Dexter: Early Cuts (2009) s03e02 Episode Script

All in the Family - Chapter 2

The holiday season always brings up my Dark Passenger siren call.
I'm not sure what it is.
Maybe it's the desire to wrap things up.
Tie them into a bow.
Or maybe it's my desire to find out who's been naughty and who's been nice.
But let's face it.
I only care about the naughty ones.
Taking out the trash is what lets me survive my day job.
But time passes.
My mask begins to slip.
My true nature starts to show, which means time to hunt again.
Lucky for me, I keep track of the naughty ones.
Tony Rodriguez.
Not on Santa's nice list.
On the hook for the murder of his best friend.
But the DA says there's not enough evidence to bring charges against him.
We'll see about that.
According to his file, Tony spends his days as a baggage loader at the airport.
This doesn't look right.
Julian Bellows, not Tony Rodriguez.
He's moved.
His type rarely leave forwarding addresses.
That's okay.
There's more where he came from.
Sam Dukes, accused of a few home invasions.
Two of them lethal.
Dukes is getting a little too good at his job.
We got a dead hooker, at Twilight Motel.
Little Havana.
Victim: a prostitute.
Was killed with a sharp instrument on the neck.
Knife or razor.
Throat slashed.
Material spurt is at 90° angle to the wall.
The killer cut her open from behind.
But the tail of the spatter shows cast-off patterns from the weapon.
Killer grabs her from behind.
Puts his blade to her throat.
I've seen this before.
Maybe my Dark Passenger can be sated after all.