Doctor Doctor (2016) s04e09 Episode Script

Octopus Trap Heart

1 BOTH: Happy birthday, Dr.
Knight! Well, unfortunately, it is not my birthday.
It's good for us to have private lives, Ajax.
It's what couples do.
Otherwise, you lose your identity.
A new bar is a welcome expansion to Whyhope's vibrant nightlife.
ALL: Cheers! Surprise! - Surprise.
- Surprise! Whoa, be careful! Hugh, slip away and sleep it off, go.
I'm going to miss you hanging around my feet like a little puppy dog.
Maybe if you spent less time in a mine, - more time in the sack.
- I beg your pardon? A toast to you.
Keep taking those maternal instinct pills.
Eventually they will kick in.
I love you, Penny, but you know that already.
What are you doing here? Hugh, you're in my house.
What am I doing here? Oh, shit, did we, um No, we didn't.
How much of last night do you remember? Um, was there a surprise party? God, I hate surprise parties.
Yeah, really.
You have a lot of apologizing to do, to every single person in your life.
Do I have to apologize to you? You seriously don't remember? I remember scotch, lots and lots of scotch.
Hugh, out now! - Oi! - Get your stuff - Ow! - and get out.
Jarrod! HUGH: All right.
- Okay, so this is happening, is it? - Hugh, don't.
Seriously, mate.
Come on, here.
- All right.
Here we go! - Ah! - Aah! - Come on.
Time to go home now.
- Jarrod! - JARROD: Let's go.
Ohh! That's all.
Get in! I think he's still drunk.
Ooh, hey.
Go inside.
Sleep it off.
Thank you, Betty.
Oh, you go.
I know exactly what Hugh needs.
What's all this? Celebrating because you're back.
Am I? Yeah, I think I am.
I love you, Matt.
I know.
And I love you, too.
I just remembered what an asshole Hugh was last night.
Shh, no Hugh.
I mean, I don't hang around like a puppy dog.
- No.
- What does that even mean? - Not a puppy dog.
- No.
Not a puppy dog, but focus.
- Sex.
- Mm, mm-hmm.
Seriously though, Hugh is an asshole.
I'm going to kill Hugh.
You're not going pole dancing.
It's exercise, Ajax! There's nothing immoral about it.
Then why'd you keep it a secret? Because I knew that you'd be threatened by it, and I wanted something that was mine.
Just mine.
So you want to get away from me and little Jimmy? No.
Well, yes, sometimes.
So what's wrong with baking cakes at the CWA? You just doing it because I don't want you to? - It's some kind of a rebellion? - Don't be silly, Ajax.
Then stop.
You better get going.
Otherwise you're going to miss story time at the library.
Hayles, it's me or the pole.
Oh, Ajax, grow up.
It's me or the pole.
Sick moves.
A girl like you could make a lot of cash for my new bar, with less clothes on, of course.
Pole dancing is a legitimate form of exercise and dance, but you and that awful bar of yours makes people think it's just about sex.
Well, it is pretty sexy.
I need you! Not like that, no.
I need a manager.
Someone to put the sleazy guys in their place, who the girls can relate to.
You're perfect.
Not on your life.
I've got an impressive package! Not like that.
I can offer $1,200 a week, plus meals and drinks if you want them.
I don't.
Wait, what about Jesus? What about Jesus? What'd he say, "I'm not here for good people.
" I'm here for service," or something? Luke 5:32, "For I come not to call the righteous, "but sinners to repentance.
" Yes, and the lepers.
Don't forgot the lepers.
Me and the blokes in there, we're like lepers.
We need to be saved.
You want me spreading the word of God in your strip joint? It's not a strip joint, it's a titty bar.
There is a difference, and I want you doing whatever it takes to get you in there, and run the place for me.
God is calling! Will you answer? Don't do that! But you're thinking about it? I want flexible hours and childcare.
And I want $1,300 a week, not $1,200.
And I run the place and the girls as I see fit.
No interference.
Well, as long as they are dancing without clothes on and bringing in the crowds, I don't care.
We got a deal? We're opening tonight.
See you there in an hour.
Oh, God.
We need to have a chat.
What is this? Where did you get handcuffs? They were Darren's.
Oh, Betty, you naughty little girl.
Stop deflecting.
I know where you are.
I've been there.
And if you're not careful, you're going to suddenly sober up, and you're going to find yourself on a private jet to Papua New Guinea, engaged to a rapper called Lazy Eye.
And you'll have no idea how you got there.
You really need to write your memoirs.
You know what else you'll find? That you've hurt everyone around you, and you've pushed them away, and you've made their lives a little more difficult and a little more unpleasant and that you're all on your own.
Right, so, um, what do I do? Ah, let me guess, first step Admit that I'm powerless.
Step number two Give in to a higher power.
Just make amends.
Just seek forgiveness from everyone for last night, and then forgive yourself for whatever it is that is driving you to do this.
My colleague nearly died.
Yes, and your reaction was incredibly destructive! You have been doing this sort of thing for a long time.
No, I haven't! You need to find some spiritual peace.
You're right, Betty.
I do.
I will.
It is time that I woke up and took a fearless moral inventory.
Spiritual peace [SIGHS.]
is for the weak and the boring.
I have to get to work.
I feel sad for you.
Betty, the only piece of sound advice my father ever gave me was, "Never apologize.
Never explain.
" Sorry.
That's just the way it is.
Hayley? Meryl! Why are you in here? I'd ask the same thing.
Aha! There she is, my guiding light.
And Meryl.
I hope you don't mind I poached your protégé away.
MERYL: What's he talking about? I've agreed to manage this place.
You're working here? I thought, hell, if she's handled Meryl all these years, she can handle anything! - Hello! - Shut up, Rod.
I have to support my family, Meryl, and Rod actually pays well.
And what does Ajax think of this? I haven't told him yet.
I'm sure he's fine with it.
Hayles? Ah! We heard you were going to be managing us! Keeping the sleazes away from us.
Come and tell us what you think of the costumes! It's nice to be appreciated sometimes.
I reckon Whyhope is the red-light district of the central west.
- How good is that? - That's terrible.
No, you've got to think big! I'm going to franchise.
Oh, this is a money train, Meryl! Hey.
You don't want to come out the back and celebrate with me, do you? No, Rod, I would not.
Excuse me.
HELEN: Meryl? Oh, Helen! Oh, what a relief to see a friendly face.
I was just on my way down to the CWA.
We'd like you to hand in your apron.
- Excuse me? - HELEN: We took a vote.
You're not welcome as a member of our Country Women's Association any longer.
You can't kick me out.
We were your friends, and you betrayed us all by allowing this abomination to be opened! It's just a bar.
Jim would be turning in his grave.
Don't bring my husband into this.
You'll have no friends left.
I hope you remember that, when you're counting your dirty money.
Shame, Meryl Knight, shame! Jarrod, I don't have time for this.
What you did this morning No, you listen to me.
I've had it, okay? You bring him into our house.
You're sitting there, looking at him on the bed like that.
Looking at him like what? JARROD: It's embarrassing, okay? Everyone can see what's going on.
This little codependent game that you two play, apart from me looking like the mug on the side, it's bad for you.
He's bad for you.
He's bad for us.
I ain't letting it happen anymore.
You're my wife.
I have to get back to work.
We'll talk later.
Mom? - Have you been crying? - Of course not.
What do you want? I stashed some medical-grade pain killers in my room, and, boy, do I need them.
Then you'll go again, just like your brothers.
What? I have given everything of myself to this family, and, now, that's worth nothing in return.
Look, if this is about last night, I really do have a mental blank.
When you hurt me last night And all I could do what pity what you've become A small-town GP, bitter and drunk, lashing out at everyone.
Just wasted potential.
- Are you all right? - I'm fine! Get what you need and go! [SIGHS.]
Mom, look, about last Mom? Mom! M-m-my chest.
Betty, Mom is having a heart attack.
We're on our way in.
BETTY: Oh, my God! How far off are you? About 5 minutes.
Have a bed and resuss ready.
Don't worry, Mom.
This is what I do.
Promise me something.
No, no.
Don't do that.
Bring the family back together! Will you make amends? Promise.
Just pull yourself together, for God's sake.
You haven't been talking to Betty, have you? Promise you'll make things right.
Okay, I promise.
Okay, hang in there, Mom.
There's a bed and resuss.
Okay, thanks, Betty.
Get a CT angiogram.
I'll organize an ECG.
Okay, this way.
Just try and relax, Mom, okay? And organize a little a shot of morphine.
You can thank me later.
- Okay, first thing - Mm? I want to change the name of that April Fools beer.
Really? I thought it was clever.
It's a pun, Matt.
Puns are the worst, always.
What about "Ale Have What She's Having"? - Ugh.
- "Ales Well That Ends Well.
" Very cute.
Hello? Yeah, hi.
Okay, right.
Well, do you mind if I ask why? No, that's that's okay.
You got to do what's right for you guys.
That buck's party next week? They've canceled.
Let me guess.
They want to do it at Rod Eagle's new bar.
That's so tacky! That place shouldn't even exist! It's just a sexist, outmoded We've got to go down there.
Why? Because I want to check it out, see how to destroy it! I want that place shut down before it shuts us down.
Let's see what they've got on their menu.
No one is here for food, Matt.
It's about ogling women.
- Hey there, darling.
- Hey.
See? Matt, focus! Yes, terrible beer selection.
Matt, Charlie! Hayles? No, I'm not working on the pole.
I'm I'm managing this place.
And I won't have any judgement, thank you.
Welcome to the gala opening.
I was wondering how long it would be before you two came down for a sneaky peek.
So what do you think? - It's classy.
- ROD: Oh, you know it.
Free drinks for these two, Hayles.
Listen, oh, I'm thinking of franchising, so if we could do a deal on your beers We'd never do business with you.
Meow, kitty has got claws! This kitty is about to kick you in the nuts.
Okay, Charlie, relax.
Rod, walk away.
Think about it! [CLICKS TONGUE.]
How can you work for that guy? He pays well.
Franchising! Wait.
I've got an idea.
Matt, let's go! Hayley, see you later.
- Come on.
- Bye-bye.
Bye! Darling? Well, good news, Mom.
You have perfect coronaries.
In fact, you have a beautiful heart, literally speaking, not metaphorically.
Did I have a heart attack? No.
I'm pretty sure it was Takotsubo cardiomyopathy.
You had an enlargement of the left ventricle which brings on all the symptoms of a heart attack.
Takotsubo means octopus trap in Japanese.
It's the shape the ventricle takes.
So I'm going to be fine? A few weeks rest, you'll be back to normal.
So you want to tell me what's been going on? Takotsubo is also known as Broken Heart Syndrome.
People get it after the death of a loved one or in times of extreme emotional stress.
Not broken heart, that's absurd.
I'll stick with the octopus trap, thank you.
- Mom.
- My heart is fine.
You just said so.
Mom, is it something to do with what I said last night or this fight with Matt or Ajax leaving? Yeah.
All right.
It's all of that.
And Rod Eagle's awful bar.
Since your father died, I'm not as tough as I used to be.
Still pretty tough.
I honestly thought I was going to drop dead.
My whole life flashed before my eyes, and I realized something.
You need to be a better person.
I do? [LAUGHS.]
I'm pretty sure dying epiphanies need to be about yourself.
- That's the rule.
- No, darling.
I'm perfectly happy with my own life.
You're the problem.
You need to heal the family.
You need to sort yourself out, for God's sake, for my sake.
- This is emotional blackmail.
- Well, of course it is.
I'm your mother, and I nearly died! No, you didn't.
Well, you thought I nearly did, and you promised in the car.
I said that to keep you calm.
A promise is a promise.
You go forth.
You apologize to everyone, and you bring the family back together, or next time it will be a real heart attack.
Do I need to apologize to you? Just do this for me.
Well, you'll be happy to hear that you somehow got your way.
Mom is making me apologize to everyone.
Karma, the universe tried to speak through me, but you wouldn't listen, so it spoke through Meryl.
Uh, no.
Anyway, whatever I said or did the other night, I'm sorry.
Well, it's not me who needs to forgive you.
I'm not forgiving myself.
It's Ken.
Ken? Ken? About what I said the other night Yes? Well, I actually can't remember what I said the other night, but apparently I was quite out of order with a few people, so if I hurt your feelings or insulted you in any way, I'm sorry.
Knight, I'm not sure apologies count if you don't know what you're apologizing for.
It's the best you're going to get.
I'll take it.
Go on and flaunt it Flaunt it, flaunt it, flaunt it Flaunt it, flaunt it flaunt it, flaunt it [MUSIC SHUTS OFF.]
Next! Why? He was all right.
Still waiting on that call, Charlie.
Hey, Chief.
Call me.
- Hang on, is that - CHARLIE: Fifo Dave.
The open-mouthed chewer you went on a date with? Ugh! - Next! - Percussion hits your ears Smell the sex in the air This shit is crazy Yeah, it's crazy You know the morning is coming soon Great! You're hired, too.
I feel the heat in the Moon Let's all get lifted Get lifted Ken? I wouldn't describe myself as an exhibitionist, but, nevertheless, if you've got it, flaunt it! And I certainly believe I have got it.
I'll make the bass line nice and deep For all you freaks on disco treats Just shake that ass Just shake that ass Yeah, flaunt it baby AJAX: What's going on? - What is all this? - MATT: It's okay, mate.
It's our new business plan to combat Rod Eagle's bar.
Himpies Male topless barmen.
Like skimpies, but guys.
Like a gay bar? No, for women.
A gay bar for women? Yes, Ajax, a gay bar for straight women.
That's our plan.
I don't understand what's happening in this town, or in this family.
You know my wife's new hobby is pole dancing? You hear that the other night? Have you seen her? [HIP-HOP MUSIC PLAYS ON STEREO.]
Hayles! Come on.
You don't have to do this.
- What? - I'm taking you home.
Ajax, put me down! - Put her down! - You're hurting her! - Hey, ow! - Let her go! Ow, stop it! She's my wife.
Really? You're punching above your weight.
Hayles, you can't work here.
Why not? Because you're a wife and mother.
What did I say would happen? You start pole dancing.
You end up working in a place like this.
These girls are dancers, and I'm looking after them and earning our family a lot of money, thank you.
This is wrong.
You want me to be a man? I'm telling you, you can't work here.
I didn't say be a man, Ajax.
I said grow up.
You tell him, Hayles.
You grow up! Go home, Ajax.
I'm working.
You heard the lady.
It's good.
We'll start you on some beta blockers and ACE inhibitors, and we'll do a follow-up ECG in a few weeks.
Otherwise, you're all clear.
So I can go home? PENNY: Tomorrow, yes.
Was Hugh always difficult? Oh, yes.
He didn't sleep for the first two years, nearly drove me insane.
So not much has changed then? I live in hope.
Hugh is a star.
Even as a child, he'd pull people into his orbit, and they couldn't escape.
Sounds more like a black hole.
He's brought me so much love and pride.
He's also brought me more anger and frustration than anyone else.
I pity the person he ends up with.
You're lucky.
You escaped.
You're married.
I keep messing up my marriage or second-guessing it.
Marriage is hard.
You need a cellmate.
You mean soul mate No, I mean a cellmate.
Marriage is a life sentence.
You marry the person for passion, and you'll end up with a shiv in your back very quickly.
But you marry the person who makes you feel comfortable and reads your moods and moves about you naturally, that's the person you want to be stuck with.
That's you're cellmate.
You'll serve a life sentence with that person.
I think that's the most unromantic thing I've ever heard.
That's marriage.
There you go, boys.
On me all night, just keep your shirts on.
Cheers, man.
Charlie? Right, I discovered your plan.
No himpies for you.
Hello? Big dick energy, king of hearts Drip, drip Matt, mate! You can go to Hell.
God, look.
I know I was out of line the other night.
I just I want to apologize.
You never apologize, never apologize.
Never explain, but I'm on a mission from Mom.
She's making me say sorry.
What are you doing listening to her? She's in hospital.
What? She's in hospital? She's fine, okay? It's just overnight.
She doesn't want any visitors.
What she does want is for you to forgive me, and come to dinner tomorrow night with me, her, and Ajax, if I can get him.
- Matt? - Charlie.
No! We have a problem.
- What sort of problem? - The himpies canceled.
- What? What are we going to do? - I don't know.
I don't know what I said at my birthday the other night.
I want to apologize.
I know you're angry.
Have you been working out? Uh, no, why? You want my forgiveness, you have to earn it the hard way.
This is why I don't apologize.
I'm cold.
Look at my nipples.
Say it again, Gordo? You look like a couple of gooses.
Babe, I'm not sure this is such a good idea.
You think? [LAUGHS.]
I'm not staying, just here to kiss Jimmy and grab a bite.
Ajax, what's that? The kids are asleep.
There's food in the fridge for the next 3 days.
You can't leave.
Watch me.
Ajax, I have to go back to work! Don't tell me you're leaving me.
The, uh, head office wants to see me in Melbourne.
- Why? - JARROD: I don't know.
I'll be gone a few days, though.
Hey, can we just Pretend that everything is okay for tonight? I really don't want to go away feeling like this.
I will if you will.
Let me take you out.
Brewery has got a couple new beers.
I want to try something that's called, uh, April's Fool.
Hmm, sounds good.
I love you.
Just give me a sec.
You boys do private dances? No, but he might.
When can we take these damn bow ties off? [WOMEN WHOOPING.]
Is there where the hot himpies are? There's kind of himpies here.
Woo-hoo! Woo! Bring it on! Shots, keep them coming.
- Ladies! - Yep, whoo! - Say cheese! - Woo-hoo! Cheese! And upload.
Gets you down But that's okay You've been pushed down You feel the pain Where the himpies at? We drove all the way from Carkall for these boys.
- Oh! - Aw, this place is going off.
CHARLIE: Come on in, boys.
We've just come from the Pretty Titty.
Oh, yeah, how was it? Not as much fun as this.
Whoo! MAN: Hey, man.
Just get a round for the boys? This is a really advanced routine.
Oh, wow.
Oh, look, that's an Ayesha, into inside-leg hang, broken doll.
And, look, a galebra! Go Quinn O.
Who did that? You apologize, Bret.
We will not have any disrespectful and objectifying behavior.
We all agreed, didn't we? [ALL MURMURING.]
- Can you believe it? - [LAUGHS.]
I have a gun.
Oh my God.
I think it's pretty serious.
Hi, excuse me.
Our girls are here to dance, not get picked up.
ROD: Hayley! Little Jimmy has poo'd again, and Eliza is crying.
Well, then, change his nappy and pat her to sleep.
We need to talk about the terms of our deal.
Flexibility and childcare, Rod.
Maybe we should franchise.
You can Do it Your way You need To find Your way You can Do it Your way Penny! Penny Hey.
Looked like you were having lots of fun in there.
Ah, yeah.
That's, um, part of an apology.
I'm apologizing to everyone.
Good for you.
So sorry.
What for? Well, Jarrod seemed to be pissed off the other morning.
Everything okay between you two? We're fine.
You sure because you kind of don't seem fine? Was there anything else from the other night? Did I insult you, or No, Hugh, you didn't insult me.
Someone else can put a shiv in your back.
- A shiv? - PENNY: Mm-hmm.
Jarrod and I are good.
You've actually given me a lot of clarity, so thank you.
Ah, that was a hell of a night.
- Thank you for tonight.
- Yeah.
- You are forgiven.
- Yeah.
Look, about that.
I mean, obviously I cannot remember anything that I said at my birthday, but it is clear that I was a bastard, so I just wanted to say to you both, I love you very dearly.
Are you all right? Are you dying? CHARLIE: We love you, too, Hugh.
You're just an idiot.
Well, not all the time.
You are the dumbest smart guy I know.
And the loveliest bastard.
MATT: Trouble in paradise.
I'll deal with it tomorrow.
Night, bro.
Drinking Hugh is okay.
He's acting like a human for once.
It's weird.
Good night last night, though.
Matt, stop! Your brothers are in the other room.
We can be quiet.
No! It feels weird! Also, them out there, that's not a long-term solution, right? Well, if we can't kick them out, we could drive them out.
How? Morning, mate.
Coffee? Hey, listen, about the other night, I just wanted [MATT AND CHARLIE MOANING LOUDLY IN DISTANCE.]
- Okay.
Oh, Matt! Ah! Oh, God - Oh! - Oh, God! - Oh, oh, oh, oh! - Oh, oh, oh, oh! Oh, Matt! [BOTH MOANING.]
They got to be faking it, right? They wouldn't actually sound like that? No, I know when someone is faking it, and that is definitely real.
- Oh, oh, God! - What do you think of that? - Oh, God! - Oh! Wow.
HUGH: Ajax, wait! [SIGHS.]
I want to apologize for the other night.
I was an idiot.
Do you think you could forgive me? Come home for dinner with Mom and the family, all of us together again? No.
I've had it with all of you.
I used to believe in love and loyalty and family, and you all proved me wrong.
It's time I grew up, man.
Come on.
Don't say that.
Anything you want, I'll do it.
Just forgive me, and come home for dinner.
No way.
Please? You would do anything? Well, within reason.
All right.
I lied just then.
I still believe in love and stuff.
But, man, I think I really wrecked things with Hayley.
You help me get her back, and, yeah, I'll forgive you.
I can't go in there again.
You two got married so young.
You've been basically living in each other's pockets since you were kids, so tell her you understand that she needs space, okay? You're there for her, but you'll also back off, allowing her to be who she needs to be.
That make sense? No.
Forget it.
I'll just go in, and talk to her myself.
So how'd it go? We're getting a divorce.
What? AJAX: You said we married too young, and I had to let her go.
I didn't say that! Well, that's what it sounded like.
I said the bloody opposite! I said you're willing to grow with her! No, forget it.
It's over.
She's probably better off without me.
What? Anyway, thanks for trying to help.
No, Ajax! Ajax! [SIGHS.]
He gives me More than I can take [SIGHS.]
Beverly, can you please get the girls together? Mm-hmm.
What did you say to Ajax? He's talking about divorce now! I know.
He Look.
He took my advice way out of context.
Why are you giving advice, Hugh? You're a terrible father and a bad influence.
I know.
I know.
I'm on a mission of redemption.
- Really? - Yeah.
I'm seeking forgiveness from everyone for the other night, including you, but first I need you to forgive Ajax, so then he can forgive me.
What's this? A prayer circle before opening.
Really? In a place like this? It's the perfect place for it.
Right, well, I'll just leave you all to it.
Hugh, you want my forgiveness? Pray.
Supplicate yourself before God, and ask for his forgiveness.
It's the only way you can reach a state of grace.
I don't want a state of grace.
I just want you to forgive me.
Well, it doesn't mean anything coming from me.
You have to humble yourself.
Lord, we pray that through our dancing, we guide souls towards your light.
This is very weird.
HAYLEY: And we take solace and comfort in respect for ourselves and those around us, and we won't take any nonsense from any drunk and disorderly men.
- Amen, sister.
- Amen.
Hugh, I think you should say something.
Oh, what you said pretty much sums it up for me as well.
Uh, Lord, I don't really believe in you, but I am asking everyone else, so may as well ask you, too.
Please forgive me.
I get bored easily.
I hate stupid people.
I blame others for everything.
I'm really not living out my destiny, and I'm tired of feeling like a failure.
But I want all that to end.
I want to find peace.
I want to appreciate who I am and where I am.
I want to appreciate my family in Whyhope while I still can.
I do want to be a better man.
HAYLEY: In Jesus' name we pray, amen.
- Amen.
- Amen.
That was really beautiful, Hugh.
You're really deep.
Hey, do you want to get a drink sometime? Yeah! I almost believed you then.
Yeah, so did I.
But I'm not coming to dinner, and I'm not forgiving Ajax yet.
Although, I do hope that things work out between us.
And, Hugh? I forgive you.
You feeling okay? I'm fine.
Good, because we've got a family dinner to go to.
Good for us.
I can't believe you actually apologized to everyone.
You sure you're not dying? Oh, stop it, Matt.
Here is to family.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Ajax! Mom.
I'm so alone.
Oh, darling, don't be silly.
Look, you've got me.
Do you want a hot Milo, your snuggle socks? I'll be back in a second.
Hi, Hugh.
So my mission of redemption worked.
Everyone forgave me.
Except you.
No, I forgive you.
What for? Apologies don't count if you don't know what they're for.
What did I say the other night? It doesn't matter.
HUGH: No, it does matter.
You told me you loved me.
So were you just drunk, or did you truly mean it? Um Did you mean it? - [HORN BLARING.]