Diggstown (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

Delroy Nelson

1 DELROY: Drink up, if you can't talk to the staff with respect.
- [RAP MUSIC PLAYING] - Matthew? Matthew! He's not breathing! DELROY: Let me help you! Get off of him! Get him off, get him off! [MAN GRUNTING] Hey, get off me, he's gonna die! Let me help him! WOMAN: What are they doing? [CROWD CHAOTICALLY YELLING] [SOFT PIANO PLAYING] You got up early.
It's Monday.
Water temperature, eight degrees? You are not goin' out there in that? That's what wetsuits are for.
CARSON: Uh oh, yeah, shark warning at Martinique bulletin.
All surfers advised to go back to bed immediately.
Yes, nice try.
[PHONE DINGING] [PHONE DINGING] [PHONE DINGING] MARCIE: Julia Clarke's just not gonna let up.
My god, this is the third straight week of this! I'm gonna talk to the prosecutor about these photos, I mean, like, look at this photo! That photo is intended to show him in the worst possible light.
She's a grieving parent spinnin' out.
Yeah, a grieving parent whose got her fingers in every form of media in the province.
CARSON: Here, have your drink.
You surf, and you worry about work when you get there.
I just gotta go out of town for a few days for work.
But, uh, What was I just sayin' about work? [SOFT PIANO PLAYING] [R&B MUSIC] That's the wrong grade sandpaper.
Your mail.
Look, Eleanor, I don't know what your problem is, you don't wanna live with me, fine.
You refuse to tell me why you left, fine.
But don't take it out on the boat! All of a sudden you care about the boat? REGGIE: What the hell do you- Of course I care about the boat! - I love this boat! - Here comes the bluster, it's the one thing that never changes.
REGGIE: Oh, whatever Ellie.
You talk about the boat, you make promises about the boat, but what do you ever do? The water filtration pump's been busted for nearly a year! I always keep three or four gallons of water on board.
Reggie Thompson, the King of Good Enough.
What the hell does that mean? Thanks for the mail.
I think I found a place, I'll put in for a change of address.
Do what you have to do, Ellie.
Sounds good.
So are you ready to sign this plea deal and move on and be Yes, sir.
Definitely, thank you, sir.
No, I'm looking forward to this as well.
Oh, yes! That sounds like good news.
My student advisor is actually friends with one of the heads of the Endocrinology program at Penn Presbyterian! They sent the Meyer research on endocrine complications, Cystic Fibrosis.
They're offering me a spot! That's amazing, Delroy! - I know, I know! - MARCIE: And your student advisor, - she knows about everything and? - DELROY: Oh, yeah.
I let them know that my lawyer worked out a plea deal so travelling to the U.
wouldn't be an issue.
Well let's, let's go sign that paperwork.
[HEAVY SIGH] DELROY: That's it? -Mhm.
I have a meeting with the prosecutor this morning, the court blesses our plea, and we are good.
Light at the end of the tunnel.
I just wanna go back to school and focus on my studies.
MARCIE: Just remember, free house calls to me when you graduate.
We're withdrawing the deal pending a review.
What's there to review? We spent three weeks hashing out every last detail.
Aggravated assault, six months in a minimum security facility, which is really more than fair considering all my client did was defend himself against a violent drunk.
People in this office are seeing somethin' else.
DELROY [RECORDING]: Drink up, if you can't talk to the staff with respect, MATTHEW [RECORDING]: Respect my dick! - [FIGHTING NOISES] - DELROY: Wanna go? FIONA: Matthew? - Get him off! - DELROY: Hey! That doesn't prove anything.
DELROY: Hey, let go! We have witnesses who say your client knocked Matthew Clarke over and then hit him when he was down.
You know that's garbage! Your own medical expert backs up Delroy's version of events, Matthew Clarke slipped, suffered head trauma which led to his death, and my client was trying to save his life.
Come on Steve, cut the crap.
People don't like the deal.
What people? Julia Clarke? I mean, you-you think I haven't noticed that she's had this footage all over Clarke Media news site since her son's death? Look Marcie, my boss doesn't want to appear soft on crime.
But no one minds being Julia Clarke's puppet? You're really gonna derail this young man's life? What do you want me to do? I'd say your job, but it's obvious that you're too much of a coward for that, Steve.
[SOLEMN POP MUSIC] Hey! I hear you got the Hachmi case.
- I did? - Mhm, the Syrian-Canadian woman, she wants to sue the province 'cause the judge won't let her wear her hijab in court.
Oh, big time human rights deal, huh? Oh, probably gonna involve endless motions, bound to be at least one appeal, I wouldn't be surprised if this goes all the way to the Supreme Court.
How many doors you knock on lookin' for this file? I saw Iris put it in your bin.
- REGGIE: What'd you got to trade? - Divorce.
Three mediation sessions.
You'll be out by five every day this week.
- It's all yours, kiddo.
- Yes! Thank you.
Just don't forget me when you get on the bench.
- You owe me one! - [CHUCKLING] DELROY: What happened? Come to my office.
They're withdrawing the deal, aren't they? - Just pending a review.
- What does that mean? Just means I have to fight a little harder.
[SIGHS] I have a microbiology seminar.
I'm gonna go.
MARCIE: Hey, listen, I don't want you to lose faith, okay? This is all just political nonsense.
Don't worry about your residency.
We are gonna get to that light.
I'm not so sure.
Then I'll be sure for the two of us.
[DEEP SIGH] [DOORBELL BUZZING] Okay, I know you don't take phone messages.
That's right.
I'm just checkin' to see if anyone's been callin' the main line tryin' to reach me? - Why? - Bernard Schachter, he's the senior prosecutor, - I've left him six messages - No.
[HEAVY SIGH] - [CLEARS THROAT] - MARCIE: Reggie? How do I get Bernard Schachter to call me back? Depends on why you're calling him.
Well, they just dropped the deal for my client Delroy Nelson.
No, he's not gonna call you back for that.
But you know Schachter, right? REGGIE: Used to, I can guarantee ya he's not gonna call me back either.
[SOLEMN INSTRUMENTAL] Secretary Bernard Schachter's office.
Yes, can you tell me which courtroom Mr.
Schachter's in this morning? SECRETARY: He's not in court today.
Oh, he's not? [SOLEMN INSTRUMENTAL] [BACKGROUND CHATTER] Excuse me, I'm sorry, I don't know if you remember me Marcie Diggs, of course.
Bernie, this is Marcie Diggs.
Schachter, I've been trying to SCHACHTER: I know, Miss Diggs.
Marcie, are you two? Uh, Marcie was on my legal time at MacIver and MacAlpine.
MARCIE: Well I work for Halifax Legal Aid now.
Schachter, I'm working on the case for Delroy Nelson - and I've been trying to get my - Really nice to see you Ezra, I-I'm sorry but I really have to go.
Um, excuse me Mr.
Schachter, Julia Clarke shouldn't be allowed to use her media company to influence the course of justice.
I'm sure you're not suggesting my office plays favourites? Not suggesting.
[SOLEMN INSTRUMENTAL] I remember you being a little more diplomatic at M&M.
Well, it wasn't as hard to get people to talk to me back then.
EZRA: If ever you're ready to get back into the real game, give me a call.
[SOULFUL MUSIC] ADAM: This is crazy Mom, can't we just go home and discuss this? ED: I don't know why we need lawyers anyway.
Other people telling me what's mine.
The dog is mine, that's obvious.
Maybe not so obvious to the dog.
But that's fine, you can keep Coco.
ADAM: It's obviously not about the dog, Mom.
It's about keeping the family together.
It's about Sunday dinner with all the grandkids.
ED: I'm not selling the house.
ADAM: He's right, Mom.
Dad built that house.
David, would you turn that noise off! [VIDEO GAME BEEPING] Um, Reggie Thompson, are you? MARY: Mary Neary.
How do you do, Mr.
Thompson? Mary Neary.
Uh, are you the mediator? Phoebe Wilner, opposing counsel.
DIANA: I'm the mediator! Hello, Reggie.
Diana? Uh, I'm sorry if I'd seen your name I would I'm afraid we-we have a conflict of interest here, Miss DIANA: Oh, not at all.
Thompson and I are former law partners, but there's no legal reason he can't represent you, Mrs.
Let's get on with it, shall we? You, you, and you, out! This is a mediation, not a hockey game.
[SUSPENSEFUL INSTRUMENTAL] [DEEP SIGH] Doug You got a minute? Yeah, come on in.
Hypnosis, I swear by it.
Yeah, not really my bag.
What'd you need? I was just in court and these two Mimaq kids got jail-time for loitering in front of a restaurant.
The owner said that they were, "Intimidating his customers".
The lawyer representing was a complete clown, it was clear that he picked up the file fifteen minutes before court started.
There you are.
What, one of our lawyers? No.
Well it got me thinking though, why don't we start an outreach program for that community? - Like a pilot - Legal Aid's already got an indigenous outreach program.
DOUG: But this will be more inclusive.
We send a team of lawyers down to meet the clients and prep them properly.
I can talk to the Band Council, I'm sure they'd provide a free workspace, free lunch.
The only expense would be gas money.
Well, and lawyers' time.
Is that a no? It's pretty sweet, right? You know we can't vape on government property.
Oh yeah, I forgot.
Listen, why don't you write up a formal proposal, I'll take a look at it, if it's any good, I'll present it to the Board.
How's that? You got it.
Time to take this thing for a test drive.
[UPTEMPO INSTRUMENTAL] MARCIE: Hey, where you off to? COLLEEN: Law Society committee meeting.
I swear I could pay off my mortgage with the amount of money I spend on this ferry.
- Hm.
- COLLEEN: So, did you have fun whipping Bernie Schachter into a frenzy? MARCIE: He can't just pull my deal from the Nelson case - and not expect me to do something.
- Bernie's a dick.
Good news, though, he wanted me to tell you that he's authorized a new deal for Delroy.
Manslaughter, three years.
No way.
Three years is federal time.
No residency program in North America would accept him after that.
It's your call.
But I'd stay away from Bernie.
You know, a politician like him, he'll have no problem using your client as leverage to get what he wants.
And if I get a call from Gregor I'm not gonna be happy.
[FERRY HORN BLOWING] [HEAVY SIGH] [DRAMATIC INSTRUMENTAL] How's the divorce case goin'? Oh, just great.
I don't suppose you want to trade back to hijaby case? [CHUCKLING] Are you kidding? Couldn't be goin' better.
The judge already committed enough procedural errors for three appeals.
Hey, I heard you pitched Colleen on an outreach program up in Bear River First Nation? DOUG: Yeah.
It's lookin' pretty good if I do say so myself.
Okay, great.
So you've basically killed my initiative to act as legal counsel for sexual assault survivors.
What does one have to do with the other? PAM: She's only gonna back one special project.
Women always get short changed when it comes to Legal Aid resources.
Straight talk.
Colleen's pulling your chains.
The Board's never gonna approach any new initiatives with the Clayton Park office in disarray.
So why did Colleen ask me to write a proposal? REGGIE: Well, there's no skin off her nose, it's win-win, if they say no, it's not her fault, if they say yes, she gets all the glory.
Wow, sometimes you sound almost, oh I don't know, cynical.
Call me in thirty years.
What are you all dolled up for? Rescue mission.
ADAM: We all think Mom's makin' a big mistake.
You know, first of all, it's a mortal sin if you're Catholic to get divorced.
Second, you know, she's got a good life.
Like big house, lots of company, my dad's retired, - and I'm there.
- You still live at home? Well yeah, you know, my parents are gettin' old so, I help out around the house.
Cooking and cleaning? [CHUCKLING] No, Mom does that stuff, more, uh, in case there's an emergency or if Mom needs a drive somewhere, like she needed a lift here today.
And you're saying she actually up and left this incredible paradise? I know, right? MARY: I thought we could go over the basics since its clear Miss Maclean didn't brief you on my situation.
So, the net family property, - when I left - You left? You mean your husband didn't ask for this divorce? Oh, poor dear.
He's fighting it tooth and nail because he thinks I'll give up and come home.
REGGIE: Well you can't blame him for trying.
Well the assets are substantial to say the least.
Are you really sure you want this divorce? Are you married, Mr.
Thompson? It's a little complicated.
So now all is revealed.
Obviously, she left you, which is why you're siding with Ed and the boys.
I'm not siding with anyone! I'm on your side, and-and not that it's relevant, but I'm still married.
MARY: Well I wouldn't know it from the way Ms.
Harbour was looking at you.
You see, this is exactly why you need another lawyer.
I mean, you don't want your husband appealing Diana's ruling because she She thinks you're irresistible? REGGIE: Oh you're right, yeah.
Another lawyer- MARY: Oh, perhaps you're right.
Maybe that nice gal at the desk, Iris.
No, she's not a lawyer.
Look, I'll find you somebody else, they'll call you next week or the week after MARY: Next week? No.
No, sir.
It's taken months to get this far, I want this divorce settled once and for all, even if I have to stick with you as my lawyer.
Elvins? Marcie! MARCIE: The news is making Delroy look like a career criminal.
I mean, where's all the stuff about how he won a bunch of scholarships to help him pay for medical school at Dal? - He's a lot like you, actually.
- Yeah? I mean, he's got a modest background, he's working his way through school, he's at the top of his class.
Okay, so what do you need from me? I need her to stop.
[CHUCKLING] How do I do that? Well, Julie is making Bernie look like a bit of a schmuck doesn't bode well for any political aspirations he might have.
But consider this, Julia's shareholders at Clarke Media matter to her.
I could just talk to them.
MARCIE: How would that help? Well if they can pressure Julia to back off your client in the press, we should be able to convince your Crown to put the original deal back on the table.
That would be great.
All you need to do is get me a complete shareholders list.
Clarke Media's a privately held company, I don't have access to that information.
Are you sure Marcie? [SUSPENSEFUL INSTRUMENTAL] I don't like having my time wasted, Marcie.
MARCIE: M&M still represents you, Mr.
Elvins, I'm sure if you talked to them EZRA: If Julia's people even smell my involvement in this, they're gonna close ranks.
How much do you wanna help your client? [PHONE BUZZING] Hello? Delroy, wha-what's wrong? - [HEAVY BREATHING] - [SUSPENSEFUL INSTRUMENTAL] Why didn't you tell me there's a new deal? The Crown left a message on my dad's phone.
Ugh, no they shouldn't have done that.
DELROY: Marcie, please! Everyone's staring at me, Googling me, adding me, telling me that I'm a murderer and that I should go to jail.
I just want this to be over.
Please, Marcie, what's the new deal? It's three years.
MARCIE: Delroy you cannot let them bully you like this.
I'm just, I'm just, I'm tired, Marcie.
I wanna take the deal.
No, don't let them do this to you.
What about your residency? Do you trust me? [SIGHS] I will fix this, I promise you, I will make this right.
Clarke? Mrs.
Clarke? I'm very sorry for your loss.
Every day since your son's death, you've used your news sites, your papers, and your local stations to relentlessly campaign against my client and I need you - to stop - Your needs? Delroy's a good kid, Mrs.
He hasn't had it easy.
His mother was murdered when he was ten, his dad then had a nervous breakdown, lost his job, his house, everything.
Can you even imagine that at ten years old? Having to live in cars and shelters? - Having to take care of your parents - He killed my son! Fiona.
FIONA: I'll see you out.
Did you expose us to a Law Society complaint? This is totally out of context.
[DOORBELL BUZZING] DELROY: Marcie! Why would you tell them all this? Del, let me take you back to my office.
I don't want to be handled, Marcie.
You said you were gonna help me.
You said to trust you! Now it's not just my business, but my whole family's business splashed all over the news.
I'm so sorry, I thought if I can get Julia Clarke to back off DELROY: Three years.
That's what they're offering, right? Take it.
Let me figure this out.
DELROY: You're my lawyer.
MY lawyer.
And I've given you instructions.
I'll get whatever you need.
MARCIE: Today would be better.
Alright, I'll see ya then.
No, no, I'll just explain when I get there.
Have you put a call in the prosecution of the Nelson case? - I'm working on it.
- 'Kay.
What? I think that's your man.
[SOLEMN INSTRUMENTAL] The forensic accounting of Mr.
Neary's company is still underway so we don't have actual numbers yet.
REGGIE: My client doesn't wish to pursue equalization payments connected to Mr.
Neary's business.
I'll need a waiver to that effect.
Concerning spousal support, we stipulate the Date of Separation is the day this agreement is signed.
DIANA: The separation began some months ago is my understanding.
We'll agree to the date of separation as stipulated.
Neary, has your lawyer explained everything that you're entitled to? I think I explained it to him actually.
But we just want the divorce finalized.
And I think we're there.
Why don't you and I review the agreement as it stands and skip the final mediation session? Where's the Bible, Mary? - I want it.
- MARY: Ed, the ED: I brought it into the marriage.
Your mother gave me that Bible on our wedding day.
I didn't see any mention of a Bible in the list of assets.
It belonged to my Grandma, on my side of the family.
REGGIE: Uh, if it gained value over the course of the marriage ED: It's got no value! I just want it.
Let's get it registered and appraised, hm? Looks like we'll need one more session after all.
[HEAVY SIGHING] What the hell, Doug? Stop lurking, what do you want? Sorry, I just wanted to make sure you got my proposal.
Have you had a chance to look at it? I will, don't worry.
DOUG: I busted my ass getting that together for you because you said you needed it for the Board meeting, and I'd really like to walk you through it.
COLLEEN: Listen, I keep my word.
I'll make sure it's on the agenda.
Good, now leave me alone with my smoking sensation gum and this hill of shit I'm under.
Ugh! [DRAMATIC INSTRUMENTAL] MARCIE: So you have an office, Leah? I had a cubicle [GIGGLING] Yeah, it's pretty cool, although I haven't started decorating it just yet, and I don't wanna look presumptuous and then jinx it.
Ugh, they are lucky to have you and they know it.
Well, it wouldn't have happened if not for you.
So you mentioned you needed shareholder information on Clarke Media? Yes.
Julia Clarke is trying to sink a case that I'm working on, and I just figured if I could get ahold of some of her shareholders they could put the pressure on her.
Let me see if they have anything on S&P.
Damn, this information hasn't been updated in five years.
I think Grover's handling yep.
Calvin Grover's repping Clarke.
I can check his files if you need? That would help me out, yeah, thanks.
Okay, sure.
Done! Do you want me to print it out too? MARCIE: That's okay, I'll just jot down the names.
- Thank you.
- There you go.
DIANA: Don't worry, I'm not gonna bite ya.
Well it's just I don't think it's appropriate that we're talking without Ms.
Wilner here.
I was having drinks with Joanie Farnsworth last night, do you remember her? She couldn't believe we were in the same room after all these years.
Joanie's been going through her photographs, she gave me this to give to you.
[CHUCKLING] You used to be such a fire brand.
Eh, so I've aged, there's no argument there.
DIANA: Ah well, we've all aged, in our different ways.
I'm really enjoying the work I'm doing now, you know, really helping people.
What about you, are you still loving the law like the old Reggie? Jesus, I like the old Diana, the bull in the china shop, you got something to say, say it! You think because you're smarter than everybody else, you can just go through the motions.
We used to make fun of the burnouts, do you remember that? You said they should be lined up and shot, put out of their misery.
Oh, so is that what you've come to do? Hm.
You know I always had a torch for you, back in the day, but you only had eyes for Eleanor.
And you were the perfect gentleman.
I always respected you for that.
You were true to her and true to yourself.
Diana DIANA: But what happened to this guy? The old Reggie would never have treated his clients the way you've treated yours.
Well done.
We'll talk soon.
My goodness, what's the occasion? Well, it's our final session, I thought I'd end it in style.
Uh, milk no sugar, right? Now, let's see this Bible of yours.
You read Latin? Oh, for heaven's sakes no.
We Catholics aren't much for reading the Bible.
Oh, here are the important parts.
There's me and Ed, our first little one, Ed's mother, Kate, I honestly don't know what I'd have done without her.
You and your husband look happy.
Oh, we were! May I ask you a question? Why do you wanna get divorced? Mr.
Thompson, - we've been through this! - REGGIE: No, I wanna understand.
I mean, you don't seem to hate your husband.
- MARY: I don't! - Well then why are you leaving him? [SIGHING] It looks like I'm ending things with Ed, but I'm really just opening a door, he can follow or not.
Follow where? Do you want to get back together again? People talk about marriages ending, but relationships don't end, they just change for better or worse.
I don't know what my relationship with Ed will look like after we're divorced, but I do know that I won't be mad at him anymore.
Well, you ready for one last mediation session? Are you? GREGOR: This makes sense.
- Gregor! - Oh, Colleen.
Some interesting proposals, I'm, uh, curious to get into the models.
I hope that means I'll have your support.
Settle everyone, we're starting.
Excuse me, can you move down one please? Thanks.
What are you doing here? Thought you might need my support pitching my initiative for Bear River.
Oh, you did? Brought you an extra copy in case you forgot yours.
You know what, Doug? It's wonderful that you're here, I'm not sure I could have done your work justice.
But um, why don't you present it? Okay.
GREGOR: Okay, any additions or deletions to the agenda? Yes, we'd like to add something, please.
Doug Paul is here to present the Bear River Initiative.
Steve, it's Marcie, again, just still waiting for an update on the Nelson plea deal.
Just-just call me back please.
[PHONE RINGING] Hello? Who? Julia Clarke, I of course.
I'm on my way.
[SUSPENSEFUL INSTRUMENTAL] DOUG: According to Stats Can, Indigenous people make up 27% of the federal prison population, and yet we're only 5% of the Canadian population.
Paul, everyone around this table is aware of those figures.
Great, I'll just cut to it then.
We've made the efforts to provide additional supports to Indigenous communities but it's just not enough.
All our resources are limited, Mr.
DOUG: Well not so limited for the posh offices we get to enjoy.
So our clients should just expect to walk into a dump because they're poor? No, but our clients also shouldn't have lawyers reviewing their files for the first time fifteen minutes before an appearance.
The pilot project I've outlined in my proposal will go a long way in bringing down those incarceration rates.
Well, thank you Doug.
I know we have a lot to get through today so, I propose we move directly to a vote.
DOUG: You knew it wasn't gonna fly.
I knew it was a long shot.
Is that why you let me put on the dog and pony show? So you didn't have to look like a fool when they unanimously voted against it? You wanted to pitch, Doug, now you gotta wear it.
[CHUCKLES] Come on, they rejected the idea, but you held your own with Gregor, that's not easy.
What good is that? COLLEEN: It's about playing the long game, right? I mean, now they know your name.
When the time comes and they're looking for a new lead for an office, you'll be at the top of the list.
Then you can fight harder with real power for what you want.
If I could stomach the politics.
- [ELEVATOR DINGING] - [CHUCKLING] Yeah, there's that.
Oh, don't get too comfortable, Mary.
We might not be here that long.
So, here's the deal, yesterday my client was perfectly willing to sign off on an agreement that every single person in this room knows fell far short of what she's entitled to in equalization payments and spousal support, but you blew it.
- 'Scuse me? - REGGIE: You got greedy.
And your client here got just plain mean with his dog-in-the-manger play for the family Bible.
So we're through negotiating.
You have a choice, you can sign this agreement here today, or we go to court.
- We'll go to court.
- I think we should at least I'm not agreeing to this divorce.
- Ed! - DIANA: Mr.
Neary, I can stop these proceedings.
Oh, it's okay.
I know exactly how Mr.
Neary feels.
You're thinking that everything is just perfect, but you're not seeing jack shit.
She's been your anchor for so long that you forget that she spent her whole life dealing with the gunk and the sludge while you get to enjoy the free ride.
But believe me, the longer she's your anchor, the further she gets from you.
That's where you are right now with Mary.
Now you can dig your heels in and we go to court, but you're never gonna change your wife's mind.
Now if you want any kind of relationship down the road, my advice to you is that you step back and start listening to what Mary wants.
Mary, is this really what you want? Yes, I'm afraid it is, Ed.
PHOEBE: I'd like to review this.
We're done.
Send me your bill.
[SOLEMN INSTRUMENTAL] The matter with your client is at an end for us.
No, I'm fine.
Show it to her.
Show me what? FIONA: I was with Matthew that night when he After you came here and talked about Delroy and Mrs.
Clarke ran all those stories about him, [SHAKY BREATHING] I felt awful.
So I showed her this.
MATTHEW [ON RECORDING]: Yo, check this.
Uh, uh, uh, uh! Girl's stunned! Brains up her ass! Hey, I'm sorry, guys, but I need to ask you to leave.
Yo, who are you touchin''? You better step off! Whoa, whoa.
Drink up, if you can't talk to the staff with respect.
You'll respect my dick! [FIGHTING NOISES] MATTHEW: Wanna go? FIONA: Matthew?! MARCIE: This proves Delroy was no where near Matthew Clarke when he slipped and suffered his fatal head injury.
FIONA: Get him off, get him off! DELROY: Let go of me, get off me! He's gonna die! Why am I just seeing this now? MARCIE: It came from Fiona Edgerton, she's Julia Clarke's assistant, also Matthew's fiancé and that's her in the video.
Said she was too afraid to show it to Mrs.
Clarke until the last round of attacks on Delroy in the press, so.
Guess she finally decided to do the right thing.
Not the, uh, sorta thing you wanna put in front of a jury, now is it, Steve? No, it's not.
They dropped the charges, you're free! You're free.
[SOBBING] It's okay, you're gonna be okay.
[UPLIFTING INSTRUMENTAL] [soulful instrumental] I was doing some shopping when you called.
Sandpaper, the good kind, none of that cheap stuff, brushes.
I was halfway across MacDonald Bridge and I asked myself, "Eleanor, are you in high school?" You spent twenty-seven years with this man, you don't leave with a Change of Address card and a case of beer.
You're leaving? I don't wanna fight.
And I'm not going to.
When did we stop seeing each other? It's like-it's like we, we drifted into a place where good enough was okay, neither of us demanded anything more.
I'm ready to fight for this marriage.
But, if you need to go, You're being very mature.
It's taking everything, trust me.
Why don't you just go, please.
[SOLEMN INSTRUMENTAL] You got everyone fooled, don't you? - Leah? - Everyone thinkin' that you're this good, decent person when really you're just a user.
I was honest with you.
LEAH: If anyone finds out that I'm the one who gave you that list, how could you put me in this position? Wait a second, I didn't tell you to go through Grover's files, you volunteered.
LEAH: Yeah, because you said you needed that information - for a client.
- I did.
LEAH: Not to advance a hostile takeover.
Wait a second, a hostile takeover, what are you talking about? [SUSPENSEFUL INSTRUMENTAL] [PHONE BUZZING] IRIS: Hey, delivery.
I'm guessing it's from Carson? Last time I got a bottle and flowers, it's 'cause someone messed up, big time.
Thank you, Iris.
EZRA: Marcie, it's Ezra, the new CEO of Clarke Media.
You did it! You should have seen the look on Julia Clarke's face when security escorted her out of the building! I couldn't have done this without you, great to know you still got the killer in ya.