Di4ri (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

Come, let's take a selfie together.
Smile, silly!
Look! It's great.
Well, I gotta say,
we've got good energy, huh?
Yeah, I think the same thing.
- We look great as a couple.
- Yeah!
Why do I have to waste all this time
talking? It's the worst.
Can't we just kiss and be done with it?
Done. One kiss, that's it.
Now the bet's half-won.
- Where are you going?
- I Uh, my parents are waiting.
Well, talk to you later?
Uh, yeah, if you want.
See ya.
Why'd I take that bet?
I would almost want to kiss her,
so you can forget about her.
If you do it, I'll give you
my fishing rod.
And my wetsuit, if you can kiss Livia.
Pietro, it's time for school.
- Huh?
- You have to go to school.
- Yeah. I'm going.
- My goodness, I'm so late.
Because your father, you know,
as usual, leaves it all to me.
He had to get the car back
from the mechanic,
and he didn't, so
If it's not one thing it's another
I'm sick of his nonsense. Don't be late.
- Okay.
- Bye, sweetie.
You can listen to a song a million times,
but having to hear your parents
constantly complain about each other
No thanks.
I hate Mondays,
I hate my parents,
and I hate Arianna's texts.
I mean, come on.
I only kissed her because of Giulio.
I had to kiss them both to win that bet.
What a stupid thing he asked me to do.
Kiss the girl he's always liked.
Why would he come up with that?
Just another of his dumb ideas.
Anyway, with Miss Perfect,
I don't know what to do anymore.
Of course, as long as she's with Grimo
Maybe I need to make her a little jealous.
Well, let's see.
Hey, Pietro.
- Did you see my message?
- Yeah, it was cool.
- Your pictures are great.
- Thank you.
Shall we go to class?
We said it together!
Oh! We did it again!
Jinx! Got your nose.
- Let's go.
- Yeah, let's go.
Hey, Silverio.
- Hey, Silve. Can we switch?
- Why?
Uh, because my left ear hurts.
- I don't wanna have to move.
- Come on, dude, do it.
Is he really doing this
because of Arianna?
He makes a bet and then gets jealous?
Hey. Are you nuts?
Me, dude? Am I nuts?
Get outta here.
- Don't touch me.
- Hey!
Or what?
Do I have to show you?
- Oh!
- Ah!
- Seriously, dude?
- All right, let's go.
- They're fighting!
- Hey, guys!
Guys, stop!
Stop! Hey!
What do you think you're doing?
This is unacceptable. You're going
to the principal. Now. Let's go!
- They really got in trouble.
- You guys stay put!
Man, I don't wanna fight
with my best friend over a girl.
- Okay, I'm leaving.
- Then go.
I just wanna skip math, anyway.
Cool. Then stay here.
Wait. Have a seat.
- Sit down.
- Where's the principal?
The principal is
in Marina Grande today, so
- So I'm gonna go.
- Sit down.
He's connecting now.
Oh, hi, sir?
- Uh
- Sir?
Maggi, Paccagnini,
what is this, a joke?
You know I've always let too much slide
with you guys, understand?
You better get your act together
before next year at the new school.
Then it's better if we stay here.
Maggi, don't get smart!
Watch it, or you're not going to Rome.
You're always causing trouble
and you don't care.
- I want to speak to your parents tomorrow.
- You mean, like, in person?
Paccagnini, enough, okay
Aah, the best part!
- Look, he's all
- Wait a minute. Stop. Shush!
What the heck do I do?
Giulio! I'll see if anyone
can get this thing working again.
Maybe the math teacher.
- A boomer's reunion.
- Giulio, knock it off.
You boys wait here.
Listen, Giulio
I'm sorry.
I was just trying to win the bet.
You forgive me?
Well, if you want to win,
then you better hurry up and kiss Livia.
You never have anything to say.
- Nothing at all.
- And you?
I'd never had a fight
with my best friend,
I'd never kissed a girl to win a bet, but
The only thing that's always the same
is my parents.
As usual, instead of being mad at me,
they're just mad at each other
I mean, another call from the principal.
I just don't know. I don't know.
You care more about your job
than you care about our child.
You always run away as soon as
you smell a problem. That's right.
I can't stand you.
Yeah, well, I can't stand you.
Seriously, what are you trying to say?
It's not me, the principal is saying it.
- Mrs. Maggi, we're here for Pietro.
- Yes, of course. Right.
Are you're saying it's my fault?
That he's
not getting any clear rules from me?
- Wait, Dad
- No, I said no one gives him clear rules.
- Excuse me. Uh
- Yes, of course!
- Do you think I'm the problem?
- Please, Dad!
- You say it all the time.
- So you'll put words in my mouth?
No, I'm saying you're
not educating your son properly,
- and you don't even get it.
- Stop it, now!
- Pietro!
- Pietro! Where are you going?
My parents really suck!
- I hate them!
- What's happening?
- Mind your business!
- Pietro!
What, huh?
Take it easy. Why are you slamming
the principal's door? Are you crazy?
Will you listen if I give you advice?
Hey, you have to answer me.
Say "yes."
Just know, when they act like that,
it has nothing to do with you.
They love you.
Never forget that. All right?
- Hear me.
- What do you know?
So stay out of it.
Okay. Go get some fresh air. Go on!
Do you want to be alone?
- I'm sorry, man.
- It's all right.
It's my parents.
Uh, yeah, well, mine are nuts too.
They think I'm an idiot.
And they don't believe
that I'm really trying in school,
and for me, it's just hard.
No, man. They just don't get it.
You're a genius.
And also,
a really good friend.
Anyway, don't think
you've got the bet in the bag yet.
Because you'll never kiss Livia.
Should we go to class?
Yeah, come on.
Hey, Giulio, wait up!
What are you doing?
Are we ready?
All right.
Okay. Hey, guys! Everyone out!
- We need five minutes of privacy.
- Let's go.
Come with me. That's right.
- Let's go!
- No, Livia. You stay.
- Help me.
- Thanks.
- Here we go.
- Cool.
Guys, what's going on?
- What is this?
- We have something to show you.
- Done?
- Yeah.
Well, that was great.
But I really don't think
you guys should do it at the game.
We made a few mistakes, sure.
- But we'll improve it.
- Right.
How did you come up with it?
If you want, at the next game,
we can make it hip-hop.
Hey, Pietro. Can I speak with you?
Well, aren't you going?
You pissed off your girlfriend.
She's not my girlfriend.
- What's up?
- Listen, Pietro.
Now we're together, I don't like you
joking around with other girls.
Especially Livia. Is that clear?
- Actually
- You've been warned.
Wait, hold up.
What does she mean, "We're together"?
The simple past
is the most commonly used tense
- for both past and completed events.
- Hey.
- So it is often accompanied
- When that bell rings, I'm out.
- Let's try an example. Last
- Why? What is it?
Um, Arianna's getting clingy.
She thinks we're together.
Or "yesterday."
Well, if Ari thinks you're together
We went to the park
- and played soccer.
- you should end it.
- But she shouldn't get hurt.
- Then we ate pizza and had ice cream.
- What?
- The past continuous, on the other hand,
is used to describe
an action that's been interrupted.
- So, for example, we say, "Last week"
- I have an idea. You can wear my earbud.
- It's super tiny, seriously.
- a car ran into a tree
- You won't even be able to see it.
- Yesterday
- while we were playing
- And you can say exactly what I tell you.
Then she won't be hurt.
All right, you guys. For tomorrow,
it's chapters three and four.
- I'll explain later.
- Simple past continuous.
- Okay.
- Sound good? Don't rush, okay?
See you later.
Um, you're being sorta weird.
You're so quiet.
You're not upset
about this morning, are you?
I just have to talk to you.
Arianna, you're so beautiful,
you're sweet, and you're also smart.
You're everything. And, I mean
I hope this isn't making it worse.
That's why, uh I think
I'm not the right guy for you.
But that's why I think
I'm not the right guy for you.
You need much more.
- Well, like Giulio.
- Well, like Giulio.
- Also, he's the perfect guy for you.
- What, Pietro?
I don't get what you're trying to say.
You know, Giulio's a great guy.
He's a gentleman
gentleman, funny, you know, and smart
He's really cool.
I mean, you should get to know him
outside of school too.
- But
- Yeah, I know him very well.
He's not just cool.
He's got everything. Or you can say
"He's got it all."
He's got everything.
Or you can say he's got it all.
- Aah!
- What?
Nothing. Nothing.
Pietro. Pietro!
Listen, I'm just trying to explain to you,
he's got everything. You do too.
And now I have to go.
We should just be friends, okay? Okay?
Hey Pietro. Pietro!
What are you saying, "just friends"?
Hey, Giulio. Wake up, kiddo.
- What happened?
- We made it back.
Yo, dude.
Hey, Pietro. What are you doing here?
I'm avoiding my parents
and their constant fighting.
Giulio may be crazy,
- and full of dumb ideas
- Hey, dude.
But that's why I love him.
How was the fishing? Good?
- Uh
- Good for him. He slept the whole time
Come on, Captain. Bring this to your mom.
Let's stop by the fish shop
on our way to school. Later, Uncle!
And for now,
let's go over phase two of my plan.
There's Arianna.
Now, just ignore her.
Walk by, and don't even look at her. Okay?
- Are you sure?
- Just do it.
- Ari, can I talk to you?
- Yeah, what?
Just for a moment.
- I heard about you and Pietro.
- Look, it's none of your business.
I know that you're upset now,
but, you know, in a few days,
it'll all be behind you.
Okay, listen, Giulio. I'm not upset.
We only broke up because he's your friend.
What? No
I know you like me.
He gave me a whole speech about you.
He said you were perfect for me.
That you're great,
and a gentleman, and smart, and funny.
That you have everything,
that you've got it all.
You know what?
I like him even more than before now.
And we'll get back together for sure.
Ari, why don't you get it?
I said all those things.
He wasn't being a good friend.
- So what are you saying?
- I told him what to say.
How dare you get in the way
of the two of us?
Leave me alone.
Don't ever speak to me again.
Why the sad face?
Don't think about it. What do you care?
That's right. It's not like
she was into you before, was she?
Well, man, it's true.
- Hey, Giulio, come on, give us a smile!
- Come on, hey!
What's so cool about her?
Exactly. There are
way better girls than Arianna.
How can you guys not see
how amazing she is?
It's an awful thing to want something,
and not be able to get it.
I know, right?
What do you guys know?
Hey, wait. Where are you going?
The game is tomorrow.
- That's right.
- Speaking of that, wait a second.
Look what I brought us.
- I had our numbers put on!
- Cool.
If we wear these jerseys like we're
a real team, then we'll beat them.
Are you sure these are the same as before?
Seriously, I hated the other ones,
but now, they're cool.
By the way, well, I was thinking
we could have a chant of our own.
- Yeah.
- "One, two, three!"
- "Hey, 2D! Go win!"
- Okay!
- Hands in the middle.
- Let's try it.
- The jerseys are the same
- One, two, three, hey, 2D! Go win!
We're the ones that changed.
Look at him.
He's sure he's gonna win.
But this time,
things might go differently.
My team isn't perfect,
but we are a family.
And this is our chance.
In fact, this is my chance,
to win and kiss Livia.
Let's start the game.
Come here, guys. Come on.
Let's go, Pietro!
Ready? Go!
- Come on!
- Go, go! You got this!
Come on! Nice ball. Shoot.
- Come on, shoot!
- You see, you got this!
Great shot, Isa.
That's how it's done!
Disappointed, aren't you, Grimo?
- Hey!
- Yeah!
Come on, 2D!
- Nice shot!
- Did Livia see me make that shot?
Heck, no!
I think about her, and we lose the ball.
- No, no! No, no, no!
- No, no, no, no
Guys, come on. Stop him.
- Yes!
- Isa!
Yeah, Isa!
Oh yeah!
No, this can't end up
like last time. It just can't.
Hey, was Livia
just looking at me?
What, Grimo, does that bother you?
All right. Let's go!
Come on.
- Yes!
- Let's go!
- Let's go, guys!
- Come on, Isa!
Hey. Hey! Come on. Let's go.
- You guys got this!
- Come on, stop him!
- Somebody!
- Run, run, run!
Man, I suck.
I can't lead this team.
Guys, we're not playing as a team.
- We have to pass more.
- Isa's right.
She's the only one playing well. Isa?
Now, you are the captain.
Tell us how to win.
- Me?
- Yes!
Okay. Let's show them.
Let's switch up our defense.
- Daniele, you're on Dennis.
- Okay.
- Giulio, on Leonardo.
- Okay.
Michele, stay on Carlo.
I got Damiano. And Pietro, take Matteo.
End of time-out. Come on, now.
Second half.
One, two, and three
- Hey, 2D
- Go win!
2D VS 3D
Come on!
Block it!
You got Yeah!
Yes! When I mess up,
my team saves the day!
Yeah, Isa!
All right! We're comin' back!
Yeah! Nice, Isa!
One point at a time.
- Let's go!
- We can do this.
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Uh, Grimo, you afraid you're gonna lose?
- Is he okay?
- Coach!
- You okay?
- Guys, hold on. Is it your knee?
- What's going on?
- Yeah.
- Does it hurt a lot?
- What?
- You want to sit out, Pietro?
- No, no, no.
- Let's go.
- You sure?
- Yes.
- All right, let's go.
- 3D's got the ball.
- We got this, guys.
Here we go, guys! Hustle!
Come on, come on.
I should stop, but no way.
We're so close!
They've got this.
Get it, Michele!
You got it!
2D VS 3D 39 - 36
- We did it!
- 2D is our winner today! What a comeback!
- Yes!
- That was awesome!
- Hey, good job.
- Thanks.
How's your knee?
Mm A little pain.
You got lucky. And the coach helped you.
But we're way better than you.
Next time,
we're gonna kick your ass, dude.
- Matteo, stop being mean.
- Enough outta you. Leave me alone!
Hey, wait!
- You're still here?
- Yeah, I'm waiting for Isa.
And you?
Swollen knee.
Going home.
- Does it hurt?
- A bit.
But I'm so excited about our win
that I don't even feel it.
You played great today.
- Hey, I'm sorry that Matteo yelled
- No, don't. Just forget it.
I don't even care.
I'll catch up with Isa later. See ya.
See ya.
Kissing Livia
just seems impossible.
She's too caught up with that jerk.
Why do I care so much, anyway?
Wait, where's Livia?
What did she tell you?
Well, nothing. She was kind of weird. Why?
- Dang it. I need to talk to her.
- Isa, what's wrong?
She broke up with Matteo!
They broke up?
So now is my chance.
Just for the bet, of course.
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