Digimon: Digital Monsters (1999) s01e52 Episode Script

Piedmon's Last Jest

The children finally confront the strongest of the Dark Masters, Piemon.
Believing that their two Ultimate Levels must work together to beat him, Taichi ordered Sora and Takeru to find Yamato and bring him back, while he fought Piemon alone.
But just when he and WarGreymon were on the brink of death, Yamato returned.
WarGreymon, revived by the power of the Crest of Friendship, joined MetalGarurumon in their last battle.
The Holy Swordsman! HolyAngemon The Holy Swordsman! HolyAngemon! Get him, MetalGarurumon! All of this will be over once we beat Piemon! But can you beat me? We will! MetalGarurumon! This one's for you.
He's toying with us.
Taichi-san! Put a hold on backup until I say the word.
Let's gauge the situation first.
I think it's time to put an end to this.
Trump Sword! We don't know where they might turn up next! My sensors have caught them! WarGreymon, 45 degrees to your left! Okay! The next one's to your right! I'll take care of the rest! Your attacks won't work on us anymore! Gaia Force! All right, we've gotten ahead of him! No need to wait anymore, Koushiro! Everyone evolve and attack as one! All right, everyone! Use super evolution! Okay! Count me in! Wait! What's that? Does that white flag mean he's surrendering? Is he making that pose to show us that there are no tricks involved? What's he gonna do next, pull out a pigeon? Playtime is over! Is that so? WarGreymon! MetalGarurumon! Onii-chan! Allow me to show you! T-They're gone! What's going on?! What did you do to Taichi-san and the others?! Why, they're right here.
These fellows, too.
H-He's turned them into dolls! That's right.
As a reward for putting up a good fight, I've made them a part of my collection.
Now, who's next? Centarumon.
Is this it? You've arrived, sir.
This is the Wall of Fire that was described in the prophecy inscribed in File Island's ancient ruins.
But do you suppose it really did come from the other side of these flames? That's what the prophecy said.
Oh, I don't believe this.
Hide in that cave! I will stop him! Spiral Sword! Andromon! Run, Sora-kun! Don't let Andromon's fight come to nothing! Gatling Missile! Wh-What is this place? It's like we've run into a circus ring.
It appears the path continues on up ahead.
But how do we get there? You'll have to swing yourselves through the air using these! Hurry up! Hikari, hold on tight! Go, Gomamon! You won't be going far.
Andromon! Go, Koushiro! Jyou-san! How dare you do that to Koushiro-han! Caught one, two, and three! It's useless to run.
You're so heavy I can't push you up I can't be that fat! Mimi! It looks like the fight has already started, ribbit! There are so many of us that need to get up there Don't we have anyone here who can fly?! Oh, what's this? You can't stop crying even after you've become a doll? You must be lonely without the rest of your friends.
Just wait.
You'll all be together again soon.
I've told you, it's useless to run.
Why don't you give in to your fate and come out quietly? That's odd, maybe they aren't in here.
It sounds like he went into the next room.
Look, I found you! Come on out! No, we're not! But you may be soon enough! Holy Arrow! Run, Hikari! Angewomon! Garudamon! Shadow Wing! Wh-What? Take Hikari-chan and get out of here! But what about you? Listen carefully.
There's no doubt that both Garudamon and Angewomon have been turned into dolls.
You're the only one here who can protect Hikari-chan.
But Sora-san, you're! Don't worry about me.
Do you understand? Yeah.
Do whatever it takes to get away from here.
I'll protect Hikari-chan at all costs! Now, hurry up and run! Let's go, Hikari-chan! Sora, I'll fight with you! Don't be stupid! You can't even evolve, what makes you think you can do anything useful? If you get turned into a doll, you won't be able to face Jyou-senpai later, after he's risked his life to protect yours! Now go! Didn't use your time wisely to run, I see.
It's only a matter of time before you become dolls yourselves.
Sora, catch! Takeru-kun! Oh? Where do you think you're going? Oh no! It's a dead end! Wh-What should we do? We've got no other choice but to climb down.
It's too high! I-I can't, I'll slip and fall! But we can't exactly climb up Hey, Takeru, what's this? I don't know, what? It's a rope! We can use this to climb down the mountain! What is this? How far is it going? It keeps going up.
The rope is okay.
It's keeping steady.
Climb up, Hikari-chan.
But Don't be afraid, climb up! I'll stop Piemon! Patamon, evolve! Angemon! Get him, Angemon! Heaven's Knuckle! Angemon! Angemon! Angemon! Hikari-chan! I can't let Hikari-chan see me like this, or else she'll get even more scared! Angemon will be okay! So keep climbing! I thought I told you that there's nowhere left to run.
Takeru See, I've caught you.
Let go of my hand! He'll get you, too, Hikari-chan! No, I'll never let go! Then fall together! Takeru! We're not going to make it! Onii-chan Takeru.
Don't give up.
As my younger brother, I know you'll never give up no matter what happens.
You've got to hang in there and summon all of your strength.
I won't give up.
I'll never give up! If we die, this world and our world will both be destroyed! That's why we can't give up! Angemon! T-Takeru! Angemon, super-evolve! HolyAngemon! Angemon super-evolved! HolyAngemon Perfect Vaccine Archangel Digimon Special Attack Heaven's Gate HolyAngemon.
On his left arm is his beam shield.
On his right arm is his holy sword, Excalibur.
What's more, he's an Archangel Digimon with eight glittering wings.
His special attack is Heaven's Gate.
Receive my sword of judgment! Holy Disinfection! You guys We're all back to normal! Onii-chan! Hikari! Takeru! You did great! You helped by encouraging me! Huh? Whoa, when did you evolve? You look really cool! Do you honestly think so? I intended to be merciful and keep you as dolls instead of killing you, but you must really want to die! I'll give you what you wish for! They're crawling all over the place! What are these guys?! Evilmon Adult Virus Small Demon Digimon Special Attack Nightmare Shock Evilmon.
Evil Digimon who love to fight.
Their special attack is Nightmare Shock.
We're surrounded! There is no opening where we can escape.
But we won't lose! Yeah, we'll show them! That's right! With the Chosen Children and their Digimon working together, these freaks are nothing! Wait! Don't forget about me! Mimi-chan! Thank goodness! We made it in time! The enemy's in swarms, but we can take 'em on! I'm itching for a fight! All right, guys! Yeah! Haouken! Gomamon, evolve! Ikkakumon! Ikkakumon, super-evolve! Zudomon! Anyone can run and give up nigetari akirameru koto wa daremo Tentomon, evolve! Kabuterimon! When given a second, so let's keep on walking instead isshun areba dekiru kara arukitsuzukeyou Kabuterimon, super-evolve! There's something only you can do kimi ni shika dekinai koto ga aru aoi hoshi ni AtlurKabuterimon! So that this blue planet doesn't lose its light hikari ga nakusenu you ni Hammer Spark! Trump Sword! Seize the dreams you painted! tsukame! egaita yume wo Horn Buster! Protect your beloved friends! mamore! daiji na tomo wo Flower Cannon! Then you can become stronger takumashii jibun ni nareru sa Holy Arrow! Unknown power dwells in your heart shiranai pawaa ga yadoru When its fire is lit haato ni hi ga tsuitara Shadow Wing! Even your wishes, it's true, donna negai mo uso ja nai Will surely be granted, so kitto kanau kara Heaven's Gate! Show me your brave heart Show me your brave heart What's that? It's opening! All evil beings are sucked into the dimension beyond the gate and buried there.
What? Let's end this! Seize the brighter tomorrow! tsukame! mabushii asu wo Gaia Force! Protect the ones you love! mamore! ai suru hito wo Double Tomahawk! Then you can become stronger takumashii jibun ni nareru sa Break down your weak self! kowase! yowaki na kimi wo Destroy the walls that block you! kuzuse! butsukaru kabe wo The passionate beat of your heart will be your weapon, so atsui kodou buki ni naru kara Believe in your heart Believe in your heart It's over.
Huh? Even Ogremon is here! What are these guys doing here? Oh yeah, you don't know what happened.
The thing is Huh? I have a message from Gennai-san.
Maybe he wants to congratulate us.
Great time to pick now, after all we've done for the geezer.
That can't be! What did he say? Apparently our real enemy isn't the Dark Masters.
The existence of our real enemy itself is what caused the distortions in this world, and the Dark Masters only gained their power from those distortions.
Then who's our real enemy? ORIGINAL CONCEPT Hongou Akiyoshi (本郷 あきよし) SCRIPT Masaki Hiro (まさき ひろ) CHIEF ANIMATION DIRECTOR Yamaguchi Toshio (出口 としお) EPISODE DIRECTOR Kawada Takenori (川田 武範) VOICE TALENT Yagami Taichi (八神 太一) Takenouchi Sora (武之内 空) Ishida Yamato (石田 ヤマト) Izumi Koushiro (泉 光子郎) Tachikawa Mimi (太刀川 ミミ) Takaishi Takeru (高石 タケル) Kido Jyou (城戸 丈) Hikari (ヒカリ) Fujita Toshiko (藤田 淑子) Mizutani Yuko (水谷 優子) Kazama Yuuto (風間 勇刀) Tenjin Umi (天神 有海) Maeda Ai (前田 愛) Konishi Hiroko (小西 寛子) Kikuchi Masami (菊池 正美) Araki Kae (荒木 香恵) VOICE TALENT Agumon (アグモン) Piyomon (ピヨモン) Gabumon (ガブモン) Tentomon (テントモン) Palmon (パルモン) Patamon (パタモン) Gomamon (ゴマモン) Tailmon (テイルモン) Sakamoto Chika (坂本 千夏) Shigematsu Katori (重松 花鳥) Yamaguchi Mayumi (山口 眞弓) Sakurai Takahiro (櫻井 孝弘) Mizowaki Shihomi (溝脇 しほみ) Matsumoto Miwa (松本 美和) Takeuchi Junko (竹内 順子) Tokumitsu Yuka (徳光 由香) VOICE TALENT Piemon (ピエモン) Gennai (ゲンナイ) Ogremon (オーガモン) Andromon (アンドロモン) Centarumon (ケンタルモン) Narration (ナレーション) Ohtsuka Chikao (大塚 周夫) Yanami Jouji (八奈見 乗児) Egawa Hisao (江川 央生) Yanada Kiyoyuki (梁田 清之) Aizawa Masaki (相沢 正輝) Hirata Hiroaki (平田 広明) TRANSLATION onkeikun EDITING Splash TIMING NekoHaruko Splash TYPESETTING Splash RAWS onkeikun KARAOKE TIMING mirrim Splash KARAOKE STYLING j0hnny KaiserDragon ENCODING nitephire OPENING THEME 『Butter-Fly』 Artist - Wada Kouji (和田 光司) Songwriter - Chiwata Hidenori (åƒç ¿ã€€å‰åŠŸ) Composer - Chiwata Hidenori (åƒç ¿ã€€å‰åŠŸ) Arranger - Watanabe Cheru (渡部 チェル) INSERT SONG 『brave heart』 Artist - Miyazaki Ayumi (宮崎 歩) Songwriter - Oomori Sachiko (大森 祥子) Composer/Arranger - Oota Michihiko (太田 美知彦) ENDING THEME 『keep on』 Artist - Maeda Ai (前田 愛) Songwriter - NK Composer - Kine Naoto (木根 尚登) Arrangers - Kine Naoto & Yuasa Kouichi (木根 尚登 & 湯浅 公一) The true enemy finally shows itself.
It is an evil possibility that had been sealed away, one whose very existence threw the world into chaos.
Faced with its mighty power, both the Crests and the children dissolve into data one after the other.
Their Digimon are left unable to evolve.
Will the children be able to conquer this great darkness? Next time on Digimon Adventure: The Last Evil Digimon The Last Evil Digimon! Now the adventure evolves.