Digimon: Digital Monsters (1999) s01e49 Episode Script

The Crest of Light

After the children defeated Pinocchimon, they stepped into the next domain.
However, Hikari succumbed to a fever there and collapsed.
Taichi and Koushiro were searching desperately for medicine when the third Dark Master began his attack.
Escaping from the barrage of Mugendramon's bombing raid, they were finally able to meet up with Hikari and the others again Or so they had thought, until the Mugen Cannon exploded blowing the children away into hell's dark depths.
Goodbye, Numemon Goodbye, Numemon.
I You're awake! Hikari! Takeru-kun Tailmon I How are you feeling? My fever has gone down.
I feel a lot better, too.
You've been sleeping for a very long time.
I guess that helped you to get better.
Where are the others? They're back! Maybe they found someone! Sora-san! Hikari-chan! Thank goodness, you're awake.
What about Taichi-san and the others? They weren't anywhere around here.
Onii-chan!! Hikari!! Taichi and Koushiro-kun must have landed somewhere else.
Onii-chan Uh um Oh, that's right.
Look, Piyomon found this.
It must be the medicine that Taichi went to find for you, Hikari-chan.
This place winds around itself like a maze.
But if we all search together now, I'm sure we'll meet the others again in no time.
Hey, cheer up.
I'll do my best to look for them, too.
After all, I am his little sister.
This place contains the entire world's subway stations? That's what Sora-san says.
It's the only explanation I can give, after what we saw on the surface.
What's wrong? Quiet.
Do you hear something? Listen! What is that? It's coming from over there.
Let's take a look.
Work! Work! Work, all of you! You Numemon may be weak against the sunlight, but you act as the power source that fuels the urban areas of Spiral Mountain that Mugendramon-sama controls! Work, work, work, and then die! Isn't that Monzaemon? He's not Monzaemon! He's WaruMonzaemon! WaruMonzaemon? WaruMonzaemon Perfect Virus Puppet Digimon Special Attack Heartbreak Attack WaruMonzaemon.
A Puppet Digimon who looks similar to Monzaemon, but is completely different with his fiendish-looking face! His personality is pure evil! His special attack is Heartbreak Attack.
So he's working for Mugendramon now He must be a part of the Metal Empire Army.
What's the matter? Don't slack off! The Numemon how sad Hikari! Hikari-chan! H-Hey! Why aren't you working?! It's you guys! We have to run! Hey, wait! Numemon Tailmon I'll be fine.
Free the Numemon for me.
Catch us if you can! You little punks! Piyomon, evolve! Birdramon? Patamon, evolve! Angemon? Maybe you don't have enough energy! Sora-san, what should we do?! Running comes to mind! Bear Claw! Run!! Hey! Hold it! Sora! I don't think I've ever flown this fast before! Takeru! So am I! And at such a terrific speed, too! You guys! There's no way to look at the bright side of this, no matter how hard you try!! Hikari-sama Hikari-sama Hikari-sama The Numemon are worshipping Hikari Hikari-sama Hikari-sama Hikari-sama Hikari? Hikari-chan? Hey! N-Numemon? What are you twerps doing in here? What's with that look?! Damn it! Who took off the Numemon's chains?! That was me.
Hikari! Hikari-chan! You little worm! Protect Hikari-sama! What do you think you're doing?! Hikari! Hey! Protect Hikari-sama! WaruMonzaemon-sama isn't that weak to be beaten by the likes of you Numemon! Now you're finished! Numemon Wh-What's this light?! Hikari! I feel strength surging within my body! Yeah, the power is overflowing! Tailmon, super-evolve! Angewomon! Piyomon, evolve! Birdramon! Patamon, evolve! Angemon! Anyone can run and give up nigetari akirameru koto wa daremo Th-That's fine with me! When given a second, so let's keep on walking instead isshun areba dekiru kara arukitsuzukeyou After I beat you guys, I'll make you work until you drop dead! Meteor Wing! There's something only you can do kimi ni shika dekinai koto ga aru aoi hoshi ni Heaven's Knuckle! Holy Arrow! So that this blue planet doesn't lose its light hikari ga nakusenu you ni Are you all right, Numemon? Seize the dreams you painted! tsukame! egaita yume wo Nume! Nume nume nume! Looks to me like you'll be gaining your strength back soon.
Protect your beloved friends! mamore! daiji na tomo wo Thank you, Hikari-sama! Then you can become stronger takumashii jibun ni nareru sa Thank goodness.
Hikari-chan's light! Unknown power dwells in your heart shiranai pawaa ga yadoru The light will guide us.
When its fire is lit haato ni hi ga tsuitara Maybe if we follow this light, we'll find Taichi-san and the others.
Even your wishes, it's true, donna negai mo uso ja nai Yeah.
Will surely be granted, so kitto kanau kara Hikari-chan.
We'll trust your light to lead the way.
Show me your brave heart Show me your brave heart Mugendramon-sama! Mugendramon-sama! WaruMonzaemon.
The Chosen Children and their Digimon are here! In your area? I stood up to them bravely so that I could please you, Mugendramon-sama, but they ruthlessly beat me into a pulp.
You imbecile! Why didn't you report to me first that you'd found the Chosen Children? This wound that the children's Digimon gave me is very painful! Mugendramon-sama! Please help me! Now I know where the children are.
I have no more use for you.
Note: The kanji says "Waru" which means "Evil.
" Hikari! Hikari!! Agumon, what are you doing? I'm gonna leave you behind! I'm sorry, Taichi! Taichi-san, Agumon and Tentomon are tired.
Let's take a little break.
Hikari! The truth is, I'm also tired.
Hikari! Where are you? Taichi-san, please compose yourself.
I'm sure you're also feeling very tired.
Koushiro-han Hikari is sick! And I've told you before, I understand that! If you understand, then quit ordering me around! T-Taichi I'm not making any orders at all! Shut up! Don't be such a blockhead! Say that again?! This is no time to be fighting! Calm down, both of you! You bastard! Koushiro.
Someone's trailing us.
What? Taichi! Taichi-han! I know.
Yes? Pretend to keep fighting while we hide behind that door.
Now you've done it! What are you gonna do about it? Stop! Stop it, you two! Koushiro, this is no time to be fighting! Koushiro, stop Taichi! Taichi, stop Do you think it could be one of Mugendramon's minions? Probably.
Go for it.
Tentomon, evolve! Kabuterimon Agumon, evolve! Greymon! Greymon Greymon! Greymon!! Greymo-! Agumon! You guys must be too tired.
I'm sorry, Koushiro.
Not at all.
I know it's only because you're worried about Hikari-san.
This is my responsibility.
I'll go fight it.
Don't be rash.
We may be able to win against it if we all work together.
He's right, Taichi! You should have more faith in us.
Guys Here it comes.
Andromon! Andromon Perfect Vaccine Cyborg Digimon Special Attacks Spiral Sword Gatling Missile Andromon.
A Cyborg Digimon that they had once met on File Island.
He was freed from Devimon's black gear thanks to Kabuterimon.
I didn't expect to see you here.
That's what we should be saying! Right? Yes.
What are you doing here, Andromon? Ever since I came underground, I have been acting as a lone soldier in a resistance movement, aiming to free these cities from Mugendramon's control.
That is why I had thought you were Mugendramon's subordinates.
No way! How terrible of you.
My apologies.
We're looking for a girl named Hikari.
We think Sora-san and Takeru-kun are with her, too.
Is that so? Please wait one moment.
We're counting on you.
Hikari-san is Taichi-san's little sister.
Here it comes.
You mean Hikari? She's coming here? Here you are, Chosen Children.
Mugendramon! Andromon is with you, eh? Then I get to kill all of you at once.
Find some place to hide! Andromon! Andromon! Andromon! Hikari-chan, what's the matter? They're close.
You mean Taichi-san and the others? Here it comes! Mugendramon! Onii-chan! Hikari! Sora-san! Takeru-kun! Koushiro-kun! Hikari! Onii-chan! Thank goodness! Hey.
What happened with Mugendramon? Andromon is fighting him to protect us.
He's been opposing Mugendramon in a one-man resistance movement within these sewers.
Are you all right? Thank you.
Let us help you.
Let's fight together! Very well.
Meteor Wing! Holy Arrow! Heaven's Knuckle! Spiral Sword! Mugendramon is an Ultimate Level, remember? Mugen Cannon! I didn't even feel that.
Now, you guys are next.
Hikari! Hikari-chan! Hmph, you little pipsqueaks should learn to stop playing around.
Numemon You call this fighting back? Numemon! Numemon!!! Hikari! Power is surging through me! Agumon, warp-evolve! WarGreymon! Hikari! Wake up! Hikari! Koromon Now you're finished.
I don't think so! I have Taichi, Hikari and everyone else on my side! Now that the ruler of the cities, Mugendramon, has been defeated this area will now commence to deconstruct.
Don't worry.
We're all together.
It will soon be too dangerous for us to be here.
We should escape as quickly as we can.
Now that the cities have disappeared My fight is over.
When we get down, can I make a grave marker for the Numemon? We'll all help.
You're next, Piemon.
ORIGINAL CONCEPT Hongou Akiyoshi (本郷 あきよし) SCRIPT Urasawa Yoshio (浦沢 義雄) CHIEF ANIMATION DIRECTOR Kiyoyama Shigetaka (清山 滋崇) EPISODE DIRECTOR Imamura Takahiro (今村 隆寛) VOICE TALENT Yagami Taichi (八神 太一) Takenouchi Sora (武之内 空) Izumi Koushiro (泉 光子郎) Takaishi Takeru (高石 タケル) Hikari (ヒカリ) Fujita Toshiko (藤田 淑子) Mizutani Yuko (水谷 優子) Tenjin Umi (天神 有海) Konishi Hiroko (小西 寛子) Araki Kae (荒木 香恵) VOICE TALENT Agumon (アグモン) Piyomon (ピヨモン) Tentomon (テントモン) Patamon (パタモン) Tailmon (テイルモン) Sakamoto Chika (坂本 千夏) Shigematsu Katori (重松 花鳥) Sakurai Takahiro (櫻井 孝弘) Matsumoto Miwa (松本 美和) Tokumitsu Yuka (徳光 由香) VOICE TALENT Mugendramon (ムゲンドラモン) WaruMonzaemon (ワルもんざえモン) Andromon (アンドロモン) Narration (ナレーション) Egawa Hisao (江川 央生) Takahashi Hiroki (高橋 広樹) Yanada Kiyoyuki (梁田 清之) Hirata Hiroaki (平田 広明) TRANSLATION onkeikun EDITING Splash TIMING Splash TYPESETTING Splash RAWS onkeikun KARAOKE TIMING mirrim Splash KARAOKE STYLING j0hnny KaiserDragon ENCODING nitephire OPENING THEME 『Butter-Fly』 Artist - Wada Kouji (和田 光司) Songwriter - Chiwata Hidenori (åƒç ¿ã€€å‰åŠŸ) Composer - Chiwata Hidenori (åƒç ¿ã€€å‰åŠŸ) Arranger - Watanabe Cheru (渡部 チェル) INSERT SONG 『brave heart』 Artist - Miyazaki Ayumi (宮崎 歩) Songwriter - Oomori Sachiko (大森 祥子) Composer/Arranger - Oota Michihiko (太田 美知彦) ENDING THEME 『keep on』 Artist - Maeda Ai (前田 愛) Songwriter - NK Composer - Kine Naoto (木根 尚登) Arrangers - Kine Naoto & Yuasa Kouichi (木根 尚登 & 湯浅 公一) Taichi and the others reach the top of Spiral Mountain.
One of the Nightmare Soldiers, LadyDevimon, greets them with her attacks.
Angewomon fights back.
The heroines of light and dark clash sublimely against each other.
Next time on Digimon Adventure: A Woman's Fight! LadyDevimon A Woman's Fight! LadyDevimon! Now the adventure evolves.