Diary of a Future President (2020) s02e10 Episode Script

October Surpise

1 Diary, this year has been tumultuous, to say the least.
You can call them after.
When I'm being the perfect daughter, I'm your little presidenta and your mini-me.
But when I keep one thing to myself, I'm just a kid? Oh, look at you.
Dragging Mom on the Internet.
And to top it all off, Joey Feldstein stole my campaign speech! But I'm not giving up.
Show, don't tell? There's so much good I want to do if I win Student Rep.
"Here for you.
" Starting with our problematic mascot.
Ogden Swansby was a butt.
They built a statue of Swansby? Are you kidding me? Your mascot petition is being reviewed by the school board.
I've really come a long way, and Bobby has too.
We define ourselves when we're ready to, you know, voice who we are.
You could have just told him.
I'm kinda into one of my new friends.
His name is CJ.
Diary, when Ruth Bader Ginsburg fractured three ribs, she got back on the bench.
When Joey Feldstein stole my speech I stared at a blank page.
Truth was, I felt like I'd run out of words.
So, we have to wear neutral colors for the flash mob proposal? Yeah, you heard Camila.
The only thing that should sparkle - is the ring.
- Is the ring.
Oh, she wants everything to be perfect for this proposal.
What? You want coffee? It's a big week.
I gotta crush this final speech assembly.
But this stuff is, um, strong.
I need strong.
I bet Emilio's speech is really strong.
He's so charismatic and smart and prepared.
That's my ride.
Gotta go.
Thanks for the top-off.
See ya.
Gotta go get Bobby.
He's gonna be late for school.
Let me do it.
I haven't had a chance to talk to him yet.
So, your mom filled me in.
I know.
I'm so proud of you, buddy.
I know I'm not your dad, but as your cool house friend.
Whatever I am.
I got your back.
Thanks, Sam.
Just happy to be here.
Also, get a move on for school.
Come on.
Let's go.
I have to go into work a little late today.
I totally forgot.
I signed up for this thing at Elena's school: Parents and Pastries.
Well, I could go with you.
It's more parents than pastries.
Are you sure you want to? Any way I can be there for the kids, since I wasn't always around.
You know, learning to ride a bike, losing their first teeth.
You know what? I would love it if you came with me to Parents and Pastries.
In fact, before we head out, there's something I wanna show you.
Hey, Bobby.
Hi, CJ.
Lot of smiling.
- Dude, ask him out already.
- Shh! No, I can't.
CJ is older, remember? And, like, cooler.
Come on.
He'd be an idiot not to like you.
Well, if it's so obvious, why hasn't he asked me out? Well, why haven't you asked him out? Yeah, dude.
Anyone can ask anyone out.
There's no rules.
I mean, I guess I could do it.
Hypothetically, if you did, what would you say? I don't know.
Probably "Wanna grab tots?" That's what you'd do on your first date with CJ, the cool junior? I thought there were no rules? Okay, look.
So, if you wanna ask CJ out, we'll help you figure out how.
Find a date that's so perfect, that he'll definitely say yes.
Now, how experimental is CJ's palate? Only two days till E-Day! That's what I'm calling the election day because it also stands for Elena.
Though, I guess it could also stand for Emilio? But when I say it, I mean Elena.
So, how's your new speech coming? I'm sure it's amazing.
Diary, how could I tell Sasha that I hadn't written a single word? It's getting there! Oh, my goddess! Elena, look! The Swansby statue? Dr.
Cooper! What's happening? Well, the board met last night, and your mascot petition was approved.
What? Really? We all agreed, and we're rolling back on our problematic Swansby imagery while we decide on what our new mascot Unicorns! Wait.
Is this actually happening? Is the school doing away with the symbol of misogyny once and for all? Sasha, am I dreaming? Pinch, pinch, beep, beep.
Are you awake? Are you asleep? Ow! Yay! Congrats, Elena.
You did this.
Change takes time.
This was totally worth it.
Sounds like something a Student Rep would say.
Are all Swansbys' heads removable? Shut up.
"In regards to question 12, describe in detail where you live.
Imagine a castle made of teeth.
" Well, wasn't it nice of the tooth fairy to answer all of Elena's 37 questions? She had a bunch for Ratoncito Pérez too, the Cuban tooth mouse.
"Join us in celebrating Bobby's 12th year.
Parking is located in the rear.
" Oh, Elena made that! After Robert died, she took on the role of family event planner.
She used to love helping me.
Daily schedules, menus for family dinners and, of course, the binders.
"Don't get smooshed by peer pressure.
Co-authored by Gabi and Elena Cañero-Reed.
" Can I borrow this? Craig and Vanessa are trying to get me into their fantasy Bachelor league.
- Chapter three, section five.
- Mmm.
So much happened before I came into the picture.
Well, you missed the first few chapters, but don't worry.
This is a long book.
I'm just happy to be there for the kids.
And we're so lucky to have you! - All right.
We gotta get going.
- Okay.
Color coded dividers.
Like mother, like daughter.
Two peas in a pod.
What if you and CJ went to Fundue Hut? Do you want them to burn their tongues on hot cheese? Okay.
Then how about Nothing But Garlic? No.
As soon as I said that, - I knew it was a bad idea.
- Yeah.
Guys, are you sure If you're so worried about CJ saying no to you, then we have to find a place that will guarantee a yes.
- Yes.
- Oh! McNally's Italian Fiesta! No, they have really low chairs.
And no cultural sensitivity.
Liam, you're shutting down all of my incredible ideas.
And incredibly, I'm the one who's dated someone in high school.
That's it! How about that French place you took Jada on her birthday? - Wait, isn't that place really fancy? - Yeah.
Are you sure we can't just get tots? Look, if you want CJ to say yes, ask him to Le Chien Quotidien.
It's kinda the perfect date spot.
It will be a guaranteed oui.
Au revoir ! If you wanna go check it out after school, I'll go with you.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Yeah, I wish I had a trial run.
The whole menu's in French.
I almost ordered snails.
That'd be great.
I got you.
So, the hashtag "HereForYou" is still trending in the Orange Bay Middle Twitter circuit.
Eight-tenths of my fraction class said they're definitely voting for you.
I guess it would be four-fifths.
Ladies, this is a watershed moment in Orange Bay herstory.
The removal of Swansby is only the beginning of what I hope to accomplish as Student Rep.
You're not even in office yet and you're already making change.
And Swansby's never looked better.
Attention, citizens of Orange Bay! As a descendant of Ogden Swansby, I feel I must speak out against the erasure of my family's legacy and the violent removal of my great-great-grandpapa's head.
The elimination of Swansby as our mascot is an attack on tradition.
- Really? - Wasn't he a bad guy? He's a butt.
And what's to stop the monster who destroyed this tradition you may know her as Elena from coming for others? Okay, that's not fair.
Like Pizza Tuesday! Or the Torpedo Cove field trip.
What about their two good rides? Elena said she was here for us.
She said a lot of things.
Remember her videos? One minute she hates her mom.
The next she's not all bad? Which is it, Elena? That's true.
She did flip-flop on the whole mom thing.
One day she's pro Pizza Tuesday.
The next she's against it? You don't know where she's gonna land.
I never said anything against Pizza Tuesday.
- Not yet.
- Elena hates pizza? You love pizza! What is happening? I wanna make something abundantly clear.
It is because I love this school that I pushed for Swansby's removal.
He does not reflect the values of progress and equality that Orange Bay stands for.
Elena stands for change ing her mind.
You're just twisting her words.
Let Elena talk.
Emilio was campaigning against Elena and now he's defending her? - We got another flip-flop on our hands.
- This guy.
Or feet! Is Tripp the only one I can trust? See? Adrienne gets it! I'm still in the race.
So vote for Tripp! - No! Oh, come on.
This is ridiculous.
- Vote for Tripp.
Vote for Tripp! Vote for Tripp! Vote for Tripp! Vote for Tripp! Vote for Tripp! Vote for Tripp! Hi.
I just wanted to introduce myself.
I'm Dr.
Cooper, the principal.
Elena sure does keep me on my toes.
You must be her dad.
Uh, actually, no.
I'm Gabi's boyfriend.
We live together.
Oh, that That's great.
So, I guess that would make me Elena and Bobby's live-in trusted adult? No, that sounds very weird.
What would you call me? Oh, look! Something else.
Gabi, it's been a minute.
- Hi! - Hi, hi.
I guess your daughter's mascot petition worked.
Really? Oh, wow, that's great news.
Starting the removal by taking off his head is a little gauche, don't you think? Well, let's not lose our heads over it.
Well, Elena's been working really hard to get the mascot removed, so I'm happy that the school is finally making some changes.
It's refreshing to see you stick up for your daughter.
Especially after she How are the kids saying it? Dragged you on the Internet? I'm sorry.
What are you talking about? Uh nothing! This is a tough age.
Good thing nothing stays online forever.
I found the videos.
They were deleted from the original platform.
But reposted on, like, four others.
Let me see.
I'd rather not.
Okay, so, you know when your mom wants you to dress just like her? That can be a compliment.
Can you believe this suit? My mom was so into it.
She even cried when I got my Lavender Orchard VIP card.
- Guess not.
- One time, my mom tried to read my diary.
Next time pick up the new Jodi Picoult novel instead of my private thoughts.
Look, seriously, my mom has, like, one friend.
Oh, that's me! And she has to pay her.
Oh, come on.
I mean, I knew our relationship was changing, but I thought we were in a good place.
How could she do this to me? My mom always says we're like two peas in a pod.
More like one pea in one pod and a second pea Okay! Well, I'm gonna lighten the mood by reminding you that we have a flash mob rehearsal for my proposal on Saturday.
Wear movement clothes.
Okay, we'll talk later.
I can't believe this.
Tripp is turning everyone against me.
He's really taking control of the narrative and bringing down a woman in the process.
Classic Swansby.
Way to not be here for us.
I am here for you! I don't get it.
Tripp ignited something in people.
They're hanging on to every word he says.
And he's not even making sense.
He's telling lies to play into everyone's fears.
And there's nothing I can say to convince them otherwise.
Well, your final speech tomorrow is the one chance you have to prove to everyone that you really are here for them.
If there's anyone who can save their campaign with a speech, it's you.
My unwritten speech was the one thing that could save my campaign.
After so many months, was all this for nothing? Can I get you anything else? Oh, no.
Just frites and water.
So, remember.
Frites are fries.
And ratatouille is not a tiny chef.
There we go.
You got it.
Thanks, man.
I really appreciate you doing this for me.
What, you kidding? This is the most fun I've had since Jada and I broke up.
I think CJ's gonna dig it.
Yeah, yeah.
Hey, careful not to spit up in front of the cute junior.
Maybe this place is too fancy.
That's not what I meant.
I was kidding.
No, I mean, why do I think a junior would wanna go out with me anyway? What are you talking about? What if he says no? Or what if he says yes and then mid-date changes his mind? Bobby We're done, right? We should go.
Let's get this bread in a to-go box and get out of here.
Where are the cups? I need some cafecito.
That stuff is strong, Elena.
It'll keep you up all night.
I need whatever it takes to write a whole speech in one night.
Hey, I thought you finished that speech last week.
Well, sometimes you kiss a guy who doesn't understand the meaning of the word "template.
" Now Tripp's going around telling everyone I don't care about the students, and they're all believing him.
Sounds like you have a trust issue.
Maybe you did something to make them feel this way.
- What are you talking about? - I don't know.
I never thought that my daughter would go behind my back and make hateful videos of me on the Internet, but here we are.
You saw those videos too? God, they won't go away.
Wait, that's your response? No.
I'm sorry.
I regret everything I said.
I made an apology video.
I took all the mean ones down.
That doesn't change the fact that you said those things and in a public forum, no less.
Things don't just disappear because you take them off the Internet.
I'm sorry.
I really am.
It's one thing for me to give you the space to grow up, but you're turning into someone I don't even know anymore.
My whole school is turning against me, now my mom too? This isn't fair.
I'm the same Elena I've always been.
Oh, yeah? What was that about your first kiss? Way to fill me in on your life milestone.
I thought we agreed I don't have to tell you everything.
You can't cut me out.
You're so dramatic.
I'm not cutting you out.
It feels that way, Elena.
And we used to be so close.
Well, not anymore! You cannot talk to me that way.
Go to your room.
So, you really like this boy CJ? Yeah.
But he's older and cooler, and I have no idea why he'd even like me at all.
Hey, Bobby.
No, I'm serious.
I'm not ready for this.
I can't even handle planning a first date.
How am I supposed to go on one? Let alone a second.
Or a third.
Oh, my God.
Come on.
You can absolutely handle this.
How do you know? Because you're brave, Bobby.
What? No.
Me? No.
Uh, yeah, you.
You had the courage to come out to your family, to show them who you really are.
I guess that's true.
It's been a really big year for you.
Think about how far you've come.
I know you went through a lot with Liam and everything, but old Bobby would have never knocked on my door.
You're comfortable in who you are.
It's okay if you're not ready to ask this boy out, but don't you dare say you're not brave.
Thanks, Camila.
I mean, I still haven't come out to my parents, and I'm about to propose to Danielle.
- You're gonna propose? - Danielle? No.
I had it all planned out.
There was gonna be a flash mob and tap shoes and glitter.
God, now it's all ruined.
It was supposed to be perfect.
Hey, it is perfect because it's you.
Danielle, I wanna spend the rest of my life with you.
I wanna spend the rest of my life with you.
So is that a "yes"? Yes! Imagine that there's confetti and a T-shirt cannon.
- Bobby, can you do a Cincinnati? - A what? Just kiss me, Camila.
- I love you.
- I love you.
Oh, my God! Growing up is so hard.
And I'm a good kid.
Mami could have had it so much worse.
Like that girl in Sasha's building that flushed 15 bath bombs down the toilet - and flooded the whole complex? - Mm-hmm.
There's a lot of juicy stuff in here.
- No.
- Please let me.
Okay, stop, please! Oh, my Goddess.
Do you remember Patty Meltdown? I've tried to forget.
You were kind of a mess in the beginning of the year.
But you're not wrong.
I've come pretty far.
In a lot of ways, this year has shaped me.
Into you.
You're getting there.
Oh, God, I don't even know what I'm gonna say tomorrow.
I'm everyone's least favorite person right now.
My school hates me.
My mom thinks she doesn't even know me, and there's nothing I can do about it.
You can show her.
So it's half meat, half potato.
And all fried.
Hey, I'm really happy you said yes to this date.
So, this is a date? Uh well, actually Yeah.
This is a date.
'Cause I've been wanting to kiss you.
Is that okay? Yeah.
This is a cool spot.
It's chill, right? Yeah.
Very, uh, low key.
Tot? Yes, please.
I had a lot of fun tonight.
Me too.
Thanks for walking me home.
- Hey.
- Bobby, is this your dad? Something like that.
Something like that.
Oh, Sam, uh, this is CJ.
So nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you as well.
So, what'd you guys do tonight? We got tots.
Love a tot.
Mami, hi.
You're up already.
What did you think? Well, I don't know.
I didn't read it.
What? Why? I wanted to prove that you can trust me.
And show you how sorry I am for the way I acted.
Especially those videos.
I said those things for the wrong reasons.
And that doesn't change the fact that I said them, but I hope you know I don't mean them.
I'm really sorry, Mami.
Thank you, Elenita.
But the second I saw your diary, I realized all I've learned.
I have to trust you too.
Oh, and as difficult as it is, I have to accept that you're growing up.
- So you didn't read it.
- Mm-mmm.
I thought you'd have all these questions about my shoplifting phase.
- You're kidding, right? - Am I? I'm kidding.
Ay, Elenita.
Things are so different now.
But in a good way for both of us.
After Dad died, you stepped up.
You helped me write those binders.
You made party invitations.
We were two peas in a pod.
But now you're growing up.
We're growing up, as a family.
I guess I have been a little less involved.
But you have Sam, and I have school, my friends.
So I've just been free to Be a teenager.
It's exhausting.
Ay, patience, mi amor.
These are the moments that you're gonna look back on when you're grown up doing all those amazing things you're going to do.
Speaking of, how's that speech coming? It doesn't exist.
I'm tired of talking about myself.
I'm not here for me, you know? I'm here for everyone else.
Well, do they have something to say? Well, they hate my guts.
They have no problem saying that.
I think I have an idea.
Let me leave you to it.
I love you, Mami.
Oh, I love you too.
It's Elena.
Let's talk.
Oxygen has nothing to do with this.
It's lifeless.
- It's just a theory.
- Hey.
It's not.
Are you okay? You seemed kinda off when we left yesterday.
Actually I'm great.
I met up with CJ, and, uh, we got burger tots.
But what about the French place? Wait.
Your first date already happened.
- How'd it go? - We had fun.
Oh, my God.
You guys kissed! Yeah, it was chill.
That's awesome.
You must be totally over that crush from last year.
You had a crush last year? Oh, yeah.
A big one.
Bobby, I can tell him now, right? So, he almost told his crush how he felt at the end of last year, but, he chickened out.
Why didn't you tell me? 'Cause at the time, you weren't nursing a devastating heartbreak like I was.
You were with Jada.
But now that you have CJ, you must be totally over that guy, right, Bobby? Hey, Bobby.
Walk me to class? Uh, yeah.
See you guys.
Here we are, at last, the final speech assembly.
Each Student Rep candidate will have five minutes to give their speech, and then we'll vote.
First up, Elena Cañero-Reed.
- Whoo! - Yes! Hello, Orange Bay Middle.
I could stand up here and try and convince you that I would be the best Student Rep.
But I'm not gonna do that.
Because this isn't about me.
And, if I win, it definitely won't be about me.
I'm supposed to be here for you.
All of you.
So, instead of giving another speech, I yield my time to my fellow students.
I also yield my time to the students.
What is happening? Can they even do this? This is illegal! Don't worry, Dr.
It's in the handbook.
Section C, Subsection 14.
"Each candidate gets five minutes for their final speech.
" It doesn't explicitly say we must be speaking for those five minutes.
You gotta be kidding me.
So, Orange Bay, you have ten minutes all to yourselves.
Please, take the mic.
What do we say? Whatever you're feeling.
Nice plan.
Um, I've been thinking about this for a long time.
Every homework assignment has to be done in blue or black ink.
But what about all the other colors? Justice for purple gel pens! - Whoo! - Yeah! My cousin's friend's school has a Meme Day.
We should have a Meme Day! Yeah! Orange Bay should have a program or something to ease the transition into middle school.
As we all know, it's a jungle out here.
I think we need more girls on mathletes.
I'm tired of watching Happy Gilmore on every field trip.
This school should have a computer programming class.
Without Elena's campaign, I wouldn't have an outlet for my coding skills.
I'm just finally getting the hang of this, and then we only have one year left! Like, how much more fun would it be to have your homework done in all a bunch of different colors? It kinda adds a bunch more, you know, sparkle and light to the world, you know? And, while I'm talking about this election, why does it last all year long? If middle school's a jungle, is high school a zoo? Feminine products should be free for every student.
And everybody, actually, in, like, the world.
You're kidding me, right? Or maybe a GIF Day? Or is it GIF Day? GIF? GIF? A day for both.
And who here likes the color orange? No one? Great.
Why is orange the main color of this school anyways? We mostly have blue! Blue Bay Middle School! And time.
That was a great plan.
Thanks for letting me in on it.
Too bad we're opponents.
Too bad.
I, Elena Ofelia Cañero-Reed Do solemnly swear Do solemnly swear That I will faithfully execute the office of Student Rep That I will faithfully execute the office of Student Rep And preserve, protect and defend And preserve, protect and defend The students of Orange Bay Middle.
The students of Orange Bay Middle.
That's good practice.
If you win.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Hello, this is Elena.
Yes, I am ready for the results.
Wait, what?
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