Dexter: Early Cuts (2009) s02e04 Episode Script

Mom and Jerry

He killed her right in front of me.
The plastic, the cave, the victim.
Just like me.
He knows everything.
I can't figure this out, now.
It's gonna be light soon.
I have to dispose of the body and clean up after my not so secret admirer.
Whoever that was got to Jenna before I could.
He wants me to know that he knows what I am.
In his own twisted way he was reaching out to me.
Class can wait.
I've a more important homework assignment.
I've created a copy of myself, and I have to find him.
He'd be someone young, impressionable, malleable.
His own darker urges not fully formed.
Someone wanting to be taught.
He was roughly my height, my build, my dark echo.
I've checked admissions.
Peter Thorton was Dr.
Milson's graduate teaching assistant.
Makes sense.
I heard something outside the office, the night I killed Milson.
I just need proof.
Peter Thorton and his father went hunting.
Only one came back.
He was responsible for his father's death.
We're more alike than I thought.
This is the kind of heart to heart I'd usually have with someone when they're on my table.
The fact Peter nabbed Jenna before me is moot.
She was going to die that night regardless.
But I'm not looking for a sidekick.
Got your note.
I was hoping to hear from you.
You put on quite a show.
I could say the same.
And you weren't upset at what I did? Dr.
Milson got what he deserved.
Seven dead co-eds, I couldn't agree more.
He'd let me watch, but never do anything.
It was always his rules.
He hasn't taken an innocent life.
I don't have to kill him.
Just scare him off.
There're always rules.
Then show me.
It has to be so cool.
I wanna know more.
We're the same.
We're not the same.
Contact Vivien and you'll regret it.
It's his word against mine if he were to go to the police.
They'll never find Milson's body, but they will find Jenna's with Peter Thorton's prints all over her death.
He didn't get the message.