Dexter s08e03 Episode Script

What's Eating Dexter Morgan?

Previously on Dexter: Dex.
Shoot him.
Do what you gotta do.
Oh, my God! Whoever Deb was before killing LaGuerta, that person is dead.
Oh, my God! What we think is the shooter approached the vehicle from behind.
El Sapo drew his gun.
I know you killed El Sapo.
What if I weren't here to cover your ass? You really wanna play that game? What's going on with Debra? - It's between me and her.
- It's affecting you.
We're not going to talk about Deb.
I thought we'd make it to one minute before you mentioned your fiancée.
I got your brother on my ass about taking the sergeant's test.
You're on my ass about Deb.
Interior insular cortex is missing, just like the last one.
So we have a serial.
Vogel was right.
"Lyle Sussman.
" - I don't know anybody by that name.
- It doesn't mean he doesn't know you.
He was coerced.
Sussman was never a real killer.
He's just another victim.
You were wrong about me.
I destroyed Deb.
I'm a mistake.
You're exactly what you need to be.
Daddy? Harrison? Daddy? Harrison? Daddy? Harrison? My tummy hurts.
Harrison, did you eat a whole box of popsicles? Harrison.
- Why? - Because I love them.
All right.
Come on.
Drink this.
It'll make you feel better.
I promise.
Good boy.
A tiny shot of pink is all it takes to fix my son's pain.
I just wish it were that easy to help Deb.
- What? - Lieutenant Morgan? Formerly known as.
Have you been drinking? There a problem, officer? Well, yes.
You're in a car, drunk, with an open container.
Several, actually.
Well, at least I pulled over.
I've had a really bad couple of days.
Maybe you could just cut me some slack? - I wish I could, but-- - But what? There's been damage to city property.
Property damage? Are you fucking kidding me? I'm gonna need you to get out of the car, please.
Oh, mother shit.
Is there someone I can call? Your brother? No, fucking don't call Dexter.
I'll be right there.
Is everything okay? Yeah.
Just cop stuff.
- Okay.
- I'll call you later.
- Deb.
- I'm up.
You okay? I feel like I got hit by a truck.
Jesus, Deb.
Oh, God, please, just save me the lecture, okay? My head hurts like a motherfucker.
I'm not gonna lecture you.
They book you yet? No, not yet.
They kept me out of the drunk tank, though.
Thank God for professional courtesy.
All right.
Let me see if I can get you out of this.
How you doing? Can I get a little help? What can I do for you? Deb's had me on such a roller coaster I actually appreciate walking into familiar territory.
Lyle Sussman's cabin.
But where's the body? Dex? This is our guy, Sussman.
The Brain Surgeon.
Not exactly.
Did the real Brain Surgeon restage the crime scene obscuring any evidence that Sussman's body was ever hanging from a hook in the back of his skull? Give me a hand? His front teeth are broken.
Looks like Sussman put this shotgun in his mouth, and blam blew his head off.
Or someone put the gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger post-mortem.
GSR on Sussman's hands.
Maybe he finally found his conscience, couldn't live with what he did.
No note, though.
Ah, suicide.
- Makes our lives so much easier.
- You should put that on a T-shirt.
Whoever's after Vogel wants the cops off the case.
- Is Vogel here yet? - I just called her.
Where the fuck is Quinn? You can thank me later.
You still keep a stash of gum in here? I can smell my own breath.
You sure you want to go to work after spending the night in the station? I mean, I could take you home.
You could shower.
I keep deodorant in my desk.
Thanks for the ride.
Deb, wait.
What? - Should I be worried? - About what? About you.
Think you might have a problem? You mean like a drinking problem? I'm just saying.
Are you serious? You, of all people - accusing me of a drinking problem? - Not accusing you of anything.
How many times have you shown up at a crime scene smelling like booze? A lot, okay? Which means I've been down this road, so I get it.
I'm not down any fucking road.
But at least when I was spinning out, I had a reason.
- What do you mean, you had a reason? - You, dumb-ass.
You turned down my proposal.
That was my reason.
So, what's yours? Maybe I just don't know my own limits, or something.
- I didn't-- - That's my boss.
I gotta go.
Deb-- You might want to straighten up.
We have a new client coming in at 9.
I'm frightened.
He's escalating, and we're left to play catch-up.
I'll run tests at the lab, but I'm guessing this tissue belongs to Sussman.
Explains why the killer blew his head off with a shotgun so nobody'd notice the pieces were missing.
What part of the brain is it? It's the occipital lobe.
It's responsible for vision.
He's sending us a message.
He's watching us.
That, and the "His" and "Hers" boxes? He's aware of me now, not just you.
I'm sorry, Dexter, to have dragged you into this.
He sent both packages to you.
Maybe doesn't know how to find me.
Probably doesn't even know my name.
- Yet.
- Yeah, I know.
I need to get to him before he gets to me.
I've been going through your book and cross-referencing it with the source files and list of suspects.
Any progress? I managed to clear the first two names.
So who's next? Ron Galuzzo.
According to your files, he strangled his best friend in high school but convinced you that it was a bully? Yeah.
It's rare that someone can fool me like that.
At his hearing, I argued for leniency but when I eventually got him to admit he'd been lying I reversed my recommendation.
So if Galuzzo read your book and recognised his story-- He would've realised that he'd been institutionalised until he was 21 because of me.
That's a pretty good reason to hold a grudge.
Excuse me.
It's about your sister.
What about her? She got brought in for a DUI last night.
I managed to get her out of it, but still, it was pretty bad.
She asked me not to say anything so I feel like a shit friend for telling but I'm worried about her.
What the fuck's going on? - She's been having a hard time.
- Yeah, I know.
But, man, this is, like, a whole new level.
What are we gonna do? I'll figure something out.
Thanks for the heads-up.
I'm putting you up for sergeant, and you show up late? Are you trying to make me look like an asshole? Sorry.
I had a situation.
You want a situation? Come to the cabin.
What is it? It's Deb.
She was brought in for a DUI I need to check on her.
Is alcohol an issue for her? I'm an issue for her.
She's acting this way because of me.
But you can't keep taking on your sister's problems, especially right now.
It's my fault, okay? Deb found out what I am.
She knows everything.
Everything? How? It's a long story.
Just suffice to say, she's not handling it well.
You do really feel badly, don't you? Are you analysing me now? - It's just so unusual.
- It's really not a good time.
Most of the time, when people think their partner's having an affair their partner's having an affair.
- But not always, right? - No, certainly not always.
This is for you.
My assistant will explain the retainer and payment schedule and we'll get back to you when we've found something.
So nervous.
Is that normal, to be nervous? Well, people go through a wide range of emotions.
I think the important thing is finding out the truth.
Don't look at me.
I think the truth is overrated.
Call us if you have any questions, and we'll be in touch.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
Well, it looks like we have to work on our client-relation skills.
Are we done? I need a fucking nap.
No, we're not done.
I've got something for you.
What is that? A fucking shit shake? Special custom-made supplement formula.
It's got vitamins, some electrolytes, a couple Chinese herbs.
- It'll knock the hangover right out.
- How do you know I'm hung over? - Thank you.
- You're welcome.
It's your brother.
Fucking awesome.
What do you want? I heard about what happened last night.
Fucking Quinn.
He's worried about you.
We both are.
You almost got a DUI? I think the operative word is "almost.
" It's not a big deal.
It's a very big deal.
This is why I didn't tell you.
Knew you'd freak out.
I'm not freaking out.
I'm just trying to help.
Fuck, Dexter.
I don't have time for this, you know? I have to find out if some asshole is banging some chick which he probably is, so I can tell her and she can get a killer divorce settlement and they can move on with their stupid, fucking boring lives and I can move on with mine.
- Because this is my life now.
- Well, it wasn't always.
How about dinner tonight? - We can talk.
- I don't want to talk to you.
Well, I'm gonna keep showing up here until you do.
If I agree to dinner, will you leave? Yes.
I'll pick you up at 8.
ME's report is back from the cabin.
They've officially ruled Lyle Sussman's death as a suicide.
So with that, the Brain Surgeon case is officially closed.
I'll call Evelyn, thank her for her help.
Evelyn? Someone's got a high hard one for the good doctor.
What did I say about standing so close? Any progress on that El Sapo shooting? Still no leads.
I've been going back and forth with Fort Lauderdale P.
Apparently, El Sapo was a suspect in the stabbing of a smash-and-grab lowlife by the name of Andrew Briggs.
The cops will never find out that Deb killed El Sapo.
So right now, I can focus on protecting Vogel and myself.
Ron Galuzzo.
He could be hunting me right now.
Or he could be selling fitness equipment at the mall.
Good work today, everyone.
Deputy chief, got a sec? Wanted to let you know I've been thinking about what you said, finding a new sergeant.
And I've got my eye on Joey Quinn.
Quinn? No way.
- He's not sergeant material.
- He's a good cop.
He's irresponsible, unpredictable not to mention unintelligible.
No way he can pass that sergeant exam.
He'll pass.
If you say so.
- Are you getting all this? - Yeah.
This guy's making this way too easy for us.
Yeah, it's really fucking classy.
So tell me, who's the guy that dropped you off this morning? Who? Quinn? He's a friend.
Kind of friend that drops you off in last night's clothes? God, we're not sleeping together, if that's what you're implying.
Not that it's any of your business.
No judgement, no judgement.
You are certainly allowed to be a player - if you so choose.
- What makes you think I'm a player? First there's Briggs, then there's your new friend.
Well, he's not a new friend.
We used to date, just not anymore.
Really? So what happened? He proposed.
I said no.
Jesus Christ.
He's certainly a better man than I am.
Woman turns down my proposal, I'm not gonna stay friends with her.
Yeah, but that's just because you're a giant pussy.
Could be.
Ron Galuzzo.
If he is a killer, then a mall is the perfect watering hole for him to choose his prey.
So any of our products is gonna make you stay in the shape that you are.
And I need to do some more work, so I'll see you a little bit later, okay? It was dark at Sussman's cabin.
Does he recognise me? You've got a keen eye, my friend.
The Chiseller 300.
- Top of the line.
- Or is he just trying to make a sale? Just looking for an all-over workout, maximise my time.
- Mind if I take a body measurement? - Sure.
Looks like you're already in pretty good shape.
Oh, you have a very low fat-to-muscle ratio.
Well, thanks.
I do what I can, you know.
Yeah, this equipment is more for beginners people who don't already have an established routine.
Does he know who I am? Is he trying to get rid of me? I'm just looking to change up my workout.
I'd love any suggestions.
That baby cut you up faster than a chef at Benihaha.
- Come on, give it a try.
- Okay.
He doesn't seem to recognise me.
Maybe a grudge against Vogel will be harder to hide.
I like to read when I work out.
Keeps me from getting motion sickness.
This one, I can't put down.
Heard of it? I'm not much of a reader.
You probably heard of the author.
She's pretty famous.
They call her the Psychopath Whisperer.
Evelyn Vogel? - Never heard of her.
- Of course he's heard of Vogel.
She treated him.
He's lying.
You know, a fit guy like you you need to get up to at least level five to feel the full effect.
But why lie, unless he has something to hide? Yeah, I feel it.
- Yeah? - Oh, yeah.
Don't forget to breathe.
You went to see Galuzzo? You could have exposed us both.
It was worth the risk.
He's definitely hiding something.
So now what? I break into his house tomorrow, when he's at work try to find evidence that he's our man.
And in the meantime, what if he comes for me? Do you have any way to protect yourself? A gun.
I haven't used it for years.
Keep it loaded and call me if you need me.
I'm meeting Deb for dinner.
- I'll check in with you later.
- Wait.
Just-- There's one thing I was wondering about since we last spoke.
Yes? When Harry and I came up with the code he insisted that you only kill bad people.
And I insisted that the first rule of the code be: "Don't get caught.
" Giving you a little wiggle room.
So my question is this: When your sister found out about who you were and what you were doing - why didn't you kill her? - What? Not that I'd advocate such a thing but since Debra knew the truth about you, she's clearly a risk-- I would never kill Debra.
She's my sister.
I love her.
What exactly do you love about her? What do you mean? When a psychopath speaks about love it doesn't really mean the same thing as for typical people.
So what do you love about her? I don't know.
I love having steaks and beer with her and until recently the fact that she was always there for me, the way she looked up to me.
But none of that is really about Debra.
It's about what she does for you.
So you're saying I'm selfish? I'm not criticising.
Selfless love is hard enough for typical people.
And for psychopaths it's impossible.
Why are you telling me this? So I'll feel bad about myself? Quite the contrary.
I want you to revel in what you are.
I told you, you're perfect.
How can you say that when you know what I've done to Deb? That's my point.
You're perfect as a psychopath.
All this talk about helping Debra, and loving her it's like you're Michelangelo trying to play the banjo.
I'm trying to be a good brother.
Why don't you let me help Debra? Because she wouldn't even listen to you.
I'm the only one who understands her.
Dexter, you admitted to being the cause of her pain.
How can you expect to be the solution? I can handle Deb.
I've been doing it my entire life.
All right, next question.
Physically evasive movements to defeat an officer's attempt to control is: A, active aggression, B, physical resistance C, active resistance, D, active evasion? B, active aggression.
Okay, active aggression is actually A.
And B, it's wrong.
The answer is C, active resistance.
Wait, I'm confused.
Of course you are.
Matthews was right.
You're a fucking lost cause.
Jesus, Angel.
Yeah, Angel.
I stuck my neck out on the line for you with Matthews.
You better not fuck this up.
Will you please cut him some slack? He's tired from being called out in the middle of the night on that case.
What case? There's no case.
I'm I'm gonna let you guys talk.
So where did you really go at 4 a.
? Deb was in trouble and needed my help.
She's been going through kind of a hard time.
And why did she call you? Why not her brother? I don't think they're getting along, you know, and she's a friend.
- I couldn't say no.
- She's more than a friend.
I mean, you used to fuck her.
And now she's calling you for everything.
What am I supposed to think? Jamie, I swear to you, there is nothing going on between me and Deb.
Then why lie about it? Because I didn't think you'd understand.
Well, you're right.
I don't.
Enjoy your dinner.
The fuck are we doing in this hellhole? Can I get you something to drink? We have a wide array of cocktails.
I'll take a bourbon, neat.
Thank you.
Two cokes, please.
I knew this was a mistake.
I wanted to show you something.
You see that man over there? The father? - Yeah.
- Does he look familiar? Fuck if I know.
He's wearing Kevlar.
Don't fucking move! So what, Dex? That was a long time ago.
Yeah, but look.
See this guy, the guy you saved? That's him.
Right there.
His little girl wouldn't have a father if it weren't for you.
That's why I brought you to this hellhole, to show you that.
I know you think you're a bad person after all that happened, but you're not.
You're a good person.
You brought a lot of good to the world.
I'm fucking starving.
Have a nice day at the mall.
I realise this is not the outcome you were hoping for but it can help with a favourable divorce settlement.
If you want, we can forward those to your attorney.
I don't know.
You don't have to decide now.
I realise it's a lot to take in.
I mean, I don't know if that's him.
I'm sorry? This man in the pictures, I'm not sure that's my husband.
That's him, all right.
Look, you can see his face.
Not clearly.
The lighting isn't very good.
Gerard, I assure you, we're always very careful-- This was a mistake.
- Mrs.
Gerard-- - I'm sorry that I wasted your time.
I'll leave a cheque at the front desk.
Is she fucking kidding? That's obviously her husband.
She just didn't want to see it.
People get used to living in denial.
It's just easier, you know? Galuzzo has to be the guy we're looking for.
Why would Galuzzo be such a slob everywhere else but here? That's why the kitchen is so clean: It's a kill room.
Galuzzo wasn't checking my body fat for my own fitness.
He was checking to see if I was fit to have as a main course.
He's definitely a butcher.
But does that make him the Brain Surgeon? Our killer leaves bodies out but Galuzzo keeps his bodies to season and savour.
This brain is completely intact marinating in some sort of garlic sauce.
Galuzzo wouldn't waste brains by sending them to Vogel.
They're a delicacy.
He eats them.
Which means whoever's after us is still out there and he still has the upper hand.
He's wearing Kevlar.
He's wearing Kevlar.
Deb, what are you doing here? I want to make an official statement.
How much have you had to drink? One or two.
- Why don't we get some coffee? - I don't want coffee.
I want to confess.
You want to confess to what? I killed LaGuerta.
- You what? - I killed LaGuer-- Why don't we go someplace quiet where we can talk? - Fuck! - I got you.
Take it easy.
Calm down.
What are you talking about? I told you.
I killed LaGuerta.
- That doesn't make any sense.
- It does.
On New Year's Eve, I was at Papa's.
I called dispatch to find out where she was going.
They said she was going to the shipping yard where she met Estrada before.
So you feel guilty that you didn't back her up.
I don't feel guilty.
I am guilty.
No, you can't let yourself think that way.
You had no way of knowing - what she was doing there.
- I did know.
I killed her.
Deb, Estrada killed LaGuerta.
We both know that.
That's not what happened.
I'll tell you what happened.
I know what happened.
The bullet that killed LaGuerta came from Estrada's gun.
He shot first.
It was a through and through.
Bullet was never recovered.
She shot back.
He went down.
He got one more shot off, and that bullet was traced to Estrada's gun.
They both died at the same time.
- That's not true.
- It is.
Remember, Dexter walked us through it.
Dexter! Oh, fuck.
Oh, God, Joey, you have to believe-- Okay, okay.
I believe you.
I believe you.
All right? Okay.
Here, just write down everything you remember from that night, all right? - Okay.
- All right.
- Okay.
- I'll be right back with you.
What about Arnold Gordon? Trauma surgeon.
He definitely has the right skill set.
Motive? He always resented that I called him a psychopath and he threatened to hurt me if ever I told anyone that he was.
- Morgan.
- You need to get down to the station.
- I'm a little busy.
- Your sister just confessed - to killing LaGuerta.
- What? She's drunk, high, fucked up-- I put her in a room - so nobody could see her.
- Make sure she stays.
- I'm on my way.
- All right.
Is everything okay? It's Debra.
I need you to come to the station with me.
- Has something happened? - Yes.
I can't believe she actually confessed.
I thought I got her to see that she's a good person.
This could have been the only way she could relieve herself of the guilt.
Need you to help get her out of this.
Give your expert opinion that she's having a breakdown.
Are you sure? This could be the best thing for her.
Spending the rest of her life in prison? - That's the last thing Deb needs.
- Or the last thing you need.
If Debra goes away, odds are, you'll join her.
Admit it, Dexter.
You're mostly worried about yourself.
That's not true.
I told you, I love her.
Not the same way she loves you.
When Debra killed LaGuerta, it was real, selfless love.
She sacrificed everything she believed in for you.
Can you see that? Your sister needs professional help.
There's nothing more you can do.
Well, I can't just give up on her.
I can't.
Dex, hey.
She's an old friend of Deb's and Dad, so I figured she could help.
- Is she still in the interrogation room? - Yeah.
- Have you told anyone what she said? - Course not.
It's crazy, right? She's going through something.
She's likely suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder - after Captain LaGuerta's death.
- She wasn't even there.
One of the most common components is survivor's guilt the belief that she could have somehow prevented what happened.
- That's what I was telling her.
- Not an uncommon response.
We have to get her out of here.
What the fuck are you doing here? Watch the hallway.
Deb, this is Dr.
She was a friend of Dad's.
You can trust her.
She can help.
- Hello, Debra.
- I don't give a fuck who you are.
Get the fuck out.
Debra, I know how much pain you must be feeling.
But we need to talk about this before you do something you might regret.
Regret? The thing that I regret happened six months ago.
I'm confessing everything.
I'm telling the whole fucking truth! There's nothing you can do to stop me! - Deb, please, let us-- - Quinn, let me-- - That was interesting.
- Here.
Hold this.
She passed out.
We must take her home to rest.
Let's get her out of here.
Is she gonna be okay? Absolutely.
There may be some work to do, but I promise Debra's gonna get through this.
- Is there anything else you need? - Not right now.
Thanks for calling.
You did the right thing.
What the fuck? Are you sure she'll be all right, with everything she has in her system? Physically, she's fine.
It was a very low dose.
But emotionally This is all my fault.
Go easy on yourself.
I should have listened to you.
I thought I could fix this, but you're right.
I can't.
I don't want to just keep making her worse.
Do you really think you can help her? Yes.
Go now.
Let me do what I do.
Dexter, what are you doing? She's gonna be pissed when she wakes up - maybe even violent.
- I can handle her.
You don't know my sister.
Vogel was right.
I am perfect.
But only at one thing.
You disgusting cannibal.
Consumer of human flesh.
There was a time when I couldn't imagine anyone being what you are and doing what you do.
But now I realise I'm just like you.
I consume everyone I love.