Dig (2015) s01e02 Episode Script

Catch You Later

Previously on Dig We are talking to our contact at the INP about handing over Yussef Khalid.
He's my suspect.
The breastplate, it's supposed to be worn by some high priest.
He uses it as some kind of a device to communicate with God.
The prophecy has begun.
I will not let you down.
We can't be too careful, so we have a young man watching her.
You've been studying all these years for a very important reason.
Why does it have to be me? I'll be good from now on.
I swear.
It's too late for that, Josh.
- Who are you? - I'm Joshua.
Her body was found at Kidron Valley this morning.
Security camera caught her with this man.
We enhanced the suspect's image I gotta go.
It's open.
Looks like you'll live.
Let's go back.
You say a car came out of nowhere, crashed the van and grabbed Yussef.
That's right.
It's the out of nowhere part that bothers me.
It should.
They knew the route, the timing, everything.
I couldn't see anybody's face, I got out of the car, I followed on foot.
And put two bullet holes through the back window.
I said, "Police" when they yelled, "Stop," if it helps.
So, how did they get away? I guess I missed them.
I got there, the car was empty.
You shot at an empty car? I guess you had to be there.
Well, did it seem odd for you too that it just happened to be in front of Emma Wilson's apartment? Yes, but it turned out that Emma Wilson and Yussef Khalid are connected.
How? I went into the apartment and he was there.
- Looking for something.
- What? We didn't exactly exchange niceties.
He got the jump on me.
Got me on my knees.
Thought he was gonna kill me.
Why didn't he? Why don't you ask him when we find him? So, what exactly are we doing here? And why did you drag me down here? I'm just taking your statement.
That's all.
Well, we could have done that in the hotel.
There's just nice lighting here.
Hey, guys.
Someone want to tell me what's going on here? Nothing.
Just having a conversation.
I'm just filling in Detective Cohen here on some of the details of tonight's adventure.
Maybe you want to fill me in first.
He's free to go, right? Of course.
Okay, you're telling me you can't ID any of them? I was upside down.
The car was totaled.
Why didn't you call for backup? Because it was over before it started.
They knew exactly where we were gonna be.
The Ambassador is hosting 100 people at the Consulate for dinner tonight.
Somebody's gonna ask about it.
What am I gonna tell her to say? Well, unfortunately, uh, it gets a little worse.
How? The picture, the corrupted image that, uh Of Emma Wilson and the suspect.
I think Detective Cohen has figured out that it's me in the picture.
What do What do you mean? I met her that night.
And I I walked with her through the city.
Jesus Christ.
Okay, it was completely innocent.
I thought she might be connected to Yussef Khalid and I was right.
Lynn? Lynn.
- Oh, my God.
- Lynn, Lynn, Lynn.
There's something going on here.
You have to trust me.
Trust you? Personally? Professionally? I'm onto something.
You know it.
You have to tell Detective Cohen it was you in that picture.
- No, no, I can't do that.
- Before it goes too far.
- Why not? - 'Cause he's not gonna let me work either case if he thinks I'm involved.
Would you? What are you gonna tell Cohen? Get this to the lab.
DNA and prints.
I checked with his hotel he didn't get in until close to five am.
After time of death Should we take this upstairs, get a warrant? He's got diplomatic immunity.
I need to keep him close, gain his trust.
Hey, partner, ready to start doing some old-fashioned leg work? What? I thought we'd go to the CCTV center, see if they could pick up Khalid's trail.
Sound like a plan? - I'll get my jacket.
- All right.
NEW MEXICO, USA Pastor Billingham wants to see you.
Faye Faye, what is going on here? That boy, he looked just like Josh, but he wasn't him.
How is that possible? "There is a way that seems right to a man.
" It's a signpost for us Isn't it, Debbie? for the choices we make.
Faye tells me that you have seen things that you weren't supposed to see.
I don't know what I saw, and I don't know what to think about what I saw.
I know.
These things aren't easy to explain.
But first, we need to see if there is still commitment to our mission.
You see, I believe the Lord is testing both of us because we both need his forgiveness.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
What happened to him? He would have been 13 today.
One more day.
All of this would have been avoided.
But his sojourn into the desert changed everything.
Made him impure.
So, we had to move to an alternate plan.
It is of great importance that we know now what is in your heart, Debbie.
So, I'm asking you Are you still with us? Yes.
Yes, I'm still with you.
Today is a special day, Red.
Today we begin our journey.
Are you ready? I don't know who they will send for us, Or how we're getting to Jerusalem, but God will be with us.
Of that I'm sure.
Let's go back.
You're early.
What the hell are they doing out there unprotected? You were supposed to watch them at all times.
Sixty kilometer to nearest village.
They are fine.
Do you even know what an Essene is? An Essene will crawl 60 kilometers in the snow, naked if he has to.
You have no idea who we are dealing with.
No, your mother said she'd pick you up! Okay, fine I'll be there.
Kids, they'll drive you crazy, right? Yeah.
Hey, uh, that corrupted picture, the one you were trying to recover.
What about it? Any luck? Luck is overrated.
You want to catch a killer, you gotta be smarter than they are.
Fortunately, most of them are idiots.
We lost him when he went down that alley.
And then picked him up here crossing Nordau Street.
And then again here on the corner of Yafo and Rashi.
And then, nothing.
But, if he's still in the city in a public place, We'll find him.
Really? You're that sure? Israeli face recognition software.
State of the art.
Yeah, if I'm not mistaken, developed by the FBI.
And perfected by us.
Took us two years to fix the bugs.
Just give us a few hours to comb the files, okay? Okay, genius, what's our next move? The agreement was brokered by US Special Envoy, Dennis Barnett, who arrived in Jerusalem today and met with Ambassador Ridell.
Bennett's visit comes less than 24 hours after the brazen escape of Yussef Khalid.
An American citizen wanted in connection with a murder in Chicago.
After months of speculation, the Israeli government confirmed a major breakthrough in the peace process with the Helsinki Accords.
This historic agreement outlines a two-state solution in which Israel I have to make the delivery now.
No, it can't wait a few days.
If they arrest me, we'll lose the stone forever.
It has to be tonight.
But Shit! Hello, Josh.
Hello, sir.
Today is a very special day.
Do you know why? It's my birthday.
That's right.
You're 13 years old.
We're gonna celebrate your Bar Mitzvah later today.
You've been studying very hard, for a very long time.
Faye tells me you can recite your entire haftorah portion by heart.
I can.
And today you'll find out what all that work has been for.
Why you've been raised here.
Why you've never been allowed to set foot on the ground.
But first I want to tell you something, and I want you to listen to every word, carefully.
You understand? Okay.
I know you've been told that your parents are coming for you.
But they're not.
No one is.
The truth is, you don't have parents.
Or at least, not in the normal sense.
Ours is a God of miracles.
And you, son, are a miracle.
"Call no man your father upon the Earth.
"For you have one father, and he is in heaven.
" That's right, son.
I think you're gonna be just fine.
When you're done here, take the box to Pastor Billingham's office.
Are those tears? Move your ass, we don't have all day! You have to speak gently Don't be afraid.
Come on, come on.
Where are you going? I need to say goodbye to Olaf I said goodbye for you.
Get in the truck.
I think we should go back to the dig.
Question her coworkers.
I found something.
Just sent it to you.
Vicki Connelly.
Who is she? His daughter.
Year-and-a-half ago.
Everything all right? Actually, something came up, I gotta go back to the precinct.
Take you back to the Consulate.
All right.
Where are you going? Oh, I was just going to get some fresh air.
Pastor Billingham says I'll be learning a very important part of the ritual tonight.
I don't know what to expect, and I'm just nervous I guess.
Well, you'll do fine.
You're very strong.
You're very brave.
Everyone here loves you.
I was just hoping I could look at you if I get soared.
And I wouldn't miss it for the world.
Stop honking.
It's just noise.
You're just making noise.
That's all it is.
Calms my nerves.
Give it a try.
Nobody in this country has any goddamn patience.
Must be what they taught you in the seminary.
What? You think you Americans are the only ones spying on your allies? Not that different.
I mean the priesthood, and the FBI.
Both have rules, uniforms, oath of allegiance.
Part I don't get though is three years in the seminary, days before you get your collar and boom You drop out.
Probably an interesting story in there somewhere.
Just drive.
Catch you later.
- Can it wait? - No.
Yes, Peter? I think Detective Cohen is about to arrest me.
Can't make a move without informing you first.
I need you to buy me a couple of hours.
No, I told you to come clean.
Tell the truth.
You're innocent, you'll be fine.
It's not about me being fine.
Peter, I want you to stand down and let Detective Cohen take the lead on this case.
It's too messy for you.
Don't patronize me, Lynn.
You think I can't think straight because the victim has red hair? What was that course of yours I took at Quantico? Semiotics.
I sat in the front row and you paid absolutely - no attention to me.
- Believe me, I noticed you.
We all thought that the way you analyzed a case, the way you deciphered the clues and signs, it was some kind of magic, parlor trick.
- Well, maybe it was.
- No.
You said it was about being willing to see yourself in every crime.
Make it matter.
Make it personal.
You've taken it too far, Peter.
I'm sorry to tell you, but sometimes bad things do happen to good people.
As your friend, lam asking you and begging you to snap the hell out of it.
And I'm asking you to buy me some time.
You didn't hear a word I just said.
I don't want to be put in this position.
- Three hours.
- No! Is that where we're going? The airport? You'll know when you get there.
Shit! Okay.
Excuse me.
I know what you're thinking, but I didn't kill her.
Put the gun down.
I took care of the farmer.
The calf is fine.
It was the Essene.
He knew we were coming.
We can't go back to the airfield What now? We wait for a new plan.
What?! Black blood.
The bullet It hit my liver.
What does that mean? - Praise Jesus.
- Amen.
The first one is the hardest.
It gets easier.
Don't worry Red.
Everything will be fine.
See? Time to go again.
You drive.
But I don't know how.
I said drive.
Did you find them? Got it.
Oh, you know this is ridiculous, right? Okay.
Yes, obviously I was with her.
So, you knew her? No, I just met her that night.
Met how? I saw her during the day when we were chasing Yussef Khalid, and I followed her.
So, it wasn't because she reminded you of your daughter? Geez.
Did you sleep with her? - No, I didn't sleep with her.
- Huh? She took me down to the tunnels where she worked.
She showed me, we walked around, we talked.
- That's it? - Yes, that's it.
Opal Head down.
What And what about Yussef Khalid? How does he fit in? - Huh? - She was at the market.
I don't think it was a coincidence.
I think she was meant to give him something.
A A stone.
I think that's what he was looking for in her apartment, and he took it off me and ran.
Wait, this stone, what did it look like? How big was it? Uh, couple inches by an inch.
Why? The breastplate.
What? The artifact Yussef had in his backpack.
A breastplate worn by the high priest 2000 years ago in the temple What is it? Where? How long ago? I'm on my way.
What happened? They're tracking Yussef Khalid on CCTV.
Would you take these things off me? And let's go find him.
Come on.
What do you think, take off the cuffs? What? Are you serious? Enigma.
What? The boat is named Enigma.
It will take you to Croatia.
But Someone will meet you there Take this.
Aren't you coming? That boat, where is it going? Split, Croatia.
All right, there he is.
Is this live? No, there's an eight-second delay to the feed.
He's heading north on Strauss.
I need a unit to the corner of Strauss and Haneviim.
- No, he turned left.
- What? Turned left.
He's coming back on himself.
On Yafo.
That's five blocks from here.
Give me your phone.
What are you doing? Hold on a sec.
- Say hello.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- You're calling yourself? Yeah, tell me which way to go.
Where to now? Rounding the next corner, heading west on Ben Yehuda.
It's a dead end.
A dead end, I can't get through.
Okay, I see him, he's one street over to your left.
You gotta go around.
Watch it! Straight ahead.
Straight ahead.
Where now? - He took the northeast exit - Really? Northeast? You can't give me left and right? Left.
50 meters.
I see it.
Now take a left on Kfar Etzion.
I think I got him.
That's him.
Stop! Ah, shit.
I lost him! I can't see anything! Ah, shit.
Stop! Ah, shit.
Yeah? I lost you.
Where were you? - You're not gonna believe this.
- Did you get him? No.
But I think I know where he is.
So, I find myself on a private plane with Putin, just the two of us, and the whole time I'm FaceTiming with my five-year-old.
I don't know if we made any progress with the Russians, but I did get Putin to sing Happy Birthday with me.
Excuse me for just one moment.
I'll just be a minute.
You picked a hell of a time for this.
Only one more stone left to find.
The most difficult one.
Now get the hell out of here.
The same way you came in.