Dietland (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

Belly of the Beast

1 Previously on "Dietland" What do you want from me? The names and e-mail addresses of Kitty's girls.
- What's happening? - I have to bounce for a while, maybe forever.
But you went out of your way to convince me that you were something other than what you are.
You're fired.
This isn't gonna work out.
Y-You're not what I expected.
Since I'm fat, I should be desperate? Aaaaaaaah! I'm ready.
[PLUM] When things started happening in my life, they happened so fast.
I had turned myself in to Calliope House, so I barely even noticed this Leeta was on the run.
- - (SIREN WAILING) [COP, OVER RADIO] Suspect is circling back.
We're now heading west on Warner.
] Slow your vehicle and pull over! Now! - (HORNS HONKING) - (TIRES SCREECHING) Stay up on her.
Stay up on her.
We're heading west toward the protest.
Try to clear the area.
Right here.
(TIRES SCREECH) [WOMAN] It's her It's White Girl O.
Go, Leeta! (COP SHOUTING, INDISTINCT) (TIRES SCREECH) (SIRENS WAILING) (COP SHOUTING) I'm gonna walk you through this! Open the door and slowly get out of the vehicle with your hands above your head! Do it! (PROTESTERS CHANTING) That's not her.
That's not Leeta! Screw the patriarchy in the ass! Hi, Mom! I'm gonna be a little late tonight.
[CHERYL] It spanned three boroughs and brought morning rush hour traffic to a standstill.
The chase began at about eight this morning, when police were tipped off as a woman believed to be Leeta Can someone please turn this garbage off? main suspect wanted for the murder of Stella Cross Having that terrorist associated with Austen Media? - It's unacceptable.
- I've screwed a few Jennifers.
- Does that put me in their crosshairs? - Unlikely.
What I do know is that whoever this is, - they're running a stealth operation.
- You think it's the Russians? This is the kind of crap that they live for.
What we're asking, Agent, is, if you're feeling in the weeds here, I think we're prepared to step in, bring in our own people? Every time you fellas take matters into your own hands, - it complicates things.
- Makes you look bad, you mean.
Look, we're all on the same team here.
We all want the bad people caught.
And I understand your concerns.
I don't think you do.
If someone drops you from a plane who gives a shit? But if one of us gets killed, the Dow tanks.
Hey, Plum.
Um, I need your help.
Can I come in? Why are the police here? PLUM, I SAID: Let me in.
Plum, let me in.
Kill her.
(GASPS) (JIGGLING DOOR KNOB) Hello? [BARBARA, OVER INTERCOM] There are you, sleepyhead.
You ready to come out now, honey? Barb? How ya feelin' today? I'm not gonna lie.
I'm a little creeped out.
Roger that.
[PLUM] The night before, I didn't care what happened to me.
But waking up in a locked room, knowing Verena had the key maybe I should have cared a little more.
(DOOR UNLOCKS) It's OK to stare.
I'm sorry.
You don't have to be sorry.
It's natural.
I brought you a change of clothes.
I don't remember much from last night.
Everything's really fuzzy.
Verena gave you something to help you sleep.
You were really upset.
Where's Verena? I want to talk to Verena.
She'll be here as soon as she can.
What happens until then? - Y-You lock me up again? - No.
These quiet rooms are for reflection.
You're free to leave if you want to.
- I get so hard - fatass! Excuse me.
Julia Smith? We haven't met.
We spoke a couple times on the phone.
Right, right.
The hot PI.
Sorry, at Austen all we talk about is hotness.
It's our raison d'être.
I'm a I'm a little late.
It's OK, I'll walk with ya.
I thought PI's only lurked around buildings in the movies.
- (DOMINIC LAUGHS) - So not creepy, by the way.
This Leeta news.
That must be hard, huh? You two were close? If by that you mean I sent her to get my tampons when I ran out, sure.
It's unfortunate, it really is.
What can I say? She's done a terrible thing that could ruin her life.
Aren't you at least curious? How does a 23-year-old with a squeaky clean record all of a sudden end up on the FBI's Most Wanted? LIKE MY MAMA ALWAYS SAID: Stay in school, don't do drugs.
Leeta was in school.
She graduated with a minor in Women's Studies.
I guess it didn't stick.
She was obsessed with getting the perfect red lip.
Can I tell you something? Kitty hired me because she thinks that there might be a traitor at Austen.
Besides Leeta.
Who can she trust? That's the issue.
I'm sorry.
- It's been a rough few weeks.
- Yeah.
It has.
So what are you asking? Really.
So Leeta's part of Jennifer, right? If those leaks did come from inside Austen, now, that means that threat is not gone.
Would you have any idea who Leeta's allies were? Not that I can think of, but I'll think about it and let you know.
Well, maybe I schedule a time, come by the beauty closet, - really pick your brain? - Sure, sure.
I really do have to get going.
Yeah, no problem.
You go.
I'll be in touch.
OK, whatever you need.
Have a good day at work! You too, sweetheart! - Here ya go, baby boy.
- [DOMINIC] You got a minute? re.
What can I do for you, Detective? Have you heard from Plum? She's not answering her phone, and Yeah, we talked a little bit last night.
She's a little rattled.
I mean, things have been crazy.
Right? First Kitty fires her, then Leeta turns out to be one of those psychos.
Listen, um what have you heard on the force about Jennifer? Can I get two coffees here, please? Nothin' certain.
I mean, network's pretty deep, the fact they've gotten this far without gettin' caught.
Could be the tip of the iceberg in terms of what to expect.
(LAUGHS) It's a shitty time to be you, huh? Nobody's dropping me from a plane, but you? Yeah, I'm the man, I guess.
That tide's been turning for a while.
Must be hard.
Feeling like you're being judged simply because of how you look.
Thanks for your understanding.
I'm goin' on break.
Ten more minutes.
Please? OK, look, it would be good if I can get in touch with her, that's all.
Is this business or a personal interest? It's both, I guess.
You know, she would hate me for telling you this.
What? Plum has had experience with men.
Well, man.
A man.
But not the full experience.
Look, it happens.
People like her, or, say, a gay black man from a religious family? We get screwed up about sex.
Just don't assume anything.
She's the smartest person I know wrapped around a 14-year-old girl who doesn't know shit.
- Yeah, I'm just - You understand? I have a little bit of a bad feeling, and I just want to make sure she's OK.
She did say she was going off the grid for a few days.
At Calliope House.
But don't worry.
These women'll take care of her.
They're like her hippie fairy godmothers.
Not yet, Plum.
What is that place? It's hd to describe.
When you're ready, you'll experience it.
- What if I don't want to experience it? - Then you won't.
Nothing happens here without your consent.
I hope that's clear.
The line between what's clear and what's really screwed up is getting hard to tell.
Since I met you, I got waxed, injected, lost my job, got punched, humiliated it's been awesome.
- Good.
- Good? Did you hear what I What was that? You wanted to say something.
Not really.
I've never been in therapy, but I know a lot about it.
Oh, yeah? How, by reading about it? By being alive in the 21st century.
I know that you want me to get in touch with my anger.
You want me to release it.
Let it all out.
Like that'll fix me.
It won't.
Not even close.
Anger is not a finite thing it can't be expunged with one good airing.
But it can be directed.
You can give it a voice.
That makes it bearable.
That's comforting.
What about the New Baptist Plan makes you think I'm interested in your comfort? What? What makes you think I am interested in your comfort? I heard what you said.
I'm not sure what you mean.
You don't need to be sure.
Just think about it.
That's the final phase of your work here: thinking about everything you've gone through recently, what it means to you.
That's all you need to do.
That's it? We're done here? I know.
On TV it's always a 50-minute hour and time is always up right before the big breakthrough.
[KITTY] How much did I pay Tom to decorate this office? And now some teenager is gonna take my job and, I don't know, Pinterest some hideous office from 2002 and destroy a work of art.
Go get me a pastrami sandwich, fries and a Coke.
Regular, not that diet garbage.
Tell them it's for you.
I'm gonna need you to sit in here while I eat it.
Diptyque has a new skin care line.
(SIGHS) - Did you read the press release? - I did.
I thought it was very tasteful.
Senior VP sounds legit.
No, it doesn't.
I should have quit.
(INHALES) It'll pass.
He'll reinstate you.
- Is that ylang-ylang? - Mm-hmm.
Do it again.
Jesus! That's his third call.
He thinks I'm involved.
With Jennifer.
Why would he think that? Because of Leeta.
What did you do, Julia? Well, I don't know if I don't think that she's killed anyone, but, uh, Leeta was the one who stole the email files.
The Kitty Girls.
The personal stuff.
And I covered for her.
Jesus! And now I think maybe, well, she's probably responsible for the other hack too.
I am so sorry, Kitty.
She used me.
We got very close.
I mean, she was so passionate and beautiful and messed up.
I thought I was helping.
But now I-I had no idea she she was A terrorist.
You were screwing a terrorist.
You're so utterly blind you may as well have a dick, you pathetic Did she give it all to Jennifer? The addresses? All of it? Where is she now? No idea.
What she did or where she is.
I didn't fire her.
She disappeared.
But then since nothing happened with the hack, I figured it was a coincidence.
But Stella Cross.
Then all of a sudden Leeta's wanted, and it's all just a bloody mess.
And I own that.
And I will speak to the FBI and I'll resign.
If that's what you want me to do.
You're not gonna talk to the FBI.
The only new information is your crush on that girl.
They're desperate.
They don't care about the truth.
They'll crucify you, Austen Media, and me.
- And you're not resigning.
- Thank you.
Thank you, Kitty.
I'm firing you.
Pack up your shit and get out.
- They already deactivated your badge.
- Then please, escort me to the beauty closet so I can gather my things! Company policy, your belongings will be messengered to your home address.
Allison, please.
I'm calling in every favor here.
She can't do anything.
Kitty changed the door code personally.
No one has access.
I don't know what you did, but let me help you.
I wasn't bullshitting out there, Julia.
You're acting like Can't you just call Kitty, tell her I'm gone she'll give you the new code.
- What if she checks the security feed? - She won't! Come on! I got you promoted out of the mail room.
You owe me! I need to get into the beauty closet.
I have to clear up some loose ends.
What kind of loose ends? The kind you don't want to know about.
Just get in in there and let me clear out properly.
- We can't.
If someone finds out - They won't! Jesus, have either of you any balls?! Or does the justice warrior thing only work for you when there's no risk involved? Text me what you need taken care of, and I'll find a way.
I'm a Puerto Rican homosexual who wears too much makeup.
You know I've got balls for days.
[PLUM] Whatever it was, it had a pull like a tractor beam.
I felt like it wanted me inside.
Like I could disappear there and never come out.
I also knew Verena was right I wasn't ready for it.
Feeling any better? - Not really.
So, what's the deal with that room? Sounds like there's an orgy or something in there.
That's a project of Marlowe's.
(LAUGHS) Should have realized.
I've never met anyone who talks about screwing as much as she does.
She's an actress.
Ha! Oh, don't make me laugh.
It hurts.
If everybody's doing their own thing, isn't it hard to actually get anything done? How do you make an impact? Well, we say here, "You change the world one person at a time.
" We share our dreams, and Verena challenges us to realize them.
What if your dreams are killing people? Maybe you should write those questions down.
Patience, Plum.
You'll get your answers.
Thank you, Captain Cryptic.
(GROANS) Are these all you? They are.
I'll tell you what happened to my face if you tell me what happened to yours.
Some guy called me fat.
I yelled at him.
So you asked for it.
(CHUCKLES) Oh, I told you, don't make me laugh.
Your turn.
My mother tried to leave my father.
So he threw acid on me.
To punish her.
That's awful.
- Sometimes I understand why.
- What? I understand why Leeta wants to kill people.
We don't know she did, Plum.
She's just a suspect.
Well, whatever.
Your dad belongs on the top of the list.
I used to feel that way.
Verena helped me change that.
She helped me find the gift in what happened to me.
Oh, no.
Not one of those.
So whenever something horrible happens, Verena's the type to say, "Well, you'll be stronger for it.
" Really? Like that's the only way you could have learned something? Whatever gift or lesson you had, you couldn't have, like, I don't know, read a book or something? You had to actually go through whatever hideous thing? What? Do you want to hear what I learned, or not? Yes.
I'm sorry.
The way people react to my face it's like a truth serum.
The essentially decent adjust, and those that don't, I know to avoid.
How is that a gift? Doesn't that make you hate the jerks more? Not anymore.
They have to live with their ugliness.
I don't.
(KNOCK ON DOOR) I got it.
Can I come in? Please.
I don't know where else to go.
[PLUM] "They have to live with their ugliness.
I don't.
" Get your eyes off the food, fatass! (VOICE ECHOES) (JACK CHUCKLING) [PLUM] That philosophy works, as long as you stay safe in the womb of Calliope House.
[DOMINIC] Plum, you OK? [PLUM] But the real, hideous world wouldn't stop calling to me.
It's rough in there.
Jesus! Are you OK? What happened with Leeta? Can you I Wanna see a magic trick? Excuse me? (SIGHS) (JULIA SIGHS) Would you? Would you hand me that, lovely? I don't understand.
Well I've been going somewhat "incognegro.
" And I had a double mastectomy.
I can see that.
I'm sorry.
About the mastectomy.
Don't be.
Two less things to worry about.
So this was your disguise? To pass at Austen? Well, they're not in the habit of hiring real people, so What did you make Leeta do? Pretty Plummy.
(CHUCKLES) What did Leeta make me do, is more the question.
She wanted you to have something.
This is one of my favorite entries.
"Plum thinks she's afraid of other people's opinions.
Their judgments.
Their assumptions.
Afraid of not being acceptable.
But really, she's afraid of herself.
She's afraid of what's inside.
Because the minute she stops caring about that shit, she's gonna be a beast.
Her words are like fire.
" You should try micro-needling.
Your crow's feet will thank you for it.
I need to show you something.
Give it to your wife, then.
Come on, Kitty.
What? I deserve a little me-time.
I kinda like it down here without Julia.
I can do as I please.
Take what I like.
No chatter.
Well, it looks like a "before" photo.
Before electricity.
Who are they? This woman on the right, she runs a collective, I guess? For abused women.
Calliope House.
- Leeta led Plum there.
- Oh, who cares about Plum? Or Leeta, for that matter.
Julia explained everything.
She wanted some pussy.
Instead, she ate a bullet, poor old thing.
But I'm safe, and Austen Media is out of the crosshairs.
Are you gonna let me finish? Tell me who this woman is.
Julia has a fat sister? I think that is Julia.
Oh, my God.
How? Why? Maybe she's not some lovesick lesbian.
Think about it.
She lied to me about knowing Plum.
What if she's part of Jennifer? S Stop.
Do you know that I've developed acid reflux? And the stress of this Jennifer thing has just thrown me over the top.
I'm eating Tums like a cheerleader gobbles cock.
- I'm not sitting on this.
- What do you want, Dominic? You wanted to know who your traitor was; we flushed her out.
So the way I'm lookin' at it, me and you are done here.
Hmm not necessarily.
I prefer having you around.
I have so few allies right now.
- Yeah? - And you're useful.
And I certainly don't want you handing that information to Stanley or the FBI.
You mean you don't want me doing what's right.
Who's to say what's right? You know, you really need to relax.
You're actually handsome when you're not grimacing.
I could help you relax.
I'm flattered and I'm married.
But not satisfied at home.
Jesus, even talking about Plum gives you a semi.
- Kitty.
- (GASPS) Touched a nerve, did I? Hmm? Your nerves could use touching.
All of them.
God, you're dull.
Such a waste of a brute.
Can't wait long.
People could be in danger.
Fine, I'll get back to you.
Don't do anything noble.
The one good thing about leaving Austen Media for good? Carbs.
(LAUGHS) This body is not meant to be flat.
Staying a size 8 takes every compression garment known to man and every bit of self-control I have.
You didn't tell anyone about the emails, did you? Julia, you promised.
We have conditions for my stay.
I'm not allowed to discuss Austen Media, or anything related to my special projects.
No Julia drama.
Just this one question.
I never told anybody.
Not Kitty, not the detective.
We were the only ones who knew.
Oh, God, I'm afraid to ask.
Good job, Plummy.
Thank you.
Sweet Mary and Joseph.
Do you know where Leeta is? That's her question.
Is she alive? Can you answer me that? Thank you, O great and powerful one.
I've spoken with her.
She's safe.
The less you know, the better for everybody.
[VERENA] That's enough.
- Please? - Fine.
I love what you've done with the place.
The basement? It's the same.
Nothing's changed.
That's what I mean.
Even Marlowe's crazy art thing is still here.
Some things remain constant.
- It doesn't sound like art.
- You didn't tell her? [VERENA] We hadn't got that far.
It's a video installation.
The top 100 videos on Porn Hub at any given moment.
- Oh, wow.
- Delightful, huh? A real-time snapshot of what's gettin' folks off.
I bet there's a lot of Stella Cross right now.
People paying their final respects.
Me, I'd rather have a video of this cake.
Ha ha! - Huh! - Mm.
But my body is not used to butter.
I think I'm gonna be sick.
At what price beauty? [PLUM] I was trying to quietly reflect on Leeta's journal, like, that I would be a beast, that my words were like fire.
(SHRIEKING) [JULIA] Knock knock.
Ooh, it's so cold down here.
Aren't you cold? It's not so bad.
Got my own insulation.
- I need to give you something.
- What is it? Scoot over.
(JULIA SHIVERS) I'm freezing.
Could you Can you just Can you just put your arms around me? Julia I'm not gonna try anything.
I know you don't "like me" like me.
Come on.
It's so much better.
This is the book I've been writing on the beauty industry.
Did you know cellulite was no big deal until a women's magazine got a doctor to disease-ify it? Hell, babies have cellulite.
Now people spend a zillion dollars a year trying to cure their sweet, dimpled thighs.
(LAUGHS) Oh, you feel so good.
If something happens to me, I want you to make sure my book gets finished.
What's gonna happen to you? Shh.
If I can't, you finish it.
But you put your name on it, too.
No speakin' through someone else.
Promise? I'm not I can't write a book.
Sure you can.
(CONTENTED SIGH) Say you'll do it, beauty.
Please? OK, but you have to answer one question for me.
No evading.
How did you go from writing an exposé to killing people? I didn't.
You really are magnificent.
I'm glad you wanted to talk.
I just I thought of something.
It's It's not a big deal.
Well, I'll keep my expectations low.
So Julia was cold, and she asked me to hold her so she could warm up.
Well, she takes real sensual pleasure in life.
It's one of the things I loved about her.
So did you hold her? Yeah.
I didn't want to at first.
But then What? We were lying there, and I realized that I haven't been touched like that or touched anyone like that, in years.
How did it feel? So good! (LAUGHING) I mean, guess what? Basic human need! Hey, I got punched.
I guess that was getting touched, right? Yeah, you didn't want to go into it last night.
What happened? It was nothing.
Wasn't a big deal.
I bumped into this guy, he said something rude.
It was the way he looked at me.
I'm so sick of being looked at like that.
(NO AUDIBLE DIALOGUE) - How did he look at you? - Like I was pitiful! Like everything that happened between us was a lie.
Like a horrible mistake! When you say "with us," are we still talking about the man who hit you? I think I knew it wasn't real.
- He was just using me.
- Hmm.
But it felt so nice for a change to have a story, to say, you know, instead of "Nobody, nothing," I could say, like, "Hey, Ma, I met a boy.
" Ya know? I hate being like this! - How? - Like this.
What if it's not y that's the problem? What if it's everybody else that needs to change? What if it's not you that's wrong, it's them? (KNOCK ON DOOR) [SANA] Verena, I'm sorry to interrupt.
There's someone here to see you.
Tell them to come back? I said that.
He's very insistent.
(SIGHS) It's OK.
I'll make it fast.
(PLUM SNIFFLES) (PASSIONATE MOANING) (MOANING CONTINUES) Hi, my name's Detective O'Shea And you are no longer in law enforcement.
Plum was very upset last night, but I got the most important bits.
I'd like to speak to her.
In my experience, the best way to apologize is to write the person a letter.
On paper, preferably.
That way he or she can read it when he or she is ready.
Or never.
That should be the person's choice.
Unless your real intention is to make yourself feel better.
You're not gonna charge me 300 bucks now, are ya? I'm very good at what I do, Mr.
You know, I understood enough from Plum last night to get what makes her so appealing to you.
She's like an escape.
She makes no demands, and she sees you how you want to be seen.
Or she did.
That must hurt, because you failed her too.
You You done? And you're right, I didn't leave by choice.
But I didn't kill anybody.
I don't like the way the world works any better than you do, but somehow, everything is my fault.
Not everything.
(MOANING) (MOANING CONTINUES) How can you stand it? Helps me, actually.
How? Look at their bodies.
Their faces.
Do they look like us? No.
They're perfect.
They're the precious ones.
How's that working out for them? - - (MOANING) Fuck this.
Look who's awake.