DMZ (2022) s01e04 Episode Script


1 Hello? Hello? Where's Wilson? He's dead.
You're dealing with me now.
And if you want to keep your deal with Chinatown you're going to have to do something for me first.
Meet me at the Lincoln Tunnel in one hour.
That ink looks good on you, little homie.
You're a king now.
Yeah, Parco, baby! Qué pasa? You know how I feel about having people in our house.
Come on, baby.
Can you lighten up? It's a celebration.
A celebration? This is not how this was supposed to go down.
It's all about our future now, okay? It ain't about the past because it's all happening.
It's all happening.
Yo, "Governor.
" - Anything? - No, man.
Why the fuck isn't Queen Dope announcing this yet? Because everyone's still asleep, fool.
Hey, man.
Don't sweat it, bro.
Cut off the head, everyone else gonna follow.
There he is, the man of the hour! Hey.
Y'all wouldn't believe the price that Chinatown put on this dude's head.
He must have done something right.
I can't imagine it's anywhere near what they'd pay for you.
- Even now, huh? - Hey.
Yo, Parco, man.
Can you slap some fucking joy into this guy? Can we talk somewhere quiet? Let's talk right there.
How you holding up? I'm proud of you.
You know that.
You're in bed with the U.
? Which one of you am I here to speak with? Let's walk.
So she told you? Were you ever planning on telling me? She's in your head, bro.
Come on.
We talked about this.
Get smart.
Get smart.
I'll get fucking smart with you.
Tell me why the fuck Cesar knows more than me! You wanna know why? Because I've been waiting for this right here for you to get mad, to want control.
Demand status.
It's amazing how a steady supply of toilet paper can turn a man into a god.
And in return what? He let you use Chinatown as a weapons depot with a ready militia? Our deal with Wilson is irrelevant now.
He wasn't under any of the illusions he preached.
He knew that one day war would resume and on that day he'd have safe passage off the island.
Why did you call me? I need safe passage.
For you? And my son.
Come here.
You want trust? Only I have the other key.
It goes to a van parked in our garage filled with a lot of value.
Go see for yourself.
I'm-a be there later this afternoon once everything here is settled and I'm proclaimed.
Come by.
I'm gonna lay it out for you.
I need two exits.
That's surprising.
Given all I've heard from Zee on the radio and satellite surveillance, you're ready to just leave? It's not your concern.
It is if you can't deliver Chinatown, and I don't believe you can.
In a few days this crew right here belongs to you.
Welcome to the shit, soldier.
If you've been watching you know that Wilson was nothing more than a middleman in his neighborhood.
I can give you a direct line to Susie.
You're playing for a foothold in the DMZ.
I'm offering you real influence.
- He'll come around, man.
- Yeah.
How can you know she'll be amenable? Her son was just thrown out of a window by the man stealing his landslide.
She'll be amenable.
I'll give you till the vote is counted.
Sundown tonight.
Bring me Susie, in person, you'll get your exits.
- How can I trust you? - Doesn't seem you have a choice.
I'm sorry for your loss.
- How do you know me? - I don't.
I just I know what I saw last night - the connection.
- We didn't have one.
I'm talking about my son.
I saw the way he looked at you.
I need you to know that your son is gone.
Skel will never leave this place.
He's stuck here.
- We all are.
- No.
He's in there.
I saw him last night when he looked at you.
What you saw was shame and betrayal.
And guilt and hurt and love.
Call it what you want but that was the first moment I saw my son's eyes.
And I can see in your eyes that you know what I mean.
So, no I'm not giving up on him.
Not yet.
I need to show you something.
I have to speak with Susie.
No one is speaking to Susie.
Not today.
But if you want to get through to her I know how to reach her.
This way.
What is this? "And always keep it dope.
" And always keep it dope.
- You're - Welcome to Radio DMZ.
Last night I realized I'm surrounded by monsters here but you're different, and I'm royalty in Chinatown and Susie, she calls the shots.
I can give you their votes.
Chinatown leans your way, other neighborhoods will follow.
I didn't mean I'd run against him.
If you wanna crush Parco, this is how.
The people here just need someone to listen to.
They'll listen to you.
I can't.
Why not? Because I'm not staying.
Whether or not you're here, what you have to say matters to us.
If nothing else Zee owes us a reason to believe in the process.
Parco cannot win.
The entire DMZ is waiting for me by their radios.
Voting starts at 10.
Tell them they still have a choice.
Wakey, wakey, DMZ.
The sun's rising on Election Day.
Here we go.
It's on! Turn that shit up! After certain events last night you might be thinking this election's over.
There's only one candidate left.
If you're one of these folks, listen up.
This is Zee.
When I first came into the DMZ I met a hunter, who helped me find my way and the thing I remembered about him was his hands.
The cracks the stubbornness.
After that, I started to notice people's hands here.
Now I'd like you to take a moment and look at your hands at the lines and calluses that didn't used to be there.
Think of the wounds they've endured how they've pressed on what they've created built.
Your hands honor ritual.
They bear the markings of community.
Your hands are the makers of this world and they've built a movement that has brought us to this special day your election.
Some of us have used our hands to tear one another down.
To sow lies and incite fear.
I am sad, shocked and terrified to confirm that Wilson has died and the hands that killed him belong to Parco Delgado.
And he did it so that he could steal this election.
Steal your choice your voice.
He wants you to believe that this vote is over that he's already won.
So I'm announcing now that you still have a choice to make.
I will challenge Parco in today's election.
A few days ago, I told you a vote for Zee was a vote for Wilson.
Now a vote in Wilson's box is a vote for Zee.
So cast your vote.
Let your voice be heard.
Together, we are all more powerful than any one man more than any one dream.
I am asking you to help me build something new here.
What are we if we don't believe in our own voice if we don't believe that we can serve one another? We're just animals killing each other, is what.
So be brave with me and know that this election will reflect your choice and when you see Parco and Wilson at the voting booth and you think that your hands are tied know that you have Zee.
A vote for Zee is a vote for your voice a vote for the work of your hands and the future of Damn! Thought she would never shut up.
I mean, so what? She gets 10 or 20 ding-dongs to vote for her.
Doesn't change a thing.
'Cause the people here know what's good for them.
- Am I right? - Yeah! - I said, am I right? - Yeah! Now play the fucking music 'cause guess what? We won! I should have fucking killed her.
Assume she's got Chinatown, the 2-4.
Oona, I want our crews at all five voting spots blasting out word that I won and call our friends across the river.
It all goes down today.
- Our plan ain't airtight yet.
- Figure it out.
Parco, this is your main promise to people.
We need to affirm our support first.
This ain't no game.
We play this shit wrong, we set off war.
Motherfucker, I have the word of the Army General of the United States.
"The word"? That's a goddamn handshake.
Backed by money and military support and it's all waiting for me on the other side of this deal.
- What, you going soft on me now? - I'm right here.
I'm all-in.
I always have been all-in, man, since we were fucking kids! But you you're getting caught up in the moment, my man.
You're getting caught up.
You can't rush this.
You're smarter than that.
I don't have a choice.
Bro, listen to me.
We stop up the FSA's entrance to the island and the U.
officially recognizes our new government here and around the world.
I'm putting shit into motion.
Keep the fuck up.
"Keep the fuck up.
" This motherfucker.
I'll go work the LES voting place.
Get Susie.
Get her out there.
Vote for Zee! Vote for Zee, everyone! Vote for Zee! Zee DMZ! Vote for Zee! Vote for Zee! Vote for Zee! Yo.
You gonna stop that shit or what? Vote for oh, shit! Come on, Odi, come on! And bring 'em to me.
Get back here, little shit! You fucking stupid throwing your shit around this turf? You're gonna get what's coming! Hey! Open this fucking door! Here! You little fucks! Here.
Check this out.
Vote for Zee! Shit! Jesus.
This is our city! - Parco! - This city belongs to Parco, man! You already got a leader! - Thank you.
- No.
Thank you for voting.
Just had to convince a guy he wasn't gonna get hurt for voting.
Well, that's not helping.
Yeah, I know.
Can I offer my condolences? I heard your broadcast.
And I spoke with Tenny.
What do you need, Alma? It's about my son.
A leader must discern what she must control and what she must cede to her people.
- I'm sorry.
- I saw what he did.
I know what happens now.
I'm not asking you to intervene.
I'm just asking you to form a relationship with Wilson's friends in the west to help my son leave this place.
The FSA has been after me for years.
Something's off.
This isn't a setup - if that's what you're thinking.
- Not with them.
With you.
You already know what still needs to be done.
That's why you're here.
That's why I'm here.
You have my block.
I see the daughters of Lilith.
That's nearly enough to win to cut the rot out of your boy but the question remains what will you do with these orphans that call the DMZ home? I'm just asking you to come at sunset.
Just help cement my boy's exit.
Look up there! It's a drone! Drone! Oh, hell, no! Alma, they're pushing in the U.
I've never seen them this close.
They're right at the Manhattan Bridge.
What the hell's going on? - Where are you going? - To find out.
What's this about? I think I found our solution to stopping the FSA.
I'd like to introduce you to Odi.
He's a close friend of Alma's.
Who? Zee's.
What about me, huh? I'm standing right fucking here, bitch! I know who you are.
Don't think I give a shit.
What's your name? - Nico.
- Well, it's nice to meet you, Nico.
My colleagues scared the shit out of you, I'm sure.
Sorry about that.
So listen, I'm gonna have you dropped off at home or wherever you wanna go with a little something for your troubles.
How does that sound? The fuck am I gonna do with cash? Use it to start a fire, for all I care.
But it's time to go, kid.
You good? I'll wait for you at the voting place by the clinic.
You stay.
Go ahead and take a seat, kid.
Go on.
Sit down.
So you're a friend of Zee's, huh? Me, too.
- She hates you.
- No.
She don't hate me.
She's just running against me.
We've been friends for a long time which is why I'm thankful that you and me have crossed paths.
I'm not stupid, man.
And I can see that so I'm just gonna hit you with the truth.
It looks like she's gonna win this election.
I knew it.
And, you know, I'm all right with that.
But I know something that she doesn't.
See, if she wins there are people out there who are gonna try to hurt her maybe even kill her.
- That's what you want! - No.
I don't want Alma to get hurt.
I don't anyone getting hurt.
We all belong to the DMZ, friend and foe.
This is this right here is about protecting our own, you know? Who wants to hurt her? FSA soldiers.
And I know how to stop them, but I'm gonna need your help.
You hear me? It's dangerous, but I know you're good for it.
What do I have to do? Well, I'm gonna tell you straight because I think you're man enough to take it.
You got to carry a bomb to the entrance of the FSA stop them before they can ever come at her or any of us block them before they can enter onto this island.
They see me, they'll fire, but you they won't even give it a thought.
We are at war, gentlemen! We are soldiers and whether we like it or not, we must be extraordinary.
That's our burden to carry.
That's our duty.
We do not get a choice.
Let's go.
Show me you deserve those stripes.
Yes, sir.
I'm out on this.
- Joaquin'll sub in.
- Where you going? Home.
Parco! Parco! Parco! Hate this bitch.
Parco! Parco! Parco! Parco! Where is he? I need to speak to him now! You know he's gonna kill you, right? If he gets his way, he's gonna get us all killed.
Where is he? She run her mouth off about me? About how you're a toy for the U.
? No.
I didn't want to risk enflaming anyone considering they've got drones overhead and they're already mounted on the bridges.
Whatever it is that you are giving them please call it off.
Parco, the people are scared.
They just gotta get used to letting me in allowing me to protect them.
And you just keep getting in the way.
You know what I was thinking about? About when you got back from Afghanistan and you were so disillusioned.
You said you felt "used" that you'd been thrown out there to secure land and get shot at and for what? What were your words? Do you remember? Because I do.
You know, last night, I told you my truth.
You said you felt like you and your men had risked your lives blindly following orders so that war criminals at the top could give each other medals and fatter paychecks and now after all the empty bullshit you've built yourself into you are doling it out.
Parco, if you would just take a breath you would see that you've become everything that you hated.
And worse, you are doing it to our son! You're raising him to be exactly like you another grunt just getting used by the war criminals in power.
Kill me, and you know you lose Skel.
Odi? What are you doing with him? You keep your hands clean, brother.
Just you and me, huh? You know, I remember the first time you rolled into the yard with your friends.
You were what, 15? Cocky as hell.
And Parco saw you, and he went sideways but me I remember thinking you looked like the kind of person that ruins other people.
I had an instinct about What is he doing with that boy? I'll explain in the car.
Come on.
All right.
Just down that way I need you to put these backpacks at the wall by the red line.
That's the entrance to the FSA.
They got sentries.
That's his deal with the U.
S bomb the FSA's access into the DMZ in exchange for the throne.
Yeah, and he gets rid of them like he promised everyone.
You think they're gonna sweat a little kid? Man, they ain't gonna shoot you.
You want Zee's blood on your hands? Do you? Now just leave those packs at the wall and come back here and meet me up top.
Oh, my God.
Parco's giving the U.
the green light to invade.
They can't.
The ceasefire.
Don't you see? He's about to end it for them.
If he provokes the FSA to fire back then this whole place becomes a war zone again.
The U.
is ready to invade.
This is what it means to serve the greater good, soldier.
Don't get weak on me now.
Man up, kid.
I thought it'd be heavier.
There! Go! Go Odi? Okay.
Listen to me.
Put down your backpack slowly and run.
Fuck that! - But you're in danger! - No.
You're in danger.
Please, place your bag on the ground, okay? And run.
- On your word, Parco.
- They're not close enough! Besides, I'm not fucking killing kids.
- What's the matter with you? - No.
Listen to me.
Put the backpack down now and run! Fuck! Fuck it.
Do it.
Fuck! You just couldn't keep away, could you? This is what you wanted? This is what you get! Parco, stop! The U.
is lying to you! They just want an excuse to reinvade and you're about to give it to them! You get the FSA to retaliate, break the ceasefire then the U.
That's how this goes down, Parco.
You are about to reignite all-out war! Wake up, Zee! The war never ended! Come on! Skel.
What are you doing? Where's Cesar? God damn.
You rat fucking traitor.
You let this woman crawl up inside your head and make you soft? Make you turn against your own crew? You better get out of my motherfucking way now! Dad.
That's a goddamn order, soldier! Dad, just stop.
Do you know who you are? Spanish Harlem King! You don't owe her a goddamn thing! Dad.
I'm not gonna tell you again, boy! Get out of my fucking way.
Now! Oh, that's how it's gonna be? You want the crown, boy? You better come and take it.
Hey, boy.
Don't walk away from me.
The only way to grow is to kill your gods.
Good for you, kid.
Go ahead.
I'm ready.
Voting's closing in five minutes, five minutes.
- Yo! I was so fucking worried! - We better hurry.
Odi Peerlis.
I'm 12.
Home address.
The clinic by Tompkins Square.
Here's your voting ring.
There you go.
Come a long way, Odi.
I'm okay now.
I know you are.
Standing up on your own two feet.
You don't need me anymore, Odi.
It'll get hard again, but when it does I'll be right here, always.
I'm so proud of you.
You can't stay here.
You have to know that.
I deserve what I got coming.
I don't know what we deserve but what we need is a second chance.
Let me help you.
You don't want me.
That's not true.
Trust me.
You don't want any part of me.
I know you came here for me and thank you.
But you don't know me.
Get up.
Turn yourself in to the U.
I said, walk.
Maybe your friends will give you asylum.
Son this is the only place I ever known.
Don't send me over there.
Over there is all you got left.
Leave the boots.
Let me see your hands! Turn around! Down on your knees! I said, down on your knees! Hands behind your head.
Interlace your fingers.
You're under arrest for attempting unlawful entry into the United States of America.
Do not resist On your feet.
I worked out an exit through the FSA.
Wilson had ties with their camp.
What about the election? This has never been about the election.
This is about you.
You are why I came.
You can reclaim your name, leave all this, the Kings.
I don't deserve this.
You can't undo what you've done just like I can't change everything I missed and did wrong.
I wish I could.
You are my son and I will always love you so of course I want you, damaged and all.
But you don't belong to me.
You don't belong to anyone.
You are your own man and you have a chance to start over on your terms.
Our exit's a phone call away but I'll only make that call if you decide that that is what you want.
So this is your boy.
You have a good mom, you know that? You'll be hearing from me.
You're not coming? I came here looking for you and I found my calling.
It's here.
And I have to answer that.
There's so much that I wanted to share with you.
But I lost that time and I can't undo the past.
But I can try to repair the broken parts for the future.
I came here to save you and this is how.
You have so much life to live so much art to create so much love to give.
We'll find each other again.
Eyes forward, love.
Tenny left this for you.
She asked that you open it when you're alone.
Let me help.
Thank you.
Is Parco coming for me now? No.
Hey, he's gone.
He's not coming for anyone anymore.
I'm here.
I've got you, Odi.
I'm home.
Me, too.
What? See, a friend gave me an envelope told me I had to give it to a worthy person tonight.
Someone who would promise to take what it says very seriously.
What's in it? I don't know.
Do you want it? Sure.
It says I got to go right now.
No matter what it is it's your secret.
My DMZ, this will be my last broadcast.
I've handed the reins to a worthy voice who will carry on this dopest of legacies.
But now, I come to you with more pressing news.
You have elected as your first ever governor of the DMZ Zee Ortega with a final tally of 120,329 to 91,184.
Eight years ago today I lost my son.
My search for him led me back here but instead of finding that boy I found all of you brave, displaced people.
Some of you had chosen to stay here.
Some of you had been left behind.
All of you survived.
- Yeah! - That's right! And now you've voted as citizens of the DMZ.
So today, I invite you all to a new table our table.
One that ensures a fair allotment of resources easy access to healthcare, and open dialogue and diplomacy.
Now I'm not going to be roll calling any crews but I am calling upon all of you to join me in leading this land to empower each other and to turn the memory of the last eight years into the guiding hope of what we together will build here.
Look! They're leaving! The DMZ is not either of two Americas, not anymore.
But it is our home and it is our future.
Love you, Zee! Now we begin.
Translator: IYUNO
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