Di4ri (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

[crickets chirping]
[pensive music playing]
[Mom] No, I just said
no one gives him clear rules.
So now you're going
to just put words in my mouth.
- [high-pitched ringing]
- You never respect me!
[Dad] But when did I say
I would go there? When?
[Mom] Last week. You confirmed it twice.
Then I organized my week accordingly.
Do you have any idea
how things change in a week?
If I have a meeting, what do I do?
Not go?
Of course you should go,
but call me, you know? Communicate!
Well, these are my parents.
And, as always, they're busy waging war.
- Come on!
- Wanna know the truth?
You delegate, but get mad when things
aren't done exactly the way you'd do them!
- [Mom] Ridiculous! I don't micromanage.
- [Dad] No it's not.
No, it's the truth. Don't act surprised.
- It's the way you are, and you know it.
- The coffee!
[Mom] I just always try to do my best.
I do everything properly.
I manage things just fine without your
No. I do everything in this house,
from the smallest things to the biggest,
because you are never around.
They always tell me I should be polite,
- but they're the first to yell.
- [Dad] So is everything here yours?
- This whole place?
- I'm not saying that!
I'm just saying
that you need to help me out.
Ho sbalzi di 'sto umore
Come un'ascensore ♪
Non vedo un colore
Ma venti in mezzo secondo, brother ♪
- We both work. Am I telling you you don't?
- You're saying it right now.
- You say things by saying the opposite.
- Now they'll have something to yell about.
Sure, whatever you say.
Do you want to know the truth?
- [Dad] Yes, tell me.
- The truth is you never listen. Period.
Lisa, enough. This may be communicating
to you, but to me, it's wasting time.
So let's not waste more time,
because you just wanna be right.
- Always right.
- [Dad] Sure, it's always about me.
- Oh! That's gross! What's in this coffee?
- Ugh! Pietro!
Pietro, come back here!
Pietro! Get back here!
- [Pietro] My parents are a nightmare.
- [Dad] Pietro!
[rock music playing on headphones]
They never listen to me.
All they do is yell.
And they don't care about me.
I'm fed up with them.
My name is Pietro and I'm almost 13.
I'm not that young, right?
Only my parents don't get
that I'm grown-up now.
They pretend I can't see
or hear what's going on.
That's why I can't wait
to escape every morning.
Whatever. Let me enjoy my island.
I don't care about anything else.
It's my favorite part of the day.
With the wind in my face,
everything smells like freedom.
But like any good moment,
it has to come to an end.
["Isole" by Tancredi playing]
Ho capito solo ora che ♪
Ti chiedo come stai
Cosa fai, dove vai ♪
Perché ho sempre
Paura di parlarti di me ♪
Di me ♪
- Di fidarmi di te ♪
- Di te ♪
Di sognare per vivere, vivere ♪
Siamo come due isole, isole ♪
- Ma ti parlo di me ♪
- Di me ♪
- E mi fido di te ♪
- Di te ♪
Pensavamo che fosse impossibile ♪
Far unire due isole, isole ♪
Siamo solo isole, isole ♪
Siamo solo isole, isole ♪
Siamo solo isole ♪
[gulls calling]
[upbeat music playing]
[Pietro] This is my school,
The Galileo School of Marina Piccola.
As with any school,
there are way too many rules to follow.
And I can't stand them.
[phone alert]
My classmates and I have
known each other forever,
but we're not always on the same page.
Like her. Arianna.
She acts like she's Miss Universe,
and thinks that everyone is after her.
Careful you don't wear out that book.
That's better than being illiterate.
And this one's Livia. Miss Perfect.
Hello to you too, huh?
[Pietro] Her favorite pastime is nagging.
- [teacher] Come on, guys.
- Oh, and then there's the 3D guys.
That's Matteo Grimaldi. "Grimo."
He doesn't feel strong,
so he tries to take it out on the weak.
- Take it back! Come on!
- Give it to me!
This is a new low for you.
- Five against one.
- [boy] It's not funny.
What's that? Mind your own business.
Until we graduate,
3D is the class that calls the shots.
[scoffs] Well, then,
you'd better not fail, genius.
What, now?
Grimo. Look.
You got lucky today.
Ah, yeah. Miss Perfect is with him.
She thinks he's a nice guy.
Pietro! Come here.
Come on, let's go.
So, Pietro, I wanna say thank you.
I could've handled it myself, though.
[chuckles] Yeah, sure.
- [laughs]
- Pietro, hurry up. Come in here.
Come on. This way.
- Are you voting?
- For what?
- Hey. Everything okay?
- Yeah, it's all good, thanks.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Voting for what?
It's pretty cool, isn't it?
Almost everyone's voted.
Are you nuts, dude?
No, I'm not gonna do that.
I have to finish my math homework,
right now.
Your homework? But you never do homework.
Come on. Just go and vote.
I'll vote.
Pietro, get out. Voting is private.
Cool, Michele.
Come on, you have to vote too.
"Homework!" [scoffs]
This is Giulio. He's my best friend.
He's always up to no good.
Cool. Your turn.
- You know we're going to get in trouble?
- Oh, come on.
Without some trouble, where's the fun?
[school bell rings]
- Wait, you passed these things out?
- It's Arianna.
You didn't!
I can't believe it!
- [Giulio] She won! Count again!
- [Pietro] Put down the pen!
- Did I hear Arianna won?
- Arianna?
No, you're kidding!
- That's wrong.
- Let's have a look.
Give me that, let me do it.
- [Michele] Pietro is right.
- Who's first?
- [Giulio] Arianna.
- Pietro.
- [Giulio] I can't believe it!
- What are you doing?
We're copying homework.
Classic Isabel. She always has
to know everything about everyone.
Not to mention Monica, her best friend.
- Who is it?
- Who's after that?
- Arianna's first!
- No!
- The others aren't
- He's cheating.
- You counted wrong.
- Making Arianna win.
- Hey! Give it back!
- [girl] Yes, girl!
Hey, wait! What is that?
- What an idiot.
- [Isabel] I can't believe it.
- They actually ranked us.
- [Monica] But
- [Isabel] All the girls!
- So what? It was just a joke.
- Are you guys kidding?
- [Isabel] A joke?
- Okay, it's not funny.
- Not a big deal.
- What?
- But what's the joke?
- What's the big deal? We're having fun.
- [girl] What's happening?
Right. It was just a joke!
You shouldn't have done that.
[Pietro] There's nothing to laugh about.
The girls are absolutely right.
I knew it was a stupid idea.
- It's not funny at all.
- How dare you do that?
- We didn't mean anything by it. Come on.
- [Isabel] No? Okay
- What?
- [Giulio] You don't get it.
- [boy] Don't be annoying.
- [Giulio] You're overreacting.
- It's unbelievable. I'm in second place!
- Wait. Are you serious?
Do you guys realize
that you only put me second?
- Is she serious?
- [Arianna] It says I'm second.
- Really? Oh, man.
- [Arianna] Only second?
- How do you explain that?
- Ari, I voted for you. I swear I did!
- Oh my gosh.
- You know me.
Other people have weird tastes,
but I voted for you.
But I only came in second place,
not first.
I'm in third and Livia's first?
Are you serious?
- I really don't care at all.
- Sure, you really don't care at all.
- [girl] Mm-hmm.
- Giulio, what does "unranked" mean?
- [winces]
- Uh
- Uh
- [Pietro] Go on, explain.
Well, um, nerds aren't usually included
in beauty pageants.
- [girl gasps]
- [laughter]
- You are such a loser.
- Shut your mouth, airhead.
- [all] Ooh!
- What's that?
[boy] That was rude.
You shouldn't have done that, Giulio.
[Giulio] What do you want, Daniele?
If you like this loser so much,
why didn't you vote for her?
- [boy] Ooh!
- You voted too, didn't you? You know?
[Pietro] That's Daniele, a good guy,
never looking for trouble.
Listen to yourself. You've only been here
eight years,
- and you sound like Queen Elizabeth.
- [laughter]
No way I'm gonna give you
my homework today.
- You think I care?
- Hey, Dani, just ignore him, okay?
- [teacher] Good morning.
- [all] Good morning.
[teacher] Let's get started.
Paccagnini, come to the board.
But Sorry, why?
What do you mean?
What were you gonna do in school today?
- Aah
- Did you solve your math problems?
- Sure, sure, I did them.
- Good. Bring your workbook.
Bring my Okay.
- [girl] Ooh, he's
- Here it is.
[Michele] Hey, what's he doing?
- [whispers] Oh my God.
- [Giulio] Uh, look, here, um
- Here. Page 13.
- Oh my God, he did not just do that.
- That's good.
- And page 14.
Okay. Good. Now do them
on the board again. Go.
- Sure. Can I copy them?
- [Monica] Oh!
No, you can't do that.
Erase it and do them again.
- [Giulio] Can I use these?
- Erase it and redo the problems.
All right, calm down.
- I'm calm.
- [laughter]
You're gonna pay for that ranking thing.
For sure.
[girl] Ugh! Talk about a geek.
Isabel and Monica, they're like
the Justice League, or something.
You just saw the drama they can create.
Anyway Well, this is my class.
- Room 2D.
- [school bell rings]
[upbeat music playing]
- [Giulio] I'm not joking around.
- She really did that?
I gave her my arm
and she just slapped it away.
- Ow!
- Oh!
- Sorry.
- You idiot.
Well, I'm not the one who got an F
in math. Who's the idiot?
- Hey, did you see that?
- Ignore them.
Girls are annoying.
Oh. By the way come here.
Tell me, who'd you vote for?
- What do you care, man?
- I care.
I'm not interested in these girls.
They're pretty much the same, anyway.
Oh, really?
- I thought you voted for Livia.
- Me?
[scoffs] Miss Perfect? Man, no.
She's not even that hot.
Plus, she's too full of herself.
So, then you voted for Arianna?
[scoffs] Yeah, I voted for her.
I knew it, bro!
Mm. I hate to tell you,
but you don't have a chance with her.
She obviously has a crush on me.
- Hello, Arianna.
- Hello!
Hi, Pietro!
Come here, man.
Dude, you're not even on her radar.
No, that's just a tactic.
She doesn't want people
to see that she likes me,
so she ignores me and treats me bad.
[chuckles] Yeah, sure!
You know, I was almost
thinking about kissing her,
so you can just forget it.
Oh yeah? Then do it.
If you do it,
I'll give you my fishing rod.
- [scoffs] Stop it, dude.
- And my wetsuit, if you can kiss Livia.
Number one in the rankings.
They're all the same to you anyway.
So kissing both of them's
nothing for you, right?
But if you can't,
then I get your surfboard.
You scared?
[mysterious music playing]
Don't get mad when I beat you, okay?
No, you don't get mad.
I just made an idiotic bet
with my best friend.
[sighs] This isn't good.
But I don't wanna think about that now.
Destroying Giulio in basketball's
always a good way to clear my mind.
To hell with all the homework,
the girls, the bets.
[Pietro] Ouch.
Looks like I spoke too soon.
[Giulio] If you're so lame,
you're gonna lose the bet.
Just like this game.
- Come on. Let's go.
- [Pietro dribbles]
- Here.
- Thanks.
Girls, listen. Race day is almost here.
But do we wanna get to the finals?
Do we really care?
- Yeah. Sure.
- Of course we do.
It's not just running, girls. You, Lucia,
you're too slow in the water, understand?
But that's not true!
- Yeah, it is true.
- Silverio, no one asked you.
And you, Livia,
you're falling behind on the bike.
Coach, look. My cousin will clock better
times than this, she'll get stronger.
Silverio, why don't you enter
the triathlon, huh? You'd do very well.
- Me?
- Yeah, you.
Just kidding. Don't worry.
Thank you. So, girls, start stretching,
thank you. Let's go, let's go!
[hip-hop music playing]
Where's da Vinci? ♪
Just give me a bag
I'll make you a milli ♪
I promise I'll do it myself ♪
I'm setting the bar so high
You can't even reach over the shelf ♪
You don't know what I dealt with, dawg
I was prayin' that I wouldn't fail ♪
You don't know what I dealt with, dawg ♪
- I was praying that I wouldn't fail ♪
- [Livia] Hey, what's up?
I'm gonna head out.
Do you wanna walk me home?
Sorry, but we're gonna shoot some hoops.
But they're on the court.
Don't worry.
They're gonna leave right now.
Rock UNDF wе made a plan
And then we droppеd it, yeah ♪
You don't know what I dealt with, dawg
I was prayin' that I wouldn't fail ♪
Undefined ♪
Do yourself a favor
and go home to your mom.
- We had the court first.
- [chuckles] You hear somethin'?
'Cause I didn't hear a thing.
This court's for people
who can make a basket, not like you.
Grimo, are you kidding me right now?
You and your friends suck at basketball.
- Let's get outta here.
- [Grimo] What do you want, punk?
Want me to humiliate you in front
of everyone? Let's go. One-on-one.
Whoever loses has to go.
- [chuckles]
- [Giulio] Pietro!
I have a better idea.
Let's have a real challenge. Five on five.
Full court, in the gym.
My third class against your second.
Whoever loses will be remembered
as the biggest loser on the island.
Hmm? Not smiling now, moron.
Let's do it.
- No What?
- Let's play next week.
Next week. It's on.
Now go home.
You, my friend, are insane.
So it's second year versus third,
huh, Giulio?
[sighs] Yeah.
Pietro made this stupid bet with Matteo.
He's a psycho.
Relax, it's not a big deal.
Not a big deal?
These guys are going to destroy us.
They're gonna make fun of us forever.
What are you talking about?
Look, we might even win.
Besides, we've already accepted.
Oh, so it's "we" now? You accepted it!
- [grunting]
- Giulio
Look, Giulio!
Imagine catching the ball,
dribbling it out to half-court,
flying through the air,
and scoring the point of your life
right in front of Arianna.
Yeah, Arianna.
[chants] Giulio! Giulio! Giulio! Huh?
- You just won the game! Huh?
- Say no more!
What do you say? You in, Dani?
- Yeah, sure.
- All right! Great!
- Hey, then, we only need two more.
- [Michele] Hey, guys!
I can play too.
Basketball's my whole life.
Look at these dark circles.
I wake up at night just so
I can watch the NBA streaming live.
- Yeah, uh, sure. I see dark circles.
- [Giulio] Beautiful.
- Listen, have you ever played a real game?
- But what does it matter?
You know what? We're gonna call you
- Moldface!
- Moldface!
Get going.
We'll let you know what we decide.
Thank you, guys. Thank you!
So, will we see you this afternoon
for practice?
We should be the first ones
out on the court.
But who else are we gonna ask
to join the team?
Well, we all know
who's great at playing basketball.
And she won't say no.
Come on! You've said yourself
their class is stupid and arrogant.
Yeah, okay.
But I say the same about you and Giulio.
I'm not playing with you.
Is this still about
that stupid ranking thing?
What if I apologize?
Apology not accepted.
And do you know why?
Because I wanna see you go down.
And see you cry.
[clears throat]
Well, then.
And now?
What are we gonna do without Isabel?
But let's just tackle
one problem at a time.
Today, I have a big test in math class.
And Professor Caselli is a killer.
Sh, sh, sh! Arianna, Lucia, silence!
[Pietro whispers] Dani!
- Yo! What did you get?
- Just wait!
[Professor Caselli]
Are you all right here?
[suspenseful music playing]
[Daniele coughing]
[school bell rings]
Come on. Time's up.
It's time to turn them in.
Remember to bring the scratch paper
together with the test, okay?
Then go downstairs, because
the principal has an announcement for you.
- You know what the principal wants?
- No. But I guess we'll find out.
Thank you. How'd you do?
I don't think it's gonna be good news.
Come on, don't be such a pessimist.
[Professor Caselli] Come on! Time's up!
Thank you.
This one was easy, right? Well, we'll see.
- What is this?
- Uh, I graded it for you.
- You just drew a zero.
- [laughter]
That's not funny!
You're such a clown.
Go on. Go!
- Well?
- It's all good.
- Okay.
- You're always very kind to me.
I get along with the quiet ones.
You should come sit in the front row.
- Okay.
- Cool! Let's go.
[Pietro] When the principal comes back
from Marina Grande, it's always a pain.
But maybe Giulio is right,
I'm just being pessimistic.
- Everyone, good morning.
- [all] Good morning.
All right, listen up, kids.
I have a very important announcement.
As you can see, Marina Piccola
has very few students left.
We're down to just three classes.
The costs are very high
and the budget is getting smaller.
[Pietro] So what?
[Principal] So, we made the decision
to close the school.
- What?
- No!
That's impossible!
- What did I tell you? Bad news.
- [Principal] Quiet, please. Silence!
Silen Silence, now!
This doesn't only affect you.
So, they'll move
the new city offices here,
and you will all be transferred
to Marina Grande.
- Marina Grande?
- They can't do that!
- No way!
- Silence, guys! Please, quiet, now.
- Silence, please.
- So unfair!
[Pietro] Nobody cares at all
about how we feel.
Now, then, the idea is to distribute
all of the kids in D into other classes.
How come, sir?
- Do you really wanna separate all of us?
- No. We don't want to.
But that's what you said.
It's the only way, Pietro.
Have you been listening at all?
It's not right, though. It's not fair!
Well, what's not fair?
[girl] Sending us to a whole new school!
I'm not moving you
to the other side of the world,
it's just the other side of the island.
Anyway, if you really want to,
you can apply to stay in class together.
Which, obviously, will depend
on the spots that are left.
All right, now let's go to class.
Let's go. Thank you, everyone.
[girl 1] Are you kidding? I really want
to stay here. This is not fair.
[girl 2] I'm not gonna
[students chattering]
No, I'm not just being pessimistic.
This news really is terrible.
- What was all that about?
- Yeah, I don't know.
I don't wanna go to Marina Grande.
- They can't ship us like packages
- [Giulio] Hey, Paolo?
- What?
- Did you know?
- Know what?
- What the principal said.
Uh, well, I thought about
telling you, but
These are things that don't really
concern me, you know?
They concern people at the top.
But why are you comin' to me about it?
It's already decided.
You should just be at peace with that.
You know we won't!
We have to do something.
The only thing you guys need
to think about are your classes.
Everything else that's happening,
none of that should really concern you.
But why? 'Cause he said so?
- I couldn't care less.
- Maggi.
You know, he's in charge. Show respect.
You want me to pretend I didn't hear that?
'Cause of my position,
I may be forced to report it.
Yeah, sure.
- That's all you're good for. The snitch.
- Pietro!
The snitch?
[sighs] Listen, you try to behave,
because otherwise, you could end up
getting into a lot of trouble this year.
[Pietro] My parents, the principal,
and now Paolo
telling me what to say and what to do.
Where are you going?
- I won't just sit back and do nothing.
- Pietro? Pietro!
This school can't close down.
[rock music playing]
What's the score?
- You're winning 12-eight.
- [chuckles]
Hey, have you thought
that when we go to Marina Grande,
we're also gonna lose this beautiful gym?
You're right.
The problem is that no one around here
is doing anything to save the school.
Hey, Pietro, Giulio.
Have you thought about my offer?
To play with you guys?
[suspenseful music playing]
Listen, Michele,
it's not that I don't want you
on the team, okay?
It's that we don't even have
a team any more
[Daniele] Hey!
Look who I brought.
- Hi, Valenti.
- Hi.
[Daniele] Mirko used to play in Rome.
So I asked him to join the team.
And he said yes.
So, we're only missing a fifth now.
Thank you, guys!
You won't be disappointed.
On one condition.
In the game,
we'll always call you "Moldface."
You want a Moldface? Check this out.
Nice shot. Moldface.
["Buss It" by Yarin Primak playing]
Oh well. At least we have a team now.
The ba, ba
Yeah, bounce it, the ba, ba ♪
Bounce it, the ba, ba
Yeah, bounce it, the ba, ba ♪
Yeah, bounce it, the ba, ba ♪
Ba, ba, ba ♪
Switch it up now ♪
Shake it like, shake, shake
Shake, shake, shake, shake it like ♪
Shake, shake, shake, shake
Shake, shake, shake ♪
Shake it like, shake, shake
Shake, shake, shake, shake ♪
I like it when you move your booty booty
Shake it like, shake it like that ♪
I like it when you
Make it like, make it like that ♪
I like it when you make it like
Make it like this, I like it ♪
[Pietro] Well, unfortunately,
in an hour of practice.
the ball only went in five times.
Hey, you guys! See you next time, huh?
[Daniele] Bye.
Am I wrong, or do we suck?
[sighs] We don't have a chance.
we use my grandfather's
special concoction.
My grandpa couldn't go.
His stomach always hurt.
That is, until my grandmother found
this amazing medicine
made from ancient roots.
It works like a bomb.
Just a few drops, and boom!
Nuclear explosion.
Let's try to give it to the other team
to give us a bit of an edge, you know?
- They won't be able to stand.
- [laughs]
You're joking, right?
No, let's do it.
But you're crazy, dude.
And I wanna have a fair game.
I don't wanna cheat.
All right, so, you wanna
lose your bout with Matteo?
Why'd you say that?
Because you're guaranteed
to lose that bet, my friend.
[Pietro] Giulio is right.
To beat Matteo, we need a miracle.
But kissing Livia will be even harder.
[Silverio] I did some research
on a website.
In my opinion, you need to try
to bend your knees more.
That way, you'll push more
with your quads.
Quads, yeah, of course.
- Whoa!
- [Pietro] Good morning.
Can you even ride a bike?
Definitely better than you.
She's really good on a bike.
She's definitely gonna win the triathlon.
Well, if you're so great,
then why don't we race?
Why do you have to challenge everyone?
What is your deal?
What do you mean? It's always you
or your boyfriend who start it.
Oh, shut up, huh?
"Oh, shut up, huh?"
We need a handshake.
- We could do the "Give me five."
- Yeah, right?
What if then go like this, like this
- And then the end is like this, but
- No, that's too long.
- Yeah, you're right.
- Hey, everybody. I have a surprise.
- Hey.
- Hi, Michele.
I've made our jersey!
Pretty cool, huh?
- No.
- No.
- Hi, guys.
- Silverio! Do you like it?
No way! That is so cool!
I would totally join your team,
if I knew how to shoot a hoop.
- Silve.
- What's up?
I'll tell you what.
If you wanna be on the team, okay
- You know what you could be?
- Tell me.
The cheerleader.
That's so cool! That's beautiful.
I have an idea.
It's a chant. We could be, like
We are gonna roar!
We are gonna soar!
If we see Pietro score!
[both chuckle]
- Good job.
- Thank you.
You know, since now you're
our cheerleader, you have a lot of perks.
Look what you won. A muffin.
My mom baked it.
It's so good, you won't forget it.
Sorry, I don't like muffins.
- Oh.
- All right, I'll have them!
- Sure, here!
- Thank you!
[school bell rings]
Hey, so what was that about,
giving out muffins?
Don't you get it? It's a test.
A test of what?
It's a test of the full potency
of Grandpa's concoction.
- [laughs]
- What? You mean
Comparative is "worse,"
and superlative is "worst."
Good. Michele, you're next.
- [teacher] Michele? Everything okay?
- Yes.
- [groans]
- Are you sure?
- Because you look a little sweaty.
- Uh.
Is it really that fast?
I guess I overdid it
with the special ingredient.
Okay, so, the adjective is "little,"
- and we have the comparative
- [yelps]
I'm okay.
[groans] Sorry, but I gotta go.
- [laughter]
- [groans]
Quiet, please. Quiet.
[Pietro] There's Livia.
Later, I'll think about kissing Arianna.
[brakes squeak]
You train a lot, but you still suck!
- I'm not training right now.
- Sure. I think I could beat you.
How about
we race out to the viewpoint?
But the loser has to pay.
And if I win,
I get to kiss you.
What? What's the problem?
Ah, I get it, I get it.
It's Matteo, no?
All right, fine. Sure.
Ready, set, go!
Baby, ho perso almeno duemila treni ♪
Vedo nei tuoi occhi che mi menti ♪
Sono in equilibrio tra mille problemi
E cado se ci sei anche tu ♪
Ma baby
Se di notte in giro non mi vedi ♪
Cercami anche dove non dovresti ♪
Io griderò forte e se mi senti ♪
E se mi senti corri da me ♪
Yeah, whoa-oh-oh-oh ♪
E se mi senti corri da me ♪
Yeah, whoa-oh ♪
E se mi senti corri da me ♪
E mentre tutti dormono
La città si spegne ♪
Io sto cercando un modo
Per andare senza far rumore ♪
Come fosse comodo
Restare sopra un filo ♪
Ed aspettare che si calmi il vento
Mentre tutto il resto vola via ♪
Ti prego non farmi pressione ♪
Ho come l'impressione
Che il mio mondo non ha più un colore ♪
Solo bianco e nero si confonde
Con le tue parole ♪
- Mentre mi addormento sopra il tetto ♪
- E se mi senti corri da me ♪
Yeah, whoa-oh-oh-oh ♪
- You lost.
- E se mi senti corri da me ♪
So now you have to do something for me.
Do I have to kiss you?
- E se mi senti corri da me ♪
- [laughs] That's very, very funny.
What, then?
What do you want me to do?
Well, I haven't decided yet.
But I'll let you know.
Ma baby ♪
- Se di notte in giro non mi vedi ♪
- [sighs]
Cercami anche dove non dovresti
Io griderò forte ♪
- It's just a matter of time.
- E se mi senti corri da me ♪
[sighs] Sooner or later,
I'm gonna kiss her.
[upbeat music playing]
[girl] I've had the worst luck today.
You wouldn't believe it.
I had an English test, and I didn't study
so I'm gonna get another F.
Whatever, Elisa. I mean,
what's one more F, you know? [chuckles]
Ha ha. Funny.
You can tell Mom, then, okay?
Hey, by the way, you know how she is,
she gets mad when my bed's a mess.
You'll make it for me, right?
Come on! Please, please!
- No, Elisa, come on.
- Mwah! Thank you, sis!
She never takes care of her own stuff.
My sister, Elisa.
The only thing she cares about is Elisa.
Elisa. you have to hurry.
How do you expect to get
to Marina Grande in ten minutes? Come on!
I don't want any more of those tardies.
Oh, girls, what a disaster.
Would you mind cleaning up? Thanks, Livia.
Come on! Let's go. Bye.
Yeah, okay, I get it.
I never get in trouble.
I'm always trying to do the right thing.
But what do I really want?
That's better, right?
[phone alert]
Uh, no, I'm doing it now.
Let's hope for the best, huh?
Anyway, I'll see you at school.
I'm nervous. I have to ask Mom
when she's in a good mood.
- Mom, I have to ask you something.
- Yes, sweetheart?
Uh, can I go to the movies
on Saturday afternoon in Marina Grande?
Hmm. I don't know.
I have to talk to Dad. Mm.
I'm sorry, but with who?
Oh, it's just me and Matteo.
Oh, Matteo.
All the more reason for me to talk to Dad.
Yes, but at my age,
Elisa was allowed to go.
And have you seen how that turned out?
Look, she even forgot
her art briefcase. Ugh.
- Aren't you late for school too?
- Yeah, yeah. I'm going right now.
Oh well. That's a no.
Oh, honey,
what have you done to your hair?
Come on. Do a nice, neat ponytail
so you look better, hmm?
- Have a nice day.
- Bye.
[sighs] I knew it.
[pop music playing]
[Livia] And now?
What am I going to tell Matteo?
I'm tired of always being
the one who obeys Mom and Dad,
who does well in school
and never makes mistakes.
Doesn't anyone understand that
I don't fit these good girl shoes anymore?
Little Miss Perfect.
I just want my freedom.
Am I asking too much?
- Hey.
- Hey.
And so, what did they say?
No, my mom won't let me go.
Okay, as usual. See you.
[Livia] I knew it, Matteo is disappointed.
He'll end up dumping me.
Hi, girls.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Giulio wrote "unranked" under my picture.
Now everyone's making fun of me.
It's clear he's the one responsible.
He should pay for this.
No, guys, let's just forget about it.
It was just stupid.
- Are you on his side now?
- Me? No way.
- [Monica] Okay.
- [Isabel] I know what to do.
I just need some help
of one of the guys.
If we ask them, they won't listen to us,
but maybe if you do
What is Isa up to?
Well, it so happens that
Pietro owes me a little favor.
There you go,
I think I might be getting into trouble.
[all chuckle]
Faster! Come on, come on,
come on, come on! Stop! Aah!
Now, everyone go get changed,
and try not to make a mess as usual.
You understand? Let's go.
[Livia] Pietro does owe me.
Whether he wants to or not,
he can't say no,
They're really doing it!
Isa and Monica's revenge worked.
Hey, hey! They're coming now.
And I get some of the credit.
[upbeat pop music playing]
Hey ♪
Hey ♪
Oh my God!
- Wonderful.
- Absolutely.
Well, guys,
if you wanna get your clothes back,
you have to come get them.
So why don't you give us
a stroll down the catwalk?
What? Go on a catwalk?
Come on. We have to do it.
Well, actually, Pietro is right.
Let's just have fun, no?
Wow! Let the Mr. 2D Pageant begin!
Okay. Then I'll go first.
[club music playing]
[Isabel] Wow!
Hey ♪
No, girl. We're starting off terrible. F.
Your turn.
[Monica] Ooh! Here comes Daniele!
- Wow! Look at him move! Yeah!
- [laughter]
- Your turn!
- No.
[Monica] Wow! Look at those muscles!
You can't even see them!
A B+.
Hmm Whoo!
Well, I guess now it's my turn.
The irresistible Pietro,
in boxer shorts and gym socks. Wow!
Hmm. Pietro C minus minus.
- C minus minus?
- Come on, that's very generous, though!
Are you happy now?
Hmm I am.
Next one?
- Well, Mirko
- Hello, ladies.
That's enough.
You can collect your clothes.
- [Monica] You barely passed.
- And now look. Your turn!
[Monica] Ooh!
[all] Oh!
[Livia] I haven't had
this much fun in a long time.
So cool. Better than being Miss Perfect.
[all] Oh!
Let me take a guess. I'm unranked?
You're unrankable, Giulio.
Uh, your socks have holes.
That's horrible.
[all chuckling]
Well, anyway, I have to admit,
it's a great prank.
Good one.
Yeah. And so, Mr. 2D is
[all cheer]
[Livia] Next time, they'll think twice
before doing something stupid.
Isa's so cool with her brilliant ideas.
I wish that I was more like her.
She always does what she wants.
[school bell rings]
- That was just brilliant.
- You see?
Well, in the end,
they all have learned a lesson.
[Livia] Yes, indeed.
Isa, have you seen Daniele's comment?
I think he likes you.
- What are you talking about?
- Look. Read it yourself.
"The best thing about the catwalk?
Isa and her smile."
[Monica] You see?
But see what?
It's a normal comment.
[Monica] A normal comment?
He even put a little heart.
I know, Monica's obsessing.
Who's gonna stop her?
Daniele is cute.
[gasps] And now even Isa? OMG!
I'd be his first kiss, you know.
I think you should move things forward.
Wait, hold on. Do you like Daniele or not?
[Isabel] Look, you wouldn't get it.
Not having had your first kiss yet
is just brutal.
Well, I had my first kiss
a little while ago,
with Matteo.
A small one, though.
- Just a small one?
- Like a peck, or what?
Yeah. I just think making out is
- awkward, so
- Awkward? [chuckles]
[Matteo] Livia!
All right, girls. I'm heading out.
We'll catch up tomorrow.
- [Monica] Bye.
- [Isabel] Bye.
[Livia] Bye.
I can't stand it
when he calls me like that.
I mean, what's with the hand gesture?
But why can't I ever
just say no to Matteo?
- Hey.
- Hi.
I don't know what she sees in Matteo.
I don't know either, honestly.
[Livia] Forget about the first kiss.
Being together with someone
isn't just about kissing.
There are lots of other things.
Lucky for me, there's the triathlon.
Swimming, biking, and running.
All in a row. How cool is that?
Way to go, Lucy. You were so fast
out there. Way faster than Livia.
They're so rude.
- Are you tired?
- Yeah, I'm trying to be faster.
You see her pass me in the last lap?
I wanna get to the finals.
I'm ready to win.
Mm. Cool. I'm going with Damiano
to look at some basketball shoes.
See you later, all right?
[Livia] Sometimes
I have doubts about Matteo.
We hardly do anything together.
And we're really different.
Do we really love each other? Or not?
[mysterious music playing]
Enough, Livia.
You have to stop being so negative.
Isn't that Pietro?
Do I play it cool, or go talk to him?
I didn't even thank him
for his help today.
Do you like it?
You can actually get suspended
for that, you know?
[sighs] I know.
You haven't said if you like it, though.
I don't know. What does it mean?
It means I'm not happy
they're closing the school.
On, come on. Why don't you just give up?
Well, 'cause I'm not the good guy,
you know?
[chuckles] I think you are.
[tender music playing]
Oh no. Why did I just say that?
Wanna try?
Are you joking right now?
I don't know. If you don't like
the message, we can change it.
Take it more as an artistic expression.
We can write "love" instead of "students."
- You would write "love"? Really?
- Yeah.
Anyway, it's not about the message,
it's just that it's something
- Something fun?
- Illegal.
Oh, sorry. I forgot Miss Perfect
can't do something like this.
Well, I'll pretend I didn't hear that.
And that you didn't see this.
You want the truth?
I just I just wanna do it too.
See you later!
[Livia] Instead
Instead, I just bailed.
[upbeat music playing]
Pietro is the hero of the school today.
Everyone knows he did it.
I foresee big trouble.
[Giulio] Pietro.
Check this out!
Look at the girls' comments.
- You're a god now!
- Me? Why me?
- Come on, stop it!
- Hey, idiots.
Rumor has it
that you drew that crap on the wall.
Guess you're not just bad at basketball.
I saw you guys on the court yesterday
havin' a great time.
The final score'll be, hmm
a hundred to zero.
[Livia] What did you tell them?
Just complimenting
their basketball skills.
What a bastard.
You know, maybe you're right.
About using your grandpa's stuff.
- Grandpa's concoction?
- Yeah.
All right!
I knew you would finally
come to your senses.
Yeah, let's go.
[school bell rings]
Class, today we're talking
about the Industrial Revolution.
A period of history that transformed
England from the late 1700s
through the first half of the 1800s.
- [knock at door]
- Yes, come in.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Excuse me, Gabriella.
I just talked to the principal.
He wants to see Maggi.
- Now?
- Yes.
He came straight from the main office.
Go, Pietro.
[Livia] What did I tell you?
[hits desk] Be quiet, please.
- Right now.
- All right, back to the lesson.
Someone saw him there, for sure.
I was there with him,
and I didn't say anything.
So they're also gonna come for me.
I don't know, but I couldn't be a snitch.
Pietro, please come in.
Close the door.
So, in a few months, we're gonna have
the new city offices here.
And I only asked for one favor,
not to cause any damage.
And yet, here we are.
And I wonder why,
whenever these things happen,
you're always the one involved.
Why did you do that?
Well, I wanted to give
the walls a little more color.
Right. So you did it
for decorative purposes?
[chuckles] Yeah, sure.
Since you care so much
about the community
- Mm-hmm.
- that wall needs to be cleaned.
The whole wall. This afternoon.
And in the meantime, you'll be receiving
a disciplinary letter, hmm?
[sighs] Too bad.
Too bad.
- Off you go. I need to call your parents.
- [chuckles]
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
[somber music playing]
[Livia] It could've been so much worse
than just getting a warning.
I kind of admire him.
He did something he believed in.
If I did that,
my mom would probably kill me.
[Pietro] Hey, Livia.
[Pietro] Did you come to help me?
- No.
- What are you doing here then?
Uh I was
Come here.
Come on, help me out.
A little harder. Come on.
does Matteo know you're here?
- Helping you clean the wall?
- Yeah.
No. I don't tell him everything.
[laughs] I guess you're not
the perfect girl after all!
Cut it out!
[laughing] Stop it!
- No, no!
- [both laughing]
Why did you lean in?
What? You leaned in too.
So, what, then?
A girl like you can't kiss a guy like me?
He's just so full of himself.
I don't like him at all!
[hip-hop music playing]
Where are you going?
Yo, yo, yo, what up
We're from the place to be ♪
This your first MC, the everyman ♪
One time, basement freaks ♪
Yeah, you gonna ride like this
How y'all feel like that? ♪
Make some noise if you're havin' fun
In the place right now ♪
[pop music playing]
Ti conosco da una vita
Dalla terza elementare ♪
Io sempre in ritardo
Tu invece sempre puntuale ♪
Sotto un temporale, sopra un regionale ♪
Pensare che andrò all'estero
Ammetto che mi fa male ♪
So che mi starai vicino
Quando avremo tutti contro ♪
Che non mi crederai
Se ti dirò che è tutto a posto ♪
C'è un patto di sangue non è scritto
Con l'inchiostro, aah ♪
Ti voglio bene ♪
Ahi-ah-ahi, ho capito solo ora che ♪
Ti chiedo come stai
Cosa fai, dove vai ♪
Perché ho sempre paura
Di parlarti di me ♪
Di me ♪
- Di fidarmi di te ♪
- Di te ♪
Di sognare per vivere, vivere ♪
Siamo come due isole, isole ♪
- Ma ti parlo di me ♪
- Di me ♪
- E mi fido di te ♪
- Di te ♪
Pensavamo che fosse impossibile ♪
Far unire due isole, isole ♪
- Ma ti parlo di me ♪
- Di me ♪
- E mi fido di te ♪
- Di te ♪
Pensavamo che fosse impossibile ♪
Far unire due isole, isole ♪
Siamo solo isole ♪
Siamo solo isole ♪
Isole ♪
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