Doctor Stranger (Dakteo Yibangin) (2014) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Doctor Stranger 1994, Seoul The tension on the Korean peninsula due to N.
Korea's withdrawal from the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty is continuing to build as N.
Korean Leader Kim Il Sung has not been seen for dozens of days.
Where is it? I found it! My friend, where are you going? Oh? Fly! Lawsuit.
Plaintiff, Park Chul.
Defendant, Myeongwoo Hospital? What is a "lawsuit", dad? I'll leave for school now.
♬ Where do you plan on going? ♬ I will now be going to school.
Is this Professor Park Chul's house? That's my father.
Is he inside? Daddy? Are you Professor Park Chul? My name is Jang Seok Joo from the National Defense Committee of the National Assembly.
I heard that Myeongwoo Hospital had well organized means of doing things.
But I didn't expect that a member of the National Assembly would mobilize to stop a medical lawsuit.
There will be no trial today.
Yes? Yes, Lawyer Choi.
I will arrive on time to court.
The trial is postponed? There is a serious threat to national security, so I called the Minister of Justice for a favor.
It's only a trial to reveal a medical error.
What does that have to do with national security? The government predicts that in a couple of days on the Korean peninsula, a war will break out.
It's a tank.
A tank.
What is that? Ahjusshi, you're so cool! Look at the wheels on that tank! It's a helicopter! Helicopter! Wow! The war will start with the bombing from the US.
Currently, the US's nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, USS George Washington, and tens of other military warships and nuclear-powered submarines are on standby to attack the North.
Why would the USA attack North Korea Specifically, they're targeting the North's nuclear generating station.
The US is planning to completely destroy it to prevent the North from arming themselves with nuclear weapons.
However once the bombing starts, the North will retaliate, and that will cause a full-scale war between the North and the South.
What's the reason? I'm just a cardio-thoracic surgeon who only knows how to fix hearts.
So why are you saying these words to me? Because only you can stop the war.
Ahjussi, the alarm is ringing.
I'm back from school.
Daddy! Then I will be waiting for your call.
Did you not go to the hospital? Leave after eating lunch, please? I'm going to be late, so eat something out of the refrigerator.
Everybody, move! Aigoo! Why are you like this? - Move, move! Aigoo, look here! Aigoo, what are you doing? Aigoo! Stop them! He must be selling something delicious, Dad.
According to the distribution industry, usually about 30 cases of ramen are sold per day.
But just today alone, hundreds of cases have been sold.
In a matter of three days, about 50,000,000 ramen servings have been sold throughout the nation.
Let's eat.
On my way to school, I saw loads of tanks and soldiers.
If there's a war, can't we go to America? In America Mom is there.
Wars don't happen so easily.
Seoul is not far from here.
If there is a war, the land will be a sea of fire.
- What are you saying? - Assemblyman Sung, you'll probably not survive either.
Does that make sense? - Therefore, for this situation, - Do you think we will stand still and not do anything? - We must deliberate carefully about this situation.
- Hey, I'm talking right now.
Are you declaring a war? I'm saying that they've declared a war.
You're not listening to me.
No, why he-- What?! What are you talking about? An unidentified cargo ship? Whoa whoa whoa! What's happening? Is there something out there? There is severe constriction of the coronary artery.
If left alone, he won't last a month.
But why this? If we keep that heart alive, we will be able to stop the war.
Alright, then bring him to my hospital.
That man cannot come here.
Professor, you have to go to where that man is.
Where is that? North Korea.
Then by chance? That's right.
It's Kim Il Sung's heart.
If Kim Il Sung dies like this, then the North will fall into deep chaos.
But the US sees it as the perfect opportunity for an attack.
Mom Listen to me! I told you clearly that I cannot tell you the reason.
I'll be marrying in a few days.
Does it make sense to ask me to take care of him at this time? I know it's a difficult favor.
However, Hoon is also your son.
You're always like that.
You only think about yourself.
I want to forget everything that has to do with you.
Both you and Hoon.
Hoon's mother.
I'm really sick and tired of this! Let's never contact each other again.
When you come back from school, Dr.
Choi will be home.
If you stay at Ahjusshi's place, your mom will come pick you up.
I want to be with you.
Listen to my words.
My mom She hates me, right? Dad.
Dad! Daddy.
I will now be going to school.
This is the most recent scenario of the war between North and South Korea which the U.
army has created.
Is it true that we're going to send a doctor to the North? Yes, it was to prevent the U.
from bombing.
With only one doctor? Explain it in a way that's understandable.
The U.
will start bombing once Kim Il Sung dies of the heart disease he is currently suffering from.
Once they lose their leader, the U.
sees it as the perfect timing to start a war.
Then, the doctor went Yes, it was to cure Kim Il Sung's heart.
Pyongyang Jusuk Palace Once the bombing starts, North Korea will immediately counter-attack all of the U.
Army facilities in South Korea.
But the most important fact is that South Korea's nuclear development facility is their prime target.
If there comes a day that even one of these were to explode, there will be an explosion tens of thousands of times the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.
Even if we were able to win the war, one-third of S.
Korea's territory will be uninhabitable for humans for the next 200 years.
His heart has stopped! CPR! -Get ready for CPR! One ampoule of epinephrine! Dr.
Park, you must save him.
Assemblyman Jang! The U.
has approved of the bombing.
What?! President! How did this happen, Assemblyman Jang? - This is an emergency! This is not what we expected! - It's not the time for this! Why aren't you giving me a visa? We're here for a visa! Ten years of Korea-US ' Security Initiative U.
Embassy - Get the pump ready.
- It's ready.
The tube as well.
Charge at 20 joules.
Hey, hey, hey! Hey, what's happening? Hey, what's going on? Ambassador Brady, stop the operation right now! We are all going to die.
Before it happens, we all will die.
The operation has stopped.
Let's wrap things up.
Be on your guard to the end.
Former President Jimmy Carter, who visited Pyeongyang, received a promise from Kim Il Sung that developments in nuclear weapons will be stopped for a certain period of time.
It looks like the war in the Korean peninsula that has been feared for the past several months will not occur at this time.
Turbulence and chaos make a hero and that hero rules the world.
Assemblyman Jang, I knew you'd do it! You did it! Assemblyman Jang.
You were awesome! You flatter me.
He did it, he did it! The surgery looks promising.
What is that? My dad did this.
He sewed it up like this after he treated an injury.
Do you want to become a doctor? Yes.
I think saving someone who is about to die is a great thing.
Hey, that's cool.
I'm Song Jae Hee.
And you? Hoon.
It's time to leave.
Just a minute, Dad.
My name is Hoon.
Park Hoon.
We're running to a strange country.
To the devil's hideout where Nina is held captive.
Oh, Dad.
It's a strange-looking truck.
Dad, aren't we going home? I don't think that we can return home.
Why? There's no need for another hero other than me, Jang Seok Joo, in South Korea.
It's our hero, Jang Seok Joo! Jang Seok Joo Let's send Jang Seok Joo to the Blue House! Jang Seok Joo What happened to my son?! What happened to my son?! What happened to my Hoon?! My son, Hoon What happened to him?! Hello! I am Jang Seok Joo.
Jang Seok Joo, Jang Seok Joo, Jang Seok Joo, Jang Seok Joo, Jang Seok Joo! Those South Korean bastards are so merciless.
From this point on, Professor Park Chul of South Korea is assumed dead.
From now on, you're going to live as our Honorable Leader's citizen.
Comrade Park Chul.
Ah, sorry.
The tape got loose.
[Various boot-legged South Korean K-pop Cassettes =-not DVDs.]
♬ Tell me, tell me ♬ ♫ Tell me that you love me, tell me that you've waited for me ♫ ♬ Tell me, tell me ♬ (Hit song by Wonder Girls that sparked a dance craze in 2007) How is it? It's killer, huh? If you don't know this in the South, you're pretty much a spy.
That's why when the intelligence agency sends its officers to South Korea, they send them after teaching them this.
It's called 'Tell Me.
' How much is it? - Two dollars.
- Oh.
Tell me, tell me Here, here.
♬ Tell me ♬ Hey, run! The authorities are coming! Aish, those bastards.
Hey! - Jae Hee.
- Shh! I can feel your heart beating.
I'm scared, so stay still.
You know what's going to happen to us if we get caught.
It's destiny.
Stop saying stupid things.
They say that the heartbeat for each person is different.
Just like there aren't any two people with the same face.
But it's the same as yours, right? So I'm saying it's destiny.
You and I.
I've decided.
I've also decided.
Hey, Jae Hee! Ah! Wait! Wait! Song Jae Hee! I'm going tell everything to your father.
Ow, are you really going to do that to your fated destiny? Fated destiny? You wish.
Put me down.
Put me down now.
I know your parents don't like me.
But they can't tear apart our fate.
Will you marry me? - Where did you get this? - It's pretty, huh? I risked my life selling those tapes from the South for this.
I knew you were crazy, but you're really crazy.
You were putting yourself in danger for this? Yeah, so it would be nice if you'd hurry up and marry me.
No way.
You're marrying me, okay? Okay.
I will marry you.
After a hundred years? What Hey, hey hey.
Jae Hee.
Hey, Song Jae Hee.
A hundred years is too much, no? You weren't at the lecture.
Just what are you up to? Sorry, Father.
What are you going to do if I suddenly disappear? What do you mean what would I do? I would have to search all over the world and find you.
- Really? - Of course.
My father says he wants to see you.
- Really? - Yeah.
He said to come to dinner tonight.
But be careful.
My father is really scary.
Yeah, well.
I like scary people.
- Come handsomely dressed.
- Of course.
You don't have to dress up that nicely to see the patients.
Are we seeing patients today? We're going to be late.
Let's go.
- Can't you leave me out just for this once? - I can't.
Just today, really, just only today.
Think about the waiting patients.
If you still want to stay, then do so.
Father, there won't be that many patients, right? There weren't that many last time.
Diagnosing the patient without any equipment isn't easy.
If you want to be a doctor at a place like this where there's not even an x-ray machine, you need to be able to pinpoint a patient's illness without any diagnostic equipment.
If we don't remove the infection in the pericardium, serious complications may arise.
It's just been 2 months since I've been at the clinical science department.
If I make a mistake as I pierce this through I'm sure you've read your anatomy book numerous times.
Using your hands, feel for those images that you have in your head.
Sometimes, what you feel with your touch will reveal what's going on in the patient's body better than any equipment.
Are you okay? Yes.
Go on in.
I'll take care of the rest.
Let's go in.
Take a seat.
Jae Hee, Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Hoon! Jae Hee! Jae Hee.
Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Jae Hee! Seriously! Jae Hee.
I'm scared.
What's wrong Jae Hee? Where is she? Wait! Wait! -You can't forget me! -What are you doing?! You can't forget me, okay? What are you doing? Hoon! Wait a minute! Wait! Hoon! Hoon! What are you doing?! Hoon! Jae Hee I heard her father was a member of the North Korean Communist Party in Japan.
It looks like he's going to be expelled.
Jae Hee did nothing wrong.
For political crimes, the family gets punished as well.
I'm going to find her! You'll end up being suspected too! Stop it.
She's someone who makes me feel thankful to be alive and breathing.
She's the one person who helped me find my dream.
Who is Dr.
Park Hoon? Who are you? Jae Hee! I was going to leave just for a short while.
My father is really ill Are you Park Hoon? You're all grown up.
This is the place where we perform research to protect and care for our leader's health.
Therefore, once you come in here, you can never leave.
You have seen what happens to anyone trying to leave without permission.
I never said I'd come here.
It's the Government's choice.
If I study hard while I'm here, could I become the doctor who takes care of our leader? I guess you could see it that way.
Seeing it that way mea Whether you become the doctor or the doctor's live human experimental subject That depends on you.
5 Years Later Where did you go this time? Not anywhere in particular.
It's suffocating being locked up.
Don't you know that whoever leaves without permission will be shot to death? Don't act so cocky based on your ability.
You could trip over your big nose.
I've always hada big nose.
Isn't that so? It's a surgery on a patient with myocardial infarction.
Get ready.
Father? This a place where outsiders can't come in, how did you get in here? I heard you frequently sneak out of the research facility without permission.
I'm searching each and every detention camp.
Are you still searching for Jae Hee? Of course.
Stop it now.
It could become dangerous for you.
Don't interfere, Father.
Our Center of Research for Longevity is a place that performs research on ways to protect and care for the health of our leader.
Thus, we hire the most talented individuals within North Korea.
Also, we make them perform the majority of cardio-thoracic surgeries within North Korea.
We make an effort to help them build experience in many ways.
Let's have a look.
Let's take a look.
They're performing right coronary artery bypass surgery now.
They're performing bypass.
Stop the surgery.
If he stops now, there will be necrosis of the cardiac muscle! He says there will be cardiac muscle necrosis if the surgery stops now.
Tell him that the power will be back on before that time and escort him out.
It looks like he's going to continue.
Stop the surgery! How can you suture together a 2mm artery when you can't even see anything? I've performed this surgery several thousands of times.
What do you mean I can't see? Cut.
That was an impressive surgery.
He said it was an impressive surgery.
I'll leave the rest up to you.
Hey, Doctor Park.
That was a memorable surgery.
Those human experiments you've done for the past 5 years weren't for nothing, don't you think? -I know, but isn't it funny? -What is? This is known to be the best research center in DPRK, but a black out? And during a surgery at that.
What's the worry when we have Dr.
Is this person alive? At least yet.
Where in the world did this patient come for the condition The 6th Special Security Unit.
It's a secret concentration camp for political offenders.
They experiment with herbs and such in Eastern medicine, and we research transplants or tumors.
I can't do it.
-Try saving the man by taking a useable organ from the girl.
There shouldn't be any rejection symptoms since they're father and daughter.
You want me to kill the daughter to save the father? We should show your ability to the "big noses" once more.
(Caucasians) We can get medical equipment that costs millions of dollars if they just approve.
Did you not hear me say I can't do it? -Do as you're told! -The daughter will die.
What are you going to say to the father later? They all die anyway when they go to the concentration camp.
I can't do it so find someone else.
Don't act so honorable.
You've done things much worse in here.
That's why I said I can't do it anymore.
Park Hoon! Doctor, when is the surgery? What surgery? This is the patient sent from the Special Security Unit.
I'm not doing it.
I'm Song Jae Hee.
And you? Save her.
Without minding me, please My daughter Jae Hee.
The organs are severely damaged.
Especially parts of the kidneys.
It looks like a girl.
This must be hard for her.
One of the man's kidneys isn't in good shape either.
But it looks like there is hope though.
What if we transplant the man's kidney to the girl? Then you'll lose the man.
-I can save her.
It's not what a Doctor does.
-The what does a Doctor do? -Are you asking because you don't know? Do you know what I've done in the last 5 years? I've opened up the chest of healthy people many times.
I did transplants fully knowing it'll be rejected, I've attached countless grafts that hasn't been cross-matched.
A job of a doctor when I can't save someone who's dying? What exactly is that, Father? You thought that at least a doctor wouldn't have to kill a person, right? Hoon.
You were wrong, Father! Even a doctor It's a world where even Doctors kill people.
In a place like that I'm just saying that I'm going to kill a person to save my woman what is.
What's so wrong about that, Father? By chance is this kid Scalpel.
Wasn't it a man? To show off my ability, the girl will be better.
They said they'll give us support for the surgical equipment.
Really? Start.
There's one condition.
He wants to show Doctor Park's skills to doctors from other countries.
You mean I have to go all the way to Budapest? I don't have the time.
Doctor Park.
They said that they'll give us support for the surgical equipment only if you go.
Shouldn't we look at the results of the patient who had the surgery? Are you really going to be like this? Don't worry, Jae Hee.
I won't let you go again.
-I've been waiting for a while.
Why come here at this time? Did you get permission to come here? I have something to say.
If you're found, it'll be a big problem.
Before the electricity comes back on Go to Budapest.
There was a person I knew amongst the doctors who came here.
Then the reason I have to go Budapest is? I finally got the definite answer today.
It's your last chance to escape from here.
I'm sorry.
I can't leave Jae Hee behind.
That child will go with you.
I know what she means to you.
If you leave tomorrow, I'll never see you again.
Go and live happily with that child.
What about you? Don't worry about me.
I'm sorry.
I can't go.
Why? Is it because of me? I'll protect Jae Hee no matter what.
I'll see you out.
If you go through there, there's a secret tunnel.
I use that whenever I want to leave secretly.
Think about it once more.
This is your final chance to escape from here.
Go first.
You'll be in trouble if the electricity comes back on.
I'll get going.
Father! Father! Father! No, no, no Father! Father! The Doctors Without Borders Team @ Viki