Diggstown (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Kim Bond

: Baby, River Baby, River He's the cutest guy Baby, River - Hi.
KIM: Oh, sweetie.
Whatcha looking at? You're the cutest little guy in the whole wide world.
Yes, you are, yes.
Baby, River Baby, River [TINKLY MUSIC.]
Uh, oh, stinky poo poo.
KIM: River's out of diapers.
I've gotta go to the store.
Watch him.
- Cool, babe.
The stove is on.
Make sure you turn it off in five minutes.
Come on, yeah! Come on.
Yeah! Clay! - Watch him.
- Okay, okay.
HANI: I got something I wanna show you.
Oh, I love this show.
No, this is actually the Japanese version.
Oh! She's moving.
Go! Oh, damn.
- That must have hurt.
Oh, shoot, I gotta go.
Stop, stop, that's my baby! That's my son! That's my son! FIREFIGHTER: Do you live here Miss, um? No, it's my-it's my boyfriend's place.
We're just-we're just staying here until Well one of your neighbours called 911 when the smoke detector went off and no one in your unit was responding.
They found drugs in the apartment.
Did you know there were drugs in the apartment? Can you please just give me my baby back? He needs to be changed.
I just-I just want to change his diaper.
FIREFIGHTER: Child and Family Services are on their way.
He needs to be changed! Just, just give him back.
Can you please just give him back.
MARCIE: How is it in the best interest of this little boy to keep him from his mother? LOUISE: It is certainly not in the child's best interest to be kept in a home with an habitual drug user as well as someone who's been diagnosed with an illness that makes her incapable of parenting.
Where are you getting this? This court would be endangering the life What evidence does counsel base her opinion on, Your Honour? LOUISE: Urine tests taken one hour after police were called to the scene show that Clay Pyke, the father of the minor child, had over 300 nanograms of THC in his system.
Miss Bond's social worker, Ona Reeves, can provide evidence to attest to Miss Bond's history of missing doctor's appointments, as well as evading CFS's mandated home visits.
Evading? Your Honour, Miss Bond taking her son to visit with his grandmother is evading? LOUISE: Your Honour, Miss Bond's poor executive functioning, hyperactivity and attention deficiencies place her child at risk and Your Honour, my client was diagnosed with a mild form of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder as a teenager.
The Department of Child and Family Services is discriminating against her based on her disability.
Please, stop.
If only I had all day for this.
Miss Diggs, I'm going to give you and your client 40 days to present a parenting plan acceptable to this court.
If you're unable to do so, we will move forward with a permanent care hearing where final custody of the minor child will be determined.
In the meantime, the minor child will remain in the care and custody of CFS.
We are adjourned.
BAILIFF: All rise.
What does that mean? There's a lot of work to be done, and very little time.
Hi, I'm, uh, Carson Myers.
5'11" 175 pounds.
I like, uh, cheap beer, hot wings, and, uh, baked rice pudding.
I'm currently single, having recently divorced.
We're good? It's a start.
I smell coffee.
Better be hot.
Colleen catches you eating from her secret stash, she's gonna kill ya.
Go ahead, tell her.
Guess who won't be at your annual booze cruise, and if I'm not there, my mother's famous apple pie won't be there either.
REGGIE: Aw, hey now.
That's not playing fair.
And after all the nice things I said about you to the School of Social Work? They called you? What'd you say? I said they'd be lucky to have you.
Thank you.
Oh, hey, Kim, how's it going? Pam, hi.
Pam, can you tell Marcie Noreen is always late? It's true, Kim's mother is always late.
When do you go before Judge Lawrence? In three days.
That's when the parenting plan is due, but I may need to ask for an extension if Noreen's kinship application isn't complete.
Where is your mother? PAM: Oh, you want your mother to be River's guardian? KIM: Mom's good now.
She quit drinking and everything.
Okay, great.
So you're not gonna appeal the judge's initial ruling? I have a little time, I'd be more than happy to help.
I think we're good.
Besides, Kim wants her little boy back with her, not in foster care with strangers, and Noreen's kinship application is the fastest way to make this happen.
Okay, Katniss.
Nice to see you, Kim.
KIM: Katniss? Like the girl from the Hunger Games? Yeah, it's just a - a stupid nickname from my old firm.
Marcie Diggs.
Where are you? NOREEN: Marcie, Rick and I, our voices are loud.
I swear to god we wasn't doin' nothin'! Don't even lie to me Noreen, okay? The arresting officer told me that there's been at least five calls in the last three weeks.
Oh, I'm not allowed to have a life? You know what, you're selfish! You realize 90% of parents with FASD have their kids taken from them.
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome? Make 'em prove it.
I'll swear on a stack of Bibles I never touched a drop when I was pregnant with Kim.
- You put me on the stand - So you can lie? In three days, I have to convince the judge that Kim has support systems necessary to help raise her son, and now because you can't keep it together we got nothing.
No, not doing this.
You're not gonna give me a ride? Bus is running.
COLLEEN: A Mareva injunction, really, Tessa? I mean do you really think you're gonna convince a judge to freeze my client's assets? Sure.
Two p.
What'd she say? It's good.
They want to sit down tomorrow at two.
I think we're gonna be able to settle this.
Everything I've got is in that business, Colleen.
You'll take care of this, right? Look, I'm-I'm a bit late for a meeting with one of my lawyers, but don't worry, I'm gonna handle this.
Okay, thanks.
DOUG: I've got a mother charged with assault causing bodily harm after leaving a child in a hot car.
The Crown is considering the death penalty.
DOUG: Nice? Have you heard a word that I've said? Sorry.
Look, I'm helping out a friend on a civil litigation file.
He owns this small landscaping business, you know, hires kids for the summer, pays them a good wage, teaches them mindfulness.
He's the definition of a do-gooder.
What did he do? COLLEEN: Well, one of the kids he hired was bullying another one, and the kid who was being harassed got fed up and stabbed him in the arm with pruning shears.
The "Garden Hedge Hero"? Your guy's messed up in that nonsense? The parents of the bully are now saying that their kid lost their reputation due to Lyle's negligence, and they're suing him for two million dollars.
Let me get this straight.
Their kid bullies someone and they're suing your friend? That's the takeaway? The villain becomes the victim.
How the hell did we get here? MARCIE: Ona, come on.
Louise will do whatever you tell her.
Where's the restraining order? It-it needs to be in the file.
Get her lawyer on the phone, we need that paper.
Tomorrow we can make a motion and ask the judge together to give me, to give Kim more time.
ONA: Last time I looked, it was just Kim and Noreen.
The paternal grandparents aren't interested? I've already been down this road.
Do you think I want to take Kim's child away from her? - Then don't! - [CELL PHONE BUZZING AND NOTIFICATION.]
Kim is doing, has done the work.
Her illness in and of itself shouldn't-shouldn't disqualify her from raising her kid.
Come to me with somebody who can help Kim raise her son, and I'll consider it.
Without that, I have to recommend River be placed with another family permanently.
MARCIE: Hello, Mr.
Pyke, I represent Kim Bond and I was really hoping - [PHONE CLICKS.]
- Hello? Um, were you expecting Kim? Well, she's here.
Oh, and she's leaking.
She's leaking? KIM: My doctor told me that breast milk is better than formula for babies.
Said it will make River a smart boy.
How can I help you, Kim? KIM: I went to take River's milk to Ona this morning and she wouldn't take it.
Said it was too much for the fosters.
You're taking breast milk to CFS every day? [SIGHS.]
River will get his milk, don't worry.
I need a favour, it's personal.
I'm supposed to go to M&M for a meeting at two o'clock today on Lyle's case.
They called, they insisted I got the time wrong.
They want to meet at noon.
I've got a conflict.
- Can you - Sure.
Thanks, Doug.
Listen, one more thing.
Lyle's like family to me.
I love the guy, but he's not gonna want to go hard on these people.
Don't worry.
I got it covered.
PAM: Got any gluten-free options? You gotta have gluten-free options.
REGGIE: Well I'm cooking up my famous fried whole clams, will that do? PAM: No, that's not gluten-free.
This arrived for you.
PAM: Whoa, did you see who it was from? Just the delivery guy.
PAM: Huh.
REGGIE: So, who's it from? Return from Amazon, nothing special.
Return from Amazon? IRIS: Mhmm.
ONA: Do you know how hard it is to find great fosters? This whole business with Kim and the bottles of breast milk? It's too much of a burden.
Then you should have allowed her access.
Ha, I remember being so high and mighty.
You'll come down to earth soon enough.
I want you to get this milk to the foster family before it spoils.
Did you not hear what I just said? What are you River is going to get his mother's freshly pumped breast milk every day that he remains in foster care, and if he doesn't, I'm gonna file a civil suit against CFS on behalf of Kim for intentionally interfering with Kim's maternal rights.
Go easy, Marcie.
Not on this.
You're lucky I like you.
Paul, Tessa Cox.
So you're the gentle giant I've heard so much about.
Well, my daughter's got a way with words.
My daughter Leah, she works here.
Along with 200 other folks.
No, I meant Marcie Diggs.
She's my former associate.
Marcie is great.
I miss her every day.
Kavanaugh, Tessa Cox.
Hey, uh, Lyle.
I-I wasn't aware that Legal Aid took on cases like this.
I was happy to receive the call from Colleen, and I think if we put our heads together, we should be able to put this matter to bed.
That is our hope.
All right.
Now, I've advised my clients to let me do the talking.
It takes the emotion out of it.
Now, I assume your client, Lyle, when he hired the Nolans' son, Arthur, that his intent was for it to be a positive experience.
Of course.
All I want is to teach these kids how to interact with nature and their peers instead of a cellphone or a tablet.
TESSA: So you're making it your responsibility to prepare these boys for the next phase of their lives? - Well I - You can't do that.
If you wanted to pose my client I've been instructed by my clients to settle the claim against your client with the following terms.
First, Lyle will write a letter to Brown on behalf of the Nolans' son, Arthur, taking full responsibility for the incident between my client's son and the other boy.
Second, he will agree to shut down his business.
I mean, it's not as if it's much of a business to give up.
I know.
It should give Mr.
Kavanaugh a strong basis to file a defamation claim.
Defamation? DOUG: Dr.
Nolan and her husband have been going around accusing my client of negligence, which you can't prove.
You've blamed your son's bullying on my client, which you also know is false.
Your son needs counselling not So you're a lawyer and a parenting coach? Wonderful! I'm also great at math.
Your clients own assets north of 50 million dollars.
If you move forward with this Mareva motion, we'll be filing a counter claim for at least five million dollars in damages.
It's good to meet you, Doug.
- Mm.
- My best to Marcie.
We're not really gonna sue these people are we? I mean, I just-I just want this to go away.
We're good.
Can I help you? Hi.
I'm Marcie Diggs.
I'm Kim Bond's lawyer.
Right, I thought I told you we didn't want to talk.
And I thought I'd try to change your mind.
Well I hope you're a better talker than you are a listener.
Come on.
MARCIE: I appreciate you taking the time to speak with me.
Ona Reeves, Kim Bond's social worker, she mentioned that you and Mr.
Pyke weren't interested in filing a kinship application for custody of your grandson, and well, I guess I was just curious as to why.
Miss Diggs Oh, Marcie, please.
I think I might've been younger than you when I had Clay.
- You've met Clay.
- Yeah.
He's on the spectrum.
I mean, it's not a definite diagnosis, it's a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and finding him the right medication was hell, and that led to him being a really hard a really hard kid to parent.
It brought our marriage to the brink and we didn't have any more kids because if we'd had to parent another Clay, I think that we really would have killed one another.
PYKE: He's been here less than a month and his room looks like a bomb's been dropped in it.
Clay is living here? Yeah, just until we can set him up in another place.
River is, he's your grandson.
Are you okay knowing that this really great kid, who's your blood, will be raised by strangers? MRS.
PYKE: A few years ago, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and I'm good, I mean, no we're good.
But Kim and Clay are like sunlight on an open sewer.
It's just too much.
I'm sorry, it breaks our heart, but we can't have that young woman in our life.
Mission accomplished.
Hey, how'd it go? DOUG: Threatened to sue them with defamation if they didn't back off.
: Yeah.
Caught 'em all by surprise, including Lyle.
Yeah, well, Lyle has a tendency to move away from aggression, not towards it.
I noticed that.
Doesn't seem like your type.
It's not like that.
Lyle was my Manny.
I was a bloody mess when I first moved here to Halifax.
When the end of my marriage left me a wreck, and I had two kids to raise, Lyle helped put me back together.
I owe him.
Oh, I forgot.
A counter motion to dismiss the Nolans' claim against Lyle.
Uh, another rum and coke, sweetheart.
I'm gonna get his number.
Girl, you don't know how to have fun.
MARCIE: I have fun.
Anyway, to what do I owe this open bar? I met with the Pykes today.
You kill me.
They're perfect.
They're not interested.
MARCIE: Arrange one visit.
One visit between River and his grandparents.
They're, they're great people.
I guarantee you they will fall in love.
- This is good.
- Yeah.
Tell me how you feel I know you got your Mmm.
Okay, I'm trying to figure out how I could be with a man who gobbles up a plate of wings and doesn't even offer his lady one.
Well you are looking at this all wrong, right? I'm just saying.
This here is salmonella city.
No, I love you so much that I'm taking the hit for you.
We're using that word now? Just popped out.
Well maybe pop it back in.
I told you that I'm your lady, right? [SOFT SOULFUL MUSIC.]
MARCIE: Big mouth.
Katniss? Why would you tell Pam that? It was just a compliment.
It means you're tenacious, smart, feisty.
Compliment? You knew that was just some PC code for bitch, - 'cause I took care of business.
- Marcie.
MARCIE: You and Pam want to have pillow talk that's your business, but you keep my name out of your mouth.
Hey, listen, I just I didn't Avery Thank you.
Marcie Diggs.
- ONA: Marcie.
- KIM: I just wanna see him! Please! Clay said it was okay! - Kim is at the Pykes.
- CLAY: It's okay, Dad.
- Jesus.
- Clay, you said this was okay! - It is! Come on, Dad.
- Did you tell her about the meeting today? I want this to work, remember? She's not coming in here, Clay.
CLAY: Don't be a goof, Dad! [TENSE INSTRUMENTAL.]
Call the police, Cecilia.
CLAY: Why are you such a jerk, Dad? - KIM: I just wanna see him.
- It's okay, Dad.
ONA: You need to come get her, now.
I'm on my way.
- Kim.
REGGIE: So I got a whole list of gluten-free No, Reggie, you can't just Is that a pair of Wagners? Nice.
Well if you don't want 'em.
I'm late for a conference call.
ONA: Kim, what were you thinking? This was to get the Pykes to help us.
Now you've ruined every chance we had Take her.
MARCIE: What happened? ONA: This is the emotionally unstable person you think should be entrusted with the care of a six month old infant.
Clay said if I came over, I could hold River.
He said he'd let me.
Why can't I just hold my baby, Marcie? I'd never hurt him.
I know.
I know you just want to see your boy.
Kim, why don't you go sit in my car, okay? I'll be right there.
Just so you know, the judge is going to hear about this little outburst.
Where's River now? He's with his grandparents.
So it's going well? You don't stop, do you? [SOFT INSTRUMENTAL.]
PYKE: Hi, hey, hello.
You check off the type of Legal Aid you're looking for and then we're actually gonna have to get some expenses and your deductions there, and if you have any questions Iris, can you get Colleen for me? - And then you're - Iris? Pick up the phone, call Colleen, tell her I want to see her now.
Excuse me for a second, Miss Taylor.
Just bring it back when you're done.
Colleen is attending a meeting at the Bar Society.
When will she be back? When the meeting's over, I suppose.
Are you being fresh? IRIS: Excuse me? Gregor.
I need a word.
Is there a problem? Why is the Minister of Justice calling me giving me shit because one of our lawyers is harassing one of the government's chief policy advisers? I don't know what you're talking about.
Elsie Nolan and her husband.
Look, why don't-why don't we go into my office Let me be very clear.
You are under contract to Halifax Legal Aid.
You do not do favours for friends, okay? So this mess you're involved in, clean it up.
Sure, um, there's a motion tomorrow morning GREGOR: No, no, no, no, no, you're not hearing me.
You're to tell your friend you're no longer his counsel as of today.
I'm not gonna do that, Gregor.
You don't want to fight me on this, Colleen.
You gonna fire me? Good luck.
I don't report to you.
I report to the board, and you're only one vote.
I think you believe you're more popular than you are.
You think for one second if I put someone else in that seat of yours that one member of that board is gonna so much as sigh in your defence? Fix it.
Excuse me.
- Oh, Colleen - Not now, Lyle.
I just got off the phone with Ona.
She said Kim showed up at the Pykes' house.
Not sure why she'd be discussing that with you.
She said it was a disaster.
Not my take-away.
Do you think the paternal grandparents are still on the table? Pam, I'm gonna have my lunch.
PAM: Do you still think Kim can self-regulate enough to raise this child? With the right meds, yeah.
Did she really throw a rock through their window? MARCIE: She's human, Pam.
What's your point? Adoption's open, here.
Maybe that would be the best option for Kim and her baby.
MARCIE: Pam, I've got this.
Please, I've got this! God.
What is your problem? Pardon me? PAM: I don't know, you seem to have a a problem with me.
I don't know why, I I want to be your friend and I keep trying and you Well, maybe I don't need any new friends.
You're an asshole.
You know why I keep blocking you? 'Cause you're never real.
You're in here fronting with your vintage clothes, and your No Name pop, and you hang out at the Port like you're some local pleb when that couldn't be further from the truth.
At least I'm interested in engaging with the world, and not burying myself in the mess of other people's lives to avoid dealing with my own.
I'm frontin'? Okay.
Look in the mirror.
Iris, I'm on lunch.
Really? I'm so glad you came in.
I hope this is good news.
We think it is.
We talked to our lawyer and she said we were a bit late You're right though, we're River's family and we want to make sure he remains family.
Great, this is, this is great to hear.
So you're gonna go ahead and file a kinship application.
No, I think you misunderstood.
We're going to petition to adopt River.
We simply wanted to know if you would talk to Kim to ask her not to fight us.
PYKE: We have a house on Long Point in Ontario.
I'm thinking it's not a bad place to raise a little boy.
So you're just gonna take her kid? I think it's better for River if he's raised by his family rather than the alternative, isn't it? Let's go.
: This was a mistake.
PYKE: She doesn't get it.
MARCIE: The Pykes have asked that you not contest their adoption of River.
I won't agree to this.
I mean, how fair is it Clay will get to see him grow up and not me? It's not fair.
I know, Kim.
I hate this.
But three months from now, a year from now, the Pykes' feelings about you could soften and you may have a chance to be part of River's life.
And with the Pykes you'll know that River's safe.
If you go through with this hearing, it's likely that you will never see your son again until he's old enough to come looking for you.
Maybe the judge will see it my way.
Maybe, but You don't get it.
It'll kill me, knowing he's with them.
I can't see him or hold him? I will die.
If he's with a stranger, somehow, it'll be easier to pretend River doesn't exist.
Hard but easier, you know? [EMOTIONAL INSTRUMENTAL.]
What are you doing here? LYLE: Well you weren't home and I remembered how much you like your Friday morning massages, so.
Well remind me to be less predictable.
I don't want you to come to the meeting this morning.
I'll-I'll handle things with the Nolans from here on.
What did you get a law degree overnight? Let me go get myself together and we can No, no, no, listen.
I got myself into this mess and I can get myself out of it.
Look, Colleen, if I'd known what a problem this was gonna be, - I never would have - Lyle, I spent eight years reinventing myself and my career and you more than anybody else other than my kids knows how tough that was for me.
Listen, you're my friend and if helping you means going back to square one, then so be it.
I'm gonna go take a shower.
I'll see you soon.
MARCIE: Your Honour, it is my submission that my client, Miss Bond, can with appropriate ongoing supports like treatment related to her FASD diagnosis, parenting education, regular home visits from healthcare professionals, can successfully raise her son River who is the subject of today's hearing.
That's it counsel? That's our submission, Your Honour.
LOUISE: Your Honour, at this time we'd like to move forward with a Permanent Care Hearing with respect to the infant child.
Miss Bond? Yes, Your Honour? JUDGE LAWRENCE: Miss Bond, has your lawyer explained what a Permanent Care Hearing is? Yes, Your Honour.
JUDGE LAWRENCE: And at this time do you wish to relinquish your parental rights to the minor child? My baby's name is River, Your Honour.
No, I don't want to give him up.
- JUDGE LAWRENCE: Thank you, Miss Bond.
Your Honour, it has come to our attention that River's paternal grandparents would like to make an application for custody.
Therefore, I'd like to move that this hearing be adjourned.
Objection, Your Honour.
Counsel, come.
I don't understand this.
You'd rather the child be placed in permanent care than with his grandparents? MARCIE: We'd rather Miss Bond's son be returned to his mother's custody.
Your Honour, the Pykes intend to move to Ontario to dedicate themselves full-time to raising their grandson.
They have the means to So, being poor makes you a poor parent? Without the appropriate hearing I think Ms.
Reeve's point is this hearing is not the appropriate venue anymore, given we have an application for custody, step back.
It's not in the child's best interest to be raised by folks who don't see the inherent value of a mother and a child's bond.
JUDGE LAWRENCE: I have your point on that, Miss Diggs.
- Step back.
- This is insane, Your Honour.
Watch yourself, Miss Diggs.
MARCIE: My client is facing the loss of her child because she went out to get diapers and milk at the corner store.
LOUISE: Miss Diggs is grossly un She did not leave River alone, she didn't leave River with some stranger.
She left her baby boy with the father.
She did the right thing, but because she's poor, because she lives in social housing, because her challenges put her in CFS's radar, her choice, the same choice that mothers make every single day, may cost Kim her child.
TESSA: We appreciate a Mareva injunction is an extraordinary measure for a situation like this, but we believe Mr.
Kavanaugh could very likely liquidate the assets of his business prior to the resolution of my clients' claim.
COLLEEN: Your Honour, the assets in question are old gardening tools, lawnmowers, and three 10 year old Ford pickup trucks.
Assets with no real commercial value, thus the recovery of damages would not be impacted if the assets were not preserved.
And don't even get me started on the applicants' case, meaning there is none.
TESSA: I don't think a determination needs to be made here.
I don't think Ms.
MacDonnell is asking me to make a determination, but simply pointing out, as part of the Mareva test, that the strength of your client's case is a consideration.
COLLEEN: Actually, we are asking, Your Honour, to dismiss the Nolans' negligence claim.
There are major issues.
Standing, the Nolans' son was not a minor when these incidents occurred, so the parents have no legal cause of action against my client.
Cox knows this.
The employment relationship, meaning the contract signed by the Nolans' son clearly states that he was an independent contractor, not an employee, thus the vicarious liability argument is inherently faulty.
Also I think you've made your point, Ms.
I think we're done here.
Are you sure, Your Honour? I can keep going.
JUDGE LAWRENCE: I have considered the arguments of all parties involved in this matter.
As much as possible, I've tried to sift through the emotion of this case.
Kim, you have to say something.
You cannot leave this courtroom without them hearing your voice.
JUDGE LAWRENCE: Best interest of the child is the guiding light in any child custody matter.
Miss Diggs? KIM: I would like to say something please, Your Honour.
I know I can be a good mother.
Or what I think a good mother is, anyway.
Like when River's hungry, I feed him.
When he cries, I hold him, comfort him.
I'm taking parenting classes and being really good about my medicine and I know Miss Reeves and the Pykes think River's not safe with me, that I'm not good enough, but I promise if you let me have my baby back, I'll be good enough.
I'll be good enough.
There is no doubt in my mind Miss Bond would do everything possible to raise her son River in a safe and stable environment.
However, as the child matures, the court is concerned Miss Bond's cognitive limitations would make her ability to provide such an environment near impossible.
Miss Bond's petition for custody is denied.
The paternal grandparents have applied for custody.
There is no need to move forward with a Permanent Care Hearing.
This proceeding is at an end.
Your Honour, until the custody application of the Pykes is final, we ask that Miss Bond has access to her son.
Your Honour, the Pykes will allow supervised visitation through an intermediary until such time as their application for custody is final.
Good, we're adjourned.
- BAILIFF: All rise.
- Oh, thank you.
I'll get to see River.
Yes, we will talk to Ona about making that happen right away.
Staying in line From this day on I step out into the world and down the road But who knows the outcome Of morality Please keep your own self Priority I'll stay in line from today [PHONE RINGING.]
I got no choice - Hello? - KIM: Marcie.
Kim, I'm, uh, I'm sorry about what happened.
KIM: Marcie, I just wanted to thank you.
I didn't get to do that today.
No one's ever talked about me like that, and I wanted you to know.
Thank you.
It will come to you It will come to me It will come to us It will come REGGIE: What do you mean it's not there? It's a 50 foot boat, it doesn't just disappear.
Woman, what woman? Eleanor.
Your-your weekend? You know this is when I take our office out on our annual cruise.
Stop saying it's your weekend.
Bring her back in! Hello, hello? [SIGHS.]
How about a barbecue, at my place? We can do it at my place Well you sure you want the unwashed masses in your palace? Well, when you put it like that, no, but let's do it anyway.
Hello, Gregor.
DOUG: This is a hell of a view.
Do you need a roommate? This is quite the place.
I'm holding onto something, but is it forever REGGIE: You don't seem too enthused.
I'm living in one of my parents' houses.
When we go on family vacation, they pay the full shot.
My dad just bought me a pair of $2,000 skis.
It's embarrassing.
I want for nothing and yet every day I am defending people who want for everything.
Rent your own place, pay your own airfare, and return the skis.
But I like this.
REGGIE: Then be okay with it, because the only one who cares about it is you.
Play something on that phone of yours.
REGGIE: Oh, I like this.
REGGIE: This is How'd it go with Lyle today? Aced it.
Did you talk to Gregor? Don't ruin this cab for me.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Colleen sprang for cab chits for everyone.
It's been that kind of day.
Thank you.
Saw you in court today.
The system's FUBAR'd.
But I want to remember this though.
I want to feel this.
And then on Monday I am going to work like hell to make certain I don't feel this again.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
IRIS: I like it, I like it.
We should [PHONE RINGS.]
Oh, sorry.
Tessa? TESSA: Your ears must be burning.
A few of the partners and I are having some drinks, and your name came up.
How about coming home? Excuse me? TESSA: We want you back at M&M, where you belong.
REGGIE: And this red pen.
PAM: No, no, no, if it's not on the counter already, - it's not on offer.
Oh, come on.
COLLEEN: Just the Chateau Palmer.
- REGGIE: Yeah, get the opener.
- PAM: No, put it back! TESSA: Marcie? Tessa, thank you, but, uh, I'm good.