Di4ri (2022) s02e08 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 8

["Pieces" by Jane & The Boy playing]
Why am I always my own enemy? ♪
Stronger is somethin' I wanna be ♪
Hope keeps on breakin'
On the kitchen floor ♪
I want more than this ♪
Always somethin' else I wanna be
Every time ♪
[Livia] We were innocent.
We hoped everything would be easy,
and we'd be together forever.
We were happy and we didn't worry.
And now we've lost all of that.
It was so great here,
in Marina Piccola, in our old school.
Time turned out to be a thing
That burned me in the end ♪
But pain is just ♪
I feel so alone.
All the worst things always mend ♪
My heart doesn't break even ♪
Oh, I'm tryin' to learn
To be okay with it ♪
[both giggling]
[Livia] Oh!
Then it won't work when I'm fixed ♪
Gotta feel and keep healin' ♪
Till the pieces are fixed ♪
But it can't finish like this.
[theme music playing]
Uh, oh, oh ♪
[in Italian]
Colorful graffiti among broken glasses ♪
♪And running uphill
But drying our eyes ♪
You said it's over
And now my life is dark ♪
It's mid-July
But winter's dampened all my spark ♪
Pick me up
And take me back to the beach ♪
Our sandcastle we shall reach ♪
Of laughter and caresses
Do you remember me? ♪
Come on
A relationship like this can't end ♪
We wrote about it
In our diaries, oh, oh ♪
We even shouted it out to the sky
Oh, oh ♪
I draw a pastel-colored heart ♪
And we go back inside our sandcastle ♪
[school bell rings]
[moody music playing]
[Livia] What is this?
You can sit with the other secessionist.
Are you serious?
Yeah, that way
you can talk about high school,
and maybe choose which one you like.
Cute, huh?
It seems a bit excessive.
Look, just forget it.
Are you still angry with us?
[teacher] Good morning, everyone.
- [class] Good morning.
- I hope you had a nice Christmas break.
Ah! Remember that you have to
complete the high school applications.
- They're due at the end of this month.
- [Pietro] Don't worry, teach.
It seems that here, everybody knows
very well where they wanna go.
[teacher] Very good! Okay.
Then we can resume with our plan.
Today we have
Let's see here
It'll be tough until June.
[upbeat music playing]
[school bell rings]
[phone chimes]
I can't, I have an oral test now for math.
I had practice all day yesterday,
so I couldn't study enough.
- [Isabel] All right.
- Mm. It went really awesome, by the way.
I had, like, four assists
and scored 17 points.
Let's hope I play like this
at the game too.
You? Everything okay?
- Sure.
- I'll text you from home.
- Bye.
- See ya!
- [chuckles]
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Hi.
After school,
we can walk back home together.
Like buddies.
Like buddies.
Well, I'm happy they get along.
[school bell rings]
[Katia] Hi, Ari.
Do you know I have the exact same coat?
Hmm. Do you?
I'm not gonna bite you.
It's beautiful, isn't it?
The texture, the color.
Thanks, but
It must be really cozy, right?
Katia. Come on, guys, not the coat.
It's a Christmas gift.
[upbeat music playing]
- [Livia] Hi!
- Hi, Livia.
[Katia] Hey!
The afternoons with the Supergirls
are always fun, right?
[Livia] Yes, I missed you a lot.
By the way, mmm what are we doing today?
Uh, nothing. They're giving out grade
reports, we have to be at school.
No way, girls. Let's go out, come on!
My mom is breathing down my neck.
Okay, nothing, then
- This coat is really dope.
- Right?
- It's the same as Arianna's.
- Yeah. We bought it at the same store.
Why's Bianca staring like that?
[school bell rings]
[Katia] Let's go.
Can I sit in my spot,
so you can explain what that was about?
You really didn't notice anything?
About what?
You're so obsessed with those two,
you didn't notice the coat
Katia is wearing today is Arianna's.
- What do you mean? They're just identical.
- Sure, they're identical.
[teacher] Good morning, everyone.
- [Bianca] Good morning.
- Good morning.
Come on, go back to your seats,
because today
- Then it's normal Arianna isn't here.
- we have a nice lesson about jazz music.
- [Bianca] What a coincidence, right?
- [teacher] Sound interesting?
- Livia, wake up.
- [teacher] Jazz is a musical style,
originating in African-American
What do you hate so much
about Katia and Sara?
- [teacher] Louisiana
- I get that you don't like them.
But not everything happening at school
is their fault.
- Of course. Poor Katia, right?
- [teacher] in the plantations
in the south of North America.
They found comfort improvising songs
both individually and collectively.
[school bell rings]
[somber music playing]
- Hey, Liv!
- Hi.
- Listen, can we talk for a moment?
- Of course.
You have to be honest.
You're so serious
Tell me about the coat
you wore this morning.
What about it? Where did I buy it?
No. I want to know if it's Arianna's.
What? Is she going around
saying I stole it from her?
No, she didn't mention anything.
She didn't even come to school.
Well, your friend has serious problems,
I'm telling you.
I gave her a compliment,
and I told her we had the same one.
I'm sure she's just making up all of this.
No, I just told you,
she didn't even come today.
Exactly. Did I steal it from her
while she was sleeping in her house?
- If I want a new coat, I buy it.
- Of course, that's not what I'm saying.
- But
- But, nothing.
She'd do anything
to be the center of attention.
Starting with that photo.
What are you saying?
she saw Arianna taking
a photo of her butt in the mirror.
Then, the picture of the whale came out.
No, that's impossible.
Are you sure you know your friend so well?
I'm sure she's a compulsive liar.
I just wanna know what's happening.
Don't mind me, just forget it.
I'm probably wrong.
Don't worry. It's nothing.
[school bell rings]
Excuse me Can I ask you something?
- Mm-hmm.
- Why aren't you wearing that blue coat?
You were very pretty.
Um it's getting washed.
It was very dirty.
Oh, so sad.
Sorry, I need to ask something else.
Look, was it you who shared that picture?
Which one?
The one about the whale.
What? Me? Is this a joke?
Katia told me they saw you in the
locker room taking pictures of yourself.
Really? Do you believe
those two instead of me?
It's just bothering me. We did all
that fuss about the social media thing.
Listen, think whatever you want, okay?
If Katia's lying to me,
why did she leave like that?
[tender piano music playing]
- What is it?
- Everything okay?
- With Arianna?
- You can ask her.
I'm just confused.
Actually, I don't
understand anything either.
Okay, I admit it.
Christmas night, with him
Maybe it could've been different.
[hip-hop music playing]
- [teacher] This is a Cartesian system.
- Bianca.
- [teacher] Two perpendicular lines.
- What is it?
- The x-axis is called
- Can I ask you something?
- Tell me.
- [teacher] abscissa.
How did you put together
that the blue coat belonged to Arianna?
The y-axis
Girls! Silence!
- Yes, sorry.
- Let's continue.
- The y-axis is the ordinate axis.
- Later.
The point of intersection
is called origin.
The positive numbers are written
on the x-axis,
which means they're placed
to the right of the origin,
while we look at the left of the origin
for the negative numbers.
For the y-axis
What's up, Arianna?
- Can I go to the bathroom?
- [teacher] Yes.
[Arianna] Thanks.
[teacher] Again, let's continue.
Instead, the negative numbers
Please, can I go too?
Ugh! Wait till Arianna gets back,
then you can go.
- No, it's urgent.
- Hurry up, then! Make it quick.
You have two F's and you missed a test,
so you need to pay attention.
How did I manage to be so stupid?
[door opens]
[Livia] Ari.
Explain to me what's going on.
Nothing. Just came to the bathroom.
No, I saw that you left something
under the locker and Katia grabbed it.
- What was it?
- I told you, nothing.
[Arianna sighs]
It's just us right now.
I can help you.
It was cash, wasn't it?
Please, don't say anything.
Don't say you found out, or they'll
post my video and it'll be over for me.
Which video?
- Nothing.
- Ari, which video?
I've realized that
Katia's not what she seems.
They made a video.
Me in the mud, falling
I look like a fool.
I really can't bear
any more of these jokes.
But are they really blackmailing you?
Are you sure?
Look, I don't care
if you don't believe me.
What matters is
for you to not say anything.
Now you're not alone.
We're all with you.
The 3D.
That's not true.
The 3D doesn't exist anymore.
And it will be worse
if they saw you defending me.
Everyone would tell me I'm a loser.
I just want this school year to end.
[suspenseful music playing]
Don't cry. We're gonna fix this.
No, I can't do it.
Those two are much stronger than me.
Lover, don't you want to get down? ♪
Down, down, down ♪
[Livia] I made a real mess.
Maybe I should tell Pietro
No, I better not.
This is something between me and Katia.
It's my fault and I have to fix it alone.
Down, down ♪
[phone chimes]
- Excuse me.
- [woman] Yes?
- Do you have this one in other colors?
- [woman] Oh.
- Yes, I'll go check.
- [Sara] Mm-hmm.
[Katia] So do you like it?
Yesterday, someone gave me a similar one.
[gentle music playing]
[woman] I'm sorry,
we only have what you see here.
[Sara and Katia] Bye.
- Thanks so much.
- [woman] Mm-hmm.
- [Sara] Sure there's nobody at your house?
- [Katia] Yes, I'm sure.
I ran so much that my legs are hurting.
Yeah, they were about to catch us.
- What are you saying?
- So stressful!
Liv, what are you doing over there?
Come on!
Come on, let's see what we scored!
- [Livia] We need to talk about something.
- What?
The fact you're blackmailing Arianna.
[scoffs] Again with this story?
I already told you, she lies all the time.
Liv, it hurts me that I'm your friend,
and you'd rather believe her over me.
I just believe what I see.
Today, Arianna left money
under the locker.
You grabbed it.
And what if you were right?
What are you gonna do about it?
I'll do the same you did to her.
Check out this video.
[phone chimes]
You guys from Marina Piccola
really make me laugh. You're pathetic.
I'll send it to everyone.
But first to your mothers.
No, Livia, please.
I could tell everyone you convinced me
to go shoplifting. I have your text.
You can tell them.
I'll accept my responsibility. But you?
What do you want?
Delete that video of Arianna.
And the whole story finishes here.
- You're kidding us, right?
- No.
And stop threatening people,
because I'm watching you.
Ah, and tomorrow,
bring back the coat to Arianna.
You chose sides, Livia.
[upbeat pop music playing]
- Here.
- No! I can't believe it.
- It's the same one?
- [Livia] Yeah.
How did you do it?
Well, I spent so much time with them,
I could convince them.
Aw, thanks. [chuckles]
They won't bother you anymore, promise.
But did you also do something?
Let's say that
Let's say that Bianca opened my eyes.
Well, guys thanks!
- Don't mention it.
- Exactly.
You really saved me.
You're true friends,
but don't tell this to people.
- Of course.
- Sure thing.
[school bell rings]
[music fades]
Aren't you going out today?
Not today. Mm
I don't really want to see those two.
[emotional music playing]
[Livia] Hey.
Listen, I I wanted to say sorry.
For how I've been behaving
these couple of months.
I also wanna apologize
for not talking about this sooner.
You know him better than anyone else.
Will Pietro get past this?
In my opinion, yes.
- And you and Roby, how's it going?
- I don't even know what to think.
- What are you saying?
- Well, like, he always acts super cute.
But when I'm by his side,
it just seems like I'm not myself.
Could you imagine next year,
in high school,
him picking you up from school,
going to the beach?
Well, If I'm totally being honest,
no, not really.
Well, would you keep going out
with a person
just because they don't have
the courage to leave you?
Well, then I think you should tell him.
Thank you, Livia.
I've missed your advice.
[school bell rings]
[pop song in Italian playing]
Oh, Livia
[music fades]
Okay, no more grudges.
Come on, let's see if you've improved!
No, I'm not in the mood for this.
[emotional music playing]
What's going on?
It's just, ugh
I'm feeling like everything sucks for me.
With my family,
with school, with my friends
I mean, we were all so close,
and now I don't even speak with Giulio,
or you
or with anyone.
Don't feel like this.
Oh, please, don't you cry ♪
Don't feel so bad about it ♪
'Cause you've stayed with me ♪
- All the way since elementary ♪
- Since elementary ♪
[song plays in Italian]
If you saw me crying ♪
You'll know
It was just an optical illusion ♪
I was just wiping the sea water
Out of my eyes ♪
Because sometimes
To move on, you know ♪
I've wasted so much time faking I'm tough.
Missed you so much, Pietro.
And feeling like this.
And who are you going to tell
All your secrets to? ♪
Your name is still my Wi-Fi password ♪
And who knows if you know ♪
["Brava" by Fiamma playing]
Aah ♪
[in Italian] Voice ♪
What I hear here inside isn't my voice ♪
I write down what I don't say
My pen moves quickly ♪
The skin on my cheeks
As red as flames ♪
Now, ah ♪
I listen to you
In order to paint my story ♪
Sentences on the wall
That I'll end up erasing anyway ♪
I scream in the face of the future
I play the cards I was dealt ♪
Only to be told again and again ♪
Good girl, good girl, good girl
In people's eyes ♪
I sit still and listen
Without saying anything ♪
I live in the present ♪
A shooting star ♪
Even a nice smile lies sometimes ♪
Good girl, again with the good girl
I don't care ♪
The effect makes me fold
Like a hug ♪
My reality is distorted
Full of whys ♪
[music fades]
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