Digimon: Digital Monsters (1999) s01e30 Episode Script

Almost Home Free

Returning to their world, the children hurried to Hikarigaoka so they could find the eighth child before Vamdemon did.
There, they discovered that all seven of them had once lived in Hikarigaoka.
They also remembered that two Digimon had fought there four years ago.
All of us are linked by the fact that we have already met the Digimon four years ago! Then that must also be the same for the eighth child! There is no doubt about it! The eighth child, too, should have witnessed that event! The Great Digimon Crossing in Tokyo!! The Great Digimon Crossing in Tokyo! What? Garudamon has been sighted? It's reported that the Chosen Children have also come to this world.
Have you found the eighth child yet? We're currently raising our efforts and expanding our search perimeters.
The children must also be looking for the eighth child.
Hurry! We mustn't let the children gain the upper hand! Yes, sir! If the eighth child's not here in Hikarigaoka, we should hurry up and look in other places.
We can't waste our time here or Vamdemon will get ahead of us.
He might have left to take a little vacation somewhere else.
No, I don't think so.
The other connection we have between us is that We all moved from Hikarigaoka? Yes.
If that's not just a coincidence, then we should assume that the eighth child has also moved.
So, could he be in Odaiba just like us? That's our most likely possibility.
I want to go home! All right! Anyway, let's head to Odaiba first! Yeah! Yeah! Let's see the fastest way to get to Odaiba I can't tell because there are so many routes available.
Please wait just a minute.
The fastest way to get there is If we take the Toei No.
12 Line from here to Nakano-sakaue, transfer to the Marunouchi and Ginza Lines and leave from Shimbashi, the Yurikamome route will take us to Odaiba.
Okay then.
In any case, let's get to Nakano-sakaue first.
Hey, Taichi! What's that? A ticket.
This is what we use to ride the subway.
Subway? What's that? Please, don't talk too much in front of other people.
This place is different from your world.
If anyone catches you talking, they'll raise an uproar! Listen, while you're here, you need to pretend to be stuffed animals.
You can't move around, okay? I know it'll be tough, but bear with it.
Okay, I understand.
I won't talk or move.
It's much easier to be carried around by Sora anyway.
Sora~ I just said not to move! Is this a cave? It's a weird cave.
Hey, be quiet! Out of Service Shinjuku The train is arriving on time.
Please stay behind the white line.
Wh-What's that sound? Isn't that a Digimon's voice? There's something glowing inside the cave! That does it! It must be one of Vamdemon's minions! Tsunomon! Stop making me worry, you twit! There, there.
Stop crying and be a good boy.
Um, here you go.
Oh, thank you.
Good boy.
You're a good boy, so don't cry.
E-Excuse me Oh, I'm sorry.
Come on.
That's gotta hurt That hurts! Stop pulling me! It talked! That doll talked! Oh, that must have hurt! You poor thing! Play along with whatever I say, okay? M-Mm.
But you know, the baby only did that because he likes you, Pyocomon! Yes, really! So forgive him for what he did, okay? Okay! I'm sorry for yelling at you.
Oh, that's called ventriloquism.
It's really the young lady who's speaking for the doll.
Interesting, isn't it? Oh, it's just ventriloquism.
I thought it really talked! Of course it wouldn't! I want one! Dad, I want that doll! Buy it for me, Dad, buy it, c'mon! Um, excuse me, miss.
Y-Yes? Sorry to bother you, but where did you get that? Wh-Where? Um Nerima.
This is Nerima.
Please exit to your right.
The Nerima Daikon Department Store! Oh, really? Thanks! Thank you very much.
That was a close one.
I thought we were goners for a second there.
What's the Nerima Daikon Department Store? No idea.
I'm tired Now that my tension's drained, I'm starting to feel sleepy.
Hey, where are we supposed to get off at again? At Nakano-sakaue.
Nakano sakaue Nakano-sakaue.
Please exit to your right.
Nakano saka? Huh? Hey, don't we get off here? Shh! You can't talk! Huh? This is Shinjuku?! We slept through our stop! Patamon, you were awake? Why didn't you wake us up? Because you told us not to talk! Should we go back to Nakano-sakaue? No.
I believe we can still transfer to the Marunouchi Line from here.
Hey, Taichi I'm hungry Me, too So am I.
Just deal with it! I'm hungry too, you know! I want to eat a hamburger.
A hamburger, huh? I feel like I haven't eaten that in a while.
The Marunouchi Line There are a lot of different stations here Listen up, guys! Make sure to stay close behind us and Hey, Koushiro.
What's wrong, Jyou-san? Everyone else is gone.
Honestly, where did they all go?! Oh, yes! If we use this, we can tell where everyone is right away! Huh? Why won't it react? It worked fine while we were in the Digimon's world Maybe it broke when we got here.
That can't be Here you are! This is! This is just a toy! A toy! There they are! Delicious! This is so good! I almost forgot what this tasted like! This is so not fair, Yamato! You get to eat this tasty stuff every day! Be a little quieter while you're eating.
What if the other customers see you? No one is paying any attention to us, though.
It's Jyou-san and Koushiro-san! You guys should eat something, too! The food's great! Y-You guys wouldn't happen to have used your fare money for this? Yeah, we used all of it! We're sorry! We just couldn't resist the temptation of hamburgers! Y-You guys What the heck are you guys thinking?! I'll eat! I'll eat using all of the money I have! Huh? The Digivice is reacting.
It's because we're all here, isn't it? No, I mean, when I looked at it earlier, it wasn't reacting at all.
That's odd Maybe it only works for short distances in this world.
Hey, more importantly, how do we go from here? Yeah.
We don't have any money left, so we can't ride the trains.
How do we get to Odaiba for free? Just leave that to me! I've got a fool-proof plan! Really? Hey! Someone give me a ride! Hey hey hey hey! Let me on! Oh c'mon, hitch-hiking in these modern times? It isn't as easy as it seems on television That's dangerous, you moron!! Speak for yourself.
I bet it'll take three days before Taichi is able to get a ride.
I'd like to see you guys try it then! U-Us? YYay YYay Ready, set Ready, set Yay yay yay yay! Yay yay yay yay! Hi~ ♥ Come on in, little boy.
Why did you say no?! We couldn't all fit in that car!!! Take us to Odaiba ♥ Take us to Odaiba! Take us to Odaiba! It'll definitely work this time.
Girls are better at this.
That's right! The men will be crawling all over them! Is that how it works, Taichi? Well, yeah.
All right, it's okay! Easy stuff! So that's how it works Hey, you boys sitting in the rear.
Yes? Yes? Let me just make it clear that you're the extra baggage that came with Sora-chan and Mimi-chan.
Got it? Yes~ Yes~ We're just the extra baggage~ We're just the extra baggage~ Baggage had better keep quiet.
If you don't, I'll dump you in the middle of the highway or something.
Okay~ Okay~ We'll be quiet~ We'll be quiet~ Want some candy, Mimi-chan? Sure! You too, Sora-chan.
Thank you.
Hey, what's the deal with this guy? He pisses me off.
Try to behave.
After all, he is taking us to Odaiba.
Actually Are we sure that he really is driving us to Odaiba? Does it taste good? I'm always getting beaten and shouted at by Vamdemon-sama.
Things won't look up unless I accomplish something soon.
But Just where could that kid be? E-Excuse me, Onii-san! Onii-san! Did you say something? Please turn down the volume! What? The volume! You need to go? That's not what I said! We interrupt this broadcast for some important news.
There was a bombing in the Nerima district a few hours ago near the housing complexes in Hikarigaoka.
This may have been responsible for putting telephones, wires, and optical cables in Hikarigaoka into temporary disservice.
Investigations are currently underway in the local area and we will bring you a news update if anything is uncovered.
In other news, unconfirmed sources have insisted that an elephant and a large bird were witnessed at the scene of the crime.
Confirming the facts behind this matter is also currently in progress.
Whoa, an elephant! Freaky.
There is some speculation that this incident is related to the terrorist bombing which occurred in Hikarigaoka four years ago.
It must've run away from the zoo.
To those just tuning in, there was a bombing in the Nerima district a few hours ago near the housing complexes in Hikarigaoka N-No way! Gah, it stinks! Y-You twerps Who the hell just took a dump inside my beloved car?! Sorry, I Me! It was me! I'm sorry! I'll make sure to wipe up all of it! Liar! I know you'll never do something like that, Sora-chan! The one sitting in the back was You, right? Don't try to fool me with that nice-guy face of yours, you little! Please stop! Shut up! Koushiro! Koushiro-han! Motimon, evolve! Tentomon! You're heavy Anyone can run and give up nigetari akirameru koto wa daremo Th-That's It's Gesomon! When given a second, so let's keep on walking instead isshun areba dekiru kara arukitsuzukeyou Gesomon? Gesomon Adult Virus Mollusk Digimon Special Attack Deadly Shade Gesomon.
A Mollusk-type Virus Digimon.
His special attack, Deadly Shade, paralyzes his enemies! There's something only you can do kimi ni shika dekinai koto ga aru aoi hoshi ni It's a squid monster! Leave the ocean Digimon to me! So that this blue planet doesn't lose its light hikari ga nakusenu you ni Seize the dreams you painted! tsukame! egaita yume wo Protect your beloved friends! mamore! daiji na tomo wo Gomamon, evolve! Then you can become stronger takumashii jibun ni nareru sa Unknown power dwells in your heart shiranai pawaa ga yadoru Ikkakumon! When its fire is lit haato ni hi ga tsuitara There's another one! Even your wishes, it's true, donna negai mo uso ja nai Will surely be granted, so kitto kanau kara Harpoon Vulcan! Show me your brave heart Show me your brave heart Senpai, look at that! Are they monsters? No way! Dad, take up the camcorder! Hurry! They're pretty well made! Do you think they're real? No way! It must be for some kind of event.
It seriously annoys me! What's that? Oh wow, they're so cute! What's wrong? Ah, I'm done for.
Hey, hey Whoa! What, is it over already? Oh yeah! Those guys Huh? We kind of drew a big crowd back there.
It couldn't be helped.
But oh well, it'll all work out.
Set out towards Odaiba! And so, the children were able to make their way safely back to Odaiba.
However I've found you.
I must inform Vamdemon-sama about this right away.
Where could the eighth Chosen Child be? Vamdemon's night draws nearer.
ORIGINAL CONCEPT Hongou Akiyoshi (本郷 あきよし) SCRIPT Maekawa Atsushi (前川 æ·³) CHIEF ANIMATION DIRECTOR Yamaguchi Toshio (出口 としお) EPISODE DIRECTOR Shimizu Junji (志水 淳児) VOICE TALENT Yagami Taichi (八神 太一) Takenouchi Sora (武之内 空) Ishida Yamato (石田 ヤマト) Izumi Koushiro (泉 光子郎) Tachikawa Mimi (太刀川 ミミ) Takaishi Takeru (高石タケル) Kido Jyou (城戸 丈) Fujita Toshiko (藤田 淑子) Mizutani Yuko (水谷 優子) Kazama Yuuto (風間 勇刀) Tenjin Umi (天神 有海) Maeda Ai (前田 愛) Konishi Hiroko (小西 寛子) Kikuchi Masami (菊池 正美) VOICE TALENT Koromon (コロモン) Pyocomon (ピョコモン) Tsunomon (ツノモン) Tentomon (テントモン) Palmon (パルモン) Patamon (パタモン) Gomamon (ゴマモン) Sakamoto Chika (坂本 千夏) Shigematsu Katori (重松 花鳥) Yamaguchi Mayumi (山口 眞弓) Sakurai Takahiro (櫻井 孝弘) Mizowaki Shihomi (溝脇 しほみ) Matsumoto Miwa (松本 美和) Takeuchi Junko (竹内 順子) VOICE TALENT Vamdemon (ヴァンデモン) PicoDevimon (ピコデビモン) Narration (ナレーション) Ohtomo Ryuzaburo (大友 龍三郎) Miyata Kouki (宮田 幸季) Hirata Hiroaki (平田 広明) TRANSLATION onkeikun EDITING Splash TIMING Splash TYPESETTING Splash RAWS onkeikun KARAOKE TIMING mirrim Splash KARAOKE STYLING j0hnny KaiserDragon ENCODING nitephire OPENING THEME 『Butter-Fly』 Artist - Wada Kouji (和田 光司) Songwriter - Chiwata Hidenori (åƒç ¿ã€€å‰åŠŸ) Composer - Chiwata Hidenori (åƒç ¿ã€€å‰åŠŸ) Arranger - Watanabe Cheru (渡部 チェル) INSERT SONG 『brave heart』 Artist - Miyazaki Ayumi (宮崎 歩) Songwriter - Oomori Sachiko (大森 祥子) Composer/Arranger - Oota Michihiko (太田 美知彦) ENDING THEME 『keep on』 Artist - Maeda Ai (前田 愛) Songwriter - NK Composer - Kine Naoto (木根 尚登) Arrangers - Kine Naoto & Yuasa Kouichi (木根 尚登 & 湯浅 公一) How many months have passed? Finally back, the children revel in the familiar corners of their homes, the faces of their families, and warm dinners.
But during the night, an ominous shadow lurks within Tokyo Bay.
Realizing this, Koushiro goes alone with Tentomon to face it! Next time on Digimon Adventure: Raremon! Attack in Tokyo Bay! Now the adventure evolves.
Raremon! Attack in Tokyo Bay