Digimon: Digital Monsters (1999) s01e47 Episode Script

Ogremon's Honor

Taichi and the others chose to sneak into Pinocchimon's unguarded mansion.
Meanwhile, Pinocchimon appeared before Mimi and her group.
What's more, MetalEtemon unexpectedly returned from the world of darkness.
Mimi and the others, along with Ogremon, managed to escape while their enemies were distracted, but a new Digimon blocks their path.
Is he another enemy? Or O Wind! O Light! SaberLeomon O Wind! O Light! SaberLeomon! Don't come any closer! All right! I'll take care of him! Wait! Calm down.
That voice Could it be? Hey, you bastard You can't escape from me! We'll talk later.
Climb onto my back, quickly.
Hey, wait! Don't leave me behind! Just you wait! I'll be sure to find you! Over here.
Hey, this is! This is the restaurant where Yamato and I were forced to work! But this is weird.
It should be next to a lake.
Everything all over the world right now has changed drastically.
In any case, let's hide ourselves in here.
Leomon! I knew it was you! You're alive! It's been awhile, Chosen Children.
You can evolve now, Leomon? It seems that after I was bathed in the light of the Digivice, I've gained the ability to evolve.
However, I return to my original form almost immediately.
I still cannot control it.
Why does stuff like this always happen to you? Bores me to tears it does! But that still doesn't mean you're a match for me! Leomon! Fight me! Make sure to heal that wound first.
Then we'll fight.
Come on out! Please spare us, tama! Please spare our lives, ribbit! You two are Geckomon and Otamamon! Princess, ribbit! Princess! Thank goodness! Shoot him! Shoot him! Shoot him -de aru! Shoot him! Shoot him! Shoot him -de aru! Shoot him! Shoot him! Shoot him~! Hey, you two I think that's more than enough It's like all of the resentment they've built up against him has finally exploded.
YOU GUYS! We're sorry -de aru! Who said you guys could step into my house? I'll sue you for breaking and entering! Oh, we made sure to get permission from the people inside your house first.
They're all gone now though.
♥ It's time we finished this, Pinocchimon! If you want to play with me that badly, then we'll take this outside! Pinocchimon! Wait! T-Taichi! Oh no! Morons! See, Takeru, I wasn't lying! I've got friends, too! Get them, RedVeggiemon! Okay! RedVeggiemon Adult Virus Plant Digimon Special Attack Hazard Breath RedVeggiemon.
With their bodies ripened into a dark crimson, this Digimon is a stronger version of Veggiemon.
They appear anywhere on Pinocchimon's command.
All right, everyone! Why were you two hiding in here? Our castle was destroyed by the Dark Masters, ribbit.
What's more, the Digimon who work for the Dark Masters kept hunting us down, tama.
We barely escaped with our lives by the time we made it out here, tama.
That's terrible.
Those guys slaughter every last one of the Digimon who won't listen to their orders.
A load of bullshit if you ask me.
We cannot allow them to get away with this any longer.
That is why I have continued to search for you, the Chosen Children, all this time.
We need your abilities to beat the Dark Masters and rid this world of the powers of evil.
Then we should have fought with the Dark Masters when we first came to this world.
Why did we have to start off on File Island instead? Are you stupid? If you guys had faced the Dark Masters first, you would have been dead before you even knew what was going on! But then so many Digimon wouldn't have had to die in our place Mimi-kun I'm not quite sure about this, but there was probably a reason why you first landed on File Island.
It was, in a sense, to test you.
To test us? Yes.
It was to determine whether or not the Chosen Children could really save our world.
If Devimon had killed you back then on File Island, that would have shown the limits of your abilities.
But you have successfully passed that test with flying colors, and you have even grown enough to face the Dark Masters on equal ground.
Now is the time to defeat the Dark Masters! Where are the other children? We must gather them up immediately.
Well, actually we've kind of gone our separate ways for now.
Separate ways? We're in the middle of another test, except this time, we're struggling with ourselves.
Meteor Wing! Mega Blaster! Heaven's Knuckle! Neko Punch! What the heck are you guys doing? You're all useless! Pinocchimon! Agumon, warp-evolve! WarGreymon! Anyone can run and give up nigetari akirameru koto wa daremo Dramon Killer! Bullet Hammer! When given a second, so let's keep on walking instead isshun areba dekiru kara arukitsuzukeyou I'll show you! There's something only you can do kimi ni shika dekinai koto ga aru aoi hoshi ni My body is moving on its own! Look, you should be walking over there! WarGreymon! So that this blue planet doesn't lose its light hikari ga nakusenu you ni Everyone, get out of the way! Seize the dreams you painted! tsukame! egaita yume wo Protect your beloved friends! mamore! daiji na tomo wo Hikari! Then you can become stronger takumashii jibun ni nareru sa Tailmon, super-evolve! Unknown power dwells in your heart shiranai pawaa ga yadoru When its fire is lit haato ni hi ga tsuitara Angewomon! Even your wishes, it's true, donna negai mo uso ja nai Will surely be granted, so kitto kanau kara Run quickly! Show me your brave heart Show me your brave heart Kabuterimon, super-evolve! AtlurKabuterimon! Birdramon, super-evolve! Garudamon! Horn Buster! Wha What the hell! Pinocchimon! This fight's over! Please be careful around the Chosen Children! If you make light of them, even you may lose, Pinocchimon-sama! I may lose? They have something that you don't, Pinocchimon-sama! Something that I don't have? As if I'll believe that! Morons! Don't think you've won just yet! Squash them flat! Everyone, be careful.
He's here.
I've finally found you.
Now, here comes my time for revenge! MetalEtemon! I will be your opponent! Leomon, warp-evolve! SaberLeomon! Fine by me! It doesn't matter who gets in my way.
Don't expect me to show any mercy! SaberLeomon Ultimate Data Ancient Beast Digimon Special Attacks Nail Crusher Infinity Arrow SaberLeomon.
The Ultimate form of Leomon.
His special attack is Infinity Arrow.
Leomon! Don't! Let me handle this! All of you, get out of here! Nail Crusher! Number One Punch! I can't leave Leomon to fight all by himself! Gomamon, evolve! Ikkakumon! I'll fight, too! Mimi! What do you want me to do? Harpoon! Wait! Stop! Why, Jyou? Why are you stopping me? Let's do what SaberLeomon says and get out of here! Jyou Infinity Arrow! What? Come on, get on Ikkakumon! But Leomon! Now it's my turn.
Full Metal Hip Attack! Wait! I'm the only one here who gets to beat Leomon! What? Stay back, Ogremon! You're no match for him! Shut your trap! I'm sick of you getting to show off all the time! No! Mimi! You can't fight him with those injuries! Don't do it! Stop! Shut up! There's no need to push in line, I'll send all of you to your deaths in a single blow! Dark Spirits Deluxe! SaberLeomon! Ikkakumon, super-evolve! Zudomon! Not every day is sunny, so even though hare no hi bakari ja nai kara tamani No Why does it never stop?! Hammer Spark! Absolutely futile! A cold rain will fall sometimes, just open up your umbrella tsumetai ame mo furu keredo kasa hirogeyou My body has a full coating of Chrome Digizoid metal! Then take this! There's no map on how to live, but that's why we're free ikikata ni chizu nanka nai kedo dakara jiyuu Hammer Boomerang! Are you some kind of idiot? Whatever you do is useless! Even you can go anywhere you please doko e datte yukeru, kimi mo Why?! My Chrome Digizoid metal coating! I'll tell you why.
Unknown courage sleeps in your heart shiranai yuuki ga nemuru This Thor Hammer is made of the same Chrome Digizoid! When you realize that haato ni ki ga tsuitara What?! Even the downpour within your heart mune no naka no doshaburi mo Nail Crusher! Will surely stop, so kitto yamu kara You must be kidding me! Show me your brave heart Show me your brave heart Leomon!!! Look out! Hikari! Hikari, over here! Shadow Wing! It doesn't work! AtlurKabuterimon! Takeru, get out of here! B-But! Get them! Get them! Take me with you! Shut up! You'll just drag me down! Flying Cross Cutter! You came at a good time! Fight him like you did last time! Listen to me! Now go! Finish them off! W-Why? Why aren't my powers working? Of course they won't work.
There's no way he'll obey someone who can kill the people he calls friends while not even feeling sorry about it.
What? Now that pisses me off Everyone just needs to do what I tell them to do! Cocytus Breath! Jureimon What was it that I was missing? Yamato-kun! An earthquake? Now that Pinocchimon is destroyed, the forest is disappearing! Run! We've gotta get out of this forest! No! Don't die! Leomon! Leomon Damn it Toilet paper won't fix this! The forest The forest is returning It appears your friends have defeated Pinocchimon I knew they would.
Please! Don't die! There is no need to mourn.
I will be reborn in the Village of Beginnings.
My apologies, Ogremon.
My fight with you will have to be postponed until then Leomon NO! Damn it! Mimi-kun, let's go to the Village of Beginnings.
If we go to the Village of Beginnings, it won't just be Leomon waiting for us.
All of the Digimon who are gone, like Chuumon and Piccolomon, will be reborn too.
You're right! That's why we need to go find that village! The Village of Beginnings is dead.
I walked through it the other day.
It's changed completely, all because of the Dark Masters.
The Village of Beginnings won't return to normal until we've beaten those guys! Whaddya choose to do? We have to bring the village back to normal.
I don't want to sit around here anymore doing nothing! Mimi-kun! I know this will be hard on you, but we have no other choice but to beat the Dark Masters! Hey, Mimi.
Let me fight, too! If our friends still die even when I don't fight, then I would rather be fighting than not at all! Okay.
I'll do whatever it takes to bring back the Village of Beginnings.
You'll help us, won't you Ogremon? Keh! As if I'd want to team up with you guys! But I still have a fight to settle with Leomon Guess I'll just have to tag along.
Having you around is reassuring! Then with that decided, let's gather up more comrades first! There should be Digimon around who are still opposing the Dark Masters.
We should go look for them! Okay! Princess tama, can we come with you too, tama? No.
Why not?! I'll change my mind if you call me "Mimi" instead of "Princess.
" Mimi! Please take us with you, ribbit! Of course! And so, the children continued walking down their individual paths.
But Taichi and the others could not rest.
Their new enemy was already upon them.
ORIGINAL CONCEPT Hongou Akiyoshi (本郷 あきよし) SCRIPT Maekawa Atsushi (前川 淳) CHIEF ANIMATION DIRECTOR Naoi Masahiro (直井 正博) EPISODE DIRECTOR Yoshizawa Takao (吉沢 孝男) VOICE TALENT Yagami Taichi (八神 太一) Takenouchi Sora (武之内 空) Ishida Yamato (石田 ヤマト) Izumi Koushiro (泉 光子郎) Tachikawa Mimi (太刀川 ミミ) Takaishi Takeru (高石 タケル) Kido Jyou (城戸 丈) Hikari (ヒカリ) Fujita Toshiko (藤田 淑子) Mizutani Yuko (水谷 優子) Kazama Yuuto (風間 勇刀) Tenjin Umi (天神 有海) Maeda Ai (前田 愛) Konishi Hiroko (小西 寛子) Kikuchi Masami (菊池 正美) Araki Kae (荒木 香恵) VOICE TALENT Agumon (アグモン) Piyomon (ピヨモン) Gabumon (ガブモン) Tentomon (テントモン) Palmon (パルモン) Patamon (パタモン) Gomamon (ゴマモン) Tailmon (テイルモン) Sakamoto Chika (坂本 千夏) Shigematsu Katori (重松 花鳥) Yamaguchi Mayumi (山口 眞弓) Sakurai Takahiro (櫻井 孝弘) Mizowaki Shihomi (溝脇 しほみ) Matsumoto Miwa (松本 美和) Takeuchi Junko (竹内 順子) Tokumitsu Yuka (徳光 由香) VOICE TALENT Pinocchimon (ピノッキモン) MetalEtemon (メタルエテモン) Ogremon (オーガモン) Narration (ナレーション) Kozakura Etsuko (小桜 エツ子) Masutani Yasunori (増谷 康紀) Egawa Hisao (江川 央生) Hirata Hiroaki (平田 広明) TRANSLATION onkeikun EDITING Splash TIMING Splash TYPESETTING Splash RAWS onkeikun KARAOKE TIMING mirrim Splash KARAOKE STYLING j0hnny KaiserDragon ENCODING nitephire OPENING THEME 『Butter-Fly』 Artist - Wada Kouji (和田 光司) Songwriter - Chiwata Hidenori (åƒç ¿ã€€å‰åŠŸ) Composer - Chiwata Hidenori (åƒç ¿ã€€å‰åŠŸ) Arranger - Watanabe Cheru (渡部 チェル) INSERT SONG 『brave heart』 Artist - Miyazaki Ayumi (宮崎 歩) Songwriter - Oomori Sachiko (大森 祥子) Composer/Arranger - Oota Michihiko (太田 美知彦) ENDING THEME 『keep on』 Artist - Maeda Ai (前田 愛) Songwriter - NK Composer - Kine Naoto (木根 尚登) Arrangers - Kine Naoto & Yuasa Kouichi (木根 尚登 & 湯浅 公一) His little sister collapses from a high fever.
Taichi grows distracted as the regrets of his past resurface.
As they run throughout an enormous city in search of medicine, an army of machines waiting for them attacks without mercy! Koushiro's strategies give them a fighting chance.
But that triggers the enemy to implement his most callous and final plan.
Next time on Digimon Adventure: Orders to Bomb! Mugendramon! Orders to Bomb! Mugendramon Now the adventure evolves.