Dexter: New Blood (2021) s01e07 Episode Script

Skin of Her Teeth

1 Previously on Dexter: New Blood License and registration.
Yes, Mistress.
The one for Dexter Morgan.
I couldn't be Dexter Morgan anymore.
He was cursed.
How can I ever trust whoever the fuck you are? Who could've found me out? Sup, Big Guy? And I've saved the best for last.
The Bay Harbor Butcher.
This is serial killer 101.
Lure potential victim out to the sticks.
It's not like it'd be my fault if Molly were to disappear.
Matt's hiding out in here.
Dumb kid must've left.
We might as well take off as well.
Never a good idea to kill the family member of a serial killer.
Uh, hi, Mrs.
That's Chief Bishop.
I ran into Kurt.
He told me he needed someone to do odd jobs.
I don't always get the best feeling from Kurt.
Kurt pushed us to keep the search going.
He did until he didn't.
And that was what day? Clarke Caves.
Teddy, get in here now! It's Iris.
Oh! My son's dark side makes a very public appearance.
It's Jim.
You okay? I don't need Jim.
I need Dexter Morgan.
We have an hour till Teddy gets back with the cavalry.
I know there's not much to go on, but that's where you come in.
Dexter Morgan.
Forensics expert from Miami Metro? He owes me.
So, what do you see? You're lucky the cold kept her somewhat preserved.
Otherwise, you'd just be looking at bones.
Yeah, real lucky.
May I? She was shot from behind.
Probably with a rifle.
From a distance.
The bullet came through here.
She wasn't shot here.
There's not enough blood.
Likely she was dragged and buried after.
You can test the dirt and you'll see.
What else? Tell me.
I can handle it.
She was still alive when she was buried.
The weight of the rocks held her down, but she she tried to dig herself out.
 I can stop.
No, I-I don't need your comfort.
I need you to fucking find something, so I can take down the asshole who did this to Iris.
What are you doing? Huh.
Just hold this.
See this? I think this is human skin.
She bit her attacker.
Sounds like Iris.
It's a long shot, but you could send this in for processing.
There's a slight chance there's enough DNA to reveal the killer.
I'll call the county coroners.
Push through a rush test.
Temper your expectations.
She's been here a long time.
Twenty-five years.
It's a small sample.
Unless whoever did this is already in the system, there may not be enough left to test it against multiple subjects.
Well, I only need enough for one.
You have a suspect? I have a theory.
My sister used to test out her theories on me, to see if they had legs.
Plus, you know I can keep a secret.
Kurt Caldwell.
Of course.
He knew her? I don't know, but Kurt lied about Matt popping his head up.
So far, we've found no trace of him besides Kurt's word.
No phone records, nothing.
Why would he lie? He wanted to call off the search right as we were set to come here.
To this cave.
He didn't want you to find her.
You think it's got legs? And arms, and a body, and an isolated cabin in the woods.
We'll find out soon enough.
Thanks Dexter.
If Angela's right, and this is Kurt I have to wonder, how many other of his victims are out there? How many parents with missing children looking for answers they don't want to hear? And most importantly, where does Kurt's journey end? With Angela and the police? Or with me and my kill table? Hey.
I made breakfast.
Both pretty hungry, I guess.
Just trying to bulk up for wrestling.
So, what do you got going on today? Same.
School, practice.
Gonna miss dinner, though.
Today's my first shift at the Truck Stop.
You know how I feel about that.
You know how I feel about that.
Thanks for breakfast.
You bet.
He's drifting further and further toward Kurt.
Who is probably a murderer.
Yeah, and so are you.
Well, that's fair.
Kill him.
If I kill Kurt, that's just another secret.
Kurt suddenly disappears, Harrison is crushed.
He never finds out who Kurt really was.
The kid has already had too many losses.
One more could just push us further apart.
So, what? You do nothing? Angela's already gunning for Kurt.
She's building a case.
Once she arrests him, it's all over.
Harrison will see who Kurt really is.
In the meantime, I'll make sure Harrison is safe.
Good call.
Leave it to the police to handle.
What could possibly go wrong? There's something you should know.
You didn't think to mention this earlier? Molly asked me not to.
I figured it was her decision.
Now, after this morning, I don't know, the whole thing just seems off.
Okay, tell me exactly what happened.
Molly approached Kurt at The Tavern.
She was asking a lot of questions.
And he told her that Matt was holed up in a cabin, way out here in the woods.
That he'd never even gone to New York.
You heard him say that? Crystal clear.
I just wanted to make sure she was okay, so I followed them out here.
Kurt was selling her on some exclusive interview, but the minute I showed up, he cut bait.
I know this town better than anyone.
So how come I never heard of this place? I kind of forced my way in, but the room was empty.
No Matt.
A secret cabin in the woods.
Luring a young woman out here alone.
What if Iris was just the first? You're the expert.
Looks like he moved something heavy since last night.
Did you hear that? That the sound of you not needing a warrant? Bleach.
Never a good sign.
Could've been a struggle.
Son of a bitch.
Holy shit, it's been totally stripped.
There was a door here, locked from the outside.
There was a camera up there in that corner.
There was a bed.
It was like a fully equipped motel room or something.
What the fuck? Only someone with something to hide goes to these kind of extremes.
We'll search every landfill and dumpster in a hundred-mile radius.
Got to get rid of his shit somewhere.
He's a step ahead.
No, he's not.
We are.
He doesn't know we found Iris.
So your entire case hinges on a 25-year-old DNA sample that your boyfriend found illegally? Yup.
It's looking more and more like Deb's right.
I may have to kill him.
Uh, hey, I'll-I'll catch you later, okay? Hey.
I was gonna ask if you wanted to hang out sometime over break.
Uh, maybe I could finally hear some of your songs.
Actually, I should lie low.
My mom was pissed about you staying over.
Oh, I-I hope I didn't get you in trouble.
No, it-it's all good.
Well, if it's all good, let's hang out.
A-Audrey, I, um I-I like you.
And-and I thought you liked me, too.
I do.
Last night, you broke that kid's elbow.
He tapped out, but you kept going.
You know what? Uh, forget I asked.
I-I'm gonna be really busy this weekend anyway.
Harrison I-I got to go.
I'm used to being the predator, but now I'm the protector.
Funny what fatherhood'll do to you.
Here you go.
Thank you.
You're very welcome.
 Look at you.
What are you doing here? I just wanted to visit my son at work.
Show some support.
First jobs can be stressful.
Especially when your boss is a serial killer.
You told me not to take the job.
Maybe I was wrong.
This coffee ain't half bad.
I got to get back, before someone notices.
On the house.
That's kind of you.
So, Jimbo, what brings you down to my neck of the woods? Well, it's my son's first job.
Big occasion.
Warrants a celebration, don't you think? Mm.
Hard worker, your son.
It's a horrible job, though.
Especially in the winter.
But for some reason, he wants to be here, freezing his ass off, instead of at home.
You seem to have the same problem with your own son.
Always disappearing into the night.
Did Molly ever get that interview, by the way? I don't know about you, but I would love to hear Matt's side of the story.
I bet it's good.
You know, there was a time when I thought you and I would be great friends.
We do seem to have a lot in common.
You were really there for me when Matt went missing.
Let us use your home and your land for the search.
Except you kill innocent women, and I kill guys like you.
And there was that time outside The Tavern, when you picked me up in your truck.
It was snowing, remember? To think, I was gonna drive home in that.
I probably wouldn't have made it.
But thank God you showed up.
Almost like it was fate.
Looks like good news in the DNA department.
Hey, Chief.
Nice surprise.
What can I do for you? Get up.
 Excuse me? Do what she says.
Okay, Coach.
Kurt Caldwell, you're under arrest for the murder of Iris Broussard.
Who? Okay.
Hey, hey, okay.
Hey, take it easy.
Everything's gonna be okay.
I'm sure this will all get straightened out.
Don't worry.
Don't worry.
All right.
Coach? Coach? What the hell? Yeah, right? Smile for the camera, Kurt.
We fucking did it.
Holy shit.
Uh, uh, w-what can I do? Where can I set up? I mean, you should have, like, at least called me.
Or, you know, sent me a text.
Uh, handcuff emoji, Kurt.
" Excuse me? We are a team.
We keep each other in the loop.
Like you kept me in the loop about Kurt's secret cabin? You know, the one you visited while you were interviewing him behind my back? I can see how that looks bad, but you know, you and I have different tactics.
You knew that from the beginning.
I explicitly asked you to stay away from Kurt.
You could have blown up this entire investigation for what? A fucking podcast? We're done here.
I hate the view from the cheap seats.
This you? She looks brand-new.
Nice job.
If this all looks good to you, I'm think I'm gonna head out.
Hey, I-I got a 20.
Help me move some cargo? Sure.
Come on.
You know, this is clearly a mistake.
I mean, I've never, ever in my life been involved in murder, and I think deep down, you know that.
I have no idea who this girl is.
Well, now I know you're lying.
You were living in Iron Lake when Iris disappeared.
You must have seen these.
They were everywhere.
I personally restocked them at the Truck Stop where you ate every day.
Oh, of course.
This is your friend.
That's right.
The girl who ran away.
She didn't run away.
She was murdered.
That's terrible news, but I do not understand why you think that I would be involved.
What time did Matt call you? What? The night he suddenly turned up safe, out of nowhere? Why? It's important.
Uh, I don't know.
Eight, nine? Did he FaceTime your cell or your computer? I was at home.
Your records show no incoming calls from Matt.
On your computer or your cell.
In fact, there are no incoming calls from anyone on either line at all that night.
None at your office at the Truck Stop, either, just in case you were about to lead me there.
Matt never called you.
I don't understand how this is relevant.
Well, neither did I.
Why would you lie? What reason could you possibly have to fabricate a call with your son? Why call off a search if the missing person hadn't been found? Unless you knew where the search was going next and you were so afraid of what we would find that you'd sacrifice your own son.
Well, that is one wild, elaborate theory, Chief.
Have you ever been inside the Clarke Caves? Sure.
You know, as a kid.
Couple times.
Got high there.
I mean, not since I left school.
How did you get that scar? Uh, I work with my hands.
Listen, sweetheart, I feel for you.
I do.
You must be devastated.
She was your friend and you're looking for someone to blame.
But you are not thinking straight.
A mistake like this could cost you your job.
I'm worried about you.
You should be worried about yourself.
Because we found DNA evidence on Iris's body that proves everything.
We've tested it against yours.
I never consented to a sample.
You already gave us a swab, remember? During the search for your missing-or, as you now claim-found son.
It was a match.
I want to talk to my lawyer.
You're Harrison, right? Yeah.
Why? Give this to your dad, okay? Okay.
I'm gonna go clean up.
You know, you can't just show up at my work like that.
I get that you're worried about me, but I can take care of myself.
I know.
Uh, um almost forgot.
What's this? Uh, one of the truckers gave it to me.
Said it was for you.
Who was it? I'd never seen him before.
Uh, must've been one of Kurt's guys.
intriguing music What the fuck is this? What's your game, Kurt? Miriam.
Come see.
Oh Oh You have him now.
Make him pay.
This is my life.
A wolf among sheep.
Hello! You're free! Come on! Go.
Come on.
Gross's sheep got out again.
Old Man Turner's liable to shoot 'em if they wander onto his property.
Fifteen minutes, tops.
I hear ya.
Teddy? You here? No one here but me.
And you.
How'd you get in? Stay away from my son.
That means you, your employees-- or minions or whatever the fuck they are-- and whoever gave Harrison that envelope.
Is that really why you're here? Curiosity? You want to know what was in that envelope? 'Cause I've heard this whole song and dance before.
Harrison's almost grown.
You can't control him Or me.
Don't you get it? You're the one behind bars.
You don't have any power.
Not anymore.
What, this? This situation is temporary.
I saw what you are.
With my own eyes.
You think you can get rid of everything? Something always gets left behind.
You're right.
Something always gets left behind.
We can never erase all of our sins.
Not even fire will do that.
Hey, Jim, you remember that night that you picked me up in front of The Tavern? Gave me a ride home? It was snowing, right? Funny thing was when I got home? Wasn't snow on my jacket.
It was ash.
You think you know everything, but I know one thing you don't.
Titanium doesn't melt.
Thanks for the science lesson.
Almost like it was fate.
He knows.
Kurt sent this through Harrison to prove a point.
He's got reach, even from behind bars.
He knows I killed his son.
If it were me, I'd definitely want revenge.
Heading to work? Yup.
Need a ride? I'm good.
Come on.
A ride? That's it? You're not gonna give me any grief? That's it.
slow, dramatic music Kurt's cracking.
His lawyer is definitely upset.
We got him.
Against my advice and counsel, Mr.
Caldwell wants to make a statement.
Guess he's got a guilty conscience.
Call the D.
She's gonna want to see this herself.
My dad, Roger, uh, was a drunk.
He used to knock my mom around.
Uh She would get restraining orders against him, but it never seemed to do any good.
So eventually, she, uh, packed up and left town.
Only she forgot to take me with her, I guess.
Um after-after my mom left, my dad would take me on the road.
Said it was, um, said it was cheaper than a babysitter and that I would learn more than I learned in school, but really the only thing I learned was that he was a bigger asshole than I thought.
He used to pick up women.
"Lot Lizards," he called them.
Working girls.
Uh, he'd bring them back to the truck while I was supposed to be asleep.
As I walk along, I wonder A-what went wrong with our love He liked to slap them around.
Fuck them up pretty bad, actually.
He was just so angry that my mom had left.
And he knew that they would never call the cops, 'cause even if they did, he'd be long gone.
While our hearts were young After they left, they were bruised and crying and Tears are fallin' and I feel a pain And I was just a little kid.
I lived in fear that he would turn on me like that.
This is all very sad, but we're here about Iris.
Uh yeah.
Sorry, uh Uh, right.
So, I I had my own truck routes by then, and, uh, every time that our schedules would overlap, uh, my dad would insist that I buy him a meal.
Because he said I owed him.
So, uh, that night, we had dinner together.
And afterward, I was gassing up my truck, and that's when I saw her.
Your friend, Iris.
Walking alone.
And I saw her get in the truck with my dad.
He was in such a foul mood.
I really should've said something to her.
I should have stopped her.
Until then I'll always be Hey.
Devoted to you I'm Kurt.
Where you headed? Away.
And they drove off and that's the last I saw of her.
I guess I hoped that that's all it was, right? Just a ride, you know? You know, it's rough out there.
Young girl like you shouldn't be alone.
I wasn't supposed to be alone.
I was supposed to be with my best friend.
Ex-best friend.
I should take you home.
Fuck you.
I don't want to go home.
You have no idea what happens to girls out there.
No one to protect them, keep them safe.
You don't want that life.
I'm not going back.
If you won't give me a ride Hey, hey.
then let me the fuck out.
Stay in here! Fucking bitch! I'm trying to help you.
Don't you fucking understand? Yeah, and everybody in town said that, uh, you know, she had run off.
And I-I guess I wanted to believe that, too.
That she had started a new life somewhere.
He did this.
That DNA you found, that's my dad's.
I can't believe what I'm hearing.
I'm sorry, Angela.
I should've said something.
I had no idea he was capable.
I mean, I have been living with You have been living with this? What about Miriam? What about me?! The test said there's a 67% chance that it is him.
Which leaves 33% reasonable doubt it isn't him.
More than enough for any jury to acquit.
Here you go, Mr.
No hard feelings, kid.
It's your boss that owes me the apology.
We have to follow where the evidence points, sir.
It was a righteous arrest.
We got the truth.
Yes, you did, didn't you? You know, we could've spared you the inconvenience if you had come forward all those years ago.
Not to mention the victim's family Sorry for your loss.
melancholic music This is a game of chess.
Every time Kurt makes a move, he wants you to think you're ahead.
But you're not.
He's always got a plan.
That screw is a loose end.
I hate loose ends.
Surgical screws come in sets.
Kurt's office is as good a place as any to start looking.
Elric Kane.
Who the hell is Elric Kane? And what does he owe Kurt? Have you heard? Kurt's been released.
Holy shit.
 That's great! Yep.
 I was so scared.
I'm gonna have to kill him.
I knew it couldn't All I want is you Logan called.
He thought you might need a friend.
Which I know I'm not.
Not after what I pulled.
But I figured someone was better than no one.
No, thank you.
I was so sure it was him.
I don't know.
Maybe it is the dad.
I don't know what to believe, what to tell her mom.
In my job, you learn to live with unsatisfying endings.
You know, because sometimes it is an accident or there is no motive or the killer is dead by the time you catch up.
What matters, Angela, is that you did the work.
And you can't blame yourself for anything else.
I was supposed to go with her.
We had a plan.
She was pissed when I backed out.
She said I was a poser.
If I'd gone with her, she'd be safe.
Or you'd both be dead.
I thought that finding Iris would make up for it all.
But I don't feel better.
I just fucking miss her.
Shots? Look, at the very least, know that you're not alone.
I mean, I got some really creepy vibes from Kurt, too.
It's the kind that I tell my listeners to run away from as fast as they can.
But you didn't run.
I didn't have to.
You know, luckily, Jim showed up at just the right time to save my ass.
Which, in retrospect, is also weird.
Yeah, his excuse about checking on the cabin was weak.
Uh, he followed you there.
That's creepy.
He overheard you and Kurt talking about Matt.
He said something didn't sit right.
That doesn't make sense.
No, Kurt and I were sitting at the bar, and Jim was actually sitting at this table.
I mean, can you hear what Brian and Fred are fighting about from over here? Neither can I.
Unless I'll take a pastrami on rye.
You want fries with that? Yeah.
Let's live dangerously.
He charged his phone.
Left it next to us while we were talking.
He could've recorded us.
Why would he record you? Fuck if I know.
Yeah, you're right.
It's too weird.
But it was also weird that he was eating pie with Kurt after he knew Kurt was my prime suspect.
Okay, now I'm thoroughly confused.
What? Okay.
First Kurt is creepy and now Jim.
If he wasn't your boyfriend, I would totally do a deep dive.
But it's not like he's hiding anything from you.
I mean, you're the chief of police.
Hey, shit stain.
Yeah, you.
You know our captain's out for the fuckin' season 'cause of you, right? How do you feel now, tough guy? tense music What the fuck? You psycho!  Hey! That's enough.
Goddamn it! Leave me alone! I can't.
Why? I just want to talk.
Why? So you can call me a psycho, too? Fuck it.
You were right.
You were right before, and-and you're right now.
Right about what? I'm fucked-up.
I-I'm fucked-up, and I always have been.
You're not.
I always had bad dreams.
When I listened to that podcast it all came flooding back.
They weren't nightmares.
They were real.
tense music I remember everything.
There, there.
Daddy will be home soon.
I'm so fucking angry.
I think about it all the time.
Hurting people.
Doing what he did to Mom.
You've always known, haven't you? That's why you left.
Harrison No.
Yo, Scott! Let me get a ride.
Harrison! Hey! Shit.
Damn it.
I was wrong.
I have to tell Harrison everything.

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