Di4ri (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

["Best of Luck" by Katrina Stone]
[phone rings]
I'm not a joyride ♪
A hit and run ♪
- I thought I loved you ♪
- Believe it or not,
I was always afraid of telling
anyone that I like guys.
I never thought it could be so simple.
And I'm I'm feeling amazing.
It's almost like music
is playing constantly in my head.
I'm moving on, hey ♪
Got nothing left to say ♪
Best be on my way ♪
- Best of luck ♪
- You know why?
- I'm moving on ♪
- Because I was just paranoid.
It's like, now that it's done,
everything feels like
I feel a bit more
- Period.
- Oh, it's just my style ♪
We're headed down, down, down the road ♪
Just enjoy the show ♪
Watch me as I go ♪
- Should have looked both ways ♪
- Hello.
Before you crossed me, baby ♪
Cause I don't break for boys ♪
- I'm moving on ♪
- Good morning.
Oh, hey, Mom.
Dani. Everything good?
Yeah, I'm fine.
To say, best be on my way ♪
Best of luck ♪
I'm moving on ♪
Oh, I'm moving on ♪
- Okay, maybe I'm feeling a little weird.
- [liquid pouring]
Like I'm about to go
on a trip to the moon.
I'm moving on, hey ♪
It's like I'm seeing the island
for the first time.
But I'm still me, right?
Friendship has been good for me.
Or maybe it's being in love?
Man, I'm a little nervous.
But I know what I have to do.
I must find the courage
to tell the guy I like how I feel.
You wanna know who it is?
- I'm moving on ♪
- I'm not telling you.
["Isole" by Tancredi playing]
Ho capito solo ora che ♪
Ti chiedo come stai
Cosa fai, dove vai ♪
Perché ho sempre paura
Di parlarti di me ♪
Di me ♪
- Di fidarmi di te ♪
- Di te ♪
Di sognare per vivere, vivere ♪
Siamo come due isole, isole ♪
- Ma ti parlo di me ♪
- Di me ♪
- E mi fido di te ♪
- Di te ♪
Pensavamo che fosse impossibile ♪
Far unire due isole, isole ♪
Siamo solo isole, isole ♪
Siamo solo isole, isole ♪
Siamo solo isole ♪
[gulls calling]
[school bell rings]
[Professor Caselli] Tides can be explained
as the periodic changes in sea level.
- [knock at door]
- Come on in.
- Sorry I'm late.
- [Caselli] Mm-hm. Sit down. Come on.
I was saying
that only after Newton had articulated
the law of universal gravitation
- was it possible to successfully
- [unzips bag]
investigate this phenomenon.
[Mirko] Hey.
- [Daniele] What?
- [Mirko] I'm listening to Tancredi.
- [music playing quietly]
- [Caselli] So,
the tides are caused by the attraction
that the sun and the moon
- exert on the masses of water on Earth.
- Andiamo a Las Vegas ♪
- They occur twice a day, every six hours.
- Negli hotel a cinque star ♪
- Do you like it?
- Yes.
[Caselli]the moon, the Earth, the sun,
as well as their rotations,
are what cause this to occur.
Now, the phases of the moon
also affect the time of day it occurs.
- [music stops]
- As a result, the sea level rises and we
I'm sorry that you lost.
And that I couldn't come watch.
- [Caselli] At the same time
- No worries.
along the same meridian,
90 degrees east and west,
the sea levels recede
and we have low tides.
[Daniele] Smiles, cool tunes,
and Mirko apologizing.
- Way to start the day!
- Everything clear? Any questions?
- [laughter]
- This guy, right?
Yeah, so, right at the end, you guys won.
Dani? You okay?
- Yeah, why?
- I swear, I wasn't upset, all right?
- In fact, I'm glad you opened up to me.
- [chuckles]
It feels special.
And by the way,
I wanted to give you something,
you know, after our failed kiss.
It's kinda stupid,
but it's a symbol of our friendship, so
Thanks, Isa.
I think I'll use it for good luck.
- We may need it, right?
- Yes, we could.
So annoying.
Hey, but you still haven't
told me who you like.
- No one just yet.
- You sure?
I know, I'm a terrible liar.
Guys, I saw this video last night
Hold on, let me find it.
- [Damiano] This?
- [Matteo] Yeah.
- I want to see it.
- Look, right there. Look.
- [all laughing]
- It's so gross!
- [Matteo] Look!
- [Damiano] Ugh, sick.
- [Mirko] Hey, guys, can I see?
- Mirko! Oh no!
- Sorry, dude. It just slipped.
- No excuses!
You have to replace it!
I don't care how you do it.
Ask your parents or something.
I want this fixed. Hey!
- Yeah. [groans]
- You got that?
- Get lost.
- [Mirko gasps]
[Pietro] They said we should be practicing
every day, and I agree.
[Giulio] I don't know about that.
- Oh, there's that book.
- Check this out. Hey, you guys.
- [Isabel] What?
- [Daniele] Hey.
- You psyched for the rematch?
- Oh yeah. No doubt about it.
- Well, see?
- [sighs] They're gonna destroy us.
What are you talking about, dude?
Silverio filmed us. It wasn't so bad.
Here, let me show you.
Even if we practiced for three years,
they'd still beat us.
[Pietro] And I was being negative!
[Giulio] I'm just saying
we need a strategy or something.
It's not like they
Hey, guys, my phone is gone.
- Huh?
- It's gone? What do you mean?
It's not there. I left it charging,
but now it's not there.
- [Isabel] Let me call you.
- Thanks.
- Are you sure that's where you left it?
- Yeah, I'm positive.
- Maybe someone's pranking you?
- [Daniele] No.
Maybe you left it on silent?
No, I didn't.
It's not on.
Seriously? I left it on.
- Well, it's not.
- [Pietro] Don't panic, Dani.
Hey, guys uh,
Sorry. I left my phone over there.
And it's gone now. Has anyone seen it?
- No.
- No.
I think someone stole it, man.
- [Pietro] No way. Impossible.
- Let's hope not.
[Daniele] It's gone.
I don't know what to do now.
I looked everywhere.
We asked the teachers and the janitors.
So it must have been stolen.
Jeez, Dani, how can you be so calm now?
I would be freaking out if I were you.
My phone holds my whole life.
Okay, okay. I'm acting like it's chill.
But I'm desperate.
My phone
- Hi, Isa.
- Oh, hey.
The janitor found your diary for you.
- For real?
- You can go pick it up.
- [Isabel] Thank you.
- Later, you guys.
- See you.
- Later.
Hmm, it's like lost and found day today.
Okay, I'm gonna go grab that.
I'll catch you later.
- We can wait.
- [Monica] Of course.
No, it's all good.
- Okay.
- See ya.
- Bye.
- See ya.
I took out the card.
[Isabel] Thank you so much.
See ya.
What is this crap?
I want a new one.
I can't afford a new one.
- Figure it out.
- [sighs]
You're so lucky
that you're Damiano's brother.
I'll keep this one
until you get me a better one. Hmm?
What's this right here?
- Where?
- Here.
Four-ninths. Why?
It's confusing.
[Daniele] I like spending time with Mirko.
I even have fun when he copies
my math homework.
I saw it with my own eyes.
- You didn't even study, did you?
- No.
I knew it. [chuckles]
Okay, the area
Hey, Mirko, come with me,
I need to talk to you.
Just let me finish copying this first.
No, it's important.
You should come with me.
Okay, just a sec. I have to finish
copying my homework, then maybe I
- You're stealing his homework too?
- Uh
- What's going on?
- [Isabel] Ask Mirko.
Okay, just stop it!
I saw you give his phone
to Matteo yesterday. Daniele's.
No, it was mine. I dropped Matteo's.
- Yours is right here.
- That's my old one, Isabel!
- What do you know?
- I know what I saw!
You think it's a coincidence?
He lost his phone,
and you gave the same one to Matteo.
You didn't see anything!
You saw nothing.
Guys, stop it, now!
I was going to tell you.
Paolo found it this morning.
So it's all good.
It was probably a joke.
Look, here. It's here.
This is my phone.
[Monica] Isa, let's go.
If you say so.
I had to stand up for him with Isa, but
What are you looking at?
I can't believe it.
He would never do that.
[Daniele] What if I was wrong?
What if it really was Mirko?
- [Daniele] Let's go again.
- That's enough for today.
- I'm destroyed.
- Okay.
Yeah, I'm out too.
I'm hanging with Monica.
- Gimme that, Moldface.
- I'm out too.
Until yesterday, you wanted to quit,
but now you wanna play all the time?
I made another deal with Arianna.
If we win the rematch,
she may go
on a sunset boat ride with me.
You're so stupid, bro.
You do everything just to impress her.
Well, at least I'm committed.
At this rate,
you'll lose the bet for sure.
You're not doing anything.
What about Livia?
[sighs] Don't worry. I have a plan, okay?
Okay. One-on-one?
[sighs] Nah, let's go home.
Dani, by the way,
I wanted to ask something.
- What's up?
- You like Mirko, huh?
- Mirko?
- Yeah.
- Me?
- Yeah.
No, Isa, no. Why do you say that?
Because I saw how you defended him
about the phone.
- No, um
- Because you like him.
Listen, my mom bought me a new phone.
When I don't have it on me,
she goes nuts.
And I defended him,
but not because of a crush.
He's my best friend.
He's my best friend?
She's not gonna buy that.
Hey, you guys. I'm sorry I'm running late.
- I'm out, okay?
- Okay.
- [Monica] Bye.
- [Daniele] See you tomorrow.
Um, why why were you so serious
when you guys were talking to each other?
And why did he leave
as soon as I got here?
Are you dating,
and you're keeping it a secret?
Please! Come on.
- Heck, no.
- You sure?
- Yeah!
- Mm-hmm.
So, Mom
- Well, can I ask you for some advice?
- Sure.
So, if a friend does something wrong,
do you tell the truth or hide it?
Well, you should speak to him,
because it's important
to understand why he did what he did.
Are you okay?
Anything you wanna tell me?
No, no.
Don't worry.
Come with me. I'm gonna make dinner.
[sighs] Well,
it's easy to talk
about stuff that's stupid.
But important stuff is hard.
- Hi.
- Hi.
[Isabel] Hey.
Aw, Dani. What's wrong?
Listen, I gotta tell you the truth.
Isa knows everything about me.
You were right.
I'm into Mirko.
Oh, really? Can't believe it! [chuckles]
You're the only one who knows.
- And I know you won't tell anyone.
- Of course. You can really trust me.
So will you deal with the phone situation,
then tell him about it?
I'm still not sure.
So what will you do?
- Nothing.
- You should do something.
Isa can say whatever.
I'm cool with Mirko.
I don't wanna mess that up now.
[school bell rings]
Are you dumb?
First you break Matteo's phone,
and now you're stealing from people?
I know, Damiano. I messed up.
And not only just once, but twice.
- And then you turn to me.
- [sighs]
Look at me!
- What do you want?
- Convince Matteo to give back the phone.
- So I can return it to Dani.
- Yeah, sure.
You make a mess and I clean it up.
Well, you're friends with Matteo.
I'll see what I can do.
Because I don't want
anyone to think my brother's a thief.
And an idiot.
[percussive rock music playing]
What are you doing?
Oh, if the teacher asks, my stomach hurt
and I went to the bathroom.
You said the same thing last time.
That way, it doesn't sound like an excuse.
He'll think I have a weak stomach.
- Fine, man. See ya.
- Okay, later.
And you? Why are you in the halls?
Didn't you hear the bell?
Uh, yeah, but I have a bad stomachache.
I might need the toilet.
Bathroom's that way.
It's just that
the downstairs one is bigger
and it's way more comfortable.
Yeah, sure.
Let's see here, huh?
- Oral history test today, right?
- No, no, sir.
- It's just, you know, in some situations
- What situations?
- It's better to be close to the bathr
- Whatever. Don't worry.
I won't say anything.
All right? But you have to promise me
you're gonna study, okay?
And, you know, kiddo, these favors
won't happen next year
when you're at Marina Grande.
Wait, what?
Well, the custodians at that school
are very strict.
They time you when you go to the bathroom.
- You serious?
- Mm-hmm.
They report it to the principal
if you take too much time.
And when you're sick,
you have to self-report
and explain all your symptoms.
Where else will you find someone like me?
You're right.
There is no one like you.
I'll miss you.
You're a smart one, huh?
- Get lost before a teacher sees you.
- Okay.
- Thanks, Paolo. See ya!
- Bye.
[Isabel] Dani, you have to talk to Mirko.
I came up with a solution.
We'll ask Livia and Monica.
- You're crazy, Isa.
- No, wait. Hear me out.
Livia is the best at giving love advice.
And, you know,
Monica always has brilliant ideas.
- Dani, trust me.
- [sighs]
[tender piano music playing]
All right, but let's
just talk to Livia for now.
You know we're a bit closer.
[Daniele] Honestly, Isa's right.
I really need advice.
I have no experience with boys at all,
and I need some help.
[upbeat rock music playing]
[school bell rings]
[girl] Hurry up.
Of course I end up with you.
Yeah, you're great at graffiti,
but your mosaics suck.
Actually, not just mosaics.
I suck at a bunch of other things.
And speaking of which, you know, I think
Well, you're really smart, and pretty.
And maybe you could help me
with my homework?
We could even get together this afternoon?
You realize I have a boyfriend, right?
- Is this because I tried to kiss you?
- Shh!
Yes! Quiet!
- Jeez!
- I swear I won't do it again.
- [laughs]
- What?
[both chuckling]
All right, I'm gonna wash my hands.
Miss, can I go to the bathroom?
Hey, we have to tell you
a secret about Dani.
Yeah, but not in school.
Uh, all right.
- I'll see you at our usual spot.
- Okay.
Put it here.
Isa, what's with the secrecy?
It's something important about Dani.
So, Livia.
Daniele has this crush, and
We're trying to figure out
how to make a move.
Sorry, Isa,
but didn't you ask me last week
how you could tell if he
If he liked me.
Yeah, that's old news.
We realized we're just friends.
And the fact is that I like
Monica! What a coincidence.
There's no coincidence.
We come here every afternoon.
Well, what's with all the secrecy?
What are you hiding?
We're not hiding anything.
Uh, Dani is just trying to decide
You go.
Yeah, I asked them to come meet me here,
to talk about something private about me.
And that would be?
That I'm into Mirko.
Ah! Wow!
I thought you guys were excluding me.
- I was being so paranoid.
- Come on, girl!
Well, uh, Mirko is cute.
What are you gonna do about him?
So, that's the thing. He doesn't know.
In the beginning,
he didn't want to do anything.
But then he realized that was impossible.
Obviously, Isa was ready to help.
[Isabel and Monica laugh]
Well, actually, isn't doing nothing
still doing something?
- [Isabel] Exactly.
- [laughs]
Now that they all know, I feel way better.
[upbeat music playing]
[Pietro] Giulio! Giulio!
Man, that's, like, your 20th foul.
Foul? It's your fault.
You can't even stay on your feet.
- Yeah, dude, you're playing crazy!
- Come on, you guys. Let's not fight, okay?
What do you want? Look, I'm the best
player here and I'm destroying you.
Right, Pietro?
It's just a rough day. Let's go home.
[Daniele] Maybe Giulio's right
to be so obsessed
about the rematch with the 3Ds.
- I just can't stop thinking about
- Dani!
Mirko. What are you doing here?
I have to talk to you.
Maybe you wanna walk home with me?
So, I guess you already know.
I made a mess.
I hope you can forgive me.
Hey, everyone makes mistakes.
It's true, I did steal your phone.
But before I gave it to Matteo,
I deleted everything.
That's a good thing,
or he might be creeping on my life.
[both laugh]
Is my heart seriously beating that hard?
It's like someone's drumming.
Help me!
You know what?
When I moved here, I missed my friends.
And I felt like I wouldn't find any here.
Then I met you.
- I have something to tell you.
- Tell me.
You're more than just a friend to me.
I can't believe it.
I actually said it. And I did it!
What now?
[phone rings]
Sorry, Dani. I gotta go.
- See ya.
- See ya, Mirko.
Why "I gotta go"?
Ti conosco da una vita
Dalla terza elementare ♪
Io sempre in ritardo
Tu invece sempre puntuale ♪
Sotto un temporale
Sopra un regionale ♪
Pensare che andrò all'estero
Ammetto che mi fa male ♪
So che mi starai vicino
Quando avremo tutti contro ♪
Che non mi crederai se ti dirò
Che è tutto a posto ♪
C'è un patto di sangue
Non è scritto con l'inchiostro, aah ♪
Ti voglio bene ♪
Ahi-ah-ahi ♪
Ho capito solo ora che ♪
Ti chiedo come stai
Cosa fai, dove vai ♪
Perché ho sempre paura
Di parlarti di me ♪
Di me ♪
- Di fidarmi di te ♪
- Di te ♪
Di sognare per vivere, vivere ♪
Siamo come due isole, isole ♪
- Ma ti parlo di me ♪
- Di me ♪
- E mi fido di te ♪
- Di te ♪
Pensavamo che fosse impossibile ♪
Far unire due isole, isole ♪
- Ma ti parlo di me ♪
- Di me ♪
- E mi fido di te ♪
- Di te ♪
Pensavamo che fosse impossibile ♪
Far unire due isole, isole ♪
Siamo solo isole ♪
Siamo solo isole, isole ♪
Isole ♪
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