Dexter: Early Cuts (2009) s02e01 Episode Script

Beard To Be Feared

My father Harry was the first to glimpse my darkness.
All those years as a cop, he recognized me.
Something so primal that can't be expunged or maintained.
He was a good father.
I buried him today.
With his bad heart, Harry knew this day will come.
One day I'll be alone.
His legacy, the code.
The constant companion he couldn't be.
A guiding hand on my shoulder.
Making sure I don't give in to my dark urges.
What are you looking at? They say people grieve in stages, but all I feel is empty.
I always have.
The only time it's different is when my dark passenger wants to play.
Harry saw him once.
I sometimes wonder if I'm the reason his heart finally gave up.
Harry saw what he created, and it wasn't pretty.
Steady hands there, Mr.
- Have you done this before? - I'm not telling you.
Harry make sure Deb and I would be cared for.
He valued an education.
He knew that was some things he couldn't teach me.
Like the most efficient way to dismember a human body.
Toga Party, Kappa Sig.
Don't wanna miss it, dude.
More how to fit in.
Thanks, dude.
And more importantly, when not to.
I'm not here to do cake stands.
I'm here for much more.
15 year old Boby Milson was in my father's files.
He strangled his girlfriend, claimed it was just rough sex that got out of hand.
Got off of the slap on the wrist as a juvenile of a list of 18.
His record sealed.
All these years later and no one would ever know except me.