Dexter: Early Cuts (2009) s01e06 Episode Script

Gene Marshall Chapter 2

Dexter Early Cuts Gene Marshall June 1993 Chapter 2 Marshall's psychiatrist intend him mentally unfit to stand the trial.
Three months in an institution and back to the lap of luxury.
They say money can't buy happiness but I say it can buy off a shrink.
Greenstein? Hank Malcolm.
I called earlier about your boat.
Oh yeah, hey, come on aboard, take a look.
I've just bought her.
Real wooden trim, skeeto, 140 horsepower.
Mind if I ask, why are you selling it? Upgrading, getting me some money.
Figured, it was time to get myself that yacht.
I've always wanted it.
You win the lottery or something? Nope.
I make my own luck.
I checked the obituaries.
No dead family members, which means no coincidence, that Marshall got off, and the doctor got rich.
He may have played the system, but he's about to get burned.