Di4ri (2022) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

I asked him a million times,
and he swore he didn't do it.
Do you believe him?
He's my boyfriend.
Sorry, Livia, but I think
that Matteo's an arrogant liar. I mean
Hold on. What are we blaming him for?
For some handwriting in my journal
that looks similar to the graffiti
on the wall?
It's not enough.
I'm positive that it was Grimo.
I'm going to the bathroom.
So, what? You two are still fighting?
When are you going to thank her
for helping you with school?
I'm not.
If you really care about Pietro,
then Monica's the only one
who can find evidence.
She's our Sherlock Holmes.
Yeah, the dollar store version.
If that's true, I'm the FBI.
I'll help Pietro.
I'm gonna nail Grimo.
Have you ever felt misunderstood?
Well, that's pretty much how I feel.
No one tries to understand me.
Giulio. Giulio!
How about you help me
instead of looking at the fish?
Uh what did you wanna tell me?
Your mother and I made
an appointment with a specialist.
A what?
A learning specialist.
I don't wanna go.
Well, Giulio, it's just a meeting.
He won't bite.
There's just no need for that.
Let's hear it from him, okay?
Go on, go to school. It's late.
I know I'm okay.
Why should I go to a specialist?
This is all Monica's fault.
Thank you very much, nosy geek.
If Monica really wanted to help me
I'd say she set a new world
record for the worst attempt in history.
It's not my fault that I'm a clown fish
swimming in a school of boring sole.
What's with the need
to want to fix other people's lives?
What's wrong with her?
She always wants to butt in.
Hey, Giulio. I'm back, dude.
You being back here is really
the only good thing about this place.
Ah, thanks, Pac.
Man, I missed hanging out with you.
We're exactly alike.
The others, they really don't get us.
I know the teachers
will be watching me all day long.
How can you be so calm, knowing
Matteo framed you? I don't get it, dude.
That's just Monica's opinion.
After seeing some writing in a diary!
What can I do about it?
Who'd believe it?
Well, that's why we need some real proof.
Yeah! You've watched
too many crime movies.
They believe I did it. Period.
- So, how are you?
- Uh, I'm not good.
My parents wanna
take me to a psychologist.
You know what?
I'm quitting the team.
What? Come on. You're joking.
I'm not, Pietro. I'm serious.
What are these?
It's obvious, right?
Yeah, we're we're moving out now.
- Hey, dude, you know
- Huh?
Let's go upstairs. To the forbidden floor.
To do what?
We've never seen what's up there.
You know,
they're probably hiding something.
Oh, sure!
- Wanna go?
- Of course, dude.
Let's do it.
What a mess.
It's all falling apart.
It's cool, though.
- Oh. "Do not enter."
- Let's go.
Where's this coming from?
Let's go in.
- Dude, are you sure that
- This is why we came here.
- Pac!
- What?
Check this out!
It's a bed, dude.
And here's a suitcase.
You're telling me someone sleeps here?
Someone lives here.
- He must be really desperate.
- Look at this shirt. It's so old.
What are you doing here?
- Uh
- You can't be here.
- Um
- Um
Were you aware
someone's sleeping at our school?
- No, it's not possible.
- But it is. I mean, look.
Are you sure you haven't seen anybody?
Never seen anyone,
except for you two snooping around.
But someone did bring their stuff up here.
Well, maybe it's a ghost.
Paolo, ghosts
don't go around with suitcases.
Yeah, or do crossword puzzles.
They're like the ones
you like to do!
Well, these things are mine, so
So, what?
You're sleeping here?
Well, not always.
Sometimes here, and others,
at a friend's.
Well, how come
I don't have a home?
It's a long story.
Let's just say, one day,
you're home with your wife and kid,
and you think everything is fine.
Then you realize
you were really distracted,
because you didn't notice
it was all falling apart,
and it's your fault as well.
And then, you find
that you're without a wife,
without a house, without your kid.
- He's about our age, isn't he?
- Mm-hmm.
He will start middle school this year.
Would have been great to see him
at school here with you.
So that was his jacket.
I don't see Fabrizio much anymore.
I'm sorry.
Ah, well
I've come to terms with it.
But you were right, Pietro.
I'm just another dumb adult
who doesn't understand anything
and messes everything up.
No, I
I see it in your eyes every time
we disagree. Am I wrong?
- Hey, no, he he never meant to
- No, Pac.
He's right.
But why don't you try to talk to your son?
You said it yourself. Kids don't have
anything to do with parents splitting up.
- Yeah.
- I have no idea where he would stay.
Well, now, come on, the both of you.
Get lost.
Oh, and hey, please, you guys.
Not a word about this place.
Can I trust you?
- Of course, yeah.
- Sure.
Now, go. Go ahead.
- See ya.
- See ya.
Did Giulio really leave the team,
you guys?
I don't know.
I really didn't think he was serious.
But apparently, he means it.
He has too much on his plate, so he quit.
Well, we can't play
if there's only four of us.
This is a mess. Who else can we get?
- Mirko.
- No way.
We already tried that.
He'll never play against his brother.
- Silverio?
- Silverio?
You have to be kidding.
We need to win.
We'll convince Giulio.
- Only one way.
- What?
He has to make up with Monica.
And if he does,
I know he'll come back, for sure.
Yeah, right. How do we do that?
I have an idea.
This is so lame.
Summoned by Pietro and Isa.
I'm sure they'll try and convince me
to get back on the team.
This is easy for them.
They don't get that things
are more complicated than they look.
What are you doing here?
Wait. Is this a trap?
- Stop messing around! Hey!
- Giulio, can you listen?
Giulio, please wait.
- What do you want?
- Will you listen to me, please?
- Please, can we talk?
- About what?
Well, how long are you gonna avoid me?
Probably forever.
Giulio, I feel bad that you left the team.
Oh. Well, I don't.
I was trying to help you. That's it.
Help me? You know how you helped?
I have to be checked
by a psychologist now.
It really helped my cousin.
Just trust me, please!
What's it matter to me, huh?
- Giulio.
- Hey! Open up!
Okay. I think I've got everything.
For now, at least.
That'll be all.
Giulio, I meant
I'm finished with your parents.
- Now it's our turn. That's how it works.
- Oh.
- Goodbye, then.
- Good afternoon.
- See you later.
- Okay.
- Goodbye.
- Thank you.
You look more worried than your parents.
So, tell me
how things are going at school.
- Well, I don't like to study.
- Okay.
You don't like it,
or you don't understand it?
No, I really don't like it.
Um It's not for me.
And did you ever think
it's because you haven't found
the right method to study?
You see, if you're left-handed,
you write with your left hand.
And if you have trouble seeing,
you wear glasses.
If you have dyslexia,
then you would utilize
learning strategies.
Like, for example,
you might use a concept map.
There it is.
This guy sounds exactly like Monica.
Talk is cheap,
but put yourself in my shoes.
Now, if you're okay with it,
I want to give you some tests.
It's no big deal, just some exercises
that'll let me know
if you have dyslexia or not.
Well, that's great.
So I'll be certified stupid now.
Hmm. Someone said you were stupid?
No, but my friend
- a girl from my class
- Mm-hmm?
When she spoke about dyslexia,
in front of the class,
they all looked at me like
like I was stupid.
Giulio, if you really have dyslexia,
and no one has noticed it all this time,
it means that you're very intelligent.
- For real?
- Yeah, because you were compensating.
So, shall we start with the test?
Okay, let's do it.
Huh. I usually make it.
Anyway, can I still play on the team
with you guys?
You just ran with it.
You didn't even dribble it.
- Uh Hey, you know, I tried.
- You guys, we need a solution.
Who cares about 3D?
I don't. Next year,
they'll go to Marina Grande anyway.
Have you seen all those big boxes?
There has to be a way
to prevent them from closing the school.
The problem is us.
We're more and more divided.
- Shall we practice?
- Heck, no.
Let's go home.
No way, it's Arianna!
Jeez. No need to pretend.
I've, uh already seen you.
Just forget it. You didn't see me in here.
Okay, sure. I won't tell anyone I saw you.
Good boy. Now get lost.
I won't tell anyone,
if you go out with me.
You're blackmailing me now?
Well, technically, I mean
Oh, yes.
All right, but no one can see us.
Okay, well, that's cool. Totally.
Uh, then we could, uh
We could
Ah! My uncle,
he's about to take the boat out.
And we could go with him if you want?
Uh, well even if you don't,
I'm blackmailing you.
Yeah, all right, then.
It didn't start good,
but today's getting way better,
Hey, let's go.
So, what kind of boat is it? A yacht?
Well, not really. Uh, you'll see.
But what were you doing there?
What? I I really can't hear you.
This boat is super noisy.
Yeah, the boat is noisy.
I think so too.
Look over there!
I'll show her the island
like she's never seen it.
Did you see that?
She's almost smiling at me.
Wow! Pinch me or hit me or something.
I'm not dreaming, am I? This is real!
It's gorgeous, right?
Yeah, it's really something.
My mother is just so
She's fixated on this thing that
uh, I have to see the therapist now,
like, once a week.
Oh, yeah?
You asked why I was there, right?
Yeah, well, you already know
why why I was there, I suppose.
Yeah, I'm aware.
Hey, but at least, I mean,
you have a good reason to be there.
And it could help.
In my case, my mother forces me
to go there to solve the problems
that she's causing me.
But then why haven't you
told your friends about it?
Just forget it. They wouldn't understand.
Isn't she great?
Now's my chance.
- That's so gross!
- Oh, come on, Unc!
- Please!
- I wanna go back now.
Don't be scared, okay. Just hold still.
Tell him I want off!
Yeah, never mind.
- Eww! Take that thing away from me!
- No, it's harmless.
Can you please put the thing down?
She's upset.
- No, get me off this boat!
- It's a nice one, though.
Finding out Arianna's secret
made me think of something.
We all have a secret.
And we keep them in the same exact place.
In our cell phones.
Matteo will be no exception.
Ah, I see you're gettin' the hang of it.
Oh, hey, listen, man.
What's the place where
where someone stores everything?
- Why are you asking? Are you crazy?
- No, I'm not crazy.
Actually, I'm very smart.
It said on the test.
- So, what's your point?
- Daniele.
Do you know what a smoking gun is?
Uh, no.
It's the hard evidence
that will ensnare the culprit.
And you will help me find it.
Okay, but, man, you've got sugar
You're a mess, dude.
- Where?
- On your mouth.
- Help. Hold on. What side?
- All right. I gotta go.
Smoking gun.
Five forwards and five backwards.
Switch every five.
Count 'em silently, guys.
It's time to help Pietro.
Good job, you guys. Great.
Five and five, broad shoulders.
Look at those two laughing.
- Breathing deeply.
- I'm gonna make them stop.
And it's gonna be now.
This is a very important
warm up, guys. Good job.
[suspenseful music playing[
- Try and unlock it.
- Okay.
There's a password, dude.
All right. Try his birthday.
Come on. Give it a shot.
Guys, do you get it? This is very easy.
Come on. It's not rocket science.
Yes, that unlocked it!
- Giulio! It's open now!
- Amazing!
But how did you know his birthday, dude?
Giulio, no, I didn't. I put in Livia's.
Oh, okay.
He's not very creative, is he?
- All right, hurry.
- Okay.
Now, guys, focus here.
Broader, come on. Wider. Now backwards.
Giulio! No way. Look.
No! I knew it was Matteo!
- Dude, take a picture.
- Yeah.
I got it.
It looks like we found the smoking gun.
Exactly! All right.
Now, hurry. We gotta leave.
What a bastard.
I knew it was Matteo.
- He's a snake, man.
- And what are we doing now?
Telling the principal.
Yeah, but I wanna destroy him
on the court first.
We have to focus on the game now.
Look, guys.
The cockroaches are already in the house.
Come on, Giulio.
Don't bail on us.
Okay, fine.
You guys got me. I'll play.
Let's show those 3D jerks
they can't make fun of any of us.
Nobody messes with class 2D.
We have to beat them.
It's payback time.
And then the play is two here, two there.
- What's your problem?
- What's yours, short stack?
You can't do whatever you want.
Like with the graffiti.
- What?
- You really think we wouldn't find out?
Mind your own business.
- Plus, nobody would believe you.
- You think so?
- Okay, guys, let's start the game.
- Come on.
Okay. Take your positions now.
Come on. Positions.
Ready? Here we go, guys. Come on.
You each won one game, so this is it.
Sportsmanship, okay?
Come on. Focus.
- Guys!
- Hey!
- You okay?
- Easy with the fouls. Be careful!
Giulio, it's your ball. Over there.
- Let's go.
- Be careful.
What was that?
- What's your problem?
- Guys!
- Stop it!
- You can't play like that.
The game is suspended.
- You can't do that.
- Come on!
- What?
- We may reschedule in a few weeks.
- Now, to the benches! Let's go.
- I can't believe this.
I want you to get your gear
and go sit down.
And be quiet too!
You saw him too, right?
What can I do about it?
Don't worry.
Tomorrow, he'll get what he deserves, huh?
Dude, picture his face
at the principal's office.
What would I do without you?
The way you found that proof,
it was genius.
discovered similar handwriting
that put me on the right track.
Then you should go and thank her.
Did I take it too far?
You should take that map
she gave you and start working on it.
I wanna be
in your class next year.
Maybe Monica is right.
Really, it's strange.
I feel like a serious person.
Me, at the café,
studying with concept maps.
What's that even mean, "concept map"?
A lot of information.
Anyway, tomorrow,
I'll forget about it once again.
The French entrusted a young general
with the Italian troops.
Napoleon Bonaparte.
And, thanks to his victories,
Austria was then forced
to sign an armistice,
and that was done in Campo Formio
on the 18th of October, 1797.
And this was Napoleon's
first big achievement.
Much better, Paccagnini. Good job!
The path to recover your grades
will be long.
That earned you a B+ though.
I'm glad you like Napoleon.
Well, he was ambitious, but no big deal.
But if I earned that grade,
it's all thanks to Monica.
I followed her advice.
And thanks to her,
I actually learned what I was reading.
She deserves this grade too.
The oral test went great,
Matteo's in the principal's office,
and everyone knows Pietro's innocent.
This day is perfect.
Hey, Ari
Almost perfect.
- Hey. How did it go?
- Don't get me started. Terrible.
They gave me a full week
of in-school suspension.
I just don't understand why you did it.
It was just a prank.
I'm gonna go to class.
Are you upset? Hope not.
Will you forgive me?
Livia, don't fall for that.
I gotta go.
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