fuck us.
- Can you meet me? - I'm in the middle of something.
Dex, this can't wait.
All right, I'll meet you in 20.
I'm telling you, Dexter, LaGuerta's not just gonna forget this one.
Jordan Chase is long gone.
So are the others.
There's nothing to trace them back to me.
Are you sure about that? There are no loose ends? What about the person you were working with? - I don't know what you're talking about.
- You know what I'm talking about.
There were two vigilante killers, not one.
Who was helping you? She wasn't helping me.
I was helping her.
- Was she one of their victims? - It doesn't matter.
If LaGuerta tracks her down, which is next to impossible she won't incriminate herself or me.
- How do you know that? - Trust me, I just do.
You were together.
Like a couple.
I remember having a thought that whoever was doing this was doing it for love.
That was right after Rita died.
You had that tenant with that weird fucking name.
- It was her, wasn't it? - It doesn't matter.
It was.
Jesus fucking Christ, Dexter.
You moved your girlfriend into the house where Trinity murdered your wife - so you could kill together? - It wasn't like that.
I felt guilty about what happened to Rita.
I thought that maybe if I helped Lumen - I was trying to make things right.
- Of course.
By murdering five other people.
Why can't the past stay in the past? Do we have to keep talking about this? We do, as long as LaGuerta has a bug up her ass.
Let me worry about LaGuerta, please! You just worry about yourself.
Go out.
Have fun.
Go on a date.
That guy, Sal Price.
He was into you.
Get out of my house.
What did I say? I really need to kill someone.
Hannah's become a real thorn in my side.
Maybe her handyman can give me what I need to finally fix my problem.
Excuse me.
Is Hannah here? - She's at the flower market.
- Oh, man.
I drove all the way.
You know when she'll be back? An hour or so.
It might be sooner.
You could wait.
How long have you been working here? About 10 years.
So you knew the previous owner.
Beverly Grey? Hannah said she passed away.
Heart disease.
Sad story.
Yeah, Hannah said they were close.
It must have been hard on her.
I'm sure it was, but she never let it show.
- Not the emotional type, huh? - I never saw anything like it.
Even when Beverly got sick, Hannah never complained.
Never asked for help.
Help with what? Taking care of Beverly.
Hannah bathed her, fed her, took her to the doctor's.
All alone? She was stubborn, man.
I figured it had something to do with growing up on a farm, you know? Just ploughing through.
Look, I tried to help out.
Hannah dug her heels in.
Wouldn't let anybody near Beverly.
Which means Hannah was the only one who had the access to poison her.
Hey, Hannah mentioned a purple wildflower that grows on the property.
Thought it would look great in my place.
I'm thinking I could take a look while I wait.
All the wildflowers are over in the southwest corner.
Price is right.
Yet again.
Beautiful and dangerous.
Just like Hannah.
She's harvested it.
Maybe she's set her sights on a new target.
You're after her.
Who's to say she isn't after you? But Why? She doesn't think I'm a threat.
She accepted my apology.
Don't be naive, Dexter.
You think she's a killer but not a liar? Dexter? What are you doing here? I was in the neighbourhood.
Well, come on in.
I'll make some coffee.
Careful, it's hot.
And potentially deadly.
Hannah, I wish I had more time, but I gotta get to work.
You know, I don't understand you, Dexter.
I can't figure out what it is that you really want.
- Nothing.
I don't want anything.
- You want something.
- You keep making excuses to see me.
- They weren't excuses.
It's getting creepy that you keep coming by.
Creepy? You came to my place too.
Why don't you just save us both the trouble and spit it out? I wanna take you out.
On a date? - That'll work.
- Well, that's sweet.
But I don't date.
- I get too attached.
- Really? - You don't strike me as the type.
- Well, I'm not who people think I am.
So who are you? On the inside? Probably still that 15-year-old girl who ran away with Wayne Randall.
The girl who stabbed a woman in cold blood.
Except now I know better.
What do you mean? I mean, he promised me everything.
He was gonna take me to Disney World and Santa's Holiday Adventure.
Some little Christmas-themed shithole just outside of Miami.
You know it? It's the only place in Florida where you can see the snow.
I was obsessed.
Then we were gonna live in Argentina on a farm and have this picture-perfect life.
Sounds pretty good to me.
Yeah, it was all I could think about.
I longed for it.
I needed it, and I knew that until I had it I would never be satisfied.
The craziest part is that somehow I had myself convinced that Wayne was the only one who could give it to me.
Wayne? Really? Why? I had it in my head that he was the answer.
That he was gonna fill the emptiness that I felt inside.
So I didn't care when he turned out to be the bad guy.
I didn't care if he shot somebody.
I didn't even care if I ended up in juvie.
Not until later anyway.
It was worth it just to hold on to the fantasy.
You still feel that way? No, now I do whatever it takes to make sure I don't lose myself like that again.
But I do still wish I had gotten to see the snow.
You know I'm not Wayne, right? I'm not gonna land you in jail.
- I still think it's a bad idea.
- Why did you come to my apartment? You know why.
Go out with me.
Come on, I'm just gonna keep stalking you.
I'm just-- I'm just trying to do the right thing.
Do the wrong thing.
One date.
- But if I end up in jail-- - I'll pick you up at 8.
A date? Really? She caught me off guard.
I had to think of something.
Nadia, it's Joey.
I stopped by the club last night and you weren't there.
I know I've called 50 times.
I'm worried about you.
Please call me back.
Let me know you're okay.
You got a sec? - Not really, I-- - Do I seem impulsive to you? Jamie says I make bad decisions.
But I have this opportunity, and I'm thinking about retiring.
Holy shit.
- You're retiring? - No, I didn't say that.
- I'm just considering my options.
- Can we talk later? I got shit to do.
Hey, you know Angel's thinking about retiring? Masuka.
Is that true? I wanna buy a restaurant.
- Give us a minute? - Yeah.
For the record studies show that men who retire are usually dead in five years.
It's a fact.
Look it up.
Where is this coming from? Is this about Mike Anderson's murder - because we've been through this.
- I think I'm burnt out, Deb.
I don't date.
I hardly see my kid.
I'm so focused on work that I forgot to have a life.
And I know this may sound crazy but the idea of buying this restaurant actually makes me happy.
Doesn't sound crazy at all.
Sal Price.
Sal, hey, it's Debra Morgan from-- Lieutenant Morgan with the potty mouth.
Right, with the potty mouth.
- To what do I owe this pleasure? - Are you still up for that drink? Yeah, absolutely.
But I thought you said-- I think I need to get a life.
Yes, you do.
- Case number? - Nine-eight-seven-six-zero.
That's the Dixon case.
I gotta testify in court next week.
Need a refresher on the evidence.
Dry section.
Bin 51, shelf four.
Third one over.
Back and to the right.
- Case number? - Case 16258.
It's Layva.
Should be two or three boxes.
It goes to arraignment next month.
Fuck me.
Oral fixation? Sorry.
Bad habit.
When I quit drinking, I picked up smoking.
When I quit smoking, I picked up chewing on things.
Straws, pens, toothpicks.
Turns out I have a problem with moderation.
Me too.
That and an obsessive personality.
Which is great for work, but it's really shitty for relationships.
Are we talking about me or you? So, what are you working on right now? You're updating your book, right? That and another project.
Which I probably shouldn't tell you about.
Why? Is it a secret? - Because trust me, I can keep a secret.
- I don't know.
You're the Lieutenant of Homicide, and when I tell cops about my theories they tell me to go fuck myself.
That won't happen here, I promise.
Come on, don't be a cop-tease.
A good theory totally gives me a girl boner.
Off the record.
You know that stuff in my book about Hannah McKay being this innocent young girl? A victim of Wayne Randall's influence? - Yeah.
- Well, I think it's bogus.
I think Hannah killed her first victim right along with Wayne.
And I think she kept right on killing.
Go fuck yourself.
If that's true, we're fucked.
We gave her immunity.
It's true.
I have evidence to back it up.
It's in my bag right now.
Wait, you have it here? - Why, do you wanna see it? - You have to show it to me.
- I'm the Lieutenant of Homicide.
- Look at you.
Like a dog with a bone.
If you show it to me, I'll totally make outwith you.
Best first date ever.
So these are the spatter photos from the bodies you dug up.
I've seen those.
Dexter said the evidence was inconclusive.
My blood guy disagreed.
Well, there's no way.
My brother's never wrong.
My guy said the pattern on this body indicates a killer much smaller than Wayne Randall.
Smaller like Hannah McKay? Fuck balls.
You gotta be kidding me.
I thought this place was closed for the season.
It is.
So how are we gonna get in? How do you feel about a little breaking and entering? Yeah.
All of us have some kind of longing.
A need crying out to be met.
What is this place? Wait.
Some of us get what we want and we're happy.
The snow.
I thought maybe if you saw it, you could finally get some peace.
Thank you.
Thank you.
But some of us are never satisfied.
When I said I wanted to take you out, this is what I meant.
You said you wanted to see the snow.
This is what keeps me up at night.
This is what I long for.
This is what I need to fill my emptiness.
Do what you gotta do.