Digimon: Digital Monsters (1999) s01e07 Episode Script

Ikkakumon's Harpoon Torpedo

Under attack by the Numemon, the children found themselves in Toy Town.
Controlled by a black gear, Monzaemon drew out the children's emotions and locked their Digimon in a toy box.
A pack of Numemon, Mimi, and Palmon opposed him.
Palmon, evolve! Togemon! The children's journey continues.
A Roar! Ikkakumon A Roar! Ikkakumon It's cold I think I'm drooping In contrast, this one's gotten more energetic than usual This cold isn't a bad thing.
Please, give me a break! If we get any snow, we can have a snowball fight! Snowball fight! What's a snowball fight? A snowball fight, huh? What is that? Is it food? No, it's not.
A snowball fight is a fun activity where we hit snowballs at each other.
Oh We can finally have a match! I'm not gonna lose! I'm looking forward to it.
I wanna make an igloo! Hey, you can make an igloo? Now that has to be food! I've told you, it's not.
You guys are taking it too easy.
It'll be unbearable if it snowed.
Why are you standing alone here, looking so serious? Of course I'll be serious! Think about it! If the temperature drops any further, it'll be tougher for us to set camp! In this cold environment, it'll be harder to find food too My head's hurting from this! I'm the one who has to protect everyone.
Because I'm the eldest.
See, look! It's just what I was worrying about! What should we do? Let's keep walking while we decide on that.
There's no point in standing around.
Walk in this snow? He's right! We can't go any farther! Then let's hear your idea! In front of us is a snow field, behind us is a mountain.
Whatever direction it is, we still have to move forward.
Hey, wait.
I smell something weird.
It stinks.
What is it? Could this be? Look over there! There's smoke! I get it.
This stench is An onsen! Note: Onsen - Japanese hot spring.
An onsen! It's bath time! Bath time! This is It's boiling! You bathe in this? No way.
I can't take a bath in this.
But it's very warm.
At least the coldness has gone away.
Stop being so easygoing! What are we gonna do for food?! There're no provisions here Yes, there are.
What are you talking about? This place is full of rocks! Look! You've gotta be kidding me.
What? Lucky! This is nuts! What is a refrigerator doing here?! I wonder what's inside.
That's not the point! Let's have a look.
I told you! I hope it has jelly~ What's jelly? All right, I'm opening it! Eggs! I guess this means dinner's served! W-Wait a minute! We don't know if they're edible! Don't worry! I'll test them for poison.
What are you saying? Even if we could eat them, we'll just be common thieves for taking other people's property! But we have no choice.
We're hungry.
They'll understand once we explain to them.
At any rate, this is an emergency situation.
Let's have dinner! Leave the bowl-making to us! They're done! Hard-boiled eggs! We got more firewood! Hey, what do I do with this? Everyone's so cheerful I can't be like that.
Because I'm holding responsibility.
Let's eat! Let's eat.
Delicious! It's been so long since we had a real meal! This'll be perfect with some white rice.
Eggs with soft rice! That sounds good! What's wrong, Jyou? Aren't you gonna eat? I was just thinking how we wouldn't have to go through all this trouble if we were at home.
I want to go home.
I wonder what everyone's doing It's been four days since we've come here.
Hey, everyone! What do you like to put on top of your eggs? For eggs, I use salt and pepper, of course.
Soy sauce for me.
I put sauce on mine.
I use a little ponzu.
Note: Ponzu - A tangy sauce made from the juice squeezed from citrus fruits.
Ponzu, huh? You're all weird.
For eggs, it's obvious that you eat them with sugar! I love eating that with natto on top too! Note: Natto - Fermented soy beans.
Natto That's too weird! You all put that bizarre stuff on your eggs?! I'm shocked! The Japanese culture is collapsing before my very eyes! Oh, what are you talking about? H-Hey, Jyou Who worries over stuff like that? Well, natto might be something to worry about With eggs, all you need is salt and pepper! Not sauce, or mayonnaise, but salt and pepper! Geez You're so stubborn, Jyou.
What?! Well, it's true, isn't it? You keep worrying over the little things.
How am I stubborn?! See, look! You get mad right away! It's started Wanna fight?! Damn you! Hey Jyou, calm down! I am calm! I always am You're acting weird today.
Maybe you're just tired.
I'm not tired! I'm not the one who's acting weird here.
All of you are! I have my act together.
I do I have my act together! How many times do I have to tell you? It's still too dangerous! It's no use thinking about it! And I'm telling you to think about it a little! Then what? Are you saying that I'm not thinking about anything?! Hey, what's wrong? What are those two arguing about? They're arguing over whether or not we should head to Infinity Mountain.
Infinity Mountain? That big mountain over there.
Taichi says that if we go there, we can survey our entire surroundings.
That's true.
On a mountain that tall, we can see everything.
But Yamato is against it because it's dangerous.
There are a lot of ferocious Digimon on that mountain.
I see.
That is dangerous.
What? We won't get anywhere if we kept running away like you! You think I'm gonna quietly follow along with your recklessness and get everyone into danger? What?! Hold it, you two! Let's calm down first and talk it over without fighting.
What's your opinion, Jyou? Who do you agree with? What Taichi says is true If we climb up there, we can get a sense of directions.
See, look! But what Yamato says is right too.
There's no point in climbing up that mountain if it'll bring harm to everyone In any case, let's just go as far as we can! And I'm telling you, you're wrong! Wait! I'm thinking right now! Just wait a bit! Calm down! You're the one who's heating up! What? I'm thinking for all of your Let's just go! Don't decide on your own! Listen to me! Stop! Cut it out, you three.
It's gotten really late.
Yeah, it's time to sleep.
Let's continue this tomorrow.
The others look really worried too.
Okay? C'mon, let's go! Yeah, good night! I couldn't do anything.
I even got caught up in the fight instead of stopping it.
This won't do.
I have to stay focused.
I have to keep everyone in order! I have to go for everyone's sakes.
Acting cool, are we? Are you planning to go up that mountain alone? Gomamon Don't try to stop me.
Not gonna.
Well, go on.
Don't follow me! I'm going alone! Who says I'm following you? There's something I have to do on that mountain.
Have it your way.
Geez you're just not honest with yourself, Jyou.
What? You felt intimidated going there on your own, weren't you? Don't be stupid.
Oh c'mon, don't worry about it! In any case this is a huge mountain Admitting defeat already? Of course not! If you need my help, I'll lend you a hand.
A hand? Those are hands? Don't make me mad.
It's just a joke.
What's wrong? You can make jokes.
Never mind.
C'mon, let's go! This road is awful Let's take a break! I think we've reached the halfway point.
You're pretty good.
You're not bad yourself.
An earthquake? It can't be Could this mountain be a volcano?! Those are Black gears! Why did they come from there? Let's check it out! We might be able to find something! Yeah! I'm sure it was around here I don't see any devices anywhere Let's take a closer look.
Wait! What's that sound? A horse? It's Unimon! He's a smart, gentle Digimon.
UNIMON Phantom Beast Digimon Adult Type Vaccine Special Attack Holy Shot Unimon.
A sweet Digimon whose form is a mix of the legendary beasts, the unicorn and Pegasus.
His special attack is the fireball, Holy Shot.
Hide! Don't worry! Unimon is nice.
There's no need to hide from him.
That Digimon information you guys give us never turned out to be right.
Oh look.
He's drinking.
That must be where he gets his water.
He's so pretty See, I told you it was all right! Let's take a closer look! H-Hey! Something's coming It's a black gear! Oh no His eyes His eyes! His eyes they've gone crazy!! I sure slept well! Jyou-senpai's gone Maybe he's already awake I'll be back soon.
Stay here and wait for me.
Jyou Did he go to Infinity Mountain all by himself?! Oh no! Wake up, everyone! Gomamon! Can't you do something? No good, we're trapped! Is this the end? Birdramon! We're here to save ya! Taichi! Sora! Are you okay? Birdramon! Yeah! Agumon, evolve! Greymon! Taichi! Greymon, you okay? Greymon!! Taichi! Mega Flame! Taichi! Greymon! Sora! Birdramon! Meteor Wing! Sora! That black gear If I take it out Jyou! This Jyou! I have to pull this out! Jyou, stop! It's impossible! No! I have to do this! I have to protect everyone! Because I'm the oldest I'll protect everyone! Jyou!! JYOU!!! Gomamon, evolve! Ikkakumon! Anyone can run and give up Nigetari akirameru koto wa daremo When given a second, so let's keep on walking instead Isshun areba dekiru kara arukitsuzukeyou There's something only you can do Kimi ni shika dekinai koto ga aru aoi hoshi ni Harpoon Vulcan! No good! He's fast! So that this blue planet doesn't lose its light Hikari ga nakusenu you ni Seize the dreams you painted! Tsukame! egaita yume wo You did it Protect your beloved friends! Mamore! daiji na tomo wo You did it! You did it! Taichi! Then you can become stronger Takumashii jibun ni nareru sa Are you okay? Y-Yeah Is everyone all right? Thank goodness.
You're all safe! Unknown power dwells in your heart Shiranai pawaa ga yadoru When its fire is lit haato ni hi ga tsuitara I've changed my opinion of you, Jyou.
Sorry about last night.
Even your wishes, it's true, Donna negai mo uso ja nai Your courage was what made Gomamon evolve, Jyou-senpai! Will surely be granted, so Kitto kanau kara Nah That's wrong! It wasn't because of Jyou's courage, but because of my own hard work! Probably! Show me your brave heart Show me your brave heart I mean, it is! It has to be! What? Wanna fight? Thank you, Gomamon.
We were saved because of you.
Look, Gomamon's blushing! Shut up! I'm not! Let's go, everyone! To the peak! We made it! Th-This is Taichi and the others became highly discouraged when they discovered that File Island was a solitary island amidst the vast sea.
Voices Yagami Taichi Takenouchi Sora Ishida Yamato Izumi Koushiro Tachikawa Mimi Takaishi Takeru Kido Jyou Fujita Toshiko Mizutani Yuko Kazama Yuuto Tenjin Umi Maeda Ai Konishi Hiroko Kikuchi Masami Voices Agumon Piyomon Gabumon Tentomon Palmon Patamon Gomamon Sakamoto Chika Shigematsu Katori Yamaguchi Mayumi Sakurai Takahiro Mizowaki Shihomi Matsumoto Miwa Takeuchi Junko Voices Narration Hirata Hiroaki Despair.
Is there no way of leaving this island? Fear.
Why is the messenger of justice, Leomon, attacking the children? Fate.
Are they not entitled to even a moment of tranquility? And the Devil that holds the key to everything steps up! Next time on Digimon Adventure: The Messenger of Darkness, Devimon! Now the adventure evolves.
The Messenger of Darkness, Devimon!