Diary of a Future President (2020) s02e01 Episode Script

Back in Session

1 [ELENA.]
Well, Diary, I did it.
My first year of middle school.
There were so many changes.
Everyone has a reason for being.
Wait, what's my raison? I just felt like everyone else had everything all figured out.
It takes years for people to figure out what their raison is, and there will be many stops on the road to finding it.
Discover the things you find fun.
Looks like we have a future leader on our hands.
You think I could be a leader? [ELENA.]
And guess what? I think I'm getting closer to my raison.
Every challenge we face, we face together.
Every step forward we take, we take together.
And we are just getting started.
Let's do this.
Oh, my God! - Oh, my God! [ELENA.]
Diary, over the summer, I read about the importance of visualizing your success.
So today, on my first day of seventh grade, - I'm manifesting my destiny.
- Yes, girl, you! Come on.
I'm going to win Orange Bay Middle School Student Rep.
I love you, Elena! Hello, world.
It's me, your leader.
When I met you at the Capitol, I thought, "That girl is born to lead.
- I should know.
I'm a senator.
You are.
Joey and Elena, forever.
Let's kiss some more later.
We totally should.
See, Diary? I finally found my raison, my reason for being, setting me on my path to the future.
Hello, Elena.
It is I, Elena.
This is embarrassing.
One of us is gonna have to change.
Not me.
I'm on the precipice of greatness.
Queen bee, much? Hey, people use that term as a negative, but no one in the hive works harder than the queen bee.
Oh, I know.
There's this riveting documentary Heavy is the Honey Crown.
I found it fascinating.
Me too.
I thought it was a [TOGETHER.]
stern but fair portrayal of hive mentality.
But this [CHUCKLES.]
I mean, you gotta tone this down.
Why? Senator Morales said I was born to lead.
Sure, if leading is throwing yourself a one-woman parade.
What is your problem? I'm the voice in your head.
So really, what's your problem? Okay, I don't need your judgment.
Time to quote Eleanor Roosevelt As Eleanor Roosevelt says, "No one can make me feel inferior without my consent.
Mami, do you ever get this, like, pesky voice in your head making you second-guess everything? No.
I always know exactly what to do at any given situation.
Of course you do.
You're amazing.
I'm kidding! Everyone gets that voice in their head.
Trick is knowing when to listen to it and when not to.
First day of school jitters? What? No.
I'm ready.
Sasha, Jessica and I have big plans for seventh grade.
I'm gonna win Student Rep, Sasha's gonna get the lead in the musical and Jessica's now a hat person.
A hat person Oof! [SUCKS BREATH.]
That is a big swing on the first day.
Ah! Where's your brother? [EXHALES.]
Hey, Liam.
How was your summer? Did you have fun with your brothers? Fun with your brothers.
What am I? Nine? Bummer we didn't text that much but that's okay.
What did I do? Uh Well, I got my permit.
No big deal, except it is.
My mom won't let me drive, but I won't say that part.
Tennis! We both like tennis.
We're gonna be on the tennis team, probably make varsity.
It'll be fun.
Like the time you had with your brothers Stop saying that.
Hey, Liam.
Robertico, breakfast! [SIGHS.]
Happy first day of school, Bobby! It's high school.
It's a big year.
I guess.
Haven't really thought about it.
Did you double-check that this is all the mail? Elenita, I'm sure Senator Morales hasn't written back because she's busy.
I just want her stamp of approval on my Student Rep platform.
And I know I'm going to win because "I know my school.
I care about the job more than anyone, and the students listen to me.
They respect me.
" I really hope you win, Elena, so we can stop hearing about this every day.
Robertico, be nice.
On the way, can we stop and get gas? - I'll run in and get those - Pastelitos and croquetas? - They keep the best in the gas station.
- They're so perfect.
Just like you.
My mom and Sam spent two weeks together while Bobby and I were at Ñeñe's time-share.
They're insufferably adorable.
Okay, vamos.
Time for the picture.
Sam, let's do a self-timer so you can be in it.
Me? Photobombing the traditional Cañero-Reed first-day-of-school photo? It's not a photobomb.
It's you.
Let's do this.
Did you do it right? [GABI.]
I'm here for it ♪ Facing fears and chasing dreams ♪ Just winging it ♪ And I'm staying true to me ♪ Hello world I wonder who I'll be ♪ No matter what I do ♪ It's all about my journey ♪ Lo puedo lograr ♪ Jessica, hey! Wait, I thought you were gonna be a hat person.
I chickened out.
Seventh grade is kind of a lot.
They built a statue of Swansby? Are you kidding me? This used to be my favorite water fountain! [ELENA.]
Tripp Swansby.
Descendant of Ogden and, like his great-great-grandfather, the picture of privilege.
Oh, hey.
How is it going with your petition to get a new mascot? Dr.
Cooper says it'll get in front of the board any day now.
But when I win Student Rep, I'll make it happen.
What are you doing in the seventh-grade hallway? - Aren't you in eighth? - Seventh grade.
Grade so nice, I'm doing it again.
Really? The rhyme was right there.
Okay, spill.
I wanna hear all about this two-week, no-kids staycation.
Oh, my God.
Was that a love giggle? No.
Trust me, I know all your giggles.
Gas-station-croqueta giggle, good-parking-spot giggle, shirtless-Idris-Elba giggle [IMITATES GIGGLE.]
That was a love giggle.
- Fine.
It was fun.
Like really fun.
It was the first time we had time for just us, you know? Like, I love Gabi's kids.
You know I love my kids.
But it was so nice doing things, just for us.
It was so simple.
He was just there Sam fits into my life.
It was nice.
Not having to reach out every time we wanted to see each other.
Hmm, I get it.
Sam's a terrible texter.
He puts a period at the end of everything like he's about to murder me.
Ay, Cami.
You know, ever since Robert died, sometimes, even with the kids around, I get this, um pang of being alone.
But with Sam around, this amazing guy who's there for me and the kids No pang.
No pang.
Gabi, sweetheart? - Hi.
- Hi.
- Mmm.
I was just telling Cami about our summer.
Our summer.
I did that too.
- And how I loved having you around - Around all the time.
Yeah, same.
Okay! So, are you gonna - Are we gonna - What? Dios mío, seriously? Move in together already! I'll give you a minute.
I'm just [CHATTERING.]
- Nice shot.
- Solid serve.
Did you have fun with your brothers? Yeah, it was the same as every summer.
We tried to eat a spoonful of cinnamon.
It can't be done.
- Hi, Liam.
- Hi, Jada.
Lot of smiling.
Yeah, Jada and I've been talking.
Like, why? Well, she texted me and asked if Mercury was in retrograde.
I said I don't know, and then we hit it off.
- Chill.
- Yeah.
Hey, be my doubles partner for tryouts later? - Deal.
- Cool.
Thanks, Ms.
I really wanted to sign up to run for Student Rep on the first day of seventh grade.
Yeah, usually people wait a few months, since campaigning doesn't start till winter.
But sure, this feels like an important thing for me to do on the first day.
I'm looking forward to working with you.
Again, this is months from now.
Diary, seventh grade was off to a great start.
Everything besides the new Swansby statue was going according to plan.
Oh! Hey, Sash.
Wait, what? Move in together.
Well - If I'm being honest, she said - Exactly what I was thinking? [SIGHS.]
- We've been serious for over a year.
- I'm at your place all the time.
Mm-hmm, but living together won't be like those few weeks this summer.
Why not? What could possibly be different? Well, the kids Obviously, it's the kids! By definition, it can't be the same.
It'll be better.
I love you.
But do you understand everything it takes to live with two teenagers? Try me.
Hey, there you are.
Man, this place is like the size of a small country.
Yeah, and I have biology later in 7-X, which is next to 12-B.
None of this makes any sense.
Hey, where's Liam? Tryouts are in five minutes.
Maybe he's with Jada.
Oh, you guys know they've been, like, talking? Talking? Jada is a Leo, and Liam is a Libra.
It is fireworks, man.
- Hey! - Hey.
- Great.
Let's go.
- Cool.
- 'Sup, dude.
- Hey.
I've been working on my drop shot all summer.
I think we have a real chance at varsity.
Forget it, losers.
You're not making the team.
Davis, come on.
We gotta try out.
It's bad enough we go to the same school, but now I can't kick your ass on the court.
- [LIAM.]
- [ZIGGY.]
That just happened.
"Freshman tryouts canceled.
Tennis team full.
See you next year.
Go Manatees.
" Wait, so we don't have tennis? [SCHOOL BELL RINGS.]
Diary, I knew Sasha had a crush on Claude, but what was happening? - Were they a couple now? - [SASHA.]
Elena! So much has happened in the past 15 hours.
Claudey, do you wanna start? You tell it so well.
Last night, after an emergency EpiPen situation, I realized life was short, and I finally got the courage to call Sasha.
The phone rang, and I was like, "Hello?" And I was like, "Hi, is Sasha there?" And I was like, "Wha This is Sasha.
" And I was like, "Hi, it's Claude.
" - And I - Okay, got it! So you talked on the phone.
For five and a half hours.
And now we're holding hands.
Things are moving so fast.
I'll say, Diary.
This was a bit of a recalibration from what I thought this year would be, but I was taking it in stride.
- So, where do you wanna sit? - Easy.
The empty table on the northwest side, diagonal from the corner.
Not sequestered but not in the height of the action.
I think there's already someone sitting there.
Wait, a new kid? Hey, guess what.
Back in my old school, we had soda in the cafeteria.
You're so cool, Emilio.
How did I forget to factor new kids into my seating strategy? It's okay.
We can sit somewhere else.
Come here.
Something's wrong with Melissa's arm.
I think she's waving.
Come here.
Wanna come sit with me? Come on.
You guys looked a little lonely and grumpy.
No offense.
Where are the Brits? Brittany actually moved to London, which is confusing 'cause she's not British.
Oliver, who is British, actually moved to Brittany, which is in France.
Also, they were just really toxic.
Listen, I'm really sorry for the way I treated you.
Are you nice now? Why is everything so different this year? Of course things are different.
The summer reset? Oh.
You expected seventh to be exactly like sixth? [ELENA.]
Sasha and Claude a couple? - Melissa eating lunch with us? - [GASPS.]
A cool new kid? Diary, I thought I knew my school.
What was going on? Okay.
You're halfway to school, and Bobby forgets a project at home.
If you turn around, everyone will be late.
What do you do? Well, Elena getting a tardy slip is out of the question.
And we don't want Bobby to be late either, so I'd drop them off.
Provided I don't have an early meeting, I'd head back home, grab Bobby's project, and drop it at the main office.
And if Ms.
Ruiz is still at the front desk, you tell her that I don't say hi.
We got beef.
But Bobby needs to learn he can't keep forgetting things.
I'd make sure the office doesn't tell him the project's there right away.
Wait till the class he needs it, just so he can sweat it out a little.
- Sweat it out.
- [SAM.]
That's brilliant.
That's twenty points.
I guess.
I don't know.
I'm making up the rules as I go.
Okay, okay.
Next category.
You may think this doesn't come up a lot, but it does.
Who is Elena's dream dinner guest? - [BOTH.]
Ooh! - [SAM LAUGHS.]
Ooh! [LAUGHS.]
Living, dead, or in the Broomsbriar Academy universe? [SIGHS.]
Can't believe it.
I thought we'd at least make JV.
I know.
My mom already gave a little tennis racket to our manatee mailbox.
What are we gonna do now? Well, if she kept the receipt she should probably take it back No, not about that.
We need a plan B.
I mean, we're in high school.
It's a whole new world.
Yeah, we just have to find something we all like that we can do together.
I'd like to sign up to this Sign up to this thing.
Do you guys see that? I have never seen those two words next to each other in my entire career of playing bassoon.
Uh, you know what [GIRL 1.]
Autobiography club.
- [BOY.]
Wanna sign up? - Look at that.
- [GIRL 2.]
Oh, thank you so much.
- Ooh.
I am gonna go to the Film Club and see what they think about Special Delivery's spot in the canon of cult classics.
I'll be right back.
You know, we don't have to decide this right now.
What's the rush? We have all of high school.
Got my permit, by the way, but my mom won't let me drive.
Hey, uh, um, I'll catch up with you later.
Uh, yeah, cool, cool, cool.
Calassandra, but only seasons 7 through 12, and Eleanor Roosevelt.
- Mami.
- [GABI.]
Elenita, what's wrong? It's the first day.
I hope you're not already under a lunch table.
I wish, but apparently, over the summer, everyone got really into gum and sticking it under tables, but I missed that memo.
I missed every memo.
Everything changed.
- What do you mean everything changed? - Ah, the summer reset.
Did Sam just say summer reset? Put me on speaker.
Sam, I thought I was gonna be a great leader because I knew my school, but now I don't know anything.
I get it.
Those middle school summers are where everything changes.
I remember my first day of seventh grade.
Diana's perm, Frankie's mom's convertible, my perm.
Cool hat, Rashmi.
Big swing.
Thanks, Ms.
Did you hear that? Rashmi's a hat person.
Look, I know how tough it can be when things aren't what you expected.
But, Elena, you said it yourself.
You care more about this than anyone.
Yeah, you're right.
I mean, no one could possibly want to be Student Rep as much as I do.
I am the only one who thought to sign up on the first day.
Thanks, Sam.
Sam, that was Thank you.
A billion points.
If you don't move in with him, I will.
Oh! I gotta get this.
Can we take five? Mm-hmm.
Give me one reason why Sam shouldn't move in.
The kids Who love Sam and want to see you happy? Next.
I don't know.
There's just this pesky voice in my head that keeps saying that things feel just too easy.
Gab, I know you.
I know you want this.
Same way I know that you hate that I made my own point system to score that game.
One point per correct answer would've been fine.
The kids aren't always gonna be by your side.
Bobby started high school today.
You can overthink this to death, but can you make a decision for once just by listening to your heart? [ELENA.]
Well, Diary, today did not go as planned.
I'm not sure what I'm My little Representante Estudiantil! How was your first day? Great, taking the year by storm as planned.
I'm always calling you my mini-me, but honestly, you inspire me.
Diary, Mami was so proud of me.
I couldn't stand there much longer and fake that smile.
I had to do something.
What are you doing? No one's gonna be proud of us for lounging around.
We have work to do.
Oh! How did this happen? I made a list.
- "I know my school.
" - Well, that went down the toilet.
Did you see Rashmi's statement hat? - Big swing.
- She nailed it.
"I care about the job more than anyone.
" [SIGHS.]
That new kid Emilio stole your thunder by signing up on the first day of school.
- I know.
- Mmm.
But he just got here, so he doesn't have this next thing.
"The students listen to me.
" How do you know they listen to you? Because I have great ideas, because my finger's on the pulse, and because they have to every day when I do the morning announcements.
Oh, no.
That's it.
I'll use the morning announcements to reintroduce myself to the school.
Then how could they not vote for me? You're gonna turn this into an Elena parade, aren't you, queen bee? What's that supposed to mean? I'm just saying you're talking a lot about yourself.
What about the students? What do they need? They need to know who I am.
Now can you get out of my head? I'm busy.
Don't forget it's patty melts for lunch.
Carol said her new recipe is "fire.
" - Should I be worried? - You're good.
Oh! We're on in three, two Good morning, Orange Bay Middle.
My name is Elena Cañero-Reed.
A lot of things changed over the summer, but one important thing remains the same.
My passion for Orange Bay.
Yes, Student Rep elections may not be for a very long time, but it is never too early to start thinking 'bout what a great fit for your Student Rep I would be.
Um, and that is because Um I'm sorry.
I just We're experiencing a bit of technical difficulty.
Um On it.
I'm so sorry.
I had a whole speech planned.
I broke out a new pack of five-by-eights.
Lunch is patty melts.
Patty melts? More like Patty Meltdown.
That's it.
I was a failure.
No way was Patty Meltdown gonna win Student Rep.
You again? I'm having a moment.
It looks like you're about to scratch your name off the Student Rep list.
I'm giving up, okay? Even queen bees give up.
Actually, they don't.
They get murdered by worker bees once they become infertile.
- It's a metaphor for society at large.
- Metaphor for society at large.
Can you leave? It's not like I can win.
I'm barely cut out for seventh grade.
Doesn't sound like something a leader would say.
Well, then I guess I'm not a leader.
Dinner's ready.
Don't worry.
It's not patty melts.
My new nickname reached high school? I had high expectations for this year.
Now I feel so lost.
I get that.
I'm not playing tennis this year.
There's no room for freshmen.
I'm sorry, Bobby.
Do you wanna talk about it? I just did.
Well, if you ever want to talk some more, I'm here for you.
I know.
Because I know I'm not the only one going through these things Is it cool if we just sit here? We can sit here.
Wow, this looks amazing.
What's it called again? Yuca.
Oh, no.
I can see the wheels turning.
You are trying to find a pun.
Elenita, Robertico.
How's it going? I'm doing okay.
Yeah, same.
Well, just remember, yu-can do anything you set your mind to.
- Oh - [SAM LAUGHS.]
- [SAM.]
It's good.
It's good.
That might be your worst one yet.
- No.
- Elenita, can you get the mojo, please.
Worse than that time you said extra terr-errible? Well, yu-can't blame me for tryin'.
I think you can.
But you can, actually.
So, Sam and I have been talking, and, uh, we have some really big news.
- We do? - We do.
Sam is moving in.
Okay? All right.
- Yu-can't say no.

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