Di4ri (2022) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

What you gonna do
When the rain is coming down? ♪
Nothing more to do
When there's no one else around ♪
Would you imagine?
We're away for two days!
No family or boyfriend.
Just friends and new places to discover.
Class trip for the win!
- Monica.
- We're not speaking, okay?
- But please. I'm
- Look, I said no, Isa.
[Livia] Crank the tunes!
- What you gonna do with it? ♪
- Hey! ♪
- What you gonna do with it? ♪
- So I won't think about Matteo.
We got back together,
but I'm not really convinced.
What you gonna do with it? ♪
- I've got a problem.
- [Livia] What's up?
[Daniele] Mirko. What else?
I don't know why he keeps ignoring me.
He might need a little more time.
Thanks, Livia.
[Livia] Maybe I need some time too.
Kids, we're almost there.
Start gathering all your stuff, okay?
Now, listen for your room assignments.
So, Michele and Mirko,
Pietro and Giulio, Monica and Isabel
Hey, request?
- I can't share a room with Isabel.
- [record scratch]
Uh Okay, but this is the only change,
so no one else ask me
to switch, all right?
All right, Monica and Carlotta,
Isabel and Lucia,
and Livia and Arianna.
What you gonna do with it? ♪
All right, I was wrong.
Class trips are a nightmare.
["Isole" by Tancredi playing]
Ho capito solo ora che ♪
Ti chiedo come stai
Cosa fai, dove vai ♪
Perché ho sempre paura
Di parlarti di me ♪
Di me ♪
- Di fidarmi di te ♪
- Di te ♪
Di sognare per vivere, vivere ♪
Siamo come due isole, isole ♪
- Ma ti parlo di me ♪
- Di me ♪
- E mi fido di te ♪
- Di te ♪
Pensavamo che fosse impossibile ♪
Far unire due isole, isole ♪
Siamo solo isole, isole ♪
Siamo solo isole, isole ♪
Siamo solo isole ♪
[gulls calling]
This class trip is gonna be our chance.
To what?
To what? For you to be with Livia,
and me with Arianna.
Don't pretend
you haven't thought about it.
Matteo's not here,
so Livia's up for grabs, right?
Yeah, but now they got back together.
Sure, but it won't last.
[upbeat music playing]
What's that for?
It's a stethoscope.
[chuckles] I know what it is.
But why'd you bring it to Rome?
Fortune favors the bold.
And that's what we are.
Guess who's right next door?
Livia and Arianna.
Do you believe this?
We only have one pillow each.
And they're uncomfortable.
I can't sleep like this.
- Well, can you hear them?
- Yeah.
- And did you check the closet?
- Duh! Of course I did. There aren't any.
Arianna's complaining
because she only has one pillow
and she wants another one.
- [scoffs] Classic, complaining as always.
- [chuckles]
Yeah, she says that's what she's used to.
[car horns blaring outside]
I have an idea.
Hi there. I'm in room 202.
Could you bring an extra pillow?
Thanks. Have a good day.
It's a great idea.
Wait here.
Didn't you bring a little too much stuff?
No, I did not.
But if you need to borrow some clothes,
I'll let you.
Although I don't think
they would look that great on you.
Arianna, that's enough with that.
[knocking at door]
- They're already here?
- [Giulio] Ari?
It's Giulio.
What do you want?
May I come in?
No way. I don't wanna
have to deal with you here too.
So please just leave, okay?
Well, it's just I have an extra pillow.
Maybe you want to use it?
To be more comfortable.
Am I wrong?
Ari, will you open the door?
No! Beat it, okay?
Wait, how did he know that?
Look, let's speak quietly.
I think they can hear us.
Stop it already!
I have no use for your pillow
That was bad, huh?
[Livia] Maybe it's the excitement
of being away from home,
but on a trip, even the people
you can't stand seem nicer.
And a litte nutty too.
[man] Welcome to the Pincian Hill, kids.
[Livia] It's awesome to see a new place,
breathe different air
and be away from our daily routine.
From here, you can see one
of the most beautiful views of the city.
Just below, you can see
Piazza del Popolo
[Livia] Maybe we'll even have the chance
to put misunderstandings aside
- and feel closer to each other.
- One of the most famous views
- There, you can see Castel Sant'Angelo.
- Your city's beautiful.
Now I get why you miss it so much.
Yeah, it's pretty, sure.
I really miss my friends, though.
Hey, you're here now. Go see them.
Yeah, tomorrow
we wanted to try to hang out.
But it's during the museum visit.
So? Go anyway.
Yeah, it would be cool to go.
But how can I?
[guide]that includes famous people
of the 18th and 19th centuries.
But in the 18th century,
political and social
[mellow music playing]
So I saw before you were talking to Mirko.
Yeah. [chuckles]
I guess it's a start.
- Mm-hmm.
- You were right.
He needed time. But [sighs]
But what?
He wants to visit his friends,
so I, uh I really wanna help.
- You're crazy.
- [chuckles]
- Look how pretty.
- [stallholder] It's a vintage music box.
- Does it work?
- Sure, it works.
[melody playing]
My mom would think this is so cool.
How much is it?
[Livia] It's like we're the same,
and we're different, all at once.
- Don't Silverio and Pietro's jokes
- [horn blares]
seem even funnier than normal?
[Giulio] Are you insane? Get back here!
[Livia] And doesn't it seem like Giulio
could finally have a chance with Arianna?
I'm not a joyride, a hit and run ♪
[Livia] What do you think
Isa, Pietro, and Daniele wished for?
Watch me as I go ♪
[Livia] Oh, Silverio and his snacks.
Just one piece.
- Really?
- Hey, Silve, can I have some?
- Will he ever get to eat a whole one?
- Come on, dude!
- I'm movin' on ♪
- And Mirko?
He misses his friends, and that's it.
- As for me? I feel different too.
- [melody playing]
Strange. More free?
[jazzy music playing]
Okay, guys. It's time to party.
It's like a bear snoring in there.
- [Pietro] Should I go?
- [all] Yeah!
- Come on.
- Go, go, go, go.
- [girl] Whoo!
- [kids giggling]
[all exclaiming]
- [Livia] Yeah, it's Michele. Watch this.
- Michele, yeah!
So, truth or do you want a dare?
I choose dare.
- [girl] Ooh
- You should prank call the receptionist.
What should he do?
I can order pizza for all of us
and charge it to the teacher's room.
- [laughs] You're crazy.
- [girl] Come on!
- What is he talking about?
- [Livia] Yeah, right. They'll kick us out.
- [laughter]
- [girl] Shh!
[high-pitched] Um, this is Mrs Ferrucci,
from room 212.
- God!
- What's that voice?
[Michele] Can I please
get a 5:00 a.m. wake-up call?
[Livia] Mamma mia, someone help him.
- Okay, um
- [Monica] What'd they say?
Uh, that we should be sleeping.
Did they also tell you you're a bonehead?
- [laughter]
- [Michele] Okay, let's play.
[all] Ooh!
- [Monica] Ooh!
- [Michele] No.
- Mirko!
- [Isabel] Yes, Mirko.
You want truth or dare?
I'll do truth.
Do you have any regrets lately?
[girls] Ooh.
[girl] Yikes.
I could've been nicer to Daniele recently.
[girl] Aw!
[Daniele chuckles]
It's all good.
- [Livia] Finally.
- Okay, spin.
- Spin it! Yeah.
- Spin, spin!
[all] Whoo!
- No, no, no
- Oh!
- [girl] Livia!
- Livia!
- Livia! Yeah!
- [Pietro] Yeah, Livia!
- She's not gonna do it.
- [girl 1] No, guys, it's Lucia.
- [girl 2] What?
- Whoa. Just a minute here.
- Truth or dare?
- Dare me.
- Please.
- [Mirko] You could do a prank.
- [Livia] No, guys, come on.
- [girl] Where's he going?
- [Michele] It's simple.
- Where's Pietro going?
[Isabel] You could go knock
on some random person's door and run away.
- [Daniele] Yes!
- [Giulio] Yeah, do that.
No, you guys
[Livia] What if I get caught?
What do I even say?
No, no, no, no.
I can't do that.
Come here, Miss Perfect.
I have a better idea.
But I guess rules are rules,
- so we might as well play the game.
- [Isabel] Okay!
There's a waiter outside.
Take his tray and bring it in here.
No, no. It's just a stupid game.
Not doing it.
- [man] Yes?
- It's room service.
[man] Just a minute.
- [door opens]
- [waiter] Good evening.
[man] Yes! Finally.
It was kind of fun!
[Giulio] I can't believe
he didn't see you.
- [Pietro] These are great.
- Yeah!
- [Giulio] Great sandwiches.
- Giulio's next.
No, it's Lucia, man.
- Yes, Giulio, you have to go.
- Come on.
- All right.
- Truth or dare?
- Dare.
- Eat a spoonful of toothpaste.
- Ew, that's so gross!
- That's gross!
Wait, I've got it. Shut up, you guys.
- Shut up!
- Sure
You need to be locked in the closet
in complete darkness for five minutes.
- [Isabel] But it's so tiny!
- No, no, no no.
- [Giulio] No way!
- That sounds reasonable.
- [Pietro] But aren't you claustrophobic?
- Oh, that's right.
- No, I can do it.
- [Arianna] Okay.
- [Giulio] Now?
- [all] Yeah!
- Do it!
- It's fine. I'm going.
- [Monica] Go!
- [Arianna] All right, Giulio!
- [Isabel] Hey, we gotta time it.
- [Arianna] Giulio! Whoo!
- How much more?
- Not long.
[Livia] What a night.
Who could ever forget it?
[all] Six, five, four,
three, two, one
You see? You see, Ari? It was easy.
- Well done. You did it!
- [Isabel] Nice!
[Michele] Oh, Pac.
There's something in your hair.
- What?
- [Michele] It's a spider.
A spi
- [Michele] Oh, no, dude!
- Oh my God.
- Did he faint?
- It was just a joke!
- It's not funny!
- [Arianna] Grab him.
[Michele] Is he okay?
Oh. What happened?
Uh, you fainted after that stupid joke.
- [sighs]
- You thought there was a spider.
Yeah, don't make that joke
to an arachnophobe.
And Arianna? What did she say?
You fainted, and she's your concern?
[sighs] I'm a fool.
And to think I was supposed
to impress her tonight.
Same with you and Livia.
So embarrassing.
What are you doing with that?
Pac, it's your heart.
I was listening earlier.
- And it's totally broken, dude.
- [both laugh]
Get up. Come on, buddy, it's cool.
This is our room.
[Elisa] Well, okay, yeah,
it's a beautiful room. But how is Rome?
Aah, Rome is the best. It's beautiful.
Wow, I imagine.
And this is the crazy girl
I share my room with.
Yikes, she's super scary.
Uh, I can obviously hear you.
We're just joking.
Oh, wait, I have something to show you.
Mom's definitely gonna love it.
- Where the heck is it?
- Livia, what are you looking for?
I got a music box for Mom,
but I can't find it.
If you can't find it, just go back
where you got it and buy another one.
How do I do that?
We have to come back after the museum.
I don't know. I'm sorry, but I gotta go.
I still haven't finished
my homework for Monday.
Honestly, I haven't even started.
Okay, bye, sis. See you soon.
See you.
[sighs] How could I lose it?
No way. It can't be.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, oh ♪
Baby, you can get on my boat
And make it rock, yeah ♪
[Mrs. Ferrucci] Well, guys, we've arrived.
- This is Rome's Museum of Art.
- [Daniele] Can you see your friends today?
You have two hours to visit,
and it's your choice.
You can come with me, or if you want,
you can do the tour on your own.
- Yeah!
- [Mrs. Ferrucci] Hey, listen.
Behave, guys please,
and I'll see you on the way out.
Be on time, okay?
One important thing, you'll need to focus
on an art piece of your choice.
- Girls.
- [Mrs. Ferrucci] It's totally up to you.
- Mirko and I aren't going to the museum.
- What?
You know how he wanted to see his friends?
Well, we're, uh
gonna meet them, then come right back.
We have two hours to kill.
- Are you guys kidding?
- [Mrs. Ferrucci] tour today
No. [chuckles]
These pieces were all found
by a famous archaeologist
at the end of the 19th century, who
If the teacher asks where we are,
just say we're in another area.
- [Mrs. Ferrucci] Yes, I know.
- This is crazy.
Also very important, as you can see,
is the museum structure itself.
Wait, that's not a bad idea.
[Mrs. Ferrucci] Right? The design is
- In that amount of time
- you can find multiple
we could replace that music box
for your mother.
- all around the world.
- Hm? What do you know about that?
- [sighs]
- imitated this architectural style
Come on, Livia.
You always have to stay in good girl mode?
You really wanted it for her.
- For one, if you want a photo
- Go ahead. I'll cover for you.
[Mrs. Ferrucci] But, please be respectful
of other visitors when you take it.
This is crazy.
How could they come up with this?
and the date of the piece.
[Livia] Do you really think I'd leave
the museum just to get the music box back?
I could never do that.
Besides, Pietro should
mind his own business.
Don't say a word.
I got a little carried away.
I already know I'll regret it.
They said that they would meet me here.
Mirko. are you sure? This place is closed.
I know.
Should I send them a message?
Yeah. Go on.
They saw it was closed
and they went to another place.
But they left me out.
Great friends, huh?
They don't care about me anymore.
Whatever. Don't worry, okay?
- We should head back.
- [phone alert]
Oh wow!
- What is it?
- No way. I can't believe it.
Tancredi's at this place
around the corner.
Right here?
Yeah, I know this place. It's super close.
- It's really him?
- For real.
Well, why don't we go, then?
Just forget your friends.
- Wanna go?
- Let's go.
- Which way?
- That way.
[Livia] Sometimes friends push you
to do crazy things.
Things you would never do otherwise.
- [man] Hello.
- Hi, there.
I need another music box.
- Oh.
- Uh, yeah, it's a long story.
I have this one,
and I can give you the same price.
Would you like it wrapped?
Yes, thank you.
[Livia] I mean, I don't know.
It's not the worst to break the rules.
"Thanks, Pietro." "Ah, you're welcome."
All right, let's get back, okay?
Hey, don't worry. It's right back there.
The bus stop was here, I think.
I hope so.
[Mirko] Hey, guys!
Hey, look who it is.
What are you doing over here?
We saw that Tancredi is hanging out
somewhere close by.
- Wait, the singer?
- [Daniele] Yeah.
- Sick!
- We're thinking about going.
- Do you wanna come check it out?
- No, guys, we should go now.
Hey, we have some time, no?
We really don't.
- I'm in.
- [Livia] Are you all nuts?
When the bus comes, I'm leaving.
Listen, I'm here
because of your thing, so
Wow. Nice try. I'm not going.
[Pietro] You're telling me
you'd rather go back to the museum alone
when you could stay here instead,
and have fun with your cool friends?
[Livia] That's not the reason.
[sighs] Okay, fine.
But we have to be back
in an hour, and no later.
And you're not my cool friends.
You know they are. Of course.
Guys! There he is!
[Mirko] Tancredi!
Yeah, look, it's him!
- Hi. Excuse us
- Hey.
- [Livia] Hey.
- [Daniele] We're big fans.
Oh, that's great!
- Him, especially.
- Yeah. You're amazing.
- Seriously.
- Ah, thank you so much.
We're on a school trip.
We saw that you were here
and we wanted to say hi.
That's cool! Sweet.
Uh, don't you want a picture?
- Oh, shall we take one?
- Yeah.
- It's all good. Come on. I'd love that.
- Can you take it, please?
- You want all of us together?
- [Livia] Yeah.
[Livia] And ten points for Daniele.
He managed to make Mirko happy.
[shutter clicks]
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- My pleasure.
- Thank you..
Thanks. Hey, guys, it's late, so, uh
- Uh, sorry, we gotta run.
- Oh, that's cool.
- Nice to meet you guys.
- See you!
Have a great trip. See ya.
The teacher called me seven times.
- She'll fail us.
- Just calm down.
Guys, there's no bus to the museum
on Sundays.
What about the bus to our hotel?
It won't stop here.
- I should have never trusted you.
- I didn't force you.
[Daniele] Hey, guys, stop.
- Fighting's not gonna help.
- Yeah, for real.
- She started it.
- [Livia] What can we do?
- [Daniele] Come up with an excuse?
- Like what?
Aliens abducted us?
That's enough, guys.
Where is she going?
She must have a plan now.
Hello, this is Livia.
No, we're not at the museum anymore.
I didn't hear the calls.
I know, Miss.
We don't know how to get back.
That was the teacher.
They're coming for us.
- What? Is that a joke?
- Huh? What?
[sighs] I didn't have another plan.
I should have never gone.
I knew how this would end.
[Mrs. Ferrucci] What were
you kids thinking?
You did a very dangerous thing!
I mean, I had to phone your parents
and the police!
Were you hoping
to get on the news tonight?
Thank goodness
Livia told us where you where.
That was incredibly reckless, you guys!
You should know better at your age!
And you should all be ashamed!
[ferry horn blows]
[Livia] We're back on the island.
No more new things, and no more
pretending to be someone else.
What was I thinking?
Being away doesn't really change a thing.
- Thank you for today.
- It was nothing.
Hi, are you Livia?
- Yes.
- This is for you.
- For me?
- Yes.
- Who?
- There's a card.
[tender music playing]
[sighs] Welcome home!
You could have gotten into a lot
more trouble, and your teacher too,
because she was responsible for you.
Well, guess what? I'm taking
all of your games for two weeks.
Make me feel romantic ♪
You'll find me at the lost and found
Out of town ♪
Livia, this isn't you.
What were you thinking,
sneaking around the city
without telling your teacher?
[Dad] No, no, no,
it's your fault he did this.
I've had enough of it,
everything being my fault.
- Are you perfect?
- [Mom] No, but at least I admit it.
- Know why he did this?
- Tell me.
Because you're never here!
I'm really sorry, Dad.
You better be.
on Monday, my best friend's son
is coming to stay with him.
- You remember him? Nico?
- Yeah, Nico.
When we were kids,
he was kind of boring.
I don't know.
Maybe he's more fun now that he's older.
Anyway, he hasn't been here
in a long time.
He doesn't have many friends,
so you'll show him around.
What? Come on, please, Dad.
- Dani. Dani!
- No, I don't want to.
You're in no position at all
to tell me no.
[Elisa] Ugh, come on, Mom.
This is why Livia did what she did.
Made it easy for me to resist ♪
- I'm falling in love ♪
- What?
Uh, when I saw it, I thought about you.
- Kind of a long story.
- Uh, what are you saying?
I've been writing these lines ♪
- In my diary ♪
- Hey, just open it.
I feel like a fool when I try
And step right out ♪
Like I only just arrived
And you're gone ♪
But you're smiling
When you're trying to hold onto me ♪
[melody playing]
It's not easy for me to resist ♪
I'm falling in love ♪
I'm gonna scream it from the rooftops ♪
- It's beautiful.
- I promise, never again.
Come here.
Got me waiting high
You got me waiting low ♪
Baby, baby, baby, will you be my girl? ♪
Why don't we make
Something with real love? ♪
Love ♪
[melody playing]
Ti conosco da una vita
Dalla terza elementare ♪
Io sempre in ritardo
Tu invece sempre puntuale ♪
Sotto un temporale
Sopra un regionale ♪
Pensare che andrò all'estero
Ammetto che mi fa male ♪
So che mi starai vicino
Quando avremo tutti contro ♪
Che non mi crederai se ti dirò
Che è tutto a posto ♪
C'è un patto di sangue
Non è scritto con l'inchiostro, aah ♪
Ti voglio bene ♪
Ahi-ah-ahi ♪
Ho capito solo ora che ♪
Ti chiedo come stai
Cosa fai, dove vai ♪
Perché ho sempre paura
Di parlarti di me ♪
Di me ♪
- Di fidarmi di te ♪
- Di te ♪
Di sognare per vivere, vivere ♪
Siamo come due isole, isole ♪
- Ma ti parlo di me ♪
- Di me ♪
- E mi fido di te ♪
- Di te ♪
Pensavamo che fosse impossibile ♪
Far unire due isole, isole ♪
- Ma ti parlo di me ♪
- Di me ♪
- E mi fido di te ♪
- Di te ♪
Pensavamo che fosse impossibile ♪
Far unire due isole, isole ♪
Siamo solo isole ♪
Siamo solo isole, isole ♪
Isole ♪
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