Dexter s07e09 Episode Script

Helter Skelter

Previously on Dexter Miami is still overcrowded by one.
I'm not suggesting a coup here.
More like a realignment.
- Do you recognise him? - It's one of George's men.
Sent here to kill me.
So much for brotherhood.
This guy had a slip.
Dexter Morgan.
- Are you sure? - Yeah.
Chief Lane has somehow come to learn about my indiscretions.
He's asking me to retire.
He thought that I ratted him out.
We both know it was you.
This is how the game is played, Morgan.
- I don't owe you shit.
- Not the way Isaak sees it.
He did you a favour by taking out those Colombian scumbags.
So, what do you know about this Isaak Sirko? I know that he wants to kill me and that I need to kill him first.
I have never been able to talk to anyone about my kills.
Not like this.
You should cut your losses, Isaak.
Go back to Kiev.
The one thing that made my life worth living in Kiev, you tossed in the ocean.
- You and Viktor were-- - Lovers.
You took from me the one thing that money and power can't bring back.
Till next time.
I know who you are.
I know what you are.
I think you'd be surprised at the things you don't know about me.
Being with Hannah is worse - than being a killer? - Yes! Feel like if you love me, you'll accept this.
If I love you? I'm in love with you.
You're in love with me? Will you please just go? I really-- I can't look at you.
There are no two stronger human emotions than fear and love.
In many ways, they're not so different.
Both can make you do crazy things.
Tell your own brother you're in love with him.
Put your life at risk to hunt down the man who took away your beloved.
Could you maybe not do that turny thing? - How you doing back there? - Oh, you know, I'm fine.
Or do something that scares you to death because you may be in love.
I didn't think it was gonna be this choppy.
Turn into the waves.
Otherwise it's worse.
Well, I wouldn't want that.
You know, could we maybe stop for a minute? We don't have to do this.
We can go back.
No, no, no.
I just need a minute.
I thought I'd outgrown this.
When you said your nanny was taking the kids back to Orlando a morning on the ocean alone sounded“.
better in my head.
LS your-- ? You're shaking.
You always been this afraid of the water? Since my father thought that the best way to teach me how to swim was to march me down to the local pond and throw me in.
- That's horrible.
- Yeah.
- Where was your mother? - She was right beside him.
She noticed pretty quickly that something was wrong but he wouldn't let her come to me.
He wouldn't save you? Six years old and I already knew what it felt like to be dying.
I came to on the dock.
A fisherman heard my mother screaming.
A complete stranger saved my life instead of my father.
Have you ever been that scared? Not-- Not really.
You've never felt that at all? It's okay if you have.
You can talk to me about this kind of stuff.
I know.
It's work.
There's a body.
I have to get back.
You're positive? After George's attempt on your life the brotherhood has taken matters into their own hands.
They've sent two men to kill you.
They're most likely already here.
Who? Mickie and Caffrey.
You know there's still time for you.
You don't have to stay.
I'm not going anywhere.
You're safe here for now.
They won't be able to trace this room to you.
Your phone.
I've made both these men very rich when I required their services.
Let's see if they're as loyal as you.
- Oleg, it's-- - Isaak.
Good to hear your voice.
- How's your mother? - Good days and bad.
So I hear you're in town.
Don't suppose we can talk about this.
I've already accepted the contract.
What's done is done.
Right, then.
We'll see you soon.
We're gonna need some help.
Hannah keeps wanting me to open up get to know the real me.
The only problem is I'm not so sure there is such a thing.
You're safe.
As for me, I wish I could say the same thing.
- What are you doing here? - Circumstances have changed greatly.
Koshkas have sent two of their own to kill me.
Need your help to stay alive.
I'm feeling rather exposed out here.
We wouldn't want these two men to know where you live now, would we? You don't seem like someone who needs help.
Even a man dangling from a cliff will stretch out a hand to his worst enemy.
Where's your assistant? As resourceful as Jurg is, he's of no use to me now.
These men know who he is.
What I need is the element of surprise.
And that, Dexter is you.
You're scared.
If you knew who these two men were you would be too.
What's in this for me? Your life.
I'll take my chances.
Very well.
If the enemy of my enemy is my friend I should be rooting for the men who want Isaak dead.
But crazy as it sounds, I'm not.
Maybe because I still want Isaak for myself.
Or that he and I are more alike than I want to admit.
Know what would be great at the restaurant? S'mores.
- The ones you make at your own table.
- Don't mention the restaurant.
Health inspector stopped by.
How can you think of food with this? Four violations and seven days to fix or they're gonna shut me down.
Mind if I take a look? I'd rather you not.
At least till I'm done here.
- Little heads up next time? - What would be the fun in that? Arson investigator.
There's an empty canister of accelerant under the passenger seat.
I'm detecting an oily residue.
There's also an ID badge.
- What do we have here? - Watch.
Holy filet-o-fuck.
- Who are you? - See, it never gets old.
Phil Bosso.
We met a while back.
That church burning? - Have an ID? - Danny Yamiro.
Badge says he works downtown.
Think you got a suicide here.
What is it with my people? First in math, first to check out.
It's actually self-incineration.
Immolation is a form of sacrifice by any means.
Isn't restricted to fire.
Well, excuse the fuck out of me.
Hey, what about the backseat? The burn rate behind the driver's side is different than the rest.
- Are you sure it's a suicide? - You're the blood guy? - Right.
- Exactly.
- Crime scene's all yours.
- Thanks.
Let me know what you find.
Gonna have unis canvass the area.
- I can do that.
- No, no, I got it.
Deb's been afraid of her feelings consuming her.
If I can't find a way to extinguish them, I'm afraid she might be right.
- Deb, wait up.
- I have to get back to the station.
- What you said-- - I don't wanna talk about this.
I'm glad you said it.
How? When every second of every day, all I wanna do is take it back.
Because on some level, I've always felt the same way.
- You don't have to do this.
- I do.
I am your brother, and I love you.
Just not in the same way you think you love me.
- Dex-- - And it's okay.
I understand.
It makes sense.
It's logical.
Like The way I love M&Ms, even though I know I shouldn't.
M&- fucking-Ms? I'm trying here.
Just hear me out.
Why, Dexter? It's sure as shit not logical.
Consider everything we've been through.
You are the one person on the planet who's been down the same road.
Same road, very different cars.
Deb, we've always been the one constant thing in each other's lives.
It's like you and I we endure.
Maybe that's what love is.
- You think you're in love with me.
- Please stop saying that.
- But it's gonna be fine.
- No.
It's-- Logical.
Because it is.
You're not crazy.
That, coming from you Should make you feel better.
It does.
God, Dexter.
You, me, Dad.
It's like Mom got cancer to take the easy way out.
I don't know.
Maybe it's better that it's out there and it's not controlling me anymore.
Do you feel that way about your secret? Not really.
Deb? Hannah? I saw your van outside.
Are you-- ? - Here? - Dexter.
You're just in time for tea.
Hope you don't mind, I let myself in.
That's far enough.
I just want to talk.
Where's Hannah? Jurg's been keeping tabs on you.
For me.
Your comings and goings.
Where you spend your nights.
Seems this Hannah's quite important to you.
- Where is she? - I assure you she's perfectly safe and quite comfortable.
Jurg is seeing to that.
Let her go.
This is between you and me.
Not quite.
There's the small matter of the two men who want me dead and your stubborn refusal to help.
You asked me what was in this for you.
Well, if your life doesn't matter I'm betting hers does.
Well, I guess I have no choice but to take you up on that tea.
Splendid idea.
I have a better idea.
I kill you, and leave you out for the Koshkas to find.
Yes, you can do that but that leaves Hannah with Jurg.
I'm afraid he's not as honourable nor as forgiving as I am.
What makes you think Hannah means anything to me? Well, if she didn't, I'd be dead by now.
You have the wrong guy.
This isn't what I do.
You killed Viktor as well as the man waiting for me in my apartment.
He had a gun, you had a knife.
I think I have the right man.
And if I help you, then what? You get Hannah back and I walk away from Miami and from you.
No matter what you may think of me or my methods I'm a man of my word.
I need to know she's alive.
Hannah, I trust you and Jurg are settled in.
- Why are you doing this? - The reason, my dear, is right here.
- Don't worry.
- That's enough.
- Now, you behave.
- No, wait! Dexter-- Your life is in his hands now.
Listen to me carefully.
Scream, make noise, I hurt you.
Try to escape I hurt you badly.
Clear? Here.
Find something for us to watch.
And none of the American reality shit.
Oleg Mickie.
Efficient, methodical.
Which is why I've employed him more times than I can count.
- And that one? - Benjamin Caffrey.
He's a Yank, like you.
Out of New York.
Less reliable but, as you can see just as deadly.
Any weaknesses? I need to know everything.
Caffrey likes it up close and personal.
Knives, piano wire.
And as you saw he's a vicious little cunt.
Whereas Mickie doesn't like to get his hands dirty.
- Guns? - High-powered rifles specifically.
He's a slave to ritual.
He'll buy a rifle locally and be compelled to test it out first.
Point of a rifle is to hit a target from a long distance.
The range would need to be outdoors.
That's his favourite.
A Savage Arms 110 sniper rifle.
Most ranges don't sell the kind of magazine rounds this one uses.
That's where I'll start tomorrow.
Well, just where are you running off to, all helter-skelter? I'm hungry- You've been tasked with helping kill two men.
A loved one's life hangs in the balance, and you're hungry? - It's late.
- Let me ask you a question.
Just how many men have you killed? A lot.
I asked Mickie the same question once.
He answered 16.
And the bastard was almost pounding his chest.
But you you don't seem to revel in what you do.
Why? You trying to have a moment? I don't bond.
Most men kill for money.
Some for the sheer brutality.
Others like me, revenge.
But you, Dexter with everything I've put you through I get the sense you could walk away without the need to kill me.
My needs are different.
Why do you do it? Why are you a killer? If anything happens to Hannah, you'll find out.
I need a favour.
If you do me one and watch where you're dripping.
Isaak Sirko.
What about him? Call off the 24-hour surveillance.
Like hell I Will.
What the fuck is going on? Someone's after Isaak.
Two someones.
You know, like the guy in his apartment but worse.
Actually, much worse.
So you want me to pull the surveillance so the two someones can do what they're hired to do? Not exactly.
Well, then I'm not pulling the surveillance.
- He'll come after you.
- No, he won't.
Because he and I are working together.
- Are you out of your fucking mind? - lsaak took Hannah.
He got wind about these two guys coming after him and he took Hannah as leverage against me.
- He's gonna kill her if I don't help him.
- And I should give a shit why? Because I do? Dexter, you don't have to save her.
You shouldn't even be with her.
It's not even like you will have a fucking future.
You're both what you are.
I don't know what's in our future.
I don't want Isaak to kill her, that's all.
Right now.
Who do you think has her? His assistant.
If I can find out where, Isaak won't have any more leverage on me and I can kill him.
Well, how do you expect to find Jurg if you're hanging outwith Isaak? I'll figure it out.
You know what happened this morning? I was lying in bed, staring at the ceiling feeling the sun, and listening to the waves, and For a second, everything was just like it used to be.
Steaks and beer and bad movies on the couch.
And then I blinked.
And now it's burritos and hired killers and favours and Xanax to get me to tomorrow morning so I can have that half second of peace.
I'll pull the surveillance but don't you ever expect me to be okay with who you're doing this for.
Deal? Deal.
And a great creature arose from the depths.
Tokyo's that way, Maria.
Nice to see you too, Tom.
I thought I'd stop by and see how you were doing.
- I mean, it's been a while.
- Bullshit.
Now, you have exactly the time it takes for me to finish my drink to explain why you're really here.
Little early for Scotch.
The joy of retirement.
I have no place to be, no one cares what I do.
If I'd known you were dropping by, trust me, I'd have made it a double.
So? I think the Bay Harbor Butcher is alive and well and still in Miami.
Clearly I'm not the only one who's been hitting the sauce.
Doakes was the Bay Harbor Butcher, end of story.
I found a blood slide at a crime scene exactly like the ones we found in Doakes' car.
Bad people are still going missing, and Doakes never had a boat.
Here is a list of Miami personnel who still do.
Oh, and I'm on it too.
Are you fucking kidding me, Maria? Torn, you know I have to follow every lead.
You sound like a real cop.
Except a real cop would've remembered my hernia operation.
And after the surgery I could barely lift my ass out of a chair let alone a dead body.
- You check the dates against the kills.
- I will.
Since I'm here, do any of those names look familiar? Go home, Maria.
The only help you'll get from me is a lift back to Cuba.
Only two firing ranges outside of Miami sell high-calibre rounds and this is the only one near the airport.
But the target I'm interested in isn't out there.
It's beside me.
Mickie is dead.
Fast work.
I see I chose wisely.
You're not out of the woods yet.
When he finds out his partner's dead, Caffrey is gonna be harder to kill.
- What does he know about you? - Everything, I suppose.
I'm sure the Koshkas would have saw to that.
What if he knows you're after me and can't track you? - He'll come after you hoping to find me.
- So let's let him.
You're willing to be bait? You're the one who wanted the element of surprise.
I got your text.
What's going on? Unis found Jurg's car at a park, but it was abandoned.
That's all I could find.
You're not supposed to be finding anything.
I told you I've got this.
You've got this? It sounds so casual.
Facts without emotion.
That's pretty much how you've always seen the world.
Pretty much.
Except when it comes to Hannah.
Will we be getting a call about a body? No, it's outside of Miami Metro jurisdiction.
That's good.
I guess.
How do you know that Isaak is not gonna kill Hannah anyway? I don't.
And if you find Hannah and you take care of Isaak, then what? Well, according to you, Hannah and I don't have a future together.
I had no right to say that.
And it wasn't out of spite.
Fuck, I don't know, maybe it was out of spite.
I don't even know anymore.
It's just I'm saying this to you as your fucking sister and nothing else, okay? Dex, she is a killer.
You will never be safe with her.
You're safe with me.
Promise me you'll think about what I said.
I Will.
What the fuck? Aren't you supposed to be hunting down Isaak? Hey, I can't reach Mickie.
I think Sirko got to him.
That's just fucking great.
You realise he'll be coming after me if this goes sideways? Then I need a way to find him.
I wanna talk to Hannah.
She hasn't been harmed.
I've done everything you've asked, but I need to know she's still alive.
And figure out where she is.
Has anyone ever told you you've got serious trust issues? Is it over? Not quite.
Put Hannah on.
Someone wishes to speak to her.
Hey, my God.
It's so good to see you.
- Has he hurt you? - I'm fine.
So those Ukrainians you were telling me about? This would be them.
- Everything's gonna be okay.
- I know.
I'm sorry they're using me like this to get to you.
Don't be.
It's not your fault.
Well, it doesn't matter anyway.
Just do what you have to do, okay? I want you to take me out on that stupid boat of yours again.
Promise? I-- I miss you.
I have to get back to work.
If I had the chance to speak to Viktor again and he told me he missed me I think I'd like to think I could come up with something better than "likewise.
" I'm not you.
Yeah, but there she was, trying to comfort you and you just couldn't manage to do the same.
- Why do you even care? - Well, look around.
There's no one else here for me to talk to because of you.
Viktor got exactly what was coming to him.
- Fuck you.
- That what these questions are about? Wondering what kind of killer I am, trying to decide if I should die - because of what I did to him? - He was my life! But still you sent him to Miami.
You put him in over his head.
You put all this in motion.
And now you're terrified, Isaak.
You're terrified that I'm not really responsible for his death.
That you are.
You're the reason he's gone.
If you really believed that, I'd be dead by now.
Hey, Quinn, it's me.
I'm having a real shitty day here.
So how about you return one of my fucking calls? - Go get changed.
- My shift just started.
Yeah, well, we're gonna take a break.
Your boyfriend's got me in a mood.
Viceroy's just down the road.
We had some good times there, right? I'll get my things.
Isaak is consumed by guilt, drowning in grief.
He'll never recover.
You took the risk.
How did you know he blames himself for Viktor's death? I did the same thing with Rita.
Even though it was Trinity who killed her, I still felt responsible.
Now it's happening all over again with Hannah.
If something were to happen to her, and it's my fault - will I end up like Isaak? - You recovered after Rita.
Harrison reminds me of her every day.
But with Hannah It feels different.
I've spent my entire life trying to mask who I am Wha'[ I do.
But she sees through it all, and accepts that part of me.
So where's the problem? If we get through this maybe it's the human side of me that'll push her away.
Juan Pablo.
It's a Colombian soccer player.
The men Isaak killed in that bar were Colombian.
And dead men don't return home.
It's the last place these killers would think to look for Isaak.
And the perfect place to hold Hannah.
Dex, grab your kit.
We got another burn victim near the university.
It's the man Isaak showed me.
He's taken the bait.
I need to keep him close but not too close.
Fucking mould.
With all that it's gonna cost me, the universe is giving me the finger.
And with proper lubrication, nothing wrong with that, hombre.
Yo, Dex.
You wanna join the party? Victim's name is Leo Santolongo.
He's a grad student.
One punch away from getting free coffee at the student union.
What the hell? Two burning men in two days.
Looks to be the same accelerant- Petroleum-based.
-- As your car victim.
Same oily residue.
- Another suicide? - Typically with a suicide by fire the gas or fuel is poured over the head, like so.
This fire's point of origin was front centre mass.
It burned upward and downward.
Can we close the doors? This void.
It's the same thing that happened with the first car victim.
We have a phantom.
- Bobby.
- Maybe the victim was letting us know who did this.
Or was it the last person he was thinking of'? You Okay? Never seen anything like this.
If this was a person then they'd have to be wearing some kind of protective suit.
He blocked the victim from escaping and watched him burn alive.
Oh, it's not as horrific as one might think.
Destruction of vital tissue, nerve endings quickly induce shock or asphyxiation making the event relatively painless.
I need my camera.
- What does he need his camera for? - Evidence we have a killer using fire as a weapon and a first name.
Quinn, is there a security camera on this level? Yeah, one.
I'll get the tape from the company.
Well, if there's no blood, I'm gonna head back.
- Vince.
- Yeah, I've got it, Exter-Day.
How can there be only one security camera in this entire lot? Deb, you got a minute? Be right back.
Who's Juan Pablo? He plays for the Colombians.
You remember Mateo's Bar? Yeah, the three Colombians Isaak killed? Yeah, I grabbed this off of his phone.
I think Hannah's being held at one of the dead men's homes.
I'll look into it.
But that's all, and thank you.
- Dexter.
- Your man, Caffrey? - He sees you? - Yeah.
I'm leaving a crime scene now.
Lead him to the port.
Pier 18, northwest corridor.
There's a cargo ship, the Fearless.
It's one of ours.
I'll be waiting there.
This is George.
How can I help you? It's Caffrey.
Did you find Isaak? - Please tell me that fucker's dead.
- Not yet.
I'm tailing Morgan.
Any reason he'd be headed down to the port? We got a boat down there.
You think Isaak is luring Morgan to him? That's what I'm hoping to find out.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Joey, what are you doing here? I was on my way from a crime scene.
Thought I'd see if you can get off early.
George wouldn't be happy.
Fuck him.
Can't one of the other girls cover for you? Hey.
ls everything okay? Yes.
Please, just go.
Well, did something happen? Would you please talk to me? This job is hard with you and the things that are expected of me.
I don't have a problem with you working here.
Promise me you won't be upset.
Depends on what it is.
Nadia, what happened? You fucked my girl? Technically, if the dancers are on the clock, they're my girls.
Maybe you'd know that if you ever returned my fucking calls.
You left me high and dry tonight.
That's gonna stop.
You could learn a thing or two from her.
She takes her job very seriously.
You're gonna be sorry! Piece of shit! Consider that her fucking notice.
Come on.
Really? Cornflakes? Again? That's all there is in the cupboard.
How about you let me introduce you to some good old Southern cuisine? My grandma has this great recipe for fried green tomatoes.
It's amazing.
I saw some tomatoes growing in the garden out back.
I can't let you outside.
Okay, fine.
You pick them, then.
It's not like I'm going anywhere.
Well, just remember, not too ripe.
I think I'm on to something.
One of those Colombians was single.
The other two lived with their family or an apartment.
But he has a house on Coral Road.
I'm heading there.
- Deb, no.
- I don't wanna hear it, Dexter, okay? And just so we're clear, I am not doing this for Hannah.
I am doing this so you don't end up dead.
If you catch Isaak first, so be it.
You kind of need to hurry.
I'm leading one of these guys to Isaak now.
- Please be careful.
- I was gonna say the same to you.
That's the plan.
See? A man of my word.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
Your assistant told me I'd find you here.
We need to talk.
About what? The horrible things you said to me? You cost me my job, Maria.
Was nine months shy of a 40-year pension before you stuck the knife in.
Before you could return the favour.
It's not my fault I beat you at your own game.
So why don't you take your own advice? Go home.
Now, why would I wanna do that if I'm here to help? Don't fuck with me, Torn.
That little list of yours? You'd be surprised what I know about some of the names on there.
- Which names? - Oh, not so fast, no.
I help you, you support my reinstatement.
Just long enough for me to get my pension bump.
Boats are fucking expensive.
So the question, Maria is how bad do you want this? Looks like a table just opened up.
Careful, they're hot.
Isaak hasn't checked in yet.
If anything has happened to him it would be a shame to kill you after a lovely meal.
Well, let's hope that doesn't have to happen.
In case you want some more.
- Water.
- I'm sorry.
Grams always went heavy on the pepper.
Never cared much for that man.
We should go before we're spotted.
So this is over? And still you don't trust me? Well? You can talk.
The knife? How'd that get there? In the water.
I'll do the same.
Together, then.
You go ahead.
I'm gonna hose this down to be safe.
I'll wait for you below.
Isaak was right.
I could have walked away if he'd let me.
But I was wrong about him.
I never thought he would.
What the hell happened to you? Well What are you waiting for, you little shit? God.
Don't move.
I can get you to a hospital.
The bullet's still inside.
We both know I'm a dead man.
There's a kit in my car.
- I can help with the pain.
- No.
I need you to do me one better.
- Dispatch.
- This is Lt.
Morgan requesting backup.
And a fucking ambulance at 2085 Coral Road.
We're sending someone right now.
Sorry for the bumpy ride.
You're forgiven.
We're here.
Indulge a dying man.
What do you intend to say to Hannah when you see her again? I guess that I'm sorry.
You guess? Fuck's sakes, Dexter.
She needs to know how you feel about her.
It's not that easy.
How is it you can be absolutely fearless in the face of death and yet so afraid to live? I'm not afraid.
Then what is it? Death has always calmed me.
It's soothing.
With a knife in my hand, I feel it's mine to control.
It gives you intimacy.
But it never lasts.
It's over then you move on.
But now, with Hannah I feel like I don't have any control and I'm not sure I wanna move on.
I was like you.
So detached.
Until Viktor.
Was it worth it? Your feelings for him cost you everything.
Oh, God, yes.
Being with him I never had to hide.
I was finally Alive.
There's hope for you yet.
Watch any Western, and you'll know a man out for vengeance should dig two graves.
One for his enemy and one for himself.
I won't be needing mine.
But I'll see to it that Isaak isn't alone in his.
And you have no idea why you were taken by the deceased? No.
He barely spoke.
So he chained you up, you got free he stabbed you, and then you beat him to death.
As I stated, it was self-defence.
Oh, I know.
Still, there was a lot of blood.
I mean, I know it's not the first time you've gotten your hands bloody.
Are we finished? I wanna make sure what you're telling me reflects what really happened.
But, yeah, sure, we can be done.
How is it that you were the one that found me? I'm a cop.
It's my job to follow through on anonymous tips.
Where was your backup? Lieutenant's prerogative.
Doctor said I was in pretty bad shape when you found me.
So given your feelings about me, why not just let me die? I was doing my job.
Was it because of Dexter? No.
I think it's about fucking time I start doing things for myself.
Maybe you can be fine with being responsible for someone's death but I can't.
That's That's not who I am.
I got here as fast as I could.
Everything taken care of? All taken care of.
Then I guess I'll go.
You gonna be okay? Yeah.
I'm gonna be fine.
It's only 12 stitches.
I'm gonna be out of here tomorrow.
God, you're shaking.
When you asked me on my boat if I'd ever been scared like that, I have.
When I was 3, seeing my mother murdered.
And when I realised these past few days that I might never see you again.
Well, that wasn't so hard, was it? I don't know.
I'm not sure what this is exactly.
Or what's coming.
Maybe that's how it's supposed to be.
Out of my control.
All I know is that when I'm with you, I feel safe.